(2018-07-09) Getting Closer...
Getting Closer…
Summary: Clues are sought, on the dreamplain…
Date: 2018-07-09
Related: Hours after this log, in the dead of night / past midnight. Heavy reference to this log.
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Mon Jul 09, 2018 - Past midnight, following Sunday.

The dreamplain…

(OOC: I had to spoof Callisto through an alt so I couldn't do skill +rolls. It was agreed on OOCLY that this could all be RPed out with consent, minus +rolls. Cheers! - Fee )


The first dream was purely by accident, a combination of his desperation and his mind trying to maintain his sanity anyway it could, but going through the tome of spells that is magically stored in his brain. It took some time for him to realize exactly what he had done and recreate it. Of course, the first time it had just been pure luck that he happened to have tried at a time when Besa had been asleep and for one of the few rare occasions that Loukanos had decided to let his body actually sleep.

A couple times, out of the corner of his eye, Loukanos could almost see Ashton standing there. Passing a mirror, for a moment, a hollowed image of Ashton was almost seen. However, for Ashton, it was a different matter altogether. The young dark haired sorcerer was doing everything he could to get the golden godling's attention for the gossamer land of dreams as it transcribed itself over the waking world.

Through the dreamscape, a certain dark faerie 'floats'. Everytime Callisto puts her head down to sleep at night, it is always with an agenda. To search for siblings to enlist to her cause; to 'guard' the sleeping minds of those who are closeby (students, remaining at Winbarry for the summer) and sharing the same quarters as her. This is not often the case in her new cause to not meddle in peoples' affairs… but more often than not, Callisto just 'floats'… senses. This night, after a harrowing experience earlier that evening, she fell into a dead slumber… and well-and-truly into her mind's eye.

This won't be the first time that she feels that sense of desperation, of 'searching'; but it will be the first time in a long time that she reveals her subconscious mind / self to others in the dreamplain. What this means is that it is the mind, and regard, of a sleeping Callisto that Ashton's search dredges up. Callisto stands there and, as always, she is her 'true' self in the dreamscape. Faerie from the top of her head down to her heels; diaphanous gown of smokey black and lavender shot through with silver; a cape-like shoulder-to-heel 'crown' of violet and black monarch's wings, flightless but striking. Silver-white hair, fluttering and moving of it's own volition. Callisto's expression is severe as she 'calls' out into the ether of slumber. "I sense you," She can be heard, she is still trying to discern 'who' this is, searching. It feels familiar and her heart begins to quake. "Hello..?" Calls her accented voice.

It's haunting, really, the way his mind is plagued with these visions of a loved one. Loukanos ignored it for as long as he could, burying himself in what studies he could and plan with Besa, the only person he knows who is aware of the dream they shared. Not all of that time is spent with the Egyptian, however, as Louk is seeking a solution that does not require the other to put himself at risk. But those visions. Seeking a short respite from them, he closed his eyes for a bit and felt himself lulled to sleep.

Ashton appears as a young teenager with dark hair that seems to have that purposefully style bedhead look, but the hair seems to fade into shadows. His eyes are dark, almost that of the eternal void, but for a flicker of green balefire in the center. There is an almost inhuman beauty about his appearance. All of which indicates that the youth is hardly just a human. He looks at the fae that appeared before him. He blinks for a second. There is a wary look on his face, though he smiles, with what seems to be an earnest smile. "Um.. hello? You are definitely not who I was looking for."

There is another presence here.. not just the one that is in 'front' of her, but.. think of it as something overhanging; an overlay. As Callisto and Loukanos share the same space by simply being at Winbarry (even in separate rooms), as the Godling gives in to sleep and his subconscious begins to 'mesh' with this forum of sleeping minds… the dark faerie feels that twinge of awareness. But first, the one that is immediate to her. She knows of Ashton as the boy whose presence she has encountered here-and-there at school before his disappearance; he's the beau of Loukanos. So when Ash appears before her now, certain veneers lost due to the influence of the dreamspace.. Callisto cannot quite recognize him immediately. She hasn't the ability to sense 'aura', not necessarily in a magical sense… but….

Maybe it's the green flicker of flame in the boy's eyes. Demon kin…? Callisto is trying to make the connection but it's the boy's voice…. she… oh…!

Her eyes widen and the emotional 'feel' of the dream spikes into astonishment; it can perhaps be felt, almost like a lure, that may attract Loukanos if his subconscious, sleeping mind taps into this dreamscape. The girl whispers gently, "Ashton…?"

Out of reality and into the dreaming world, and still, his mind cannot find peace. As he enters the space where both Callisto and Ashton inhabit, he is nothing short of radiant, dusky limbs glowing a brilliant gold. Here, where dreams rule, he hardly seems human. There is a dazzling energy over his flesh…but that human part of him remains. Yet his heart visibly burns with an eternal flame. "Ashton?" He calls out, his voice commanding a presence even outside of his own domain. He looks at Callisto, blue eyes begging for more information. "What is this?"

Ashton looks at Callisto. "Do I know you? No, wait.. I am pretty sure that I don't know you…" The voice is all Ashton, even if the appearance isn't, or perhaps it is. He turns in the direction of the appearing Loukanos, as a huge smile dances across his lips, dimples forming at its corners. "Louk! Thank god. I have been trying to get your attention." He then looks back to Callisto not knowing if this person, not sure if she is friend or foe, but considering his luck, he is betting foe.

Then, the radiant arrival of another. Callisto yet stands, her psychic influence upon the dreamscape laying bare the preternatural qualities of the other two who share this 'realm' with her. She does not blame the boy for not knowing her and the fey girl is ready to supply her answer, but then… this is when Loukanos makes his appearance! She turns to observe the Godling's arrival and Louk shall see at Callisto's breastbone… a singular point of glowing, white light. It appears that she still wears his amulet; it guards her in this realm even still. "Loukanos." Callisto says gently; one can tell that she is trying to control her surprise. Yes.. maybe this will make it easier.

"You are in a dreamscape; this space, I am holding it. I am holding audience with…." A deep breath, she turns to face Ashton and nods gently to the half-demon. "With Ashton." Said softer still, in astonishment The 'air' ripples around the three as Callisto works hard to keep her emotions under control. "I am known as Callisto," Said to Ashton. "I am she whom your loved one helped, in fashioning a pendant for me." A gesture to Loukanos, next. She hopes, now, that she has been furthered from 'foe' territory.

Loukanos stands still, though his hair dances gently with the ripple. For his change in this form, the golden strands of his hair appear the same, if not brighter. "She is a friend, Ashton," His eyes don't leave Callisto, even as he addresses Ashton. "So this is…" He swallows before continuing. "This is really him? Not some trick." He's been tortured with images of the boy for a week now, so he's skeptical.

At the mention of the pendant, there is a light of recognition in Ashton's eyes. He relaxes at that. He nods slightly, then looks over to Loukanos, willing himself to the golden boy's side. He wraps his arms around him. "Yes, it's really me.. I have been trying to get your attention… But you never heard or saw me.." He looks over at Callisto, "I take it that I have you to thank for him being here… cause it so did not work the same way it did last time."

The fae girl seems to… she's watching the two and it may appear that she is doing so too intensely. But there is reason here. Much how dreams can be so very realistic; with concentration, Callisto can will it to be as realistic as possible. Much as one can feel the upward force of falling while tumbling in a dream, or believe that they can feel pain or other like sensations.. yeah. Long story short, Callisto seizes hold of the dream and pulls as much lucidity as she can into it's space. Becomes a conduit. She shuts herself out from other influences; anything that could pull her away from Loukanos and Ashton. In directing the entirety, the utmost entirety of her psychic concentration upon the two… they may as well BE face-to-face. To be able to touch and be with one another, at the risk of Callisto depleting faster.

It's worth it.

The fey girl bows her sleek head once, "It's him." Said softly to Loukanos, her eyes overbright. "You can—" This is when Ashton moves to hold Loukanos and shall find that he can 'touch' him in this realm. To the half-demon boy, "T'is not what I could have hoped to expect, but… t'is the very best thing I could have hoped for. We, all of us, continue to seek you desperately. You needn't thank me, but use this time wisely to talk to your lover. I can hold the space for as long as possible, but surely not for the whole night." There is sadness to her gaze.

The godling is trembling when Ashton goes to slip his arms around him. "I may have…" He admits quietly, guilt rising in his voice. "So the images…they were real?" A part of him thought it was just a nasty relative messing with him. A hand lifts to touch Ashton's shoulder. "Thank you, Callisto. I…I did not know you could do something like this."

Ashton holds onto Loukanos tightly. He looks over at Callisto, mouthing 'thank you', as he nuzzles up against the other boy. "I tried to pull you into the dream, like I did before with you and Besa." His presence on the dreamscape is actually more than that of the subconscious mind, almost as if he had placed himself there intentionally. For a moment, he forgot why he had been trying to get Loukanos's attention in the first place. He suddenly releases his grip. His voice becomes more excited, "I heard one of them telling the others that after Tuesday, they'd be done… they're moving me to a private airstrip somewhere and handing me of to "her" people." He shakes his head, "Whoever she is…"

The fey girl's lashes flutter down, forming silvery crescents just over her cheekbones. This both focuses her, and gives the two the privacy that they need to reunite.. even in a dream. It's better than nothing. At the risk of exhausting herself faster, Callisto tries to attune more to Ashton, specifically. He seems to have a strong degree of footing in the dreamscape so maybe… maybe….

The 'air' seems to ripple and shimmer, as if awaiting something. Callisto breathes deeply, listening to the exchanged words.. and clues… but she's focusing on, well…? Focusing. Ashton's subconscious self may 'feel' that focus on him specifically; it's not a bad feeling. "Ashton, is there an image that you can recall for us, to show us here? Be it the room you are in, anything relevant to where you are held. A-any semblance of recollection to those holding you." She does not know if Loukanos, alone or with Besa, has seen such a thing already. "Anything about where you are being held? I can—" A deep breath, it's hard but she's hanging in there. ".. I can project it here, it shall surround us for a minute or so. Give us more clues. Anything t-that you can think, that you can pull to the forefront of your memory… I can try to will it into the dream.. so we can.. can see…." It's hard work. She's trying to help with the information gathering. Whether or not this works? It is entirely up to Ashton.

"Tuesday?" Loukanos frowns, bringing his arms up to hug Ashton back. "I'm sorry that…" A deep breath. "I shouldn't have let them take you. We will find you." 'She' is unexpected. The godling had assumed Ar'giran was behind this, as Besa said. It hurts, but he breaks contact and holds Ashton's hands in his own. "But we need your help."

Ashton smiles slightly as he tightens his grip in Louk's hands. "I'll try… they have kept me doped up most of the time… " He looks at Loukanos, "This is not your fault. Don't blame yourself for a moment. You hear me. These guys knew what they were doing and were willing to do whatever they had to, in order to get their hands on me… " He sighs, "We can argue about that later… but now, let me try to visualize…" He mumbles to himself about needing to try to understand the chapter on dream magic better.

The three are suddenly standing in hunting lodge, or at least one large room of one. There is a magical binding circle surrounding a large wooden table, binding demonic energies, not outside, but within. Spells are written all over the walls, floor, and ceiling. It is obvious that there are numerous spells. Some of them are drawn onto the walls in a dark, thick liquid - that looks suspiciously like blood. Some of the glyphs are demonic. There are always at least two men in para-military uniforms, one of which looks more like the one in charge, but still has a look about him that does not suggest that he is the type to understand the workings of magic.

She is not so deep in focus that she cannot open her eyes and commit the visuals to her very strong memory.. though in this tangent of extreme focus, Callisto cannot speak as easily. She can listen, she can watch.. but if she so much breaks that focus — for she is yet a young faerie whose mental powers, however acute here, are still 'young — it will ripple and fall apart. Herm mouth opens to even utter a syllable, and the 'image' ripples. No, does not fade; she presses her lips together tight and holds on. Her pale blue-green gazes flickers here and there, settling with some mental alarm upon the glyphs. The point of light at her breastbone, the dream manifestation of the gorgon head, pulses hard.

THe image will hold, shift again if need be… but it's not fated to last long. In a couple of minutes' time it will begin to fade and again, the three will stand in that swirling, dim void once more.

Sapphire eyes scan the glyphs along the walls. He stores them in his mind, even if they may be the very same spells he saw in his dream with Besa. His mouth opens, but one glance at Ashton focusing shuts him up. This is the most vivid representation of where the other boy is that he has been granted. He won't break that concentration. He steps forward, peering at the maybe-blood glyphs with wide eyes.

The table itself seems to be void of any real features, seeing that Ashton hasn't been able to really see anything more than a little bit of it. The dark haired boy sighs, "I'm afraid this is all that I can really remember… I know it's somewhere out in the woods, as one of the guards keeps complaining about his allergies." He walks to one of the two doors in the room. "This is the only door that anyone ever enters or leaves through. I figure the other one might be a closet." He frowns, "I'm sorry that's all I can really remember… other than there are a couple voices that I hear every once in a while that are either checking with the guards or bossing them around. The one that bosses them around the most I think is British… And there is one that something is not right… I can't really say how or even why I say that… just something is really wrong about him."

She's doing good. Doing good. No no, not just pushing her skills.. but doing a good deed. How important this is to Callisto who, originally, was born with these skills to do ill by them. A great many things are happening here and her bottom lip trembles some at the gravity of what is afoot here. Her eyes close again as she squeezes out whatever measure of remaining control that she has here. But this, too, must end.. because she is still young. The imagery begins to break apart and fade, leaving only the swirling (but oddly comforting) darkness and the three standing together. Twin streaks of moisture flit down past Callisto's nostrils. "Forgive me. T'is all I can manage." Whispered simply.

"No," Loukanos waves off Ashton's apology, still staring at the bloody glyphs. "You did well." He doesn't ask whose blood that is. He already knows. As the image disappears in front of him, he frowns and glances back at Callisto. "It's alright. Truly. I don't know how to…thank you for this." It is always difficult for Louk to ask for help, even when he needs it. "Is this…is this hurting you?

Ashton frowns at the girl's tears. "I'm sorry, Callisto. Thank you… " He offers a smile, "I look forward to thanking you in person in a couple days…" He hugs Loukanos quickly. "I will try to pull you into my dream, like I did before tomorrow night…" He looks at Callisto, "There is nothing to forgive… I don't think that I would have been able to maintain the spell as long as I have without your help… You have no idea how very grateful I am for your help." He can feel his grasp slipping. He kisses Louk, "I love you." And with that, he just simply is not in the dreamscape any longer.

"You needn't thank me. Consider it a returned favor for the kindness you've dealt me." Callisto smiles gently to Loukanos. It is the most un-dark-faerie-like expression to have ever been spied upon her face, to date. It's highly becoming of her.

"It does not hurt.. I simply grow weary, and shall sleep deeply… dreamless…" And she sounds weary; to be getting to that point. The two had best say their goodbyes soon! Her lashes flutter closed and she yet hears their words in her ears. "I am happy to have helped. We will find you."

Before long, Callisto — too — shall lose her grip… and the dreamscape shall fade into nothingness.

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