(2018-07-06) Meet the Masters
Meet the Masters!
Summary: The Masters twins head home for a visit, and Fionnuala gets her first look at the place they call home.
Date: 2018-07-06
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Fri Jul 06, 2018

Location: Masters Family estate and grounds; island somewhere in the Atlantic.


It's no secret that the Masters don't live on the mainland and aren't US citizens. What is lesser known is that they don't actually live that far by plane, time wise, just under three hours by private jet. No waiting in TSA lines, customs checks or the other hassles that make air travel a hassle. A quick flight has them landing on the private air strip on a small island somewhere in the Atlantic, maybe in the confines of the Bermuda Triangle if Sky is to be believed. A short car ride had them arriving at a mansion that is nearly twice the size of the Winbarry Estate with several outbuildings scattered around. The house and grounds only takes up about 10 acres, the rest of the island is left natural.

After a quick tour of the house, and greeting the rest of the family, the pair have retreated to the far end of the grounds where a skate area was been built, complete with half-pipe and other obstacles, as well as a shady seating area. "This was my Christmas present from my parents." Rain tells Fiona sipping from a glass of lemonade that a maid left along with other refreshments before heading off on a golf cart back to the main house. "That's the salle." She points out various buildings in the distance "That's an old storage building. Sky wants to convert it The an art studio for Besa and him. Complete with a potter wheel and kiln for Besa."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

So think of how this feels for Fionnuala, who has known very little beyond her hometown.. and the perfectly suburban rancher house they lived in back then. Then there's Shady Cove where she had moved when she was a preteen and the equally functional suburban house they the Reids call home. Did the Reids ever go on a family vacation? Sure, they flew to Shady Cove for the big move… but they did see Arizona once…

… Fee has only even known 'cattle class' on big commercial airplanes. She's been crammed into awful seats. She's sat between two strangers when her folks had to split up the seats for the cheaper flight. She's seen things and smelled things and—-

OK. Long story short, the private jet to the Masters home utterly astounded Fionnuala. Fast-forward to the arrival and meeting of family, to the introduction to the grounds.. often, the girl had to pick her jaw up off the floor. Fionnuala may have been amazed but thanks to Rain, she not once felt out of place. Even if this proves to be the fanciest, most astounding place that she's been to, to date!

She sips the lemonade gratefully, eyes round and wide in her face. "This is incredible!" She exclaims, watching the maid drive off on the golf kart. Back to Rain, Fee turns… there's not an ounce of envy or discomfort to be discerned in her manner; only glee. "Wouldn't that be great for Besa, especially? When do you think they'll get to work on changing up the storage building?"

Making people feel at ease isn't Rain's strong suit, but the fact that Fiona is so easy going works to her advantage. She has never been one to flaunt her wealth, sure she dresses nice and spoils her friends, but she doesn't brag or flash money around. The fact that up until they sit and relax she was uneasy is a perfect sign of her worry of the reaction of her friend. At the words from Fee and how it is more about her being thrilled for Besa washes a lot of that unease away. "I don't know. They are working with some designers and construction people. It needs some repair work inside and out, a new room, have electricity run and plumbing added, lots of things." She explains as she looks at the assortment of cut fruit, crackers and cheese that has been prepared for them. It's been hours since breakfast "What did you want to do? There really isn't much to do on the island, besides the usual home things, watch tv, play games.. we could walk to the beach on the far side is the island, or see if we can get a door to Bermuda."

"How cool is that.. the maids get golf karts." Fee reflects as she plants her arse down on a seat, eyeing the spread of finger foods with a look of awe. She is every bit the earnest, appreciative guest… her parents have raised her well. If she seemed tentative, earlier on.. it was because she was taking it all in! Now, as long as she is with Rain (and now on a face-to-face basis with any family that met her) … Fee is relaxed. It shows too. She's, at-present, in a sort of sky-blue maxi dress with a tie waist and ivory floral print… having opted to go a bit more subdued in her colors for the meeting of the Masters! Wings are out though, dripping with sunshine, and her beribboned ponytail bounces as she laughs. "Maybe we can take some karts for a spin later! Practice our driving!"

She silences to listen to her bestie's explanation re: the storage space. "Let me know when it's time to paint the arts room." Say no say no. "I would love to help out in any way I can!"

A moment passes as she helps herself to some fruit, golden eyes contemplative as she eats. "I would love to see some of the beaches. Maybe we—-" Wait hold up. She looks at Rain quizzically. "… Bermuda…!? Really?" Eyes rounded with amazement, once more.

"The grounds are huge! You don't expect us to make them walk between buildings do you?" Between the main house, the horse barn, salle, storage buildings and staff quarters is a lot of ground to cover. Golf karts are a necessity to living and keeping up everything.

After the three hour flight, tour of the place, girls are relaxing with refreshments in the shady seating area near the skatepark area on the far side of the grounds. "Yeah. It take a few hours to get there by boat, but mom can open a door to our house there and we can be there is seconds." She seems a bit amused at the reaction from Fee

As soon as they got home, Sky took off first to visit with Circe and then to his room. For someone who is often so grumpy and aloof, he's -very- glad to be home, even if it's for a short time. He may not show it, but he does really care about his family…and not much anyone else. He showered and changed and eventually made his way to the skate park to join the girls. If they don't like it, they can kick him out, but it's far enough away from the house that he can catch a quick smoke. The walk will help get rid of the clove and tobacco scent before he gets back inside.

Sky thought this through.

Lighting up just as he gets to the girls, he offers a wave before moving closer. «If you want to go for a swim, there are a couple good places for it…including a diving ledge.»

"Maybe I can challenge a maid to a kart race.." Fee thinks out loud. Dear God she went there. But it's cute too, she looks and sounds excited. The sunlight, too, is especially potent here… that in itself is a massive thing for bolstering the shifter's already-buoyant mood. Every sprig of feather in both wings appears to be glowing. She drains her lemonade, astounded at how thirsty she was. "Your mom sounds amazingly powerful," She remarks, "I imagine what my mother would do with powers like that; who knows where she would send me, if she could!" Fee beams, setting her glass down and plucking up some pieces of cheese. "I think this would be my only opportunity, ever, to see Bermuda.. maybe once we've settled a bit. You're sure that it's okay that I'm here for a few days?" Asks the humble girl… as if her wants would ever inconvenience a host of waitstaff!

A light sniffing of the air indicates to Fee the clove scent that sometimes precedes Sky. She perks, waves in an animated fashion to Rain's twin. "Hey, Sky! This place is amazing!" The girl calls out, not one inflection in her voice faked as she voices her astonishment that their family home. "I don't think you guys would wanna see me attempting to dive.. I'm, ah… not the best swimmer." Then, she has the grace to blush.

That gets an amused grin from Rain, the mental picture is funny. "I'm sure it wouldn't be a first." The island is in a subtropical climate, so lots of sun and all year warmth, never cold, and never stifling hot. "I guess?" She gives a shrug "She is able to tap into they ley lines and pull magical energy from them as well as use her own. It's as much power as skill and knowledge, that's my understanding at least."

She doesn't need her nose to sense Sky joining them and she glances at Him with a wrinkled nose "Aren't you worried that mom or dad is going to catch you?" Or worse, one of the younger ones seeing and tattling.

"You aren't any trouble. We rarely have friends visit, so this is a novelty for them." She gives a nod "We can whenever, Bermuda isn't going anywhere." The suggestion of swimming has the blanching. Did Sky really just suggest to his ocean phobic sister about swimming there? " she is relieved when Fee doesn't seem keen on that.

«Or we can go out on a boat,» Sky concedes as his sister and her friend seem ambivalent towards swimming. «Just saying…it's better than the freezing cold beach at school.» Relatively. There's a puff in his sister's general direction, «I can tell when they're coming and the little ones won't tattle if they know what's good for them. Are -you- going to tell?»

The girl blushes with pleasure at the notion of her being 'no trouble'. The thought of Bermuda is stored away for another portion of the visit, as she seems happy just being on the grounds where these two grew up! Fionnuala listens with a look of amusement as both Sky and Rain speak of 'tattling' and her dark-haired head turns to observe the main estate for a few seconds. "I can see a needle in a haystack, literally." Said with a giggle. "If I see any young ones peeking, I'll let you know." Hey, she means well! She turns to observe the two, her expression still softened into a look of true mirth.

Does Fionnuala have a hunch re: Rain's aversion to the sea? Depends on how much the other girl has disclosed to her, but the shifter can read body language quite well. "A boat could be nice! IT's the perfect day to languish in the sun. Then you guys can tell me about what you both did for fun around this amazing yard, when you were just little kids. I'm trying to imagine how it was to grow up here!"

If she was going to say something, Rain would of already "If they ask me directly I'm not going to lie." She tells Sky. It's the best he is going to get from her on the smoking thing. "You know Izzie can't keep a secret." Like any little girl her age. She grabs a berry and gives a nod "Going out on the boat isn't a bad idea, and it has a pool." A boat with a pool? More like a yacht or ship really.

«Or we can take one of the smaller boats…since you can swim in the pool on land, too,» Sky offers around a puff. Rain gets a glance as if daring her to say something…because he'll figure out something to tattle on her as well if she does! Ah, siblings. «It's not like I'm smoking a pack a day.» Harumph again!

Fee gets a shrug, «We mostly did our own things…and we were off at boarding school for much of the school year,» because there isn't one on their island, that's for sure. They're used to that sort of life, it seems. «But Rain got the skate park built and I'm working on getting a studio put in. We'd go to Bermuda or we'd travel…or just hang out at home. Our dad would sometimes take us flying when we were little. I dunno…what was it like growing up in your house?» They didn't know anything different!

The whole exchange, with the ominous notion of younger siblings tattling on one another, clearly amuses Fionnuala. Maybe if she had a host of siblings and wasn't an only child pining for siblings, she will have felt different. For now though, the shifter is simply amused and it shows. "The boat could work. Then I can boast that I've had a swim in a boat pool!" She exclaims and there, it's evident: she, too, prefers the safer, more 'contained' space of swimming pools. Fee has her own reasons to fear the open ocean, so Rain is in good company. "How 'bout we do that? It'll be a nice way to really take in the lay of the land.. or even to just look at it from another angle." Fee offers with what she hopes is a mollifying smile. Bickering is fun but she doesn't want to see anyone come to true odds.

Looking fondly between Rain and Sky, Fee settles her eyes upon the latter at his question, "My house? Oh, ah," She rubs the back of her head, breaking a few sprigs of black hair free from her ponytail. "It was nice. If you've read Harry Potter, y'know the parts at the Weasley Burrow? The way they all carried on? It was kinda like that, when all of the cousins were stateside to visit.. they always came to us, you see. It was a lot of loud, crazy fun.. but we never travelled far. Lots of camping.. lots of it. I just remember Scottish. And loud." A grin at that.

"Which one is here? The big one, little one, or both?" Which one depends on availability "The smaller one may be easier, it needs less crew to run it..I don't have a license to drive one of those." Yet. She listens to Fee describe her childhood "We had dad's family over for holidays, or we went to Italy to visit mom's side." There was a lot of travel for them.

Schuyler takes another puff from his cigarette and shrugs again, «I dunno. But if we go, the others might want to come too…» which means more crew but also more people hanging out, especially if it's the bigger boat. «But it's not a bad idea, taking the boat around to show you the island.» Although the golf carts can also be fun and require less crew and licenses. Grey eyes look between the two for a moment before he asks, «Should I let you two do girl stuff or something?» He doesn't want to hog all their time.

It appears that Fee doesn't mind in the least which boat is chosen. Cripes, they could assign each member of the Masters family to a dinghy apiece and Fee would be pleased as punch. Nevermind that would require hell to freeze over. The winged girl plucks up a final piece of cheese and eats it, considering. "I'd like to do anything where I can get some nice pictures of the beaches, at least. Or whatever is appropriate because I want to add to my scrapbook." Wait, didn't she give the one that she was working on to Besa? Perhaps, but whose to say that Fionnuala isn't making another! Her eyes light up, "I want to beachcomb, too, at some point! Just think of what I could find, for jewelry!" She's getting more and more excited as sunlight skitters across her chest and outwards along her arms.

"I don't mind you being here at all, Sky," Fee smiles openly, "Rain is stuck with me for a few days! But she doesn't mind at all, does she?!"

"I think it might be best to take a walk to one of the beaches today. We can tell mom and dad that we want to go out on the boat this evening. We can do that tomorrow. That gives the crew more time to prepare." isn't that kind of her. "There are various ways to get there Fiona. Through the woods is the most direct route. There is also a dirt road that we can use if if want to talk a golf kart instead of walk. That goes around the island and is pretty much one long view of the reef to the north." she shrugs at Sky and his question but looks to Fiona "And I am stuck with Sky for the rest of our lives." while that is true she is mostly joking

Schuyler will let Rain do the planning with her bestie…he may tag along or he may go spend some more time with Circe if she's not napping. «It's true. She's stuck with me whether she likes it or not.» The cigarette is finished and put out, the butt tucked into a pocket once it's cooled down so it can be properly tossed away. «I bet you'd get a great view of the island from above,» he looks up at the sky. «Too bad we can't give you wings, Rain…»

"Y'know? Walking could be nice too… though you don't have to twist my arm too hard to get onto one of those golf kart." Said gigglingly. Her expression softens some at the mention of wings, "It's really alright.. maybe I'll fly overhead, later on, to get another good look." Nevermind they saw a certain amount when descending in the private jet.. but there's just something so cool about flying as a crow! Besides, exploring with company — those who call this home — is much funner. Fee stands, and is sure to collect any dishes as needed because she's been trained to clean up after herself lest her mother crack her skull open. "Yeah, let's walk! I'm going to get changed out of this dress and into something that'd a bit easier to move around in."

Knowing Fee, she'll really want to get into th exploration bit! Full-length dresses aren't conducive to that.. she's thinking shorts and camisole!

"Do I.. ah.. leave this?" She indicates her dishes. Clearly she isn't used to maids!

"Don't say things that too loud around here Sky. Knowing Circe, she may get ideas." Rain tells her brother "Though if I really want to fly I could borrow dad's powers," she looks at Fee "Or yours Fee." she doesn't like having powers at all, but at least she is willingly to use the power swapping one. The duplication, that one, not so much. "Either way Fiona. We can take it. If we don't someone will come and get it." she does grab her glass at least, since it still has lemonade in it. "Do you know how to get back to my room? Or would you like me to go with you?"

«We can get it, don't worry,» Sky offers as Fee seems to want to go change before beachcombing. He then glances at Rain, «Borrow Dad's…one, he might like the break, and two, then you and Fee could, I dunno, fly together.» There's a wrinkle of his nose as he leans against a skate ramp, «Would she though? I think she's more interested in teething, playing, and getting attention. I don't know that giving someone wings would benefit her in that way.» He might be reading the baby's mind just a little. Maybe he's just guessing.

The winged girl nonetheless picks up her dishes and looks ready to set off, then turns with yet another sunny look. "Oh..! Ask him to borrow his! Wouldn't it be fun to fly together!? IT's really, truly great y'know! And I'll make sure you have an easy go of it in cause it's a bit rusty for you." Said to Rain with a kind look. "If you need the help, that is." It appears that having flying partners is very much part of Fee's top 10! A smile at the twins, before she blushes sheepishly. "I think I'll need directions again.. if you wouldn't mind." Fionnuala beams.. hey, she'll be the first to admit that she's a bumpkin!

It suits her well!

"I will need to practice a bit first." Rain has never flown under her own power before. That will be new, totally different that rusty. "Is he still in his office?" she asks Sky, since he can find him a lot quicker than she can. "We'll meet you in the foyer Fee." Rain calls after her friend as she starts to head back to the mansion.

Schuyler gathers the dishes with a roll of his eyes but he pauses at his twin's question. «Yes, he's still in there. Mom and the littles are at the pool…and Circe's waking up from her nap.» But he'll bring the dishes inside and maybe join the others. After all, he's home so might as well spend some time with them.

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