(2018-07-06) Guinea Pigs!
Guinea Pigs!
Summary: Darcy tries out some recipes, and invites other students to taste-test and hang out.
Date: 2018-07-06
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Fri Jul 06, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


About an hour ago, Darcy waltzed through the hallways, making her way toward the kitchen. She stopped to talk to everyone she knew on her way, offering each person an invitation to come by and try some treats. Since then she's been busy baking up a storm, and by now she has quite a few things on display. Most of them cookies. Today she's dressed in a simple black dress, striped red and black tights, and a ruffled Jack Skellington apron. And a good amount of flour on her hands and a bit on her cheeks. She's also brought a bluetooth speaker with her, blasting some very, very loud music. Her head bops along as she pulls another tray of cookies out of the oven.

Bryce waved to Darcy as she walked down the hall. When she offered him the invitation to come down to the kitchen, he remembered the treats she made the other night and how good they were. After telling her that she would be down there in a few moments, he went to the restroom to wash the dirt off of his face. He notices that the bruise on his forehead is almost completely gone, and since he is practicing with the mats now, he hasn't received any more bruises. Once he enters the kitchen, his face scrunches up on hearing the music as though it is too loud for him. "Um, hi Darcy. How - " he pauses and looks around the room to see who else is there before continuing, "Er - how are, uh, you?"

Sierra wanders in to be a guinea pig for a Goth…never a safe thing to be but she'll trust Darcy. And her superpowers. "Nice song!" she yells out over the music. "I think I heard it in Frozen!" The Latina can't help but bob her head along to the rhythm anyway while wandering over to sniff at the cookies. No Mexican soccer shirt today since they were knocked out of the World Cup - that was the day she was very grumpy. Instead she her 'Vagitarian' t-shirt on as well as a pair of shorts. "Hey, Bryce. How are the books? These cookies smell nice, can I have one yet?"

Schuyler had just returned from a dance class in town when he was invited to come to the kitchen to be a guinea pig for baked goods. As a teenage boy who is almost always hungry, he figured he'd give it a shot. He's also not entirely sure of Darcy but is willing to learn a little more about her. Cheery plus Goth seems weird in his mind. He did shower, however, and shows up in a simple black t-shirt and black cargo shorts with a silver chain going from his belt loop into a pocket. He's also wearing a spiked and studded cuff on one arm. A wave is given to Bryce before he pulls up a stool to perch on to stay out of the way of the baking frenzy. If the music is loud enough to be felt, he might make note of it. Otherwise…eh. «Why the dozens of cookies?»

When Sierra walks in with her t-shirt, he arches an eyebrow. And -he- got in trouble for not wearing the uniform but otherwise dressing appropriately…incredible.

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

Two things bring the resident werewolf to the kitchen: an amazing scent that her sniffer picks up on as if she were standing in the kitchen right then and there (she was resting in the billiard room, cracking the Game of Thrones series again) … and someone is baking. This is Grace's language. So she unfolded herself from her cozy nest and padded along after Darcy, curiosity overruling the desire to be recluse. She appears on the tail end of the other students, her hair pulled back into a tidy braid, scarlet eyes bright with intrigue. Grace gives the air a good sniff, lashes fluttering as she steps into the room wholly. She's a petite girl, unassuming and solemn in a pale pink peasantry blouse and black capri pants. "T-this.. smells great." Said softly.

Dacry continues to bounce along to the music, not hearing Bryce until he speaks up the second time. "Oh, hey! You came!" She turns the music down as more people are arriving, so that conversation can be had comfortably for those with hearing. "Thanks! I hope they taste good too!" She looks up to greet Sierra and to thank her and Fi, her grin widening hugely as she notes the shirt the former wears. Then she gestures to the cookies cooling on their many cooling racks and plates. "I got an A on my essay, so I'm celebrating! And, I mean, ok, I -guess- you could say I went a little too far, but then going too far is kinda my motto, so… anyway, have some!"

On the counter are four different types of cookies. There are chocolate and raspberry thumbprints, chocolate cookies with toffee chips, and oatmeal raisin. There are also M&M cookie bars in a pan, thusfar still unsliced.

<FS3> Darcy rolls Baking: Failure.
<FS3> Darcy rolls Baking: Good Success.
<FS3> Darcy rolls Baking: Success.
<FS3> Darcy rolls Baking: Failure.
<FS3> Darcy rolls Baking: Good Success.
<OOC> Darcy says, "Ok, the chocolate thumbprints SUCK but everything else is good!"
<OOC> Darcy says, "Oh, no wait! Also… the oatmeal raisin, lol"

Bryce nods to Darcy and says, "Of, of course I would come." He turns to look at the cookies that she indicates and starts to head over to them. Pausing, he turns to Sierra to say, "Oh, the, uh, the books are going well though, unfortunately, I, well, I haven't been able to read as much as I would, would like to recently. Only four books, uh, this week." He then looks at her with a confused expression as he asks, "You heard it when frozen?" How can she hear anything when frozen? "Isn't your, your power heat?"

Upon seeing Schuyler, Bryce goes to great him with sign language and then pauses remembering what he said last time. "Uh, hi." He then doesn't seem to know what to do with his hands so he places them unnaturally by his side. "Good, uh, evening, Grace." He hasn't really had a chance to talk to her since the weird power switch thing so he asks, "How are you, well, uh, feeling now?" He hopes that both she and Besa are doing okay after that weird occurrence.

Sierra picks up a raspberry thumbprint and bites into it while still warm. "Mmm" is her reaction before the rest is tossed into her mouth and another picked up. "Frozen the movie" she explains to Bryce…while chewing. "You really need to see more movies. The story is in one of your books though. Snow Princess?" She assumes that Bryce owns every book in existence. Fingerwaves to the new arrivals. "Sky. Grace." She hasn't met the latter officially but has seen her around school. "You should try these cookies. They are bueno. Congratz on the A, Darcy. What was the essay about?"

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Success.

«Congratulations on the grade» is offered as Sky notes the smile Darcy gives to Sierra upon noticing the t-shirt. Well. There goes that idea. Grace is also given a nod of greeting before he looks at the cookies offered. One of the chocolate and toffee cookies is taken and placed on a napkin to be eaten politely. «You can sign if you want, Bryce, but I find that when there are others who don't know ASL, it gets tricky.» It's also hard to sign with cookies in hand.

The dark-haired girl will greet one and all with a shy smile and look, as she follows her nose. Grace is so attuned to the scent of delightful baked goods that the rest of her heightened senses are kept on the back burner. Talk of an 'A' on an essay earns an earnest, full smile from the girl. "Oh, congrats. Baking is—" Blink, she blushes. "There's no such thing as going too far, when baking." Said in a more cheerful tone. Clearly this is where her interest truly lies. She hovers over each of the selections, inhaling gently, though she pauses over the oatmeal raisin cookies. Grace, being Grace.. decides to try the one that — to her anyway — smells a bit off. Before taking a bite, she addresses Bryce, "I'm much better now… more relieved that everything is back to… normal. I guess. How did you do on your exams?" She asks the boy with the circlet before biting into her cookie. Pauses. Chews contemplatively.

Darcy laughs, then mutters to herself, "Ok, next movie night movie has been chosen, it seems." She offers bright grins to Sierra, Schuyler and Grace, and says, while counting on her fingers to each in turn, "Ok, A: it was on Democracy and Bryce -totally- gave me my thesis which was awesome, B: Thanks! and C: You bake too? Because I would seriously love a baking buddy!" She then reaches for a chocolate thumbprint and tosses it in her mouth, makes a face, and lifts the cooling tray the cookies sit on to check the bottoms. One quick glance, and then the entire batch is tossed straight into the trash without a word.

Bryce starts to reach out for one of the cookies when Sierra tells him about the snow princess. "Oh, yes…" Then he pauses for a moment and asks, "Um, Sierra? Do you meant the American or, um, Japanese one?" He has read them both so doesn't know which one she is referring to. Once more to the cookies, when Schuyler tells him that he can do sign language. Glancing briefly at him, he says, "Oh, uh, I, I was doing it because, well, I thought it was, uh, helpful, but, but I guess it isn't since you can, you know, read minds."
Noticing Grace's strong interest in the cookies, he stepped to one side to give her plenty of room. Ladies first, after all. "I'm glad you are, uh, feeling better." After a second, he adds, "It is, uh, interesting what we each are willing to call, uh, normal." He watches as she sniffs and then starts to eat the cookies. "Oh, the exams? my grades? Uh…" He stalls a bit and says, "I, I didn't do quite as well as, uh, I hoped. I tried to take, uh, one of the classes but to increase my grade, but the teacher said I couldn't." He is taking extra courses over the summer which probably wouldn't surprise anyone.

Bryce starts to smile when Darcy thanks him for the thesis except he hides his mouth with a hand. "I'm, I'm glad to have helped. Could I, uh, read it sometime?" When she goes to throw it away, Bryce follows her to the trash, "Wait, uh, why, why did you do that?" He looks down into the trash can.

"You're taking extra classes because you need to?" Sierra asks Bryce in surprise, cookie crumbs dropping from her mouth. "I thought bookworms were totally smart." Shows what she knows. "The American one I guess. I mean the movie at least. The story comes from Europe. I think. Not Mexico, that's for sure. No snow princesses where I come from." Since she has a couple of cookies already, she will step out of the way from the sniffing Grace. "Anyone want a drink?" Sierra heads for the fridge. You have to have milk with cookies!

Schuyler watches as the a batch of cookies are tossed and he looks to the one he chose. So far so good from what he can tell. He then blinks at Bryce, «They wouldn't let you take extra classes? In the summer? Or do you mean during the year?» He's not the only one taking classes this summer. «I tried, but they wouldn't let me.»

Baking buddy…? She watches Darcy do away with the chocolate thumbprints and her gaze softens with understanding as she nonetheless finishes the cookie that she has chosen. More contemplative chewing, "These are… people who aren't a big fan of sweet would really enjoy these." Said completely without guile, "I-I love baking.. it's been awhile since I could be in the kitchen with somebody. Next time you want to make a spread, give me a yell." She offers to the Goth girl, glancing shyly at the oatmeal raisin cookies. Hopefully her comment will have tipped Darcy off into trying one and making her own judgement of the completely unsweetened cookies!

To Bryce, "Maybe next year you'll feel much more settled.. that's what happened to me, you know. I just about flunked one of the sciences. But it'll be better next year when we're old pros." She tries to reassure, only to smile at Sierra. "Milk please." The girl asks, though has the grace (hurrhurr) to blush at what is on the front of the Latina's shirt.

Darcy waves her hand dismissively at the trash can, "Burnt. But yeah, you can totes read the essay!" She moves on to the raspberry thumbprints, and these thankfully pass her taste test. She nods to herself, and even eats a second one. "Ooh, yeah girl, milk would be perfect! Anyone know where the glasses live around here?" She spins on her toes to face Grace, "Awesome! I made them for Besa, so that might be perfect!" She reaches for an oatmeal cookie and takes a bite, immediately making a face. "Yeeaahhh, maaaybe." WIth a frown, she reaches into a drawer for some tupperware and loads them into it, "I mean, they kinda taste like there's no sugar at all but maybe he'll prefer that, uh, but ohmygosh that'd be awesome! Baking is, like, my happy place. Well I mean baking and all things spooky." She winks, "But yeah! Baking buddies!"

Bryce nods to Sierra. "The one from, uh, Japan is more of ah, uh, how to describe it, well, she is more of a monster than a princess. She is called Yuki-onna which literally means, uh, snow woman." As they start asking about his class and grade, Bryce says, "Oh, I am taking, uh, classes this summer, but I wanted to, well, retake the class completely to get a better final grade."

To Grace he says, "M-maybe." When she says she flunked out of one of the sciences, Bryce nods his head as though he feels for her. "I, well, in Intro to Powers? I got … I got a … " he pauses as though he is embarrassed to admit how low of a grade he got. "An A-." He sighs a little when he admits it.

Looking at the unsliced M&M cookie bars, Bryce asks, "Did you want me to, uh, cut them for you?" He hasn't gotten to the cookies yet as he keeps getting interrupted.

"Elsa was a bad person too" Sierra notes about the non-Japanese version of the Snow Princess. "Misunderstood more than bad. I understand that perfectly." The Latina knows where the glasses are and gets one out for everyone. "Plain milk okay or shall I get the flavors out? And anyone want it heated up?" Her hand flames for a moment to show how she will achieve this. "You'd think I'd be a decent baker with my powers but…only if people need carbon rather than fluffy pastry. An A minus?" She gasps in mock terror. "Sheesh, Bryce, you gonna have to work harder to get a B." Milk starts getting pored into the glasses.

«What do you expect from someone who was told, from the beginning, to hide her powers because she accidentally hurt her sister…who was just fine, by the way. Anyone would explode if they had to deal with that,» Sky apparently roots for Elsa. The offer of milk has him shaking his head as he goes to get some lemonade instead. «Why would you heat up milk with hot cookies in the summer?»

"You can still get a teeny bit of sweet from the raisins. I think Besa'll like them." Grace tries to be helpful still, remembering the nature of the Egyptian boy. Strange as it was, during their swap, she found herself not craving meat and/or strongly-flavored things. She looks relieved as the cookies are transferred into a container, and not fated to join the chocolate thumbprints. "I have a great recipe for chocolate mint cookies.. just like the After Eight candies. I'll show you sometime." She offers to Darcy, with a little more excitement than anticipated. She opts for milk heated up and her incredulous expression at Bryce's ghastly A- softens into a look of awe as the girl wills flames into her palm. Duuuudee…

THe werewolf will settle onto an empty stool and help herself to some raspberry thumbprints, listening with interest to the discussion on Frozen.

OOC: Here I faded into the background; assume Grace lingered, ate more, helped clean up etc… then left. RL clouted me solid over the brainmeats. I'm so sorry guys. Q_Q

Darcy offers a nod of acknowledgement to Schuyler for his point. "Yeah, Elsa is pretty cool. No chill, but it makes sense though." She beams at Bryce as she switches topics, "Ooh, yeah wouldja? Here." She rummages around for a second, then pulls out a knife and offers it to Bryce, handle first. Once he takes it, she seals the oatmeal raisin tupperware, nodding thoughtfully (If not entirely believingly. Hey, she likes things SWEET). "Oohh, yessssssmilk. And you know, I bet there's gotta be a recipe out there that fire powers would be awesome for." A grin for Sierra.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Failure.

Bryce looks down at the knife that Darcy gives him and wonders about it for a second. Not trusting himself with it, he places it down and then uses his powers to create a single blade in the air. He tries to morph it into a new design that he has never tried before, but it begins to become a dull amorphous blob. He waves his hand and goes back to the single blade and starts to use his psychic sword to cut the M&M bars. He doesn't talk during all of this though when he is done, he asks, "Frozen is, is about someone like us?" She has to hide her powers too?

"Yeah, I guess she is like us" Sierra nods, heating up Grace's milk as she muses. "Got pissed off the way she was treated and ran off into an ice castle. Like I said, I understand where she is coming from. I had priests trying to burn me at the stake." She holds up her hand to show the flames crackling around her fingers. "Not sure it would have worked very well." Then the flames disappear and she uses her whole hand more like an area heater. A smirk at Darcy's suggestion. "Barbeque? Oh…marshmallow toasting. I've found my calling there" she laughs. "The same reason you eat ice cream in winter, Sky. It's the taste, not the temperature that decides what you want. For me at least."

Who's hiding their powers? Sky blinks, «Partially, yes.» He then looks to Sierra, «She did it to herself. I would bet that most would have understood if she didn't run off. And I don't often eat ice cream in the winter.» He'll take a couple more cookies and makes his way towards the back patio for a smoke. «I think Elsa got a bad rap.» With that, he makes his way through the patio doors.

Darcy watches Schuyler, looking a little confused. When he leaves she shrugs, and turns her attention back to Bryce's cool cutting technique. She reaches for a chocolate and toffee chip cookie (There are also raspberry thumbprints and now freshly sliced M&M cookie bars spread out on the counter, as well as glasses of milk for all those present). "Well. Right or not. I'd probably give just about anything to be able to make a giant frigging ice castle by just focusing and waving my arms a bit."

Once the M&M cookie bars are cut into nearly perfect squares (obsessive much), Bryce waves his hand in the air and causes the sword to disappear. He reaches out to take on of the cookie bars since he never quite made it to the oatmeal cookies. "Th-thank you, Darcy, for making, uh, all this. And congratulations." He looks at her and then says, "She could do - what?" That seems surprising though it does seem like she and Sierra would be at odds with each other though the firestarter does seem to like ice cream. Bryce then says, "Uh, never, never mind. I should go try and get some, well, rest. I, I am hoping to finally get off, uh, off the ground tomorrow."

Sydney wanders into the kitchen. It would be obvious to one and all that she's been outside in the sun. Why? Because she's radiating heat. How much heat? Well, she's careful not to touch anyone, eyes the cookies, sighs a little, and bypasses them entirely. She gets a plastic bag and fills it with ice from the freezer, and holds it under her chin. A deep sigh and a shiver come from her. There's a very quiet sizzling sound as it touches her skin. She finds a safe place to lean against the counter.

"You'd probably have to say the magic words too" Sierra points out to Darcy. "It's the words really. The waving hands is more dramatics. Umm…or maybe that's just me?" She hands out the milks to those who wanted them, warm one for Grace. "You look so much like the Tomb Raider in the movie we watched the other night" she notes with a smile to the shy wolf. "You could be an actress!"

A nod to the departing Bryce. "Take care. Enjoy summer classes." Sierra could think of nothing worse. A warm smile when a warm Sydney appears. "Hey, Syd. Ooh…you're looking hot today" she teases. "I can feel it from here. How are you doing? Still want to go to the dance party?"

"Oh, yeah ok cool. Seeya, Cheekbones!" Darcy offers a cheeky grin and a wave to the retreating Bryce, which turns into a wave and grin of greeting for Sydney. "Oh, hey girl. Cookies? I'm not sure you're much of a sweets person, but if you are we gots lots! And don't worry, I've already quarantined the baduns." She then eats the cookie she's been holding, and adds, "If, uh, you're overheated maybe stick your head in the freezer a bit?" She laughs a little at Sierra's comment, "Yeah." Raising her hands, she waves them at Sydney in mock magic casting motions, "Super mega ice cooling skin effect, go!"

Sydney chuckles softly. "For once, I'll agree with you. I'm not hot enough to cook on, but… don't touch right now." She runs the ice bag along the sides of her neck and eventually parks it on top of her head. "No thanks. I really shouldn't eat sugar. It makes my insides sticky. I do sometimes, but I shouldn't. What're we talking about?" She glances at Sierra. The girl looks mighty happy for someone who got broken up with, Syd raises a hopeful eyebrow but says nothing.

"I wonder if I can draw heat away?" Sierra muses about Sydney's problem before shrugging the thought away. To Sydney's unspoken question she offers a wink and thumbs-up. No break-up! "Nobody should eat sugar. It makes everyone's insides sticky" she grins. "I burn up a lot of kilojoules though. Literally. I think we were talking about Frozen. It's next on Bryce's movie list. The cookies are good though. It's like eating bread, not candy."

Darcy starts rummaging around in the drawers again, and comes back up with more tupperware. "Yeah, debating the merits and methods of ice magic and totally ignoring any sorts of healthy eating habits. Though they aren't fore everyone, they are at least worth trying once in your life. Listen I'm gonna load the dishwasher and then I should head out, if you guys still want some would you mind packing up the rest when you're done? Or eating them all?" She starts grabbing those dishes not currently in use and cleaning up, which thankfully since she's not too terribly messy of a baker shouldn't take long.

Sydney cocks her head at Sierra and smiles. "Long as you don't get me below 40 degrees, feel free. If you do… just let me thaw. I'll be ok." She nods. "Yeah. And since I don't really have a normal circulatory system, so what happens is I have to move it all to the outside and scrub it off. It's gross." She nods at Darcy. "Can do."

"Do you have to eat at all?" Sierra asks Sydney. "I'd hate to think that you actually absorb food and then push the waste out…never mind." She puts down the cookie she was about to eat. A nod for Darcy. "Will do. Thanks for the cookies, Darc. Catch you later." Her gaze returns to Sydney. "I'd offer you some milk but now I'm worried about offering you any food or drink."

"Thanks!" Darcy grimaces at Sydney's description, "That sucks, though. I'm not sure I'd do well if that's how my food happened." It takes her almost no time at all to get everything wiped down and cleaned off, so that all that remains are the cookies and tupperwares for each kind, as well as Sierra's milk. "Sorry I couldn't stay longer, thanks for the help though! Frozen, maybe next weekend, see you both then if you can make it!" Gathering her bluetooth speaker, she waves to each and skips out the door.

Sydney waves. "Take care." She takes a deep breath to answer Sierra's question. "Here's how it works. My basic fuel is ferrous metal. Iron, steel, probably ferrite, but I've never tried it. My body makes energy by oxidizing those minerals. So most of what I eat is scrap metal, and most of the time I just throw it in my sleeping tub and absorb it while I sleep. I snack during the day and chew the metal, but that's mostly to be social. The cybernetic parts of my cells also use the steel to make more of themselves. To make the biological parts of the cells, and the…grease that is basically my body solvent, I need water and protein. They get broken down by the nanomachines too, and the waste… well I can push it outside and scrape it off, but I don't like doing it that way, so… basically I push it inside and get rid of it more or less how you do. Dead cells are broken down for their protein and scrap metal, so there's not much of it. I drink water for the oxidation, and to mix with protein for my spit and whatnot. I'm not differentiated internally, so I get some say into how these things are done and where.

Sydney says, "I don't metabolize sugar, so it just makes my internal grease sticky. Also my spit, and whatnot."

Sierra listens to Sydney explain her eating (and other) habits, nodding along to the words and getting the gist of it. "I see" she says slowly before sipping on her milk. "I'll try to keep all this in mind if we ever go to a barbeque…or a rave. You gonna come to the rave or not? Oh my God! There's one being held in an old salvage yard soon. You could eat and dance! I could even melt your food down for you."

Sydney nods. "I haven't been to a party since I went metal. I figure if I stay sober and straight… plus the whole metal thing…" She runs her hand through her hair. "Should keep me out of trouble."

Sierra's brow furrows in confusion. "Why would you want to stay /out/ of trouble?" A wink to the metal girl. "Only kidding." Another sip of milk leaves her with a white moustache. "Sounds like it is about time you went to a party then. No more sitting around the school. I'll even invite Vinny if you like." A wiggle of her eyebrows.

Sydney blushes, her skin going straw-colored and heading toward blue, the flush reaching all the way to her cleavage. "Let's just say my old party habits need to stay in the past. So… you and Saoirse are still together?"

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