(2018-07-06) Got Feelings? Try Punching Them!
Got Feelings? Try Punching Them!
Summary: Good… good.. let the awkward flow through you.
Date: 2018-07-06
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Ballroom, Winbarry Estate
Fri Jul 06, 2018

This is a huge room, quite easily the size of the gym in the previous school. The honey coloredparquet floor is worn in spots and showing its years, but it is clean and where it isn't worn shines. Doublewide fireplaces face each other on opposing walls. The walls themselves are a rich mahogany paneling with wainscoting that matches the floor color. Cloudy windows flank the fireplace on the outer wall, and show a view of the front lawn and driveway, that is when they aren't covered with heavy velvet drapes. A large chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling and Victorian style sconces evenly spaced along the walls provide enough light for the room.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Physical: Success.

It's a beauty of an evening out there… the sun is setting low and the temperature is that lovely blend of heat interspersed with a whisper of cool. Students are likely out on the grounds or in town, but Callisto has opted out of merrymaking this evening. While she is prone to a lot of thought as of late, there are times where yoga and meditation just aren't her schtick. Seriously. So assuming that the ex-ballroom is still outfitted with all manner of gym equipment (maybe some weights?) … this is where the dark faerie is situated for the evening. Where once couples perhaps swayed in time to music, now there's just Callisto by her lonesome going to town on a mournful looking punching bag. She's actually.. not doing too badly at it.

She's no powerhouse, but she's clearly trying to get some oomph behind use of her arms. Her silver-white hair has been laboriously coiled and braided and pulled up and into some sort of up-do that looks to be straight out of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings set. Jab, jab, jab; it's almost like a workout.

Callisto can be heard measuring her breath, her strikes coming faster and faster. Who the hell is she envisioning, in that poor bag?!

The wind whips as suddenly Daxton is in the room at the door to the Solarium. He looks winded, but just in breath, but his clothes are ruffled and his cheeks are pink from the wind. His hand lifts to punch in the code to get in, but then turns as he realizes he's not alone. An eyebrow lifts seeing who and who is going on. Weird. "You alright?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Physical: Failure.

Jab jab jab! Her burn has turned into a tan, which isn't a bad thing. Further time in the sun has darkened this tan, making eyes and hair stand out bright. She's so intent on jabbing the shit out of this thing that the arrival of Daxton does not break her out of her focus. Yet. Only when he speaks does Callisto cease her onslaught. It's still swinging and she hauls back, is fixing to really clobber in… and she hits it wrong. That smarts! Hissing gently with pain the fey girl pulls that hand back and presses the fingers of her opposite hand over it. A soft cursing in a foreign language as she rubs, but otherwise looks flushed from her exertion.

"Good eve'," Offered to Daxton, her voice winded and husky. Callisto looks down at the livid coloring of her knuckles but reckons it's nothing to worry about, and she turns her gaze to him. "I am alright.. just restless." Clearly. c.c; .. "How are you?"

Daxton winces, having been there with a badly landed punch. "Need ice?" His head tilts, eyeing her with those bright blue eyes of his, "I'm alright. Mission went ok." He opts to lean against the forbidden door as he talks to the elf.

Forbidden door..? Oh, Callisto has wondered about that door and her gaze settles upon Daxton firstly, only to sliiiiiide past him to the door that he was poised to open. Was that it? She's rubbing her hand and she shakes her head slowly, gaze intense. "T'is alright. I will just take a breather." A half-smile, though she looks back to the 'forbidden' door again. "Might it be too forward of me to ask.. what is beyond that door?" The mentalist asks smoothly, but winces as she looks down at her knuckles. Give her a moment, she'll admit to needing ice in a bit. She's too prideful.

Daxton snorts, "I can leave if I'm bothering you." He doesn't know if she's cool with him or not. A shoulder lift, but he seems to be favoring his left one some, "It's Unit 23's base." He eyes her knuckles again, "You need to ice it or get back to punching."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Physical: Good Success.

"You are not bothering me. I was moreso worried about being the one who was bothersome." Callisto says gently, remembering well their last discussion. Maybe she should just let it be.. maybe he was just having a really rotten day. She unfurls the fingers of the sore hand and her lips press into a firm line. Looks like she's taking the boy's latter suggestion! Back to the rapidfire hits she goes, and if the smarting pain is bothering her it's either beginning to ease with the movement or the endorphins are kicking in. Holy smokes, the girl is actually doing good!

She keeps up though, her replies coming in bursts. "Were you hurt?" She asks.. oop, she noticed something!

Daxton half shrugs again, "You're fine." Her form is washed, almost like he's making sure she's doing it right. The sound of the bag being hit has his own fingers curl. A very quick nod of approval, but the he blinks confused, hurt? "No? The mission went pretty smoothly actually." Enough so that he got a small amount of the cut, which is exciting.

The bag swings sideward, caught up in the motion from the girl's strike. One of those legs comes up into a solid roundhouse kick… this is a different manner of yoga! Though usage of her legs hasn't the deftness that is to be seen in her hand strikes. Where, now, did Callisto ever have use of such movements..? She dances back, winces as a calf muscle complains. "I must have misinterpreted.. you made a movement with your shoulder that caught my attention." The fey girl remarks, pausing to watch him again.. the sore hand forgotten as nerves buzz. "What sort of mission? I am simply curious."

Daxton looks at that long leg, but then forces himself to the bag. He really needs to clear his head and not go there. "My shoulder?" Oh! "Oh, I got my tattoo. It's healing up." He ignores the question about the mission, instead pushing off the wall to show her his newly scabbed over tattoo. Yum.

"You have a… oh…!" The bag swings, suitably beaten to shit, and Callisto forgets about it. "Yes yes, t'was at the Mug Shot.. you were going to get one with Felicia, no?" She asks, walking closer to have a look at the speedster's new tat. The girl smells of freshly shed sweat and a hint of body wash. She will have to shower a second time due to the need to train catching her suddenly and wholly. Something must have happened, even in meditation. She will not ask of the mission again as Daxton hadn't answered her; must be off limits. Instead she's squinting at the tattoo.. "Ah, t'is for your Unit." A near-whisper, she lifts a finger as if to prod gently but won't, instead looking up at him for permission. She is obviously naive to tattoos.

"Does it hurt? What does it feel like to receive a tattoo?" For one who has been around long enough, sometimes she can be quite innocent.

"And Pulse and AfterThought, yeah." Everyone but Inferno. His arm tenses but he doesn't pull away when he thought she was going touch the healing tat. "Yeah, it's our emblem." Or logo. Whatever. He'll nod indicating she can touch, "It's scabbed up now, so kinda gross." As for the pain, "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's kinda like….really deep scratches. All in the same place." He takes a deep breath, his chest expanding, "I get how people can get addicted to getting them."

The girl winces lightly, and mercifully she will not invade any space in trying to touch the tat. "It looks…. itchy…" She remarks, peering up at him with a wry cerulean gaze before looking back down at the emblem. Then, back up to the speedster's face, "T'would be wise to keep it moisturized when the scabbing is mostly through. The lotion that Brier had given me helped immensely with my burn," She stands up straight, having been leaning forth a bit too closely. "Would you like to use the rest of it? I've some back in my room that I can get for you.. or maybe he can prepare something for this, specifically?" The girl asks, hoping to be helpful. "It looks quite striking—" Said quickly as his chest expands with breath. Ahem. "T'would be good to treat it well as it heals."

Daxton smirks, "It's starting to, yeah." Moisturize? "I…guess? I'll see if AfterThought has some." It's not like the boy has any of his own. Gross. "No…he doesn't need to make me any." That would be weird. Clearing his throat he lets his sleep drop, but doesn't step away from her. "Yeah….I'm happy with it."

"T'is your call. I am sure he would be happy to. He was thinking that he may have.. offended you, the last time. Or upset you." Callisto says offhandedly, "Just get something on that because it looks as if it shall itch terribly, once the scabs lift." She's no expert on tattoos but she has hunches on the healing process of something so skin-centric. She gives his other shoulder a light pat, "Well done.. it shall be with you forever, much like what it represents." A brief, earnest smile.. then she looks down at her sore hand which has begun to tingle a bit. "I am trying to ease my way into.. other ways of fighting those who accost me. You shall not know it to see it, but I was once quite versed in hand-to-hand methods… with blades… t'was back in the 1900s." Said shyly, "I shall hope to get there again, to better cleave the head off of my sister, dare she hurt me.. or you.. again." Did she just look a touch fierce, there?

Doesn't help that she's still right there, talking about taking a sword to Nesialora's neck someday. c.c

Daxton's nose wrinkles, but he doesn't answer about Brier. What can he say? Instead, "I'll find something." A glance to her hand on his other shoulder, "I like it, yeah." As for her fighting, "If you want help, let me know. I can help you with some hand to hand." One eyebrow lids, "Let's leave the head taking off to me, alright?"

The girl pulls her hand back and considers, "Have you time to help with that training? I would like the help, surely, but I understand if missions and work take precedence. I also know naught of when the new school shall open…" Did she just have a note of something to her tone, there? Trepidation? To no longer be here constantly, as she has become quite comfortable, may be a hot point to the fey girl for obvious reasons. Her expression falls slightly and she steps back to look at the punching bag again. In the fervor of her punches, some of her classy braids have unfurled a bit and she shoves one hank behind a pinkened ear. Did she take offense at being told not to remove faerie bitch heads from their bitch shoulders?!

No, it's not that. Callisto gives the bag a light nudge with her other hand, the one that isn't reddened. "I should like very much for you to help me. But what shall happen when we leave here? The students?" She asks, glancing to him. "I shall miss.. miss it here. I have become so very used to it."

"Well…I can't do it all the time, but yeah, I can help." Blue eyes blink at her before the throws that boyish smile, "You'll be able to eave the school grounds. You know that, right?" Not all the time, but weekends for sure. "You tell your team. Tell your friends. If people re aware, they can help you, Strawberry."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Physical: Good Success.

GAH.. aim that smile elsewhere, you. Callisto clears her throat, "T'will be strange, is all. I rather like this fussy old building." Said with a tentative smirk. It's the easier thing to say lest she make the situation uncomfortable. After the stint in the attic, she's hesitant to ruin anymore bits of mirth. Instead, she channels the discomfort into the bag. The poor, poor bag. Her very swipes are akin to the swinging of some manner of shortsword, though up comes that length of leg again and she nails the thing, sending it swinging. She's no powerhouse.. but she's not feeble. Eyes flash; she is taking the suggestion to heart.

"I should like to be capable of helping others as well. Not just my own woes. T'is how it goes, no?" The girl asks as she moves fluidly, though she's favoring the sore hand some. She whirls around again, nails the thing with another kick. Comes back immediately with a punch. Meditation couldn't have taken the edge off of whatever she's dealing with tonight. "You shall have more time, then, to practice Mario Kart. I shall not be here and readily available to slaughter you. You must be grateful for the opportunity to practice, for when I am no longer on these grounds." Oh, dems fighting words.

Daxton glances up at the ceiling, "It definitely has character." He takes a step back giving her space. "You have a very skewed definition of slaughter." Which may work in her sister's favor. "I think I'll survive without having to cram while you're not around." A hand is raised and he rubs his short hair, "I'll let you get back to…this then." She seem to need to get some more out.

"I—" Nope, don't do it. Don't tell him that she'll miss him being around too. That's awkwardsville and he said.. he said never, never again.

Callisto heaves a gentle sigh as the bag swings slowly, and she lowers herself to sit and catch her breath. She looks pained, very briefly… but quickly squashes it. "I shall.." Ahem. May as well be out with something, hopefully less awkward. "Thank you for everything that you have done, while we all stayed here." Callisto offers, but it sounds strained. Maybe her hand hurts, she's rubbing it but then she clenches it lightly. Maybe she can temper the admittance some.. yeah, that's it. She looks down at her slender ankles.

"I shall miss being around you often. You are a very fine friend, Daxton."

Daxton frowns worriedly, nothing is brief around him. Squatting next to her, "What's wrong?" Immediately he'll looking at her hand, in fact he reaching for it to check and make sure it's not broken. He studies her hand while brushing off the thank you, "It's nothing. We're glad to have you…Does this hurt?" He'll gently prod her hand and fingers. "I'll miss having you around too. But it's not that far. I can run to the school." Over the water? "You can feel all 5 fingers, right?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Presence: Failure.

SHIT. He—he… oh crap.

He took her hand. She's here trying not to be awkward than Daxton plops down beside her, takes up her hand and makes to look it over. Prods it, touches it. Her palm feels surprisingly warm. "It's.." Callisto is typically so cool and composed, her fingers twitch as he holds them to look over the knuckles. It takes everything to just not grab his hand and hold it. Not even to go all faerie on him as she had done after Thunder Bay.. she made that line and promised to not cross it again. But to have her hand even touched is a sort of contact that Callisto desires deeply.

The fingers twitch but she resists.. it may pass off, to Daxton, as the girl simply demonstrating that they're ok. THen he goes and says that he will miss having her around. And he would—-

"T'is.. I .. yes, heh. I can—" Feel her fingers in his HAND. GAH. Holy smokes look for red she's going. Despite her perfect poker face on the best of days.. it's failing now. She's obviously flustered and not seeking to take that hand away. c.c

Daxton takes the red and twitching as pain from the bruising. His brow furrows, "Stay here…" And then he's gone in a flash. It's only about 10 seconds and then he's back, skidding back down to lay the ice pack from the freezer on her bruised knuckles, "You have to build up to this, Strawberry. You can't just attack a bag without wrapping your hands first."

It's moments like this where the girl is thankful that the speedster isn't attuned to what is really afoot here. She'd have to club him over the head with the truth of it all.. and is she going to do that now? Yeah, and risk saying 'seeya later, off to the new school' on an awful note!? She unfurls her legs, her feet now resting side-by-side in front of her body. "I—" Then he's gone! And back! The chill of the ice pack wrenches her attention away from the space that Dax occupied and left and re-occupies and she's watching him again, brow furrowed. "I shall find proper wraps… I was a bit too enthusiastic." Said huskily, she clears her throat, reaches with her 'okay' hand to rest it atop the ice pack and perhaps very nearly grazing his hand as he rests the pack there. So much awkward.

"Make sure to visit me. Often. For someone has to make sure I don't do anything too foolish, no?" Yes, that's it. Mask what she really wants with something practical, she blushes lightly. "Yes, I shall miss you."

Daxton is a dumb boy sometimes. "I'll show you how to wrap your hands for next time." He smirks, "I don't know if I'm fast enough to stop that." Stop her from being foolish, that is. "Seriously though, inform your team. We'll stop those bitches before they can hurt you again."

And Callisto, well, is an utterly confounded fey girl. She smiles at the speedster, there is a strained quality to it. It's the pain, surely; that's what this is. She whalloped her hand a good one. But it's in her eyes, the struggle. A struggle that she has no business dealing with but she is, God help her! It's not necessarily a bad thing, just frustrating. It'd be so easy just to lean in and lay one on him. Cripes, it's hard to be part of her species sometimes.. they're so impulsive, so inconsiderate. Callisto is one and she strives, so hard, to not be the other.

"I've not sensed her in awhile, but t'is not necessarily proof that she is.. that she's gone." THe girl remarks weakly, but she's watching his face with that strangely intense look. A quick glance to his mouth as she talks and she looks back down to the ice pack. "Nesialora is but a diversion, a lesser evil to that which must be removed. Once Mother is gone, I shall be free. Truly, truly free, and…" A deep breath, a gentle sigh. "I shall see to it that I do not face this alone. I promise."

Poor girl is fighting another battle altogether, at this moment! Harrharr! XD

"She might be hiding too." Dax assumes her hand is still hurting so he shifts the ice pack slightly on her hand. His attention is on her thin fingers. "Good. That's how you win a war, one step at a time. We take out Nesi-oopilus first. Then your mother." He looks up an smiles again, slightly crooked, "I've been to space. Your mother doesn't scare me."

"Nesi…. oopilus..?" Blink? Callisto looks up at him again, perplexed. To mispronounce a dark fey's true name is to issue a huge insult. For her acerbic sister to be called such would send the cruel creature right on her ear. So now Daxton has 'renamed' two of the terrible figures in Callisto's life: Nesi-oopilus and Mommy Dearest. It strikes the mentalist as so amusing that all thoughts of kissing the emotions-daft speedster are derailed. Her face flushes and she lifts her non-bruised hand, pressing it to her lips to snicker behind it. Then, Callisto is straight-up laughing. She shifts in her mirth, accidentally drops the ice pack, but goes right on laughing.

"Try saying this.. try saying 'Bainthauril'." Callisto looks at Daxton, trying to be serious, though her shoulders shake with mirth. It's clearly another dark faerie name, spoken beautifully upon her tongue.. but she waits raptly to see what Dax makes of her mother's true name.

Good, that's much better. He laughs too, reaching to pick up the ice pack. "Brainhilda? That's not got as nice a ring to it." He moves, standing and reach a hand down to help her up, "Come on. Let's go make you one of those stupid smoothies you're always drinking." See? He can be nice!

That just about does her in. Now she's armed with some truly devious weapons: terrible plays on archaic names. It's silly, yes.. or it seems such. But strangely…? It could be effective. Not even shitting you. For now it's effective in amusing Callisto, and she once again drops into a peal of laughter, trying to stand and luckily, being helped up. She's vaulted right back into that territory of 'oh shit what do I do' the moment the speedster's hand touches hers, but she squashes it. Stuffs it down furiously. This feels nice to just laugh and joke and make light of something so awful. Why ruin it? Even if she knows that, eventually, this must be sorted out.

"Stupid? You've had them, you even seem to enjoy them." The willowy girl snorts. It takes a few seconds, a few beats to catch on that she hadn't released his hand. To Callisto's credit, she has the presence of mind to let it go gently. It pained her to do so.

Sucks to be Callisto.

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