(2018-07-06) Alien Interlude
Alien Interlude
Summary: Callisto is resting, and then a wild Hunter appears. Literally.
Date: 2018-07-06
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Fri Jul 06, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


It's funny.. to Callisto, in years past, days ticked by at a usual clip. Why is it, now, that they feel even slower now that she is part of a school routine? Granted, the school is out for the summer… but she is one of the students who remained, in having no home to return to. So aside from work and duty, Callisto is often left with quite a bit of free time… which says something, for an immortal! She truly does her best to fill her days, whether through errands, training or just overall busywork… but during these glorious sunny days, she yet has time to just…. be.

So, back to the beaches beyond Winbarry the fey girl has traipsed, this time equipped with proper sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to protect her noggin and the tips of her ears. Don't be fooled by her title of 'dark' faerie; that doesn't mean she is weak or averse to the sun. No way. That simply signifies the nature of her powers and culture. Callisto LOVES the sun and on this summer afternoon, with the orb of light poised up on high and baking the earth below, the willowy girl is stretched out on a towel on the beach, her hat canted just over her brow and hiding her eyes. She fairly glistens with sunscreen; just as well as she bakes in her string bikini. z_z

<FS3> Hunter rolls Teleportation: Success.

Hunter, as an alien, has many abilities. One of them is more startling than each of the other ones he's happened to realize actually exists. Soon enough, next to Callisto, an unknowing Hunter seemingly just….APPEARS out of thin iar, and he looks around for a moment. "Whooooaaa!" he calls out in a THAT WAS AWESOME kind of way. with his eyes looking to the beach and the ocean, the warmth of his smile is clearly easily seen. Not to mention, he's not in his alien form, so he looks completely human and well, normal.

Then he looks right.

Ah! mostly-naked lady! He seems to be startled by this, to the point where he actually goes 'Whaaa!' and he falls over right on his back. Possibly nose-bleeding. "Ack! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to just…ya know…show up when you were…erm…sorry." cough…

"Hi! I'm hunter!" he extends a hand.

A great many things happen in about five seconds. There's Callisto, supine and cooking in the UV rays, confident that her base tan will abolish any further burns… and then? A boy appears. She IS used to the plethora of abilities as revealed often by her newfound peers, but teleportation always throws her off. One minute it's thin air, the next Hunter is taking up that space and being thrown into a tizzy by what is, indeed, a length of girl soaking up the rays in a bikini. Hey, Callisto is foreign! The sensibilities of North America haven't quite reached her.. or maybe she just doesn't care.

She startles and sits up abruptly, platinum hair sticking to her back. She looks immediately to the voice who is in a fluster and pushing up the brim of her hat, Callisto squints at Hunter and immediately feels sorry for his state. She makes no move to cover herself or otherwise make the situation more comforting, as she is content in her space.

"Ah, are you alright?" Asked casually, her voice accented. "T'is alright.. it's a free beach. Have we.. ah, met?" The girl asks smoothly, nothing the extended hand and shaking it firmly with her sun-warmed one. ".. Hunter? You're a student, then?"

Hunter looks at Callisto with a tilt of his head as she seems to also be startled, he scratches the back of his head. "Erm, I'm so sorry, I'm still learning what all I can do andIreallydidn'tmeantojustrandomlyshowup…" he goes on a tangent for a moment, clearly extremely nervous before Callisto speaks. "Oh! Yes, yes I am. It's just been a long day, you know? and thank you for being so understanding."

He shakes her hand. Clearly he's very strong, as he's being VERY GENTLE, lest he accidentally break her hand.

"I don't believe we have! But it's nice to meet you nonetheless. Yes, I'm a brand new student." it should be noted that he has a very British accent. With that in mind, he gives a little chuckle. "Are you a new student too?" he asks her curiously.

Hopefully it's reassuring to the alien boy that the fair-haired girl before him seems unbothered… not flustered in the least, either. OR offended! Callisto is simply 'being' and she pulls her hand back slowly, resting the heel of both that hand and the opposite one into the blanket beneath her body. She leans back some, propped up, legs extended with one crossed over the other. Cerulean eyes are then able to really take in the flustered boy's appearance… he is an unknown to her. "Calm yourself, take a breath." She inhales once, exhales slowly. "T'is alright, you're alright. You are lucky to have not found yourself on a nude beach." Said with a glimmer of humor.

A bit less fabric to this bikini however, and Callisto may as well be on such a beach herself. She eyes him frankly, noting the accent. "I am known as Callisto. You are welcome to sit, if you wish." Said casually; she is really so very unbothered. Her hat is askew and Callisto removes it briefly to fix the brim. This reveals her tapered elf-like ears for all of three seconds before she crams the hat back onto her noggin.

"I came here in November, it shall be a full year this upcoming fall. So I am not quite new. What of you? Where in the British Isles do you hail from?"

It's actually extremely reassuring…more than she will ever likely know.

With that in mind, a smile touches his features as he just laughs! "Goodness, if I landed on a nude beach, I might bleed to death." he points to his nose in a joking, humorous manner, suggesting he's a dude who bleeds from the nose at tense situations involving intimacy. With a small smile, he notes that she's in a bikini (and rocks it, mind you) and he gives a little smile.

"Fantastic. Well, I hail from London. But…I'm not from this planet at all so…we'll stick with London on that one, yea?" he smiles warmly.

The nose bleeding? Callisto tried to overlook for his sake, but now it's quite obvious and she's reaching into her beach bag to pull out a face-cloth (having intended to use it for her own face, later) … gingerly, she hands it to the boy. "T'is why you bleed? Because you are flustered?" She asks thoughtfully, tilting her head. "I will have worried that you were experiencing heat stroke. Do I make you uncomfortable?" She asks then, silver-white hair flickering in a hot breeze. "I've a sarong that I can don, if it shall cease this.. bleeding." Callisto glances back to the alien boy's nostrils with curious concern.

She had him at London, but then there's talk of.. not being from here? Callisto quirks one brow grabbing a bottle of water and drinking deeply of it, "Now how did you end up here, may I ask? To this planet? I shall say that you are the first alien whom I've met on a naming basis."

Hunter smiles as she pulls out a face cloth, smiling to her as he wipes the small amount of blood from his nose. "Eh, only sometimes. I was just shocked…" he teases her very lightly. "You can stay wearing that…" not because she was hot or anything in the bikini (she is) but he wanted her to be comfortable. Though as she asks him how he ended up on earth, he shrugs.

"When I was very little, I was sent here in a pod. I just happened to land in the plains of England. That said, I am Khantorian, not an earthling." he ponders briefly..

Should he show her his true appearance?

Perhaps a topic for another time, especially if she might scare easy.

The boy would be surprised in Callisto not scaring easily, were he to reveal to her his 'true' form. Would she be startled and/or confused briefly? Sure. Would she kick sand in his face and run screaming? Not likely. It takes a lot to make the fey girl act out-of-sorts… but it is possible.

So, Callisto will simply go back to sprawling on her beach towel as if she owns this tiny piece of land. She flips over and rests her chin atop her folded arms, peering up at Hunter with that direct gaze. "Khantorian…" She echoes, her Northern accent doing things to the pronunciation of the boy's home world. "What was this planet like, then? Is it much like Earth, or am I naive to the ways of a vast universe in assuming such? You seem to have adjusted well to the lay of this planet." Is she suspecting that he has an alternate form? Or simply not prying too deeply? Callisto figures that Hunter will disclose as he sees fit.

She blinks once, lashes fluttering closed for a few seconds as the sun reaches her face. "You've adoptive family in London?"

Hunter honestly probably wouldn't be toooo surprised that Callisto wouldn't likely run away. It's not that his true form is ugly, he just knows that people tend to fear what they do not understand. With that in mind, he gives her a happy little smile. "It was…very unique. Not really like earth at all. Like, we wore white or black robes, and there wasn't necessarily a hierarchy nor was there this weird buy/sell system that earth has. We wanted for nothing, so there was nothing to want aside from a family and biological desires, you know?" he takes a moment.

"I'm probably not explaining this well. Fast-track answer is everything is different." he says with a big of a smile.

"Yes, I do. I belong to the Cage family legally and they know my secret, and they've done good by me."

Though he tilts his head at her after a moment. "….are you human?"

The relaxed girl listens to Hunter's bits and pieces of details regarding his true home. It goes without saying that peoples' backstories interest her. "I do so hope that you are happy here, then. The Earth is said to be young; still coming into it's own." Of course the history of the world extends way past her scope. Her gaze softens, in hearing about yet another family who has been kind and open-minded to truly otherworldly circumstances. There is goodness out there, truly.. Callisto rests her cheek upon the tops of her forearms as she continues resting upon her stomach, tanning her back, though she turns her head so she can see the boy, still.

"I am not." Said simply, "Human, as you say. I am fae." Callisto says, opting to leave the 'dark' part of the equation out of it. Why bother when she doesn't feel anything like her species? Her lips curl into a sleepy, sun-warmed smile. "Not quite so fascinating as those from other worlds, alas. but my kind have lived here for a very long time."

Hunter tilts his head. "A fae? like a fairy?" suddenly the personal space is severely limited as Hunter takes a gooood look at her. "That…is….so…." What was he going to say?

"COOL!" he says wit ha big smile, though now that she can see into his eyes really good, she might be able to see that it's almost like the cosmos themselves can be seen in those eyes. It was beautiful. Truly, he is a cosmic being.

"So…so.. how old are you? Do you know magic like people say faeries do? Oh my goodness, please, tell me everything!" he says with the biggest smile on his face.

Here's where Callisto balks a bit. She may be comfortable being herself, wherever and whenever.. but someone getting Too Close causes her to lift her head from the 'pillow' of her arms, her expression quizzical. But he is truly innocent, it appears; perhaps they do things differently, where he was born, and these are inherent in his behavior even if he was raised in England. He's close enough for her to see his fascinating eyes but Callisto nonetheless shifts a bit to ensure that polite conversational distance. Hunter asks of her questions that no human girl would want to be asked outright, but Callisto? Well, she understands.

The fey girl rests her head back onto her arms again, but pauses to pull her hair over to the side so that it can lay upon the towel in a tidy pearlescent braid. "I am young, by my racial standards.. I've been around for nearly 170 years but I am yet a… teenager, as the world knows them as." Hunter's enthusiasm is catching; so much so that the thought of a beachside nap is abolished for a time. "And well… there are a great many of.. types.. of 'us'. And I…" She will go on to describe a portion of her abilities to the avid boy, touching down on things like telepathy and coaxing sleep and weaving dreams. Callisto will of course leave out mention of the 'bad' abilities because, more and more….. she is ashamed of them.

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