(2018-06-29) A Good View of the Stars
A Good View of the Stars
Summary: Syd spars with Hunter. They discover that she has no special resistance to energy attacks. Syd winds up with another Wardrobe Failure. Sigh
Date: 2018.06.29
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Back Lawn
A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


Try #2. Syd is on the beach again in her new, improved (somewhat less revealing) fighting outfit. She's still trying to get comfortable in it, apparently, but she's going through her morning workout with a pair of thousand-pound dumbells, jogging, throwing punches, spin kicks, even the occasional flying leap kick. Syd may be socially awkward, but it seems as though with fighting, she knows her stuff.

Hunter is here in simple gym shorts and a black T-shirt! He does have a towl around his neck as he seems to just walk along the beach…until he finds Sydney! Back in her fighting garb eh? he sees what she's doing, and eventually, he just waves! "Helloooo~!" Hunter calls out to her with a big smile on his face.

Sydney sees Hunter in mid spin-kick, but isn't so startled that she falls or clocks herself with a dumbell or anything. She moves back to her towel and sets the dumbells down. She seems a little more comfortable, since she's not trying to cover herself as neurotically as last time. "Hi. Haven't seen you since last night." She grins.
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Hunter smiles softly when Sydney manages to -not- knock herself unconscious with a heavy weight or fall onto her backside. "Hey! and yep!" he says with the most innocent-mind ever. Though he DOES think Sydney is rather cute. Regardless, "So, how are you doing? am I interrupting your hardcore training?" he mimics doing boxing punches.

Sydney shrugs. "This isn't hardcore training. This is trying to stay in shape. I haven't had a good spar in a couple weeks, and six months before that, plus or minus 35 years. For two years my whole life was busy work, train, spar, and try not to give them an excuse to kill me. I don't miss it, but… there's some uncertainty to not knowing what will happen too."

Hunter laughs a little bit. "Fair enough! I wouldn't know though…sorry. I tsounds like you've had a tough life. But you're here now! so…here's for awesome and much happier times!" though as sparring comes up…an excited smile crosses Hunter's face. "If you like, I can be your sparring partner?? I've actually been wanting to spar with more people so I can see where I am by comparison." he smiles happily. "I-If you want to, anyway."

Sydney looks at Hunter. "Well… if you got hit by a car, would you reasonably expect to be injured? I'd love to spar, but I don't want to like… put you in the hospital. And I hit pretty hard." Besides, breaking this guy would just be a sin, right?

Hunter now just laughs! "Well, last time I was hit by a car, the car practicaly shattered. I'm REALLY hard to hurt, apparently!" he shrugs. "But don't worry! You can go all out on me. I'll be fine!" of course, he doesn't quite know what Sydney has ability-wise either. He's gonna guess at LEAST Super Strength. He does set his towel aside though, instead smiling at her. "The offer stands! Though…I hit pretty hard too." he chuckles mildly.

You say, "The car shattered? That sounds about right. The only other thing is please don't throw me in the water. I breathe and I can't swim. At all." She stretches a little, steel muscles bulging. "And if you knock me out and I sort of melt, just keep me from flowing in the ocean, and I should be fine." She assumes a stance. "Whenever you're ready.""

Hunter smiles to Sydney. "Yep! and ooohhh sure! hold on." he closes his eyes for a moment as if to make a mental note, before he cracks his knuckles, causing a little 'voosh' of wind to escape after as he enters a stance. "Alrighty!" and with that, he lunges forward, aiming a simple, but HARD punch aimed for her sternum!
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hunter=physical+body Vs Sydney=physical+body
< Hunter: Great Success Sydney: Success
< Net Result: Hunter wins - Solid Victory

Sydney looks at Hunter. She makes no move to block his attack, mostly looking to see what he's got. She finds out. The impact throws her back a good ten feet, skidding through the sand. She blinks and murmurs "…baby baby that's quite a lot…" as she rolls to her feet. "Let's see you do that again."

Hunter watches vividly as his shot connects and it drives her back a solid distance. "Hah! Well, at least take me out to dinner first before you start calling me 'baby'." he knows she was referencing something most likely, but his teasing smile reveals he was joking about that. "Heh, alrighty!" He rushes at her again, this time with a punch aimed for her gut, with the force of a speeding truck behind it!
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hunter=physical+body Vs Sydney=physical+body
< Hunter: Success Sydney: Good Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Solid Victory

Sydney blocks the punch with one arm, then flicks that same fist upward toward Hunter's jaw. "It's a song. It's called ‘Rock and Roll All Night.’" She puts heat behind the punch. He said he could take it.
WARNING! It looks like you specified some invalid roll parameters. Interpreting the best we can.
<FS3> Sydney rolls Physical+body Vs Hunter=physical+body: Failure.

Hunter takes the shot straight to the face! Though something is relatively clear: It did absolutely nothing. Hunter's physical Invulnerability becoming mightily apparent as his face didn't even -move- with the actual hit. "ahhhh I see. That explains why it kind of had an upbeat tune to it~" he says in a sing songy, realization kind of way. Before he moves his hand back, clenching his fist, and attempting to punch Sydney right in the jaw to try and send her flying!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hunter=physical Vs Sydney=physical
< Hunter: Good Success Sydney: Great Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Solid Victory

Sydney steps back a step, letting the heavy punch pass through in the air. As she rotates away, she gets her other fist up and throws a punch of her own at Hunter's jaw.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sydney=physical Vs Hunter=physical
< Sydney: Good Success Hunter: Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Marginal Victory

Now THIS one actually hurt a little! Hunter is pleasantly surprised! He takes the hit head on, and his head turns with it, causing him to slide back juuust a little bit. "Heh, not bad!" He says with a smile, before his hand actually seems to charge with a Cyanic energy, which also reveals the true alien appearance of his entire arm, looking like a multi-colored being…though it appears as though one can see space and stars in that arm. It's charging with Cosmic energy. "Let's try this one on for size" and he tries to blast her with such an energy! Hey, no one said it was against the rules!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hunter=Energy+body Vs Sydney=energy+body
< Hunter: Great Success Sydney: Success
< Net Result: Hunter wins - Crushing Victory

Sydney doesn't go flying. She just goes down. Hard. Turns out she has no more resistance to…whatever that was… than a normal human. She gets up slowly, shaking the cobwebs out of her head as best she can. "Ow… what the hell was that?"

Hunter is now flying. Floating over to her as his arm goes back to it's normal human appearance. "Eek! are you okay?" he lands next to her, kneeling down next to her with a smile on his face. "Sorry…that was the Energy Cosmic. I know it's not something to be used lightly but…Wanted to see how you could handle it." he smiles warmly to her and he lowers a hand to help her up to her feet. Until she does that well enough on her own. So he stands up too!
<FS3> Sydney rolls Metamorph: Failure.

You say, "I'd say not very well." She rubs at the spot where it hit and finds… her bellybutton. "What the…" She looks down to find that her carefully shaped fighting outfit…isn't so carefully shaped now. Her body is a little scrambled, some parts of the "leotard" still in place, incongruously with obviously bare skin in others. She's certainly not decently covered anymore. "Seriously? Do I have to flash everyone I spar with?" She holds up one finger. "Just a sec." With that, she quickly slumps into a mound of reflective metal goo. It does, slowly, begin flowing toward the ocean, then stops as it begins to reform into her body. This time all her anatomy's in all the right places. This lasts only a moment, then the details disappear again, and the costume reforms. "I'm starting to think this 'be your own costume' thing wasn't such a great idea." Syd looks… mortified. Blushing bluish, keeping her distance."

When Hunter notices that she's revealing…certain parts of her body completely unintentionally, He turns a FLUSH pink and he turns his head away to have her keep her decency. Regardless, as she soon reforms herself, he smiles as he returns his attention to her. Though as she keeps her distance and looks mortified, he actually moves closer to her and puts a hand on her shoulder. "It was a fun spar though! but being your own costume is super cool!" he says trying to encourage her.
<FS3> Sydney rolls Mind: Success.
<FS3> Sydney rolls Metamorph: Good Success.

Sydney flinches. Bad. She turns suddenly, fist elongating into a chisel-shaped blade, drawn back, ready to strike. Her jaw clenches, and she lets the blade-fist drop, where it re-forms back into her hand. She pulls away a little, steps further back, and takes a slow breath, forcing herself to calm down. "Thanks." There's a deadness to that word that doesn't normally happen. She takes a few more breaths. "Sorry. Sorry."

Hunter doesn't even seem threatened when Sydney has a blade hand! He simply smiles at her. "WHOA! that's so cool!" he says in a happy sense. "Man, there are tons of awesome people here." He doesn't even seem to mind Sydney's apologies. "Hey, hey, it's totally okay! Do you need space to…calm?" he asks curiously.

Sydney snorts once. Twice. It slowly grows up to be a humorless chuckle. "Probably not. Probably not." She stops moving away and just stands still. "So… humans on your planet. How different are they from us here? Well. Normal people, not me."

Hunter looks to Sydney, tilting his head. "Well…I don't really know. Everyone was pretty much like me I guess, in terms of what I can do. They all looked different in terms of appearance, like each Khantorian was unique. Regardless…there wasn't enough individuality that everyone had different powers, so.." he shrugs. "Plus we were pacifists, if memory serves." he shrugs a bit. "But, it is what it is. I don't think my home still exists anymore." and that brings an unbearable sadness to his features, but he straightens out quickly. "But! No point weepin' over it."

Sydney reaches out her hand, slowly, as though fighting herself, to pat Hunter on the shoulder. "Yeah… the past is past. You can only change the present and the future. How long have you been here, again?"
GAME: Save complete.

Hunter gives Sydney a kind smile as she touches his shoulder, though he looks at her to see her hesitance. "Heh, I'm not infectious I don't think." he winks lightly to her in a friendly manner. "My seventeenth year. I arrived on earth in a pod filled with countless information about my home that I didn't learn until I reached my thirteenth year. So…I guess I was raised as a human and a Khantoran." he shrugs lightly.

Sydney nods slowly. "Well. It's a pretty good place, on balance. A pretty good time, too. "

Hunter gives her a small smile. "Yeah! I like it so far. done good by me, you know? Well…plus it also has a good view of the stars."

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