(2018-06-28) Lost Boys
Lost Boys
Summary: Syd talks to RJ and Hunter at more length.
Date: 2018.06.28
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Girl's Wing
A long hallway with a large curtained window at the end. Carpet runs the length of it. There are a number of doors on each side leading to bedrooms. Between the doors and wall sconces that give just enough light to see by.


Sydney is sitting at the desk in her room in a heavily reinforced chair, banging away on a mechanical keyboard that, by rights, is older than she is. The little computer (a Raspberry Pi, if you're into that) seems to keep up just fine. She pauses, reads the output, and frowns. "That's great, but how do I read the files?" She fishes her hand into a bottle of bent nails and old hardware, and munches them down like pretzels. If she's not ladylike you might even see sparks from her mouth as she chews them.

There is a soft, hesitant knock on the door. While she had made the statement that her door is always open, it is currently closed. RJ didn't realize that it was a figure of speech. He stands in the hallways, chewing on his lower lip.

Sydney looks over. "Come on in. I just had it closed when I was changing and forgot to open it." So many things to occupy a girl's mind. Syd gets up without waiting for an answer and opens the door.
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RJ smiles a bit sheepishly. "Greetings, Sydney. You said that if I ever wished to talk… " He pauses, "Is this a good time? If it is not, then I can come another time. Or if you were just saying that to be nice and did not really mean it, then I can understand that."

Sydney smiles a bit. "I'm pretty blunt. I try to always mean what I say and say what I mean. Saves me a lot of headaches and heartaches later." The smile gets a little rueful. "Most of the time. Nah, come on in. Have a seat on the futon. I'm just screwing around with my new computer."

RJ moves across the room. He looks over at the computer, shaking his head, "I wish that I could have brought some of the technology from my world. A lot of the technology is so much more advanced." He frowns slightly, then shakes his head, "I apologize. I try not to focus on what I left behind. There is nothing wrong with being direct in your speech. I have noticed that does not seem to be a common thing around here, especially in those our age." He pauses once again, "I apologize. I made an assumption of your age. How old are you?"

Sydney goes over to the futon to sit down. It's wide enough for three without being cosy. "I know what you mean, except the tech that I left behind was so much more… physical. I mean, putting music in data files is just weird." Syd shrugs, then gestures toward the far end of the futon, inviting RJ to sit down again. "And my age… is a funny question. I got frozen about a month before my fifteenth birthday, and spent 35 years that way. So I was born in 1967, but I turn fifteen in November, according to the judge who handled my case. He wasn't willing to spot me a birthday I hadn't experienced. So… to answer your question, I'm almost fifteen. I missed eighth and nineth grades, and seventh grade was in 1980. Sooo I'm a little disoriented in this time. I know what it's like."

RJ cocks his head slightly as he listens. "Do you mind me asking about how it was that you were frozen for three and a half decades?" He does accept the offer and sits down on the futon. He smiles a bit, "So a kindred spirit. I can only imagine how difficulty it most be." He chews on his lower lip once again.

Sydney shrugs. "Nah, it's fine. But I'll ask you how you wound up here. The short, short version is: I ran away from home when I was thirteen. I got picked up off the street and sold as a lab animal to the guys who were developing this." She taps on her steel arm. "I spent almost two years doing that, and ultimately another guy got me out of there and hid me in a freezer. When my body temperature drops below about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, my metabolism stops completely, but there's not enough free water in me to make ice crystals. So there I stayed, hidden in an olive oil barrel next to a bunch of dead guys in other barrels. Restaurant that owned the freezer went under, marshals came in, got suspicious, and thawed all the barrels out at the medical examiner's office. Seven corpses and one live one. Me. Six months later, I'm here. How'd you get here?"

RJ blinks as he listens. There is a great deal of sympathy in his eyes. He turns so that he is facing Sydney more. "Well, the really short version, is my symbiote bracer. The longer version requires some background information. Two hundred years ago, my Earth was conquered by an alien race called the Faroshi. They nearly wiped all humans from the planet. There are thirty-six Faroshi that lead. They were the ones that bested most of the combined armed forces. The Overlords each wear a symbiote bracer. Well, on my sixteen birthday, my friends convinced me break curfew for a little celebration for me. I do not know what had happened outside of the abandoned building. There was an explosion and the building collapsed, killing the Overlord. While crawling through the rubble, my hand slipped into the bracer, and it bonded to me. I am the first example of a race other than the Faroshi to be able to wear one of them. Once it bonds, the only way to separate it is through the death of the bearer, so the other Overlords want me dead. Three of them found me and tried to blast me out of existence. We all released an energy blast at each other, and then there was an explosion of light. Next thing I know I'm falling from about a half mile up and then was rescued by a couple students from one of the Overlords who was trying to crush my chest. I fell unconscious and was brought to the school. I am a prisoner here until it is determined whether or not I am a threat to the people of this Earth."

Sydney whistles. "Remind me not to complain about the school having legal custody of me. I mean, at least when I turn 18, I can walk. And I can complain to Child Protective Services or my psychologist if things get really bad. So far though…" she gives it thumbs up. "I'm getting used to being in school again. Trying not to repeat all my mistakes from junior high."

Hunter then arrives in the Girls dorm area where visiting hours are at least 'hopefully' welcome. With that small smile on his face, he notices Sydney and RJ chatting it up. though he manages to arrive just as RJ finishes his sentence about being a threat to the people of this earth (possibly) and with Sydney talking about being used to school. "HELLO!" the easily-excitable alien greets them both. He's simply wearing a brown bombers jacket with a white shirt and blue jeans, tenneshoes on his feet. "…am I..-er, interrupting something?"

RJ chuckles softly. "The Headmaster has allowed me greater privileges after a couple of months. I as well am legally bound to the school. Imagine having already been considered an adult and having worked for the past three years to be told that you have to go back to school." He looks up when Hunter comes into the room. RJ is wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and an almost metallic looking dark grey sleeveless shirt that looks to be of a very strange material. The blue metal bracer is ever present on his right wrist. He stands up, smiling widely, "Greetings Hunter. And no, you are not interrupting anything. We were just talking and comparing notes on how out of place we both are."
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Sydney nods. "Yeah… come on in." She gets up and goes to sit at the chair by the computer. She gestures to the futon. "Grab a piece of futon. Welcome to my room." Syd grins. For her part, Syd is wearing a hugely oversized short-sleeve shirt, whose sleeves come to her elbows, and the hem comes to mid-thigh. It has a picture of Bill the Cat on it, throwin' the goat. (Making the ASL for I love you). Under that, it reads, in massive, blocky letters: "Billy says: ACK!"

Hunter smiles to RJ. "Excellent! I was worried for a moment." though eventually he tilts his head at him. "Oh? Well…I'm an alien who's not even from earth, or even -an- earth. So…guess I can try to be in this chat anyway." he teases with a big smile! His eyes shift to Sydney. "Thank you! It looks really nice. Cooler than my room, anyway."

Hunter also claims a bit of futon as instructed.

RJ chuckles, "Yes, I think you can. We were just telling how it is that we came here. If it was a competition, I believe that you would win." He is sitting on one end of the futon already, turned somewhat towards the rest of the futon. "So how is it that you came to be with us?"

Sydney chuckles. "A few posters, and no dirty laundry on the floor. I've seen guys' rooms." Syd blinks, as though wishing she could unsay what she just said, and she blushes past the straw colors into hot-steel blues. She's not that hot, obviously, but the chemistry is similar.

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