(2018-06-28) How To Be a Hero
How To Be a Hero
Summary: A group of students chat in the billiard room. There's mixed reviews on this topic!
Date: 2018-06-28
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Thu Jun 28, 2018

The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset hound puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, Blu-Ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of French doors lead to the back patio.


It is summer time. Time for fun. Time for relaxation. Time for ease.

While that is true for most people, that doesn't seem true for Bryce who still wakes up early every morning, heads down for breakfast, and then either goes to practice or to read. Today, just a short time after breakfast, Bryce has made his way to the billiard room. He is still in his school uniform which seems to be the only thing he wears. Oddly enough, he also has a blueish bruise on his forehead. It is starting to turn a bit yellow around the edges giving the impression it is a few days old. Right now, he is sitting at a table with three books on it and several pieces of blank paper. The papers are exactly 6 x 6 inch squares. In his hand, he is holding a book entitled: Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. The other books on his table are a College level Physics textbook, an origami book, and a book on Medieval Siege Weapons.

Brier also tends to be an early riser and being at a new school does not change that. Having seen the billiard room yesterday during his exploring, the new resident returns again today to scope out the reading material. Entering the room, he wears tan linen shorts and a short sleeved light blue hooded shirt, his Mala necklace hanging down over it against his chest. His long blonde waves are pulled back into a messy bun and he decided shoes would probably be a better choice today so he wears his off brand Tom style slip ons.

With one hand in the front pocket of his shirt and the other carrying a thermos of some kind, the Junior makes his across the floor and towards the bookshelf. He sees Bryce, but seeing as how he's at a table and surrounded by books, he figures the other is concentrating and doesn't want to disturb him. So he instead goes about browsing to see if anything catches his eye on the shelf.

Either Bryce is getting much better at concentrating by reading his book or he is completely oblivious to Brier as he enters the room. Unfortunately for the nervous teen, it is the second option. Bryce keeps turning the pages every few seconds as he reads at his normally quick pace. After nearly a minute of this, he finally catches the sight of Brier out of the corner of his eye. He quickly looks up startled. "Aah. Oh," he says placing a hand on his chest. "S-sorry, I, I didn't see you come in. I didn't mean to be, um, rude and not, er, greet you. Oh, my name is, uh, Bryce."

Looking up from the shelf when Bryce speaks, Brier turns and shakes his head with a kind smile. "Don't worry about it, man! I saw you reading and didn't wanna' bug you. I'm Brier!" Turning to start in the direction of where Bryce is sitting, his eyes catch sight of the puzzle on a nearby table. "Oh hey! Puppies!" Right, back to the new person! Well, technically Brier was the new person here but everybody was new to him too! "Whatcha reading?" he asks, coming over to Bryce's table now but not taking a seat yet.

With no classes in session for Rain and her friend Fiona, one would think everyday would be a weekend, but when you have jobs that isn't necessarily the case. Especially if your job is in a tourist driven town like Shady Cove. Both girls work, and weekends are the busy time so days off are serious business. "We should go to my house next week." She tells Fiona as they stroll into the billiard room. The pair couldn't be anymore different. Light and dark, subdued and bold, stoic and cheerful. That is Rain and Fiona for you. People wonder how they could possibly be friends, but they make it work. "And we still need to plan Scotland." And one of their parents are going to have to go too. Dressed in a pale green tennis dress, which flatters her slightly tan skin, and grey eyes Rain notes the two teens in the room and she goes silent and all expression just flees from her face. Which could be vaguely familiar to the new one, that being Brier.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Contrast is right! Rain rocks the pale shade of green and Fionnuala, well… it's summer, it's sunny… and you bet your bippy she's gonna be bright. She's entering the room right alongside her bestie and she's wearing a cocktail-length jumper dress of astoundingly neon proportions! It's a flouncy, fun little number of a bright yellow backing with orange flower print. It makes up for it's loud coloration by being of a cute length and style, and the girl's own tanned skin only makes the attire pop more. Top it all off with a riot of black hair teased up into a bun that is fated to fail, and her big black wings brought out to stretch and drip sunlight everywhere… it's a good thing that stoic, classy Rain is there to temper her.

The animated girl exclaims to Rain, whose arm she has linked with. "I would love to. Hey, rescue me for a few nights.. it's Ma and Da's anniversary next week and I kinda don't wanna be around the house when—-" Oh, there's people here! Fee turns to face the assembled students — noting the newer face — and sings a greeting to the room. "Hello, hello~!" The girl has a trilling, merry voice.

Bryce looks at Brier when he approaches his table. He closes the book he is reading without using any type of bookmarker. "Oh, I'm almost always reading, um, something even if I don't have a book." Then gesturing with the book he says, "This, this is a book about, um, focusing though I'm not really sure if this is exactly what I'm interested in. I might switch, um, to one of these other books." He then looks around the room and doesn't see the puzzle so he asks in a curious voice, "Uh, puppies? Is, is that your power?" Maybe he has some sort of puppy-vision.

Hearing Rain and Fionnuala enter the room, he looks up at them. Thankfully they were talking so he wasn't startled this time. "Oh, uh, good morn-morning Rain and Fionnuala. How, how are you this morning?" He notices the quick change in Rain's expression though he isn't sure what that means for a couple reasons. One, he still isn't very good at reading people in general. Two, she is a girl, and he is even worse are reading girl-type peoples. "Um, Rain, I, I wanted to say th-thank you, er, for the other day .. oh, that doesn't really narrow it down there have been a lot of — never mind. For the, the theme park."

Brier smiles as Bryce answers "Yeah. Reading is awesome." When the topic of the book is mentioned his smile spreads "Oh cool! If you want I have some books in my room about meditation. I mean if you're into it." Even though it was his thing he also realized not everybody felt the same. "Puppy Power? Nah I wish! There's a puppy puzzle on the table over there." Lifting his thermos he unscrews the top and takes a sip, looking over as Rain and Fionnuala make their entrance. Rain looked…familiar? Huh! "Sup!" he offers with a warm smile as he lifts a free hand, then capping his thermos again.

Rain nods in understanding to Fiona, knowing full well what the girl is worried about and why she doesn't want to be there. She doesn't need to say anything more about that, the arrangements will be made. Instead she focuses her stoic gaze on Bryce and his stammering gratitude. "Theme park?" She is confused a moment, it happened long enough ago that she has to dig it out of her memory "Oh, I just did what needed to be done." She has no need for thank yous.

"Hello Brier." She greets him with cool detachment. Wait…how did she know his name? "How is your second day?"

Leave it to Fee to notice things. First off, her glowing yellow eyes flit to observe the hippie boy with the great hair (or at least she can tell, even in a bun) .. Rain so helpfully supplies his name. "Brier, huh! Sup to you too! My name's Fionnuala… welcome!" Fee chimes merrily, her smile easy and wide. It seems she is emotive enough for the both of them and with a little side-hug squeeze to Rain's arm, she detaches and is about to go to the new student to either give him a welcome handshake or hug! But then something else catches her eye…

"Oh my goodness, Bryce!" The winged girl exclaims, turning on a heel to go to the studious boy. She leans in toward him, perhaps uncomfortably close, and reaches with fingers to not touch but indicate his bruise. "What happened to you!? Are you ok?" She smells nice, like tangerines… a body mist or lotion, perhaps.

Bryce almost smiles (which he rarely does). It is always nice when someone likes books. "I'm, I'm glad you like to, um, read. I prefer reading books than, er, electronic devices." He does put his Deep Work book and goes to pick up another as Brier mentions meditation. "Um, I've never tried to, well, meditate. I've read about it though. What, I mean, is it any good at helping keep from, er, distractions?" What hasn't Bryce read about though?

Looking to Rain, Bryce says, "I, I wouldn't have even, um, tried to help those people without, without your encouragement. And it worked." He actually sounds surprised at that last point. "I think I've also learned a new way, perhaps, to use my power, well, maybe. Possibly." At least he is definite about it. When Fionnuala reaches forward to touch his head, Bryce leans back ever so slightly which is much less of a reaction that someone else would have received. He is not a fan of being touched, but especially anything near his circlet concerns him. The fact he barely moves with Fionnuala is a rare reaction. "Um, remember when, uh, when I was practicing my new power .. by the water. Well, I fell in the water. That was, um, dangerous so I've been practicing in the back lawn. I keep falling." That was the only explanation he gave about the bruise.

She knew his name!? Well now Brier just felt rude. The confusion is evident on his face "…Have we uh…met before?" She did look awfully familiar. Wait. Rain! "Ohhh…you're Sky's sister yeah? I see it now. I met him yesterday!" Wait. "You already knew that…" Obviously. Brain fart! "Second day is good so far, thanks!" Then, Fee is returning his 'Sup' with her own, which earns a grin from the hippie. "Fionnuala. Whoa…everybody here has the coolest names!" The excitement is genuine. He was a people person.

Bryce asks about the meditation and, as Fee goes to check on his bruise, Brier steps aside to give her room but looks to Bryce. "Yeah. Meditation totally works! It's like…a distraction from distractions!" Or something like that. "I do Yoga too. If you ever wanna join me and try it out."

"It's better to try and fail, than never try at all." Rain tells Bryce "There were plenty of rescuers. You wouldn't of been putting them in anymore danger than they already were." As she speaks her tone continues to be detached, though there is a measure of bluntness to it. She calls it like she sees it. "It's good that you learned something at the same time." As Fiona detaches herself the Masters girl begins to cross the room and for some reason pulls aside the drape and opens one of the French doors that serves as an egress to the patio. "No," she answers Brier as she does this "Sky is my brother." Is that a hint of chiding in her tone? Maybe. Who likes being referee to as someone's sibling, especially when those siblings are twins.

Worry not, Fee doesn't touch. Being pals with Rain has taught her more about boundaries.. which is good, given how harmlessly touchy-feely-huggy the shifter is by nature. The boy's leaning back is noted and the winged girl sets her hands down upon the table briefly before easing back some. "It looks painful… or like it was at another point. It's healing well anyway." The girl grins brightly and steps back altogether so as to not crowd Bryce. "You were doing really well, from what I saw. Especially with all of the distraction that was going on at the same time! Just try to be mindful of your feet ok? You don't want anymore of these bruises!"

A smile to Brier next, "You can call me Fee though, or Fiona. Fionnuala is a bit of a mouthful and it's kind of an 80-year-old Irish woman name. Nevermind I'm Scottish." A wink… and indeed, in her timbre, little inflections of the accent. She is clearly American-born.

"Where'd you come from, Brier? Do you need help with anything?" Asks Girl Scout Fee, turning with a pleased look toward the door as Rain opens it, admitting the fresh sea air.

Bryce thinks about the meditation thing that Brier mentioned. "Um, maybe? I'm not sure how helpful it will be, uh, considering." But he doesn't say what was to be considered. "As for the yoga, uh, I don't think, I mean, thank you but I don't think I could, um, do that." He isn't sure if he would do it but really doubts if he could do it.

He listens as Rain explains about the need for trying even if it means failing. "But what if, if failing hurts other people?" That is something he is really worried about. As she walks to the French doors, Bryce adds, "I learned that, um, my constructs are, well, weightless even though they can hold weight. So, er, well, I think, I think I might be able to fly -if- I can figure it out." When Fionnuala mentions his feet, Bryce nods his head and says, "I try, but, but I find that when I start to go up that my toes are the, the last thing to leave the ground. I then get distracted and start to come back down, well, on my toes which throws me off, uh, balance. If, if I could stay focused I think I could, uh, do it. I've thought that, uh, maybe I should try with someone else who can already .. fly because then maybe my focus will be upwards. I think though, well, that I think too much and can distract myself."

Schuyler does indeed step into the Billiard Room from the patio, bringing the clove/cigarette scent with him as if he just finished smoking outside. He's dressed quite casually, even for him, although everything is still in blacks and grays. Some stray hair is pushed back behind his ear as he glances around at the others congregated and gives a little wave. An eyebrow is arched at Rain briefly before he flops down in whatever empty seat is nearest to her. Before he gives more than a greeting, he'll wait and see what's being discussed among the other teens.

Brier Nods "Your call, man no worries either way!" Again, while the whole Yoga/Meditation movement was his comfort zone, he realized everybody had their own thing. He wouldn't push it, but the invitation had been given! Rain's response gets an even more confused face from the hippie. Isn't that what he had said? Siblings! "…Cool cool cool. I'm an only child." Sky gets a wave and smile in greeting as he comes in from the patio before Brier looks over to Fee. "Fee? I dig it!" His thermos top is unscrewed again. "I don't think I need help with anything, but thanks for asking! Oh and I'm from Colorado!" Shocker! He takes a drink from the thermos.

"Than you are in the same spot as you would be if you didn't try and people died." Rain points out to him "I don't know about you, but I know which situation I would rather be in." She doesn't specify though. She leaves that up to others interpretations. As Shy enters she exchanges a look with him, her nose wrinkling as the whiff of clove hits her nose. The door is then swung shut as she follows to sit on the arm of the chair is has dropped into. "I'm sorry." She tells Brier, "I have five, you can have any of them…free of charge." This time she is tossing Circe in there, but then again Circe has major issues with Rain, so why not.

"Colorado! How cool!" Fee exclaims. Places of origin — obviously — intrigue her. Her smile softens some, "No siblings here, either. Probably for the best.. imagine two of me running around?" Said with a giggle as she reaches up to adjust her own hair bun. Her eyes peer pensively toward the open door and this is when Sky waltzes in, dropping his Masters arse into a chair and feeling out the room. "Hi, Sky!" She calls over to the boy with her typical level of enthusiasm. Is this girl ever unhappy about seeing someone?!

.. maybe if RILL came into the room. He scares her and she feels bad about it.

Fionnuala moves toward a spot in the room where the sunlight comes in through the window, and the moment the rays touch her wings they begin to really glisten. By now she is listening to Bryce's plight and those feathers quiver. "I get it. Not only to help you focus but to catch you if you do fall again. I would offer to help, but I don't levitate.. I'd be worried about the sound of wingflaps disrupting your concentration! But the offer is here if you want it!"

Bryce sneezes when Schuyler comes into the room with the smoke smell that comes with him. Bryce almost instinctually starts signing whenever he talks and will even do sign language interpretation if he feels like Schuyler can't see someone's lips when they talk. "Uh, hello Schuyler." He has to finger spell his name because he never asked for the sign for it. "How are you?" Even when signing to Schuyler, he also talks so people can hear what he is saying too.

"I'm, I'm an only child, well, that I know. I guess, I guess my father could have tried to have another, er, child with, well, someone else. He sent my mom away, uh, shortly after I was born." Listening to Rain, he nods his head. "I, I guess it is a matter of deciding what is, um, worse: failing or not trying. Perhaps it, uh, differs in each circumstance, but, but that is why I practice so much." To try and reduce the chance of his failures. Shifting to look at Fionnuala, he says, "I don't know if, if it would be distracting or not. I was thinking about trying to practice in, um, the ballroom - over the mats. Maybe if, if I wasn't so afraid of falling, then I wouldn't fall as much?"

«Or you can just take Rain. I think she wishes she was adopted sometimes, but unfortunately there's no chance of that being truth.» Fee gets a finger-waggle at her greeting and he gives Bryce a little 'it's ok' gesture. «I appreciate it, but mostly, when I'm here at school, I can understand people's thoughts. Except for the one girl who was relocating worms.» That gets a brief frown of frustration before he rolls his eyes at Rain's face and Bryce's sneeze, «Some on, it could be so much worse!»

However, to join into the conversation that he knows nothing about, he adds, «It's always better to take risks. What if you succeed?»

The cap is again returned to his thermos before it's tucked away in the front pocket of his shirt. Yay pockets! Rain's offer of a sibling gets a laugh from him "I'll keep that in mind." Wouldn't that be a fun surprise for mom!? Fee's excitement over Colorado, honestly her excitement in general, is pleasant. Happy people are so…well…happy! When she walks across the room and the light hits her wings for that moment, Brier grins "Whoa. Your wings are stellar!" The small movement from the wings is noted with fascination before he looks back over to Bryce. "It's always been me and my mom too." As they all discuss the benefits or taking risks versus not, just listening for now and enjoying the different perspectives.

"Unless you plan on being a hero or rescue worker of some type I doubt you will run into another situation like the theme park. But practice is always beneficial." Rain is thoughtful after that longish comment "I don't think we have anyone at the school that can fly without the use of wings. Sierra maybe?" she tries to keep up with the variety of powers that the students have but some are harder when they aren't shown off.

She does wish she was adopted at times. That would mean she wouldn't be saddled with powers, but Rain of course doesn't say anything, just pokes her brother in the shoulder.

"Falling is scary. But there's a way to do it 'smarter'." Fee says airily, speaking from experience. As Sky emotes himself via telepathy, Fee nods quickly. "And Sky's right! Rather than avoid it, try softening the fall. You're smart, to place the mats in the ballroom. Just try to ensure that you've got a safe arena and fill… uh," She rubs the back of her neck, causing dashes of solar energy to skitter along the entire length of that forearm. It all 'trickles' toward the floor; the tiniest fireflies. ".. float your boots!" Her grin is big and bright. That full-wattage expression is turned upon Brier when he compliments her wings, and the girl nods her thanks.

For a few seconds, Fionnuala appears to be concentrating. Then.. suddenly? The happy girl is replaced by a funny little crow, perched neatly atop the back of a chair and dead on in the sunlight. The very best way to absorb and cast-off the stuff! Fee will hold her bird form awhile, perching here; perhaps flitting over to perch close to or on the shoulder and/or forearms of her assembled peers (if allowed) … her human sentience is obviously still intact, judging by the topaz glimmer of what should be ink-drop eyes.

Bryce makes an 'oh' face when Schuyler says that is okay and he doesn't have to sign. He does reach up and rub his left temple a bit though. "Uh, I, I saw someone floating the other day. I, I think his name is Hunter. He, he said that it was, well, easy, and he did make it look, uh, easy. It's not easy for me though." Bryce wonders why it seems that other people have a much easier time mastering their powers than he does. "Oh, and Saoirse does some, some float-thing. I think that I have, well, seen her floating more than, than walking, but I don't think, uh, well, that it would, er, be wise to go to her for, uh, help." He stammers more as he feels that he is saying something negative about someone else. He blinks as he sees Fionnuala transform into a bird. He hasn't seen the full animal transformation before. No wonder flying comes naturally to her. It is natural for her. Looking finally to Brier, he asks, "What, um, if you don't mind me asking, uh, are your powers?"

«Maybe they spent a lot of time practicing. Maybe they only make you -think- that it's easy? Maybe they're just really good actors?» Sky blinks some at Bryce before he shifts his gaze to Fee the now-bird and then to his sister. «You going into town today?» before he glances back to Brier as the question is asked of him. There's a smug little smile then as he warned the new kid! Back to Bryce, «If you're so fixated on being heroic, remember that the good guys run towards the danger…and not away from it. And that they're the helpers. I don't think there's anything about flying in that.»

Brier might as well have seen a unicorn by the reaction he has to seeing Fee transform into a bird. "Awesome!" Oh yeah, he was adjusting fine to the school! Bryce's words catch his attention though and he tries to give him a reassuring smile. "See man that's your main problem. You can't focus on everybody else. You gotta focus on you. Also, just because their 'good' looks different than your 'good' doesn't mean you aren't still…good ya know?" When asked again about his own powers he doesn't seem to mind, grinning "I talk to shadows!" Well at least in his head that was the easiest way to explain it. Go figure, a flower child that deals in darkness. How's that for balance?

Rain has seen the transformation a few times, so she is unsurprised by it. Instead she gets up to open the drapes even wider so her friend can get as much sun as she wants. "I don't know Hunter, and I do my best to avoid Saoirse as much as I can." so far, so good. "I was thinking of driving into Thunder Bay. If I can get Conner to go." is the answer to Sky. She really needs to head home(ish) so she can take her driver's test and get her license. Maybe next week. Until than she is stuck driving with other people. "Do they talk back?"

Bryce shakes his head some listening to Schuyler. "I, I don't think I'll ever be a, a hero or anything. Especially, uh, a good one, but, but I thought I should learn to, well, use my powers to try and help people." He pauses and looks down a bit. "Well, and for other reasons." As in if he doesn't figure out how to handle his powers correctly he could end up back where he started or worse. He listens to Brier talking about him being good at things too, and Bryce says, "The, the thing is, the thing I'm really good is, well, remembering stuff. So unless there is, um, a villain who, uh, sets up a, a game show or, uh, something, I'm not sure how helpful I'll be." That was Bryce trying to be funny. It doesn't happen very often for obvious reasons. He then goes to ask Brier if the shadows talk back when he hears Rain ask the same question so he just closes his mouth. "Saoirse is, well, the reason I fell face first, uh, in the water when I tried it..the first time." Which is doubly bad because he can't swim either.

«Then don't be a hero. What are you trying to get at? Do you want us to boost your ego and tell you that 'of course you can do it, you're awesome' or give you a fake magic feather so that you believe that you can fly? This school just teaches people how to use their powers and normal school stuff. They don't demand that you leave here a hero. So I don't know what you're expecting from us, but either you choose to do it or you don't. In the end, it's entirely up to you.» He uncurls a little from the chair that he chose before nodding at Rain, «I might catch a ride, depending. There's a class I want to go to.» Brier also gets a glance, «You'd probably like Shady Cove. It's hipster and quaint.»

Parted further to admit more of the sun and air, it seems in a flutter of the drapes and a quivering of the sunbeam that the small crow has shifted positions after 'absorbing' her fill. Fionnuala has kept a finger on the pulse of the whole conversation. Something outdoors, maybe windchimes or the distant sighing waves, makes a series of pleasant sounds and there… the girl's voice again. Subtly, she has shifted back and Fionnuala is now seated upon the arm of a lounge chair. Bryce's conundrum is echoed by the shifter, "I don't feel like a hero somedays either. Most days I feel like the yutz who is trying to get words in edgewise on the newscast after the heroes finish up and go off for dinner." Said in her singsong way. "Just be yourself, Bryce.. you're here to figure that out most of all." A big smile as she slides off of the chair.

Her phone buzzes and Fee squints down at it.. "Oh, bugger.. I think I need a hero now. Ruthie," Her boss, "Needs me for a bit." She blows a kiss to Rain, waves 'round to everyone. "We'll chat more later on next week, yeah?" Said to the Masters girl as she pads out of the billiard room, dialing the surly badger shifter on her phone.

Brier shrugs with a grin in response to Rain "In their own way yeah." Well kind of. Bryce gets another encouraging smile "Hey man don't downplay the strength of a solid memory! Again, you just gotta focus on you. Just make sure to help other people is the important thing." Then, Sky's little rant gets a blink and look from Brier. "Dude…harsh much? My man Bryce is just being honest about how he feels. No shame in that. Besides. That's what friends are for!" He then offers a wave to Fee as she makes her exit "Later, Fee!"

Bryce looks at Schuyler and said with a bit more force than he expected, "I'm, I'm not trying to get at .. anything. I just tried to thank, uh, Rain for helping me the other day. You, you asked me a question so, so I answered it." Glancing over at Fionnuala and Brier he says to both of them, "Thank you." He slowly gets to his feet and grabs the books he has on the table. When he does so, his circlet flashes briefly before he lifts them up. "I, I better get to practicing before it, uh, gets too hot out there."

"I have no desire what so ever to be a hero." Rain says adamantly and everything she has experienced since coming to school here has only cemented that. Sky's harshness doesn't get anything from Rain except a nod of agreement. "I'd rather have friends that told me what I needed to hear instead of what I wanted to hear." which is pretty much how the girl is, though sometimes she will say it kindly, depending on the person and situation. She is distracted few moments as Fiona fields the call and has to run off "Of course. Call me when you get done at work." she calls after her one and only female friend.

«No, just honest. And blunt, if you must. This isn't the first time I've heard this from him and I'm not here to coddle people.» Sky may also not be the 'hero' type. He waves at Fee before he glances back to his sister who actually sort of supports him in this. «Being friendly and being a friend aren't always the same. Friends know when you need the truth, even if it's not always a nice thing.»

"Still. There's a balance with everything. That's all." Watching Bryce head out, he seems thoughtful a moment before looking back to the other two. "So how long has the school been around?" Brier shakes his head then "I mean I know this one is temporary and the last one was destroyed by Dinos and stuff, but I mean Sky had mentioned your family being in the original graduating class or something. So like…how long overall?"

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