(2018-06-27) Milkshake Yoga
Milkshake Yoga
Summary: It's now a thing. Brier explores Winbarry; Callisto and Daxton continue being an un-couple. c_C
Date: 2018-06-27
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Wed Jun 27, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?


<FS3> Callisto rolls Yoga: Success.

Enter: the attic! Typically a hotspot when school is in session; with summer holidays underway, it's not quite as hectic. Even still, it's a vast space in which any one student can seek out a patch of empty space and do as they see fit. Nono.. get out of the gutter. Callisto is up here, this early evening, but she ain't snogging anyone. She is tucked over by one of the dormer windows, an old blanket pulled out from one of the packing boxes and spread out neatly. She hasn't indulged in buying actual yoga supplies yet so this musty blanket will have to do. She needs not light, for through this window the golden rays of the late sunshine cast themselves across the floor in uniform slats. Plugged in closeby is a compact iPod dock that somebody has loaned her, along with a small device loaded with any manner of 'relaxing' music and/or nature sounds to deepen the ambiance.

So with everything set up as close to perfect as possible, the dark faerie is seated upright, clad in tight black capri-style yoga pants and a matching fitted top, her abdomen bare. Her hair is long and loose, cinched off at the end with a scrunchie. Legs? Folded in neatly, lotus style, as she breathes deeply. At about 6pm on a Wednesday evening, not long after dinner.. Callisto has begun a yoga session!

<FS3> Brier rolls Yoga: Success.

Brier had managed to explore most of the mansion in one day! At least the areas of the mansion that were set aside specifically for the students. He respected Unit 23 and didn't go beyond that. However, as curiosity would show, he had yet to discover the attic! After the morning run in with the others, he had thought twice about part of his attire…and is now wearing shoes. Which is probably best for the attic anyways. Simple slip on off brand Tom style shoes are on his feet, light tan in color. The rest of his wardrobe is pretty much the same as earlier in the day, bright teal boho style pants and a loose fitted cotton shirt. His hair is pulled into a messy bun on the back of his head and hanging from his neck is the Mala necklace.

So it is ironic but fitting that Brier's attic journey also now reveals Callisto, who he has yet to meet, doing yoga of all things! He doesn't see her yet though, wandering around the attic for a moment before hearing the music and following it to where the other student sits. He hates to disrupt her, but admittedly is also excited to see somebody else who shares a passion of his! "Excuse me" his voice is gentle so as not to jar her too much hopefully, before he offers a small bow of respect. "May I please join you?" Hey when he needed to he could have manners!

Poor Callisto. Once closer, one can see that this willowy girl has taken on a doozie of a sunburn. She is still red from her time outdoors yesterday and… woe be to her: she has an idiot burn. (red face, white shape of sunglasses.. c.c

But as the super-relaxing ambient music croons in the background, even that matters little to Callisto as she prepares her body and mind for what is to come. It seems that she is one to pair the two, yoga and deep meditation. But then, just as she's preparing to lift her hands in preparation for the Hakini Mudra pose, someone.. speaks to her!

The girl's eyes open slowly, and she cranes her neck to observe the arrival of this brand new student. Callisto tilts her head slightly, a dash of sunlight across the crown of her silver-white hair setting it to gilt. "Ah," Said in exhalation, "Good evening to you." Callisto has a pleasant voice, tinged heavily with a 'Northern' accent. "I am not accustomed to others taking an interest in this, at least here." A smooth gesture that is meant to highlight the school as-a-whole.

A breath, "You are welcome to this blanket. I've no mats, I'm afraid."

The blonde hippie grins "Thank you. I'm Brier by the way." Just so she has a name to put with the weirdo crashing her yoga session! With that he takes a blanket, putting it in place before taking a seat lotus style. Taking a relaxing breath he focuses, allowing it to go back to quiet if she wishes. Soon, he too starts to move into the Hakini Mudra pose she had been starting before he interrupted. Letting her lead it seems.

It appears the girl is settling into more of a 'brain centric' sequence of yoga moves. "Brier." Callisto repeats his name in her graceful way, eyes half-lidded but cerulean irises locked upon the blonde hippie. She is silent as he preps a blanket to seat himself closeby, to join her in this loose meditation. "T'is an uncommon name.. botanical. I am known as Callisto." She seems to fall into another tangent of thought as her hands remain lifted in front of her chest. Her skin is red, shiny with aloe vera gel… the sun burn looks painful but actually isn't, not anymore. She and Brier are seated together at a companionable distance in a sunny corner of the attic, by a dormer window. Callisto looks to be the more settled of the two, outfitted for a yoga session.

"Heather." She says suddenly, but her tone is still restful. "T'is the meaning of brier. Were your people flower children?" She asks… the guy looks the part, and the name fits. Her silver lashes flutter closed as she resumes breathing, not yet moving from her seated (lotus style) positioning. The calm music continues to echo throughout the attic.

Brier is seated next to Callisto, legs folded and seemingly following in her movements as they go through different yoga poses. Each motion fluid and controlled. Balanced with their breathing. As he speaks, he keeps his voice level and in the same restful tone Callisto uses. "Callisto. I like it." Not that she needed his approval on her own name! When she asks her question, a small grin forms as he gives a soft chuckle. "My mom would wear the title with pride." Brier's hair is pulled into a messy bun, same outfit from earlier on now. Teal boho style patterned pants, loose fitted white cotton shirt but now shoes instead of bare feet. He also has the addition of a Mala necklace hanging against his chest over the shirt.

Daxton felt a little bad about yesterday and his teasing, so here he is, tromping up the stairs at speedster speeds with milkshakes, one white, the other pink. But he stops suddenly at the top of the stair when there two yoga people…doing yoga. Bright blue eyes blink once, fighting the urge to laugh or make a face at the sappy music. Gah, how can they even think like that? No moving? No thank you! Their eyes are closed so he tries to make a hasty retreat. He'll just drink both milkshakes.

Callisto likes her own name too; her 'fake' one. She says nothing further on the meanings behind names but clearly she is rather attuned to the room, still. Her meditation doesn't carry her that far away! This boy, who is the product of a flower child and therefore one himself .. strums a chord in the fey girl, some. She approves of such people for Certain Reasons. "T'is nice to meet you. When did you arrive to the school?" She asks, unable to help her curiosity. And there, to rain on Daxton's parade of escape… there is perfect, absolute silence in the bridge between songs. She hears feet tromping.. cripes, she can even discern whose feet those are.

"Daxton," Callisto calls out airily, turning her head to look in the speedster's direction, "Why do you flee? Come meet Brier, for he is new here."

Sorry dude, no escape.. and despite being greyhound lean, Callisto likes milkshakes. A lot.

"Nice to meet you too…and I just got here last night. Still getting used to the place." Brier chuckles "I think at least like…five of my houses could fit in here." Then, Daxton arrives and he falls silent to let Callisto greet her friend. However, when his name is mentioned he does give a quick nod in greeting before continuing his motions into the next pose.

Craaaaap. His nose wrinkles in a half sneer/half baffled expression, "I didn't want to bother your…nami-nami whatever thing." Dax then grins boyishly and holds out the pink milkshake in Calli's direction, "Milkshake?" Brier gets a look over, not really aggressive, just…Dax needs to know who/what is in his home! "Hey man. Welcome and all that crap." Assuming Calli wants the drink he'll walk over, no sign of any limp from yesterday.

No wonder Dax is trying to resist cracking some ribs from laughing at the music. It suits Callisto and Brier just fine but to a boy who loves going fast, this warbling, flutey, birdsong waves crashing frue-frue would be a bore. Callisto turns to Brier while Dax deals with being found out, her head tilting, "Enjoy it while you can, for we are said to be moving shortly to a new facility." Said… almost mournfully. Does Callisto not want to leave Winbarry? Her lashes flutter, "I rather like it here. T'is older, has character.. these old rooms. Except for the basement." She shoots Dax a playful glare… a very zen playful glare. "Beware the basement. Things happen down there."

The speedster joins them and Callisto accepts the milkshake with a surprised look of gratitude. Well, it'll be hard to strike poses with this in hand but it's appreciated! She draws deeply of the pink froth and sighs lightly with pleasure. "How is your knee?" Asks the still-very-redskinned dark faerie. She turns to Brier, "Would you like some of this? I can put some in my empty tea mug."

Brier quickly realizes their yoga session is probably winding down, but he's also fine with that. It was just nice to get to meet new people! Especially finding someone else who would do yoga with him! "Thanks, Daxton. Nice to meet ya!" He took the greeting as genuine, although in a more Daxton fashion apparently. He then lets the two talk and catch up, shaking his head though when Callisto offers some of her milkshake. "I'm good! Thanks though."

Daxton would never admit it, but it's not just boring. It's kinda his Kryptonite. He snorts, taking a drag of his own milkshake, 'What? Like me kicking your ass in Mario cart?" Things indeed. A shoulder shrug, "I'm fine." He eyes her, "How's the burn? The aloe helping?" He moves to lean against a wall, scooting a box over with his foot. It makes clinking noises. As soon as he's leaning his leg starts to bounce.

Hey, let's just call this modified yoga! Milkshake yoga! Only this time the Hakini Mudra positioning of the hands happen to be wrapped around a milkshake! But Callisto being Callisto, she shifts her body to stand in an open hipped position, sliding one long leg up to stand poised and perfectly in tree pose! While sipping her pink milkshake! Talent. She does not move to turn off the calm tunes, only now there's the soft burbling of liquid being drawn into a straw. It's so still, so slow. Speedster Kyrptonite!

Her hair drops down behind her body, too; it glints pearlescent in the sunlight. She's about to say something gentle to Brier when Daxton speaks of Mario Kart. Her Kryptonite. A bluuurbb can be heard as her straw bubbles and she eyes the blue-eyed Unit member. "Cocky. I shall have you know that while I recuperated recently, I practiced." Snort. She's still balanced like a tree but now Mario is being spoken of. She turns to look at Brier. "Do you play Mario?" That's a random question… but look at her face. She looks like a General trying to enlist troops into battle… though Dax's next question softens her some.

"T'is better.. nowhere near as sore. I tossed all night, t'was so hot. But now the heat is gone from it and I am but a normal tomato." She indicates the sunburn. An idea seems to occur to her now as she looks between the two, brought on by noting Dax's bouncing leg.

Brier nods "Yeah that's what some other students were telling me. The new school is going to be on an island?" It sounded rad, but he could also understand why someone would miss this place too. It was really nice! Then, he can't help but chuckle as he watches the two interact. When the topic of her sunburn comes up he looks to Callisto "If you want, I got some lotion in my room that might help. It's a mixture of coconut oil with lavender and peppermint oil. Lavender relaxes the muscles while peppermint soothes the area so the burn can heal faster."

Daxton just raises an eyebrow, not looking impressed with Calli's posing. She looks like a tree! He snorts, "Good. Maybe I can actually play with some challenge." Yeah, he's totally egging her on. Who needs yoga calm when you can have Daxton infuriate you? He nods though, glad she's feeling better. His leg keeps bouncing as as he sips and watches Calli and Brier's interaction. Huh.

Callisto drops out of tree pose, then stands on her left foot instead of her right. Said right foot is pulled up in a high arc behind her body, ankle grabbed by a hand. Instead of lifting the opposite arm to take on a bonefide dancer pose, that arm lifts to deliver the milkshake straw to her gob and Callisto, bless her heart, goes on to slurp the tasty drink while balancing. Certain vertebrae pop and she exhales with relief.

Talk of the lotion interests her.. Callisto loves nice-smelling things. Cripes, another yogi.. and one who makes lotions?! The mentalist smiles with pleasure, though she continues sipping. "I should like that very much. Only a bit, if it shall not put you out." She says to Brier, glancing back to Daxton. She is still noting that bouncing leg. Is she going to rip him one for his continued jabbing re: Mario Kart? But then…

"Would either of you care for a walk around the grounds?" She asks, thinking some activity might be a good idea. Dax was nice enough to bring her the milkshake, even if he's being snarky. "There are some rather intriguing sights out on the back lawn."

Brier shakes his head "You aren't putting me out don't worry. My mom owns a shop and makes all sorts of stuff. Taught me some of it too so I can always just make more or get it from her." Pushing to stand up he looks between the two "How about I run back to my room really quick and grab the lotion? Then I can just like meet back with you guys for the walk yeah?" Figured that'd give them some more time to Mario trash talk!

Huh indeed. Dax doesn't quite frown, but it's a thoughtful expression. Probably not one he has very often. "You should…show him around. I got shit to do." He doesn't want to interrupt more than he has. He too pushes off the wall, that box making noise again . He'd start walking towards the stairs, but somehow Brier beats him to it. Annoyed, he frowns now, outright. Turning back to look at Calli, "He seems nice. Up your alley with the yoga and smelly lotion crap."

The girl watches Brier go, wondering how she can repay his kindness. But then Daxton has since moved off too, only to be cut off by the departing hippy. If his thoughtful expression puzzled her, it's the frown that really makes the girl wonder. She draws up the dregs of her milkshake and once the straw makes it's crackly gurgle, it's clear that she has downed the whole thing. Some naturalistic version of 'Adagio for Strings' has come over the speaker now but it's too low and quiet to really be an intrusion. Callisto gives the cup a wiggle and sets it down, now both feet planted firmly upon the floor.. no poses this time. "He seems a kind sort. Reminds me of somebody I had once known. He shall fit in, I am certain." Callisto admits, rubbing the back of her neck and pulling her palm away, frowning at the greasiness from the aloe gel. "T'is good to know that flower children yet exist in this world."

But then Daxton's tone is concerning. "Oh, but I invited you too.. for you seem antsy. I saw your leg move…" A half-smile though her gaze is concerned, especially with the frown. "Are you alright?"

Great, yes. Flower children. That's super helpful when fighting evil villains. UGH. Dax frowns again, more at himself, "I'm not angsty. My leg always bounces." Sorta. Sometimes. "I'm fine. I have shit to do. Go show him the sights." He starts walking towards the stairs. His own empty cup in hand.

The frown continues to puzzle her. Did she say or do something that was off? Callisto tilts her head to one side, in a manner that is so very Callisto-like. There is a silence for all of five seconds as the music lulls along, enough to put anyone to sleep. "But I wished to walk with you." Said gently, as she does not feel it to be right to put him in such a position. Daxton required that space, right? Sure, she made a pledge.. but that doesn't stop her from wanting to be around him! Bah, bah!

Callisto clears her throat, then flushes despite herself. Did she say that out loud, regardless? Yup, she did. The girl bends at the waist to begin picking up blankets to fold them, her belly feeling strange.

Strange feelings indeed. He told himself he wasn't going to do this. Not again. "Trust me, flower power will eb a better partner." For walking…right? He can't tell the blush, she's strawberry red still. The empty cup is frowned at. So much frowning! "I…need to go running." Didn't he just get back from a run?

".. partner?" Callisto's eyes widen. "Oh, but I met.. only just met him not even a half hour ago. Are you implying.. that he is someone that I should get to know?" That's what she took it is, beyond walking! It would have been taken differently if Daxton hadn't been frowning and generally unhappy looking when saying all of this. The tall girl folds each musty blanket into a perfect rectangle apiece and moves near-soundlessly to slide the old things into the box that she dug them out of. She needs to buy actual mats someday…

Still, she can't shake this oddness.. Callisto watches Daxton again. So much frowning. "Did you not just run to get these milkshakes?" She asks of him gently, making the assumption. "… for which I thank you. I needed that." Is said next, meaning it too. Callisto seems to hover over another question, one that she worries as being too personal.. that could chase him away. But..

"Did my interaction with Brier make you.. unsettled? For it is what I am suspecting. I wish not to make you feel unhappy."

Walking partner! Or, maybe more! He doesn't know! Dax's bright blue eyes are sharp when he looks at her, "You like him. It's ok. He's all….hippie and smelly and all the crap you like. You should like him." He's moving to the top of the stair, ready to descend. "That's not a run run." He shrugs, but a teen shrug says so much, "You can interact with whoever you want. I don't care." Clearly he does to some extent though. He starts down the stairs at a normal pace.

"You do care if you are telling me to care otherwise!" Callisto calls out after him, a touch of exasperation coloring her tone. Bloody hell he's so confounding, and it bothers her.. this very thought of making him unhappy. Because he is, he is! The girl pads after him but does not descend, merely peering down from the top of the stairs. "I can like whom I wish to like, for the reasons as I see fit. And t'is too early and too random to favor a boy whom I had known nothing about not even an hour ago. Besides, I like somebody else. However, in respect to this somebody else, I am being as mindful as I possibly can." So there.

Callisto frowns lightly, though not as darkly as the speedster is capable of. Her eyes are a different sort of piercing. The calmness of her yoga routine has been undermined, now, by what has become a fiercely throbbing heart muscle. She is about to lob a remark on caring and how Daxton seems to be acting otherwise, but wisely bites it back. There is something here that.. actually hurts. She feels like the most mortal immortal ever!

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