(2018-06-27) Make Up or Break Up
Make Up or Break Up
Summary: While meeting a new student, Sierra and Saoirse have something to work out.
Date: 2018-06-27
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Saoirse is wearing jeans, and a blue-white overall outfit (https://i.pinimg.com/736x/fd/5c/7e/fd5c7e0c9a4cddf3dd7f3e8eeeb74cbc--videos-of-size-model.jpg) She floats in body vertical instead of horizontal, about 3 feet from the ground. She blinks when she sees a hand on chest, oh! It's hugtime! Kicking off the floor, she heads over quickly with arms open, trying to wrap both boys into a snug hug. "Oh boy! Hugtime!" she calls out as her exuberant warcry. "I love hugtime, Ah' want in on this! Yay hugtime!"

RJ bows his head. He has a very serious expression, as he moves his hand back from touching Hunter's chest. There is a bit of a frown, "Or until the Overlords catch up with me," he mumbles under his breath. He looks up and smiles, "Greetings, Saoirse. Not exactly hug time, but one would not be denied if you wished one."

Hunter looks at RJ confusedly for a moment. "Overlord? Like a god or something?' he asks him curiously with that perfect British accent before both young men are attacked by a flying Saoirse! Though as he allows Saoirse to hug him, he appears to not even move from her momentum. Solid stander! "Why hello there. new friend!" and he wraps his arms around Saoirse to hug her tightly! "Hey, hugs are nice." and he'll let Sao go to float off wherever she wants. "What's your name? I'm new. Hunter's my name!"

Saoirse laughs, trying to pull RJ into the hug. "Of course it's hugtime, once hugtime starts, you can't just end hugtime! Mmmmmmpppgggnnngh! Hugs are the best!" Both boys squeezed rather hard by the smiling blonde. Not painfully so though. "Hugs are great, they make you feel good, and really get you feeling up, up, up!" She smiles brightly looking to Hunter "Oh, hi! Yeah, I dont think I do know you! Welcome to our huggable, lovable school! Ah'm Saoirse Flynn. That's mah' name!" She points at herself "Saoirse, that's me!" She'll try to float a little more, releasing from the hug to sit on RJ's shoulders, dangling her feet over his chest if successful. She weights just a couple pounds at most! She'll rest her elbows on RJ's head if she can get by with it, and her head in her hands. "What brings yae' to Coral Springs? Oh! Are yae' a moon man? From th' Moon? If'n yae' are..is the moon really made out o' cheese? Mae' uncle used tae' say that..but..I think he was fibbing. Though…Ah' wonder what moon cheese would taste like? Ah' think it would be like blue cheese, yucky and really stinky."

RJ chuckles at Saoirse, "Hunter speaks English just fine. You don't need to speak to him like he does not." The rather thin boy does not seem to be bothered by Saoirse weight on his shoulders. "Saoirse, have you ever thought about not just making assumptions, like someone being by the water must be a merman." He grins at that, whether or not she can see his amused grin, it is in his voice that he is joking. "Why would the moon be make of cheese? Or more importantly, why would anyone think that it could be."

Hunter smiles to Saoirse. "Hello! and thank you." he smiles his adorkable little smile before he nods. "Nice ta meetcha Saoirse!" he looks rather happy to meet a rather interesting person like her. Though when he is asked if he's the moon man, he tilts his head. "Well, I mean, I am an alien, but I don't come from the moon." he teases her lightly with a wink. Then he looks at RJ with a smile. "Why thankya. Though who knows? The moon -might- be made a cheese. I might be able to check that for you." A warm smile on his features before his eyes find Saoirse again. "Well, I'm here to learn!"

Saoirse pouts a bit "Ah' dont know, which is why ah' always wondered. Something about homeworld, it's safer tae' assume he might be from th' moon than from th' sea." She reaches down with a hand for a moment to try to pinch at his cheek. "Ah' like eating. It's one o' mae' favorite things to do! So if it were made of cheese, ah' could see it being savory. Ooooh, or since it's yellow sometimes, maybe banana laffy taffy. Ah' love bannana laffytaffy! The flavor is so fake bannana, but that's what makes it sooooo delish! Ah' also like cotton candy, and apples, and oranges, and jackfruits, and grapples, that's when a grape tastes like an apple. Ah' like blueberries, and white peaches, and pears, and pineapples, and coconuts. And a lot more. But those aren't really moon-related. Those are just a list of things I like to eat. I hope you boys like to eat those things too!" She thinks for a few moments, that split second of silence, kicking her feet harmlessly against RJ's chest as she looks thoughtful. "Ah' tried tae' get up there a couple times. Ah' can breach atmosphere, but when the air runs out ah' can't hold mae' breath long enough and ah' come back down. If ah' want tae' or not. So..ah' guess ah'm nae' gonna be able to find out!"

Sierra arrives clad in an oversized Mexican soccer team shirt - so long that it hides the denim shorts she is wearing. Her lower legs covered by leg warmers. "Hey, everyone" she waves before a playful roll of her eyes at where Saoirse has ended up sitting. Since there's a new boy she better introduce herself. "I'm Sierra. Junior…though it feels like I have been here forever."

RJ's voice softens just a touch. "There are a couple facilities on my moon. It is not a pleasant place. It is cold and dead, dusty and that is about all there is to it. Rocks, dust, and cold." A smile brightens his expression back up, "Greetings, Sierra. How are you doing this day?" He looks over at Hunter, "Sierra is exceptional about getting you into trouble. She can definitely be called fun to be around." He grins impishly at her. He looks up at Saoirse, "I would threaten to drop you, but considering that you floated into the room and up onto my shoulders. I do not think that would be much of a threat."

Hunter just can't help but chuckle softly to Saoirse. "Well, if you could breathe in space, I'd offer to fly you up there." a warmth to his features. His eyes shift then to Sierra as she arrives, giving her the biggest smile. "Hello!" and he extends his hand to her. "Hunter. Sophomore. Brand new! Nice to meet another friend." he seems to be especially happy to have met people so soon. Regardless, his eyes look then to RJ. "Oh, she's a trouble maker? But we could do pranks!" Eyes look back to RJ with a soft smile as he appears to threaten to drop Saoirse. Regardless of that, his eyes fall upon the floating gal, simply amused by her unorthodox behavior.

Saoirse shakes her head with a gasp "No no, don't drop mae!" She leans down and hugs herself to RJ's head as best she can, smooshing chest atop his head, wrapping arms under his chin. She peeks over at Sierra with a bit of a pout. "Mmmmn. Yes. She does know how tae' start trouble, it's almost lik' it seems tae' follow her." She stares at the familiar girl a few moments. "Ah' don't know what tae' say. Ah' don't know what tae' do. Do you, Sierra?"

Sierra playfully narrows her eyes for a moment at RJ at being announced a troublemaker. "I am not a troublemaker, I am an Ares" she pouts. "But I try to be fun if I can. They do not like pranks here…which is why we should do them more." The 'rebel' has a Mexican accent that still hasn't gone despite her years here. A little frown at Saoirse's words before she looks up at the other girl and opens her arms. "You could give me a hug?" she suggests. "And then we can talk about stuff if you want."

RJ grins at Sierra. "I did not say that you were the maker of trouble, just that you are exceptional about getting one in trouble." He pauses, looking over at Hunter. "My apologies. You asked a question earlier, and I failed to answer it. The Overlords are the thirty-six leaders of the Farosh, the alien race that conquered my Earth. There are thirty-five of them now, as I wear one of the symbiote bracers. It makes them pretty much instoppable. They want little more than to see me dead so that they can reclaim the bracer, which will only release itself upon my demise."

Saoirse sniffles a little, untangling from RJ. "Mae' girlfriend wants a hug!" A sniffle and she crys softly, kicking off of RJ lightly to outstretch her arms as she moves towards her, and will release herself in her arms, feet hitting the floor as the much taller girl wraps up the smaller one, sobbing softly into her hair.

Hunter looks between Sierra and Saoirse, as if pondering if something was going on then and there, before he looks to RJ. "Thirty-Six? well…that seems unreasonable if they are unstoppable. Somethin' tells me they just flaunted their power too much as governments do and made everyone scared." He looks like he's about to crack his knuckles in challenge before he hesitates. He was strong in the physical sense, so he refrains and sticks his hands in his pockets. He looks to Saoirse and Sierra again…though this time confused.

Sierra hugs the taller girl tight as she speaks in a soft, warm tone. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought I was doing a sad friend a scientific favor but I was stupid. I didn't think." A tighter squeeze. "Please forgive me. Please? It will never happen again." The Latina looking like she is almost burrowing into the blonde she is hugging so tight.

Saoirse squeezes tight, not letting the other girl go. "Yae' did hurt me. Yae' kissed a girl nae' even 24 hours after spendin' the night with me, after we played with kissyfaces. Yae' didn' take mae' seriously and that hurt me. Ah'm supposed tae' be the only one you kiss if we're girlfreinds. Ah' deserve tae' be treated well, ah' deserve tae' be treated in a way that corresponds with how ah' treat others. Don't yae' kiss anyone other than mae. And ah' wont kiss any other person than Sierra and her boy-fire god that resides in Sierra. But..but only because if ah' don't cheat on Sierra with her firegod, then ah' can't see Sierra."

RJ shakes his head, "It is not a bluff… I fell from about a half mile up and landed on the flat of my back. I have literally had part of a building dropped on me. And not a scratch. The bracer absorbs energy, stores it, and allows me to release it." He snorts slightly, "And apparently it can allow me to fly, but I have not figured out how that works. But pretty much it really only took the Overlords to conquer my world and destroy nearly every major army."

Hunter seems lost. "…did I miss something?' he whispers to RJ as he watches Sierra and Saoirse apparently make up from a stint? Least he thinks that's what's up. Regardless, as he hears that the bracer absorbs energy, he shrugs. "Then all you really have to do is break the bracer without using energy. Doesn't seem complicated to me." Hunter shrugs but may not understand the science of energy. BUUUT being a wielder of an infinite power source like cosmic energy, he probably hasn't run into that situation yet. "We'll spar sometime, yeah?" he teases RJ, VERY LIGHTLY punching him in the shoulder VERY HARMLESSLY. Regardless, he starts to stretch apparently.

"I do take you seriously. I changed a lot for you because I am very serious" Sierra replies quietly, nuzzling against Saoirse as best she can. "I could try and explain but you're hurt and that is the only thing that matters. I don't want you to be hurt and I will treat you better and think before I act." Which is a big change for both an Ares and Sierra. "I want us to be together. No kissyface with anyone else and I'll even make sure the fire god is not looking." She pulls her face back a little to smile warmly…and lovingly…up at the blonde. "We cool?" Sierra quickly wipes a tear off her cheek before looking over at the boys. "Sorry…we just needed to work something out. Saoirse is my girlfriend." That last said proudly.

Saoirse nods softly. "Ah' want yae' to spend the night with mae' tonight. Ah' want to snuggle yae..cuddle yae' as ah' fall asleep. Ah'll share mae' plushie unicorn with yae..ah'll be yae' squishy bottomed pushie for yae. Ah'll share mae' marshmallows with yae. Ah' want tae' be held by you tonight, tae' feel your warmth against mae' skin, your breath against mine. Will yae' spend the night with mae' in mae' pillowfort?" She releases Sierra, taking her hand in hers, giving her a soft kiss atop her head. She looks to the boys with a soft smile. "Sorry. Ah' had resolved to do something..but she made mae' heart melt. Mae'be she knows me..maybe that's just her. But we're a couple, we're going to try out this lesbian thing with all we've got. Yaaay girls! So..what Sierra said. Mae' name is Saoirse, and this is my girlfriend Sierra."

RJ looks over at Hunter, blinking. "I am afraid that I do not know what you may have missed. Please explain the context, then I might be able to explain, if I can." He smiles, "We can spar, whenever you like." He grins, "I would say that I do not know how to fight, which would be technically true. The symbiote bracer seems to have some level of awareness, and occasionally takes over my body just enough to make me react to violence. But mostly I will be a nice moving punching bag for you." He doesn't seem all to bothered by that. He looks over at the two girls and grins, shaking his head with amusement and just a tiny bit of envy at what they have. He goes to point out that students aren't supposed to "spend the night" with each other, but he decides not to, cause honestly he thinks that rule is just stupid.

Sierra breathes a sigh of happiness…and relief…that she and Saoirse have sorted out things. Her smile getting larger the more the blonde relates what they will be doing tonight. "That sounds perfect" Sierra nods; she is spending the night where she wants - troublemaker after all. "I have something I want to show you too" she smiles to Saoirse. "In your room…but not in the pillowfort. It involves fire." And on that cryptic note she will head off.

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