(2018-06-27) Greetings and...Hair Wax?
Greetings and…Hair Wax?
Summary: Introductions are made in the entry hall and Schuyler gets an unexpected package
Date: IC Date (2018-06-27)
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Brier had gotten in early yesterday evening, taking the night to unpack and settle in. This morning, it was time to explore! Or…get lost? "Man…this place is awesome, but I'm all turned around!" Spoken out loud, the tall blonde reaches a hand to scratch the top of his head before his eyes catch sight of the hats and jackets. Hey a distraction! "Whoa." Stepping over to the display, he leans forward and checks out the camo. "Unit 23…good number!" As for his own attire? Linen-Cotton boho style pants in a bright teal pattern, with a loose fitted white cotton shirt and bare feet. His blonde waves are left to hang free below his shoulders. It is late morning, just a bit before noon.

Schuyler isn't taking classes at the school…or if anything, there's a powers lesson occasionally. Instead, however, he's been taking classes in town. Today's art class necessitated getting fairly covered in paint, so his usual blacks are speckled with different colors thanks to whatever was being done for the project in this class. Sky doesn't seem to mind as he steps in from outside, a trail of clove-tinged cigarette smoke still hovering about him. His own long, blonde hair has been pulled back but still has a few flecks of paint in it as well. There's a blink and a nod at the new kid as he makes his way past him to set his messenger bag down on a bench in the hallway.

Besa is coming in from being on the front lawn with Cocoa. The dog is in her service vest, while the teen is in his designer jeans from Rain and a off white cotton short sleeve button up. A aqua blue stone flashes on a necklace he's wearing and a gold Egyptian bracer is on his left forearm. He's very much not matching today. "Come Cocoa. I promise I will take you for a longer walk once the sun cools." His accent is thick and that hair! It's shampoo worthy! He's right behind Sky, so he says and signs at the same time, "How was class, Schuyler?" The new student gets a bright smile and wave, seems he's over the panic attack from yesterday, although Cocoa is sticking close.

Sydney has a full schedule this summer. Her history paper went over well, but math is still giving her fits, so she has her nose in that book as she comes down the stairs. She looks up suddenly. "Oh! People!"

The sound of others approaching draws Brier's attention away from the jackets long enough or Schuyler and Besa to get a friendly smile and wave in return. "Hey!" Bam, just like that it seems the entry way has turned into a herbal essence commercial with all the follicle power gathered together! The hint of cloves hits his nose first, which would be pleasant if it weren't instantly overpowered by the cigarette smell but the smile stays all the same. "Cocoa? Awesome name!" he says to Besa, motioning down to the dog but he doesn't dare move to pet or distract it. Cocoa was hard at work after all!

"I'm Brier! Who are you?" the Junior looks between the two "Well I mean I heard him call you Schuyler…so I guess that's one mystery solved!" Sydney's approach has him looking in her direction next, a quick motion of his head to get the hair out of his face before the same smile is offered to her. "And a dog!"

Schuyler gives a little wave to Besa before his friend gets a slightly concerned look. Signing, he asks, 'What's wrong?' before he glances to the new kid. An eyebrow is arched but he answers with his mental 'voice', «Class was fine, but messy,» not that it's a bad thing. «And most people call me 'Sky'.» He's not entirely sure why

Schuyler gives a little wave to Besa before his friend gets a slightly concerned look. Signing, he asks, 'What's wrong?' before he glances to the new kid. An eyebrow is arched but he answers with his mental 'voice', «Class was fine, but messy,» not that it's a bad thing. «And most people call me 'Sky'.» He's not entirely sure why Besa's gone back to using his full name. Sydney gets a nod as well before he asks, «How are classes? What movie did you end up watching?» And back to the new kid. «That's Cocoa, she's Besa's.» And there's another name given.

Indeed Cocoa is a hard worker. Besa's thin fingers drop to touch the top of her head, but he smiles back to Brier. "Yes, she is the awesome." His hands raise and he signs as he speaks, "I am Besa Ini-Herit." He likes full names! Names are important Underneath the cigarette scent is Besa's natural dirt smell, for those that pick up on such things. Sky gets the smallest head shake, "I am fine now." He smiles at the taller teen, "Thank you for asking."

Sydney 's nose wrinkles, and her mouth waters at the smell of cigarette smoke, but she doesn't comment on it. "I'm Sydney. Everyone just calls me Syd though. I break things." She gives Brier a reflective smile. "Welcome to the school."

Brier 's eyes widen in surprise a moment as he hears a voice in his head. Whoa, had his Kombucha gone bad? However, the more it speaks, he finally pieces it together. "Oh dude, that's YOU! Man…this is probably the only place where hearing voices in your head is normal huh?" NOW the signing made sense. He thinks? "Sky? Cool cool cool." Looking then to Besa as his full name is given then Sydney, "Besa Ini-Herit and Syd. Got it!" He blinks at her comment "Is there somebody who fixes things?" before a grin "Thanks! This place is definitely different, but different doesn't mean bad!" A hand lifts to push his hair back behind his ear on one one side and then the other.

Schuyler doesn't look entirely convinced by Besa's answer, but he's not going to press it here. «Yes, Fix-It Felix tends to hang out in the Library.» A brow arches at the new kid's enthusiasm and he lifts a shoulder in a shrug. «Everyone here is 'different'. But the building itself is pretty normal for a run down mansion. The new school should be finished by the end of the summer.»

Cocoa sits, pressing into Besa's leg as the teens talk. Besa himself smiles at Brier's happy. It's nice so far. A head tilt, pretty hair swaying as he looks at Sky confused. He's learned to not always question, but is that teacher? Certainly not Inferno! Trying to give Brier more info,"The new school is on an island."

Sydney Spocks an eyebrow. "An island? So… going into town involves a boat ride." Syd shudders slightly. "But yeah, it's a good place. Literally everyone I've met so far is nice, and for school… that's amazing."

The new student at least seems to recognize sarcasm, or if he doesn't he doesn't remark on Sky's comment. Instead Brier just looks around them again at the entry way, "This is my first time in a mansion. How long does it take to figure out all the hallways?" For a moment his gaze wanders and he thinks how much time it must take to dust everything. Yikes! Brier's attention is brought back though as they talk about the new school. "An island? Extra! My last school was across the street from a strip mall."

«I guess that's better than being under the water like it was before…makes sense, I guess. Easier to protect.» Sky glances to Sydney and looks over her for a moment, «If you have concerns about that, you should mention it to them. They might be able to figure something out.» He then moves to where the mail is gathered to see if he's received anything today. «Not long. The whole place isn't open to us, just some rooms and the like. Unit 23 lent us their base after the first school was destroyed by interdimensional dinosaurs.» And he's being completely serious.

There's a frown before he pulls out a box that's apparently addressed to him. It's brought over to the bench and he starts to open it to see what's inside.

Besa just nods about the dinosaurs. It wasn't as neat as everyone who hears about it thinks it should be. Blood and screams and nightmares. "I know some students that can fly over the water." That's proubably not as helpful. The Egyptian teen goes quiet, watching Sky open the package. His hand again drops down to touch Cocoa's head.

Sydney blows out her cheeks. "Okay, the brochure didn't mention under water. I might have thought differently about coming here. An island is better, yeah." She watches Besa. Syd doesn't read minds, but the body language tells a little of it. "Interdimensional…dinosaurs. Kinda glad I missed that show." She turns back to Brier. "I'm new too. Been here a few weeks, is all. So… can I ask what you do?

"Well that was nice of them!" It also explained why their jackets were the main ones in the entry hall. At the comment about what happened to the old school Brier just blinks, "Whoa…no bueno." Understatement. Dinos might be fun to watch on the big screen, but the idea of that happening in reality was terrifying. He also looks to the package as Sky starts opening it before Syd's question has him looking back to her. "Do? I mean like…I do a lot."

«Present company excepted, a lot of people are going to ask you that. They're going to ask you because they will hope that you ask them back and they can show off. Because many of them still think that they are the only ones who have special powers and skills. Maybe they'll learn, maybe they won't. But Sydney isn't like that,» from what he could tell. «She seems to be asking out of real curiosity without an ulterior motive.»

Sky then reaches into the box and frowns, pulling out a jar of temporary blue hair wax. It's set down and the top flaps of the box opened. «It's a case of it. In different colors. I don't remember ordering this.»

Besa frowns slightly, ready to try to correct or do what he's starting to call 'Masters Clean Up', but then Sky at least excludes Syd from that. He sighs softly, head tilted as he watches Sky and his…blue hair wax? Stepping closer, poor Cocoa just gets up and follows Best, "What is that?" If allowed he'll reach to pick up a jar as well, "Perhaps Rain ordered it?"

Sydney is, like Besa, about to say something, but is then excluded from the list. "I ask because I'm curious. Because mine are pretty obvious, and before I came here, the only other power I knew was just like me, only a lot bigger. If it's none of my business, it's fine. I didn't figure it would be inappropriate to ask since we're in a school for powers and all." She gives a look to Schuyler. It's not angry, more like 'we need to talk about this later.'

Brier lofts a brow, looking between the others "…Oh! You mean what do I DO! Yeah gotta admit still getting used to being able to do it so definitely not used to being asked about it." The barefoot hippie shakes his head, sending that long blonde hair dancing around like sunbeams, and gives Sydney a reassuring smile "Don't worry about it! I imagine most people who come here either don't know a lot of other people with powers…or are used to having to hide it. So they are probably just excited to finally be able to talk about it and find other people like them!" He like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Then, back to the question, the Junior smiles, "I can talk to shadows!"

Schuyler pulls out silver hair wax, purple, and pink before he digs into the box to pull out the shipping slip. He manages to catch Sydney's look to him and he blinks, «What? You're cool.» As if that makes the difference. Brier gets a glance as he says what he can do and he gives a little grunt. «We come from a dynasty of people who can do stuff so it's expected. Our parents were in the school's first graduationg class.» Even though she's not physically here, Sky uses the plural to refer to him and his siblings.

There's a look back to the shipping slip. «I ordered it. At 2:43am on Monday.»

Jar in hand, Besa turns to look at Brier, "Talk to shadows?" Huh! "I am a healer." A soft sigh and a knowing nod to Syd, welcome to his struggle! But then back, "Could your card have been stole? The information?" Although that doesn't explain why they would send the product to Sky. A thought passes through his mind, but that's for later consideration. Not amongst mixed company.

Sydney looks at Sky. "Maybe check the computer in your room, see if this is in the browser history or something?" Listen to Syd, talking about browser histories like she's an expert. She's learning… she's learning. A history is just a log file, and even the CP/M machines she learned on kept those. She looks at Brier. "Totally gotta call you Shadowdancer. Or… Shadowmancer, or something like that. Shadow Dancing is an old, old song. They played it at the roller rink sometimes."

Not really sure what's happening between the other three and exchanged glances, Sunbeam over here just decides it's best to stay out of it! As Sky starts explaining his family's lineage, Brier gives a toss of his head to get the hair out of his face again. "Ah ok! Well that's cool too. We all have our origin stories or whatever." Sky was from a dynasty!? Snazzy! No wonder he knew about run down mansions and stuff. Besa gets an impressed look "Whoa a healer!? That's cool. My mom heals people, but with plants and stuff. Not powers. Helping people is important." Sydney then gets a grin "Shadowdancer? I dig it!"

Schuyler is already on it. He's pulled out his phone and is looking at his Amazon account, frowning. «It wasn't stolen. I apparently ordered this. Unless Rain did it, but Rain hates my hair.» Why would she buy a case of hair product? «Anyone want some?» This might take some investigation.

«We do. Some people are thrilled to get to tell their's. I figure we have enough to deal with already than play the 'Who's powers are cooler' game.»

Besa bites his lower lip, looking at the goop in the jar. No…Rain would not have ordered this. But…. "Did you and Rain switch powers?" Legion might have ordered it or….Sky Legion? He knows others can split with Rain's powers (Fee), he's just not seen Sky do it yet. Brier gets a soft smile, "It is." Healing is important. "Herbalists are very important. Your mother must be a very smart woman." Besa's been roller skating before…it was not a pretty sight, so he doesn't comment on what music is played.

Sydney looks at Sky. "Is it a competition? I figure it's good to know ahead of time when we're working as a team the next time the power goes out at the amusement park or whatever." She doesn't say, but any telepath paying attention might pick up 'and also so I know who will and won't pop like a soap bubble if I'm not careful with them.' It's an ongoing worry for Syd.

Brier just shrugs "I like meeting new people and hearing their stories. Way I figure is everybody's got stories ya know? It's like…life is a book and all of us are the chapters or something! Everyone and everything is bound together." The compliment towards his mom officially puts Besa on his Peeps list. A fond smile as Brier thinks of her and looks to Besa "She's the smartest person I know. I bet the two of you would get along great." He then looks to Sydney, "Teamwork is definitely important. Speaking of which…apparently we get sorted into houses or something? Was I supposed to do that?"

«It's not. Some may think it is. I tend to not have time for them.» As if that means anything. «No, Rain and I didn't switch powers. I've never split. Whenever she's taken my powers, it was to let me sleep without everyone's thoughts in my head.» Unless she did it while he was asleep, but it doesn't seem like a prank she'd pull. There are other ways to get him in trouble with their parents. The packing slip is set back in the box with a sigh before he turns to look back at the others. There's a moment's pause before he decides to just…not go -there- and stick to answering questions.

See? Sky can be socially adept!

«It may not matter yet, but once the fall session starts you'll probably want to pick a team. There are no Sorting Hats, unfortunately.»

Besa lifts a hand to swipe his own hair out of his eyes, trying to ignore the possible drama stirring. "I look forward to meeting her, Brier." And it's true, Besa is fascinated with parents. He nods to Sky, but isn't complete sure. Maybe it was just Legion then?He sets the jar back into the box, he has no real need fro anything like that. He doubts it would even show up on his hair anyway. "You have time, Brier. The teams are important, but there is not a pressure to join one over another."

Sydney listens to Sky and Besa and nods gravely. "Yeah, it's all about house Atrades and Harkonen here. There's a war for the planet scheduled in the fall." Beat. Beat. She chuckles. "Nah, I'm pulling your leg. I guess there's a team sport called Arena Fetch, or Fizzbin, or something like that. The teams have different philosophies. I joined Metis because they didn't have a brick that I could see on the roster already, and because thinking about where to apply force is as important as being able to. I learned to fight from a guy who was three times as strong as I was. Maybe more. So… thinking was a big part of the job."

Brier listens to all the input from the others, seeming to think on it a moment before Sydney's warning about a planet war has his eyes widen a moment. I mean after all they had all just agreed there had been dinosaurs! Who knows what's possible!? When it's obvious she's joking though he exhales and lets out a laugh "I was about to say! I at least want to get classes started before I fight for the planet!" He shrugs "I'll take some time and give it some thought then. Thanks!"

«You're in luck. They have classes running all through the summer,» is offered with another grimace. Sky then looks at the box again before going into his messenger bag and pulling out a Sharpie. 'FREE' is then written on the side of the box before he takes some of the temporary hairwax himself…one of each color. Because why not?

«Different people have different reasons for joining the teams. It's not quite like Hogwarts where they sort by personality types.» Not entirely.

Besa blinks, confusion clear as he looks at Syd. But then she laughs. Modern jokes are so weird. He also grimaces about the classes, not happy with having to take them. Watching Sky, he tries to hide an amused smile at the twin taking some of the wax, "Would Rain wish for any?" Turning to the newest student , Best touches his own chest, "I am a Guardian, Schuyler is an Ares. The Teams are more to…help us learn team building. You can be friends with anyone." Obviously.

Sydney looks at Sky again. "Hogwarts? Is that like…another power school?" Syd shrugs. "Let's see, what else do you need to know? We have uniforms during the school year. For summer they're not required, but I dress like a bum when I'm not in my uniform, so I just wear the uni for summer classes. Um… tv lounge is downstairs, there's another lounge-ish area in the attic, pool is empty, but the beach is nice, and lots of people swim in the ocean. We're allowed to go into town when we're not in class…there's a really good thrift store there… uhh… dinner and lights out are covered in the pamphlet… that's all I can think of. I'm on the girls floor in room 6. I normally leave the door open, so feel free to come bug me. I like company." A fact she's discovered recently. In small groups, company is lovely.

"Well…I'm sure I'll find the right house for me! I mean team" he says with a grin. It was a lot to take in, but at least he seemed in good spirits about it! It didn't help anything to be otherwise. The mention of uniforms has Brier's gaze going down over his own attire as he gives a sigh, toes moving about as his leans back on the heels of his feet a moment. "Yeah…figured there'd be a uniform. Ah well, all part of the opportunity right?" Leaning back with feet flat on the ground again he looks to the others "Well thanks for all the advice, I appreciate it!" Sydney gets a nod "Cool. I like bugging people!" he jokes before looking to Besa "Oh and you seemed interested earlier. I have some of the stuff my mom makes and sells in her store up in my room. If you ever wanna check it out!"

Schuyler looks quickly to Sydney as she asks what 'Hogwarts' is, but then he remembers their conversation. Right. «The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. I suggest reading them.» It's offered with a little smile before he glances over to the other two. «I hate the uniforms too but at least on Fridays we can wear what we want as long as it's not too messy.» There's a glance down to Brier's bare feet, «I think shoes are required during the regular school year.» Besa's question gets a shrug, «Maybe…I'll give her some of what I've got here and if I need anymore, I guess I can always order it.» At 2am.

Besa doesn't really have any need for any herbalism stuff, but he smiles and nods, "I will come see it once you are settled, yes?" A nods to Sky, but he'd concerned. He may talk to Rain later bout this. Cocoa, who has been such. Good sport about everyhting nudges Besa's leg gently, eh looks down to see what she wants. The only clue given is a slow tail wag.

Sydney chuckles quietly. The only herbalism she has experience with is still illegal if you're a minor, at least. "Awesome. Listen I need to get to class, but it's great to meet you. I'll see you 'round."

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