(2018-06-26) Water Jousting
Water Jousting
Summary: Despite rowdy merrymakers swimming closeby, Besa, Quinn and Callisto attempt a peaceful swim and discussion.
Date: 2018-06-26
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Tue Jun 26, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


It's a beauty of a day! They're that much more beautiful and wonderful when there's no classes to rain on the parade! So here we have a commonplace Tuesday afternoon at the tail end of June, and the weather is (assumedly) hot and sunny! Hey, Callisto's player lives in the Pacific Northwest.. she can only guess as to what summers are like in New Hampshire—-

.. moving on.

The sky is open an expansive; china blue with nary a cloud to be seen, not even a puff. Those sensitive had best whip out the SPF 60 because if one isn't careful, they'll get fried! Many students yet remain at Winbarry for the summer holiday and Callisto is one of them. Save for a huge hiccup at the beginning of the summer, she's been doing okay with it. She is one of a few students who are down on the beach that flanks the estate grounds, soaking up the sun and enjoying the water. She has already had a good swim and currently, she is settled upon a blanket wearing a still-damp string bikini. Beside her is a beach bag and in her hand is a tube of expensive sunscreen. She's just about to smear the goop over one slender calf when she pauses, squinting at the water. "Mind yourselves!" She calls out to some students who all-but drowning one another in their horseplay. Once a lifeguard, always a lifeguard.

Teenagers dapple the beach here and there, doing what teenagers do. The summer is made for them.

Sunscreen? Besa's not yet fully gasped the idea that the sun is now deadly. He's sitting up straight, legs crossed in a mediation pose, soaking in those not so good for him rays. He loves the warmer weather, it feels much more like home and it's easier to meditate. Well, it's easier when there's not people screaming and splashing in the water. One eyes cracks open to glance at the roughhousing before he sighs. Perhaps he'll come back in the evening and try again. He reaches up and scrapes his bare chest a movement, getting a few grains of sand on himself before standing up. Maybe he'll go for a swim. He's already finished the school work for the day.

What is sunscreen? Quinn has never heard of such things before. Right now Quinn is dressed in his normal clothing as he comes down to the beach. He didn't quite grasp why he needed to wear swimwear but he did want to be by the water. The nice ocean air was like being home again and he wanted to do so. He had shed his shoes and was walking barefoot in the water, enjoying the feel of the cool water around his ankles and over his feet. He was humming softly to himself a song that hadn't been heard since before the ascension of Julius Caesar.

Did the rabblerousers mind Callisto's plea? Well, there's four of 'em: two stout boys in the water, each with a foolhardy gal pal poised upon their shoulders. They charge one another in a sort of game of water chicken, trying to knock one another off of the shoulders of the ones doing the charging! Callisto continues to watch them from behind a pair of Gucci sunglasses, noting the water level. Once satisfied that someone isn't going to be flung into the waves only to crack their skulls off of the sandbed, she sighs. "Whyfor can people not just be?" She whispers, as she is personally in the camp of beachside meditation and yoga.

But to each their own.

Even as she rubs the exquisitely-scented lotion into her skin, Callisto is aware of who is coming and going. She's observing Quinn as he walks along, and she inwardly makes sure the horseplay doesn't intrude upon the boy's contemplative stroll.. lest the merrymakers receive another blast from the fey girl. Is he wearing sunscreen!?

Movement closeby turns her head toward Besa as he contemplates the water, and Callisto smiles lightly at him as she kneads her calf muscle. "The water, t'is lovely. Not too cold. Just—" A screech from one of the other students as she nearly falls from her friend's shoulders. ".. be careful of them."

Besa frowns softly, unsure if they're playing a game or starting some strange group ritual. People are weird, no matter when they are from. He stops near Callisto to offer the dark elf a soft smile. The small cut on his left forearm is almost healed, and for now seems to be the only cut he has. "It seems as if they are just being…very loudly." He sills again, amused. He's not going to begrudge them their fun, whatever it is they are doing. "I may swim." He doesn't get to swim when Rain is around. "How are you faring today, Callisto?" Quinn gets a small hand way if he looks in their direction.

Apparently Quinn was paying intention because he just barely managed to avoid being smacked into by the merrymakers. The sandy blond teen smiles at them and then begins walking towards Besa,"Hello Besa and Callisto." He says cheerfully as he feels the sand between his toes. He runs his fingers through his sandy blond hair. "How are you both?" He asks smiling. There was amusement in his face,"They seemed to be having a lot of fun." He says in a merry voice.

The girl watches every movement on behalf of the flailing quartet. Now that Quinn is on site, innocently wading the water, Callisto is especially mindful. Besa speaks to her and she looks up at him, head tilting. Moisture does interesting things to her hair: it does not curl or frizz as it dries; it's pearlescent. Lucky faerie bitch. Did she see the wound upon Bea's arm, however far along it is in it's healing? Perhaps. "They are having a wonderful time, but are.. inconsiderate in their actions. How can such an act be fun? They look as if they are jousting, no?" She asks gracefully, her lotion smelling of some manner of fruit. She looks pleased at his thoughts on swimming, "I could join you, if you wish. I need only ten minutes for this to dry." She waggles the bottle of sunscreen. "I am well. Happy, in fact. I do not feel cloistered in remaining upon the grounds, and therefore safe. What of you? What have you been up to?"

To Callisto's relief, Quinn moves to join them. Her relief manifests in a becoming smile, "Good afternoon, Quinn. Is the sand not lovely?" She asks, and nods agreement. "T'is a day for fun. Would either of you like some sunscreen?"

A shoulder lifts, but Best seems amused, "They are distracted." He can understand that. "I think it is more about who they are doing it with than the action itself." Not that Besa's ever played chicken before. His nose wrinkles at the scent. It's not bad, just…unnecessary in his mind. He o the otters hand still smells of dirt, like always. "I am glad you feel well." When Quinn joins then, "I am well. I have much to accomplish, but I believe the day is leaning more towards a swim than meditation." Perfect hair sways as he shakes his head, he would rally rather not smear that all over his body, thank you.

"What is sunscreen?" Quinn asks blankly. He doesn't quite grasp the concept of such things. "It is nice here. I like the feel of the sun and the sound of the water and the feel of the wind as it blows over the water." He says casually, his hands slipping into his pockets and hunching slightly,"I enjoy the feel of the water on my skin but I do not have… what is… swimwear." He doesn't like the fact he has to wear them. His blue eyes are still amused though, "What is jousting?"

More for Callisto, then! This is evidently some sort of purchase from a boutique in town or from a trip to Thunder Bay. Realistically she is comfortable, now, to go there on her own after her trip there with Daxton. Is she about to do so, however, with her current level of predicament? Callisto may fail at programming a VCR (do people still do that) but she ain't dumb. Either way, fancy sunscreen is fancy, and the elegant fey girl won't push the matter. All sunscreen 'pluuurbs' when squeezes from a bottle, no matter how ritzy, and Callisto pretends to not hear the wet farty sound. This blob is used to protect her shoulders and neck, and she rubs it all in thusly. "What is it that you must see to?" She asks of Besa as she carefully coaxes the lotion onto her front. Good thing that all who are assembled aren't prudes. Or so she hopes.

To Quinn next, "The sun has been ill-revered in the past century. As the world grows, care lessens and it is said that there has been a… weakening of what is called an ozone layer.. this invisible shield in the sky." She explains to the protoceltic boy. "The sun's rays have become stronger and could burn our skin faster. This fluid.. helps us to prevent such a burn." Then without a beat, "Jousting was the sport of one knight seeking to unhorse another by way of a long polearm known as a lance."

Besa politely looks away as Callisto rubs herself, he's ancient, but still has teenage hormones. "I am trying to remember more." More what he doesn't clarify. "Meditation can be better after an activity. A swim will help." And maybe the loud kids will move down the beach some. He lets her explain to Quinn, instead, studying the water out a bit. He's remembered most of the fight with the robotic octopus, but he's got flashes of shark men…which seem odd. He may ask Sky about that.

"Does it have to do with the fact trees are not as common as they were? Several of the Old Groves, have been destroyed." Quinn says sounding very sad for a moment before he looks at Callisto oddly,"A knight? Oh. I think I remember the meaning of that word." He says seriously. There were no Knights when he was born, nor were there jousts. He doesn't seem to mind watching Callisto slather on the sunscreen. "The smell of that is very bad. It smells like… chemicals." He doesn't like that kind of thing.

Alas, Callisto hadn't been present for the draug calamity. All she sees is the beautiful sighing azure of the ocean… if she works hard to disregard the nutbars trying to concuss themselves. Sadly she cannot enlighten Besa and once satisfied that she has both covered every square inch of her body and that she won't get fried to a crisp by the UV rays.. she stands. She turns thoughtfully to Quinn, "T'is strong, no? I suspect it shall be easier to bear in the water, which is where I intend to go. Who shall join me?"

Several poetic lines run through Besa's mind, but he knows that won't help in the hurt that Quinn feels upon seeing the world so vastly different. He knows. "I am going to swim, yes." He finally turns back to look at both students and smiles, lifting his hand to finally brush away the few specks of sand on his chest.

"I do not have swimwear." Quinn says seriously,"I would swim but I think people would take offense to such a thing today." He says not overly concerned. He would swim but since he hasn't gotten a swimsuit yet and it isn't exactly a clothing optional beach. "Swimming is nice."

The girl is tall, standing at just shy of six feet, hair rapidly drying in the warm breeze and flickering behind her body. "Have you…" Ahem. Callisto tilts her head some, "I am of a mind to assume that if you've something to cover your… particulars.. that you shall be alright." Says the dark fey girl in a string bikini. How can she politely suggest this? Ahem. Callisto takes a few measured steps across the sand, pauses and looks between both boys. ".. smallclothes?" Ah, the antiquated term for underwear! Boxers! Callisto rubs the back of her neck gently. "You shall be fine in underclothing, so long as you are not truly nude."


Besa raises an eyebrow as Callisto stumbles over the idea of underwear. He forgets she's not as old as he and Quinn. "Underwear should eb fine." Looking at Calli, "Do you have an extra towel?" That might help as well. He may ask Rain to go shopping for th other teen, just to get him some things. Plus, shopping makes Rain happy.

Considering he basically has three outfits himself and none of them actually fit, shopping probably wouldn't be a bad thing. Quinn smiles as he begins removing his shirt. He's in good shape despite his relative thin body. He doesn't seem to be shy about stripping to his boxer briefs. "Yes. I will join you swimming." He says grinning broadly. He is from a long time ago, even if he didn't experience the world between then. His blue eyes watch the other two curiously.

Satisfied, furthermore, by this turn.. Callisto nods. It is to be noted that she has borne witness to a great many bodies — in various states of undress (shh.. not what you think) — over the years. So Quinn stripping to his skivvies warrants barely the batting of an eyelash. "There now, that shall do." Said in an almost motherly way though she is anything but. Besa's question brings her gaze back to the Egyptian boy, "I've my own. Un-used. If you require it, you may have it. Or Quinn. I've no used for it, as I can dry myself in the sun." Said easily. Unfortunately it's just the one towel.

That said, Callisto's long-legged gait carries her to the edge of the water, the waves languidly tickling toes. The 'water jousting' competition has moved up along the beach somewhat. Callisto observes this, and without fanfare moves into the water. If the chill catches her off-guard, nothing in her expression betrays this.

"Are you both enjoying your holidays?" Asked with earnest curiosity.

Besa points to Quinn for use of the extra towel. If there's any issue with what he's wearing, he can use the towel when they get out. He follows the dark elf into the water with a soft sigh. Yes, it's ocean water, so it's cold. But he expects that. It should be cold, so it's nice. "I prefer the summer months, but am vexed that I have not been able to break through again to reach the Ashton." He did once, but he's not been able to again to get any more clues on where he's being held. He moves deeper into the water.

"I could possibly help in that regard." Quinn says as he walks back into the water enjoying the cold water around his legs as he wades out deeper into the water,"I had expected we'd have found him before now." He says in a weak voice, his worry over the other boy clear in his voice. "The water is nice." It's not as warm as the Mediterranean Waters. He was enjoying the water on his body as the water splashes against his body. His blue eyes watch the other two. "The sun feels nice on the skin." He says casually,"I am still adapting… I attended Kaylee's movie night… Movies are scary."

"I do recall you having arrived there. I regret that I had fallen asleep." Callist remarks to Quinn of Kaylee's movie night. The girl even has the grace to color lightly in her cheekbones. She stands there for a time, accustoming herself to the water, mind wandering to places that only she knows of. The blush does not fade, despite Callisto appearing rather calm. Though, her features fall at the talk of Ashton. "Still no idea? I worry for him but know naught of my ability to… discern where he is. I pray that he is at least healthy.. wherever he is." Said as she finally submerges, neck-deep, into the waves. She watches Besa, "How have you been attempting to reach him?" She has suspicions but will allow the dark-haired boy to answer of his own volition.

To Quinn next as Callisto relaxes.. used to the temperature. "What did you think of the movie? Scary, yes? I forget what film it was…" Seeing as how Callisto slept through chunks of it.

Besa turns, moving backwards to look at Quinn as he walks, "Do you think our magics would work together?" He nods, a frown forming, "I too, had hoped to find him." He's so conflicted on the half demon, but he knows Louk misses him terrible, amongst others. A soft whistle about attending Kaylee's movie night, "I am lucky in some respects. If I get uncomfortable, I can always accidentally touch the device and it will shut off." Did he just admit to using his curse to his own advantage? He tells Callisto, "We know he is being held in a warded place. In what appears to be a cabin in woods." He'll leave out the by who for now. "I have a run that allows me to….trade places for a brief time with someone. It is very hard to do…and very tiring. And I believe they may be warding against it now."

"We might be able to work together." Quinn says smiling at Besa," It isn't an easy thing to do. I don't know how your magic work but we could utilize two different spells to try and find him. Perhaps we could start with one to locate wards rather than trying to locate Ashton." He says trying to think outside the box. "Do you think that would work?" He asks curiously. His blue eyes watch Callisto and Besa intently,"The movie was just very loud and quite scary." He says weakly,"Not sure what else to say about it."

The talk of combining skills is a bit beyond the fey girl, but she takes utterly no offense to it. She knows of her (current) limitations, and sadly her skillset cannot be helpful without one of the people/beings who were present for Ashton's abduction! Wompwomp!

That doesn't mean she isn't listening; Callisto is, in fact, watching and listening with acute interest. "T'was not in my favor. Movies as such do not interest me." Admitted to Quinn, and she turns to try floating on her back, though she arches her back somewhat so she can peer at Besa from over the waves. "Do the woodlands look familiar? Do you suspect that they match that which is around here? Around town? I do so hope we can figure out a trail to follow, to help him." Said with honest concern.

Besa lets the waves push against him as he thinks. "I…I do not know. We will need to try something simpler first. I would not wish to do harm to one another if it backfires." Magic is weird like that. He'd also like to not get trapped in Ashton's body. "The trees seemed to be the ones like here, but that could be anywhere in North America." He nods as he lets his own body float on the water, "I…I know that he and I had a strange friendship, but I too wish to find him."

"Well is I can be of assistance I am more than happy to help." Quinn says smiling weakly at Besa, his blue eyes intent for a moment as he goes deep enough the water was over his waist. "Sometimes that is the risk." He says seriously as he begins to just enjoy the water over his skin. "I do not wish harm. However, if it is too securely warded we would be best finding the ward rather than trying to find him." He adds shrugging a little bit.

Strange friendships? Callisto knows well of those, though she suspects Besa's meaning (regarding Ashton) to differ greatly from her own plight. She rolls over, stretches her arms, and easily treads water as she carries conversation. The temperature feels.. actually quite lovely. She listens to the two as she manages comfortably. Quinn's moving into thr depths to captures the fey girl's attention but she does not fret as he seems capable. Callisto moves to respond but then, a couple of yards up the beach, the water joust comes to an abrupt end with both girls tiring and falling, laughingly, from their friends' shoulders and into the water.

"I do so wish I had a way to make this easier. Upon Ashton's recover I pray that you both have an easier friendship. I know, to a degree, how that can feel." Said with a light blush.

Besa nods he floats, "We will try something small to see if we are capable, yes?" He's willing to try. His nose wrinkles, glancing up at the sky and sun before closing his eyes, he doesn't want to track toe ward, that mens tracking demon magic and that's just going to end badly for him. He can feel it in his bones. Selfish? Maybe a little bit, but it also scares him enough that his chest starts to tighten. Kicking his legs underneath him, he focuses a moment on regulating his breathing.

Not that type of strange friendship, Calli! A deep breath is taken as he rubs his chest, but nots to her. "AS do I."

"Yes that would probably be a good thing." Quinn says nodding his head a bit,"Ashton is a good guy. He is good people." He says hopefully. He would like Besa and Ashton to get along. They're the two that so far have understood him the best. "I hope that we will all have better relations with each other." He says casually. His magic would work well sometimes and not others.

And then.. the thin howl of somebody who didn't quite land as they intended. No so spastic as to imply an injury. Callisto works at a community centre part-time (ie. a very busy pool) and she recognizes that type of cry. "Ugh." Said flatly; cripes, even so disparaging a sound is made elegant when carried upon her timbre! Callisto stands, the water coming up to her bosom, and rolls her shoulders. "Please excuse me. That did not sound pleasing." She indicates the scramble of students just up the shore. Nothing life-threatening; this is obvious to see. Just foolishness. "Please excuse me. Do enjoy your swim." Said in a velvetty way, and the dark faerie makes to wade off in their direction.

Besa closes his eyes again, trying to not focus on the pressing thought that Ashton's only half good people, the other half? Not so good….He starts to say something, but then flinches when the howl happens, head snapping around. But Callisto is taking care of it so he sighs again, this time trying to get his nerves under control. He wishes he brought Cocoa with now. The walk back to the school is going to be pressing.

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