(2018-06-26) Idiot Burn!
Idiot Burn!
Summary: After a bit too much time in the sun, Callisto relaxes at the local coffee joint. Then a wild Daxton appears.
Date: 2018-06-26
Related: Hours after this log.
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Tue Jun 26, 2018

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.


A hot, sunny Tuesday is drawing to a slow, languid close. Yet it's the summertime, with the longer days and bigger windows of free time. Another plus? Some places are open, way later than usual… case in point here. While the Mug Shot is about an hour away from closing for the night, there's still a few folks lingering and getting in that last bit of tea and/or coffee. Someone, a local musician, has even parked his setup out onto the front patio area where tables are available for people to settle and enjoy the weather. As it is just a little past 9pm, the bite of the heat has waned away and left the air tepid and fragrant. It smells like the distant sea, coffee, and humanity.

Some guitar chords are strummed out by the loitering musician, people chatting and conversing close to his table.. the place is still surprisingly steady. It must be the remnants of a beautiful day keeping people energized.

Though to approach the cafe is to see a few folks looking uncertainly — with a degree of pity — to someone who occupies a table and is stubbornly nursing a cup of tea. It is Callisto, clad in a fetching ivory maxi dress with a brimmed hat set down atop her head.

And she is red. as. a. tomato. ALL of her. Looks like that sunscreen didn't cut it!

Daxton's had a rough day as well. Seems the dazzle of having a speedster deliver pizzas is starting to wear off on folks and his tips were crap today. Even with rolling the silverware for the waitresses, he barely broke $30 today. And he tripped, as one can see by the rather large tear in the bloodied knee of his dark jeans. He just wants a triple shot of something and then to craw home. The grumpy speedster slows though when he sees a familiar face. Why is she red? A small smile starts to tug on the corner of his mouth and he walks with a slight limp over to her. "I know I call you Strawberry, but you don't have to try to look like one…"

Sip sip sip. She had to get away from the estate, Nesialora or no Nesialora. There's been no rumblings or threat of the other dark faerie and Callisto just needed some time away. But she sure looks sketchy, doesn't she? Sore too.. that burn looks sore. But why does she have need of a wide-brimmed hat, still? The sun is going down and her hairstyle — an intricate braid with wisps softened around her face — is obscuring her ears.. mostly. But why?

Hearing Daxton's voice, she looks up suddenly from her tea. She has forgotten why she is looking down, trying to keep her face obscured. Because Callisto wore shades all afternoon, and had been distracted at the beach close to Winbarry. She has been given the worst style of facial sunburn of all.

The sunglass idiot-burn. She looks ridiculous! And elegant! How?!

"O-oh! Ah," Too late to hide her face now.. she takes Daxton in as she often does and settles her gaze upon his knee. ".. whatever happened to you? Are you alright!?" Asked abruptly.. the Strawberry quip briefly overlooked. For now.

Daxton's eyebrows raise in amused shock. Oh. My. "Wow…go to the beach today?" He hopes? Glancing down at his knee, he's not as upset about that now. He simply tells her, "I tripped. Let me go get a drink real fast." And then he's gone, just a gust of wind in his place.

The shocked expression causes Callisto's brows to draw together. "T'is a burn." Well DUH. "I may have paid less mind to the SPF of my chosen… lotion." Said petulantly.. at least the tea is good. She is silent as the speedster goes to get a drink and the girl eases back in her seat. At least the blush is absorbed by the fact that she is fried. Because she isn't quite keen on Daxton of all people seeing her red face with the exact shape of her fancy Gucci shades glowing whitely against the backdrop. Ugh. ugh.

Callisto waits patiently then, listening to the music, inwardly grateful that people have become used to her red faerie ass sitting there. She will wait for the boy, lifting her beach bag up from beside her chair to root around for something within. That cut knee looked Very Unhappy.

Daxton's not gone long, just enough to get his caffeine enriched drink. And then he's back, sitting across from her. "So….good day at the beach?" Hopefully she had fun getting burnt.

The fey girl observes his return… but there's something resting in her lap. She don't need no stinkin' blips in First Aid to roll out what's to come! Callisto is quiet as the boy seats himself, then takes up her mug of some steeped double bagged tea (pfft) and sips it. "T'was alright. There were some students acting rather… ah, recklessly. One happened to stub their toe on a rock and tore off half his toenail." The wince can be heard in her tone. "So,"

She watches Daxton levelly, and scoots her seat a bit closer. "Can you stretch out the leg? That wound must be washed." Said frankly. "I've unscented wipes here. Let me see it."

Daxton winces in empathy, 'That sucks." He takes a long sip an eyebrow raises as she inches closer, "What are you doing?" But then she asks and he snorts. "Seriously? It's just a scraped knee." He can't even imagine what she'd do if she saw a bullet wound. Now that he's seated and this close, Calli can see he's got the beginnings of rings around his eyes. Maybe his tripping isn't just because of the crack in the road.

Maybe it's the torn pantleg with the dried blood that attracted her attention. Either way, Dax is a champ in humoring Callisto and the girl pulls out a clean wipe from a packet in her beach bag, and goes about wiping the 'scrape' gingerly. "T'is important." Because to clean wounds, no matter how insignificant, is important! Momma taugh—-ok no. Momma did not teach Callisto that. Someone Else did. Her fingers are cool and deft, touch gentle. A wince at the torn fabric and Callisto balls up the vaguely pinkish towelette, stuffing it into her now-empty disposable coffee cup.

"There you are. Your leg shan't fall off." Said with a touch of humor as she looks up at his face, only to have the corners of her lips fall into that concerned moue. "You look exhausted." Callisto tilts her head, light from the interior of the coffee shop spilling out of a window and illuminating her silver necklace. Never, ever is she without it.

"Is everything alright, Daxton? Have you been overworking yourself?"

Once he sees she's going for it h sighs and lifts his leg to rest on an empty chair so she doesn't have to bend over as much. If it bothers him, he doesn't show it as he sips his coffee. "Thanks. My hero." His own smirk fades and he shrugs, 'I guess I am a little." Tired? Or over working himself. His gaze is on his coffee cup as he tries to change the subject, "Do you have allow for the burn? It'll help a lot."

The fey girl snorts sarcastically at the 'hero' remark. "I am nobody's hero. Not at this time." Said cryptically as she gives his ankle a light pat to signify that her hard work, here, is done. Whew. Callisto eases back into her seat and folds one long leg over the other, her skirts rippling lightly in the warm breeze. She eyes the chair upon which the speedster propped his one foot. "Rest yourself, put your feet up." She encourages; she herself is not one to put her feet up on anything.

"Aloe vera? Ah, yes," Callisto dips one hand into the big bag again, pulls out a plastic bottle with a sort of clear greenish gel inside. "I found this at a pharmacopeia." Omg she said that word. So old. "T'is derived from the plant. It shall help."

Callisto doesn't miss a beat. "Is something the matter? You are welcome to talk to me, if you wish. I am concerned for you."

Daxton glances up, that smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth again, "You're like… a super Strawberry." He's going to get smacked. He'll do as ordered and out those very fancy running shoes that clearly came from being an Ares up on the chair. He leans forward so but nods his approval. "Yeah. Just…bath in it. It'll help." And he doesn't think she can overdose on it, so yeah…bathe in it. His brow furrows though as she shows concern, "I'm just not sleeping well, Calli. I'm all right." As he sips on the triple shop expresso.

"A.. super Strawberry?" She asks lowly, puzzled. "T'is the strangest moniker that I could ever hope to hear. Nobody would take me seriously." Said with a little smirk of her own, though she quiets to listen briefly to the musician plunking away at the remnant of a tune. Some patio-goers have risen to leave; Mug Shot staff can be seen preparing to cash-out within. Callisto isn't moving to smack him for his silly remark though; however one can just look at her and KNOW that she can smack rather smartly. Callisto picks a dark thread out of the pristine, ivory folds of her dress. Pale eyes flit to look upon the well-used shoes. "I shall slather it on, as you advise, before bed. I can already feel the heat of this burn." Callisto remarks.. if she is in pain or bothered, she sure doesn't let on.

Callisto is not about to nag the speedster on drinking powerful coffee at this hour. "You need but ask. I can help put you to sleep." oh dear god that sounds so wrong. SO wrong. She's serious but she worded it so badly. But look at her, she's concerned.. she cares because he's her friend. "To move so swiftly while so tired, I wish not to see you really fall."

Daxton snorts again, smirking, "Wait till you see your emblem." Seeing the staff starting to clean he drops his feet. "We should get moving, they wanna go home." He doesn't blame them. "Have you not put any on yet?" She's gotta be sore! He stands, but blinks at her comment. A long moment and then he has, "Not with that burn your not!" Seems he's comfortable enough to tease her about stuff now (lucky her?). "It's not so bad, I've gone through walls before." That hurt.

Blink? Emblem? Callisto flushes but again, the burn absorbs the color. "Ah, a strawberry with a cape, is it?" Harr harr. She's about to try razzing back; she can never quite get to that level of dry sarcasm. But then the movement in and around the coffeeshop catches her attention and she stands. "Of course. T'was a long day for them." Said as she slides the gel back into her bag. "I have not used it, yet." The girl winces as the strap from her bag slides a little too quickly over a red shoulder. Callisto is naturally fair so she. is. //red/.

Hanging the sack from the crook of her elbow, the girl gives Daxton a puzzled glance. "I needn't to be comfortable to help—-" Blink.

Give her a second. A few. Her red face goes nuclear and she smacks the speedster in the arm with the beach bag. He's comfortable enough to tease her? Callisto is now comfortable enough to beat him!

"… thank you, too, for.. helping me, last week." Oh, and be grateful too while doing it.

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