(2018-06-24) Midnight Ice Cream Chat
Midnight Ice Cream Chat
Summary: Kaylee and Sierra catch up over ice cream
Date: 2018-06-24
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So, it's pretty darn late on a Tuesday night, when most of the students should be in their beds and asleep. Which, for the most part, they are. Probably. Except for at least one, who happens to be sitting in the nook in the kitchen, eating one of the small Ben & Jerry's cartons of ice cream all by her lonesome. And, since the lights are down fairly low, Kaylee's glowing a soft, silver-ish shade of blue, making the nook just a little brighter.

No one tells an Ares when they are going to bed! Sierra floats into the kitchen on a cushion of hot air - all the better to hide her footsteps from teacher super-hearing - and ends up at the fridge. She can't help but notice the blue glow from the nook. "Hey, Kaylee" she greets in a whisper as she opens up the fridge and bathes the kitchen in its light. "Shouldn't you be in bed?" she adds before pulling out a bottle of orange juice and drinking some down…straight from the bottle! Which she then puts back in the door before opening the freezer to find some ice cream. "Want some company?"

"Hi hi, Sierra!" Kaylee chirps, waving in her usual frenetic fashion- holding the spoon up instead of using her fingers. "I couldn't sleep and have been a little stressed, so … ice cream!" she says, grinning while she continues looking straight ahead. No glasses means she's using her spatial awareness instead of her eyes. "And you can obviously join me, if you want! But if you don't want to, you totally don't have to, either!"

"I just said I wanted to" Sierra smiles, grabbing another ice cream…and then another one…before pushing the freezer closed. "What have you been stressed about?" she asks with some concern before dragging over a chair to sit on next to the nook. "Are you bigger than you used to be?" She digs her spoon into her own ice cream.

Kaylee blinks a little and looks down at herself … even though she doesn't have to. "… nnnnno?" she responds to the query, slightly confused. "I've just been trying to figure out what I should do for community service. We have to have like, several hundred hours so we can graduate and I haven't had any ideas yet! I want to try and get started as soon as I get back from visiting my parents and stuff, so I can get most of them done this summer, so I can focus on school next year," she explains.

"Community service? Isn't that what they do when you are in trouble and do instead of jail?" Sierra half teases. "I suppose my time working for the government counts. Though I think we should do something cool. Maybe we can go stop some bank robberies or something?" She shrugs before sticking some more ice cream into her mouth. "You're already thinking about graduating? Wow…you have been here a long time."

Wrinkling her nose, Kaylee smiles at Sierra. "No, silly!" she says, shaking her head. "I mean, yes, that's what you have to do, too. But, we have to do it as students, too! And it has to be supervised and stuff- you have to have paperwork filled out and signed and stuff. Plus, I don't think we could spend several hundred hours stopping robberies. I mean, at least I hope not! That would mean there are waaay too many roberries happening!"

"Hmm…and if we don't do this service, we can never leave?" Sierra asks, brow furrowed as she thinks on this requirement. "Or do we become drop-outs?" She purses her lips in thought before shrugging. "They'll sort it out" she decides. "I can always fake the records in the computer. Wait…is that what you're stressed about? Not being able to do enough good? Sheesh, girl. There are better things to be stressed about."

"No, you just don't get your diploma and don't get to graduate until you complete the hours. It was like that back in the regular high school I went to before my powers showed up. Except, I don't think it was more than like 100 hours of service back ten, but I don't exactly remember because it was just for Juniors and Seniors," Kaylee explains between spoonfuls of ice cream. Her carton is already halfway gone, but there's also no telling how long she's been at it.

At the second suggestion, Kaylee smirks and ducks her head a little, snickering. "I mean, that's not EXACTLY what I'm stressed about! But, I would really like it if I COULD help people while I'm doing my community service!" she offers.

"So what are you stressed about?" Sierra asks, bringing her feet up to sit cross-legged on her seat. Another mouthful of ice cream disappears in her mouth. "Mmm…nice…but it will make me fat. Do you think I'm too fat, Kaylee? I guess it looks worse when you are short like me. Maybe I can do computer programming classes or something? I am poor. I know all about people coming in and trying to make your life better…and then running home to their nice houses as soon as they can."

"I'm stressed because I don't know what to DO-OO-oo-OO-oo!" Kaylee moans, before stuffing more ice cream into her mouth to shut herself up. She offers a sympathetic pout to Sierra's statement, genuinely looking put out by the idea. "Well THAT'S terrible, Sierra! I don't wanna do anything like THAT! I want to genuinely make an impact on people! Maybe I could work with kids or something. Even at risk youth! … though … I mean, Shady Cove certainly doesn't have a huge diaspora of social levels." She shrugs her shoulders then shakes her head a little. "And Sierra, you are like, totally a fox. I wouldn't even call you 'thick,' let alone fat. So I'm sure you're fine. … though you might wind up diabetic with all that sugar!" She points at the other cartons of ice cream with her spoon, before scooping herself out more of her own ice cream.

"Don't take up singing" Sierra teases after that musical moan. And then a roll of her eyes at the purity of Kaylee. Though it is more playful than annoyed - she wouldn't want the blonde any other way. "When you're working with those kids, remember that though you can go home to a better life, they can't. So make sure you do care." Another shrug. "Though I think you are the kind who would. You have a good heart." A wry smirk at the compliments coming her way. "A fox? You are sweet. I burn up a lot of energy, I do not think I will get diabetes." She must be sure of that as she devours another big mouthful of ice cream. "And you are pretty hot too. You looked great at Prom. Did you end up hooking up?"

With a snarky face, Kaylee sticks her tongue out at the comment about not singing. "Well of course I'll care! I mean, that's why I want to work with them in the first place!" Then, her eyes literally light up as she gets an idea. "Maybe I can volunteer at the Y and help teach basketball camps!" Because nothing else could be more perfectly suited to her. She grins, nodding at her idea and spacing off for a second, until Sierra asks her about hooking up at prom. Her eyebrows shoot up again and she shakes her head adamantly. "Oh gosh no! Why would I!?" she asks. And then, she blinks a few times before asking, "Did YOU!?!?!?"

"Nah" Sierra replies about the hooking up, shaking her head to reinforce the point. "Not at the Prom. That was quite the night though. I guess I can understand why you Americans are so excited to go. I almost expected to be turned away from the door again but, no, they let me in" she smirks. "Basketball would be good for you" the Latina nods with a smile, and a mouthful of ice cream. "You are very good at it. Do you think the school would sponsor a Cyber-Games team? Though maybe you shouldn't be so quick to be alone. I mean, you liked having a girlfriend, didn't you?" Sierra seems to be jumping around in her topics of conversation again. Maybe it is the sugar.

"Ohmygosh, Prom was like, SO EPIC!" Kaylee says, grinning while a flash of gold runs through her still-present aura. "I had so much fun. Even if I was in charge of planning it and everything and even though I didn't have a date, it was still so great. And so many people were there, and they had such a good time. I was so happy to see everybody else having a good time. Even the little kids seemed to be enjoying it!" … she must be referring to the freshmen, right? Maybe? Because, they would have been the 'little'-est kids there. Not that she's that much older than them or anything, but it IS Kaylee. She's been in mom mode ever since the Hindenburg of Homecoming.

Sierra's conversational gymnastics don't really seem to phase Kaylee at all. It's not as if she isn't very much prone to doing similar things when SHE'S excited. So she smiles in appreciation for the praise of her basketball prowess, and shrugs and the suggestion of school sponsorship. "I dunno, but you should ask!" And then she talks about dating? "And I'm not even alone! I've got plenty of friends and stuff! Just because I am totally not in a hurry to date anybody doesn't mean I'm like, against love or anything. And I really don't care about having a girlfriend. Having VIOLET was wonderful. Even when she wasn't my girlfriend. She listened to me babble alla time, and was always up for snuggling and hugging and wrassling. She'd also let me win alla time, even though we both knew she was totally faking it, since she's like, impossibly strong and stuff. So it totally wasn't about being girlfriends. We were best friends, and THEN she asked me out. That's why I won't go out with Saoirse. She hasn't even ever asked me what I like to do or what I'm interested in. She just thinks I'm hot. And since I can barely even see people, now, that really doesn't matter to me anymore. Physical attraction is like, the LAST of my attractions"

"Saoirse wanted to date you just because you were hot? That does not seem like her" Sierra ponders. "Sao and I are…umm…sort of a thing now. We are trying it anyway. Though it sounds like you wouldn't have had to do as much as I did to get her interested." She finishes off one tub and opens up the next one. "You should be a little bit more selfish. Enjoy things because you enjoy them not just because others are happy. I know you like it but you are putting your happiness in the hands of others who do not even realise they have it." The wisdom of a seventeen year old. "Do you ever think that Violet was so happy and could be so free with you because she like you as a girlfriend? That is what gave her the ease and the desire to listen to you and wrestle and things. But what do I know? I fuck up things all the time."

"Oh, if everybody hated prom, I still would have enjoyed it. … I just woulda felt terrible that my planning didn't work so well. … but … then again, I DID give everybody like, ALLA TIME IN THE WORLD to sign up for the committee and stuff and to help me make it awesome, so really, I wouldn't feel TOO bad about it. … at least, not for very long, anyway," Kaylee reasons, tapping her lips with her spoon as she considers things.

She shrugs again and shakes her head. "I don't know why SeeSee wanted to date me. She said she thought I was interesting and stuff. But, saying stuff isn't the same as doing stuff. If she woulda shown she was interested, and really tried to get to know me before giving me ultimatums and stuff? She woulda stood a much better chance. I mean, she's got like, alla curves and stuff!" Then, Kaylee snickers and wiggles her spoon at Sierra. "But, I'm sure you already know that, since she told me all about how you were crushing on her so hard and stuff." Kaylee's grin is impish as she teases the other girl. "YOU'VE been single for a while now, too, haven't you? Since Mabel left? I bet YOU are super excited, now, huh?" And then, back to Violet, Kaylee shakes her head. "Like I said. We were friends before we were girlfriends. Really, the main thing that changed was that we started kissing and holding hands and stuff. But, all of the other stuff? That was already there."

"Sorry I didn't sign up but you know me, not really the social type. Though I am much better than I used to be. Remember how shy I was when I started here" Sierra smirks. Though mention of Mabel does make her frown a little. "I still miss her" she sighs. "They just stole her away. Somewhere she is back in a test tube and I can't do anything to save her. Maybe they even wiped her mind by now." She looks at her ice cream a moment before putting it down on the floor, appetite lost for a moment. "Yeah, Sao has lots of curves" she replies, smile returning. "But she's also very innocent. I have had to…umm…calm down if you know what I mean. I was sort of dating Tabitha for a while…we both lost our girlfriends and gravitated towards each other. And there were other…umm…shorter term people." An amused snort at herself. "I guess that is why I am the whore of the school."

"Oh, it's okay! Fee's the only other person who really helped out, so it's not like you were the only one not interested," Kaylee says, smiling. And no, while it might seem like that's some sort of passive aggressive statement, that doesn't seem like Kaylee's intent at all. Nope, just her being genuine, as usual. "… has somebody said you're the whore of the school? If so, I haven't heard it. Because, if I had? You can bet I would have totally put that person in their place. You are NOT a whore. And you're not even really the worst. I'm pretty sure Alistair was trying to put his thingy in any girl's pants that he could when he first arrived. He flirted with me and tried to ask me to prom before he asked Sao, but I totally misunderstood, anyway, which I'm totally glad about now, anyway, so," she says, finishing with a sagenod to emphasize her point.

"Yeah…Alistair tries to put his thing in everything" Sierra nods sagely with a slight blush and picking up the ice cream again. It seems she has found a reason to start eating again. "I am glad that people do not think I am a whore" she smiles. "The priests used to…but they think all girls are whores. Or witches. There are so many people at this school I have not met yet." This makes her frown. "I guess you meet everyone, Kaylee. Everyone likes you."

"That's just because I tend to give the welcome tours," Kaylee says with a wink as she scrapes the bottom of her ice cream carton. "And no, not everyone likes me. Daxton severely dislikes me. Besa barely tolerates me. Schuyler is about the same, though we've smoothed some things over. Rain doesn't like me. In fact, I'd say the list of the people who genuinely like me is actually quite a bit shorter. Honestly? Most of the people that I was the closest to didn't make it out of homecoming."

"Oh…I'm sorry to hear that" Sierra frowns, so totally unaware of the school's social divisions. "You have a friend in me" she offers with a warm smile. "I mean…we shouldn't be. We're like so opposite but, you know, we've made it through. We're survivors. And even if some of what you like and do annoys the crap out of me, I am honored to think of you as a friend." She holds out her fist for a bump to seal the deal.

Fist-bumps are returned immediately, and Kaylee grins. "Oh, don't worry. I counted you as a friend, even if you didn't!" she says, her nose crinkling. "But, that's the thing about me. I don't care if other people like me or approve of me or what I do … at all, really. I like pretty much everybody, and love almost the same, and I don't need them to like me back to feel that way. My parents always taught me that love was not supposed to be a selfish thing and that we should always do our best to love our neighbor, and if not, then to like them as much as we can. Even if there are bad people out there, nobody gets that way by themselves, so we should let God do the judging and do the best we can not to hate. So, that's what I try and do! The best I can, anyway!"

Sierra winces at talk of God but won't get into an argument with Kaylee over that. She can believe what she wants to believe as long as it doesn't make the Latina's life miserable like all the other God lovers have done. Her second tub of ice cream is done and she slips off the chair before holding out her hand for Kaylee's empty tub. "Love is not selfish" she nods. "The love you receive is equal to the love you give…something like that. Want me to walk you to your room?"

"If you want," Kaylee says, smiling. But, instead of handing Sierra her carton, she just reaches out and gives her hand a squeeze while she rises. Kaylee makes her way over to the recycling tub and stepping on the lever, ditching her own carton and waiting for Sierra to dispose of hers. Without looking, she tosses her spoon over her shoulder, where it lands fairly expertly in the sink without bouncing around or out or anything.

Sierra lobs her own garbage into the bin before following the path of the spoon. "Nice throw" she nods with a smile before she tosses her own…and manages to crack the face of a clock on the wall. "Oh…ffff…bother." She quickly moves to pick it up and deposit it in the sink by hand. "This is why I am not on the basketball team" she mumbles. "And it probably work everyone up. C'mon, let's get out of here before I get you in trouble."

Kaylee giggles and shakes her head. "As big as this building is, there's no way anybody else heard that. But, you really shouldn't throw things so hard if you're not sure where they're gonna wind up," she offers. Because late advice is the best advice. "And really, basketball's way different. I'm just like, super good at throwing stuff with my spatial awareness thingy. Makes me really good at depth perception and stuff like that."

"And I am just a klutz" Sierra giggles before heading for the stairs towards the girl's wing. "Do you think they'll ever remake the school or is this where we'll spend the rest of our days?" She does float a little off the ground to make sure that she makes no sound. "Don't tell anyone about the clock. I'll fix it."

With it being summer and all, Kaylee doesn't even attempt to hide herself or her actions as they make their way back to the Girls' Wing. "Oh! Didn't you hear!? The school should be finished this summer! We'll be in a rebuilt school by the start of next year!" Kaylee says, actually hopping up and down a little while she holds a very small round of applause for the news."

"Cool. I should have known you would know all about it" Sierra grins. "I hope it won't be underwater again. That always freaked me out." Reaching her door she stops to give the blonde giantess a hug. "Good talk. Take care of yourself, okay." Then a wink before she heads through her door.

Glomping Sierra tightly, even going so far as to bend her head down and nuzzle her cheek against the top of Sierra's head … because she's tall …, Kaylee mmmmss happily at the hug before she releases Sierra. Then, she grimaces and tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but … I'm pretty sure it will be. Makes it that much easier to protect us from stuff! G'night, Sierr-ee," she offers, heading off for her own room.

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