(2018-06-22) Boundaries
Summary: Another kissy log for Syd. She's talking with Vin about lots of things. Also, Vinnie can draw. Who knew? (Well, anyone who read his character sheet, I suppose. Oops.)
Date: 2018.06.22
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The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beaches on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


June is a good time for visiting the beach, after all. And so Vinny has brought both his surfboard and a small backpack where he keeps things like his sketchbook and such. That sketchbook is presently in his hands as he sits in a beach chair, looking around for something to sketch now, it seems.

Sydney pads out onto the beach. Not working out, not doing homework, she just planned to sit on the beach and watch the ocean, and soak up the sun like a good late 70s early 80s girl. And oh, hey. Vinny! She walks over to Vin. "Hey. Mind if I join you?"

"Hey," Vinny replies, offering her a grin. "I don't mind," he replies, with a smile. "Just enjoying the day?" There's a brief grin offered, before he looks out at the waves for a few moments. "Should be some bigger waves soon, I hope."

Sydney nods. "Yeah. I don't have any classes today, and I got my homework for tomorrow done this morning." She lays out her towel and flumphs down on it. She looks at the surfboard. "You surf?" She does give Vin's bare torso a look. Hey, it's right there, right? And pretty lean and ripped too. She reaches out as though to touch, then draws her hand back before it gets there.

"Good to be done with such things, yes," Vinny replies with a smile before he nods at the mention of surfing. "My father used to be a surfer, so he trained me. It's one of the things I enjoy doing when I can." There's another brief pause as he smiles. "Of course, the surfing is probably what brought my father to Costa Rica in the first place." He looks down into his sketchbook very briefly, and starts drawing, a bit slowly.

You say, "And not pretty mermaids, huh?" She chuckles. "Whatcha drawing?" She tries to look over Vin's shoulder to see."

Vinny grins, "I don't think he knew about the mermaids before," he replies, lightly. At the question about what he's drawing, so far, it just looks like the beginning of a face so far. "I'll let you know soon," he replies, with a grin.

Sydney smiles a little, and holds still, on general principals. "Drawing always seems like magic to me. You start out with some pencil lines, and if you're good at it, eventually someone's face pops out. I so totally can't draw. So… what DO you do powers-wise? I can't believe I didn't ask you this already."

Nodding as he continues to draw, Vinny offers her another smile. "My powers?" He pauses for a few moments, before he grins a bit more. "It's more like a dog, really… Eyes, ears, nose… as well as speed and reflexes. Can't take much damage in a fight before I get knocked out, though." He continues drawing, smile still in place. "Unless we count knowing song lyrics as a superpower, of course."

Sydney chuckles. "Depends on the song lyrics." She ponders a little. "Interesting. have you been in many fights? Other than practicing… I really haven't since I went metal." She does lightly set her hand on Vin's non-drawing shoulder, watching the process. She leans a little closer, until Vin can probably feel her body heat from time to time.

"Good point," Vinny replies, with a grin, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "I've been in one or two situations where there's been fighting happening, but I've always focused on trying to get bystanders to safety instead of taking part in the fights." As she leans closer, there's one brief moment when he stops his drawing, but it only lasts for a few seconds, before he keeps on drawing, offering her a smile. It's clear that he doesn't mind that closeness.

Sydney nods. "If taking damage isn't your thing, that's certainly a worthwhile job. I mean, that's the whole point, isn't it? To keep people safe?" She slowly pets that shoulder. A shoulder isn't threatening, right? It's not especially sensitive, it's not… sexual. Right? That's her thinking, anyway.

<FS3> Vinny rolls Drawing: Good Success.

Vinny nods, "That's what I like to think," he replies with a smile. "And keeping people safe is the most important part. If we're all a team, not everyone can be the goal scorers, right? Someone need to be the one doing the other jobs." He pauses for a few moments as he looks to her again, a smile offered as he shifts his weight slightly towards the shoulder being petted, before he looks back to the sketchbook, finishing a few more details. Should she be looking at the drawing, she'll see herself there, or at least the main outline for now.

Sydney looks down over Vin's shoulder at the drawing. "Oh wow! That looks like me!" She peers at the drawing some more. "It looks… it's kinda like I was before I went metal, you know? It's hard to see like… my nose in the mirror when it's all reflective. I mean I was softer then. Way softer. But… it's kinda like that." She smiles. "I like it."

Vinny smiles as he hears that. "Really? It looks like you before the metal? And I can understand it's hard to see your nose when it's all reflective." He smiles a bit as he hears the rest of her words. "I'm glad you like it," he replies, before he adds, "And even if you may have been softer before, I still like the one you're now."

Sydney rests her chin on Vin's shoulder and slips her arm around his waist. "Thanks. Sometimes I miss being flesh, you know? You go the first thirteen years of your life living within those limitations… and then everything changes. And I guess I'm still changing. You're… ok with me doing this, right?" She nuzzles his shoulder.

Vinny nods as he hears that, leaning a bit towards her as she slips the arm around his waist. "It's quite understandable. After all, that's what you've known for most of your life. Adjusting is a challenge." He smiles to her, "And yes, I'm okay with you doing this."

Sydney kisses Vinny's shoulder and nibbles it, breathing in his scent, tasting his skin, then letting her breath out slowly. She lifts her chin and rests it there. "Rome wasn't built in a day, I guess." She closes her eyes. "Did you always have powers?

"I only got my abilities when I had turned eleven. I was taking a shortcut home from the beach. There was a sick dog. It bit me and somehow… I gained the abilities." Vinny replies, expression distant for a few moments. He then smiles as he leans towards her. "There were lots of adjusting to do then. And that's why, when my sister came here, so dif I. And our parents moved here to be near as well."

Sydney doesn't back away as Vinny leans toward her. "Do I know your sister?" To herself she thinks, 'please let his sister not be Sierra or Saorise…that'd be way too complicated…'
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Vinny shakes his head a little. "I don't think so. Anna's a year older, and graduated last year." He offers her a brief smile, "I miss her at times, but that's how life is, isn't it?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah…" She rests her forehead against his. "If we're lucky, we grow up."

Vinny smiles as he hears that, "And if we're unlucky, we grow up too far, too fast, or not at all." He goes quiet for a few moments, before he speaks again. "So, what did you want to be when you grew up, back before all of this?"

Sydney nods slowly. "Yeah… if we're unlucky." She thinks about it, squinting, as though the memories are a long way off. "Those are times I try not to think about," she admits. "Even when I was in them, I spent a lot of time high, so I wouldn't have to. What did I want to be?" She closes her eyes, trying to dig deeper. "Computer programmer, I think. A mother…" Her eyes squeeze a little tighter. "Mostly somewhere, anywhere else, with any other people than the ones I was with." She opens her eyes and wipes them a moment before returning her forehead to Vin's. "Of all of my dreams then… the ones I can remember, anyway… that's the one I got."

Nodding a little as he hears that, Vinny moves a hand to place it on her shoulder, using the other to put the sketchbook in the backpack. "Ah…" He looks unsure of what to say for a few brief moments, before he offers her a smile. "Somewhere else with other people than the ones you were with," he repeats, before he adds, "I know it probably wasn't the easiest way to get there, but I hope the place and people where you are now is better." That last part said quietly, but with a smile.

Sydney leans closer to kiss Vinny slowly, considerably more thoroughly than last time. Perhaps that's her answer, or perhaps only a gesture of hope that Vin might be right. Either way, it makes further discussion inconvenient.

There's a few moments before Vinny reacts to being kissed, then he leans into it, kissing her back. The hand on her shoulder stays there, gently squeezing the shoulder.

Sydney draws back slowly, and licks her lip. "I've kissed someone four times now since I got here. Two of them have been you." She smiles a little. "Each time… for that one moment, everything is less confused."

Keeping silent as he hears that, Vinny slowly lets go of her shoulder. He keeps silent for a few moments longer, before he smiles in return. "That's good," he offers to the part about everything being less confused.

Sydney notices the loss of the touch on her shoulder. "I've messed this up too, haven't I?" She turns away, and moves to stand up.

Vinny reaches out as he hears that, both hands going to try stopping her from standing. "No. You haven't messed up anything. Please don't go?"

Sydney stops. "I kissed Sierra. And Saoirse. I think they're going to break up over it." She sits back down. "Sorry. I was afraid…"

Vinny's arms moves to hold her again now, as he nods at what's being said. "It's okay." He keeps silent for a few seconds, before he adds, "I've… never been good at telling people how I've felt. I think I've been afraid of them just laughing at me."

Sydney lets herself be held, and snuggles close. "I can't promise much…about me, about how I feel…about how I will feel, because it keeps changing. I keep changing. Like…I didn't get the chance to grow up before, like you said. But I promise you I will never laugh at you telling me how you feel."

Vinny smiles, nodding as he hears what's being said. "Thank you." He pauses for a few moments, as if to gather his thoughts momentarily. "I really, really like spending time with you," he says, before he adds, "And when… when you kissed me, it felt like an explosion of good feelings." A brief pause again, before he adds, "I hope that made sense…"

Sydney smiles. "See? No laughing." She brushes Vin's nose with hers. "I really like spending time with you too. And kissing you. It makes sense." With that, she kisses him again, letting her jaw relax a little, and touching his lip, just for a moment, with the tip of her tongue.

"I lik…" That's all Vinny gets out as he hears her words, before he's kissed again. This time, he leans into it almost at once, his arms holding her close. As her tongue touches his lips, there's a brief moment of pause, before his own tongue slowly moves to touch her lips in return.

Sydney shivers and draws back, then rests her forehead against Vin's again. "I think… maybe I've pushed my limits as far as I can today." She gives him a tight squeeze.

Vinny let's out a bit of a breath. As she rests her forehead against his, he smiles to her. "It's okay. Limits should be pushed, not broken," he offers, rather quietly, before he adds, "And it all should happen at your own pace."

Sydney nods. She gives Vin a quick kiss. "If you get a better offer in the meantime… I will understand."

"I don't think I will get a better offer, but thank you for saying so," he replies, offering her another smile at that quick kiss.

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