(2018-06-21) You're Not Alone
You're Not Alone
Summary: Callisto faces trouble beyond the dreamplain and falls into doubt, Besa helps with both words and healing.
Date: 2018-06-21
Related: A few days after this log.
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Thu Jun 21, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

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<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.

It hasn't been a good beginning to the summer holidays for Callisto. A mere few days in, she ended up going out on the town to acquire a cellphone. Just when she was about to treat Daxton to never-ending Chinese food, one of her asshole siblings — most likely the same one going rogue in and around Thunder Bay — had her way with Callisto's mind. Think of it as a big ol' Psychic tasering that sent the mentalist ass-over-teakettle into a series of days that she cannot easily recall. Most were spent asleep, locked into her version of 'Safe Mode'. In her moments of awakeness, as her mind 'healed', Callisto was either highly confused (speaking exclusively in Unseelie) and/or agitated.

It wasn't easy.

On summer solstice, the longest day of the year, Callisto has awaken proper, her senses now her own. To see her is to see a girl who still looks a bit drawn out.. and for this reason she has taken to hiding. Immediately, she has begun trying to re-weave her defenses… for most of the day, the faerie has meditated. Deeply. Obsessively.

The afternoon is waning into early evening and whatever measure of daylight remains, it comes in reddish-gold through the sporadic windows in the attic. Callisto is seated by one window, her hair set to glowing in the light, legs pulled into a lotus-style position beneath the gossamer fabric of her nightgown. She is both aware of those who come and go in this space… and deeply transfixed.

Besa's been busy since getting his powers back. Meditating, school work, bike riding, and working on a few new runes. Now the ancient teen is wondering up the stairs to the attic, his favorite mediation place besides the beach. And he's fund that the beach has become too crowded lately with…beach goers. The stairs don't creak when the light boy does up, but Cocoa's nails click softly, alerting anyone upstairs that there's someone on the way. As soon AS Besa is all the way to the top he stops, seeing Callisto, "Oh! I…Will it bother you if I also meditate?"

The girl blinks, lashes long and silvery upon her cheeks as she closes her eyes briefly, breathing deep through her nostrils. She does not know if she could stand anyone else at this moment, but Besa? The boy exudes that level of calmness, of a gentle nature.. how could she say no? She lifts her chin to gaze upon the Egyptian boy and his loyal pup. Her cerulean eyes are murky, much like those of one who has slept long and fitfully. And sad.

"Of course you may." Callisto says gently, content in her spot in the dwindling sun.

The girl pauses to push a thick hank of silver-white hair over one bare shoulder. Her sleepclothes look expensive, from another time. "How fare you? I have not seen you for awhile. Has it been getting easier for you?" She even sounds weaker.

Cocoa being the good dog she is, senses something is wrong with Calli. She looks up at Besa, almost asking for permission. Besa being the caring person he is, nods. Cocoa heads over to Callisto to be petted. Best smiles as he steps further into the attic. "I am well. The power switch rattled me more than I thought it would." His head tilts, beautiful hair sways, "How are you? You seem….tired?" Dark eyes travel over her face, looking for signs on what has happened.

It's hard to see, outright, what went down. The trauma was all inward, and the only saving grace had been the protection given by Loukanos' amulet to permit safe dreaming while the girl's mind healed. Callisto is just gazing sideward toward the sunny window until Cocoa comes to join her, and the girl's hand lifts slowly to knit gently into the fur between the pup's ears. She scritches gingerly, every movement seeming restrained until there's just something in the pup's countenance that breaks the facade. Callisto's desperately impassive expression crumbles some; no, not to weep, but to just reveal the depth of her unease. Her brows furrow, her lips form a sad moue. "I was not affected by the switch, alas…. perhaps a blessing." She turns to watch the dark-haired boy, her expression easily seen.

"Are you alright? What powers were you afflicted with? I trust that it has passed…?" Callisto asks with earnest curiosity.

Cocoa is good at her job. Besa watches intently. "I was a werewolf for almost a week." Oh, that's all. "I am well now, thank you for asking." He steps closer, but not enough to be in her personal space. He will raise a hand to her, indicating he'd like her hand, "You have slept much, are you ill?"

The dark faerie knows of the poor kid in this school who has some strain of lycanthropy.. but because of alt-fu? Yeah, she says little.. simply gazes and nods in understanding. "It must have been difficult for you, to be of so restful a nature to be stricken with such rage." Ah, so she knows roughly of the gig, too. "Mayhaps the girl who held your powers for that time will have found some mental rest." She reflects in her graceful, lilting way.

There is half a minute of silent contemplation, for Callisto feels comfortable filling the space with silence in Besa's company. He seeks her hand and she watches his palm for a few heartbeats before slipping her own fingers into his own, or at least turning her hand to make her palm prone if that is what he seeks.

"I was attacked recently. I am both fearful and heartsick." Callisto admits easily, her tone barely a whisper.

"It was very… angry." He didn't like it. Besa smiles, taking her hand. His fingers are thin but strong. His smile drops, head dipping and fingers tightening worriedly. "Are you still injured? May I heal you?" Heart sick? "Who attacked you? May I protect you?"

"T'is inward," Callisto says simply. "I was attacked by a foe of a psychic nature, while I was out with a… a friend." There appears to be some pain around the word 'friend' as well, as if it pains her that perhaps this friend was present for the situation. Had to deal with it. "This foe is intent on tracking me, and destroying me, and she is kin." Callisto gives the boy's hand a light squeeze. She herself has beautiful hands; lean and elegant. "I was unconscious for several days, as I've been told. My memories were scrambled by I am blessed in having collected all of them, in my slumber." She explains, much of her airy confidence gone.

"I was foolish, in having lowered my shields. I should have paid attention. I endangered this friend, in turn. For what if she would have sought to harm him?" Callisto draws deep breath, sighs.

"My head, Besa. it hurts. So too does my heart. I wonder if I should give these fiends what they desire, to go to them, so that they shall never step close to these grounds again." An eloquent way of saying she should give up, turn herself in. Callisto doesn't pity herself often, but once in a blue moon… "T'was my sister who struck me. I cannot bear the thought of her accosting anyone who would seek to defend me."

Besa's head tilts, "I am sorry…" Although he's not certain if he's sorry abut this friend, or the attack, or….what exactly. "Let me heal the pain then? Please?" He steps closer, giving off the same comforting vibes as Cocoa does. "You must never give in to evil. I know this." Then suddenly he smiles, "Do you believe that your friends would not come to seek you? Or to exact revenge for your death?" His fingers tighten hopefully in a comforting way, "My friends went to Hell to save me. We will do the same for you if needed."

"You need not be sorry." Callisto says gently, "For I.." She is about to say something else, to own something terrible.. but then he asks to heal her? The pain? Can he do that? Callisto watches the boy with the perfect hair for a few beats, her brow still knit. It is an expression that she has worn consistently for days now. When told to never 'give in to evil' her expression falls again and here, moisture rims those eyes. She looks down into her lap, hand limp in his but not being pulled away. "I came here to be cruel. I've never admitted this, to anyone.. not since my arrival. I came to this school with intent to exploit, and cause trouble… t'was all just a big game." She appears to be having an awful go of getting these words out.

"It changed. I promise, it has." THe mentalist whispers, lifting her free hand hastily to wipe her eyes. Her head still hurts; the headache will remain for a few days, yet, unless Besa can do what he says he can do. Remove pain?

His lattermost words cause the white-haired fae to look up, twin streaks of moisture sunlit upon her face. "To Hell? How could this be?"

Besa stay quiet, letting her talk. Maybe he's just being naive, but he doesn't think Calli could do that to anyone. He won't push the healing unless she says yes. A soft nod, "Yes. To Alraxmargoth'ha's Hell." So maybe not Hell Hell. Maybe. "People here are very resourceful, if motivated. Saving a fellow student is something we all wish to do." To punctuate this, he lifts his free hand and gently taps the necklace around her neck. "Do not believe you are alone."

The fey girl isn't given to longwinded descriptions. She will go on for half a minute more on the cruelty of her people, of her earlier flimsy efforts to not be evil and her latest, more concrete push to be good. Then finally, how being good is attracting the ones who don't want her to be. Callisto does not quite get to the next subject that hurts her, though; the trouble of falling for mortals.

Because Besa's kindness simply lays to rest the bad thoughts. For the first night since Nesialora's attack on her, Callisto returns to slumber without pain in her head. The healing has taken, and it will be with a clear mind that the girl awakens in the morning.

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