(2018-06-21) In This Beautywood
In This Beautywood
Summary: Summer plans are discussed… and Mr. Rogers. He is always a win.
Date: 2018-06-21
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Kitchen, Winbarry Estate
Thu Jun 21, 2018

The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and thewood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide frenchdoor fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools,give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.


<FS3> Rain rolls Singing: Success.

Breakfast is over, the kitchen has been cleaned, though it is not empty, it is full of an energetic Rain, singing at the top of her lungs as she bops around the kitchen making tea?! No…look again, ripped jeans, oversize Panic tee, barefoot, and serious case of bed head. Rain would never look like that, must be Legion. Singing pretty well at that. She isn't alone, the original is there too, sitting at the table, laptop in front of her, earbuds in, probably listening to the music that Legion is singling to. Looking neat and tidy in a sundress, sandals and her hair up in a neat ponytail. She is working on her blog it seems and she types away, writing the blurbs that go with the pictures she posts. Seems her theme is hot summer fashions to look cool in…it's a working title.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

Even though she has a perfectly cozy and happy home in town to which to return, Fionnuala is still coming up to Winbarry a couple of times a week or more. There are still friends staying here, afterall! Her arrival to the manse was quiet and subtle enough, but like a moth drawn to flame the cheerful girl follows the sound of music and animated singing toward what is always a hub of activity — apparently even with so few occupying it — … the kitchen!

In true Fionnuala fashion she is brightly turned-out in what is effectively a tie-dye sundress and it is as manically colored as you might expect. The good thing, though? It's actually fitted to her body with frilly waist-ties and flirty little shoulder straps. So no, it's not a muumuu… thank the Gods above. Rain would disown her. Her hair is left loose, falling in black waves with colorful feathers knit throughout. Wings out, sparkling with light.. this is Fee in the summer.

The winged girl squints to take in the scene, her lips curving into a grin. She recognizes the song that has Legion bopping, and her own voice joins in to sing along with.. effectively announcing her arrival! Epic tea-making!

There are times when Sky is rather glad that he can't hear…and this is certainly one of them! Even if Rain/Legion has a nice voice, it's got to be annoying! Grey eyes lift as Fee comes into the area in her bright dress and seems to join in. There's a roll of his eyes before he goes back to the book that he was reading. Even though his mental powers are back, sometimes it's nice to revel in his own silence.

Oh! A solo act has become a duet. Rain, therefore, Legion doesn't have the skill to pull off harmony but she is able to maintain the key she is singing in. And since it is a Panic song, an older one, it really doesn't matter that much. She waves at Fee with both hands before bopping over, wild hair bouncing, to the cupboard to grab another mug.

Rain prime rolls her eyes in unison with her brother as the duet starts when the Crow arrives. One earbud is pulled from an ear "Morning Fiona." She greets her friend, still hasn't claimed her as bestie yet, but that day surely will come one day "We still on for shopping and a movie?"

Poor Sky. Poor Rain. There's the studious camp and then there's the ones who just want to sing! Legion takes to Fee's joining in and the latter grins widely, her palms clapping together briefly to coax the melody on. When she is spoken to, however, Fee lets the tune die on her lips and she twirls on a heel, skirts belling as she changes her trajectory from fridge to Rain! Sky isn't overlooked either and she gives the boy a cheerful wave. She is used to the eyerolls! Even when they happen in-tandem which is.. kind of impressive. Isn't that a super power in it's own right?

"Hi guys!" Fee chimes, her voice full of happiness and energy. While given to outright hugging people Fee has come to learn the ways of the Rain and once close to whom she has long since coined as 'bestie', she reaches out to give the blonde's shoulders a squeeze with her sun-warmed palms. "You bet we are. I'm just here to make a snack!" She could have done so at home but this is a routine that she loves.

"What movie were you thinking? I do know that the Incredibles 2 is out! Oh, and Deadpool 2!" She sings out as she makes for the fridge again.

Although the idea of Rain sitting through either of those movies causes him to smirk, «I'm not sure she's seen either of the first movies of those,» Sky pipes up, still mostly looking at his book. He's sort of surprised that she wants to see a movie at all. «What are you shopping for this time?»

Legion sings for a few more beats before she silences as well. Conversation trumps a sing along, for now at least. Pouring tea in cups she brings them to those that want it. She and they know who they are. "Oh! I haven't seen either of those yet!" Does Legion mean I as in her, or I as in Rain? Or is she referring to them both as I? The last is more likely.

Rain takes the tea from her duplicate, oozing pleased that the plans haven't changed. The movie suggestions gets a face though "I haven't." She confirms Sky's comment "I was thinking that Mr. Roger's documentary." That's so Rain, though better then the Ruth Ginsberg documentary that is out as well. "We can decide later." She looks to her brother "Clothes for our trip to Scotland." New country, new clothes.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Great Success.

The shifter happily accepts the cup of tea, setting it and a saucer down as she yanks open the fridge to look at the offerings. She is about to respond to Sky when Rain mentions her preference for the film choice, and Fee luckily leans back out of the fridge lest she bash her head in her excitement. "Oh! Oh~!" She exclaims, "I forgot! I would love to go. Because that man is EXACTLY the superhero that this world needs, right?!" She's serious. Clearly Fee watched her share of the classic show while growing up. The old VHS tapes were replaced with DVDs and occasionally.. streaming, for when Fee — even at this age — wants to just feel happy.

She leans back into the fridge, but has begun to sing again, "It's a neighborly day in this beautywood, a neighborly day for a beauty! Would you be mine? Could you be mine?" Nails it, too.

This time she just about corks herself in the noggin, catching the small watermelon that nearly rolls out. The talk of the Scotland trip always excites her, "Oh, yes!! I wonder if I can find tartan, here in town… Ma's stuff wouldn't fit me…" And it's grossly outdated!

«Oh, we're still doing that?» He hadn't heard that much about it since it was first mentioned. Sky sets down his book and looks at the 3(?) girls, «Should I stay here with Besa?» Are they getting Besa on a plane? Was he even going? Or is this a Rain/Fee trip? He wouldn't begrudge his sister if it was. «If you know the tartan name, you can probably order it online.»

There is relief that Fiona is on board with the movie choice. Otherwise one of them would be seeing a movie they didn't want to. Hard to see which one that would have been. "Seriously?" Legion isn't quite on board with that one "A documentary?" She would probably prefer the more actions stuff.

"You weren't invited." Rain says bluntly to Legion, causing her to pout into her own tea. "If you can't we can find it online, like Sky suggested." She nods at him "You are welcome to come, as is Besa if he wants too." One of their parents will have to go, so making a girls only trip probably isn't doable.

The shifter girl doesn't supply much input on who is going on this adventure.. it goes without saying that Fionnuala would be perfectly accepting of Sky and Besa joining. But Rain has mostly been spearheading the idea and really? It's up to her! Though always in Fee's opinion: the more the merrier! However if it is a girls' trip? Just as good! Bonding FTW!

Closing the door with an apple and single-serving of yogurt in hand, Fee sighs, "Whoever was in charge with picking the colors for the Reid tartan had to have been full of the ole rum or just had no sense of color. It's a tartan of red, yellow, white and this sort of pea soup greenie-brown. I mean, it's historically great and all but that green.." She remarks to Sky with a rueful little smile.

She beams a sunny smile upon all who are present, "I have to nip upstairs to talk to one of the teachers. I was given pity marks to get through the math final, so I need to find out how I can tighten that up more for next year." She stuffs the apple and yogurt into the crook of her elbow and takes her tea with the other hand. "I'll be back down in awhile and we can get this adventure underway tonight! See you soon."

With that, the winged girl traipses off to seek out said teacher(s), trailing sunshine — and Mr. Rogers lyrics — in her wake.

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