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Summary: Powers are where they should be. Grace encounters Rain and Besa in town.
Date: 2018-06-20
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Wed Jun 20, 2018

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Failure.

A couple of days ago Grace Halleson had awoken from one of a few good nights' sleeps.. but the clarity of mind that she enjoyed for nearly a week was gone. Replacing it? That well-known, thrumming pulse of anger… haunting her mind like a sneaky ghoul. It was back. Her wolf was back. But then, as she sat up in bed with the realization of it all, there was another notion: it must have meant that Besa was freed of the rage. That in itself was a relief even as her heart sank.

Fast-forward a couple of days now and Grace is just finishing up a short morning shift at the Mug Shot. Being the newbie, despite her intuition with coffee drinks and know-how for desserts.. she is being cut short. With sophomore year approaching (and it's a matter of pride too) .. she needs more hours. Bright scarlet eyes rove the sidewalks as she walks along on this warm, lovely summer day. Maybe she should find another job… but where?

Along the brunette ambles, wearing a pretty emerald green and white sundress… and she's not quite watching where she is going.

Again Besa's without Cocoa. But this time it makes sense, he's currently walking the bike that Rain got him for his government issued birthday. He's not confident enough to ride the bike and not run over his beloved dog. Now Rain? Rain he'll run over apparently, because she's next to him. He's wearing the helmet she made him get, although the chin strap isn't buckled. The perfect hair is curling up slitting around the helmet, almost like a halo. Even a helmet doesn't take his hair look bad (What sorcery is it?!?!). "I will find a park or somewhere to practice, yes?" He smiles softly at Rain. Yup, he's definitely not a werewolf anymore. Just a Mummy. O.o

Yes, there she is, Rain, keeping easy pace with the only slightly shorter Besa. They are probably both hoping he has a growth spurt soon. She isn't worried about being run over as long as he isn't worried about being run over with her skateboard. She carries it in one hand, her own helmet hanging from the other. "The park is good, or we can find an empty parking lot." She is dressed in a light green skater dress, with knee length graphic leggings under it. No free shows while she is skating. "Isn't that Grace?" she knows it is actually, but asks anyway, gesturing toward the girl coming from the coffee shop. No one has asked, but she prefers the mummy.

The wolf girl once rode a bike, before she was packed up and shipped out here. Grace couldn't pull off helmets all that well, typically being left with the flattened hair and pad-marks all over her forehead. Her nostrils twitch and her eyes move to actually look where she is going before plowing into anyone! Today Grace has a bit of a grasp on herself, as the world isn't quite so overwhelming for her. Scents are easier to bear; sounds not quite as intense. But she's not so zoned out, mind working, as to not hear her name being spoken. She is approaching the two with their bike and skateboard, on their quest for a spot in which to practice, and she is now wholly aware of who these people are.

Grace moves with intent toward Rain and Besa, her tidy braid swaying between her shoulderblades. When she had last encountered both, her eyes were a sort of restful brownish-dunn color. Now? Bright, intense red. "Hi guys," Is offered kindly enough, though she seems a bit tired. "How are you both doing?" Asked next.. funny, when her wolf is back? Less stammering.

"I will get better today." He's just decided, so there. Besa's head swivels in Graces direction and the wolf is given a soft smile. His gaze , purposefully, lands on her shoulder, "Hello Grace. I am well…how are you?" Yeah, she's going to have a worried Guardian fretting over her now. He smells of dirt still, that didn't seem to change.

"Well you can't get worse." She replies with optimism to Besa's own positiveness. If Rain seemed cheerful a few moments ago, that seems to drain away as Grace greets them as her old self, instead of the calm person she was last week. The Masters girl doesn't seem to notice the submissive behavior that Besa demonstrates so she doesn't emulate it. "Hello Grace." There is none of the concern that she had when she last spoke to Grace, it's the usual stoic indifference that she typically addresses acquaintances with "I'm alright." She glances to where the other girl cam from "You work at the Mug Shot right?"

Spending nearly a week with Grace's 'affliction' has given Besa that knowhow and reason to not feel offended if Grace doesn't meet his eyes. If she does, it's for a few seconds at a time. Those who are perceptive shall see a relieved lowering of her shoulders. Grace hadn't been aware that she was holding her breath a bit in anticipation. Besa's soft smile is a relief to see… Grace's own lips twitch and pull into a smile of her own. "I'm.. doing okay, today. It took a bit of getting used to." Said thoughtfully. Perhaps now it is understandable why she looks so… tense all the time, even while speaking casually. She's always, always, holding tight to that line of control. She looks briefly at the two, at their wheeled wares, and past them at a light post.

She addresses Rain's question; the indifference is actually helpful here. "I.. I do, yeah. Very part-time though. I don't know this town very well still, I'm going to be seeing if there's a bakery that's looking for help." Said softly.

Besa quips back, amused, "I could…." There's always room to get worse! He motions for Rain to hold his bike, and when she does he'll step over to Grace in a strangely submissive and yet not manner. His head is ducked, but he quickly steps into a hug with her. It's brief, but solid. It's rather how Cocoa was with him. Submission head positioning, but there. He steps back, smiling a little brighter, "We are going to go practice, if you would like to come with?" You know, with Grace's no wheels? "Darcy bakes a lot. She put flowers on her cookies." Rain gets a nod of thanks as he takes his bike back.

There is a confused look at Grace from Rain, "I didn't know there was any option besides part-time and full-time. Why not just ask for more hours? We are on summer break, you can work more hours a week now…or are you not 16 yet?" She doesn't keep track of her classmates ages, just the grades, and only in so far as knowing who is in her grade.

A hand is put on the bike as Besa hugs Grace which she doesn't react to, things like that are kind of expected from him. "Darcy? The girl that flirts with Sky?"

Besa, again, does all of the right things. Though Grace is briefly confused, his approach does everything to keep the beast at bay. Grace can be felt tensing for a heartbeat as he reaches out to give her that brief hug, but it eases quickly. Grace is yet a human girl at heart and she likes to be hugged, she does. She will return the gesture gently and though she is petite, her lean muscles feel like bands of whipcord. A little shoulderpat as she lets the Egyptian boy go, eyes soft as she watches him. For him to do that, despite knowing what she is…? It touches Grace.

"Ah, I don't have much to practice with, but I can watch if you both don't mind?" Grace asks, rubbing the back of her neck. She turns to Rain next, flushes. "Sixteen..? No, not until next month." Said simply. "I'm lowest on the totem pole in there anyway and I want to find somewhere that will take me on for longer, for when I turn sixteen shortly." The girl explains, though pauses at talk of this Darcy.. whom she knows nothing about. She knows Sky though, and curiosity has her wondering about who this girl is that 'flirts' with him. Though to Rain, "Thanks for your help the other day, on the lawn. I wasn't thinking straight. You and your brother were a big help."

Darcy flirts with Sky? "I suppose that makes sense." Besa can't imagine Sky fitting, what he remembers of Charlotte and Sky, well…. Sky was like one of those cartoons. He'll start pushing the bike, going quiet as he wasn't on the lawn and doesn't know what was discussed.

Rain gives a shoulder lift, "You wouldn't have been asked if we minded." She points out, even though it was Besa that did the inviting. "Well a lot of places are still hiring for summer help." She informs Grace "The population during the summer nearly doubles, and on the weekends triples." The place is a tourist trap during the summer "I think the ice cream place is still looking for workers for the summer." As Besa begins to walk so does she. The gratitude is given a nod "Clearly you weren't, but the offer is still valid."

The girl considers, looking skyward for some reason and then back to the very logical thing known as a watch upon her wrist.. that she can wear again. "I.. I'd better keep going. I need to get this over with." And walking feels nice, while still trying to get her head back together. A smile to the two, "Go on ahead but thanks all the same. I hope you find a good place to practice." She cannot suggest much because again, she's still green to Shady Cove. There is an odd, sad little glimmer to her eyes as she takes another deep breath, looks toward the road and the people milling around. Courage, Grace.

"Have a great day, you two. I'll see you back at the school." Hopefully with very few bumps and bruises! Grace gives a little wave, and continues along her original trajectory.

Besa smiles again, "Good luck, Grace." When she turns away the smile flatters, he knows what she's feeling, that weight. Ugh. After he finds Ashton, maybe he'll start researching some runes to help Grace. Even just help relieve it some. Still just walking with the bike being pushed, he looks over at Rain, "So….Is Sky dating Darcy?" Did he miss something? Speaking of that type of thing, "I talked with Whitley. I think we are friends now." Nothing more. But he smiles, "It is good to have friends, yes?"

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