(2018-06-19) Beach Practice
Beach Practice
Summary: Bryce attempts to hone a new technique during a gathering at the beach.
Date: 2018-06-19
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Tue Jun 19, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


The faintest hints of crimson starts to kiss the sky as there is only about one hour left of daylight left. The sun is beginning to set one of the most unusual sights in all of Coral Springs School. Well, the most unusual sight in the past day or so. Bryce is -not- in his uniform. His tie is removed and laying down on a towel near the shore of the water. He has calculated the best spot so it is close enough but still will not get wet with the tide. He has removed his dress shirt and is wearing a simple white tshirt. Next to the tie and the dress shirt are his shoes and socks. His pants are rolled up to about his knees showing a pair of very pale thin legs. He is standing in about three inches of water and looking out towards the water. His shoulders are set tight. His hands are clenched into fists combining a sense of nervousness and determination. Well, this is Bryce so this is about as determined as he gets.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Fee Reid wasn't lying to anyone when she said she'd be on the school grounds often enough, even after classes ended. Case in point here: she had some free hours and saw fit to help out with cleanup. Housing a bunch of teenagers in an old mansion has to be grueling on the old place, despite the rules placed upon and respected demanded of these kids. There's still the bric-a-brac of a student body to tidy up after and the shifter girl volunteered to help out. Therefore Fionnuala had been in-and-out of the place through the day, very happily doing her duty whereever needed. But then everything got done and Fee just wasn't ready to leave for home yet. Winbarry has grown on her.

As the sunset crests over the sea and paints the sky and land reddish-ochre, Fee is enjoying a safe flight over the grounds and the shore. She can easily be seen descending from the skies, in the form of a girl still but carried by a great arc of black feathered wings. She carries sunlight as well; the absorbed energy pulses around her slight body as she makes for the beach. Evidently Fee has spied Bryce and it is toward the intent boy that the winged girl descends. She lands with a slight splash, apart from Bryce so as to not splash him, her shins wet as she rights herself. She is pretty and merry-looking in a pale pink sundress. "Hi!" Is called out in a trilling, sweet tone to her fellow Promethean.

There were students who didn't really have anywhere to go when school was out of session. One such student was Quinn. He had somewhat managed to adjust to life here at the school, even if he hadn't really done real classes yet. It was a lot just to get him so he wasn't jumping every time a phone rang or the washer kicked on or any of the other little things that modern students took for granted. He was wearing what looked like a pair of hand me down shorts and slightly oversized t-shirt. He was humming softly to himself as he walked barefoot through the water. The water swirled around his ankles as he began singing wordlessly.

Sydney is another one of those students with noplace to go. She's already started some tutoring for her "sudden catchup to the 21st century" remedial stuff, so she's lying on the beach, a good distance up from the water, soaking in the sun and reading a book for class. There's a bottle of water sitting next to her. Given the sweat on it, it's probably partly frozen.

Bryce was paying better attention than normal for he noticed Fionnuala land before she greeted him. "Wow. That is, well, that is so cool that, that you can do that." Bryce hesitates for a moment and then feels really awkward standing there dressed as he is. He starts to cross his arms over his chest and realizes that wouldn't help. He looks like someone who doesn't know what to do with his hands. It gets even worse as Quinn shows up. Bryce instantly looks down remembering their conversation on the porch. The awe he had in seeing Fionnuala quickly fades. "Um, hi." Whatever else he was going to say to Fee gets lost.

The cheerful girl, her ponytail an unruly black nimbus, strides forth from wading-depths. She's rapidly realizing that it is not only Bryce whose contemplative 'beach time' she has intruded upon. Fionnuala, due to carrying sunshine, is in possession of a gaze that glows citrine/yellow in the dying light. "Wow! Look here, now, there's a few of us! Isn't this just the most beautiful evening?" The girl calls out.. her cheer is earnest; not at all forced or pushed and hopefully not annoying. Fionnuala has a kind, fluting voice, touched vaguely by a Scottish accent. She pauses at the edge of the waves, the water tickling the bare soles of her feet. Something has caught her attention and like a true crow shifter, Fee picks up the greenish bit of sea glass. She looks up at Bryce as his greeting fades.

"I'm sorry, did I intrude?" She starts to ask, turning to observe Quinn briefly and closeby, the tantalizing glimmer of Sydney's shiny skin in the setting sun. "Oh~!" Exhales Fionnuala. "People whom I have not officially met! Hello!" She calls, waving in an animated fashion to the steel girl. Quinn, she is acquainted with; he will get a fond smile if he looks her way.

"Hello Fiona." Quinn says with a nervous smile on his face. He doesn't know why Bryce would look down after the conversation. "Hello again Bryce." He says in the strange accent of his, hands sliding into the pockets of his shorts as he looks from Bryce to Fiona and then Sydney is noticed as well. He gives her a small smile as well. There's a lot going on for him as he stands in the water. Then he breathes in deeply and smiles out at the water,"The sound of the ocean has not changed at all really."

Sydney looks up and waves to Fee, then notices Bryce and Quinn and waves to them as well. She closes her book, marking it carefully, and slips it back in her messenger bag. Social time. If she's fortunate, she thinks, she won't make any new enemies. She draws her legs under her into lotus as though it's something she practices. A lot.

Bryce notices the wave of shiney Sydney. How did he miss her before? "H-hi, Syndey." He quickly looks around her to make sure that there is no oil. He doesn't need a repeat of that incident. "How, um, how are you Quinn?" He sounds gun-shy when speaking to Quinn but is clearly trying to be cordial. Looking quickly back to Fionualla, he seems to relax again as though her joyfulness helps him. "Intrude? No, no, I mean, I don't th- no. I, I was just thinking about trying to experiment on, um, my powers. I think I figured out something, well, something new I can do with them, but, well, it scares me a bit to try. I'm not sure if, er, if I'm more scared of succeeding or failing."

The girl, still with her big black wings, moves to drop herself down to sit alongside the boy with the circlet. "Powers, huh? Well, the learning goes on even with the textbooks closed!" Fionnuala chimes, unfolding her hands to look upon the weathered bits of glass resting therein. A sideward glance to Bryce, "Experiment, you say? What are you thinking of trying?" Fee asks outright. No shyness, no awkwardness… she has an easy time, meshing with people. She watches her other classmates with interest as she awaits Bryce's answer.

"Experiments are good. We learn a lot from trying and failing." Quinn says with a weak smile on his lips as he tries to shrink a little bit in on himself in the process. He glances towards Sydney and waves a little bit to her before looking at Fiona,"Textbooks are only good for so much. Practical applications are far more… practical." He doesn't like the written word as much as some. There was a certain amount of distrust for it since he didn't grow up reading so much as being shown.

Sydney does get some oil out of her messenger bag, but it's a much smaller bottle, and she seems to close it and put it down when she's not actively applying some to her hand prior to applying it to her skin. "What's your idea?" She closes the messenger bag carefully.

Seeing the oil makes Bryce take a step slightly to the side. He makes sure there will be no tripping today. "Um, well, Sydney, do you remember the, uh, the claw?" He looks first to Quinn and then to Fionnuala. "I, I noticed something the other day at the theme park. We, um, we were there when the solar activity … happened. Some people needed to be rescued, oh, from a stuck roller coaster. Sydney, um, she was amazing. She just climbed up there all fearlessly and, and Pavel used his armor to fly up to them. Well, I, this is getting long. Sorry. I was able to use, um, a big claw to pick up one of the cars and, well, lower them to safety. It then made me realize something." Bryce stretches out a hand and a small claw appears in the air. It looks like a claw in one of those arcade machines. He is getting quicker at making them appear. "I realized that they can pick up, um, stuff, but they aren't attached to, well, anything. So, in a sense, I should, theoretically, perhaps, be able to … you know." He points upward. "Fly?"

As the group chatted on the beach, they would see a figure walking along the coastline. Dressed in the uniform of the Ares faction, blazer and all, Lazarus comes across the group and he halts to a stop. Hands in his pockets, ocean blue eyes scanning everyone in a semi-detached way, he eventually smiles softly, speaking in that strong accent of his. "Hey."

He couldn't help but overhear some of the conversation. Superhuman hearing will do that to you, unfortunately. "Talkin' bout anythin' interestin'? Or are we just standin' around in a semi-circle?" that last bit is mainly just a poke at humor more than anything, something he was still trying to get used to.

"Flying?" Quinn asks blinking slowly. He doesn't know how to do that sort of thing. He runs fingers through his golden blond hair. His eyes closed for a brief moment as he listens to the sounds of those closest trying to memorize their sounds. It helps him to remember who people are. The hearing of people's individual sounds was like listening to the water to him. "Umm… I don't know." He says nervously watching Lazarus intently as he was dressed in quite ill-fitting clothing.

Sydney ponders. "Well… I'd try it over the water, if it were me. Assuming you can swim. And don't go too high. Then you just get wet if it messes up. But yeah… I mean the thing isn't pushing against you, or you'd have never lifted the roller coaster car." She looks at Quinn, who seems really uncomfortable. Her voice is fairly ordinary, but there's a metallic quality to it that probably surprises no-one. As though she's echoing very slightly from the interior of a shipping container. "Are you ok?" she asks Quinn. She waves at Laz as he comes up and smiles.

Bryce goes to explain something when he hears Lazarus. "Oh, um, hi. It's, it's Lazarus, right? You, I mean. Not me. I'm Bryce. I was just out here getting ready to, um experiment with my, er, powers." He looks back to Sydney and says, "That is the, the thing. I can't swim. I never had a change to, um, learn nor do I think I have the ability to, well, learn. I have enough trouble even, um, running. But if I used my powers on, on my armor then maybe I can use it to fly. Well, not fly technically. More float. I think."

"Swimming is simple when you get shown how." Quinn says softly as he smiles at Bryce, stretching just a little bit as he closes his eyes and just listens. "It's Lazarus." He says as he opens his eyes,"His sound is quite distinctive." He says in a casual manner, hands still in the pockets of his shorts. His body language was definitely guarded as he sank in on himself. "You should learn how to swim since you are here. It's dangerous to be near the ocean without knowing how."

Lazarus looks to Quinn curiously as he sees the guy looking at him nervously and intently. "….do I have somethin' on me face?" Lazarus asks before doing a blind hand-cover of his face to see if there was food or crumbs at the corner of his mouth or something. or if someone drew on him. Either way, he tilts his head lightly. "Flying? Why don't you just do it and see what happens? It's just sand and water. Both soft landings, by comparison with hard ground." Lazarus shrugs lightly before he looks to Sydney.

He smiles softly to his friend. "Hello Sydney." before he looks back to Bryce "Yeah. I'm Lazarus." he looks then to Quinn before he looks to Bryce. "What 'e said."

Sydney nods. "Yeah. Try it a few feet off the sand. If it doesn't work, you get sandy. I'll get out of the way this time." She chuckles softly, but she does stand up and pick up her bag to do exactly that.

The winged girl looks worried at this talk of swimming. Fionnuala is not the best swimmer. She has been silent for much of the discussion, but then again she is mostly listening and partially appraising the purse-full of beach glass that she has dug up with intent to make something of it all. She looks up with big, brilliant eyes.. aware now of how their numbers have grown. Fionnuala smiles sunnily to her fellow Scot, Lazarus.

Bryce looks back at the water and then back to Quinn. "I think, um, I think it is safer to learn to fly than, um, swim. I, I trust my powers more than my body." Giving a nod to Sydney, Bryce says, "That is, um, that is what I thought so, I, I came back to the beach. That is why I came the, the other day. Uh, didn't work out." He swallows hard and looks to Fee. Since she can fly, maybe she can help him if this even comes close to working. "Okay, um, first step. I think. Something for my powers to, um, move." Bryce shuts his eyes for a moment and his circlet flashes a cyan color. A cyan light starts to weave itself over his body going over his shirt and rolled up pants. It creates more and more of itself and then starts to solidify into something physical instead of just energy. After several seconds, he is decked in a armor from head to toe. It looks like it is based on medieval armors though it clearly has some modern if not cybernetic appearance to it.

Sydney blinks. "Um. I need to visit the restroom. Catch you guys later."

Sydney trots off.

"I don't know how your powers function." Quinn says softly as he closes his his eyes and takes a nice deep breath in. "Am I making you nervous? I was trying to commit everyone's sounds to memory. I have a lot of them in my head and I really need to get things straight." He says softly. "Everyone has a sound to them." He says trying to explain why he was doing what he was doing.

Saoirse comes flying in from a dead drop from above the clouds. holding a beachball and wearing a shape hugging blue bikini, she shouts "Beach fun time!". looking like she will hit the waves at super speed she comes to a abrupt stop, floating just above the water. A baggie of marshmallows are tucked into the left side of the bikini so tightly it is so incredibly obvious. She tosses the beach ball at Bryce "Catchy catchy!"

Lazarus looks to Quinn as he tilts his head, shrugging lightly. "Don't think so?" he shrugs softly before he looks to Sydney as she takes off. He blinks before he waves after the metal woman. His eyes then fall upon Bryce as he armors up and Lazarus takes a single step back, watching to see if he'll actually do it! Meanwhile, he smiles softly to Fionnuala as she smiles to him, and he moves next to his fellow Scot.

"Hey Fionnuala. How ye be?" Though then Saoirse falls out of the sky! with beach objects! things are thrown! and he does nothing.

The winged girl pockets her findings, waving goodbye to Sydney as she opts for the restroom route. She will never make anyone stay anywhere when THAT is involved! Bryce's transformation is noted next and Fionnuala yet sits there, wondering what is about to happen! Will this be a learnable moment!? What is to follow? Fee exhales gently in awe, still gazing raptly as Lazarus moves to join her. She does not question Quinn's motive in it all, either, for she has since been acquainted with the protoceltic boy's gig. Hopefully her 'sound' is lumped in with that which is preferable! Fionnuala's big black wings quiver briefly, dashing sunlight across the sand. "It's okay, Quinn.. you do what you gotta do. How are you, Laz? I've been alright… busy, but…" Said in English, but then Fee is distracted by a descending Saoirse! She watches the bikini-clad girl with interest, a grin curling her lips. "Now there's a keener! Watch out, Bryce!"

Bryce is too late to duck or move out of the way, but thankfully it is a beachball. Also, he is in his armor. Bounce! It bounces off of him as he is too late to catch it too. After it hits, he ducks. He watches the shiney Sydney run off and waves. Knowing his voice sounds different in the armor, he looks to Quinn and asks, "Is, um, how do people sound?"

Then comes the moment he is worried about. He actually tries to use his powers. He holds out his hand, but isn't really sure of what to do. At first, there is absolutely no movement at all. Then, after several seconds (which seems much much longer to him), Bryce starts to look a little lighter like his feet are barely touching the sand.

Saoirse floats over towards the floating armor guy. Holding out her hand the beachball floats into it slowly, the water on it circling it till caught in strange inconsistent ways. Performing continual circles around the now floating Bryce "Oh! Ah can float too, sentai ranger man! Yae just put yaer lips together and blow! No wait, that's whistling. but isn floating jus the best?". Her Irish accent is triumphantly returning! Opening her bikini bag, she pulls a marshmallow out, and tries to stick a marshmallow into the mouth of Bryce, even though there is a non opening helmet there. Shell try once per circular pass. "Here, Have a marshmallow, they are magically delicious!"

Lazarus smiles lightly to Fionnuala. "I'm well enough as it is. But I'm happy to know that yer doin' well." Though he does seem to want to question her based on how it's said, Lazarus shrugs! before he looks back to Bryce as he uses his powers. "Well done." he smiles softly, before he looks to Saoirse again! Oh, she's Irish! he forgot about that. Before she apparently pulls a marshmallow out of places. Huh.

That's a thing.

The shifter girl, still seated, takes note of Sao's accent thoughtfully. Could she know of, or be related to Ronan?! Fionnuala, despite her Irish name, is Scottish; there's slight nuances in her own timbre that allude to such. Though now Fee is aware of marshmallows being stuffed in Bryce's direction and she's wondering if this is a necessary thing, or not! FEe is typically so aware of who is coming and going in the school.. how did Saoirse elude her?

The look that she wears is much akin to the one that is plastered jupon Lazarus's face. "How did you handle the finals? Easy sailing for the summer?" She asks of Lazarus before she turns to observe Bryce, eyes widening as the armored boy appears to… float?! Is he pulling it off?

And just as Bryce was about to come completely off the ground comes the marshmallow invasion. Bryce tries to shoo the marshmallow away, but in doing so, he loses concentration. "Uh, ooh….uh oh." He starts flailing his arms trying to keep from falling but the power to lift himself up fades though the armor stays. Coming down fully on his feet, the failing and marshmallow dodging sends him off balance. He falls forward, face first, into the water which causes a big splash because of the armor.

Saoirse avoids being pinned by the falling metal armor man, and instead floats above him, face near the water, butt hunched up in the air. Once he comes up, she will continue poking the helmet relentlessly with the marshmallow. "If you have to pee its okay to do it in the water, because no-one will know and its safe because of the chlorine. That's what I was always told."

Lazarus smiles softly to Fionnuala. "Yea. I passed with all aces." all A's. Not bad at all, Mr. Pentecost. Nevertheless, his eyes then shift to Bryce as he floats! until he falls face first onto the water. Yowza.

Lazarus is practically there in an instant to help the young man up to his feet. "Are you unharmed, lad?" he asks curiously, before he looks to Saoirse. "…some things ya should neva say for all ears ta hear." he teases lightly.

Startled, Fionnuala pushes herself to her feet. Her wings, relaxed and low against her body, move with her as a cape would. As Sao is moving to once again attempt to stuff marshmallow goodness into Bryce's armored mouth — ie. not succeeding, due to the helmet helmet'ing successfully — the winged girl is moving to the boy's side and attempting to help him up. "You did great," The Mystic exclaims, now standing at Bryce's other side opposite Lazarus as he, too, joins the efforts. "I saw you floating! I think if you try a couple more times, you'll get it." Fee encourages, moving to pluck one of the marshmallows from Sao's imploring fingers to pop it into her own mouth, chewing merrily.

Once Bryce is ideally set to rights, Fee peers past Bryce at Laz, "I did alright. I was given pity marks to get through math, though." Said with a blush.

Sydney wanders back, occasionally glancing at something in her hand. "I swear. How do you people get anything done when they can phone you in the bathroom? She tosses her phone into her messenger bag and looks up in time to see Bryce make reentry. "Shit. Someone…" and Laz is on it. And Saoirse is here. Syd stands back a little further. If Sao's going to throw her into the ocean to drown, at least make Sao work harder to do it.

"I wouldn't know… I do not have such an item." Quinn says looking at Sydney. He had been listening more than anything else with his eyes closed. "What are pity marks?" The concept of grading is something that no one has actually explained to him yet. He was used to pass, fail, or die trying. "I was wondering… Did trees like towers ever burn? Just a pair of them." He was curious about that more than anything even though he was currently only as far as the medieval ages in terms of his history lessons.

Bryce is glad for the help up because he wasn't getting up on his own. At least not quickly enough. Once they helped him to his feet, he waved his hand and the armor slowly dissipated as fog might in the heat of the sun. He hangs there being held up by Lazarus and Fionnuala. Trying to catch his breath he says, "I, I, thank you." He coughs a couple times and looks at Saoirse with eyes full of questioning and doubt. There is a bit of hurt in his voice when he asks, "Why, why would you do that?" When the issue of grades comes up, he shakes his head. "I, I didn't do as well as <pant> I wished." He takes another deep breath and starts to stand under his own weight. Glancing at Fee, he seems unsure of her praise. He trusts her, but did he really float? "I, I was?

Saoirse barely misses a beat, Fee is fed a marshmallow, and another is plucked from her boob-mallow-bag, and now that hes tjete, once he takes that deep breath, shes trying to feed him a marshmallow again. "Oh! there was a Brycey-bryce in there! Ello! Its mae, Saoirse! Here, have a marshmallow! It will replenish yaer energy reserves! ". She continues to circle slower this time. "Why? Well sometimes yae have tae pee, and it is a lot of effort tae get the wheelchair intae the pool, lift yae out, get tae the bathroom, then have someone help yae go. Though ah can make it on mae own now! Ah have been peeing on mae own for about two years nae! That's totally like one o mae superpowers, that and unlimited marshmallows. the floating stuff is just side effects."

Laz looks to Fionnuala with a chuckle. "Well, if you want to, I can always give you lessons or help you in that field. I love math." one of the few kids that actually do. Eventually, his eyes fall upon Bryce with a smile as he helps the guy up. "You were. You did good."

Then he looks to Saoirse and he tilts his head as she starts pulling marshmallows out of her 'pockets' apparently (PG naming)

"Apparently she has unlimited marshmallows." His eyes shift to the group itself and he seems to take a deep breath, seemingly comfortable with just sitting on the sidelines.

Sydney nods gravely. "Some people make bellybutton lint, I make rust, and Sao makes marshmallows." She says it as though it's perfectly obvious and perfectly rational. Of course, one doesn't usually eat bellybutton lint or rust… ew. Bad analogy. Syd's face crinkles at the thought.

The friendly girl chews on the marshmallow, eyes bright with interest, "Oh yah," Chew chew gulp; she looks and sounds earnest. "There was that few seconds where you looked light as air. Your body started moving. But it's so easy to lose concentration. One little lapse and it's over, but the most important thing is that you got somewhere." THe girl step back once certain Bryce will be okay. "You have to keep trying, okay? I mean, you want to, right? You made that bit of progress so it is there." Fionnuala smiles then, looking up to notice Sydney's return. Her smile does not falter in the face of the iron maiden, "Welcome back. Bryce was just making a breakthrough!" The girl eases back to sit back down in her previous spot, to assemble her gathered beach glass to see what pieces could 'work'; which will graduate onwards to become that which she is planning.

To Lazarus, "I would love the help. Get on the ball before Junior year, next year. Let's talk, OK?" She smiles, returning her attention to the 'present' that she is making… for Rain, in fact!

"I, I can also help with, um, math. I've started offering, well, tutoring but no one has, er, taking me up on it yet." Bryce admits. He then shrugs when she asks if he wants to continue trying. It took him three days to work up that much courage to try and then to have it shot down….with a marshmallow. Sounding a bit flustered, he looks at Saoirse and says, "Please, please stop talking about, um, going number one. Okay? I, I fell because - " He stops himself with a sigh and shakes his head. "Ne-never mind. Excuse me." He steps past Lazarus and Fionnuala and bends over to pick up his clothes. His circlet flashes and another type of armor appears going down his legs but this armor is thin and seems to be under his clothes. Only the fact that his pants are rolled up makes the bottom of the armor visible. Once all of his stuff is folded up in the towel, he stands back up. "Um, ex-excuse me, Sydney. I think I should call it a day. Maybe get something to eat before going to, um, sleep. Good night."

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