(2018-06-18) Never Safe
Never Safe
Summary: An innocent outing goes on it's ear. Again.
Date: 2018-06-18
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Evergreen Square, Shady Cove
Mon Jun 18, 2018

This walking around shopping area has been under construction for quite awhile now. Finally though it is done and open for business.

It's not really a square, more live a big oval with a large fountain in the middle. There is no car access, but the parking lots are on the back side of the buildings with sidewalks passing between sections of stores and restaurants. The sidewalk follows the oval around past the businesses.


Poor Daxton. Brainiac Callisto aced her courses and what THAT means is that the fey girl has no summer courses to deal with. Also, Callisto hasn't a family to return to. The Aine family 'welcome wagon' is actually that of a horrible, painful death preceded by mindlessness so honestly? Callisto is staying on school grounds. Until the new facility is open, Callisto is still resting her head on a pillow beneath the rooftop of Winbarry. A free Callisto (not counting work) is a busy Callisto.

And one thing that the girl had to do was finally get signed up for a cellphone. Yeah she's one of Those People. Somehow, Callisto got through most of the school year (she enrolled back in Nov 2017) without one!

And well… Daxton, he and Callisto are 'cool' again, right? So that meant she could appeal to the speedster for 'help' with picking a device?! Maybe food was offered… maybe.

Fast-forward to now, early evening on a Monday. The weather is warm, mellow and pleasant and people shopping at Evergreen Square are in a good mood. Callisto, ever-resplendent in a dress that does things for her fair coloration, looks around the open square of the shopping centre with a look of awe. (Akin to what she looked like in Thunder Bay)

Daxton looks anything but in awe. He thought this was going to be a quick run to the phone store and back, but he's thinking he got suckered into a shopping excursion. Ugh. Food helps though, he's already eyeing what's around here. "Do you know how much you can afford a month?" They're going to ask that.

Poor poor Daxton. Contrary to his disinterest in being here, surrounded by people window shopping on a nice summer evening.. Callisto looks pretty happy! Her head turns this way and that upon a bare, lithe stalk of a neck. Her hair, teased into a tidy chignon at the nape of her neck, trembles lightly in a warm breeze. She turns her gaze to him, all-the-while considering: "Perhaps 60 a month? 70?" She supplies tentatively.. this is a whole new ballgame. Cerulean eyes quickly flit toward a few storefronts… hey, at least she's not rushing to browse. She has to budget, afterall.

"What do you use?" Callisto asks again, hands clasping in a most gentile fashion in front of her hips. A few gilt earrings glitter in the lobes of her tapered ears.

Daxton tries and fails to hide the look on his face. Clearly he doesn't think she's going to get a phone for that amount. "All right…If you need to borrow some till you get that second job, you can." He shrugs, "I'm on the plan that the Unit got…" He pulls out whatever phone would be the most military safe (Player doesn't know) to show her.

It's all the same to Callisto… it's a handheld doo-dad that lets you contact people.. without trolling their thoughts and dreams!

It's a step in the right direction to being a reformed malevolent dark being, right…?

She blinks once, twice… leeeaaans over to look upon the snazzy phone that is afforded to a member of Unit 23. "80?" She asks, a brow quirking. Who knows what decade her mind is in! And maybe it's because her player is a Canadian who needs to research plan rates in USD…! Anyway, she blushes lightly, feeling foolish. "T'is expensive, right? I needn't much to survive.. I shall not borrow." Perhaps it's a pride thing.. undoubtedly her nestegg has lessened considerably since Malachite gave her the boot.

"Which phone shall play Mario..?" Asked imperiously. Yeah she's kinda ridiculous. so THAT'S the motivator!

Daxton's not going to be the one to dash her hopes. "I don't know. This does a lot of extra crap that you'll not need. It's best to just ask the sales people." They can dash her hopes! HE shakes his head, trying not to sigh, "Let's just…have them tell you, I don't know a lot about phones."

The willowy girl squints at him, "I would have figured you knew an immense amount about these.. cellphones." She says gently to him, head tilting in a very 'Callisto' way. "Even still, you yet joined me on this.. excursion. Why is this? Were you worried that I will have gotten into some measure of.. trouble?" A little smirk, but her tone is rife with good humor. "I wish not to make you remain where you wish not to be."

"Why?" He's not a tech nerd or anything. "No." Well, define trouble. He actually thought she's get taken advantage of at the store. "I'm hungry. Let's do this and then go get food."

"Because, you…" Callisto eyes him, glances over a shoulder at the people passing by. A heartbeat or two; she seems to 'test' something. She's been doing this a lot since Thunder Bay. Satisfied — or at least reassured — she turns back to the speedster. "Because. You play those grotesque games where you and this Jon and Jill and.. aunt Louise.." Yeah she misunderstood, but it can be cute. "… shoot one another. And you were wearing a headset. That certainly you means that you know what all of this is about, no?" She blinks, lifting a couple of fingers to her chin rather contemplatively.

Yeah, it's a good thing he's around to make sure she doesn't get fleeced. She looks over a shoulder at a storefront — some manner of mobile setup.. be it Rogers, Verizon, etc etc — that is open for another couple of hours.

Straightening, Callisto strides with purpose toward the shop. The clerks within can smell the naivety from here.

Daxton waits a moment but then he laughs, 'That's… not the same, Strawberry." He lets her lead, but then he follows nose behind, arms folded menacingly as he glares at the clerk.

The arrival of the fae girl is a drink of cool water to the bored clerks; there's three of them in total, one on a smoke break. Seem like a bit too much staff for a mobile phone joint? Mayhaps! One is just finishing up with a customer, the other peers up from behind the counter, in the middle of his texting stint. He's your stereotypical salesman, cleancut and quick to smile, fairly vaulting over the counter to see to the wealthy-looking girl with the near-white hair. His co-worker is stopped in his tracks, intercepted, and he moves off to wait for his next victim.

"Hey hey!" Shark #1 sings out to Callisto and Daxton, though the last inflection of the second exuberant 'hey' dies some when he sees the sullen-faced teenaged boy walking in behind the girl. Those blue eyes are made for glaring, but the dude is undeterred. "Need a hand?"

"I desire a phone." Callisto says simply, her tone naive but her gaze sharp and watchful.

Daxton strangely because rather quiet, just grunting once and moving to stand next to Calli with his arms folded. Not only does he look grouchy, but hungry and agitated too. He wasn't this way movements before.

"He okay?" The salesman asks, standing a bit too close to Callisto who in turn, steps a bit closer to Daxton. Not TOO close though! The slick-looking dude looks between the two, "So it's you needing a phone? Android or Apple?" He asks of Callisto.

"….?" Callisto gawks back.

"The.. OS?" The salesman asks slowly, then brightens. "There's differences. It depends on what you need it for. Business or—"

Blah blah blah blah.

Blah de blah de blaaah! The string of talk carries Callisto and the shark over to a counter, and he's going on and on about the virtues of each phone… gradually moving toward the more expensive of the iPhones. Because she. looks. moneyed.

The guy with her looks angry. Callisto glances to Daxton, recognizing impending hangryness… and back to the phones. "I would recommend cutting to the chase. We've little time." To which the clerk responds with pointing to the most expensive phone.

Daxton's jaw tightens, "She wants something to be able to surf the net, make call, and get texts." No mention of Mario, because personally he think that's a terrible idea. She'll never be seen again. "That's it, nothing else. The cheapest that can do those that she can get insurance on." His arms stay folded, but he inhales, letting his chest fill out some.

The clerk looks from Callisto's imploring gaze, which is not on the fancy phone but on him. That in itself is a bit unsettling with how intensely she's watching him. But most unnerving is that cranky lug who suddenly rattles off what is wanted and or needed. As far from an iPhone 10 with all the bells and whistles. Eventually with the further darkening of Daxton's brow the phone is chosen and so, too, is a plan. The moment the guy tries to deviate into something a bit more pricey.. he is very rapidly shown that this is NOT an option.

Well that was a bust. The guy's failsafe, offering his own number and a coffee date — because he's that greasy — isn't even brought to the table. Before long Callisto is out with her first-ever cellphone! And she's.. kind of afraid to even do anything with it. c.c

Her gaze flits to Daxton. "You. Need to eat."

Strangely, as soon as they step outside the glowering stops and he unfolds his arms, "Here, gimmie your phone." Quickly he sets his number, and then after a moment he puts in Felicia's as well. "Mine and Fel's are in your phone now. If you can't get a hold of me, you can always try her, oaky?"

Blink?! Callisto stares outright at Daxton, her hand pliable and the phone easily taken as the speedster works to program the numbers. He's looking down to plug in the digits and the fey girl is watching his face, fascinated. "I—" Blink, her lips quirk up at their corner. "Thank you." Said easily.. she blushes a tad. "I shall have to practice.. forgive me if you receive the odd.. random… text, is it?" Asked softly. She will accept the phone back when it's passed to her, and she at least knows how to access contacts and peer at her first two numbers. Her expression is soft as she acknowledges the gravity of something so simple.

"Felicia, she will not mind? She does not know of me all that well." Callisto asks, almost shyly.

Daxton snorts, handing the phone back, "Just be careful who you send pics to, and it's fine." He shakes his head, turning to look out and around the area, maybe for food, "Nawh… I told her I was going to put her number in your phone. If you're gonna be at the Estate over the summer, you should have some of our numbers." He glances back, "I thin we're going to go get our tats next week." That's exciting!

The girl still looks unsure, but touched at the same time. It may not seem like much but again, to Callisto, this is huge. She looks down at the phone in her hands, long enough for the screen to time out and turn off. A little inhalation and she slides it into her purse, looking up again with a tentative little smile. The gorgon pendant glints in the waning sun, glittering redly at her breastbone. She is about to speak but again, just gives the area a quick little glanceover. Who knows what interference she is receiving. "You are a good friend, Daxton." Said easily, perhaps not for the first time.

Though Callisto puzzles, eyes clear and watchful. "A.. tat? T'is a tattoo?"

Daxton grins, "I'm the best kind of friend. Don't you forget it." He picks a random direction to start walking, hopefully there's food this way. "Yup. We're both getting Unit 23 Tats now that we're 18."

"I shall not forget it." Callisto says simply, giving the boy one more poignant look before electing to follow along this time around. There is food, surely! Though Callisto doubts that Daxton will make way for the vegan restaurant. c.c

"Shall you both have to head into Thunder Bay?" Callisto queries as they pick through the people, the occasional one or two giving the two 'youth' a glance. Funny thing, there's no naivety in her voice on the topic of tattoos.. nor is there judgement. Callisto must have experience with tattoos! Not doing them.. but one would be hard-pressed to find one on any speck of her skin. Huh.

She glances into the window of another storefront in the open-air facility, the many colors of jewels catching the reddish-gold sunlight. A glimmering green ring that is 'on sale' makes her frown and look away slowly. "I am glad for you. How very poignant." Said as she sniffs the air lightly, squints in the direction of a few eateries.

Nope. Dax would eat vegan, but only of that's what the person he was with asked for. He's not a complete d-bag. "I don't know, Inferno was going to find someone, but this power switch has him laid up." Poor guy got stuck with Sky's powers! At this point, not much would surprise Dax about Calli. Maybe she has a tramp stamp of a strawberry, who knows. He notices her frown and frowns in return, "Sense something?" He can get food back at th Estates, if needed.

No tramp stamps here! Nothing! Zippo! To even suggest that would leave her utterly aghast. THe girl has not looked back at the storefront of Kaleidoscope following her strange reaction to the wares in the front windows. A soft humming in her throat reveals that she is deep in thought, before her clear blue-green gaze is back upon Daxton. Her skirts, of a clean ivory coloration with black embroidery at the hem, flutter lightly in the warm breeze. They are not so short as to pull a Marilyn Monroe in the middle of a mall, however. "Oh," Her eyes widen a touch. "He was affected? Do you know whose abilities he received?" Callisto looks a touch concerned, "I was mercifully.. untouched.. by that which occurred. But there were a few students turned upon their ears, tying to adjust." She explains, then finally considers his question.

"No, no… t'is okay. I simply saw something that reminded me of Mother." Said with a little frown.

Daxton's blue eyes narrow, not liking her behavior suddenly. "He got mental stage. He's mostly been in bed, away from everyone else. Unless AfterThought is with him." She's studied, he's not certain she's telling him everything but he has no proof, so… "What flashy and over priced?" He knows the store she was looking at.

The fey girl is trying to veer the subject back to Inferno's woes. "Psychic powers… t'is not easy when you are not used to it. If help is required, I may be able to offer that. I've an ability that can bring forth deep, extensive sleep. The mind is calmed, all is quiet. Let me know if there is anything I can do." She says in earnest, wanting very much to help out. Heaven knows he's done enough for her.

And even now, Dax is trying to be of aide to her, in simply asking. Though the 'flashy and overpriced' bit makes her smile a bit, "Hah," She shakes her head slowly touching the pendant. "A ring with a stone. Mother favors the color green.. so much so that, aside from black, she deigns to wear such a color. Clothing. Jewelry. Hence, her namesake. T'was a ring bearing the very stone that she is named after, loosely." Said reflectively… there are reasons why Callisto rarely wears green, if ever. "Reminders everywhere. I try not to go forth scared."

Daxton shakes his head, "I think AfterThought's got it." He rolls his eyes, "Alright, no green stuff. Got it." Not that Dax has anything green, really. "You can't let a color scare you. Fuck that."

The girl looks ponderous, frowns slightly, and finds herself standing outside of what may or may not be a Chinese food buffet. "You are correct. But I implore that you do not let my foolish reservations govern your usage of the color green.. though I do not quite see it as being your color—" Callisto pauses again, eyes following a compact middle aged woman who is departing the Chinese food haunt, lamenting a soy sauce stain on the front of her new blouse. Callisto's brow furrows and the look passes in seconds. Clearly nothing to worry about, though she seems to be keeping a 'net' of sorts cast, forever 'searching' and sensing.

It can't be easy.

"This?" She indicates the one choice, watching him. "T'is a buffet."

Daxton really doesn't like it when she makes those faces, "Come on….let's go get food then. I'm starving." He'll motion her inside, although he glances around before following her in, slightly nervous himself. But that all dissipates when there's food. All you can eat? Ha.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.
<FS3> Callisto rolls Glamour: Success.

The girl seems content to go in, even if she isn't too hungry. For Daxton's troubles it is her distinct intention to pay for this scoff. Is there a way she can pay in advance without him fighting it?! It's what friends do, right? Callisto pauses, is just reading the 'please wait to be seated' sign when it happens.

It's a buzzing in the back of her mind, physically manifesting in the hint of a headache. It hastens to grip her and suddenly her head feels heavy. She knows what is happening, when her 'net' catches something. How could she have been so stupid to leave her shields down for those few moments?

"H-hn.." The girl flinches, the sound of her discomfort barely audible. Physically she is obviously hurting as someone — some mentalist — seizes hold of her mind, and razes it. THe shields are down, the 'true nature' is coaxed forth. THere is a flash of something on Callisto's person: the diaphanous black, silver, purple gown of a dark faerie; the crest of 'wings'. It's gone in seconds and as the chokehold on her mind is released, Callisto tumbles to the floor (clad in her normal attire) as the forced glamour short-circuits, and sends her tumbling into a dead faint. The poor hostess doesn't know what to think!

Damn it all! The speedster just wats to eat! He starts to turn at her soft noise of pain nd down she goes. Time slows, not only enough for him to catch her, but enough for him to take in and study the vision hat lays onto of her. It's good to know what your enemy looks like. She'll wake up back at the tension, with Daxton and AfterThough talking quietly outside her doorway.

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