(2018-06-17) Pink Lemonade!
Pink Lemonade!
Summary: Oliver and Fionnuala support a local business…!
Date: 2018-06-17
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NPCs: Ailbeart Reid, Flora Reid
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Broadway Avenue, Shady Cove
Sun Jun 17, 2018

Trees line the sides of the road of Broadway, one of the residential areas of the town. Several upper middle class homes dot the area, the yards kept nice and neat and there are a few other businesses, but mostly those that are ran out of the front of homes. There is still a view of the ocean here and some of the homes have back yards that border the beach.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

The year of classes may be over, but the school still has influence on much of Fionnuala's life beyond it's walls. Word on the street (ok not street; more like the grounds) is that the new school is set to be ready later in the summer. So what's a shifter to do…? Not that she had much that was truly heavy (ie. furniture) but there were books, some supplies.. etc. Most of Fionnuala's things were taken with her with her parents' aide via the family car. But there are always bits and pieces: knick-knacks that were acquired, bits of clothing forgotten, things to turn in and/or give back to the school.

These loose ends were tied up that morning and fast-forward to the afternoon? Fionnuala is just stepping off one of the local buses, a duffel bag slung over one shoulder. She looks as chipper as one would expect; radiant and happy in a pink sundress with tiny, tiny patterning of cream-colored flowers. Her hair is tied up into a loose, floppy ponytail with a matching ribbon and of course, being in public, she is wingless.

It is into the cozy suburbia that the girl traipses, on her way to the Reid family home and quite a few blocks away. She shall make an animated and chatty partner for Oliver, if her alien partner had decided to join her for the afternoon.

Oliver was more than happy to join Fionnuala for the afternoon, looking every bit like an eighteen year-old human boy as he helps carry whatever might need to be carried. He certainly wasn't going to let her carry the heavy things! He's more than happy to just be in her company and happy to make conversation as well. "So you'll be living at home over the summer…" it's more of a statement as, why wouldn't she?

There's not all that much now.. just a bunch of little things. In the duffel? Leftover 'optional' parts of the uniform that cannot quite be passed on to other students: stockings, tights, etc etc. A pair of shoes. Some personal belongings such as cheap jewelry (hey she likes costume jewelry!) and the like. Oliver will have been designated a cardboard box, about the size of a cake box, filled with knick knacks.

"For the most part, though I'm gonna see if I can help out with getting the new school ready. Like, make it feel like home." The girl considers, looks briefly rueful. "So how are you feeling, now that the year has come to an end?" She asks, gently.

"Home? I don't know that they even want that. I mean, I think the Estate might be the closest to 'homey' that I've felt at the school. You didn't see the last one, did you? It was like living in an Aquarium." Ollie will happily carry the box of odds and ends as long as Fee is there with him! "But if they do want to make it more homey, I think that would be wonderful. It's so hard with folks coming from something familiar to something completely unfamiliar like a boarding school…some more than others." A deep breath is taken when she asks how he feels. "It's kind of surreal, knowing that I won't be going back to classes at the end of the summer. I might look into that scholarship thing and take a few classes at the community college though. Basic things, in case I decide to go on with other classes. But I'll be working at the coffee shop and the vegan place…"

"I remember the old school, actually!" Fionnuala chimes happily, though she pauses to wave to an older man who is mowing his lawn. "Hi, Mr. Robertson!" She sings out and returns to the tangent of conversation with Ollie, "I'm happy with whatever they have set up, as long as there's lots of windows, and light.. and air. Not a bunker. Not underwater. I hope it's in a wide open space with lots to look at." She appeals to whatever Gods she believes in, sending out her hopes. She adjusts her duffel again, something can be heard 'jingling' within.

Her free arm, meanwhile, reaches out to snake around the small of Ollie's back to give him a walking side-snug. "I am excited for you, in the grand scheme. Oh, the things you can and will do! The scholarship.. was for Thunder Bay, was it? That's where the community college is?"

"I hope it is too. Open spaces and light. I didn't mind the aquarium, but there were times when I just wanted fresh air and it was harder to get out there than here." Ollie tilts his head some at the jingling in the bag, "Do you have bells in there?"

The arm about his waist gets a smile and he leans over to try and press a kiss to Fee's forehead, "I don't know if I'm all that, really. And yeah, it was for Thunder Bay. I can fly there if needed…" since he still doesn't have a car, nor will he for a long, long while. "I'll probably stay at the Estates though since…well…I don't know how it would look if I was still hanging out at the school." Besides, at the Estates, they won't care if a girlfriend occasionally shows up. "How does it feel to be a Junior now? Just two more years!"

The girl's lashes flutter closed at the forehead kiss and instinctively, she rises up to receive it. "Bells? Nah, costume jewelry. You wouldn't believe how much I had accumulated." Said gigglingly, the band of her arm cinching a bit tighter across Oliver's back and before his face pulls back from her forehead, she will try to peck a kiss to his lips. All of this without breaking stride! Her skin is warm and she both smells of sunlight and some sort of fruity perfume, and resembles it too. Summer is Fionnuala's season, obviously.

"I can fly out to see you when appropriate… though I'll be super busy with being a Junior… along with community service hours… and the thrift shop! Cripes, gone are the days of being a carefree little girl~" Fionnuala shrugs lightly, then blushes. "Oh, so did you get a room at the estate? Did you talk to your friend Felicia to look into having a place to pay room and board? Because that would be the best!"

A trilling giggle, "They better get used to me popping in. Before you know it, I'll be on the graduating chopping block and trying to decide where to live.."

Oliver is more than happy to provide said kiss as they walk, but they might need to be careful at some point or they might run into a street light or off a curb. He feels every bit a late-teenage boy, minus some of the sweaty, smelliness. "I bet you'll be super busy! That was a busy year for me too. Maybe not quite like this…" as it was the year he spent as a girl. Smiling a little brighter he answers, "I did. I spoke to Daxton, really, and then Inferno. As long as I contribute to the chores and some room and board, I can stay for a little bit. I don't know how long if I'm not a team member, but I'll stay as long as I can."

The smile grows a little softer, "Maybe by the time you graduate, I'll have a place and you can move in too."

They had best watch out! It's easy to get distracted and with how these two can get…. hm!

"I don't mind being busy. It keeps me out of trouble and out of bargain basements." The girl smiles sunnily, her black ponytail bobbing at her back as they pass a very familiar pair of houses. On the front porch of one sits a couple of thirty-somethings, one reading from an e-reader and the other listening to a sportscast on his phone. At the end of their walkway is a small table, set up for selling lemonade. The typical business plan for 6-9 year olds everywhere…!

Fionnuala isn't quite aware of this venture yet, they're still a few feet away. She gives Ollie a squeeze to further emphasize her excitement, "How brilliant, though! It's one less thing to worry about, right? And by the time I graduate, if they let you say on for that long… we can.." Blush. at this stage she has full faith that they can make it that far; such a milestone. ".. yeah. You think you could stand living with me?" The shifter asks with a twinkle in her brilliant yellow eyes.

"Well, not -too- busy, although I'm guilty of that myself," now he'll even be working two jobs! Oliver is also distracted, gazing at Fee as they walk and talk, "But it's a relief, yeah. At least I know them and I'm guessing there will be a lot less to do once the school moves back. Or I just end up being the coffee supplier for the house." He smiles again, "I think that it would be glorious living with you. But could you stand living with -me-?" Then again, he doesn't really own anything…

Sometimes Fee can be distracting, not in a 'soft sparkles and string instruments crescendo'ing' way but just the vibrancy of colors that she favors. The pink dress is more of a pastel tone today — nowhere near as neon as she can get — but it's still striking and bright against her dark hair. "Hey, coffee supplier is a big deal. You'll be living with speedsters, for one. I bet they need lots of caffeine. I'd say a coffee supplier is the most valuable member of any team or household." The crow shifter giggles softly, gazing sideward at the boy in a mooky way for a few seconds.

"Do you think so, really? I am kinda fun. And I'm not messy like a hoarder, even though I like to collect things!" Fionnuala admits, shouldering her duffel. By now they're coming within hailing distance of the lemonade table and the kids manning it watch the two with interest.

"I would love to see you everyday, seriously. What makes you think that you'd be hard to live with?" Asked with a mischievous smile.

"I never said hard to live with," Oliver grins. "And I don't mind stuff…I don't tend to have a lot to keep it around…" he barely needs clothes and he hasn't really been into television shows or video games. "My roommates seemed to like me well enough…" at least from what he could tell. "And you are definitely fun! I just don't want your parents angry at me…" not that he'd try and live with her now!

"Daxton and Felicia like energy drinks more than coffee. But you're right, it's still something."

"They wouldn't be angry at you. I don't think they want me in the nest beyond graduation." Okay, it goes without saying that the Reids would gladly help their daughter in letting her stay home for however long, but Fee doesn't want to be That Daughter. "Okay so they'd be okay but.. y'know. I want to keep up my momentum and to live with my wonderful boyfriend is just too awesome for words. As long as I get free reign over decorating the place, we'll get along just fine!"

Say no say no say no—-

Energy drinks bring a moue of displeasure to Fee's sunny expression. "Euuuch… I couldn't touch those. Ever. To each their own I guess—-" She's about to continue, t'il the voices of eager kids break in.

"Lemonade! Do you guys want some lemonade?" Asks the older of the two. There's two of them: two blonde girls. One is eight, the other six.

"I don't know…they might…" knowing how intimate he and Fionnuala have become. Technically, though, he needs to be careful for a little bit longer. "Free reign? Well, I guess that would depend on where we're living? If there are roommates they might not agree so easily," but Oliver really doesn't have feelings about decor. It's not really something he's given thought to; it was one room after another without hope of any permanence so he stopped trying pretty early on.

"I'm not a fan of them either…it's like you can taste the chemicals. But I also don't like feeling that wired," which is probably also why he doesn't really drink coffee. The call of 'lemonade' catches his attention and he looks over to the table and grins, "Sure! We'll take two."

"I think if we go it alone, we could find a box of an apartment to live in. It wouldn't be big. Any larger and I guess I'll have to be mindful of other peoples' tastes." Fee grins, "But no matter where you live, it's so easy to make it a home. Someday you will get to call a place home, Ollie, I promise. I'll be helping." It's an easily spoken pledge, but an earnest one. They just have to stay nose to the grindstone with work and studies, if they are of a mind to wait for one another!

By now, the little kids take away all thought of planning a future. Fee grins outright at them; she is in possession of no shyness toward little kids. "Oh, now here's what I need. Like, right now. I woke up today after dreaming of lemonade and I've been thinking about it ALL day. And here you are!" Her rounded glowing eyes look between the two fluffy-haired little girls. One of them is gawping outright at Oliver, already forming her kid-crush. "Do you have pink lemonade!?"

Oliver grins at the girls and pulls a wallet out of his pocket because yes, he is wearing real pants today. "Pink or yellow, we'll take two…" because he is more than happy to help support kids! "I didn't know people still did this! It's wonderful!" is mentioned even as he grins at Fionnuala. "We have a couple of years yet to try to find a place. And by then you might be sick of me!" He might be teasing a little. "Or decide you want to go to college in Australia."

"Or purple! Or blue, do you have blue lemonade?" Fionnuala rattles off in a tone that teases amusement out of the little ones. "But regular yellow lemonade will do, too, because I just love lemonade." She concurs with a flourish, her duffel bag rattling with that previously heard 'tinkling' sound. Like there's bits of a glass 'something' in there.. beads? Polished stones?

The girls meanwhile stare outright… a wallet? This is a big deal! The elder nudges the younger to pour the drink into two plastic Solo cups and says to the two teenagers, "That'll be a dollar." Yup, they're fifty cents apiece. These are tough times!

"People still do this." Fee remarks with a big smile, "It's like a rite of passage."

Oliver hands over two dollars, "I think you're undercharging. At the Mug Shot, we charge $3.50 for a lemonade." He gives the girls a wink before taking the cups and offering one to Fee. "Is it? Does that mean I need to set up a stand in order to have that rite of passage or has it just passed me by?" Back to the girls, "I hope you guys sell a lot of lemonade! It's a great day for it…just what I needed!"

The shifter looks absolutely touched by Ollie's response to the kids. As for said kids? The handing over of two dollars has the girls fairly bowled over! They're already yammering on upping the cost (in as elementary a manner as possible given how young they are) when the drinks are slid forth. Fee taps the side of her glass, considering. "And bling. You need bling." Down goes the duffel, and she kneels to unzip it and pull out some of her 'projects' that she fiddled with in her space back at Winbarry. With reverence she pulls out two long necklaces, done up like mardi gras beads, each bearing a plethora of rainbow colors. Fee has most definitely been at a beading store somewhere and had her way with their stock! But they're two brilliant, well-done pieces and the kids' eyes widen to saucers at their colors. Fee steps 'round the table and places one upon each kid. "There you go. Just see if that doesn't bring them in!"

The two shall leave behind two happily stunned young lemonade hockers. Fee looks to Ollie as she sips the drink, "I think so. Wouldn't that be fun? If you wanna, I'll help out!" Said with a wink.. she's serious. "We will need to stake out another part of town though." Giggle.

Oliver sips at the lemonade as they continue walking back towards Fee's house, "I hope we didn't cause any trouble back there," but he does seem amused at how happy the girls were at their purchase and gifts. "That was nice of you to give them those necklaces." As if he expected anything less.

There's then a laugh as she mentions helping him start a lemonade stand. "We would…and I think that might count as a conflict of interest. And I think we'd probably get in trouble without some sort of food prep certificate…" he's worked in the business for a couple of years and her father is a chef. No doubt they are aware of the pesky rules. "Might be fun though…maybe over the summer…to do a lemonade stand a bake sale for the school. Raise money for…something."

"Business is aggressive. Those kids will find us and shut us down." Fionnuala says laughingly as she glances over a shoulder at the modest little table that they left behind… already another young couple has walked up for their share. "But hey, it's all good… no trouble to be had. They were just getting started and I bet that'll set the mood for their day. Start it off right. IT's just that way of teaching kids about having to work for their play money.. I tried my own stand when I was little, you know? And, uh…" Fionnuala blushes, leans in to whisper.

"I didn't have enough lemonade, went into the fridge and tried to sell Da's beer. I didn't know though, I was only seven!" She exclaims.. is she serious?! She laughs then, "I was shut down pretty quickly. Cousin Bal was there and I think he knew."

"Maybe some sort of back-to-school thing.. something to make the opening of the new school a fun time."

Oliver looks pensive for a moment, "I guess that we really can't do it to raise more awareness for the school. We don't want people looking too closely at it…" as if he's still a part of it! That's going to take some getting used-to. He then cracks a laugh, "You tried selling his beer! Oh no!! That's hysterical! Too bad you were shut down, I bet the neighborhood would have loved it!"

As far as Fee is concerned, Ollie is still a part of the school. Even as an alumni! She's seen graduates returning for one reason or another. Therefore the girl doesn't correct a single thing that the boy says because there's nothing wrong with it. "Yeah, you're right. But like it was moving to Winbarry, it was intimidating. Going to this new place, wherever it is… it'll be the same. Plus there's new people who joined us a few months before the year ended. It's kind of a nice way to welcome everyone because in a way we'll all be new again." She reasons it out.. yup, this has been slid into her mental rolodex.

Ollie's laughter warms her, and she laughs with him as she drains the rest of her lemonade. "It's truth. Fifty cent beer, can you imagine?" She asks.. "Da just about went into meltdown mode but then Ma gave him the gears for having the stuff so easily accessible in the fridge. Nobody was aware when cousin Bal swiped a can and had about half of it down the hatch before they found him under the table trying to finish it off. He was twelve and had a big idea of himself." More giggling. "Are you sure you wanna be involved with this family?"

"I think we're talking about different things. I was thinking a bakesale or lemonade stand to raise money for, like, the music program at school. Or to reinstate one." Since they had one before! "But a little party at the beginning of the year could be nice, too. I think it must be hard for the students who come in right at the end to feel comfortable." Oliver finishes up his own lemonade and holds onto the cup until he can find the proper receptacle to toss it in.

He can't help a grin through the rest of the story. The question, however, has his brows lifting and he offers in a pleasant, but more serious tone, "It sounds wonderful."

"We can merge our ideas.. I'm not the best baker, but there's this one girl who joined us who can bake like a fiend." She does not name names because, alt-fu. Hn. Fionnuala taps her chin lightly. "And hey, why not do both? It's all just a good thing to help with spirit." Fionnuala offers to take Ollie's empty cup, slides it into her own, and stuffs the two into one of the mesh pockets of her duffel. She'll pitch both into the soft plastic recycle at her house.

"It is wonderful. A bit nutty, but everyone has their hearts in the right spot. You'll never be bored." Fee says fondly as they turn up the walkway leading to the Reid home, it's length flanked by lovely, colorful low-lying flowers. "And—"

Suddenly the door leading into the house is flung open and Ailbeart Reid is there, toothpaste froth still flecking his red beard a bit and his upper body clad in an undershirt. His pants? Work pants. "Now don't be alarmed," (naw dinnae be alarmed) .. He calls out to Ollie and Fee. "A squirrel got into the kitchen. It's a bit of a show. Ma is in there right now with th' oven mitts and a jar of nuts and we'll have this dealt with soon."

A beat as Flora can be heard behind him. "There's a SECOND ONE, Al!"

Fee stares, deadpan, and looks at Ollie. "… case in point.."

<FS3> Oliver rolls Shapechanging: Great Success.

"I think you should organize it and I'll try to get alumni to come buy stuff." Local alumni, at least. Oliver seems about ready to say something else when Ailbeart comes out, complete with toothbrush, and announces that there are squirrels in the kitchen. Fee gets a grin before he hands her his wallet, "I might be able to help with this. Just tell your mom not to hurt us."

One moment there's Oliver and the next there's a grey and ruddy squirrel running past Ailbeart and -into- the kitchen! Seems like he's going to try and convince the other two squirrels to follow him back outside.

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