(2018-06-17) Cartoons for Science
Cartoons for Science
Summary: Syd and Sierra spend some time talking over old cartoons. Syd's world gets another tectonic shift.
Date: 2018.06.17
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Girl's Wing
A long hallway with a large curtained window at the end. Carpet runs the length of it. There are a number of doors on each side leading to bedrooms. Between the doors and wall sconces that give just enough light to see by.


Ahh, Sunday. Given her lack of religious obligations (hasn't been to mass in… 30 years?), Syd is lounging on a very sturdy, home-built futon in her room, watching youtube on her tablet. Warner Brothers Cartoons may not be in favor today with parents, but Syd is from another time, and these are her childhood. Besides. It's free, until WB takes it down. The volume isn't up high - people are trying to sleep, but the door is open to anyone who cares to visit. It's so noted on the dry erase board hanging from the door. "Cartoons! BYO Cerial."

Sierra is sneaking past Sydney's door when she notices two things. One, the door is wide open. Two, the metal girl can see her obviously not coming from her own room. And there is a third thing too…Looney Toons! She is dressed in black leggings and a denim jacket - which all looks slept in. She is also carrying her shoes in one hand. The other hand giving a wave to Sydney. "Hey. Good morning."

Sydney waves at Sierra and looks at her. "Wild party?" She chuckles. "For two, maybe? With Saoirse?" She scootches over on the futon to make room and pats the spot next to her, setting the tablet down so Sierra can watch too.

A little blush at Sydney's words as she wanders into the room. "Not that wild" she explains as she sits. "Not as wild as I would like at least" she smiles. "But…yes…I spent the night in Saoirse's pillowfort but we didn't do anything much more than kissing." She leans in to whisper. "I think we're trying out being a couple." Sierra drops her shoes to the floor before stretching out. "Who is your favorite Looney Toon? If you say Speedy Gonzalez, we will not be friends anymore."

Sydney thpppts. "Speedy cartoons were stupid. Once in a while there'd be a good zinger, but…might as well watch Scooby Doo. Nah. My favorite? Wile E. Coyote. He's all about finding better ways to get the job done. He's not very good at it, but he uses his brain as much as Bugs. I also like Daffy. And Pepe. You?"

"Daffy Duck all the way" Sierra replies without hesitation. "I can understand him. He is always losing because the world is unfair. Sometimes I want to punch Bugs Bunny" she pouts before smiling. "But then I remember he is not real and I cannot punch cartoons." Her frown returns. "I did not bring any cereal."

Sydney nods and sits up carefully. She moves as lightly as anyone else, but the floor and the futon shake in ways they did not when Sierra sat down. She draws her legs into lotus. "Are you hungry? I can go get you some. I don't keep…normal food in here. I can't eat enough of it to bother and it attracts ants. Or roaches." Syd shudders. "Don't get me started on roaches. And yeah. Punching the screen… or setting it and the rest of the building on fire… probably not a good idea. No Speedy cartoons for you." She presses play on the screen. Beanstalk Bunny starts. She looks at Sierra a moment, then at the screen, focusing on it. She clears her throat, and opens her mouth to speak. Spanish comes out. From her accent and slang, over time it would become obvious that she learned Mexican Spanish. "I've never kissed another girl. I mean… first time I ever kissed a boy because I wanted to was Vinnie, right after prom. Is it… different?"

Sierra at first just assumes Sydney is speaking what she always does, her brain automatically translating it…and then realizing she doesn't have to. It is a pleasant surprise to hear it again. It has been a while. "You speak Spanish well" she replies…in Spanish. "But we can speak English if you prefer." Though there was also a question asked. "Yes, it is different" she replies. "On a purely physical level. Girls are softer. Their lips are fuller. But what matters most about a kiss does not change. You are kissing a person you like…or at least want to have fun with. The magic. The charge. The passion. It is there regardless of who you kiss." She studies Sydney for a moment. "Do you want to kiss a girl?"

Sydney smiles. "Thanks. Hadn't tried it since I went metal." She taps on her arm meaningfully. "I had some Mexican friends. I hung out at their place a lot." She switches back to English. "As much as I could, really. But that, and Sesame Street. Gonna take a Spanish class here so I can read better and learn to spell." She's nattering on and she knows it. Trying to dodge Sierra's question, even though she can't really. "It never even occurred to me… no… that's a lie. I got… crushes. All the time. Mostly guys, but once in a while… and last time I was in school, it's something you didn't talk about. Ever. I mean shit, I think it was still considered a mental illness to be gay in 1980." Still dodging. She closes her eyes. "I guess I'm curious, for one thing."

"A mental illness? Even in America?" Sierra, unsurprisingly, frowns at that idea. "I can understand it in Mexico" she sighs. "In Mexico they wanted to burn me at the stake at first. The priest especially. He said I was a witch and needed to burn. Imagine what he would do if he found out I was a lesbian as well?" The Latina shrugs. "Crushes happen all the time. Does not mean you want to kiss people or find them attractive like /that/." The seventeen year old obviously speaking from an eternity of wisdom. "Do you want to kiss me?" she asks softly.

Sydney ponders. "I think so… Might have changed a few years before that but… information traveled slow back then. 7th grade was a long time ago." She thinks about that. "Do they? How did you… know? I mean if that's not too personal to ask." She lets the other question dangle for the moment.

"How did I know I liked women?" Sierra considers that for a long moment. "I guess… umm… it was how I felt inside. Like when you like anyone. It just happens…whether it is a boy or a girl. I was very shy when I arrived here. I had no desire to talk to boys but I was probably looking for a friend…who would be a girl. But when I started making friends with girls I realised it was much more than that with some of them." She sighs. "I am probably not making much sense. Love is hard to explain, Sydney."

Sydney nods slowly and watches the cartoon for a few minutes. "Yeah… it is. Wasn't a fair question, was it? I mean… how did I know I like boys? Do I even know? The only guy I ever…felt more than a crush for so far…was a Mafia enforcer, and old enough to be my father. Almost my grandfather. And how much of that was him being the only guy at the time who didn't want to experiment and see what it took to kill me. Even though knowing… would benefit him. I mean… I don't know." She watches some more, then adds, "Damn it, I'm not chickening out of this. Yes. I do want to kiss you. I just… can't promise that it means anything at all…"

"An old guy?" Sierra tries to process lusting after an old man but she shrugs it off. "You like who you like" she suggests. "Maybe one day I will like an old guy. I can't say for sure." And then the talk of the kiss. Sierra has to think on this one. "It would be best if it didn't mean anything" she replies. "Saoirse and I are a couple now…should I ask her if it is okay?" A little sigh. "If only you asked me yesterday…but if it is only for science. And you don't feel anything…"

Sydney nods. "For science." She chuckles ruefully. "I was… basically a lab animal when I got made into this. Some runaway they could buy cheap and who wouldn't be missed. He was the guy they were developing the process for. And he and the Family were paying the bills. After that I was his sparring partner, punching bag, I wrote the manual for us… pretty much anything to be more useful than testing to destruction. And one day he told me to put clothes on, and led me out. They might have tried to stop me alone, but he was 3 times my mass and about 3 times my strength. And he was the one writing the checks. We went on the one date, and I went into the freezer that night. He died the next day." She looks at Sierra and chuckles a little. "For science… I like that." She takes a slow breath. "It can be for science."

"Oh fuck. I so said the wrong word." Sierra pales a little, not helped with the story that goes with it. An old man used her naked form as a punching bag…that creeps the Latina out a little. "He put you in the freezer after the date? And then died?" She puts a hand on the shoulder of the metal girl. "I am so sorry, Sydney. That sounds horrible." Surely she can spare a kiss to make her feel better…if it makes her feel better. A deep breath as she decides. "Okay, let's do this. I means nothing but you can feel what it is like." Sierra has never kissed metal before either. Cradling Sydney's face, she offers a little smile before leaning in to press her full lips against the other girl's. Soft. Slow. Tender.

Sydney 's lips are… soft and warm. Her mouth tastes a little like iron, as though she's been eating a very rare steak recently, but the sweetness, the subtle chemistry of her lips… that's still there. She kisses back very, very gently, losing herself in the experience until it ends. She draws her hands to Sierra's and pets them lightly until the kiss ends.

Sierra was not expecting such soft lips. That iron tang is probably dangerous with the love of blood that the god inside the Latina has. The kiss is simple. Sierra resisting the urge to part her lips and let her tongue play…not on first kisses. When it ends, she sits back and smiles awkwardly. "I guess that's it" she laughs.

Sydney slowly exhales as the kiss ends and her lips cool. She nods slowly, and takes a slow breath, then lets it out. "Thank you," she whispers, and licks her lip briefly. "It… is different. Feels different from in here, too." She knocks on her head. Apparently she's hardened it up, because it makes a sound like knocking on the blade of a shovel. "Not… bad… or uncomfortable… just… different." Only now does the steel girl open her eyes and let the light reflect off those green irises again. The cartoon reaches the "tick tock tick tock… eh, it's a livin'" part at the end. Syd looks toward the screen languidly. "Probably…a good thing you're in a couple with Saoirse. It's a good reason to stop before things get too… confusing? Something like that. And by the way. I still love science. Teachers never got that. They saw "pothead." and never saw the nerdgirl underneath. This is a much better time for me, I think."

"Nothing wrong with different" Sierra smiles in agreement. "You have very soft lips. They're nice. So…umm…Vinny's lips were a bit rougher? Harder? I mean, I've kissed some boys but…not a lot." Her eyes narrow a little in confusion at the 'confusing' comment. "What do you mean? You don't like me, do you? I mean…not like that. You just wanted to know how it was to kiss a girl, right?" Her lips purse in thought. "Umm…do you still have any pot?"

Sydney smiles a little. "I might have a little crush on you at the moment. But I meant it when I said 'for science.' And I might have a tiny crush on Saoirse too, even though trying to have a conversation with her is like being Wile E. and chasing the roadrunner. She has that… manic enthusiasm… it's like she loves being who she is every moment. I like that. Vin? yeah. He's a good kisser. Absolute gentleman. He didn't bang his teeth against mine or try to shove his tongue down my throat or anything. It was… gentle. Tender. I'm pretty sure he does like me." She looks up at Sierra. "No, I smoked everything I had in 1980. It hasn't seemed… safe to get high since I went metal. I haven't even had a cigarette since then."

"Oh well. If you do ever get any pot, let me know" Sierra grins before her look grows more sympathetic. "You have a crush on me and Saoirse? Maybe we should have threesome" she giggles before shaking her head. "Kidding. Saoirse wants to take things very slow. That whole concept would blow her mind. And, yeah, but I think she's more like Tasmanian Devil. Whirling around all over the place." A tilt of her head. "I think I destroyed your crush anyway. We kissed and it was…nothing" she winks. "Vinny seems nice. He's been here even longer than me I think. But, you know, don't really hang out with the boys much."

Sydney blushes, her cheeks turning straw colored, edging toward purple. How they get that way without getting hot enough to blister anything that touches them? Comic book physics. She nods, squeezing her eyes shut. "Yeah… no I think… yeah. What you said. I'll let you know if I get any pot. Because hey, just because I can throw cars and you can… what is it you do?" she pauses. "Well anyway, it doesn't mean we shouldn't get high." Syd laughs. "What I read is that the stuff you guys get from the recreational states is a different world from the crap we smoked, anyway." She starts the next cartoon. "So how did you wind up here? Seems like you've come a long way to be here."

"I'm a witch" Sierra explains with a giggle. "The priest was right!" A wink before she shakes her head. "Not exactly a witch. I took the wrong turn at an archaelogical dig and released an ancient Aztec fire god…who is now inside me and part of me. I would tell you his name but it has more letters than it needs. So now I share my body with a god…he said he was a god, not me. My powers are mostly about fire but fire is pretty flexible. And he remembers new spells every now and then." She laughs at the cartoon before continuing, dragging her feet up under her as she sits on the futon. "Once the Mexican government found out about me I was recruited but they didn't really have the facilities. So…here I am. And when I say recruited I should probably say 'conscripted'."

Sydney laughs. "She's a witch! May we burn her?" The way Syd says that, the fake English accent, the cadence, the stresses, and so on would probably make it clear that Syd's quoting…something." She laughs some more. "I swear. All the stuff people's parents worried about us doing in D&D club… having our own gods, witchcraft, deals with demons… man, if they knew what kind of people are here they'd lose it. Maybe they still do. So I've totally kissed a witch." Syd giggles, but the gaze meeting Sierra's suggests that she doesn't take the kiss as lightly as she takes the witch part. She sobers at the 'conscripted' part. "Yeah, I've heard stories like that too. Does that happen a lot? I'm kind of new at the power thing."

"I guess just being at this school is a form of conscription" Sierra muses. "I mean…who runs this place? Students here will go and do heroic things every now and then. There was a group of advanced students who even had their own team. This isn't like going to a normal school. If we're here, we're expected to do stuff for them." A smile at the quote. "I'm a nerd, Sydney. I know all about Monty Python. And I weigh more than a duck. You've kissed whatever Vinny is too" she points out. "Kiss RJ and you could kiss an alien…though he only likes boys."

Sydney thinks about that. She hadn't considered it. "I'm pretty sure I had a choice whether I came here or not. I might have had to find another foster family though." She grins at Sierra. "Vinny's…" She ponders. "Well he has really fast reflexes, which kept his toes from getting crushed when we danced… Shit, did I really forget to ask him about that, or were they right about pot screwing up your brain?" She laughs at Sierra's nerd comment. "No wonder we get along. An alien? Oh I need to meet him…" And with that, she'll turn back to the screen, but Sierra might catch her glancing at Sierra's face when she thinks Sierra's not looking. Syd's world has been subtly altered. She's still digesting the experience.

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