(2018-06-15) Beach of Shame
Beach of Shame
Summary: A gathering at the beach at the start of the summer holidays. There are bikinis - which may be too much for some.
Date: 2018-06-15
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Day two of summer break proves to be a beauty… for it seems as if the weather is celebrating with the throngs of students — both powered and unpowered — who have been unleased upon the town. Callisto Aine, however, has been keeping close to the grounds for now as she worked to get her schedule at her part-time job fleshed out. That and sometimes it's nice just to be alone; to have one's first true swim in the open water and not be flanked by dozens of people. (such as at the beach in town.)

The sky is a brilliant blue at this midday hour, the orb of the sun sitting proudly at its zenith and bathing the land below in hot light. The waves of the ocean, flanking the grounds of Winbarry, lap at the beach languidly. In them is a certain dark faerie, her body moving through the water as she putters around via seamless forward backstroke. Her hair floats pearlescent and nimbus-like around her head as she floats face-up, her vision that of cherry-cola red as her eyelids are closed to the sunshine.

This. Feels. Glorious. She can be seen, and heard, easily from the shore.

Sydney doesn't swim, can't swim, but she's more than happy to lie on a blanket and reflect light obnoxiously at everyone else while her skin gets disturbingly hot. And sometimes a wade in the water is lovely, even if it does get rust in her toenail cuticles. That's what Syd's doing now, letting the waves wash over her knees, which is as high as she dares let them go before it starts to make her uncomfortable. She glances over and notices someone swimming.

Sierra hates the sand. Hates it. Her power revolves around fire so you'd think she wouldn't like water but, nope, she can even light fires underwater. Sand though. Sand she detests. What a shame she has to cross it to get to the water. The Latina is wearing hiking boots as she makes her way across the yellow evil. The rest of her clad in a swimsuit (https://tinyurl.com/ya6jmq6q). A huge towel over one shoulder. Spotting the floaters and waders she gives them a wave. "Hey, Sydney. Cal."

The Metis girl floats along, her body swaying in the waves, the profile of her face just barely discernable. A few minutes pass before she rights herself and stands, moonpale hair plastered at her back as she pushes back the water that sluices down both sides of her face. Callisto stands still for all of thirty seconds; it's as if the water, and being in it, is meditation itself. Sydney's person is very noticeable in such direct sunlight, and the fae's eyes flit in the direction of the iron maiden. There stands Callisto, 5'11" and willowy, managing quite well in a pale teal two-piece bikini (just google image search: 'teal string bikini and there you have the gist.. c_c;)

It's a sleek number with a scalloped bra-top, spaghetti strings, and a snippet of bottom. Now that she is aware of others, she… smiles. An honest-to-goodness, content smile. "Ah, good afternoon." She bows her head to Sierra and Sydney, waves dancing at her waist (she's still out deeper than wading depths) .. "How fare you?" Cripes, she talks like an eighty-year-old.

It is time. Bryce has been wondering about an experiment, but he has finally talked himself into trying it out. Well, technically, he has talked himself into going to a spot and thinking about the possibility of trying it out. Most likely. His confidence seems more variable than the ebb and flow of the waves. As he walks along the beach, he has his head down in thought. His arms crossed behind his back, unaware of the three girls he is heading towards. Unaware until he hears their voices. "Hmmm?" he says more to himself as he looks up. Seeing three girls in so few clothes causes his eyes to spread wide immediately and his head to drop again. "Uh, oh, um, hi."

Sydney waves at Callisto, then at Sierra and Bryce when she sees them. "Hiii!" She splashes a little water on herself, bending far over to do it, then slogs back to shore, basking in the sunlight. She chuckles inwardly at Bryce. There's just no safe place to look for him right now.

"Hey, Cheekbones" Sierra grins to Bryce as she spots him. Stopping as close to the water as she can, she lays the towel on the ground and then swings a bag of goodies off her shoulder onto it. "I have hot tacos if anyone wants one. I'm told my taco is a tasty treat." She has to stare at what Callisto is almost wearing but she has to admit the girl pulls it off. "Everyone happy it's summer?"

Yeah, her ilk don't have shame. Granted Callisto is doing everything she can to go against that grain, but she can't win 'em all! Mercifully when she moves to make her way back to her little nest on the shore, there's a cream-colored sarong that she will be cinching around her waist to make an honest maiden of herself. Til' then, she has a short walk to get there, and that is when she sees poor Bryce. She tilts her head pensively, surely catching on that the poor boy is a bit taken off-guard in seeing three girls in their beachwear. As if she is standing there in a fancy dress rather than a barely-there bikini, the girl nonetheless bows her head to Bryce as well. "Ah, and Bryce; good afternoon." Offered smoothly.

She moves to her towel, takes up the aforementioned gossamer rectangle of cloth and wraps up her faerie arse. Her smile does not dim, she looks and sounds happy today.. and it is to Sierra that she speaks amicably. "I could come to enjoy these… summer holidays." Spoken like one who has never had such before. Tacos however… "I would enjoy a taco. I've not much here to share other than…. fruit." Said as she indicates a small mesh lunch bag.

The cheekbones? Again? He thought only Darcy did that. Bryce holds his hands up briefly over his cheeks and then realizes that it is no use. "Um, tacos? Oh, flour shells with meat fillings, right? I, I had those once." Hearing Callisto, he tries to bow a bit because he remembers that she seemed to like it when Koga did it. -Tries- being the operative word as it looks more like a marionette with frayed strings. Hearing the question about the summer, Bryce shrugs though he still isn't looking up. "I, I guess it is okay. I've decided to stay here as, um, the other options, well, um, really option singular wasn't a good idea. I should have more time to study and maybe work on my, my abilities, but I think I'll miss the lectures, so I signed up for extra classes. I, I wasn't too happy with my grades this semester."

Sydney is about to shake her head to Sierra, then pauses. How long has it been since she ate meat? "Um. Sure, actually. That sounds good. I don't each much food, but I need some protein around to make the biological parts of my cells out of. Are they hot?"

"Not so hot you can't eat them" Sierra replies to the metal girl. "Does heat even bother you though? I don't know what your insides are like." A little giggle. "Maybe I should ask Vinny?" A nod to Bryce's definition. "Yeah, that's them…but you sure like to take the magic out of it. What was your other option for summer?" She gestures Callisto towards her. "Bring your fruit and we'll make a banquet out of it." Sierra starts pulling food out of her bag…there's even some sodas in there.

Saoirse is wearing a crissy-crossy bikini (https://i.pinimg.com/736x/78/4b/c0/784bc00b0c4aedaa1bda34be87d6ef3f--body-confidence-body-types.jpg) Coming down from above cloud cover she has a bag around her arm, tucked closed and spins around in circles as she dallies, sometimes floating down like a flower in the wind, going this way or that, taking her own time. "Swish, swish!" she'll say occasionally. "I'm a Unicorn!" once in a while. "I beleive I can fly!" Finally, due to the power of eventually-getting-there she comes to a stop floating a few feet above the ground. "Hi!" she calls out, resting her hands on her hips. "I'm Saoirse. I'm a girl, that's me. And I'm in a strappy bikini! Taadaa! Girl in Bikini, which is me, on a beach…well, not on the beach, but I'm above it! Unicorn style! I go swish, and swoosh, and wooshie-woosh! And…here I am!" Holding up her hands in a 'ta-da' moment "Hi! It's me! Oh! Hi Sydney! And Elfy-Faey-lady. Um..Callie..Callielypso I think!" She points at Sierra without looking at her "That's Sierra, she thinks I'm hot. But not like in a hot to touch way." Holding her hand towards Callisto, trying to touch her with it. "See? Not hot! Not gonna burn you! I think she likes me because I have unlimited marshmallows that we can toast together in sweet, sumptuous harmony. Marshmallow Alliances!" Pointing with the other hand towards Sierra, she whips her gaze to her "HI! It's me! Saoirse, the Marshmallow girl! That's me! Squishy, jiggly, and downright sweetishly bubbly fluffity! Hi!"

"Come, Bryce, and eat." Callisto bids, picking up her few belongings to move them closer to Sierra's set-up so that she may lay out her own smaller offering. She lays out her towel and kneels upon it, making sure there is no sand — or at least very minimal an amount — as she opens up the square-shaped container to reveal about four smaller, cubic bits of sealed Tupperware. In each: grapes, diced watermelon, strawberries and crescent-shaped slices of nectarine. Was she going to eat all of that?! Mind you, Callisto intended to be out here awhile.

Pushing hanks of damp hair over a shoulder, she goes about removing lids. "Please help yourselves." She bids before quieting to listen to Bryce's answer to Sierra's question.

Though, clear cerulean eyes peer up as Saoirse descends in a manner that only a Saoirse can! When the floating girl's hand is held out for Callisto to touch, she does so gingerly and offers a half-smile. Though before she can speak, her eyes round in surprise at this talk of marshmallows. She recalls vividly her last… experience.

Sydney looks up at Saoirse. "Is there like a bikini of the week club that I don't know about? What happened to your other suit? I mean, this one's nice too I just…" Well, she just feels inadequate for only having the one, and wearing it all the time when she's on the beach. She sighs a little and answers Sierra's question. "My insides are pretty much identical to my outsides. I'm not differentiated much. Every cell can do every job, or so they told me. I do notice when I move some cells from like an eye to a fingertip. It feels weird for a while, and I don't see very well." She heads over to get a taco.

Bryce looks up towards Sierra but only high enough that he is looking at her feet so he doesn't end up seeing something he shouldn't. "I'm, I'm sorry. My mind it, it tends to over analyze and define things." As he walks towards Callisto, he says, "I'm sorry, I, I didn't know you ladies were going to, um, have a picnic. I didn't bring anything. Do, do you want me to, um, go back and get some … er … things?" So definitive. When she asks about his other plan for the summer, his eye dip a little and he stops in his place. "Um, to go, with my father." The way he says it does not sound good.

As he goes to sit down, he hears Saoirse float in. He swiftly drops his eyes upon seeing what she is wearing. Perhaps going to the beach wasn't the safest idea that he has had. He sits down on the sand next to Callisto's towel and says, "Um, th-thank you." He is ready to defend himself from the marshmallow onslaught.

Koga had wandered to the beach because well… one, it's summer. Two, it's a beach… and three, because it was a good place to go swimming! Dressed in a button up shirt with a pair of beach swim trunks on with a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, the Asian teen's made his way down with a small backpack filled with some essentials. The beach towel under his arm is definite signs that he is there for at least staying at the beach. Not to mention the umbrella he has over one shoulder.

Really, the only thing missing for Koga is that it's kinda a bit more populated than he expected. Raising an eyebrow at the popularity of the beach, he makes his way over towards the group, giving a bit of a wave. "Hello. I see I was not the only one with the beach idea?" Koga asks once he gets closer to the group.

Sierra also looks up at Saoirse's arrival…and stares…and stares a bit more. "Yep…she is definitely hot" she confirms to no one in particular before being shaken from her reverie by the others. "Hmm? Oh…help yourselves everyone." A curious look at Bryce before she looks at her feet. "Oh…the boots? Yeah, I don't like sand so I wear boots on the beach. Weird, I know." That was what he was looking at…right? Sierra passes a taco to Sydney. "I have hot sauce if you want that too."

Sydney shakes her head and bites into the taco. She swallows it as though it's scalding hot. "Ahh. No, it's plenty spicy already." She smiles and wipes her forehead. "Good. But spicy." Some people have no tolerance for spicy food. She takes another bite, and reminds herself. Life is good.

More often than not one to remain silent and observant of those around her, Callisto does just that. Perhaps this is what draws Bryce, and the girl will make room on her portion of the towel conglomeration as he moves in her direction. The invitation is clear: he is more than welcome to set. She indicates the fruit, "T'is impromptu… not planned. There is no onus upon anyone to seek out anything to provide. Please, help yourself." There's just something about the bookish teen that makes the formerly-coldhearted dark faerie feel as if she wants to look after him. Contented now as she nibbles a piece of fruit, she looks up and around to observe the others who are present.. though Koga earns a wave. "Good afternoon, Koga." Says Callisto in her eloquent way. She looks relaxed and content in a string bikini, though a sarong has been paired with it and cinched at her hips to retain modesty.

Saoirse reaches into her bag with both hands and flings them up. "Marshmallow powers, activate!

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" A shout with the whooo, and large-sized marshmallows fling out of her fingers into the air, striking out against innocent bystanders likely harmlessly. Reaching in she moves towards Sierra, tossing a few marshmallows at her. "Marshmallow powers, pew, pew, pew!" She flips upside down to peer at Sierra "You like girls!" She points at herself with a giggle "And I'm a girl! Sooo..you liiiiike meeeeeee!" She performs a full turn as she peers at Sydney next. "Maybe I ate it? Maybe I didn't?" Holding out a marshmallow towards Bryce she tries to put it in his mouth, but her aim is more like trying to put it in his hair. "Swish! Swoooosh! Saoirse Marshmallow powers activate!"

Sydney finishes her taco and looks for something to wash down the heat. Marshmallow? Yes please. Slug of water? Yes. Sugar water to put out the fire? You betcha. She gives Sao a thumbs up and moves to get a little further from the food so others can have some. Also so she can sit and not be stepped on or tripped over. She wraps her arms around herself and listens, just trying to keep up.

As Sierra says that Saoirse is hot, Bryce asks, "Does she have a, a fever? I, I know some first aid so perhaps I could, uh, help." Glancing over at Koga, Bryce seems happy to be able to safely look up finally. "Oh, hi Koga." While everyone else is dressed for the beach, Bryce is still in his school uniform. Boy must never take that thing off. Seeing that Calisto makes room on her towel, he stands up and tries to brush off the sand from his pants before he sits down on the two. "Th-thank you. You are always so nice." As soon as the marshmallows go flying, he puts his head down further, shuts his mouth and covers his head. He knows what is coming. When the marshmallow gets shoved into his hair, it bumps the circlet. Thankfully it is rather secure, but that little bump and movement nearly freaks Bryce out. His eyes flash wide, his heart rate accelerates, his breathing quickens. He swiftly and fearfully grabs the circlet and re-adjust it.

Sierra sighs softly as marshmallows rain down upon her…and she is also quite amazed at how Saoirse's boobmeat stays where it is when upside down. "Okay…everyone who has trouble with slang. When I say Saoirse is 'hot', I mean I find her very attractive…", she plucks a marshmallow from her hair. "She does not have a fever or is on fire. It means I want to kiss her…a lot." She looks around. "Are we all clear on that?" Her hand heats up to toast some marshmallows while she speaks. "Hey, Koga. And, Bryce, you need a new outfit. Sydney, you okay for the rave?"

Noting Bryce's startling at having the circlet bumped, Callisto's rather peaceful expression flashes for mere seconds with alarm. She is pleased to not have marshmallows shoved at and into her own mouth this time, and if the fluffy white bits of yum are thrust again in Bryce's direction the faerie girl will seek to gently ease Saoirse's hand away with what is hopefully a disarming smile. "No thank you," Said here and there, if need be. She knows that the girl, who is trying to adjust to life in an able-(superpowered)-body, means well. Just.. the social cues are being formed!

A glance to Sydney next as the other girl elects to watch… she holds out the lunchbag of fruit to her, "Would you like some?" Asked kindly to the shiny girl. Silence as Sierra speaks, and Callisto tilts her head thoughtfully. "Of course. Kissing is most enjoyable, no? No judgement here. T'is good for you." The faerie says as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Hey, she was around at the end of the free love movement. c_c

Sydney doesn't seem shocked, but internally (for the telepaths, empaths, and other nosy parkers in the crowd) she is, at least a little. Not so much that Sierra is attracted to other women as that Sierra just comes out and says that in public, and most of all that nobody else seems to care. Her world. It lurches a bit. She blinks again. Wasn't Sierra asking her something? Rave? "Oh! Um… should be, yeah. Long as nobody minds if I cower in the ladies’ room from time to time…"

As for Koga, he spreads out the beach towel before settling down on it and setting his bag down in the sand. The umbrella is carefully twisted into the sand before he pops it open and settles under it. Seeing the sharing of food, Koga digs in the bag before pulling out some water, drink mix packs, and… a kinda large lunch box tin? "I have some onigiri, drink mixes, and water if you all are interested in any." He peeks into the bag, "Oh, and some Cheetos."

Popping open the lunch box tin near the others, a whole bunch of rice balls is revealed. Like seriously, as many as one could make of the little things and stuff in there. All of it looks like the rice is mixed, too. "Ah… tuna mayo is on the left, the right side is chicken."

Looking over at the others, he blinks a few times. "Rave? I am… not familiar with the term."

Saoirse tries to shove a marshmallow into Callisto's mouth when she comes to Bryce's mouth. "Marshmallow love!" Flipping back to 'sit' she nods. "Yes, Sierra said she likes my butt. I like my butt too, because it's good for sitting on. Me and my butt get along just fine!" Leaning towards Callisto with a bright giggle "Hee…do you get along with my butt? It's butt-tastic! Filled with marshmallows, and rump meat, and lots of teeny, tiny machines that keep it in rump-roaring rumptastic shape!" Slowly flipping to a 90 degree angle as she talks 'at' Callisto "Did you know that I'm a Unicorn? I am!" She'll drop the marshmallow if she hasn't gotten it into Callisto's mouth and reaches over with both hands to muss up Callisto's hair. "Do you think I should be sexually attracted to Sierra? I haven't decided yet. She's a pretty girl, but she's sooo messy. Panties on the lamp, bras all over the place. It's like a laundry fairy went kaboom!" She leans a little closer to Callisto to loudly whisper "I can be a superhero if I want to, like a unicorn with marshy-marshmallows"

Bryce makes the 'oh' face. He didn't know that Sierra meant the word that way. He nods and realizes he misunderstood something that other people get. Again. The topic of kissing causes Bryce to look down briefly at his left hand. He remains silent though he briefly gets a thoughtful look on his face. When Saoirse goes again for the marshmallow trick, Bryce's circlet flashes and very quickly covers his entire head and face with a helmet that seems to be an odd mix of medieval and cyber styles. His voice sounds a bit flat as he talks through the helmet. "Please, please be careful," he pleads with her. He finally reaches forward for one of the tacos while trying to figure out how to eat it with his helmet in place.

"A rave is a dance party" Sierra explains to Koga. "Anyone can come along and, don't worry, no need to take drugs or anything. Just be there to have a great time!" Sydney didn't answer, which has Sierra worried…as does the blank look on the metal girl's face. "You okay?" The Latina shrugs, how can a 600lb metal girl not be? Besides, Saoirse is having a conversation about her which she is meant to hear. Thankfully, Sierra is not the one to get embarrassed. "I like more than your butt" she objects with a pout. "I'm not that shallow…maybe." A nod to Callisto. "See, she gets it. Kissing is fun. Maybe I should kiss Callisto?" she giggles before Bryce is sitting there with a helmet on…on the beach…trying to eat a taco. "Bryce…you really need to relax."

The faerie is listening raptly to what a 'rave' could be, and this attention is interspersed with Saoirse's pushing of marshmallows. Callisto remembers well the evening her body revolted to eating about four of the things.. four. Pitiful? Perhaps. She glances sideward in a few moment to observe Koga's offering, and her expression lights up with intrigued pleasure. The rice balls look wonderful, and it shows in her expression. "I should like, very much, to—-"

Before one slender hand can lift to partake, Callisto's still-damp hair is thoroughly mussed by Saoirse's hands. "Roaring" She starts, voice still calm. Not much fazes the faerie girl when she is in a good mood. "Rumptas-" Ruffle ruffle. Hey, she likes her hair being touched, even spastically. Glimpses of Callisto's glacial green-blue eyes can be seen off-and-on as her tresses fly and bounce in the Irish girl's hands.

If this keeps the bionic girl from glomming Bryce, Callisto will deal.. as long as she's not eating marshmallows. Though something gives her pause, "If you wish to be attracted, if it feels good, then by all means. T'is not wrong, if it is returned." Callisto tries to interject with some calm advice. She's kinda.. shellshocked. And messy-haired—wait, kiss her? o_@

Saoirse tilts her head as she sits there now upside down. "Kiss her Callistigraphery! She wants to do kissyface!" making smoochie sounds "Kissy, kissy, kissy! Kisssssssssss! Smooches!" She tries to put a hand in Callisto's hair, to pat her on the head. "I am a Unicorn! Can you see it? I am the naive that sees the world in a color of paint that is painted with the colors of freedom and hope! I am the beast of possibility, of power to be used for those seeking to unlock the truth! Can you see it Calligraphy? Hmm? It's who I am! I use my superpowers! I'm going to transform now, Destroy mode!" She rights herself, then holds out her arms to the sides. "SWISH!" And she's suddenly moving up into the clouds out of sight very, very quickly.

Sydney laughs quietly as Callisto's hair gets mussied, watching the fae without realizing quite what she's looking at. She looks away quietly and has another drink of water. She's overwhelmed. It shows in her face, it shows in her body language, curled up around her legs, and it shows in the fact that she doesn't have much to say.

Bryce looks towards though not directly at Sierra, "I, I was trying to relax, but, but the circlet is very important. I have to keep it on." He thinks about trying to control the helmet enough to free just his mouth, but when Saoirse flies off, the helmet dissolves into nothingness. He brings the taco up to his lips and sees Callisto's hair messed up. Even with it 'messed up' it still looks good. Once more he goes to take a bit, but he stops himself again to look at Koga, "Do you, er, have a bottle of water that I could, uh, have?" In looking that direction though, his eyes pass Sydney who is oddly silent and still. He clears his throat and says to her, "Do you, um, want to sit over here, uh, by me, er, us?"

Sydney looks over at Bryce and smiles weakly. She screws the top down on the water bottle and rolls it his way. She nods. "Yeah, I'm ok. I was just… like I said, a shutin for two years, pretty much. And I never was a social butterfly. I'm a little overwhelmed. I'll be fine."

"Swap you a pair of balls for my taco" Sierra smiles sweetly to Koga, offering over one in anticipation. She watches Saoirse fly up into the sky and waves goodbye before looking over at Callisto. "I don't think she likes me" she explains, "Though sometimes I think she does but then…nope…all in my head. But hey" she shrugs, "Lots of pretty girls at the school and no one can resist me." She is joking about that last bit. "And don't worry, Callisto, you don't have to kiss me." Bryce's helmet disappearing is an improvement to his looks and his eating ability. "That's better" she smiles to him before following his gaze to Sydney. "Syd?" She looks to the others. "Has she broken down?" Thankfully, she speaks and Sierra breathes a sigh of relief.

It's not often that Callisto is flabbergasted, but she is. You couldn't tell by her expression; she's poker-faced with her hair fluffed to Jareth the Goblin King proportions. She remains steadfast calm and collected as the floating girl speaks onwards, her eyes trained upon her thoughtfully. A glance sideward to the helmet-donning Bryce. It is a good thing that he is not being accosted further with marshmallows because unfortunately, that will have pushed the dark faerie into the realm of stern behavior. She doesn't want to be That Person. :x

But then, as suddenly and quickly as she appeared, Saoirse is beginning to rise skyward again. Bryce's query to Sydney catches her attention and she furthers the offer, gesturing. The thought crosses her mind: would proximity to Sydney affect her aversion to raw iron? Still, the other girl looks uncomfortable.

To Sierra, next, the white-haired girl turns. "I suspect that she does, but she knows naught what it means yet. Be patient with her, guide her. You are most attractive." She reassures, eyeing the Latina with curiosity in her eyes. "She is like a whirling dervish but those, too, slow down.. and it shall get easier as s—-"

Callisto pauses, flinches gently. She looks briefly distracted.

Koga shakes his head at that, then sighs as he lays back on the beach towel, grabbing one of the chicken rice balls to munch on. "Is it just me, or was that weirder than usual with her?" He asks out loud. Then considers before looking to the others. He blinks, looking over at Sydney, then looks to Sierra and Callisto. "I could zap her maybe and see what she does?"

Considering as he looks at Bryce, Koga shakes his head. "I wish I could hide my embarrassment like that."

Looking to Sierra, he smiles, "Chicken or tuna mayo? The mayo is Japanese, fair warning. Think of it as a sweeter kind."

Then he notices Callisto stopping and frowns. "Callisto?"

Bryce is shocked. Visibly so at Koga's words. He can't believe that someone wished that they could so what he did. He normally things that everyone else is better than he is. Of course, Bryce wasn't hiding his embarrassment though that is a good idea for the future. Instead, he was trying to protect his circlet. "She did seem, um, behaviorally different." What was he about to do? Oh, the taco. But he gets distracted again. To Sydney, he says in a way that he hopes is comforting, "You are, um, still doing better than I can. And if we don't, uh, stop trying then we have to, well, get better…probably." He shouldn't have added that last word. Okay, now the taco. Wait. "Are, are you okay Calisto?"

Sydney gets up slowly. "The EMP might have messed with her head a little. Those of us whose nerves have metal in them are susceptible to them. I got stunned at the amusement park. Just.. *click* and next thing I knew I was on the ground hoping I hadn't crushed someone. Also with half an icec ream cone smeared up my chest. I think the whole business is monkeying with people's powers." She shrugs. Considers the crowd and how… direct people are about this stuff. "Or maybe she's just horny. I don't understand her much. She's sweet, but it's like she's permanently sugar-high."

"Chicken" Sierra smile to Koga before taking one of the balls. "Though the mayo sounds good." Food is swapped and she grabs a coke to wash it all down. "We need Kaylee's fruit boxes" she grins before shaking her head. "I didn't notice Saoirse being any different than normal. Maybe a /bit/ more hyper." A nod to Sydney's ideas. "Could have been the pulse. Though if she's horny…" Sierra's attention then turns to Callisto before she gets too carried away with that thought. "You're very attractive too" she notes before there is that sudden cessation of speaking. Are there supervillains on the way? Sierra anxiously scans the world around them.

The mentalist returns to her presence of mind, and looks upon the others with an apologetic expression. "Forgive me. I have been.. contacted." She lifts a lithe index finger to indicate her head, touching a temple. Ah, a psychic link. Now if there are any fellow psychics in this impromptu gathering with a hint of telepathy, it wouldn't be out of the question to sense what was indeed a… 'ripple'… just now. A little jab of mental pressure. Even though it had arisen in Callisto's mind — a beckoning — the residual effects are there. She rubs the back of her bare neck, her Saoirse'd tresses quivering in the hot ocean breeze. "I must heed this call. But first…" She plucks up one of the rice balls, smiles openly to Koga. ".. fortification."

She pushes up to stand, unfurling her legs, folds of the sarong whispering at her calves. "Please excuse me. I must go meditate, see what this heralds." Callisto bows slightly.. a gutsy move, considering her swimsuit.. but no malfunctions. "Do leave the dishes on my towel if I am not as swift as intended. I shall take it back up to the estate when I leave."

She turns to find a secluded part of the beach to 'respond'. When her peers cannot see her face, that is when the smile falls… and the nervousness sets in. The hint of pain returns.

Sydney watches Callisto go. "…I sense a great disturbance in the Force…" She rubs her neck. "I'm gonna pack it in, gang." She smiles. "I haven't been to a pick-up party like this in a long time. I forgot how fun they are. 'Course… we had beer… and pot…Eh. 1979. You know. Things were different then. Sleep well when you sleep. For those who sleep." Syd waves, picks up her towel, and goes. "Pleasant dreams."

Sydney adds, more to herself as she goes, "…who needs drugs when you have Saoirse?"

Koga hums, "Not a bad idea when communicating that way, I have heard… if you need any help, do not be afraid to ask it, my lady." He gives a small wave at Callisto.

Turning back to Sierra, he hands over two of the chicken and one extra of the tuna mayo. "Here you go."
The Asian teen sighs as he pours one of the drink packs into a water bottle and shakes it. He raises an eyebrow at Bryce, then looks to Sydney. "My bet is the sugar high. The latter I would not wish anyone on to cure there. Beer? Pot? Oh… drugs. Hm. Well, there are some slight ritual herbs that might have the same effect I have heard about…" He leaves that hanging, a small grin on his face.

After all that, Koga just lays back on his beach towel under the shade of the large umbrella, which hopefully has enough space for one or two under said shade. "I swear it feels weird not having full classes."

Seeing Sydney and Callisto go, Bryce decides that he should go as well. "Bye," he says to them before turning to Koga and Sierra. "I, I think I'll go to. I, well, I came out here to practice and kind of forgot all about it." Multiple beautiful women in skimpy clothing? why would he get distracted? He stands up and remembers he still has the taco. "Oh, th-thank you again for this." He stands and brushes off the part of the towel that he was sitting on. He doesn't want to make more work for Callisto. He then heads off down the beach while finally taking a bit of the taco.

"You'd think they would have just texted her" Sierra notes about Callisto's 'call' before she gives a nod to Sydney. "Sleep well. And if you need some booze." A wiggle of her eyebrows. "But, yeah, you're right about Saoirse. We'll talk later about the rave." A little frown as Bryce announces he's leaving too. "No problem. I hope you enjoy it. Take care of yourself, Bryce." What once was a big party, is now down to her and Koga. At least they have all the food!!

Sierra's phone buzzes and she takes it out of her bag to see the text. A little smile forms before she looks up into the sky and nimble fingers send a message back.

Food is the life of the party! Yep! Koga hums, then glances to Sierra. "Sadly, a lot of us mystic types are… old fashioned. I still send my parents the occasional question by a mystic construct. I really need to get a familiar one of these days." He pouts a bit, then takes a bite of the taco. Taking a few moments as if in thought before smiling. "This is good… you said it is a taco? I have not had one before."

"I would not be allowed to be a Mexican if I did not eat taco. It is expected of me by the people here too. They probably expect you to eat riceballs" Sierra winks before asking, "A familiar what? I guess no one ever needs to 'call' my god. No mystic messages for me." And there's her phone again. Another quick text. "Hey…did you get anywhere with Callisto? I think you were kind of taken with her at the Prom" she smiles mischievously.

Koga chuckles, "No, unfortunately, but I think it would be rather difficult since I know what she really is." He grins a bit, then hums before he asks with a completely innocent expression. "What about you and Saiorse?"

"What is she?" Sierra asks while chewing on a riceball. "It's not as if there is much more of her to see" she teases with a nod towards the girl in the string bikini. A shrug at that last question. "I dunno. Sometimes I think we are something and then I realise I am wrong. I mean, she did not even come near me just then. That is okay. If it happens, it happens. If not…" She shrugs. "It is not the first time that I have lost. Hey…do you want to go swimming?"

Koga raises an eyebrow. "Hm… I don't know. Oh, and a familiar is… well…" He considers, "It is like a mystical helper. You know how there are stories of helpers for mystics? Spirits, animals, kami… they tend to act as both a grounding, extra set of eyes and ears, and helpers. Some have them, some do not. I know my mother liked to use some sort of fishes, as odd as it sounds. Father had one, but um… he would not show it to me."

A curious rising of an eyebrow at the explanation of familiars…in particular the father's hidden one. "Hmm…if my Aunt Rosita is right, and she normally is, then I think I know what your father's helper would be." A little smirk before she stands and starts to take off her boots. "Come swimming with me" she grins excitedly before checking her phone once more and typing off a message.

Rolling his eyes, Koga laughs, "Fine, fine…" He closes the lid on the lunch box full of rice balls still and unbuttons his shirt, pulling it off and his sandals as he gets up to head for the water. "I swear, if I didn't know you were into girls…" He shakes his head. No cell phone on him, fortunately. The musing by him has a bit of a grin. "… we should get some snorkeling gear sometime. I swear there has to be some interesting places in this area."

"Sheesh, why does everyone think I only have dirty thoughts on my mind" Sierrs pouts dramatically before rising up into the air. She isn't touching that sand with her bare feet! Instead, she floats across the beach until she reaches the water and drops into it. A little steam before the heat she was using to fly dissipates. "We should go to the Caribbean for interesting snorkelling."

Koga raises an eyebrow, then grins a bit. "We should." He moves his hands, then takes off at a run to catch up. Moving his hand, a small ring shows up filled with odd writing suddenly pops up in front of him that he steps on and is very much catapulted upwards into the air and forwards. Seriously, he gets some hang time from that before curling his legs and arms together and dropping into a cannonball a good bit out. Treading water afterwards, Koga turns to look for her. Hopefully he didn't splash her, but well… aiming something like a magic assisted jump? Yeah, near impossible.

Sierra is definitely splashed…but thankfully, she thinks it is hilarious. The Latina laughing happily at Koga's little trick. "That was amazing!" A quick heating of her skin in the right places will take care of any water threatening to drip into her eyes or anything annoying. "I should have flown into the water" she frowns before diving into the deep blue sea and swimming towards Koga.

Koga grins. "I love that one. So much fun to move around with those." He switches to floating on his back, barely moving his arms. "Ah… now this is something I wish I did more back home, but the beaches this time of year… all tourists or too many people to simply enjoy."

"Here you just have to worry about all the students" Sierra smirks, paddling in place next to him before she too joins him in floating on her back. "This is relaxing" she sighs. "You should come to Mexico. We have nice beaches there. Things to look at under the sea. Just stay away from the drug barons. So what are you going to do over summer?"

Considering, Koga hums. "I think I will stay. Some of the courses for a bit of touch up here and there are worth it to me." He smirks. "I admit I will probably try to work out some in my spare time. The rest… well, I am waiting on a package or two from my parents so I can study more here." Glancing over, he raises an eyebrow. "What about you?"

"You're going to study? Over summer?" Sierra rolls her eyes at that…shaking her head is difficult while floating. "I'm gonna have fun. Enjoy the sun. Oh…that rhymes. Maybe do some missions if I can't avoid it. Found some dance parties to go to. Some concerts. Some geek conventions. All I need is the money to do it all. My parents can't send me packages."

Koga smiles, "I guess it is part of my upbringing. I know how to have fun, but at the same time… I want to be the best that I can be." He shrugs. "I will admit some enjoyment of the sun and a few parties or concerts could be interesting… hm.." Koga turns his head a bit to look at her. "Geek conventions, huh? Are you going just to watch the cosplay, or for something else?"

"If I could afford it I would so cosplay" Sierra sighs. "I was never the sewer in my family. Could not make my own clothes. My grandma made me a Super Woman costume once but I always preferred Star Wars. Who knew that I would need a real costume some day? I go to see all the things I would like to have but will never afford." A pause. "And check out the girls in costumes."

"Hm… I am surprised that you do not have some sort of transformation spell. Fire is not just destruction but change as well." Koga grins a bit, then splashes some water at her lightly. "You just want to check out the girls." The Asian teen rolls his eyes, "I just hope I finally grow some more… I swear it was awkward dancing with people taller than me at prom."

"You'll grow" Sierra assures Koga. "In lots of ways" she adds with a teasing smile. "Transformation?" That has her thinking. "My companion does come up with more spells every now and then. It is like he suddenly remembers them. He is pretty old…his memory is not as good as it was. Maybe there is a transformation one in there somewhere? And I do not go /only/ to check out girls."

Koga smiles, "That old that he has forgotten things, huh? I wonder if I could get the element teaching scrolls sent to me." He grins a bit. "… I just hope I am taller than my parents. My grandfather was surprisingly tall. I think it might have to do with the whole possession thing."

"Possession makes you shorter?" asks the girl who can barely clear 5'1". "That will explain everything" she smirks, her arms pushing her into circles around the floating Koga. "I do not think he understands Japanese" she points out about the scrolls. "Why would /you/ go to the convention? Check out girls?"

Koga shrugs, "Taller, actually… I think he had to be at least close to 182 centimeters. My father barely makes it to 170… oh.. um…" He considers. "… blasted metric conversions…" He lets himself sink under water, switching to treading. "Check out girls, see what costumes people come up with… maybe get a few ideas if I ever decide to go in one."

"You should. All the best cosplayers are Japanese" Sierra grins before looking worried. "Was that racist?" She moves from floating on her back into treading water. "I guess we should get back before it gets too dark. You're a nice guy, Koga. Come with me to the con."

Koga gives a grin, "Not a problem… and I do not think it is racist. We did start a lot of the movement." He considers. "I think I can scavenge up enough to go as something. Let's head back in. The last thing I want to do is hear a thing about curfew violations." The teen gives a bit of a shiver. "I've heard the horror stories of those for the boys side of things. I do not know about yours, but…"

"They're not fun either" Sierra sighs, having had a few herself. But she is an Ares, of course she has. They swim for the shore before the Latina lifts herself into the air again to avoid the sand and flies over to her towel. The landing is a bit rough but she gets there. "Boys always deserve worse" she points out as she picks up all her stuff.

Koga laughs, "If you say so." Koga grins as he picks up his towel, having to walk on the sand before drying himself off and putting his stuff back in the backpack, leaving his shirt open to finish drying off. "… I swear actual flight needs to be one of the lessons I request from my parents. Or at least something to move quicker." He pouts a bit. "All of you fliers are starting to make me jealous when all I do is jump good."

"Flying is easy, landing is hard" Sierra smiles as she begins to trudge over the sand in her big boots and swimwear. It might make a great fashion statement one day. "Ooh…showing off your chest" she giggles. "I'd get in so much trouble if I did that." It's all so unfair! "Do you think there is any ice cream left in the kitchen?"

A roll of Koga's eyes is given in response as he closes up the beach umbrella. "Only if you didn't want everyone staring at you. I swear those are dangerous weapons at times." He considers, then grins. "Maybe? I do remember some being in there when I was making the rice balls. If we hurry, I can probably stash these before they spoil and get the last of the ice cream. Race you?"

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