(2018-06-14) Unplanned Obsolescence
Unplanned Obsolescence
Summary: Syd finally meets up with Vinny again. Aaand they're shopping.
Date: 2018.06.14
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Finder's Keepers
Unlike huge bargain basements, what this location lacks in size it makes up for in quality of goods. Encompassing two storeys in one of the oldest buildings in town, patrons are easily able to find a variety of meticulously priced clothing and accessories on the ground level. Moving downstairs, one can find dishes, housewares, art pieces and a small assortment of vintage electronics. Washrooms and a receiving room for donations are accessible at the back of the building.

The store boasts variety and cleanliness, despite its close quarters. Thievery and vandalism are highly discouraged, due to rumors of the proprietor being a crackshot with a shotgun.


Shoppin'! Syd has a few bucks left over from her sojourn at the amusement park, so off we go to some garage sales, and to Finder's Keepers. Right now, we're downstairs in the vintage electronics department. She squints at a small, folding, laptop style computer. "What exactly is a netbook? And why is it so cheap?"

Smiling momentarily as he hears that question, Vinny looks to the netbook as well. "It's a smaller laptop, meant to be relatively inexpensive. My father has one, for when he's travelling," he replies, after a few brief moments of pause. "Not bad things, but it's small. I prefer a normal laptop, myself."

Sydney looks at it. "This is a whole computer, and not just a terminal? Seriously?" She picks the thing up and turns it over in her hands. "Where do the batteries go?"

"I think the battery is in there somewhere, but it's smaller in size, like the rest of the computer," Vinny replies, before he smiles a little. "I'm not that sure on everything with those."

Sydney whistles softly. "I'm getting used to the tablet thing… but I can't type on it. I think I'd scratch it up pretty fast. And the library computers… ew. Don't even ask what kind of stuff I found poking around in there." She sticks out her tongue. "I mean, a screen that is photographic quality is great, but it means people can exchange photos of everything. And they do. She sighs a little, looking at the adorable little netbook. "I dunno." She shrugs and looks around. "All these things… clothes… electronics, kitchen stuff… clocks, tvs… they all look like star trek to me, and here they are in the thrift store. Old dreams, abandoned on the scrap heap of progress, or left here by families of people who died who didn't want their stuff." She shivers a little. "Where does that leave me? I'm older than this stuff. I'm a cyborg, and every one of my internal machines is way older than most of these things. Am I obsolete?"

"I can imagine that people might have exchanged a bit too many pictures there," Vinny replies, before he pauses as he hears her words, reaching out to offer a hug. "You're not obsolete," he offers to her, words kept quiet. "You're special. I mean, you're not like the standard things developed from your time, right?" Another brief pause, and he offers her a smile. "And trust me, we don't want to abandon you, or anything like that." There's another brief pause, before he adds, "But it's true that normal technology has changed very quickly in the years you missed."

Sydney settles into Vinny's arms willingly enough. Yes, hugs. Definitely yes. "Thanks… I just… never thought about that when I was reading Martin Caidin books. You're the six million dollar man, but your equipment is 30 years old. Now what?" She chuckles softly. "I used to be kind of a nerd."

Vinny smiles, as he hears that, nodding a bit. "This just means there's some catching up to do," he offers, with a quiet smile. "I have faith in you."

Sydney nods, slowly. "Yeah… yeah, I guess." She snorts softly. "I guess the living parts of my cells are a half-million year old design, at least. Some comfort there, I guess. " She leans very slightly against Vin.

…aaaand there we had to break for RL.

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