(2018-06-14) Scandalous Ankles
Scandalous Ankles
Summary: Daxton and Callisto make amends after the prom night slip-up… no, it's not what you think.
Date: 2018-06-14
Related: Discussing the slip-up at the end of this log.
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Thu Jun 14, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.


Pizza? Check. 2 liter of soda? Check. Bags of chips and snacks? check. Looks like Dax is in this for the long haul tonight. He's changed out of his work uniform, hair still wet form the quick (ha) shower before plopping his butt into his normal space on the couch. Whatever game he's playing is definitely not a Mario game. It's some first person shoot em' up. He even has a head set on and is trash talking to someone as he throws grenades. "Are you sure your not Nanny Louise? You play like her…." In-between insults he shoves an entire slew of pizza in his mouth.

Yeah, he's someone to lay awake at night dreaming of.

Someone else, still a bit flabbergasted by these.. 'summer holidays'… appears to have had similar plans. Callisto has become a regular purveyor of the basement, it seems. Like, seriously. Not just for Mario but for Other Reasons. Someone taught the girl how to dredge up Netflix and she's been binge watching Stranger Things. The night she returned back to the estate, after prom, she was still having a hard time. Still stressed. Students finished up down here and left the television on and Callisto.. well.. pressed buttons until something happened.

She is now about to get into season two. She strong-armed her way up in the kitchen to make a bowl of air-popped popcorn… she has a tall glass of iced tea. She's in her pajamas: fitted white jersey capris with a matching camisole. Callisto looks ready for the couch. Then she stands there, startled and wide-eyed, at the vision of delight railing at the television. This is another Daxton…!

Callisto gazes, almost dazed, as the speedster feeds a slice of pizza into his gob as one would a card into an ATM. "A-ah…?"

"Who's got the package? We need to-" Dax frowns, suddenly red flashing on his screen, "God damn it! If that friendly fire… JON! If that's you ,you cocksucker!" Buttons are mashed, and the head set is buzzing form several people talking at once. Laughter travels over it. Daxton huffs, "That's not funny, Jill!" His head snaps around, mouth open to throw some other insult over the mic, but then there's Calli, looking confused. His hand touches the side of the set, turning the mic off momentarily, "You alright?" It's hard to tell if he's still upset with her or not. His attention is divided between her, the screen, and whatever is happening in his ear.

"Are you being accosted?" Asks the girl, standing there gracefully, smelling of some manner of expensive lotion. He didn't hear her. He's going off again and Callisto balances the popcorn bowl between her upper arm and her chest, using that hand to grip the doorjamb. He's getting spicey with the language and the c-word is enough to bring a true blush to her cheeks. Dax turns off the headset and looks to her, asks of her a question, and the astounded mentalist tilts her head questioningly. "Are you alright? It sounds as if you are being accosted." Callisto asks in a strangely shy voice. She's confused, unsure if she should step forth.

Daxton snorts, "Yeah…you could say that. By my own team." Surely not Unit 23! Is there a Jon and Jill on the team? He turns trades the TV more, as she seems fine and not in any need of him. More grenades are thrown and then a rather possible gun comes out of no where and eh starts blasting everything. "Did you nee the TV?" He's not turned the mic back on yet.

The faerie girl waits, at first confused — the Unit does stuff through the television? But then she catches on.. she's not that daft. She can be seen relaxing, now that she knows there's no danger… but now she's here and so is he. Daxton will have seen a marked lack of Callisto since the Friday, not only due to school stuff but the girl just.. keeping apart from most everyone. She had embarrassed herself. Deeply. That night, she loathed the creature that she saw herself as; hated what her people were capable of.

A tentative step into the basement, her brow furrowed. "I needn't use it, yet. May I sit?" Asked gently, the ice clinking in her glass.

To be fair, he was glad she stayed away for as long as she did. She really upset him on Prom. And Daxton's not the type of person that talks about his upsets. It's not her words so much as the ice clinking that makes him glance over, "Uh…sure. Let me let them know I'm going quiet." He reaches up and touches the headset again, "Hey guys, I got company…no. Not ….shut up, Jon. I'm gonna visit your mom if you don't shut up….Yeah…Yeah I'll keep play, I'm just turning off the mic for now. …Yeah. Yeah, you too. Later." And then it's taken forom his head and tossed onto the coffee table. Which has pizza! He leans forward and takes another slice, inhaling just as quickly as before. "You can have some if you want. I ate at work." Then what's he doing now?!?!

Oddly enough, Callisto was never the sort to talk about her upsets. Back in the 1980s and 90s, she simply exacted revenge. She's not proud of this. Nowadays she's a whole different ballgame: disowned, humbled, fighting against herself. "I shan't keep—" Blink. She waits as Daxton informs his 'teammates', though one silvery brow lifts at this 'mom' business. Modern slag is so weird sometimes. "His… mom…?" She asks, nearly in a whisper. When given the okay to settle, Callisto moves to plant her arse down at the other end of the couch, so she can place her things on an endtable. The pizza is offered and she shakes her head negatory. "No thanks," More for him! Callisto smiles slightly, clears her throat and looks to the television screen. "I am here to apologize, in fact. For how I ended our evening, after your kindness to me. I've an explanation too, if you shall allow me." Beat.

Callisto eyes her popcorn, not really wanting it now. Why is she so nervous? Still, she will leave it all up to him. "If t'is not something you desire to hear, I shall take my leave. I am leaving the choice up to you." She asks of him softly.

Ugh. No, don't….Dax focuses on the Tv, so the look he's giving could be from the battle he's in…or her words. He doesn't explain the mom thing, he doesn't think she'd get it. "It's fine, just….no kissing. That's not cool to just throw at someone." Even if it was just on the hand. "And you don't have to promise or pledge anything to me. Like I said, its just what friends do. It's not an obligation." He sighs, looking over at her when he gets to a safe point, "Okay, tell me. You're gonna be miserable if you don't get it out." Whatever it is. The 2 liter is lifted and he chugs a bunch of it. How does he do that?!?

"Friends do not overstep boundaries." Callisto says frankly, unable to look at him for a moment. "T'was the.. evening. I was happy, I was enjoying myself… I was afraid… and…" She clears her throat. "T'was a heady mix of emotions. I shall have you know that I came up against something.. someone.. who terrified me. So when you…" Saved her? Okay, kinda… getting her away from that harpy may as well have been saving her. Callisto looks down at her knees, folded pertly beneath her body. Her fingers press into her lap, fidgeting gently with the bottom hem of her top. "I feel that I must yet make a pledge or a promise because despite how much I am coming to care for you, t'was not right. It will not happen again." Said firmly.

Finally she looks at him briefly, even if he doesn't look back.

"Were I not to say this, I would be miserable. I am not going to deny it." Callisto says to the speedster, surprised at herself for owning it. She sighs softly, pushes her hair behind an ear. "W-what happened, too, has to do with what I am. I am not proud of what we do."

Ugh. Ugh. Fidgeting upset girls, it's not his kryptonite, but it might as well be, ignoring the screen for. Moment, "Okay." That's a fair statement, friends don't overstep. "It was an intense evening, I get that." He's trying to be understanding, really. There's a long moment but then he nods, accepting the new pledge. "I appreciate that. Thank you." He's been thinking about it, more than he wished. He believes she's just not used to having friends, that her caring is just…misunderstood. Right? An eyebrow raises, "Which part?" The kissing, or the assassin of a sister?

"I am not used to having need of friends.. of people caring." It's as if she has plucked a thread of thought from his mind but really, really she hasn't. Callisto has mercifully stopped fidgeting when the speedster didn't outright shut down, but she still seems embarrassed. Another emotion vastly unknown to her, a few decades back. "T'was a wonderful evening and I thank you—" She turns, expression beseeching. ".. thank you. I truly, truly do." And if gratitude could be a tangible thing it would literally shine upon him. But then Callisto turns away again, takes up her iced tea to sip it carefully. She is near silent, even in the taking of the liquid, her throat moving. Her resolve strengthened, she continues on..

"To one of my kind, people who care are people whom we generally have our way with to acquire bigger, better things. We seduce. We sway. We are awful." Callisto watches him again, her brow furrowed.. then she remembers. "They are." Ah there, she is trying to exclude herself from her species. Slender fingers touch the gorgon pendant briefly.

"I am learning, but t'is no excuse to ever do that to you again. Sometimes the instinct.. those deeply sown, lascivious impulses… it guides me. I slip. And I slipped that night." Ah yes, the wrist-kiss.

Daxton just watches her, ignoring that he's been kill and respond in a new location. He blinks, trying to follow where this conversation was going. Was….was she trying to seduce him? With a wrist kiss? Does he come off as that repressed? Instead of being insulted though, his mouth starts to quirk in that lopsided grin he gets sometimes, "I don't think you'd get much leverage to anyone or thing bigger or better by seducing me." So get that out of your head, Strawberry!

There's something in his lopsided grin that tells Callisto that everything will be alright now. And on the flipside that lopsided grin does her in and does not help her cause much. But she will bear it, damnit, if that means that they're okay. Still, she can see where his mind went there, and the girl reddens. She blushes a lot more, since growing that handy-dandy conscience. She can see the look of question in his eyes and she stares back at him, puzzled. "W-what?" The fey girl started, only to see that grin start and she clears her throat gently. "I was not… I hadn't done so with intent to—hn," She picks up her drink, sips again. "I hadn't meant for it to be taken as a suggestion to… go beyond. I am antiquated in my ways, still; I shall have you know that a very long time ago, a kiss to the wrist was a powerfully seductive thing. For a woman to have shown her wrist in public might as well have been a flashing of her bosoms!" Callisto exclaims hotly.

But there, she's starting to smile with amusement. If Daxton is amused, it's really truly going to be okay. "I would never wish to sink to such a terrible level as to make you do anything you wish not to do."

Uh huh. Daxton laughs, warm and loud as he turns back towards he TV, 'It's alright. You-" He was going to say something else, but then she gives him the best ammo. "Then cover up those wrists, you hussy!" He shoves more pizza into his mouth before with such grace and manners that his mother would sack him, talks with his mouth full. "Next you'll be flashing your ankles. We can't have ankle flashing! That could lead to you not wearing a hat!"

There's a whole lot of things happening here. Callisto was alive in the early 1900s where etiquette was still astringent and expected of young folks. Mind you, she was cloistered up North, but she knew of things. Of happenings. So this 'choose your adventure' moment that is occurring beside her on this couch would surely, surely send a great many gentlemen and good gentle ladies on their ears. She's just pulling her low calorie (boring) air popped (boring) popcorn into her lap when Daxton is off on his tangent. "Excuse me—?" She starts, wondering if he's serious. Of course not! She looks down at what are indeed bare wrists (arms!) and flushes… and finally catches on to his humor. She starts to laugh, but freezes. Watches a whole slice get crammed in.

"Nevermind my ankles. You are one to talk, with that pizza. Table manners and expectations of such were a religion those many years ago." She snarks back, eyes alight with good humor. Then, with a hint of mischief. "Add in the endearing words that you were hurling at that screen, and… I cannot even imagine."

Daxton phsshawhs at her, waving a hand before he picks up and starts shooting people. Charming. "I would be the most endearing person from 300 years ago." How old does he think she is?!? "They'd all be clamoring for me to be at their boring parties, begging me to make things less terrible and boring." So….he seems to not actually know much about how people were back then. But then he has to keep it up, "And how can I not wonder about your ankles, they're just right there! Being all…ankley. I'll never get to sleep now."

"Three hundred?" Callisto barks out, an unchewed piece of popcorn dropping into her lap. "How old do you think I am, anyway?" She asks slyly, eyes narrowed. Nevermind she looks no older than eighteen or so, maybe creeping toward nineteen. Danger, danger…!

She's joking, though; how could he hope to know? It just feels nice to razz him seeing as how he's making fun of her scandalous ankles. At least they're nice ankles, as delicate a a buttercup's petals! In other words, in 1800's speak: whorish! O_O

"I can only just imagine you back in those days. I have more of a handle on things just before 1900." Said with a blush… so she was born in 1849. Back when Callisto was a wee little malevolent faerie baby, looking like an evil doll… the safety pin was invented. Etcetera etcetera. Her eyes narrow. "T'was commonplace for folk to take luncheon. Portions were small and delicate.. you will have lost your mind."

She's trying not to laugh. She is truly, truly trying not to laugh at a mental image.

Danger is his middle name (No, it isn't). Daxton smirks, he knows he's pushing buttons. "1990? Yeeesh….you are old." He laughs, his chest shaking with it, "I would have just had to have gone to all the luncheons. Or hung out with the servants. I'm sure they had more fun, anyway." And then he tilts his head, one way and then the other, doing a terrible impersonation of her accent, "Oh…come now. Tis time for tea. We mustn't have more than one bit of sugar, or we will never fit into out gowns for the ball!" And then he makes a tisking sounds, like that's something people actually do.

Her lips twitch. She's trying not to laugh at him having so much fun with it all. This is better than Netflix. When the boy tries to adopt her strange accent — Not quite Danish; kinda but not entirely — that almost does her in. She turns away and presses her forehead into her hand.. and if one glances her body language speaks of being offended..?!

Not at all. The girl is laughing, but quietly.. delicately. The back of her hand is pressed against her mouth and her knees move, very nearly up-ending the bowl of popcorn. Her table manners, here, would have her kicked out back in the stuffy turn of the century.

"The servants used dumbwaiters… you will have been shoved into one and lowered into the cellar, were you to go on speaking like that!" She jabs at his attempts of making fun of her accent… but all in good fun. Callisto notices something though, her eyes flitting to the television.

Daxton is pushing the wrong buttons, and not enough of the right ones. His PC just got his head blown off!

"Serves you right for making fun of me." Says the faerie girl, as the poor guy respawns in a not-so-desirable area.

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