(2018-06-14) Reluctant Werewolf
The Reluctant Werewolf
Summary: Grace seeks out Besa in hopes of giving him advice, on how to cope with her powers.
Date: 2018-06-14
Related: A couple of hours after this log.
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Thu Jun 14, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


The day, this picture-perfect first day of summer holidays, marched on with little issue. Grace Halleson, who started this day moping on the back lawn only to end up spending time with the Masters twins, marched along with it. Both Rain and Sky offered their very similar albeit very different approaches in getting Grace to stop blaming herself for what happened. Shit you not, she did think she caused the issues. Until she realized quickly that, well.. many were affected. Then there was the 'solar flare'.

So the afternoon was spent trying to call her uncles, to fill them in on things… but she had to get staff to set up the video call for her. To push the buttons. It was so awkward! Her go-to for the task was Miss Annalee, to whom the wolf girl felt the most affection. So with that done, Grace had to go back to cooling her jets… and it was back across the lawn and toward the beach that the girl traipsed.

In the here-and-now, it's just gone four o'clock in the afternoon and the sun is slowly edging out of it's hot zenith, though the day is still warm and clear. With Constantine off at work this afternoon, the girl is left to her own devices and thoughts…. she should probably try to find Besa. Grace pauses at the water's edge, the skirts of her maxi dress rippling in the sea breeze, neck craning to peer over a shoulder and back towards the estate. She really doesn't want to be indoors right now.

Despite being able to touch things, Besa's preferring being outside, away from people. They are just so loud. And the smell! Yikes. It makes him feel like his skins crawling. Nature sounds aren't so bad, so he's set up on the beach. No blanket, just his ass planted in the sand that's not as good as Egypt sand, facing the ocean. He feels powerless and, well, brimming with power. It's terrible. His nose wrinkles as he sniffs, he can tell someone is coming without turning his head. The mummy-werewolf has been tracing runes into the sand, not that he can do anything with it. A frustrated growl as he swipes whatever it was and looks over as Grace comes into view.

Well, how's that for luck and timing. No need to go back into the estate where an errant touch could kill somebody's iphone 10 for the day or silence Netflix or just.. otherwise.. piss people off. Grace pauses in her gait, feeling as if she is being watched and quickly noticing who it is. Precisely whom she needs to see.

In the transferring of her powers, her acutely red gaze has lessened some, becoming more dark and doe-eyed. Her eye color before the incident that woke the damnable wolf up. She can recognize in Besa ALL of her mannerisms and that gives Grace something to go by. Self-consciously she gives her armpit a sniff, making sure she isn't one of the people who contribute to the miasma of teenage funk. c.c

"Hi Besa," Offered in a soft voice. Despite her mental fretting, Grace looks…. at ease. "M-may I join you?" How can someone with so soft a voice be a werewolf?

Dark eyes that have that weird red tint now watch Grace as she approaches. The fact she asked has him nodding, "Of course." His voice is a touch lower, growlier. That with his accent? Look out ladies and gents! Not that Besa's on the prowl, at all. He's terrified of hurting someone. He rolls his neck, looking back out to the water. He waits for her to sit, "Are you well?"

Oh my.

How's that for a puberty boost? Want that grumble to get the panties flying? Become a werewolf! Grace has honestly never before spied another of her kind before. Let alone a boy. The last one in her family to bear the gene, vaguely known by Grace, was a grandfather who had his wolf head blown clean off. Needless to day Papa Halleson didn't make it to any reunions.

So the altering of Besa's voice startles her. She watches him but remembers what irks her when she's herself (sigh); don't hold eye contact for too long. She looks down at her sandaled feet in the sand and moves to seat herself not beside him, but across from. She is positioned in a cozy slant of sunshine and there's plenty of beach rocks to fidget with.

"I'm okay.. I've been more worried about you. Are you alright?" Grace deflects, but for good reason.

Besa immediately frowns, she's blocking his view of the ocean! Nose wrinkling, an almost snarls starts to form, but he seems to catch it and huffs, "Everything is loud and I can feel everyone." He touches his chest, like that's where he feels it. "I am always hungry, and want to go hunt. And I want to nap." He looks at her to see if this is normal. Because knowing his luck, he'd be an abnormal werewolf. "What should I expect in two weeks, when the full moon comes?" Yeah, that fear was already laid at his feet. Thanks Darcy!

The frown and nose wrinkle catch Grace's attention, and the best way to deal with this is not to be nervous.. but frank. "Did I do something to bug you? You gotta tell me, okay?" She asks outright, anxious in her belly. It's like looking at herself and she isn't sure that she likes it. But she reminds herself that this is Besa, a gentle boy whom she barely knows who had been kind to her once. Then he died. Then was resurrected, deeply confused and… now he's a werewolf! Poor kid.

"T-that's the way it is… your senses are like, supremely honed. I'm really sorry." She says softly, even if she couldn't help it. "It's worse in buildings.. you're smart to stay out here. The more you deny the behavior, the harder it is to fight it off." Said with a soft look of sympathy.

".. a-and anger is tiring. You'll be tired often. But whatever you do, Besa.. try… try not to get too angry." She near-whispers, looking down into her lap as if embarrassed. Then there's talk of the full moon.. and Grace looks up immediately.

"Y-you won't change, unless.. again, you're angry. You'll just feel emotions even more. You'll sense more. W-what you're feeling now? It gets heavier." Said with sad sympathy.

Besa's brow stays furrowed, he knows it's not anything to really be mad about, "I was watching the ocean…" He sighs, glancing down to his hand on his chest and he scratches. "It is not your fault. I hope the curse is not hampering you too much?" Just don't be angry? Is that even possible. Heavier? Oh boy. "I will go away then. I…I do not know that I can control this." Guess he's skipping summer school then! That mountain cave is looking better and better! But now with wifi!

The girl looks up, her eyes dark and watchful. DEspite, she shuffles aside some, now out of his way and still kinda keeping in her patch of sun. She pulls up the hem of her dress to the knees to at least let the light bake her shins. "Curse… o-oh, the electronics thing? It's been hard… I rely on them a lot to keep in touch with family, b-but that's like… I'm not even going to complain. I just wonder how long this will last.." She says softly, fiddling with the folds of her skirts and looking up from beneath her lashes to watch the boy. "I know it's easier said than done to control a temper that feels like it's s-steeped in gasoline.. but you have to try your hardest, Besa. Because things happen when… you… you have to control it. I beg you."

Grace looks up at him for a solid half a minute, looks down again. "The emotions last for the duration of the day leading up to nightfall and moonrise. You'll want to run more, to move… to be physical." The girl tries to remember more, then considers again. She's now obviously looking at the remnants runes that the Egyptian boy has fingered into the dirt, only to swipe them away.

"What do those mean..?"

Besa's eyebrow raises, she things this is going to switch back? "Have people help you. Speak phones are good." He looks directly at her, it's almost challenging. The more nervous she get, the more agitation he feels. "Stop it." Eyes flash red, "I am not losing my temper." It sounds like he is! "I will leave before the moon arrives." He said that, why is she not listening? He doesn't need her to say what will happen, the way his instincts are now, he knows he'd murder people.

It disturbs the girl, just to see how he's behaving. Is this how she is around people?! (Not typically, she has been doing better.)

Grace looks up at him again, directly, her brow furrowing. "Then where will you go?" She asks outright, her gaze holding his briefly before looking toward the water. "The n-next full moon will be on the twenty-seventh." Yeah, she tracks that stuff.. she needs too. She looks to him again, her lips pressed into a line. "I'm hoping that whatever happened will be cleared up by then.. o-or figured out. Because I do not want you saddled with this for the rest of your life. Nobody deserves that." Spoken like a true girl who does not accept her own powers!

Who could blame her?

Grace hadn't missed the flashing eyes. "Take a breath and look at the water. Right now!"

Besa struggles a moment, why does her looking at him make him want to lash out? His jaw clenches and he forces himself to look past her at the ocean. "I do not know. The forest , or…somewhere." He can't hurt anyone. He just can't. He'd rather die. Bonus, if he dies, maybe he'll stay dead! Darcy looked it up for him, "Yes. The 27th." He takes a purposefully deep breath, holding it before slowly saying, gaze still on the waves, "And I would not wish you saddled with my curses." He said plural. "If…if you are…" He looks back to her again, eyes flashing red from the sun, "I am so very sorry…" That feels more intense than just not being able to use the microwave. And then after a beat, as he's looking at the water, he growls softly, "Do not tell me what to do." It's in frustration, not anger though.

"Is t-there anything I need to know about your… curses? Anything I need to be careful of?" Grace asks of Besa gently.. perhaps taking a different tact will help keep him calm. Talk about something different. She does her very best not to react too strongly to the frustration that she can hear, see, and very nearly feel in the boy. If she were to fear him, he would sense it and be nagged onwards. Grace watches the water as well while Besa wars with a thought process that she has struggled with for nearly a year, now. "I've had these powers for nearly a year, now. It'll be a year this summer." She says gently, "They manifested close to my birthday last year. IT's been… hard." The girl takes a deep, slow breath inwards.

"You probably know my mind better t-than most would, now.. so if we get back to ourselves, I hope you don't think any less of me." Grace says nervously. That's her rub, people thinking she's a monster. She turns back to Besa, resuming her earlier tangent.

"I did that one thing with the runes… and I kill electronics. I-is there anything else?"

Besa grunts an then lays backwards to look up at the sky. That's probably the nicest thing he could do, feeling safe enough to let his belly show. "I do not think less of you." He scratches said belly. Not only is he battling anger, but his moods are swinging crazy too. "I do not know if the larger curse was also forced on you…" He wets his lips and then turns to look at her. That perfect hair halos his head, "Before, I could not die. Not permanently. I would wrap, and the come back." Welcome to being a mummy, Grace, please keep you hands and get in the sarcophagus at all times. With a dead pan look, "I do not think we should test this though."

She's listening, watching the water and hearing the waves sighing. She can see Besa laying back and though as a girl she never really paid physical cues much thought, that grumbling presence in her depths was aware. Always aware. She's not actively realizing why, but Besa lying back to indeed reveal a prone belly is a sign that the danger has passed. For now. So Grace simply does not move much; nothing sudden or crazy. Her eyes are wide and shiny however at this talk of a 'larger' curse. "What…! Oh.. my, okay," She wets her own lips, bites one, leans forth to scritch a mosquito away from her shin. "Yeah, I don't wanna test that theory. That sounds scary." She says gently, watching him.

"Another thing you can do.. is run. A lot. Y-you probably know in your gut to do it often but just pick a route here along the beach or in a trail and run. Do it for hours if you have to, your body will let you. I-it tempers the… uh, temper."

Besa always disliked running, unless he was chasing something. Or being chased. "I wish to hunt." That's better than just running. He doesn't comment of the scariness of being wrapped. It's not going to help, either way. Hopefully things will get sorted…somehow.

Hunt…? Well, different strokes for different folks—-er, wolves. Grace does not dispute or question the need. "Then try. There's lots of critters that can be spared. Just do anything to keep yourself safe." The girl encourages, looking down at her fingers. "I've never hunted… it wants to but I don't. Y-you'll have to let me know if that helps you, if it really helps." She prays not because she doesn't WANT to chomp into bunnies.. but then she hopes it DOES because that means Besa will have something with which to temper those awful impulses. She does not go on to ask about the wrapping bit. Her powers may have moved but the impulses and fears remain, and to be contained… that's one of them.

The girl pushes up to stand, brushing off her skirts. "I can let you be, if you need. If there's anything to need to know or need help with, don't hesitate to find me, okay?"

Besa takes another big breath, his chest expanding as much as it can. "Even thinking about hunting is good. I think it would help much." His head swivels and he nods, "Yes. You too." This can't be easier on her either.

The girl watches Besa for a few more seconds, brow still furrowed. While hunting could help (and likely will), she worries that it could become too powerful a crutch. Grace smiles slightly, "P-please take care." She offers, inwardly hoping that this swap will reverse itself. Somehow. Because this.. this does not suit the gentle boy. Not at all. Carefully, she picks her way back across the shore, and back to the school.

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