(2018-06-13) Time For Hugz Now
Time for Hugz Now
Summary: Syd and Laz meet up and talk. It's official now, they're friends. Saoirse turns up and it's time for more hugs. No marshmallows though!
Date: 2018.06.13
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The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beaches on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


Cue the theme from Rocky. Or not. Syd's running along the beach (a safe distance from the water line). She's borrowed both 1000lb dumbells from the gym and is using them as running weights, so she sinks into the sand a bit more than usual, but the late spring air coming in off the ocean, the roar of the waves, seagulls, the power building up in her muscles, the heat billowing from her skin; they're all good. All centering. So is the early 90s CD boom-box near by, blasting out her workout music. Zep, AC/DC, some Taylor Momson (hey, something modern!) Aerosmith… The loud, obnoxious stuff.

While Syd was running along the coast beachhead, Lazarus was simply practicing his fighting stance. it's like a highly aggressive tai chi, and he seems to be intensely focused. of course he hears Sydney running towards him and the music she's listening too…and the butterfly flapping it's wings behind her. the curse of sensitivity. he makes no motion to greet her though.

Sydney is breathing heavily and her heart, or something doing that job at the moment, is pounding away in her chest merrily. She gets back to the boom-box and sets the weights down, turns the music off as she sees Laz working out. She walks over, panting, and wipes her brow as though she expects it to be sweaty out of habit. It's not.

Her skin, for its part, exudes the usual, very small amount of rather dense protein grease that lets all her metal parts move smoothly against each other. Ew. Laz can probably hear that too. Heaven help him when someone has gas. She watches Laz's Tai Chi, and cocks her head. She picks up her weights and boom box and walks over closer, making sure to leave him room to operate. Without saying a word, she tries to find the stance, and, one at a time, to work out the moves and what they're for. Because you can always learn new kinks for fighting.

Lazarus smiles softly when she seems to be noticing and copying his movements. he can hear her pores do their thing. Either way, he notices her mistakes in the stance, a smile. "don't rush it. be straight and smooth like the ocean. calm." he smiles

Sydney looks at Laz and curls a smile. "Something a teacher of mine once said: slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Another one said, "Let go your conscious self, and act on instinct." She's pretty sure both those sources would choke at the idea of being mentioned in the same breath, but they're both long dead, so she doesn't worry about it. She takes a slow breath, clears her mind as best she can, and does it slowly.
<FS3> Sydney rolls Brawl: Good Success.
She gets it better this time.

"Smart teacher." Lazarus smiles happily as Sydney speaks and also seems to be doing better with the actual style. "that's it. just like that. Slow is the answer." he smiles softly. "tell me about your teacher?" learn more about Sydney. he smiles warmly, listening as he keeps training, albeit now silently.

Sydney snorts softly. "I was bought to be a test animal for the process that does this." She gestures toward her steel skin. "To make myself useful enough not to be tested to destruction, I volunteered to be a sparring partner for the mafia enforcer they invented the process for. Guy named Karol Kolczyk…" She pronounces it cole-check. "…known to the world as Iron Fist. He started out as a pro boxer and taught me most of what I know. The second guy was Obiwan Kenobi. His advice is more vague, but proved useful too."

Lazarus tilts his head. "Isn't that…" sure, he didn't know alot about pop culture, especially back then. But he knows who Iron Fist is. Strangely enough…though what's also curious is the Obiwan Kenobi. "That's Star Wars…right?" he watched a few videos when he was still being battle trained because it invoked 'Critical thinking against opposing forces'. Either way, his eyes moved to her. "Well, those things are certainly good to have. But I understand. My healing ability was tried and true…and we'll leave it at that." seems he doesn't like to talk about experiments.

Sydney adds a quick combination to the motion. Left jab, right jab, roundhouse kick to mid-chest high for her. Her foot makes a quiet whoosh. "Star Wars, yeah. Karol said not to let go of your conscious self, just give it things to do so it doesn't get in your way. Like, looking for weaknesses, strategic advantages, mistakes your opponent is making, stuff like that. I did it so much it's like a zen state when the adrenaline comes on. I had it last night at the amusement park. It never occurred to me to worry whether my idea would work. I just did it. On the way up it was like, "ok, I've got good traction on the track. Those people are safely locked into that car, the easiest and safest way to get them down is just uncouple a car, kill the emergency brake and walk it down slowly. I mean I can justify it now but I'm recreating a thought process that was just… very quick. Is that… normal for heroing?"

Lazarus looks to Sydney with a light smile. Nodding every now and then to show that he was still paying very close attention as to what she was saying. Though he still kept busy as much as he could so that he didn't get into his own head. "The point of greatest danger is the point of greatest freedom. Apparently, when we realize that nothing worse could happen than the moment that we are in, it supposedly help rewire to brain to just…not be afraid." he smiles lightly to her. "Adrenaline is a curious thing." then she asks him if it's normal to superhero gig it like that, and he tilts his head. "I wouldn't know. I was made to be a killing machine, not a hero." he shrugs lightly.

Sydney nods. "I was made to be the prototype of a killing machine. Thankfully, they didn't focus on my mind as much, but there was the whole "We'll probably kill you when this job is done. Slowly and painfully." thing to deal with. I learned a lot from those guys, truth be told. Wrote the owner's manual for these bodies, too. I've heard they found a later copy of my manual with El Muerto, but they won't let me see it." She pauses. "How long have you been out? I mean… out here, in the world, trying to become a regular person?"

Lazarus nods lightly. She was the prototype, he was the failed actualization. Well, nobody's perfect. "They tried, they failed. Not for lack of effort. I just came back from all of it." Lazarus sighs deeply at that nightmare. "Dismembered, lobotomized, burned alive, drowned…you name it, they did it. Wanted an indestructible killing machine." he shrugs lightly. "How long have I been out?" he counts the 14 years he was in captivity, and the two years he was on the run away from everything. How long has he tried to be 'normal'? as curious as the word even was. Glancing towards Sydney, he speaks plainly. "About four months now." He shrugs lightly.

"I have some friends…so…I guess I succeeded somewhere, right?"

Sydney shudders, particularly at the drowning comment, of all things. "Yeah. That's a bullet I'm glad I dodged." She moves closer to Laz. "That's a good measure, yeah. I figure… if we can make friends… then we're still human. More or less. If we still want to make friends." She looks at Laz. "I want to be your friend." She'll take his hand if he'll let her. "I think we'd be good for each other as friends. Plus. Yanno. Sparring partners when we're pissed off at the world. You can't really hurt me, I can't really hurt you."

Lazarus nods lightly to Sydney. Death and suffering seem to go where he does. Though it doesn't affect others…just him. He's been broken and battered, but he's still here. Perhaps not for lack of trying. With a smile presented for her as she takes his hand, he stands up straight and he tilts his head at her. "I want to be your friend to." he squeezes her hand lightly. "and having a sparring partner will help." a kindness to his voice. "But..I agree. I'm still learning social norms…I'm years behind everyone else."

Sydney squeezes Laz's hand firmly. Not break-his-fingers firmly, but it would be uncomfortable for mere mortals. "My social norms are 35 years behind the times, so take them with a grain of salt. Also my music, most of it. She tries to pull Laz in for a quick hug. The body language says 'keep away' most of the time, and with a background like his… she thinks about it a moment… yeah, he's probably got touch issues too. She certainly does. She's a tiny bit afraid of him. Her usual "He can't hurt me, I'm made of steel now" mentality doesn't really play out here. She tries to keep it from coming out just the same.

Lazarus feels minor discomfort in his hand from her squeezing juts out of very, very light pain. He's still super durable, after all. Nevertheless, he nods. "Alright." Though then he's hugged! He seems to blink a few times, looking down at Sydney in a 'huh?' kind of way. Either way, he wraps only a single arm around her in a 'pat pat' kind of way. He's not used to being hugged. or touched. Though he can tell pretty easily that she's afraid of him. Her heart rate increased drastically. But he knows she's at least not terrified, which means she might be just wary. regardless. "Thank you for the hug…I missed those."

Sydney nods. "It took me… almost six months of therapy to be able to hug boys comfortably. It was like discovering water when you're dying of thirst. It's been scary for me…but…it's worth coming back." She does, eventually, let go of Lazarus. "We'll work on it together." She gives Laz a gentle bop on the shoulder. "Are you gonna be here over the summer? I have a bunch of remedial classes to take. Turns out I don't know anything about history since the Berlin Wall fell." Syd shrugs.

Lazarus nods lightly to Sydney with a slight smile as she shoulder bumps him. "Well, at least you can do it easily. I still have…" problems. and he goes silent for a moment as if to sigh. "But, it is what it is. Regardless, I guess I'll just get better. Well, maybe I can help with that. It's an encyclopedia up here." he points and pokes at his head. "If you need help or anything, just let me know." a happy smile.

Saoirse drops in literally from the sky out of nowhere. Dropping in a dead drop she comes to a quick sudden stop a couple feet above the two, wearing a red swimsuit (https://instagram.com/p/Bf9Ee6BBg0d/?utm_source=ig_embed) "Hugtime?" she asks, holding her arms out wide. "Did I miss it? Is it too late?"

Sydney nods. "We should definitely talk about computers. I know I clicked save, but I can't find the damn file. The drives on the library computers are full of the most amazing junk…" She pauses as Sao arrives. "Hey!" She goes over to hug Sao, a little surprised at…all the cleavage that suit shows. "Damn, girl… you totally rock that suit." Someone's been making an effort to learn modern youth culture. Maybe. Or she just soaked it in through her skin the way you're supposed to.

Lazarus watches as Saoirse just kinda…falls out of the sky. His eyes looking to her as she widens her arms wearing quite the swim suit. "I don't mind another hug." he opens his arms for her. Though he then looks to Sydney. "Sure. I'm no master with computers, but I think I could help there as well." a happy smile.

Saoirse tries to hug both people, floating in the air a few feet holding her arms out wide. "Hugtime! Grouphug!" After said hug (or failure therein) she continues to float, looking down at herself. "Rocks? No, no rocks. They're boobs." She pokes her right boob with a finger "See? Squish." Poke "Squish" she continues the poking. "Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish." She smiles, poking the other one "This one goes Squishy-squish-squish." Poke poke poke. She considers "I thought the suit covered more body than usual, especially around the bottom, because I have a big butt it kind of shows a lot at the beach. So..what're you two hugging over?"

Sydney laughs at Saoirse's antics, almost envious at the ease with which she calls attention of anyone listening to her chest. "Rocking something is… Um. It's from Rock 'n Roll. It means… you do that well, you wear that suit well, and it looks good on you. We were…" She pauses, trying to think how to explain it. "We were celebrating becoming friends."

Lazarus offers Saoirse a little smile as he's hugged with Sydney! Though once the hug is over, he actually blushes a bit when Saoirse starts drawing attention to her quite outstanding chest. Though he doesn't look away, thinking it an innocent observation that Saoirse is doing of herself. Regardless, he shrugs lightly. "If you say so. Yes, we were celebrating having become friends very recently."

Saoirse blinks "So it does look good? I'm glad it did. The two piece swimsuits show a lot of skin, I was afraid my curvy curves might be too much. Though, it is nice to have the sun on your skin, it really helps to recharge." She 'sits' about 4 feet up in the air, tucking her knees against her chest, hugging those knees and resting her chin atop her knees. "I want to join the friendclub too! Can I join? Let's all be friends! I'll share my marshmallows with you..though I don't have any right now. I learned that marshmallows and sweaty skin don't really work so well together.

Sydney shakes her head. "No, they don't. I'm not sure that suit hides your curves much, but if you want attention on the beach, it's a good one." She chuckles ruefully." She looks at Laz, then back at Sao. "It's no club. Being my friend isn't an exclusive thing. We can be friends, sure." She smiles.

Lazarus smiles lightly to Saoirse. "Of course. join the party." he smiles happily as he seems to have made two new friends! woohoo! nevertheless, he tilts his head at Saoirse. "Come to think of it, this is the first time I've seen you without marshmellows. Oh well, I was looking forward to them too." he shrugs, simply sitting down cross-legged on the ground. Nevertheless, he offers a kind smile to both ladies. "So, how long are you both here for?"

He pulls out a necklace and puts it back over his head. It's simple, one of a celtic cross.

Saoirse has obviously heard what Sydney says, because she holds her hands up excitedly "Friend club! We're in!" She pouts though soon after as she peers at Lazarus "Really? I'll have to keep more on me. I didn't have anywhere to put them. If I put them in the swimsuit they get warm, gooey and sticky, and they just make a mess!"

Sydney shakes her head, wincing just slightly. "Don't… no, don't put marshmallows in your swimsuit. That could just be all kinds of bad." Of types Syd really has no desire to explain to Sao. Let the girl's mother explain it. "Anyway. I should get going. I've got summer classes starting soon." She gives Sao a quick squeeze, and gives Laz another light bop on the shoulder, then heads out.

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