(2018-06-12) Powers Out and Powers Swapped
Powers Out and Powers Swapped
Summary: An unusual cosmic phenomena causes havoc for Besa especially
Date: 2018-06-13
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Scene Runner: Rain

Six Flags, one of the biggest amusement park chains in the US, if not the biggest. It has all those things that can be expected in an amusement park. Big rides, at this Six Flags they are named after DC superheroes. Batman, The Joker and The Riddler are the biggest roller coasters, Harly Quinn is a aerial spin ride. There are other roller coasters, but those are the most popular and biggest. There are of course all sorts of other rides. And the usual amusement park games, an arcade, shops and food stalls. Costumed characters walk around giving photo ops to the park goers. Connected to the park is the Water Park. Slides and the usual waterpark amusements can be found there. As it is middle of week the park isn't jam packed with people, but its is fairly crowded with other teens since it is end of the school year field trip day.

And that is what is going on with the students of Coral Springs. After the half day of final exams was done all the students were transported to Six Flags, admission paid for and given food vouchers then left to their own devices. Everyone was to meet up to return to the school when the park closed.

Bryce couldn't believe it. He was feeling a bit done because he did so poorly on his tests. Well, he felt that he did poorly though probably a lot of the students would be happy if they got what he thought was a poor performance. Benefits and curse of being the brainiac. Then to find out that the school paid for them to go to Six Flags. This was just beyond his comprehension. He accepted his ticket with a offer of gratitude and walked through the ticket booth into the park. It was a wide-eyed look and a slow-walk of amazement. Once inside the place proper he steps off to the side to get out of the way. The first thing he does is look at the map and memorize it. Done. Next he looks up at all the costumed people walking around and only recognized a few.

It's all about desensitizing. Final exams never scared Grace Halleson; large crowds did, these days. Not only must she come to understand these new powers that she's been saddled with, Grace needs to learn how to handle hectic situations. So when the word got out that students were being shipped off for a reprieve of fun and merrymaking at an amusement park, the girl opted to go along. Her uncles had taken her to Six Flags many years ago, so there's sentimentality backing Grace's decision to attend.

Wearing a tight pair of black swimshorts (akin to biking shorts) and a matching swim-top that is fashioned like a camisole, Grace turns her head this way and that, her ponytail bobbing behind her neck as her brow furrows worriedly. There's so much going on… so much… it's hard to focus on any one scent or sound. She, too.. is ambling along in a bit of a confused stupor.. and not watching where she is going? The slight girl is about to bodily bump into Bryce!

Besa's sticking right next to Rain. This is…a lot. He's dressed for the swim park, as he's not able to ride the roller coasters. After some long internal debates, cocoa was left at the school. He's now currently regretting that decision. "Rain….how….what are we supposed to do?"

Well, now that the exams were over and done with, it's time to have fun, yes? And so Pavel has made his way out to the fun, shaking his head a bit as he looks around. He's currently wearing his armor suit, since it would be good to be able to move around while visiting a park such as this. "See, should be more Russian comic book heroes, of course," he sayus to nobody in particular as he looks around, smiling to everyone nearby.

Sydney gets her picture taken with Bugs Bunny! This, as the wabbit was wont to say, is more fun than rabbits oughta have. She pretty much keeps off the aerial rides, not wanting to be rejected… (600 pounds is above the weight limit? Who'da thunk it?) but she's clearly having a blast. And then… a pool. A wading pool. Sure, it's mostly filled with preschoolers, but… knee deep water suits the steel-girl fine. She sits at one edge, the water barely covering her belly, and happily nibbles at an ice cream cone. The only weird thing is the few people who've mistaken her for a character and asked for pictures with her. Well… why not? Doesn't cost her anything. It seems to happen less in the kiddie pool, although the little kids are fascinated.

Rain is doing her best to ease Besa's anxiety levels. Having grabbed a park map on the way in she opens it and holds it so he can see it. Probably be easier if he held one side but she won't say anything "We can go play some games here." she points at the map "There seems to be some old fashioned ones that you won't do anything to." she looks around and then at the map "Or head to the water park." she indicates the area the waterpark is with a nod if her head "There is very little technological there that you can disrupt…and it is warm today." that's what she is dressed for, a one piece under the sundress she is wearing.


"Aah." Bryce almost instinctually summons his armor but manages to fight against it. He stumbles a bit as Grace bumps into him. Catching his balance (just barely), Bryce takes a moment before turning around to see who that was. "Oh, oh, uh, hi Grace. I'm, I'm sorry for getting in, um, your way. I thought I was, well, off to the side enough. All this sort of," he gestures to the park, "blows me away. I've never been to, um, anything like this before." He is so glad the school decided to pay for the tickets or he would never been able to come. Unlike others who have switched to other clothing, he is still in his school uniform as he always is.

The girl is aghast, and her hands instinctively reach out to — for a mere second defend herself — catch the boy if he stumbles over or falls. "Oh, no!" Grace cries, but sees that nobody is being knocked asunder afterall. Once certain things are okay she tangles her fingers into a nervous knot in front of her waist. "I'm sorry, Bryce.. I was k-kinda… caught up…. this is amazing, isn't it?" She asks, looking around. "Do you want to walk with me, maybe? We can be confused together." She suggests, comforted by the presence of another who is as confounded as she is. She squints, just vaguely spying Pavel's suit off through a tangle of people.

Besa looks down at the map, if that's what you can call it. It's not like any map he has ever seen. He is still confused by all of this, but nods at Rain "The waterpark sounds like the best option." he looks in the indicated direction before beginning to head that way.

Pavel has paused a bit as some people nearby seems to be speaking about his suit, smiling as he's talking with them for a few moments, before he turns around, moving through the crowd again. This time, his steps take him over in the general direction of Grace and Bryce, without him knowing that's where they take him yet.

Sydney splishes in the water happily, watching little kids play. She sees something, her expression sags a little, and she sighs and stands up. "Yeahh… maybe I should go sit in the big kids' pool. She picks up her bag of clothes, and pauses to throw some rings at the milk bottles. No luck.

Folding up the map Rain gives a bit of a grin to Besa as they begin to head that direction. "Which slide do you want to go on first. The really tall one that goes straight down, or the one with the twists?" she looks from Besa to the two slides. "I think you are on a innertube on the twisty one." as the pair pass by Pavel and then Grace and Bryce the girl gives a wiggle finger wave "We are going to the waterpark. Did you all want to go?" she doesn't really know Sydney but if she is in the vicinity she is included in that.

Things go on as normal in the park, people ride, rides, play games, eat and generally have fun. Strangely though it seems to get brighter and hotter for a few minutes until all of a sudden there is a flash of blinding white light, so bright that even for at least a minute afterward that's all that is seen, the white light. With the white light is a wave of dry heat, almost unbearable, but that sensation goes away faster than the effects of the light.

Once vision starts to return the first thing that is most noticeable is the silence, the only sound is of the people around questioning what went happened, but then there are the screams, both near and far.

Bryce looks at Grace and realizes what she is wearing. That isn't the school uniform at all. He quickly looks up to keep his eyes in the right place. "Um, yeah, I, I really don't know where to go, but, um, I've memorized the map and all." He points up at one of the large rollercoasters and says, "I just don't think, uh, that, that would be something that I would enjoy." He pauses for a bit and adds in a softer tone, "Or would be good for me." Then returning to normal volume he turns to walk in no specific direction and sees Pavel. He doesn't think he's ever met the teen, but he does remember seeing him at the Prom. "Uh, hi."

Seeing Rain and Besa, he returns the wave with one of his own. He looks to Grace and says, "Uh, sure, I guess?" He isn't sure if Grace wants to go or not, and since they agreed to go together he doesn't want to choose without knowing what she wants.

Then it happens. The light. The heat. Almost instantly Bryce's circlet flashes and covers his head and hands with armor. His clothing seems a bit tighter now as well though since no one can see, no one will know. He drops to the ground under the onslaught of the heat and light. Finally, as it starts to let up, he struggles, trying to get up. "Is, is everyone, okay? What, what happened?"

The light and heat put the girl on edge, so much so that she presses her palms to her eyes and snarls. Snarls. She was just about to answer affirmative to Rain's offer to join herself and Besa… an offer made to others, too.. effectively placing the Coral Springs students together. But then this happens! Luckily the girl keeps it together and pulls her hands away, pupils shrunken to dots in red irises. "W-what was… what was that? Is everyone ok?!"

Besa wets his lips, brow furrowed, "I..the twisty one?" He offers a nervous smile to the other students. "I think afterwards we can-" His eyes close and he tries to shield them with his arm when the light happens. In fact the teen drops to the grind in a defensive crouch. Thank you time in Hell. When it stops he drops next to him for Rain, "Rain?!? Are you unhurt?"

Sydney 's dollar store shades did about nothing to protect her eyes from the white light. It's debatable whether they're really even U/V proof the way they should be. She blinks, her vision coming back in smears. She also wonders why she's lying on the ground with her ice cream cone smeared under her chin. Those outside her head might have seen her fall as if pole-axed (or heard the clang). She wasn't out long enough to puddle, which is good, given the clothing situation. She looks around at the startled bystanders and sits up. "Is…everyone ok? I didn't fall on anyone, did I?" Oh yes, the buzzing in her head is familiar. Something electrical happened to her. Mild, for sure, but something, definitely. When her vision comes back fully, she looks around to make sure nobody's lying near her with broken feet or something, then gets up. Screams. It's hero time.

"Water park?" Pavel looks a bit unsure, before he nods. "I may not enter water, but it sounds fun…" Looking between the others, before he starts moving. As the light happens, and the heat, he drops down to his knees, slumping forward a bit. He can still manage to move, so the suit hasn't been disabled. "Voda…" he mutters. Water. Looking around, he blinks a few times. "What was…?" And then he hears the screams, frowning as he gets back to his feet. "Thirsty…" Looking around once more.

With everyone in seeming agreement to go to the waterpark Rain reaches out to grab Besa's hand and lead the way. He may be a new Besa, but for Rain its an old habit. As the bright light strikes she too is covering her face, pulled down by Besa into that same duck and cover position. As the light fades into what is normal on a sunny day she blinks away the tears, wiping at her eyes to try and quickly dispel the spots "I'm fine Besa." she assures him as she gets back to her feet.

Most of the screams seem to be coming from the larger roller coasters. Once the students look around it is easy to notice that the park has lost both main and emergency power. Several of the coasters have stopped mid-ride and the people on them are freaking out. The Headmasters voice can suddenly be heard in your heads giving instructions, assigning groups for rescue. It seems you all have been assigned to go rescue riders from The Batman roller coaster.

Once there is no immediate danger to himself, the helmet and gauntlets he is wearing disappear almost as quickly as they appeared. They simply vanish into a mist. His uniform is still a bit bigger and tighter on him though. He glances around at everyone nearby as his friends and classmates start recovering from whatever that was. He finally gets to his feet and hears the screams as well. Hearing the instructions in his head, he reaches up and presses against the side of his head for a moment and squints his eyes like someone might with a really bad headache. "We should, we should go try and … help." He doesn't need to close his eyes and remember the map to find the direction to the Batman coaster. It is so big, you can hardly miss it. He begins heading over in that direction looking to make sure everyone else is coming along.

The girl still feels a bit… off. Grace lifts a hand, rubbing the crown of her head and ruffling her brown hair somewhat. The sun now feels much like it had been at the start of the day: warm, encompassing, pleasant. She is feeling this more than usual, it seems… where is the anxiety? Where is the….

Grace looks strange… not in a bad way; more like a manner of realizing something. She blinks once, twice… hard. Her lashes flutter as she looks to the sky, to her classmates… to—-

The screams catch her attention. The sense of fear. Why isn't it bothering her quite so much? Grace hasn't the time to consider it because the Headmaster is speaking in her head! Like a good student she will follow suit, keeping up with Bryce. She was so startled that she hadn't caught sight of his aromor being manifested… but why?

Besa shakes his head, tuning in the direction of the screams, and then his hands go up to cover his ears when the Headmaster speaks. Knowing Rain would wait, he tells her, "Go ahead, help them!" Maybe he's got a plan? Runes sometimes take a moment to draw up! But, unfortunately it's not that. There's a pressure, much like his anxiety attacks, but the dial is turned to 11. As the students around him scurrying off he staggers to stand. Those dark eyes wide with not only his own fear, but the fear of all those trapped people. And then something shifts, and those dark almost black eyes flash red. Something wells up and he turns and runs. And it's definitely faster than his little legs should be able to take him. And it's definitely not in the direction of people.

Pavel frowns a bit at the instructions, and the situation, before he nods a few times as he hears Bryce's words. "Yes… help…" he mutters, although he stumbles over to somewhere he can get something to drink first. It's not good to get dehydrated when saving people, after all. He frowns as he looks to the roller coaster, wincing momentarily. "I can get to top, I think…" he offers, quietly.

Sydney gets the message. She's good at working her way through crowds.. pardon me, 'scuse me, 'scuse me, pardon… take a standing jump to a clear spot, there… She studies the roller coaster for a moment. Stuck up at the top of a long drop, probably with some kind of emergency brakes locked, like an elevator would have. She walks up to the guy who was (until moments ago) running the thing, hands him her bag, and says. "I'm going up there. Can you make sure this thing doesn't turn on suddenly? I don't want to fall on someone from up there." While she waits for his answer, she adds, "also electrifying the rails would be bad." She settles her feet onto the rails, closes her eyes, and lets the rails sink into her feet, then grabs them with…some muscle or other. Tries it. Grab. Slide. Grab. Slide. It seems to work.

Rain is in the process of making sure Besa and the others are okay when the Headmaster speaks in thier minds. While she isn't used to have the headmaster speak to her like that, she is used to mental contact so she is pretty much unphased by it. "Let's go." she is ever the obediant student and she would want to be rescued quickly if she was up there, stuck on a roller coaster. She begins to hurry after the others, expecting Besa to be right beside her, him and his strong desire to protect and help others but then he runs off with no explanation "But…" but in deed she has to trust him. "How are we going to get them down?" getting up is the easy part.

The ride operator is trying to get someone on his walkie talkie, but those don't seem to be working either, so when Sydney rushes up he kinda gawps at her in surprise a moment "Wait! You can't do that!" he calls after her as she starts scaling the coaster in the strangest way possible.

Bryce stands at the base of the roller coaster and looks up trying to figure out a way to get the students down. He isn't good physically, but mentally is where he comes through. "Um, well, I think we only have, uh, a few options. We could, er, try to restore power like a - a backup generator or something. We could try to force the cars along the track, but, uh, that would be quite difficult as most of these have breaks to secure them in, in situations like this. I don't think any of us, er, fly. So I guess the only options are to try and carry them down either with a long ladder, or, or other means." He remembers his use of the crane to pick himself up but that is different. He only lifted himself a few inches off the ground. If only he could control his powers enough he could make a long ladder or a big bag to catch everyone.

The newly-calm Grace has the presence of mind to really pay attention to what is happening around her, without the naggling fears of others and the smells driving her mind to near-madness. She watches Besa run off, clearly in a state. For all she could tell upon spying him, that little Egyptian boy couldn't possibly move like THAT. He has the looks of a Mystic writ All over him! Sorry she's not generalizing.. just… something is off about the nature of Besa's departure. She hadn't witnessed the eyes flashing to red, but Grace's gaze follows Besa's departing, frantic form.

So strange.

"I-is.. is he…" She starts. She faces the coaster now, and would be willing to grab onto rungs or something upon which her hands can find purchase and start pulling her body fearlessly to try climbing the looming, large structure.

.. but then… Grace's lean, limber muscles do not respond to her with their usual understated power. Where did… what happened? This calmness, traded for a lack of strength… she looks to Rain, helplessly.

Besa stumbles away. It's true, his desire to help people is strong, and some how he knows he's a danger. The fear in the park is almost unbearable. It's hard to get his lungs full of air, it feels like. Spotting an empty area, he darts into an attraction labeled 'Wild Wheelz'. There's dirt and trees and empty cars with no one in them. A small relief. A barn like structure in the middle is where Besa ends up, back pressed against the wall as he cradles his head in his hands. A moment he feels as if he's going crazy, is he back tapped in Hell? It's distracting enough that he doesn't notice his fingers turning into claws, or the cuts in his scalp from them. Pain Tolerance is an interesting thing, especially if one isn't used to it.

Letting out a brief breath, Pavel mutters something in Russian. As he hears Bryce, he offers a grin. "I fly there. Not sure how to get them down." There's a brief pause as he looks around, and up to where Sydney moved, before he mutters again, using the suit's flying ability to get him off the ground, and towards the people up there.

Sydney isn't fast, and isn't showy, and it looks really weird, but the tracks can support her weight this way and she does get to the car closest to her in due time. "Hi. My name is Iron Maiden. I'm here to rescue you." She pokes at the car and fiddles with some things, then elongates one arm to pull the coupler open on this car. Another quick flip once she reels in the arm, and the car's safety brakes are off, and she begins slowly backing down the track, keeping the car from gaining any speed. Her traction is a little precarious.

Rain isn't a flyer, a metamorph or any sort of climber, though there is probably a way to get up there from the ground. Thankfully Sydney and Pavel are on top of that. "Bryce," she stands next to him as she watches what the others are doing "can you make a net or a long rope?" she asks him before she calls up to Pavel "Pavel, what is your max carrying capacity with your armor?" she then addresses Bryce again "You could use your psychir rope to secure a person or two to Pavel and he can bring them down that way." she has ideas…they might not be good ones, but she has them.

When the riders on the coaster notices that help is on the way, they start freaking out less and babbling excitedly, though a few complain, there are always one or two, about how they aren't being rescued soon enough. When the first car starts to move there are a few cheers, but more cries of fear.

Rain isn't a flyer, a metamorph or any sort of climber, though there is probably a way to get up there from the ground. Thankfully Sydney and Pavel are on top of that. "Bryce," she stands next to him as she watches what the others are doing "can you make a net or a long rope?" she asks him before she calls up to Pavel "Pavel, what is your max carrying capacity with your armor?" she then addresses Bryce again "You could use your psychir rope to secure a person or two to Pavel and he can bring them down that way." she has ideas…they might not be good ones, but she has them.

When the riders on the coaster notices that help is on the way, they start freaking out less and babbling excitedly, though a few complain, there are always one or two, about how they aren't being rescued soon enough. When the first car starts to move there are a few cheers, but more cries of fear.

Bryce thinks for a moment and shakes his head. "I've, I've never tried that before. There is, uh, something I could try, but I can't do it far enough. If, if" he seems to be getting more and more nervous as he speaks. "If Pavel fl-flew me up there, I could make a big, er, claw - thing to pick up people and then we could fly them down. I'm pretty light and the weight of the person wouldn't be on me or, uh, him at all. I could try to lift a whole car, but, uh, I don't know how much weight I can do."

Where is the constant anxiety? The tension? Were she herself, the molten terror originating from the jammed coaster car up above and the people down below will have sent Grace into an absolute tangent…

There is an altogether different feeling at work here. She looks down at her hands, rubs the back of one. Her hand touches the basic digital watch that she has come to rely upon in her rather scheduled life at school. There is an odd little 'pop'; a click. Grace blinks, squinting in the direction of the sound…. and sees that her watch is stone dead.

"W-what…!?" She whispers shakily. She looks over a shoulder, again in the direction that Besa had fled. Back to the first car as it begins to move. She feels helpless down here and she is beginning to feel a horrible, nagging worry in her guts. But she is yet calm; her mind feels strong and focused. She looks down at the dead watch, moves a finger to rub her wrists. "I-I think something was wrong with Besa.." Grace whispers, even if she isn't immediately heard.

Wait? What's his max carrying capacity? There are some muttered words in Russian, and Pavel shrugs. "I do not know," he admits, looking from Rain and Bryce to the people stuck, and then to Sydney as she gets something accomplished. "Maybe I can push car free, or something?"

Sydney 's heart is pounding in her chest…well… it feels like it, anyway, which is what's important. The fall for her isn't that big a deal. It'd hurt. It wouldn't kill her. But she has half a dozen lives in this car, with the safety brake turned off. She's squeezing the track hard with her feet, having wrapped her toes around each side of the rail for better traction. "So…" she grunts to the passenger closest to her. "Other than this, how was your day?" She feels steep part of the track start to level out. Almost there with this car.

A hand is placed on Bryce's shoulder. Rain may be cold and detached at the best of times, this is not one of them "You don't know until you try. A lot of successes have come from people that weren't told you can't do that or that is impossible. You can do it and it is possible." there is a little known fact about the Masters girl, she has charisma, and she is using it today for a bit of a pep talk to Bryce "You got this." she gives him a pat on the shoulder and turns to listen to Grace, her face falling into a concerned look at her mention of Besa "What do you mean? Where is he?"

Sydney manages to get the first car to safety and there are staff and other rescue people at the platform waiting to take them in hand. The rescuers begin to work with the students to get the rest of the people.

Bryce nods and looks up at one of the carts. He reaches up with a hand and says, "I'll try." He swallows hard and his circlet flashes just before a beam of light emerges from his head. Months of practice all came down to this moment. The beam of light slowly creates a single long blunt looking sword. The sword duplicates itself not just once but twice until there are three long thin bars which connect to each other at their bases. Each of the bases form a hinge in the middle and then at the edge until it looks like a giant claw from the arcade games with the weird looking bears and polka-dotted dinosaurs. The claw starts to reach higher and higher head towards the nearest car until it actually latches on. The claw lifts the cart right up off the track as Bryce's eyes narrow. His hand starts to tremor as the claw now has the full weight of the car and the people inside.

The temporary non-werewolf scrambles for the zip purse that she has slung over a shoulder. Grace pulls out her newer iPhone and sees that it, too, has powered down! It was fully charged! Now she's absolutely CERTAIN that something has happened and Grace looks up with the first note of panic in her expression. Her abilities, as she knows them, are not present.

But then Besa, how he ran off so quickly.. so uncharacteristically. She remembers him before this last death and he was so sweet, so intent to help others…

"Oh shit." Grace says firmly, eyes filling her small face. She meets Rain's look, and she looks torn between staying there — where she is helpless with her current unknown skillset (at least to get up there) — .. and trying to prevent another disaster.

"I think something happened. I-I… I can't do what I can normally do. And Besa-" Now she looks horrified. "H-he needs to be found. He went over there," She indicates 'Wild Wheelz', her expression wild. "I have to go over there! He could be in danger!" And without a second thought, she's darting off in the direction that Besa barrelled off in.

As he sees what Bryce is doing, Pavel flies up closer to that car, attempting to help easing it down to the ground. While he doesn't know how much weight he can support, there's only one way to find out, right? He offers a smile to the ones in the car, trying his best to look confident. "Soon safe," he offers to them, nodding a bit.

Sydney looks up at the next cart while she wipes grease off her feet and rests a moment. The swords appear. She's seen this before. Her fists clench involuntarily and she bites her lip so that she only thinks it… 'I'll never laugh at your arcade claw again. I'll never laugh at your arcade claw again. For the love of humanity don't drop these people. I'll never laugh at your arcade claw again.' She gets ready to make another run for another cart, but is stopped by employees, who point out that with the empty cart on the rails, if she loses control of the next one, the passengers might die in the collision. She stops and watches from below. And that's all she does.

Besa's slide down to a curled sitting position. He's breathing heavy, almost hyperventilating. Blood trails from the cuts on his scalp , making it's way south. He smells it, but isn't sure if he should go to where the people were in trouble, to heal them. Every time he starts to move, another wave of fear hist him and he feels sick to his stomach.

Now Rain is torn. Follow Grace or continue to help out with getting the people safely from the coaster cart. Thankfully she /can/ be in two places at once. "Now would be a good time." she mutters to herself, she frowns as nothing seems to happen for a long moment. Though suddenly it looks as if another person, who looks indentical in everyway to Rain, is shoved violently out of her "Go with Grace and find Besa." Rain practically orders. The duplicate is about to get snarky but the command has her stiffening up and quickly doing an about face and rushing after the former werewolf girl "Where did you say he went?"

Rain meanwhile watches as Bryce and Pavel work together to bring the cart down. Once it is safely on the ground she rushes to it and releases the safety harness and starts helping people out of it.

She hasn't her natural speed, but Grace is moving at a good clip. She is in good shape and She skirts the track with the dead cars, takes a few minutes to look in and around the cars for a body that she is sure will be huddling. Sometimes the fear and anger can be cloying. Not seeing Besa, Grace looks around desperately for another possibility… sees the barn-like structure. This is when Rain—wait no. Legion? Grace doesn't quite know the Masters girl all-that-well and as far as the brunette knows, that is 'Rain' doing an about-face to join her in the search.

She watches Legion, brows knit. "I-I think he's somehow… taken on… what I can do. I-I just saw how he left.. I need to see to be sure. I'm doing and feeling things that I can't typically do.." She whispers hastily, turning on a heel to jog toward the barn.

She makes her way into the structure, sniffing instinctively even if her senses are no longer quite so honed. "Besa? A-are you in here?" She moves further in.

Besa flinches as he hears his name, never a good sign. His jaw feels funny he opens it, like he's trying to crack it. "Don't…I …don't come here…" His voice sounds a little deeper. And scared. If they do round the corner, there he is, covered in his own blood as he huddles against the side of the barn. More flinching, he can feel their worry.

Pavel lets out a breath as he sees they managed to get the cart safely down. "Good…" he says, before he moves up again to help getting the next one safely to the ground as well.

Rain continues to help the people from the cart, glancing up occasionally as Pavel and the rescue workers, work together to bring the last cart down to safety. Legion may be trying to find Besa, but whatever happened there is still a distraction to the girl "Careful sir." she tells a middle aged man as he gets out of the car and is passed from Rain to another rescue worker.

Legion listens to what Grace is telling her, while Rain and Legion may act different, the do share the same brain which works fast "Like you switched powers with him? So you can do his runic magic?" she would find that interesting under other circumstances. Going into the structure with Grace she hears Besa and its just all wrong "Besa?" she is alarmed "What's wrong? What happened?"

The last roller coaster car is brought down to the ground slowly but without any trouble. The people inside go from utter silence as the were moved to a cheer when the car touches the ground "Good work and thanks." one of the rescue workers says to Pavel "We'll take if from here."

"Approach slowly," Grace whispers hastily to Legion. The sad reality is that Grace doesn't know the true extent of what her fear and anger can do to her. Honestly? She is trying to put herself in Constantine's shoes. She is desperately trying to re-enact what the metalbender does and says when SHE is getting incensed and scared. "S-soft voice. No weapons. H-hands down and palms open. We need to keep him in here 'til everything settles out there." The girl pleads.

She turns to look at the huddled boy and her guts and heart wrench at the sight of the blood. Oh God.. does she get that bad? Grace's eyes are dark with the pain of it all. "Breathe, Besa. Breathe really, really deep. You have to keep calm. Fear makes it worse. I-it's absolutely imperative that you keep calm." Grace says in the gentlest way possible. She is able to keep a clear head despite her upset and not overreact.

To Rain/Legion, "I think we swapped. I-if I touch electronics they just stop… and I… what is runic magic? Oh, he's bleeding.. he needs to.. Besa! Try to rest your hands in your lap. You have claws." The girl pleads, wincing at the blood on his head. "You're going to be okay."

Besa breaths in, he can't help it, he has to breath! And the scent of both girls fills his nose, along with the coppery scent of his blood. His lips curls though and a growl escapes him. He's being approached! He doesn't want to be cornered! Memories from Hell are mixing into this confusing afternoon. "Stay away from me!" He hunches over sightly, but glares at them both, dark eyes flashing red again. Everything is so loud, he can hear his own heart beating (Thankfully it's fixed!). He's still of mind enough, "….go…help…"He can't. He can't! No helping from this mess of a hero.

Besa isn't the only one who needs to stay calm, Legion does too. She takes one of those calming breathes as well. Seeing Besa like this isn't going anything for her nerves, especially what he is doing to himself, with the claws. Having never seen Grace like this doesn't help either. The duplicates eyes move back and forth, she is thinking and thinking hard. After a moment she crouches and reaches up to pull Grace down beside her "Stay low. We are less threatening if he stay at his level." at least she hopes that is the case. "Besa please, listen to Grace." she pleads and then the question about runic magic from Grace has an idea spring up "I need you to do me a favor Besa. Can you do something for me. It's really easy. Will you draw a calming rune in the dirt for me…please and then a sleep rune. That's all you have to do. We can do the rest."

It's weird to see this behavior in another form. Gentle, kind Besa behaving like this.. and Legion is trying to keep it together, too. It's hard. Okay Grace, focus. "You have m-my powers." She says softly, lowering herself to sit down on the ground when bid to do so. She calls them powers, not abilities; 'abilities' implies that these damnable traits are useful. At this stage, Grace loathes her powers more than she could hope to love them. Could she ever?

Her instincts remain and her eyes watch Besa's face briefly before she looks down at her feet. Her hands knit nervously into her lap, her own chest filling up with a deep breath. "They're making you wild. So you need to focus on breathing, ok? L-like, you gotta take it in right down into your feet, it has to feel like. Everyone outside is being helped. You need to listen to us, okay?"

Her fingers tremble in her lap as she quiet, to allow Legion to speak. THey are now lower to the ground, beside one another, and the darker-haired girl watches Legion with a dawning look of incomprehension and worry as she bids the horrified Egyptian boy to… to draw runes?

Besa's nose twitches, but the girls lowering themselves does seem to help some. That lip stays curled, teeth bared, but he doesn't growl again. "We are at war, we can not…" Runes? How will a sleep rune help? His hand raises and he again touches his face. It's hard to tell if he cut himself again, he's got enough blood there to heal a pretty major wound. If he could. "I…we must hide…" But it's Rain asking, and he usually can't deny her such things. Lucky for Legion she smells like Rain. His hand lowers and with a claw (When did that happen? Has he been double cursed?!?!) he scratches out a calming rune fairly well. A screech from one of the rides as it is moved has him startled and the second rune is still readable, but not as much. Finally he leans forward, surprisingly towards both girls, "We should go. Hide." At least he's wanting to protect them too? And then his nose wrinkles and starts to stand up in a rather forceful way, "We go ..now." Is he ordering them? Well, he was the Kophesh in Hell. People listed to him. He was the alpha, in not so many words.

Legion puts a hand on Grace as if to tell the other girl to trust her. Those aren't words she will be saying outloud. She notices of course that Besa is only listening to half of what is being told to him "We aren't at war Besa." she wonders why he is thinking that, but only for a few seconds. "Besa you aren't in Hell, this is home…well close to home. We are at a park, not hell. There are no demons here." smells like Rain yes, and this is the most Rain like behaviour that Legion has ever displayed and this is not something she would lie to Besa about. "Grace, I need to to focus a moment, sense down deep and you will feel a pool of magical energy. You need to focus that energy on the runes that Besa has drawn. When you feel the magic imbue the rune you need to break it, rub it out and send that magical energy into Besa." she has used his magic before and the magic of the priests, not his priests specifically, so she has a bit of an idea of how it works. Let's just hope her idea is a solid one.

The other girl is silent, even as Besa vaults what is — to her — a rather alarming duality of responses. Her mouth opens to speak but Legion (and Rain), bless them, try to reason with the boy who has temporarily taken on her demon. But now, as the runes are drawn, Grace is beginning to feel another sort of fear. The fear of failure.

The girl watches Legion with wide, scared eyes.. red, red irises. Her lips are pressed into a tense line but she is listening.

Grace focuses. She is not one to meditate by nature; her meditation is to run, to move, to not think in the first place. So she goes on to think of things to calm herself: uncles Vee and Gun; good cake; cows; Con. The fear goes and she focuses upon that dancing, sparkling thing in her minds' eye that has come along in the swapping of their powers.

It's a tense minute, but then the girl exhales slowly and a hand is splayed hopefully over the runes. There is an imbued knowledge at work here that indeed casts magic into these runes, and with a brisk motion she dashes the enchanted rune and sends the magic in Besa's direction!

Clearly they are at war, listen to all this noise! And the smell of blood is everywhere! His teeth bare again and he admits something that later will probably be very upsetting, "Always in Hell…" Does he really think that, or is it the fear speaking? "Always Demons." He moves forward to try to take Legion's hand. Hopefully he doesn't cut her. "Protect…Us." The elusive Us. He then turns to reach for Grace, but she's swiping at the runes. He tenses, growling at the motion. What is she…doing? His body starts to relax and he turns to look at Legion again, the red in his eyes diminishing . "Rain…I…" And then he frowns, realizing she's putting him to sleep? //Betrayal! But it's too late to get upset by it, his eyes are rolling backwards and he's tumbling to the ground.

Rain isn't the relgious type, which means Legion isn't either, but right now she is internally praying to just about any god she can think up the name for, God, Allah, Ganesh…Thor. Praying to them all that this works, because she doesn't have a plan B. At least not one that doesn't get them both seriously hurt. Instructions given to looks back at Besa and she hopes that it is the fear talking, his life didn't seem so hellish yesterday when he was learning how to ride his new bike, and for now she will hold onto that to combat the feels his words bring up. "I'm sorry Besa…but Rain has left the building." and she watches him start to collapse and quickly moves to catch him. "Poor Besa." she says with obvious concern "You did great Grace. Help me carry him out of here. Rain will help us clean him up and get him to the meeting spot." and as if on cue the actual Rain comes in with a towel and first aid kit "Come on. The park is closing and the Headmaster wants us an the transport 5 minutes ago."

While Grace is fascinated at what she just willed forth, her hand draws back in a jolt of fear. Magic confounds her; nevermind there is a degree of magic at work whenever she does shift wholly (it's only happened once thus far) or even partially. But this… 'rune magic'.. is beyond her. Worlds beyond. She looks scared not only by this alien skill but just how… how Besa looked, sounded, behaved. Who can blame him?

But she is relieved that it worked, and she will gladly help move the boy's body out of the barn.

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