(2018-06-10) Decompressing
Summary: Syd wasn't ready to sleep after the prom, so she changed and headed out to enjoy the warm evening on the porch. She wasn't alone for long.
Date: 2018.06.11
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Back Patio
The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


You'd be forgiven for mistaking Syd for a statue, although she's a little inconveniently placed. She's sitting on the brick floor of the patio, legs draped over the stairs, leaning against the side of the rail gently, just watching the slow transit of stars. Boys. Kissed a boy. Danced. It's a lot to take in. Still, she smiles at the memory. It was nice to be dressed up like a princess for the second time in her life, to kiss a boy, this time entirely of her own volition. She even started it. It was nice to flirt a little and not be afraid. She could, she reflects, get to like that.

Sierra is making her way back to the school via the rear of the grounds it seems. She stayed the night at the hotel in one of the rooms supplied by the school, so is rather a late returnee. She is jeans and t-shirt; the latter having 'Vagetarian' written across her chest. The rented gown long returned. "Hey, Sydney" she waves…who else could it be?

Alistair comes out to the back patio as well with a small yawn. Sadly, it seems he wasn't lucky enough to get a kiss or…whatever Sierra got lucky with. Regardless, he's still wearing a loosened version of his suit. "Oh, hello friends." waving a little with a happy smile. "I take it we've had a good night?" the Thunderer asks curiously.

Sydney looks back over her shoulder and smiles at the familiar face. Then reads the t-shirt, frowns, as though not understanding, then clamps her hand over her mouth and laughs. "oh my god…" She nods to Alistair. Her night ended somewhat earlier, apparently, and she had time to change. "We did. Or I did, anyway." She licks her lip, as though tasting sweetness lingering there without thinking about it.

"I'm not your god, silly" Sierra giggles at Sydney. "My friend would like to hear that but you shouldn't encourage him" she teases before stopping on the patio with the others. "Hey, Alistair. Have a good night at the Prom?" She jerks her head towards Sydney. "I think Syd had a great time. See…I was right." A gentle nudge of the metal girl…which is probably not felt at all. "You go, girl."

Alistair tilts his head at Sierra and Sydney. "I'm not a god…" Alistair tries to say simply enough as if to try to dissuade them from the nature of his powers, but he shrugs. "I did. I've never been to a prom before. It was fun." he smiles happily, though he looks between the two of them. "…did something happen?" clueless

Sydney is rather soft if you don't kick hard or fast. She'd feel rather flesh-like and warm. She laughs, having definitely felt it. "I'd been dancing once in my life before this. Been kissed willingly only once too. And that was 35 years ago in outside time, and six months or so for me. I danced tonight. It was wonderful. Kissed him goodnight, too, which was also wonderful. I'm just… a little overwhelmed right now." She smiles tiredly. "I was kind of a shutin for the two years before I went into the freezer."

"Thirty-five years ago? Ummm…aren't you a little old to be at this school? I mean, you hide it well but…still. Freezer? I guess there's a lot I don't know about you, Sydney. Not unusual since we only met last night. So…kissing Vinny?" A nod to Alistair. "It was my first prom too. Weren't you going with Saoirse?"

Alistair smiles softly to Sydney. "I'm glad you had so much fun. Seems like you have had quite magical night, no?" he asks inquisitively in a playful nature, before his eyes shift to Sierra as she asks him if he was going with Sao. "Yes. However, she told me she'd like to go alone. I do not know why." he shrugs. "Oh well. Must be will of gods." he's religious in the gods of the Zulu people.

Sydney turns to face the two of you and draws her legs into lotus. "On paper, sure. But when you lower my body temperature below 40 degrees farenheit, my metabolism stops and I solidify completely. I go into suspended animation pretty much indefinitely. They thawed me in January, roughly 35 years after I went into the freezer. The court decided that since I hadn't yet had my 15th birthday in my experience, I'm still a minor. So legally I'm almost 15. So I have foster parents, and I need to go to high school. Also, I can lift a school bus, so that narrowed down what school I should go to." She puts her hands out in a "voila" gesture. "…and here I am."

Sydney smiles at Alistair and dangles the friendship bracelet around her wrist at him. Still wearing it.

"Do you have cause to lift up a bus often?" smirks Sierra. "Though I guess if the school bus breaks down… So you're like Austin Powers, Sydney? Thirty-five…" Some quick calculations in her head. "Early 80s? Nice. I like to think that was a cool time but I wasn't there. And my companion was trapped in a statue at the time." A frown for Alistair. "Sorry she changed her mind. It must have taken some courage to ask her in the first place. I managed to drag RJ there or he wouldn't have gone." She looks up at the building. "But now it's back to reality."

"Be right back. Have to powder…something." Sierra pops inside in a hurry.

Alistair looks to Sierra with a tilt of his head, before he nods lightly. "It is alright. She was the first person I asked. I had a feeling she would change her mind…she seemed uncertain to begin with." a small sigh. "But, there is always a sunrise. Did you enjoy yourself, Sierra?" he asks her curiously, putting a hand on her shoulder briefly before he sees Sydney's gesture. A BIG smile on his face as he lifts up his offhand, revealing a bracelet as well. "It pleases me that you still wear it, friend Sydney." though his eyes watch Sierra as she leaves. "..is something wrong?" he mutters softly to himself.

Sydney chuckles. "No, but when you talk to a 50something and say "Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry…" and they know you can lift a school bus… they take you seriously. And 1982…well, it was different. We were all pretty sure the idiots in power were going to kill us all, for one thing." And then Sierra heads off for a few. She looks up at Alistair. "Never ask a girl why she has to leave suddenly to powder her nose. She either won't tell you or you'll regret it if she does." Syd grins. "And yes. I'm still wearing it. I like being your friend. Not sure I'll ever be more than that, but…friends are good." Syd stretches. Muscles ripple. "Did you have a good time anyway?"

Alistair nods softly and he laughs a little bit. "Fair enough on all accounts. Is it bad manners to ask such things?" he asks curiously. Though when she tells him she likes being his friend, and seems to show desire to be more than that, Alistair tilts his head. "…do you want to be more than friends, Sydney?" he doesn't seem to be revealing anything, but rather a curiosity as to her words. "But I'm glad to be your friend, as well. I deeply enjoy your company." Even just standing still, his clothes clearly stretched just a little bit with his muscles.

Sydney laughs a little. "Bad manners… mmm… that's debatable. It's more like…" she gestures, trying to find words. "do you really want to know that her time of the month has started, or that it's upsetting her stomach, or stuff like that? And does she want to tell you? That kind of thing is private and kind of gross. Maybe… we're too hung up on it here, or it's changed while I was in the freezer. But we never wanted to talk to boys about that kind of thing." Syd sighs deeply and blows out her cheeks. "You're a terribly charming guy, Alistair. Terribly attractive. It's just… I'm a little…careful about boys in general. More than I need to be, probably. I wasn't always steel, and I couldn't always lift a school bus. And sometimes…bad things happened to me. I'm still figuring all this out." Syd gets up. "I should probably head to bed. Tonight was fun, but I'm exhausted."

Sierra returns from her secret mission looking a little fresher. "Did I miss anything?" she asks brightly before realising that Sydney is on her way to bed. That must be some bed. "You're going to bed, Sydney? Sorry I had to disappear. We'll talk later?" She gives the other girl a hug…whether she wants one or not. "Glad you had fun at Prom." She then plonks herself down on one of the swing seats upon the porch, looking out over the grounds. "You hanging around, Alistair?"
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Sydney nods. She doesn't seem to mind being hugged one bit. "Definitely. Yeah… well bed. Pour myself into a reinforced washtub basically." She smiles and heads out.

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