(2018-06-09) Open Arms
Open Arms
Summary: Prom! Syd and Vinny finally get their dance(s). They depart for the evening. It's rather sweet and sappy. :)
Date: IC Date (2018-06-09)
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Sydney returns from the snack tables and the inevitable powdering of her nose (touching up her makeup, actually. Getting makeup that sticks well enough to steel without permanently staining it is far trickier than it seems like it should be), to find Vinny. And about that time, after hours of music she's never heard before…which isn't bad, just unfamiliar, we get Journey. Old Journey. Open Arms, to be exact. "Oh! I know this song!" Syd looks at Vinny and gives puppydog eyes. "Let's go dance to this one…"

He's rather easy to find, Vinny is. He offers a smile as Sydney approaches again, offering her another smile. "Good song." Offering her a hand, he nods, "Sounds like a good one to dance to." Starting to lead the way out onto the dance floor.

Sydney walks out carefully. She doesn't want to wreck the dress, after all. She takes a deep breath. and carefully moves closer to Vinny, trying to figure out where all the arms go, how to go about this exactly. She's almost as tall as Vinny in these heels. She looks at him a little nervously, then finally gets it right, an arm on his shoulder (a heavy arm, at that) and take his other hand in hers. She leaves a little space between the two of them, figuring if he wants to get closer, he will.

Vinny is by no means a good dancer. But at least he manages to avoid messing up. There's a brief glance to the heavy arm on his shoulder, then he looks back at Sydney, smiling to her. "Enjoying the party?" he asks, quietly.

Sydney nods. She lifts up on her arm a little. "Mmhmm. Are you?" She rests her cheek against Vinny's shoulder lightly. Being held, moving slowly to the music. Five days of watching videos on youtube and practicing have not gone to waste.

Smiling, Vinny moves a little closer as she rests her cheek against his shoulder. "I am. I've never enjoyed a prom this much before," he replies, with a smile. "Thank you."

Sydney sighs happily, swaying to the music. "Thanks for asking me. I've only been dancing once in my life…" She pauses. "This time, at least, I won't wind up frozen for 35 years." She chuckles a little ruefully.

There's a brief pause and a smile as Vinny hears that. "I promise I won't make you end up frozen," he replies, offering her another grin. "And you're welcome. Even though I'm not really a good dancer…" But he manages to continue moving to the music, and not messing up.

The next song is faster, and Syd has moves to make, so she tries to keep a little more distance from Vinny so feet don't get stepped on. If he steps on hers it might scuff her shoes. If she steps on his, he might wind up in the hospital.

It's probably easier for Vinny with the faster song, since his reflexes helps to keep his feet out of trouble. There's a grin offered as they dance, and he looks relaxed.

fast forward through several more dances without dialog. We've left the prom for the evening.

Sydney walks slowly back toward the sleeping floors. She pauses there and looks at Vinny, and slowly drapes her arms around his shoulders. "I think this is the part where I kiss you goodnight," she says. Her body seems more tense than it's been, but she's trying to keep it out of her voice.

Vinny keeps the walk back at a slow pace as well, as if wanting it to never end. When they stop, he nods a bit, pausing for a few seconds as she drapes her arms around his shoulder, moving to slip his arms around her, if she lets him. "That sounds quite wonderful," he offers to her, keeping his voice low for now.

Sydney leans close and stretches up onto her toes a little (more) and slowly, gently kisses Vinny, lingering there a while. For all that her body is metal, it might be surprising how normal her mouth tastes. A little bit of iron, which tends to taste like blood, but not enough to be unpleasant, and probably from eating the thoughtfully provided snacks earlier, because there's a hint of curry there too.

Having all in all been a rather shy person so far in his life, Vinny is by no means an expert of kissing, but he doesn't move away from the lingering kiss. His arms, slipped around her, moves to hold her close for now, as he closes his eyes, wishing for this moment to last forever.

Fade out on the happy couple.

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