(2018-06-09) Dance, Pant, Sleep
Dance, Pant, Sleep
Summary: The Prom Continues
Date: 2018-06-09
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The hours have gone past but the prom is still in full swing. The DJ keeps switching the songs from the group of fast roudy songs to soft songs for those that wish to dance to either or both versions. A buffett is set up with a variety of foods though someone has spiked the punch bowl. Men in varios suits and lovely women in amazing dresses gather into little pockets: some on the dance floor, some talking in small groups of three or four, some hanging out by the food and drinks. Throughout the night some students have left and some have entered on almost a non-stop basis. Many are grateful that the events of last year's prom have not repeated themselves. At least, not yet.

One of the oddities in the room is young Bryce who is sitting at one of the tables by himself. He is wearing the school uniform though it seems he did make some effort to iron his clothes and polish his shoes. His eyes are closed as he sits at the table though his right hand is up in the air. From time to time, about once ever few seconds, he uses that hand to swipe from his right to his left as though controlling an invisible floating iPad.

Darcy was super late, she knew this. A little beyond fashionably so. But hey, her fashion is a little 'beyond the norm' so it counts, right? She enters solo, smiling widely and looking around happily at the decor, nods to herself a bit, then starts looking more closely at the people. A few of those she's met thus far are waved to and greeted as she makes her way further into the crowds, and there are the obligatory couple of moments to pause and congratulate others on their choices of apparel by the time she notices Bryce. At this point, her face breaks out into a huge grin, and with a voice that defies the probability of his not considering this a compliment calls out, "CHEEKBONES!" While making her way toward his table.

A certain dark faerie hadn't begun her night at prom. Such plans made to 'avoid' said prom went well enough but something went wrong, resulting in Callisto's return to Winbarry in a rather… well, not terribly upset but maybe 'distracted'. So up to the girl's wing she traipsed; she hadn't a dress, or a date. Neither of these things bothered her. No; Callisto had solutions for one option, though it would require using her powers a bit. Packing a few things that were necessary, acting purely upon some little nugget of hurt in her gut to 'escape' the events of the day… the girl took the shuttle to the hotel where the prom was being held.

Which brings us to the present! With a bit of dark fae glamour, Callisto looks as if she spent time and money on immaculate makeup, a whimsical sort of flowing dress made of some manner of silken stuff — iridescent black, deep purple, threads of silver — with a fitted bodice. And then: to the unknowing eye, it looks like a cloak… but in reality? Sheer, flightless, shimmering wings, looking akin to those of an oversized monarch butterfly.

Sometimes Callisto's 'true' self can pass off as formal wear. It'll have to tonight, for this impromptu excursion. She makes her way into the vast room, her eyes roving over the bodies of her wonderfully outfitted peers. She's just getting her bearings when the word 'CHEEKBONES!' causes Callisto to nearly leap. She is jumpy tonight.

When he hears the word 'Cheekbones,' Brye immediately opens his eyes and brings both hands to his cheeks which are now turning a shade of red. There is only one person who would yell that out especially at a form event like this. He looks around and sees Darcy coming over to him. As she approaches, he removes one of his hands ever-so-briefly to offer her a wave. It is still too loud and she too far for him to call out though. He remembers reading something about gentlemen standing when a lady nears so he does so. When he stands, he notices Callisto who would be impossible for him to miss especially considering that his eyes are now open. He waves at her too and is really surprised at how beautiful everyone looks. Of course, that makes him feel even more out of place. He's not good around a lot of people, always socially awkward, and can't dance. He wonders how Sierra got him to come in when he was planning on leaving shortly after arrive. Oh, that's right. She grabbed him by the hand, drug him in here and then left several minutes later.

Moving as fast as her dress allows, Darcy hurries toward Bryce. Sure, her speed and excitement cause her to bump into a table and almost into a couple about 10 seconds from the makeout zone as well, but she barely notices. "You came! Did you come with anyone? Why are you sitting by yourself?" Once she reaches his side she stops to look around, following his gaze to Callisto. At which point she blinks, her smile dropping to be replaced with a look of amazement. "Damn. Is that your date? She's gorgeous!"

Koga has been about in the Prom for a while. From pestering Kaylee into not being hostess for a bit (he needs to probably do that a bit later, right?) to simply being around and snacking. This time, he rolls his eyes as he hears 'Cheekbones' and well… Koga's not one to leave Bryce alone with that problem. Mostly. Or it could be he wants to laugh at Bryce's misfortune.

Still, Koga makes his way over. Having snacked enough (or so he figures) he has a soda in hand and smiles pleasantly as he approaches. "Hello Bryce, Darcy…" He blinks as he notices Callisto and peers a bit. "Hm…" The asian teen frowns a little for a second, then raises an eyebrow. "Hm… interesting." A slight glimmer, almost a trick of the light passes over Koga's eyes. For just a moment they seem slightly… brighter? Then they are back to normal as he looks at Callisto a bit better before looking to Bryce and Darcy. "I did not know we had one around."


Callisto blinks, tuning in to realize that she is being spoken of. She turns her head atop a long, bare neck to squint and reaffirm herself of where she is and what she is doing. She looks tired; not worn down raggedy tired, just… it's odd, really. She notices Darcy and Bryce right off the bat, detecting a degree of anxiety in the latter due to his body language along (alas, Callisto is not an empath) and her eyes immediately drawn to Darcy's dark attire and fiery red hair. Such a haircolor is not naturally occurring in her kith and kin and it in-turn fascinates the fae girl.

Despite a nervousness that she will not admit to, Callisto glides in their direction. She finds herself wanting for company.. moreso than usual. "Good evening," She asks of the two with a slow, yet earnest smile. "How fare you? Are you enjoying yourselves?" Is asked smoothly, her voice accented. Callisto takes them both in with her intense gaze, looks pleased. "You look fetching," Spoken to Darcy, truthfully. Then to Bryce, "Are you doing alright? You seem a little anxious." She pauses, turning to the next arrival who—-seems to be.. is he speaking to her, of her? She gazes outright at Koga in return, not aggressively.. but pure curiousity. ".. 'one'…? Pray, whatever could you mean?"

Bryce looks at Darcy now that she is closer and doesn't seem bothered by the questions. "I, I wasn't sure about coming and, well, almost left before coming in but, uh, another student, er, -helped- me in. I, I came over here because, well, I cannot dance RJ tried to teach me, but, well, it went worse than expected which is, er, kinda unexpected. Ironic." He shrugs a bit and says, "I thought I would come over here and, uh, read?" He ends the answer with a questioning tone as technically he didn't have anything to read. He glances back at Callisto and says, "She is very pretty. And she likes books. She works in that bookstore." From the tone in his voice, the 'likes books' is even more of a compliment than 'very pretty.' He then realizes something and looks back to Darcy, "You, you looks, er, uh, I mean, well .. pretty." He fades more and more as the reality of what he is trying to say makes it harder and harder to say it directly to someone's face.

"Oh, uh, hello Koga." Bryce blinks looking at his eyes. What was that? Probably nothing. A trick of all the lights here. "Had one around what? What do we have around?" He starts looking around completely unaware of whatever it is that Koga is talking about.

Now that Callisto is there, Bryce turns to look at her. "Oh, um, hi. I was telling her that you look, er…Me? Anxious? Why, why would I be, uh, anxious?" He is more than anxious. "I, I was reading," is his answer to the question of if he was enjoying himself though clearly he has no book or e-reader on him. "Oh, uh…pretty. Never finished that….sorry."

Darcy glances at the approaching Koga, then does a double take. Eyebrows up, she gives him an impressed nod. "Whoa, Koga, hey there." Shaking her head, she says more quietly, "*Damn*, too many hot people. No wonder this place is so dang emotional." Turning back to the approaching Callisto, she leans closer to Bryce and laughs a bit. "*Read* at prom? Oh, dude." With one hand, she offers a wave of greeting and a cheerful smile to Callisto, while with her other arm she reaches out to try to give Bryde a one-armed side hug.

Smiling a little, just a quirk of his lips, Koga looks at Callisto a bit pointedly. "I apologize, I am more… mystically inclined than most." He gives a small bow towards the fae, obviously out of respect. His free hand is at his side, the hand with the soda moved so he doesn't spill at all. Seriously, Koga might as well be casual half the time but it is obvious that he is giving Callisto a good deal of respect as far as his whole culture is concerned, and without making a big scene.

"I had no idea that we had one of Albion's children in attendance at the school, my lady." Koga rises from the impromptu bow with a small smile. "I apologize if it put you on the spot a bit. Secrecy is still something I am having to relearn with my own gifts."

Coming in from a fire exit at the back is Sierra and Saoirse. Both wearing dresses in variations of blue (Sierra - https://tinyurl.com/y9qoct87). They've been having a talk in the alley out there. They have NOT been smoking or drinking! "It looks like my twin is here" Sierra smiles to the taller girl, nodding at Darcy. "People can't tell us apart" she teases. "Shall we go and join them at the food tables?"

Saoirse takes Sierra's hand and guides her towards the table. "Oh! I like eating! It's one of my favorite things to do! Let's go and do some eating!" Stumbling a few times as she's in heels, and stumbles as it is when not in heels, she will make..her..way to…food table. "Maybe they have marshmallows! Or blueberries, I like blueberries.."

Arriving perhaps a little late to the party is the resident weather guy, Alistair Wolfhart. Though he arrives alone wearing a black suit with a star-designed tie. His hair's grown out just a little longer, if anyone notices. Nevertheless, he smiles as it seems that people are already meeting to eat and the like, and so he straightens out the bead bracelet on his wrist and moves towards through the room, likely making a beeline for the food table.

Worry not, the girl has taken no offense. Callisto bows her head… it appears that such gentile manners are not beyond her. If anything it's her brand! Her long white-silver hair flutters of it's own volition, much of it pushed 'round behind elf-like ears. While she does not bow low, it is obvious that she is returning Koga's courtesy. "T'is alright." Said gently, noting the reference to 'Albion'. It feels as if, these days, Callisto is not of a mind to expand further upon where she is truly from. She will settle with that which the Mystic boy has spoken of so politely. "T'is a talent to have, that which you are capable of discerning with a glance. I am rather impressed. You are…. Koga, correct?" She remembers him from role call but sadly, not personally.

All of these handsome, beautiful folk that are arriving! Callisto looks up from her bowing motion, taking note. She looks between the three with whom she keeps immediate company, "May I gather punch for anyone?"

"What, reading is, uh, fun." Bryce admits trying to weakly defend himself. "I'm, I'm surprised that so many people are hot with the air conditioning, oh, perhaps because of the dancing?" He shuts his eyes for a minute. "In 60 minutes, hip hop will use between 370 to 610 calories." He blinks his eyes open. "So, I guess that must by why they are hot."
He notices the way Koga bows and addresses Callisto with respect. Maybe he likes books as much as the rest of them do. "Albion?" He shuts his eyes again and starts to do his reading-thing. "Albion is the oldest known name of the island of Great Britain. The White Cliffs of Dover may have given rise to the name Albion." He blinks his eyes open again. "Oh, okay."
Shifting his gaze as Sierra and Saoirse enter, he has to wonder why they are coming in from an exit. That seems backwards. The ran out the entrance and are coming in the exit. Those marshmallows must make you do strange things if you have too many. Bryce will have to be more careful of them in the future.
When Callisto mentions the punch, Bryce says, "Uh, be, be careful. I heard that someone put a bit of, er, alcohol in it"

Darcy gives Bryce a little squeeze when he doesn't immediately pull away, and rubs his arm a little before giving him his space back. "You're gonna be fine, dude." She murmurs quietly, "And thanks by the way, you look great too, as always." Then her eyes light up, "Spiked punch? Awesome, a prom tradition! Ooh, twin, hey!" A bright smile finds Serra and her friend, and Darcy waves enthusiastically to the pair.

Koga gives a pleasant smile back to Callisto. "I am. My full name is Koga Yamamoto." His eyes narrow a bit. "Ah, discerning at a glance is a bit… misnomer when you are still in training mostly." He considers, then looks at the soda he had. Finding it empty, he shrugs a bit. Then of course… Bryce has to spout off about Albion. Koga resists the urge to face palm, glancing to the others around to make sure no one else caught that one.

Sighing, Koga turns his attention to Callisto. "I believe I witnessed that one, or at least one attempt as Bryce mentions. May I join you to give a bit of a hand, my lady?" Koga may or may not have curiousity showing on his face. Maybe. It's definitely an excuse to talk a bit to Callisto, though!

Reaching the throng at the table, Sierra starts with a hug for Darcy. "Hey" she grins. "I bet we confused some people on twin day, right? And thanks for the clothes so I could do my Madonna impersonation on that other day. It was quite the week." A wave for Alistair before she is looking to Bryce. "Did you frighten RJ away?" she teases. "You should be on the dancefloor…with Darcy." Callisto she does not know but she offers her a smile and a greeting. "Hi, I'm Sierra. Hey, Koga, you scrub up nice…for a guy."

"Spiked punch…?" Callisto asks in her velvetty way, one brow quirking. She watches Bryce for a few moments, her head tilting slightly. She's still mentally ruminating the 'Albion' reference. Ah, old Britain.. one of the earliest names. THE oldest. Certainly, she had kin in Britain at the time, even distantly related. Perhaps even in her dreadful mother's earliest years. The mere thought of said mother, and something very relevant… there is a slight hint of anxiety that manifests in the mentalist for a few seconds. Why is she here? Why did she decide to come here? What if…

No. She's safe. Callisto turns to look upon the food tables, watching Alistair moving toward them with obvious intent. She turns back to another voice making introductions, her pale gaze flitting upon Sierra and admiringly upon the Latina's dress. "T'is a pleasure to properly meet you all. I am known as Callisto—" Her introduction is cut short by Koga's offer. If she is to wrestle a bunch of punch glasses back to this table… she'd need help. She nods to Koga, "I would appreciate that very much."

Bryce is just frozen as Darcy hugs and then pats him. He literally, physically doesn't know what to do. When she squeezes his arm, she would notice that there is something hard underneath his school uniform. When Sierra hugged Darcy, Bryce took a very small step to give them room. "RJ, uh, he tried to help me learn to dance. He said, uh, he said something about swaying like a, a willow. I think I ended up swaying more like a, uh, uh, like the Rock of Gibraltar…I didn't." His head drops a bit at that point.
When Callisto introduces herself, Bryce adds a very important part that she left out. "She works at a book store." How could she leave that out? Oh, maybe she didn't want to brag. He looks at her and offers a soft, "Sorry," as he didn't think about the bragging part.
"D-dancefloor?" Bryce shakes his head. "That, that wouldn't work well. Besides, I think that, um, Darcy is waiting for…for …" Bryce can't remember the name. "Someone." That was helpful.

"Yeah, of course!" Darcy hugs Sierra back excitedly, "You looked epic, and I was glad to help! You look even more epic now, though, wow!" She offers a nod of agreement at her 'twin's' comment on Koga's look, and flashes a thumbs up, "Yeah, spiked drinks all around! I'm Darcy, also, and you're like super gorgeous." This last comment is spoken to Callisto, with her usual casual lightness. "Huh?" To Bryce, she gives a questioning look that shifts quickly to amusement, "Nah, I'm not waiting. And dancing in a group's easy, we can all go together! I mean, basically with the right song you just bounce in place, right? That's what the people did at my last school dance anyway."

Saoirse is eating food at the food area, chewing, mmmmmning excitedly, then on to the next thing to gobble down. So many new things to eat! "Ugh I got marshmallow boob, I ahould have brought a purse to put marshmallows into. a bra is imperfect for Marshmallow holding. They were kinda salty i think too…"

The faerie pauses before the quest for punch, turning to look upon Darcy following such glowing compliments, "I do thank you. I truly do. But I feel that I pale in comparison to the spectrums of colors and behaviors here, of those having so much fun and looking so vibrant." An earnest smile.. Callisto isn't one to grin, it's not characteristic of her. Anyone possessing empathy may or may not detect a sense of melancholy beneath the fae girl's amiable manner, perhaps even fear. But all that she says is truth. "I should like very much to have hair of flames such as yours. T'is a wonderful match to dark colors."

Well, let it not be said that Callisto doesn't compliment gracefully! She turns on a heel — said heels put her height at just a hair under six feet — and she is off to seek out punch. Special punch. Though she has to pause, and double-take at Saoirse by the food. Did she just hear, properly..?

"I'm sure the marshmallows appreciated it even if no one else did" Sierra smirks to Saoirse's bra storage complaints. "And I told you I'd help you clean it up and check for any wandering marshmallows. You never know. They could have got away." A smile for Darcy's flattery. "And you look gorgeous too. I love all the lace and stuff." She'll no in agreement about Callisto's attractiveness before grabbing a glass of punch. "So someone /did/ spike the punch? Awesome." A curious look at Bryce. "He told you to act like a willow? It's not acting class, it's dancing…though he is a good dancer. Yeah, we should all go and pogo as a group."

Alistair sees Sierra wave to him and he gives her a little wave back. He noticed that a few people were already dancing, and certainly considered doing so….but truthfully, he was a poor dancer. With a smile to Sierra, Saoirse, and Darcy, he gives a little wave. "Hello. Enjoying Prom so far?" he asks curiously fixing himself up a plate and awaiting their answer. Though after, regardless of what it is, he'll probably go and sit down, content to watch everyone having a blast.

Bryce goes to say something to Darcy but stops himself. He is silent for a moment before he does end up saying, "In place? that part I, I can do. The bouncing part? I, well, I don't bounce very well. Fall down and break? That I can do." Just ask Sydney. Not that he will ever tell that story.
Bryce just freezes and drops his mouth when Sierra says the word Saoirse says the word boob which was only compounded when Sierra mentioned bra and clean up. After a second or two, he shakes his head and says, "Uh, yes, willow. But, I've, I've been thinking about. Willows don't really move. The, the only trees I know that move are the, well, ones in the Lord of the Rings."
Bryce glances at Alistair and offers a wave. He glances over at the drink table hoping to see some bottles of water. He didn't even think to check for those before. There is no way he is touching any spiked drink. No telling what it would do to his brain or his powers.

Saoirse pulls her dress out from the front, those very close to her miiight get an eyefull for those few moments as she peers down her dress. "No, no Marshmallows left in there, just boobs and boobmeat!".

It's not hugely visible under her pale makeup and the lights, but Darcy blushes a little at Callisto's compliments. "Ahh, uhm, thanks wow. I mean, it's just dye." She shrugs. "But lets all dance! Or do our best not to fall and break while sticking mostly together and moving to some music! Hey, Alistair! Come and join us when you finish eating!" She reaches for Bryce and Sierra's hands, but alost drops her own gloved hand to starts laughing at hearing Saoirse. "Ohmy god Sierra I love your friend. Hey boobmeat girl, come dance with us!"

Koga had spaced out slightly for a second or two. His eyes taking on that slight glimmer. He turns to go assist with getting a load of drinks, then blinks as he hears… what? Saoirse gets a bit of a stare. And the asian teen just blinks a few times at that one. He looks to Callisto, then to Saoirse, and rubs his eyes. Fortunately in time to not get the eyefull as he looks to Callisto. Then he looks skyward and mutters some things in Mandarin before sighing.

That is definitely putting Koga off ever going remotely closer to the drink table. Yep. Soooo very definitely. He sighs, then looks to Callisto. "I do not suppose there is a punch bowl at the other end to avoid potentially weird marshmallow encounters?"

"Hey, Allister. How is it hanging?" Sierra asks the man in question, "Good to see you here. How's your mom in South Africa?" A roll of her eyes at Bryce. "RJ meant when a willow is in the wind. How it moves and sways with grace. Like how you move when affected by the 'wind' of the music. You need to stop taking things so literally…and don't blush so much." A snigger as Saoirse talks about boobmeat…and she is definitely looking. "I love it when you talk dirty" she teases the blonde before her hand is grabbed by Darcy. "Let's go party!!!" Yeah, she's keen.

"What is…." Blink. Callisto eyes Koga, her features flushing. "Whatever is boobmeat…? Is this slang? Modern slang?" It's not often that composed, graceful Callisto is stumped but once again the award goes to Saoirse!

She has turned to face Koga just in time so as to not see something that she mustn't in public, though the fey girl is no prude by nature. A boob is a boob!

*cough* .. moving on..

"I suspect they are all intent on dance. We can forgo punch… if it is in fact.. spiked.. care must be taken." A beat as she considers, "Is there anywhere else you might prefer to be? I wish not to hold you up." She says to Koga in her gentle way.

The moment Saoirse starts to pull her dress out, Bryce quickly turns his head so he doesn't accidently or purposefully see anything. This also meant that he didn't see Darcy reach out and grab for his hand. Glancing at Sierra, he starts to stammer from her reprimand. "But, I, I - I know it was a simile, but, uh, it doesn't help if I can't do it. He also said that I should, well, shut my brain off and 'let go.'" Bryce is trying to explain and defense himself while doing a horrible job of it. "I, I can't do that. Literally can't. And the blushing, I, I don't - uh ." But he doesn't finish that sentence because he isn't sure how to. He is glad when Darcy starts to laugh. It is a pleasant sound, but that also means she can't drag him to the dancefloor which is where he fears he will end up. First Sierra drags him into the room and now Darcy is going to drag him to the dancefloor.

Saoirse shakes her head "I dont think they are dirty, just kind of sweaty, and just a little sticky. I failed to consider the breastsweat to marshmallow heat vs consistency threshold. Hmmn. Perhaps they are dirty.Dont worry thouh, Im wearing a bra so its okay!". She has already released the dress "Oh my goodness, fickelnickel! Is that chocolate covered pineapple! thats crazy! I have to try some!". said pineapple dissapears into a chewing Saoirse as sje tskes a few for the road, moving to the dancing floor

"Ooh, is she your date? Niice." Darcy makes many assumptions. This is easier to do here at prom, where her already less-than-stellar empathy is struggling with the cacophany of even just her immediate surroundings. She offers a wink to Sierra, then once more reaches for Bryce's hand. She may be easily distracted, but she's determined all the same.
Koga hums a bit, then looks to Callisto. "… I do not know. English is not my first language." Koga's face is serious. English not being his first language, and well… yeah. Slang does not translate well!

Alistair sees Saoirse pulls down her dress enough to put on a show, the man blusing severely and turning his eyes away from her, nevertheless, he takes a breath of relief when she moves to the dance floor along with Sierra. "Oh my…" he rubs his forehead, apparently not quite wanting to dance at the moment. He does eat his food though, smiling at people having fun.

Shrugging, Koga looks to Callisto at her question. "Not particularly. I was mostly wandering. Would you, perhaps, care to dance?"

While it wound't be Koga's first dance, hey, might as well ask and get in on the dancing while he can! Even if he might look like a fool next to Callisto.

Worry not dear Koga, believe it or not Callisto has no Dancing blips! :D

Okay, seriously… well, she's not about to be capable of bringing down the place with breakdancing moves, but she can take it slow. She does not push the question of that 'boobmeats' happen to be.. and really, she can kinda surmise. Moving on entirely from that matter the faerie girl pauses in her casual stride, working inwardly to beat down the feelings of unease that boil in her stomach. Her shimmering 'cape' of wings follow in her wake, settling at her back as light as gossamer when she stops to consider Koga's offer.

"I would like that. For I've not danced in many, many moons." She bows her sleek head toward the dance floor. "Lead on, if you may."

Bryce knows that he cannot fight against Darcy and shouldn't try and resist her when she goes for his hand. Well, he could try, but then he would need to activate more of his powers, and that wouldn't be a good thing. It isn't that he minds holding hands with a girl, especially a pretty girl like Darcy who is oddly fixated on his cheeks for some reason. But she isn't exactly holding his hand as so much as pulling him towards the dance floor. He stares at the approaching calamity wondering if this is how the French felt facing madame la guillotine. Where is the Scarlet Pimpernell when you need him?

Success! With Bryce in hand, Darcy finally leads her small group toward the dance floor! "Alright friend! Just follow our leads! And I mean, if worse comes to worse, just dance like, uh, ooh, that guy!" As the finds a spot with enough room for all, she points out a guy who is clearly almost as uncomfortable as her poor blushing friend. This guy is standing, arms bent juuust enough to look like he's not a statue, and if you weren't looking closely enough you might think he's not moving at all his 'bob to the music' is so faint. "I mean, even that is technically dancing!"

Koga smiles, then offers a hand towards Callisto, giving a quasi-elegant bow. "My pleasure. Although I will warn I am a bit… behind on dancing skills."

The asian teen has a decent smile on his face at least. "I… do admit I had a bit of an ulterior motive in asking to help and asking to dance?" Koga has a bit of a blush on his face. Just some reddening, but it is obvious that he is a bit embarassed.

"I tried to tell Bryce that even standing still and tapping your foot was dancing" Sierra sighs, already gyrating to the music…and then remembering they are here to pogo. So, holding up the hem of her dress off the ground, she starts to jump up and down to the beat. "Oh! I know what the DJ can play!" Sierra pogos over to the deck to make a request.

"T'is alright. Dance is far more… diverse… compared to that which I have seen." She pauses, lending an ear to the nature of the music. It is not slow enough to be awkward but rather, it appears to have a beat! It's not a terrible thing! Callisto watches Koga thoughtfully, observing his expressions and listening to the nuances in his tone. The blush intrigues her, and the girl asks of the mystic as her body begins to sway fluidly. "A motive." Callisto muses, tendrils of hair swaying and trembling behind her body, following the motion of her form.

"Do tell, then, what this ulterior motive could be?" His embarrassment puzzles and worries her.. has she said, or done something wrong? Callisto's brows furrow.. she already ruined the first part of her evening, she would hate to cause more trouble!

Clearly blushing, even on a minor level, perplexes the girl. "Is everything alright?"

Bryce looks at the guy who Darcy points out. He just watches in admiration. "That, that looks too difficult," he admits. "I, I tried to tell you. I don't, can't do this." Bryce looks a bit helpless to Sierra and then to Darcy. "I, I did try and study for this. I went to, well, the book store and read a book on dancing. It had, uh, several different styles in them." He speaks a bit softer when he says, "I could, er, describe them?"

Laughing again, Darcy bumps Bryce's shoulder. "I was there, remember? You'll learn so much more about dancing here on the floor than you will in a book. C'mon. Like this!" She reaches out in an attempt take his arms, trying to bend them in a way similar to that of her example kid, and looking over her shoulder to see Sierra, "Ooooh, I wonder what she has in miiiind!"

"Ah… well, I am trying to be honest." Koga starts to slightly sway to the beat, no where near as elegant as Callisto, but definitely enjoying himself nicely to dance to the music. Even if it is not something he is apparently used to. "I found secrets to be rather… adverse to being friends in some ways. I feel bad that I almost ruined whatever cover you have here."

Koga's face at least stops reddening so much in embarassment. "My apologies for that at least, and I am a bit.. curious. You could say I am more than a bit out of my league as far as this side of the world… fae are not exactly a part of the world of Japan, nor China as far as the mystic. A part of it is because of what I am, and other is… I want to change more off of what I am into who I want to be as of late."

Koga is at least a decent dancer. He has to be in some ways. Who knows what sort of dances are mixed in with his heritage, after all? Let alone there's a lot in the Japan and Chinese festivals for dances as well.

Alistair smiles softly to Everyone dancing, before eventually he stops eating and sets his completely cleaned plate aside, instead standing up to walk over to the dance floor. He's so bad at dancing, so at one point he just kinda stands there, observing how everyone else was doing it and….poorly mimicing it. Well, at least the poor soul was trying!

Sierra is returning to the dance floor. "Okay, he's gonna play something which has set moves…and you don't even need to move your feet if you don't want to." That last may be for Bryce's benefits. "If you don't know the moves, follow me." And then it starts. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKmG6zkADW8) "And, yes, I know it is crap" she laughs. "But fun!"

"To be here, in this school," Callisto starts after hearing Koga out, her gaze thoughtful. ".. is to be resigned to a degree of… openness. My heritage is no secret," She hopes this is reassuring. Sure, there's a part of it that she… would rather NOT disclose… but she's trying, she is, to pursue the 'goodness'. If the music speeds up or becomes an altogether different 'animal' — ie. fast — she, too, will be lost. "Please, take heart, I've taken no offense. If I seemed surprised, I was wondering as to why you were looking at me so intently. I worried if I had done something uncouth or…" The thought trails off, and she shrugs lithe shoulders.

"Worry not. You are here to learn, to take on new echelons of knowledge." A pause, she considers her wording. "We are both here, Koga, to learn how to be what we so desire to me." A little pain in her chest, emotional pain. Her eyes soften as she sways, holding fast to the remainder of the current tunes before Sierra's choice is underway. She watches him a moment, "If you've any questions or wish to talk more, by all means seek me out. For it helps to be in the company of one who understands." A kind smile.. kindness is part of Callisto's 'learnings'.

She will clearly enjoy having Koga for a dance partner for awhile, though Callisto appears to tire as the eveninggoes on. It's the glamour that she weaves, and that which happened prior to her arrival here. After another lick and a promise at dancing fast and fierce, the graceful girl will eventually retire to the sidelines to rest… and eventually? Return 'home'.

"Hey, Al!" Darcy looks up, nodding at Alistair and motioning with her head for him to join her group, "Come join us!" Then Sierra's returning, and the song is becoming… "What? What is this?" Darcy laughs, confusedly delighted at the new song. She does her best to join along, proving that she is a perfectly adequate dancer. She tries her best to also keep an eye on Bryce, and as soon as she learns a bit to try and help him with it as well, but she's not the best teacher in the world, and she ends up laughing at the hilarity of the song and everyone on the dance floor enjoying it in their own ways.

Bryce stumbles a but wit when Darcy bumps his shoulder. He was totally not expecting that, and she caught him off guard. "I don't know, but - " he is worried. When Sierra returns and the music changes, Bryce's eyes open wide. She wants him to do -that-? He starts at least trying to mimic her motions. However, his gestures are off by a good three to four beats and frequently he ends up going in the wrong direction half-way colliding into Darcy as he makes another misstep. He then completely stops and says, "Did you know that the word "pineapple" in English was first recorded to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees (now termed pine cones). When European explorers encountered this tropical fruit in the Americas, they called them 'pineapples.'" He does the little finger quotes in the air.

Sierra is bouncing around and flinging her arms out to the song's accepted dance moves. "That's the way, Bryce!" she grins at him…confusing his air quotes for the part of the routine where they poke the air with both hands. "You're getting the hang of it" she adds enthusiastically, moving between each of 'her' partners to dance with them. "This is much better than studying! Hey…were we supposed to vote for a prom queen and king?"

Alistair waves to Darcy! "Hey Darcy. How are you?" He asks her curiously as he joins their group, smiling as Sierra dances wildly, Bryce tries to dance, and of course, Callisto attempting to dance as well with Koga. Everyone was having so much fun! "It's okay, I'm not good dancer either." he teases Bryce just a little bit as he bops to the beat.

"Ohyeeah." Darcy shrugs, "I think so? I forgot all about it! Though I'll be shocked if Kaylee doesn't win no matter what." She reaches out to steady Bryce, stumbling only a little on her restricting dress. "That's cool? You're pretty full of fun facts. But you really don't have to be afraid of being bad at this, like seriously! No one cares who's good or bad, we're just enjoying ourselves!" She gestures to Alistair, who likewise claims to be less than great at this, then at the other dancing people at their own various skill levels. She continues, while talking, to try and keep up with these new dance moves.

Bryce looks at Darcy and asks, "We, we are enjoying ourself?" He isn't sure to be honest. Was this fun? They seemed to be having fun. When Alistair says that he isn't a good dancer either, Bryce says, "But, you seem to be, able to…" He pauses a bit and looks around. He was right. This must be why Darcy said there were so many hot people in here. Looking to Sierra with a bit of doubt on his face, "Better than <pant> studying? I'm not <pant> I'm not <pant>" Bryce stops trying to dance and talk altogether and just bends over to place his hands on his knees. He is already panty and sweating.

"Bryce?" Sierra stops flinging herself around to make her way over to him, gently patting him on the back as she bends over with him…not easy in that dress. "Are you okay? Maybe you need to have a rest? Get the foot tapping down first." A smile over to Darcy. "Kaylee can't win King AND Queen…though she'll probably try. "C'mon, Bryce, let me help you to a seat." She places his arm over her shoulders before guiding him away. They could fly but that may attract attention.

Koga manages to at least dance a few, then Callisto has to go and well… Koga manages to make his way back towards Bryce, Darcy, and Sierra. He makes a stop by the refreshments table to grab some water and a few snacks for Bryce on the way. And he happens to be over there whenever the trio get back to the table at that. Koga's at least good for something. He motions at the chair with the plate of food and water is at. "Here. I think he has some sort of problem with the physical aspect, no matter how fun it is. I noticed he collapsed the other day when he ran on the beach."

Darcy also stops Dancing when Bryce starts collapsing. "Yeah, uh, breaktime." Taking Sierra's lead, she moves ahead to their table, pulling out the chair that Koga has placed the refreshments at. She looks to Koga, nodding a little as she takes that information in.

Bryce doesn't resist when Sierra helps him over to the table. The only thing he says on the way is "Rest … good." Starting to sound like a tired Yoda there. He sits down with a thud in the chair that Darcy is holding for him. "Th-thank you," he says to her, Darcy and Koga. He reaches forward to grab one of the snacks but ends up just resting his head against the table with his arm outstretched. That is going to be very uncomfortable later. He either falls asleep or get really really still - except for the breathing which is slowly coming back to normal.

Alistair chuckles lightly to Bryce, before he notices that he's not looking too hot. He looks to Sierra, helping move Bryce into her care. "Be careful alright?" he says with clear concern on his featues, though he does smile to Darcy. "Well, thank you." he smiles at th ecomliments. Nevertheless, he moves with the group to ensure that Bryce is okay, worried for his friend. "Rest okay? catch your breath."

"He collapsed running on the beach?" Sierra asks with some alarm. "Or was that when he fell over Sydney." She's heard stories. "Sounds like we need to get a doctor to have a look at him. He's way too young for this kind of thing and, you know, we're supposed to be superheroes." A gentle ruffle of Bryce's hair. "Okay, John Travolta, time for you to have a rest for a bit. Don't worry, the party will still be going when you wake up."

"Agreed. On it." Darcy nods to Sierra and takes off after only a slight hesitation, going to find someone who can help, or at the very least get him to a school doctor which she's assuming will be on staff somewhere. She may rather help herself, but she remembers her promise.

Koga gives a nod. "Yes… yeah, he needs to rest a bit. Um… I think it might have something to do with his abilities as well." The asian teen mentions, looking to Sierra and then sees Darcy run off. Looking to Sierra. "Was it you that complimented my appearance earlier? My apologies, but Callisto was a bit… distracting far as mystic senses go."

"I said you scrubbed up well" Sierra shrugs to Koga before grinning wickedly. "Yeah…I'm sure it was all mystic stuff that got you all gaga around Calisto. Nothing about how she looked or anything." A wink for her fellow spiritually possessed before she checks on Bryce one more time and then looks around for Darcy. "There must be someone around."

It takes Darcy not long at all to find a paramedic that had been on standby, who along with his partner follows the girl back to the table. The pair quickly assess the situation and agree to take Bryce to another room where he can rest more comfortably. Darcy looks worriedly on, and it doesn't take a whole lot of empathy to see she feels guilty.
Koga looks to Sierra, then raises an eyebrow. "Jealous, oh fire goddess?" The Asian teen's lips quirk. "And what she seemed is actually real, if it helps any." He looks to Darcy, then to Sierra. "I do admit I feel like dancing some more, just not to as… upbeat as a song as that was you picked out." He's at least trying to change the mood a bit. Seriously.

"I'm not jealous" Sierra sniffs at Koga, while looking at the floor. "Though the things you could do with those ears of hers…umm…yeah…I think we should go dance, Koga." She holds out her hand to the Japanese boy as the music goes slow again. "Oh great. Darcy, don't tell anyone I slow danced with a boy." She heads back out to the dancefloor.

Darcy glances up, looking mildly distracted. "Huh? Oh," She chuckles, "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, fire goddess." She offers a wink and a wave, then takes a deep breath and takes herself over to the refreshment tables to try and eat herself out of her guilt. Cookies fix everything!

Koga raises an eyebrow as he take Sierra's hand. "Something wrong with slow dancing?" He asks, apparently curious about what that is about, but well… Koga at least isn't going to pry for information. Not whenever someone is a fellow possessed by whatever type.

Sierra makes a note to talk to Darcy later. She can spot a guilty look when she sees one! "Nothing wrong with slow dancing" she assures Koga as they adopt a more formal dancing stance. "I just don't normally do it with boys" she smiles. "You're special."

Koga's mouth goes into an 'oh' bit as he catches on. "If you want, I could switch with Darcy." He raises an eyebrow at Sierra. "Although I suppose I should have guessed with the Aztec fire god." The formal dancing stance is more Koga's speed than what was earlier, that is a bit obvious. He seems more comfortable with it, too. "I do feel touched that I am a bit special to warrant a dance at least."

Darcy wanders the refreshment tables, taking her fill of the things that grab her eyes. And it's not long after that that she is asked herself to dance, and disappears into the crowds of revelers. She may be feeling awful about Bryce, but she can try her best to have a good time until she knows more about his situation. And having a good time is something she's definitely good at!

"Does that mean you want to dance with Darcy or you think I do?" Sierra asks with a smirk before shaking her head. "This is fine. So you like girls too then? You'd be surprised…or not…how few boys at this school do." She is graceful when she needs to be. When the dance calls for it. "I think I liked girls before being possessed by a guy. But I was young…not as mature as I am now."

Koga laughs, "Nice… I think she might be willing to dance with either of us, to be honest." He gives a slight nod, being as graceful as he can be. He's not a brilliant dancer, but can at least take cues here and there. "At least yours can talk to you a bit. Mine… well… one track mind, if the few times I lost control is any indication. Granted, I suppose I am lucky in that it is a full physical transformation, rather than just tossing fire."

"Just. Tossing. Fire?" Sierra repeats…slowly…and with a narrowing of her eyes that may suggest that Koga is in trouble. "I guess we can't all be shapeshifters" she adds in that light and airy tone that suggests Cojones Karate is only a moment away. "From what I saw with you and Calisto, it's not just your spirit that has a one track mind."

Koga looks slightly nervous as he notes the tone, "… I'm joking. I know how serious possession is… and no, I do not have that one track of a mind… my own case is… well, more a curse than a full possession. A family curse or blessing depending upon how you look at it." His look softens a bit from being nervous. "I apologize if I hurt either of your feelings in that regard."

Sierra purses her lips as she stares into Koga's eyes, seemingly deciding whether he's going to go up in flames or not. Then a smile forms. "Apology accepted." Now it is back to the dancing. "So…you like Calisto? You know, like like."

That has Koga raising an eyebrow, considering. "Hm… I would have to get to know her more before answering that one. She is pleasant on the eyes at least, much as you or Darcy are."

"Awww…aren't you a sweetie" Sierra smiles. Koga is back in her good books now. "Don't you ever know the moment you see someone? I guess that's just me. All that Latina passion and stuff" she smirks. "Or I'm impatient." She glances around them at the crowd of teenagers. "I wonder where RJ went?"

Koga rolls his eyes, "Sometimes, yes. I do wonder, then well…" He shrugs. "I think he was off to the side somewhere. Do you want to go look for him?" The Asian teen is a bit curious where RJ went, too. Koga's dancing aside, at least he's not stepping on Sierra's feet or anything. "So, why am I special in any case? I swear it seems as if people make exceptions. No one ran from seeing my other form, for example."

RJ walks back into the ballroom from having taken a bit of a walk for fresh air. The suit jacket is slung over his left shoulder. He doesn't really seem too focused on anything or anyone at the moment, as he finds a spot against a wall and leans back, moving the dark blue jacket to over his forearm. His eyes casually scans the room. As he sees Sierra and Koga dancing, a bit of a grin stretches across his lips.

"Did I see your other form?" Sierra asks, trying to remember before shrugging it away. "You should see some of the horrible things that get played in my mind. My…friend…used to be sacrificed to. I get to see some grizzly stuff. And then I realise it's more a memory than a dream. I'm seeing real people being ripped apart." She looks down at the floor for a moment. "And I've seen Phantom Menace, so I can survive true horror. Want to stop for some drinks?" Spotting RJ over Koga's shoulder she gives him a wave. "There he is."

Koga shakes his head, "I think my experiences pale in comparison… except the two times I faced a demon so far." He hums a bit. "As far as I know, you have not… at least I hope no one spread images of it around, but well… to be honest, I…" A look of consideration is given. As if trying to remember if he's even seen his other form in the mirror other than people running away from it. "Hm… I saw it once… at the theme park. I hate to say it, but Darth Maul is not exactly a horror story compared to it. Scales, horns… barred teeth. I didn't get a good look because I was a bit busy, but I can remember seeing it briefly there."

When Sierra waves in his direction, RJ smiles and gives the chin lift - apparently it is a universal teen gesture for 'hey'. He doesn't make any move from his spot against the wall. He watches for a moment, before deciding that he has had enough of a break. He briefly contemplates abandoning the jacket to an empty chair at one of the tables, but he figures that Sierra might object, and he feels obligated as her not-date date to look the part at least. He slides it back on before moving to the dance floor himself. RJ doesn't really need a dance partner to enjoy the music, or to let himself slip from his head as he gives himself to the motion of the music.

"You /have/ seen 'Phantom Menace', haven't you?" Sierra asks, still thinking she mentioned the most horrific thing ever. "I'm sure you look okay" she reasons, with no proof whatsoever. "I am told I look mean but that is all," A smile for RJ as he joins them on the dance floor. "You shouldn't worry about it, Koga. When you change, don't you still do good things?"

"Lately? Yes. I did scare off whatever was after RJ, after all." Koga shrugs. "And if you mean the Star Wars film, then yes. Granted I had to watch it subtitled." He smiles at RJ. "Hello again RJ… if you will excuse me, Sierra, I think I will go and check on Bryce and anyone else who may have taken things too far. That, and I probably need a small break myself."

RJ smiles, "Hello Koga." He blinks, "Bryce is taking something too far. That does not sound like him, or are there more than one Bryce here?" He looks over to Sierra, "I apologize for deserting you earlier. You were talking with Saoirse, and I needed some fresh air. Are you having an enjoyable time?"

Sierra waves to Koga as he departs before making her way over to RJ. "Ups and downs" she smiles before giving him a hug. "How are you doing? Found someone to hang out with? I think there are rooms booked in the hotel for those of us who can't get back to the school. Bryce looked like he was about to collapse any second. Wasn't nice to watch."

Saoirse comes up behind Sierra while she is hugging an RJ and tries to tickle her at her sides, where there is bare skin exposed. "They have pineapple!". then almost immediately tries to get in on the hug from behind Sierra, to sandwich het between her and RJ. "Oh! Hugtime!"

RJ shakes his head, "Nah.. I do not really get the social cues here. I mean I was just dancing near Schuyler earlier and just shoulder bumped, trying to be friendly, since he looked like he wasn't having a good time, and he thought that I was trying to … " He pauses, "hit on him? Is that how you say it? Not physically striking him but making sexual overtones… and informed me how he was not interested in no uncertain terms." He frowns slightly, "Bryce told me that is he does not regularly vent his psychic energy it weakens him and possibly kills him… I." He is cut off with a 'Umf' as Saoirse makes him a piece of bread in a Sierra sandwich.

Sierra screams as she is tickled. Wiggling and bucking but to no avail as she is hugged between her two friends. "Pineapple? That's great" the filling of the sandwich manages to squeak out. "Hey, Saoirse. Nice to see you again. And don't worry about Schuyler, RJ. He didn't mean he doesn't like you or anything. Just letting you know he wasn't interested in that kind of thing." A pause. "This is quite nice."

Saoirse doesn’t know when to let go, evidenced by the fact that she doesn’t let go. "Hugs are great!" responds the blonde that stands a good foot taller than Sierra.

As Sierra doesn't seem to object, RJ doesn't really move away. He grins over Sierra's shoulder. "Hello again, Saoirse." He shrugs slightly. "I did not take it that he was saying that he did not like me.. but I just do not think that I am sufficiently ready to event attempt a relationship with someone. I thought that someone was interested in me, but then he just stopped talking to me, so I do not understand this place yet." The ashen-haired boy has no problem continuing to dance with the two girls suchly.

Thankfully, Sierra is facing RJ…or the Latina would have a faceful of marshmallow powder on boobmeat. Not that this is a bad thing. "I understand the 'no talking' thing" she sighs. "It's happened to me too. He didn't deserve you. Easy as that. And hugs really are great." She has to concur with that while being trapped in a happy place and dancing to the music.

Saoirse sniffs Sierra's hair "O! You used hairspray!". the. disentangles from the hug. "Well Sierra, you can be a little aggressive I think, and that can be scary. Maybe you scared or intimidated these people?". She looks over at RJ and reaches over with both hands to try and quickly muss up his hair. "Eat more pineapple!" she exclaims before promptly veering back off towards the food table and into the background.

RJ clinches his eyes as his hair gets mussed. As his hair is baby fine his hair stands up everywhere in a terminal case of bed head. He nods, "You can be a little aggressive at times…" He raises his eyebrows, "like telling me that I was coming to prom whether I like it or not." He grins at her. He disengages from the hug, if for no other reason than to straighten out his hair. He looks to Sierra, "It does not matter if he deserves me or not, as there is still the whole no talking thing." He shrugs, "There are other guys out there, I am sure… I just have to find one of them."

"Just a little" Sierra smirks at Saoirse before the tall blonde delivers a sucker punch right to her heart. Aggressive? Scared or intimidated them? That hurts…a lot. "At least I now know it was all my fault" she manages to get out, her voice trembling a little. And then RJ is agreeing with Saoirse. She wanted him to come along and have fun and be part of things and that was a bad thing it seems. Just another example of how she makes people run away from her in the long run. "I have to go for a walk" she manages to get out to RJ, lips wobbling and moist eyes close to tears, before she is heading for the fire exit once more and the dark alley beyond.

RJ frowns slightly and follows Sierra. He waits for her to get out the door. "Sierra.. Wait up…" He jogs to close the distance. "Hey stop and talk to me. He sighs. "I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I was just teasing you." He drags his teeth over his lower lip.

By the time RJ catches up with Sierra outside, the little Latina is sobbing. Her body shaking with her tears, not wanting to look at RJ in this state. All that make-up she hates now dribbling down her cheeks. "It wasn't you" she manages to get out through the tears, clutching for breath to sound out each word. "Saoirse is right. I am a horrible person. A puta. I pushed them all away. They all ran away from /me/! Mabel wasn't taken away, she wanted to leave because I am an angry monster…with another monster inside her." She collapses against RJ's chest, making his hired suit wet with her tears and makeup.

RJ pulls the sobbing Sierra to him, rubbing her back. "I do not know what a puta is, but you are not a horrible person. I do not know anything about your past, Sierra, but I refuse to believe that." He sighs softly, as he tries his best to comfort the weeping girl. "And I do not think that Saoirse meant that."

"Then why did she say it?" Sierra sobs. "And you said it too. You are not the only ones. But I…I like Saoirse. And now I know she doesn't like me." A few more shudders as she slowly calms her breathing. "I loved Mabel so much and I thought she loved me. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she was running away like everyone else?" There is a surge of heat from the small girl as the tears are dried before make-up is wiped away from her cheeks. "I am sorry. Superheroes do not cry." A little snort of amusement. "I think I ruined your suit. No deposit back for me." A half-hearted wiping of mascara off his shirt before she gives up. "I do not think I can go back in there. But you go. Have fun."

RJ puts his hands on Sierra's shoulders lightly. "I do not think that Saoirse always thinks before she speaks. And I said it teasing you… the way that I thought friends do. I promise you did not make me do something that I did not want to do, nor did I feel like you were trying to do that." He reaches up and brushes the hair from her face, "You do not have to. Come on, we will go somewhere else to be. And no, I cannot go back in there, when my not-date date is upset, and I would not want to anyway." His eyebrows arch up and scrunch up a little in the middle.

A faint smile on Sierra's face as RJ states he is coming with her. "Thank you" she whispers, glancing up at him and then at the door to the Prom. "Maybe we can come back later but…yeah…let's go for a walk. Maybe get a coffee somewhere? You can tell me how Koga saved your life recently." A deep breath to shake out her grief…now securely put back in the bottle…before she takes his hand and starts to walk down the alley towards the street.

RJ wraps his arm around hers. "Come on… We will find somewhere else to be." He shrugs, "If we do not come back, that is alright with me." He smiles, "After all, I will have just as much fun just sitting somewhere talking with you."

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