(2018-06-08) Under The Lights
Under the Lights- Prom 2018
Summary: Prom! Duh!
Date: 2018-06-08
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To say that the Main Ballroom of the hotel has been decorated would be to put it mildly. From the lobby of the hotel, all the way to the ballroom, red paper has been laid out for people to enter on. It leads in through the double doors and is cordoned off on either side by velvet-roped stanchions. At the entrance, there is a table where everyone must present their tickets, and where they can also check in any coats or bags that they want.
The majority of the room is left open for dancing on the wooden floors. There is a stage to the left of the entrance, where a DJ has set up speakers and fancy, electric lights and lasers along with his PA equipment. There is a table directly below that has his music catalogue and slips that can be filled out and handed up to him for requests. Along the far wall from the entrance, 10 circular tables have been set up with 6 seats each, the center housing a light disguised as a candle. Along the right side of the room, there are tables with refreshments, single chairs, and a corner that is set up as an obvious photo opportunity, with a professional photographer on standby.
As for the decorations, the walls are covered in a fake city skyline at night. Near the stage, the 'Hollywood' sign is visible. Above the buildings, there are stars designed like Walk of Fame stars with the names of students who were known to have passed away over the last school year. The lights have been decorated, as well, and made up to look like spotlights, even though they aren't. The tables all have dark tablecloths on them, and each table has a list that is titled "Never Forgotten" that has a brief description of what happened last fall as well as the list of students including name and codename (if they had one), grade, team and hometown. There are also several cards with questionnaires on them that can be used to play games at the table if there are several people who don't want to dance.

There's music pumping and a DJ has his fancy lights going, even though the only people in the room are the hotel staff and adult chaperones for the party. Well, them, and a certain tall(er, now that she has on heels!) blonde, who is just setting out something on each table. But, it's 7-ish PM, and it's time for the party to start! The limo shuttles have already been running for a while, and the doors have officially opened, so now everybody's welcome to quit milling about in the lobby and hallway and make their way in to the ballroom to start the festivities. Kaylee, for one, couldn't POSSIBLY be more excited, which is probably why her eyes are glowing so brightly. At least she's managed to contain it to her eyes, though, instead of lighting up the entire room like an ultra-bright disco ball.

Bryce debated going or not going for a long time. He thought he should go but then didn't have anyway to get a tuxedo. Then he tried to get a date but that didn't turn out. So, then thinking he would go alone, he found about the ticket. He couldn't even afford that. He gets into a limo and heads to the hotel. He is dressed in his school uniform though he made sure it was clean and well pressed though he wasn't exactly sure why. When he gets to the hotel, he doesn't know why he is there or what he is planning on doing so he just ends up looking for a comfortable place to sit but ends up just pacing back and forth in the lobby.

Why on earth is she here? Sierra peers into the prom room proper and takes a deep breath. "Okay, RJ, let's do this." Not only has she dragged herself to Prom but, in order to share the misery, she's dragged RJ along. "Remember. This is a date to the Prom but not a date" she informs her already culturally confused companion. "So…if anyone asks, it's a date but not a date. That all clear?" Of course it is. Sierra is wearing a blue (go Ares) dress that she must have hired because she certainly can't afford it…and it's going to be difficult to properly dance in too (https://tinyurl.com/y9qoct87 - ignore the background). As for RJ, since he had no idea how to be dressed, Sierra has found him a suit…not a tuxedo. She wouldn't punish him like that. A blue suit to go with her dress…and a bright red tie. She spots Bryce and gives him a smile. "Hey. Are you going inside? You should. That way there will be more people to distract Kaylee /and/ it would not be a Prom without your cheekbones." Looping her arm through RJ's and grabbing Bryce with her other hand, she tries to drag them both inside.

Koga has arrived in a limo, settled as he was he was a bit surprised at the limo shuttle but well… here he was. He had mostly mingled a bit, but was now making his way inside slowly. The young asian teen is certainly looking at least somewhat formal in the outfit he found on the shopping trip. Now? Well, he's mostly doing that mingling thing. Wandering, and occasionally saying hi. The sights and festitivities are probably a bit much at the moment for someone who doesn't even have a date to this entire thing.

As the doors open and people start to make their way in, Kaylee eeps and scurries towards the front table. Of course, there are chaperones there to take tickets, but Kaylee, being Kaylee, wants to go and say hi to everybody. Which she starts doing, as she stands behind the table and waves and grins and bounces as people make their way into the ballroom. "Hi! Oh hey! Ohmygosh, I'm SO glad you came! Oh gosh, your dress is amazing! Hi! Oh gosh, you're here! Hey! Yeah, I know! Oh gosh, hey!" and as many students as enter get waved at, smiled at and spoken to.

Sydney walks carefully on these heels. But she's TALL! That never happens. She comes in on Vinny's arm, looking as though she's kind of blown away by the whole prom thing, by all the pretty clothes, but the sheer "holy shit, it's prom!" thing. But that is a smile on her face, and it shows no signs of fading any time soon.

Almost looking like the lamb being led to slaughter, RJ found himself somehow being told that he was going to prom by Sierra. Something about him not having a choice and that she needed him to go with her. Well, a friend in need, that is certainly reason enough. Of course he really didn't realize what exactly prom fully entailed. "Right. It's a date, but it's not a date. That defies all reason and logic. Unless you are implying that we are each other's dates, but that we are not dating. Is that what you mean?" He smiles, "Greetings, Bryce. Of course, he is going inside. Why else would he be at the ballroom?" Despite not really that comfortable in the suit, though blessfully not in a tux, he actually looks pretty good. Of course he was dressed by someone with much better tastes than he. RJ offers not resistance as Sierra loops her arm about his and starts to move inside.

Saoirse arrives alone, taking herself as a date. Her sister Abigail flew in to help make her up, she did her hair, applied her makeup, helped her get ready, and even put on her 3 inch tall heels, making her over 6 feet tall! A dress of blue - https://i.pinimg.com/736x/29/a1/a2/29a1a27190aec3f1b4bef0f80797d52e.jpg. Saoirse is light on her feet..a little /too/ light on her feet. Her floats up just a touch with every few steps only to stick to the floor for a couple of steps. She waves to RJ and Sierra "Your all Shiny!" Reaching out as she approaches her she tries to slide her fingers over the shimmery purple fabric. "Ooooo, shiny…." considering a second. "Can you keep things on your earrings? Like your keys? THat would be really convient, I wouldn't ever forget my keys again!"

Vinny smiles as he enters as well, looking around at the various people present. "Looks like a lovely evening," he offers to Sydney, offering her another smile. He has his earplugs with him, since loud music gets very loud for his ears, and is wearing proper formal wear, even wearing a tie.

Bryce stands there in the lobby watching everyone enter. He is impressed by the dresses and suits. He really doesn't feel like he belongs there so he decides that he should sneak out. As he starts to head out, Sierra and RJ. "Oh, uh, hi, I, I think I forgot …" That is when Sierra grabbed his arm. "Cheekbones?" Why the cheekbones again? He gets a bit embarrassed by that. As they near the door to the ballroom, Bryce starts to stammer, "But, um, I don't have, I mean, the ticket - " The man at the door checking the ticket looks like he wants to be anywhere but keeping an eye on teenagers so he just passes everyone through even without looking at their tickets. Bryce is sure he will be caught, but he gets waved in like everyone else. "But, I don't … wow." He is even more amazed once he is inside the ballroom. He notices the floating Saoirse and says, "Um, hi." He is ready to guard his mouth in case she has any marshmallows. The shiny Sydney gets a wave though he cannot bring himself to look at her for long for some reason.

Sydney nods to Vin. "It's beautiful! It's like being in a movie!" She carefully pirouettes, letting her skirt flow out a little bit."

Koga blinks a few times as he looks around at all the craziness. Yep. Lost Koga alright. He moves off to the side a bit and starts to wander, slowly. He hasn't spotted anyone else really as he's busy taking a look at the decorations here and there, apparently a bit lost to the craziness of well… Prom in his own, unique, and somewhat quiet way. Koga's normally not this quiet, though, so… yeah. Shocked it is. His hands are even staying in his pockets just to be safe.

Sierra nods to RJ's summary. "Si…like that." She thinks he's got it though she's not sure she does. And then there's Saoirse. Sierra knew she shouldn't have worn jewellery. Her mother insisted…and damn Skype meant she could check up on her. "I suppose I could put my keys on them" she admits with a shrug. "The keys would keep hitting my cheeks though." Saoirse must be at least a foot taller than her now! "You look great" she adds with a fond smile. "Do you know my date? RJ. He's from another world. And have you met Bryce? Darcy loves his cheekbones." She purses her lips and does a little glance around. "Who is your date, Saoirse?" A curious look at the worried Bryce as he looks at Sydney. Hmm…something to investigate there…if she was the gossipy type. "Do you know how to dance, RJ? Bryce? I think it is time for dancing. Join us, Saoirse…if your date doesn't mind."

With what happened at the LAST dance the school had, the security is most certainly not going to 'just' let anyone pass. But, Bryce WAS wearing a school uniform, which you couldn't get unless you were actually a student. Plus, the fact that he's coming in with several other students makes it much more likely that, after checking THEIR tickets, he probably let Bryce slide on the excuse that he's new, he didn't know he needed one or how to get one or something. Plus, Kaylee's right there, and maybe she said something to him ahead of time? Regardless, Bryce makes it in, and Kaylee waves to him as well.

Schuyler wasn't sure if he was going to prom but when Rain said she was going as was Besa, he gave in. He even seems to have a date even though he also agreed to go with a 'group' of people…although he may be the first of them to arrive. He's wearing all black formalwear, of course, the only contrast being different textiles as accents. His pale hair has been pulled back from his face in a neat braid and in his free hand, he's carrying a snake-headed, brass walking stick. On the other is his date, a slender, pretty girl who looks of Middle Eastern descent wearing a pink gown. Tickets are handed over with black-gloved hands and he glances about at the decor before gesturing for his date to choose a table.

RJ nods to RJ with a smile, as he thinks he gets it. The grin spreads a touch wider, framing itself with slight dimples. "Yes, I know Bryce. We are in several classes together. " His eyes practically lights up, "Dance, yes, I can dance. I have even researched some of your traditional formal dances. Dancing was my escape from the oppressive malaise that permeated my Earth." He smiles and nods to Saoirse, "Greetings again, Saoirse." As he passes of his ticket, the ashen-haired boy looks around, taking in all of the people.

Saoirse shakes her head "I've come with me as my date, because my date wasn't behaving to the standards that I would expect. Oh, And I guess they would go against your cheeks." SHe definately is taller than Sierra..and probably most of the other girls. "Oh, I know them!" She smiles leaning towards Bryce "Maaaarshmallow?" She shakes her rear, bumping it against Sierra's as she raises her arms up in the air. "I'm going to dance! And fail at it, but I'm gonna do it!" Waving towards Kaylee she calls out "Hey KAYLEE! Super totes good job!" THen looks back towards the group "That was Kaylee." she explains. "She worked super good hard on this stuff." She looks to RJ then, looking back to Sierra "Mmmmhmmn, I know RJ, we met the other day! Well, I met most everyone the other day, just a number of other days ago."

Vinny grins a little. "It looks quite a bit like a movie, yes." A brief pause, before he adds, "And you look like you're in a movie too. I probably look more like someone working at a lawyer's office, or something." It's said with a grin, and rather lightly.

Bryce looks over at Kaylee and gives a little wave. Gesturing to his clothing, he mouths to her from across the room 'sorry.' He looks to RJ and nods. "Yes, um, we've talked some too." Through a socially awkward kid into the most important social gathering of the year is worse than putting a long tailed cat in a rocking chair factory. "Dance? Um, I - " He pauses there for a moment trying to figure out the best way to say this. "I, uh, I read a book .. about … dancing." He fades out near the end of his sentence. Saoirse's marshmallow comment. He shakes his head a bit too vigorously. "It, it would get my hands all, uh, sticky." He sounds rather confused when he asks her, "You are, uh, your own date?" The poor teen is just standing there talking looking like has absolutely no idea what to do.

Well, Koga at least makes it through with his ticket. Being solo probably isn't a good idea, but for now? He goes for the refreshments table to get some food. Yep. Food is a good thing. Plate, interesting dips, veggies, oh! Cheese cubes. Those are always good. Was that some sort of sushi bit as well? Koga hums as he grabs a little of this and that before making his way back over, sneaking up a bit on Kaylee.

Apparently Koga has gotten over the shock of it being a prom and dance and all the setup, really. Because well… he sees a problem. "Gods, Kaylee, I know you organized this, but shouldn't you be enjoying it as well instead of just playing hostess?" An eyebrow is quirked by the asian teen. "It'll be fine and they know where to find you if there is a problem, right?"

Sydney takes Vinny's hand. "You look great." She watches the dancing, as though not quite clear what to do next. She does notice Quinn's lack of eye contact and waves at him cheerily. "Remind me to tell you about yesterday," she says to Vinny. "It's pretty funny." She looks at Vinny, almost as tall as he is, for a change, and says, "So. Should we go dance, or find the refreshments, or mingle, or what? I've never done this before.

"Sorry it didn't work out for you" Sierra smiles sweetly to Saoirse before being bumped by the giantess. Luckily she doesn't get tangled up in her dress and fall to the ground. "It sounds like we can all dance then" she grins as she regains her balance. "You read a book, Bryce? Well…that is a start I guess. Come on. All you have to do is move to the rhythm. Just move like you feel you want to move…and that means you can just stand there and tap your foot if you like. There is no scoring." A grin for RJ. "You did not tell me you were a dancing machine. It sounds like it was a good idea to bring you." Gyrating to the music as best she can in that dress, the Latina heads for the designated dance floor.

"What? Oh, I'm not- Hi!- hosting anything- Oh, hey! Glad to see you!- Koga. I'm just- Hey, glad you came!- saying hi to people!" Kaylee responds to Koga. And to several people coming in. But, mostly to Koga. When the first batch is through, though, she does turn and smile at the shorter student. "But no, really, there's plenty of time for partying and stuff, and I really AM super excited to see everyone and I really do like being here to say hi and thank them for coming because it really does mean a lot to me that they decided to come to something that I kinda organized and set up and everything because they really didn't have to buy the tickets and come all the way over here, but they did do that and so it's just the least I could do to at least say hi and tell them that it's good to see them and thank them and tell them how much it means to me that they would do that!" … well, what did you expect? It's Kaylee. She's been under artificial lights most of the day. And everyone DID see the flyers, right? There should be no surprises, then, when she's practically vibrating with excitement.

Raising an eyebrow, Vinny grins, "Yesterday, hmmm?" he asks, unable to hold back a brief chuckle. "Something fun happened?" There's a brief pause at her question, and he smiles, "What do you want to do first? I'll let you decide," he offers, with a smile.

Saoirse starts to enter with Sierra, Bryce, RJ & crew, but she stops as she stares at Kaylee. The smile slips from her face, as she stares, and she shakes her head. "I changed my mind. I dont want to do this." Hopping up into the air she stays suspended, kicking off a wall she'll fly/glide right over everyone to slip out the entrance.

Sydney says, "Oh, let's check out the refreshments table. Boys are always hungry, right? I probably can't eat anything on it, but it's still pretty. And nothing bad. Funny as heck, but not bad."

Koga's eyebrow stays raised. And he keeps looking at Kaylee. As if to say 'Are you serious?' in a look. And he stays there just with that look at Kaylee. Yep. Seriously, just that look. Of course, this is probably a new side to Koga that's come out a bit. One thing can be said for the shorter asian teen. He can just stand there and look. Not to mention munch on the plate of food he has. Now let's see how much Kaylee can ignore the guy just standing there looking at her as if she's doing something wrong and should be out having some fun as well… which in his mind she is.

RJ looks over at Bryce. "It isn't difficult to dance…" He looks out on the dance floor and notices how the students are dancing. "Actually do not think of this as dancing, from your book… Think of it as more of swaying with the music… Imagine you are a willow tree and the music is the wind… Your limbs move as the wind blows them… Same with your body and the music. That make sense?" For a boy from another world, dance is not alien to him. He cocks his head, as he looks at Sierra. "I am not an automaton. I just really like to dance." He blinks and watches Saoirse fly off. He looks to Sierra, "Is something wrong? Should someone follow her to find out if she is alright?"

Vinny smiles a little as he hears Sydney's words. "Not always, but often, at least. And hopefully there's something you can eat as well, right?" Watching her for a few moments, he smiles, "I'll be looking forward to hearing about it."

Actually? Ignoring looks is something of a super power of Kaylee's, especially when she isn't wearing her glasses! … mostly because she can't SEE the look he's giving her. So, when he doesn't have anything to say after her barrage of words, Kaylee just gives him her megawatt smile, nose crinkling, and then turns back to the door. Which Saoirse is apparently trying to leave through. Which causes Kaylee to frown. "Bye?" she questions, but doesn't otherwise motion to stop the girl from going.

Sydney takes Vinny's elbow and procedes with him to the refreshments table. "Oh those look yummy… Oh wow, look at the beautiful cake! Oh wow… lasangia… Then she stops. Suddenly. At the special food table. She cocks her head. "Are those… crown nuts?" She picks one up. "Oh my god. It's…" she pops one in her mouth and bites down, trying to keep the sparks in her mouth at least. *crunch crunch crunch* She closes her eyes and tries not to weep. "They curried them. I love curry…"

Sierra was getting into the groove as she giggles at RJ. "A different kind of machine" she assures him. "It just means you're really good at it. Just don't do a James Brown and call yourself a sex machine in public." A pause. "Why do I make these leaps?" And then Saoirse is floating away…in a public hotel. Sierra frowns before looking at RJ and Bryce. "You two keep dancing and enjoy yourselves. I'll find out what is wrong." A half-leap flying motion to catch up with the tall girl - which means a blast of heat for those nearby - so that Sierra can grab her. "Closer to the ground" she whispers. "Not everyone is a superhero around here and not everyone likes them. C'mon. It looks like we need to talk." With that she escorts her outside.

Bryce listens first to Sierra as she talks about dancing. He remembers when they first met after she danced for a talent show. He didn't show any talent and just sat there. "Move with the, the rhythm?" He asks uncertainly. "Move like I feel I, uh, want to move?" He is repeating the words. He could close his eyes and literally define every word and give the full list of synonyms from the thesaurus, but he still has no idea what that means. He looks to RJ as the two girls float and fly away respectively. Then RJ gives some advice on swaying like a willow tree. When asked if that makes sense, Bryce shakes his head. "Not, um, really. I don't actually, uh, feel like the music wants me to do, well, anything. I'm not exactly good with, um, physical … things."

Koga hums. Then he blinks a few times as he notices the flying Saoirse. Oh, nuts. That's not good. He looks to Kaylee. Then he looks to Saoirse before looking to Kaylee again. Seeing Sierra handle the Saoirse problem apparently, though, Koga goes back to making sure Kaylee does the fun thing.

Reaching over to poke Kaylee lightly since looking at her isn't working, the asian teen grins a bit of mischief. "Do I have to ask you to dance just to make you stop being a hostess for the night? I'm sure I can get a few others to start asking as well."

Schuyler's date seems a bit shy as those that she knows haven't arrived yet, but it seems that Sky convinced her to come onto the dance floor. The music is loud enough that he can feel it…and sort of pick up the rhythm from other minds in the room…so he starts dancing. His date seems a little less skilled in the art form, but while he obviously knows what he's doing, he's also being supportive of her more basic moves.
Saoirse has left.

Turning back to Koga when she's poked, Kaylee's eyebrows shoot up in surprise. "But Koga! I SAID I'm not hosting! I just wanna say hi to everybody who comes! I swear, I'll dance with you later, okay? I mean, they haven't even PLAYED a slow song or anything yet! Can you just wait a little bit? At least until more people are here? Please?" she begs.

RJ nods to Sierra. "We will be here, when you two come back." He has every confidence that Sierra can calm Saoirse down, or convince her to come back, whether she really wants to or not. Afterall, she managed to convince him to come to the Prom. He purses his lips tightly, as he hrms to Bryces. He then grabs the other boy by the wrist and pulls him out on the dance floor. "Well, the only other way I know is just to do it. I'll help you move. Just relax and enjoy yourself. " He starts swaying and trying to help Bryce sway with him. "Just try to stop thinking so much."

Entering late for this event, Pavel has chosen not to wear his armor today. So he's entering in style, seated in a relatively simple wheelchair. The boy from Siberia is dressed nice for this, as he turns his head to look between the people present. "Now the party has started," he remarks, loud enough for those nearby to hear.

Grinning, Koga, shakes his head. "Nope. Saying hi to everybody is being a hostess." The asian teen rolls his eyes, "Seriously, you are one bundle of excitement on the best of days. They know you organized this. They are happy with it, just as you are. Besides, with Bryce and RJ out there, that DJ might just start a slow song for kicks."

Of course, Koga is going to be pesteringly insistant. "The last person I saw with as much energy as you and planning forgot to eat anyways. You should at least go get a snack or something."

"Oh gosh, no! I couldn't eat anything right now! Besides, we had pizza delivered for the setup crew, so we all got to eat, anyway! And it's NOT hosting! Hosting would be like, telling them or showing them where to go and stuff. I'm just greeting! Like at Wal-Mart! It's different!" she argues. And Koga should ask Bryce about the definition of persistent. There was definitely a picture of Kaylee next to it. Probably. Possibly. Possibly probably. And then, Kaylee realizes something Koga says and points to him accusingly. "Besides! YOU said I should have fun, and I'm having fun GREETING people! So I'm already doing what you told me! So there!"

The attempt of RJ trying to get Bryce to dance goes just about as badly as anyone who knows Bryce would have guessed. He doesn't even move. He just stands there for a bit lookin confused and uncomfortable. "Um, how, how did you learn to dance in the, well, future or alternate timeline or, uh, where and whenever you are from?" He slowly starts to make his way away from the dance floor feeling even more uncomfortable when he notices people looking.

Koga rolls his eyes, "They get paid to do that one, though." He grins, "Now what is the fun in greeting people when you should be out there having fun at your own organized dance?" Kaylee might be persistant, but undoubtedly this is getting a few looks. And…

Koga points out the obvious, "You missed greeting a few, by the way." He pops a cheese cube in his mouth with a small grin. "Now, come on. The world is not going to end if you do not come and talk with your friends. You surely want to ask where a few acquired their dresses and suits, do you not?"

Pavel wheels himself a bit further into the room, glancing around again once more. He doesn't approach anyone yet, just watching the others at the moment.

RJ cocks his head slightly, "Okay, just close your eyes and relax…" He moves behind Bryce, putting his hands on the other boy's sides, leading Bryce's movements. He speaks over his shoulder, softly as to not bother the others, but loud enough that Bryce can hear im over the music. "The Farosh destroyed most of our culture, but there were a few bits of music that survived… some of us just felt a pull to it. We played with making our own music, even if it was technically against the rules."

Bryce closes his eyes but doesn't relax. In fact, as RJ puts his hand on him, he would feel something rather hard under his clothing almost like he is wearing something underneath his clothes. However, when he closes his eyes his brain moves faster. "Um, I, I don't know how to relax or, uh, shut my brain off." In fact since everyone is dancing and having fun, Bryce's mind starts pulling random facts out. Apparently that is fun for him. "Waltz evolved from forms of earlier dances in the mid-eighteen hundreds along with the popularity of Johann Strauss's music."

"Ohmygosh! See!? It's your fault! You distracted me! Now, shoo!" Kaylee says, flailing when he points out that she's missed greeting people. She calls after them, though, shouting, "Thanks for coming, everybody!" and waving one arm at them. Then, she waggles her finger at Koga. "/I/ have LOTS of fun saying hi to people! Why do you think I give the welcome tours! Now SHOO!" she says, and turns back towards the door again.

The bad thing about being in a wheelchair, people can't drag you out to dance. The good thing about it, the very same thing. Pavel watches the people out on the floor, rather carefully, offering them smiles and nods if they look in his direction.

Koga just has a mischievious grin, and it's probably not the sort that is normally seen on him. But well… Koga is definitely having a bit of fun. At poor Kaylee's expense. "You missed a few more." He mentions. Giving a small laugh, he says, "I am kidding. Do you want a plate of snacks while you are busy playing hostess?" Koga could probably be a bit meaner, but well… no powers at Prom he was told. Nope. Not gonna do it.

RJ shakes his head and laughs softly. "You do not know how to not think, huh? I must admit in some ways I am kind of envious of your brain. Then again, most of the time, I think I would not be happy at all. You, I think are happy spouting out facts and data. Nothing wrong with that. You could always try to be analytical of the music and assign a motion to each equation. That is the thing about this type of music. It is all up to you. There is no one way. He watch me." There are things that RJ is good at, but dance is the one thing that he truly excels. He moves as almost the very definition of grace. He could quite easily be a professional dancer with a little bit of formal training. The does not stay in one spot but utilizes the floor. As he does, he takes the opportunity to dance with a few other of his fellow students. The one that he is nearest when the music comes to a stop is Schuyler. RJ stops as the music does with a wide smile and a figurative light in his eyes. "Oh, greetings Schuyler."

Bryce shakes his head when RJ says that he is envious of his brain. "It, it is sometimes more trouble than, well, it is worth." He moves off of the dance floor as RJ starts to move more and more. He glances at Schuyler and uses sign language tell him hello. Bryce tries to take this opportunity to step off towards the food tables. It isn't because he is hungry, but he sees people there at the food tables not dancing so maybe that is where the non-dancing part of the evening occurs.

Knowing when the music stops is a result of picking up those residual thoughts from others. After all, sometimes DJ's blend new songs into the old, but if there is a pause, he stops with it. His date in pink darts off to grab something to drink and hit up the Ladies' Room and Sky is about to go back to the table to wait for her when he's greeted by one of the other students. A hand is lifted in greeting, the black gloves then pulled off to reveal black-polished nails…as per usual for him. Bryce's signed gets one in return before he glances to the DJ. Is he going to play something more or do a slow song?

Kaylee smirks and shakes her head, tipping her nose up just slightly. "Nuh-uh! I can see in three-hundred and sixty deggrees for like a hundred feet, so I can already tell exactly who's here that I didn't say hi to when they walked in. Nice try, though," she replies, making a face at Koga. "And I already said I'm not hungry, so I don't need a plate. But YOU, little mister, should go look at all the decorations and stuff we did instead of standing here pestering me!" And then she'll grin.
With Sky's date out of the room for a second, the DJ finds the PERFECT time to switch it up and play something slow! Because that's the way the universe works, isn't it? And, per typical DJ standards, there'll be two back-to-back slow songs, before another group of 4 or 5 quick ones. Until the line dances start, but those are later!

Sierra slips quietly back into the ballroom…alone. So it seems she couldn't convince Saoirse to come back. And she arrives back just in time for a slow song. Great. Hard to dance all by yourself to a slow song. Food looks good. She heads over to the tables, a smile for Bryce before she starts pigging out. Piling up a lot of food onto that plate.

Ah, there's food. Pavel steers his wheelchair in the direction of the food, reaching the tables in time to see Sierra filling up the plate. "It would seem someone is very hungry, yes." It's offered in his Russian accent, as he wheels himself closer to the table to get hold of a plate as well.

Koga grumbles. "Don't make me try to block that." He mock glares. "Oh, slow song." He grins at Kaylee. Yeeep. NOW he can be a bit more mischievious. "Come on, Kaylee. One dance, then I'll leave you alone for at least an hour?" Oh, now he's trying to bribe. Koga grins at Kaylee. Now the asian teen is definitely having fun, probably at her expense, but well… he did start the whole 'she shouldn't be playing hostess at a prom' thing already. He at least has to make the final attempt to get her to go dance, right?

RJ watches his former dance partner sneak off of the floor. He sighs slightly, but he isn't going to push Bryce. After all, this is suppose to be fun and not forced. As the music starts up once again, he shrugs and starts dancing again. As he dances he grins and slides and bumps against Sky, with a mirthful and playful grin.

"Ugggh! Already!?!?" Kaylee bemoans the DJ. Rolling her eyes and sighing in exasperated fashion, Kaylee nods. "Fine, fine. I'll dance with you. Let's go," she says. And it might be a LITTLE awkward, since she's wearing heels, which puts Koga a full foot shorter than her. But, she'll slide her hand under his arm, anyway, and let him lead the way to the dance floor. Where she'll dance with him. And smile the whole time, since it's not like she's UPSET to dance. And she can still WATCH the doors from the dance floor and go say hi to people afterwards.

Schuyler arches an eyebrow at RJ when he's bumped and he points out, in ASL, 'It's a slow song.' After a moment, he pulls out his phone to show the words to RJ. He can tell that it's not an up-tempo beat even before he looks at the others dancing. There's another moment of texting before he offers, 'I'm flattered, but I like girls.' And he has a date who may want to slow-dance with him instead. There's another brief texting moment before he shows, 'Besides, it's making me seasick just watching people sway.'

Sierra turns at Pavel's voice…then finds she has to look down at him. Did he have a wheelchair the last time they met? "It is free food" she smiles, "I may end up taking a lot back to my dorm room. Do you have a puppy bag?" The Latina happily slipping food into her mouth as she speaks. No talking with your mouth full does not seem to be a big thing in her upbringing. "How have you been, Pavel?"

Koga gives a small laugh as he pats Kaylee's hand on the way to the dance floor, setting his plate on a table. "Oh, don't be such a sore loser." He grins at her as they dance, "Besides, I had to try to get at least one dance with the beautiful hostess just for fun." He does have a smile on his face, just enough to show that he is being friendly. The slow song is at least perfect for Koga. Those quicker songs might not be his thing after all, as there is no telling what his balance is like in dress shoes.

Rolling her eyes again, Kaylee laughs. "How many times do I have to tell you, I'm NOT the hostess!" she says, pinching Koga's arm. When they get to the dance floor, she'll place her hands on his shoulders and do the typical two step shuffle in a circle. Unless Koga tries to do something more intricate, in which case Kaylee would have to try to put her Dancing Skill to use, which she hasn't done in a long time. And, of course she'll make small talk with Koga while they dance, but as soon as the song is over, she excuses herself to go say hi to the newcomers and to make sure everyone is having a good time, TOTALLY NOT HOSTING.

Pavel smiles. "Food is good," he offers, before he adds, "Enjoying the party?"

RJ pauses to read the text. He chuckles and shakes his head. "Has nothing to do with that, Schuyler. This is what my people did to forget our problems." As he reads the second text, he stops dancing, as a frown replaces his smile. "I am sorry. I never thought about how you do not enjoy music the same way. Please feel better, and I am sorry if I inadvertently made you uncomfortable. It was not my intention or design." As Sky moves from the dance floor, RJ watching him for a second with sympathy for a moment, before he allows the music to once again free his heart from his troubles. He heads over to the food tables, once the song ends. He smiles over to Sierra. "Your not-date date would be happy to dance with someone who wants to dance, if you would so like to?"

Sierra shrugs to Pavel's question as she looks around at the ballroom. "I haven't spent a lot of time here but I am sure it is fine. Kaylee knows how to (not) host a party." She looks towards the door. "I hope Saoirse comes back." Then her gaze is back on the table as she makes up a plate of food for Pavel. A smile at RJ as he appears. "Dancing sounds like a good thing to do" she has to agree. "A not-date date would be a good partner."

Saoirse steps in, staring outside. "Shoo! Shoo! get in there!" is whispered loudky by Saoirses famous superhero sister, whom has dragged her pear shaped bottom back. "Okay!" Saoirse exclaims, grumping a bit as she moves out to the ballroom floor.

Pavel nods a bit as he hears Sierra's words, offering a nod to RJ as well. "Hace fun dancing, you two," he offers to them, with a smile. Turning around, he sees Saoirse entering, watching her for a few moments.

"You should dance with us" Sierra suggests to Pavel. "You'll be fine in the chair. Don't let that bother you." A look over at the entrance to see that Saoirse's sister succeeded where she failed. The big girl is back! "C'mon, RJ. Maybe we can get the others over here if they see us dancing." She heads for the floor.

RJ shakes his head, "No, no… It does not have to be immediately… " He offers both Sierra and Pavel, "Besides I would not object to grabbing a few bites of food before heading back onto the floor." He pauses, "I am sorry. I have been terribly remiss. Greetings. I am called RJ." Then he gets grabbed by Sierra, "Well, I am not actually hungry…" He chuckles. "Food can wait… and yes, join us." With that he follows behind the more dominating Sierra - not like he objects one bit.

Saoirse looks to the left, then to the right. When she thinks noone is watching she adjusts her boobs. Then slyly? she.. puts a something in her mouth amd chews. Was that a marshmallow she pulled from her bra? Yes. Yes it was. Maybe. Its chewy, and white, and delicious, and there is a touch of powdered evidence in her left breast. Chew chew chew as she moves to the dance floor. The marshmallow finished she puts both hands in the aor announcing "Dancing!" and sways her hips from left to right with no regard for rhythm nor beat at all.

"Dance…" Pavel goes quiet for a few moments, before he smiles to the plate Sierra made for him. "I should probably eat this first, yes?" It's said with a smile, before he looks around once more.

Sierra nods to Pavel. "Make sure you get your wheels out here later" she winks before it is time to dance! The Latina has seen plenty of girls who pad their bras…but never with marshmallows. A little giggle at Saoirse before she is including the tall girls swaying into the dancing that she and RJ are grinding out. "You're pretty good, RJ!" she calls out over the music, arms held aloft as her gyrates downwards and back. "Any marshmallows for the rest of us?" she winks at Saoirse.

Saoirse waves "Hi Sierra, RJ!". She nods to Sierra and reaches into her bra with both hands, crisscrossing her arms and pulls out three from each, stretching her hands out to the two to offer up her marshmallows. "Here you go! these dresses don’t have pockets so I found somewhere else to put them!".

RJ laughs as he gets out on the dance floor with Sierra. It does not take him very long to match Sierra's style of dancing to compliments hers. He has a wide grin, "Thanks. I do not know about good, but I certainly enjoy it. You are pretty good, yourself." He smiles as he sees that Saoirse has returned, making sure that there is plenty of room for the three of them to dance, should she join them.

"Lucky marshmallows" Sierra deadpans as she takes the offered ones. "Maybe I can hunt for leftovers later" she giggles, all the while dancing as best she can. "Thanks" she replies to RJ about her dancing skill…while chewing on one of the marshmallows. "My grandma always encouraged me to dance. She wanted me to do that instead of hacking computers all night. I did both."

Saoirse nods her head "I still have plenty in my room!". Waving her arms outstretched to the side its clear she has no talent for dancing. "Hacking? maybe you could help RJ with his thingie?"

RJ smirks slightly with an impish grin, "I do not require Sierra's help with my thingie." His eyes flitter to a couple of the male students though… He chuckles softly. "I think that Sierra probably would enjoy going back to your room and eating some of your marshmallows." He side glances at Sierra, "Unless of course I am wrong… which happens from time to time." He looks to Saoirse, with honest concern. "Everything okay now, Seoirse?" He does take the marshmallow and eats it, still not sure what to think of the chewing, white spongey thing.

Sierra grins to RJ's innuendos. "He's right, I don't normally help with a boy's thingy. But if you have computing problems, I might be able to help." A little blush when he continues about going back to Saoirse's room for more marshmallows. But she certainly doesn't look like she's denying it. "I saw your sister out there" she adds to the queries on Saoirse's condition. "I am glad she was able to convince you to come back. And sorry I could not."

RJ grins to Sierra, with a slight blush on his cheeks. "I guess our Earth's are not that different in some regards." He watches as more and more of the students take their leave from the Prom. "This is fun, but I thought it might be a bit more… energetic…" He chews his lower lip. "I was told that I should seek out something called a 'rave' for that kind of energy though.."

"Yeah, you definitely have to go to a rave" Sierra nods. "We'll find one and go there. It's summer break, there'll be plenty. And maybe you can meet a nice guy and I can meet a nice girl who wants to show me her marshmallows" she giggles before she too looks around. "Don't they have to do the king and queen of prom?"

RJ grins and nods, "Sounds like a plan." He then blinks and shrugs. "I would have no idea. We have absolutely nothing even remotely like this." He chuckles softly, "For that matter we do not have anything like High School where I came from." At the music break, "Though speaking of eating.. which I guess we really were not, I think I am going to get something to drink and maybe something to eat. Would you like me to get you anything?" They may not be dates, but they still are not dates after all.

With Saoirse lost in the bliss of her own dancing, Sierra replies to RJ with an, "I'll come with you." She still has that pile of food left at the table she never finished. Walking towards the tables she grumbles softly, "Can't wait to get out of this dress. I'd tear off the lower half if it wasn't a rental. Did anyone spike the punch? I hope so."

RJ walks from the dance floor with Sierra, "Spike the punch? I do not know what this means. It does not sound like a pleasant thing, yet you hope that it was." He looks over the table of eats, smiling as he sees some fresh fruits and a veggie tray. Yeah so not your average sixteen year old boy.

"It means that someone has put alcohol in it" Sierra explains. "It makes it more fun…but it's not legal. So they call it 'spiking'." She looks back at the dance floor. "Do you think Saoirse's hot? Stupid question…of course you wouldn't." She sighs softly, "But I do. Where's that drink? Oh…my…god. No meat, RJ? That's not like you."

RJ ponders and nods. "Ah, I get it. Well, not really, but I think I understand the idea at least." He looks out at the dance floor, watching the girl in question. He then smiles and shakes his head, chuckling softly. "Just because I may not be interested in girls that way does not mean that I fail to see the attractiveness of girls. Yeah, I can would say that she is attractive. " He goes and grabs two glasses of punch. He grins bumping into Sierra's shoulder lightly, "Have you expressed your interest to Saoirse?" before offering her one of the drinks.

"It's complicated" Sierra sighs to RJ about Saoirse. "She showed up in my room one night because she heard I could toast marshmallows with my powers. We talked. We kissed. But that's about it. She went on a date with Kaylee. She was supposed to be coming to prom with Alistair. I have no idea what we are." A shrug. "But I guess that's what being a teenager is all about."

Sydney has been dancing with Vinny, hobnobbing, looking at other people's outfits, and generally doing a pretty good job of promming for a while. However, it's time for more refreshments. She heads over to the drink table for a little glass of something wet, and then over to the special diets food table for some more curried nuts. The steel kind. She takes a few on a paper plate, and munches on them happily. If it's dark, and she chews like normal people when they bite into a snack, people will see sparks.

RJ looks to Sierra. "It is very much like me. I do not handle flesh yet. I am still working on it, but not yet. There was no meat for food. At least not for someone of my privileges. There wasn't fruit or vegetables either. It was just different flavors of protein paste." He looks to Sierra, "Why do you not just ask her? But I will admit that I find her particularly confusing myself." He nods his head to Sydney, "Greetings."

"Definitely confusing" Sierra nods before offering Sydney a little wave. "Sorry, I don't think I know you" she smiles. "I'm Sierra…or Hot Tamale according to the gossip sites. Don't believe anything you read." She looks back to RJ. "Paste? Yuck. Too much protein is bad for you anyway. Though I guess that means they had you on a no-carbs diet all the time."

Sydney smiles and waves. It's times like these that her inner nerd comes out. She never quite knows what to do with her hands, or even considers keeping her arm movements graceful if she's not dancing or fighting or whatever else it is she does. "Hi. I'm Sydney. I'm new. Hot Tamale, huh? It's not a bad codename. Does it fit?" She munches another nut happily. "I can't believe these things. I mean… I'm the only metal eater in the whole place that I know of, but someone not only brought something I can eat, they found a way to give them flavor. I mean who would think of curried steel?" She thinks a moment. "Sierra. I think Saoirse was talking about you when I met her. We kind of jumped around topic-wise."

Sydney blinks as Sierra makes a sudden dash for the ladies room without further comment. She looks at the nuts in her hand, then over at RJ with a very puzzled expression. She shrugs. There are a thousand reasons for an urgent nose powdering, and quite a few do not bear discussing in public. "Hi. I'm Syd. What's your name?"

RJ offers a wide, yet somewhat goofy grin, framed with dimples. "You may call me RJ. It is good to meet you. Which do you prefer to be called, Sydney or Syd?." He glances over at the student who is acting like Prom's hostess, aka Kaylee, "As far as making sure that there was something to eat for those with more unique diets, that would be Kaylee. She is pretty much responsible for all of this actually happening. It was her passion that ensured it happened."

Sydney says, "Either or is fine. Most people call me Sydney. It makes it easier to tell I'm female." She nods. "Nice to meet you, RJ." She looks over where he glances toward Kaylee. "I totally need to thank her when there's not a line. I eat so little protein that it's days between anything with flavor other than iron. Which kind of tastes like blood. This is like… a revelation. So… RJ. What do you do? Powers wise, I mean.""

RJ is currently wearing a dark blue suit, matching Sierra's dress. He reaches and pulls back the sleeve to his right arm, revealing a strange dark blue metal bracer with a golden gemstone about an inch and a half in diameter. "I am stuck with this attached to me. It protects me, makes me stronger and quicker, and reforms the energy that it harnesses into an energy blast. The Symbiote Bracer can do more than that, but I have not figured out how. But then again, it may do nothing more than what it already has. I have no way of knowing. I am the first human that has ever bonded with one of the Symbiote Bracers."

Sydney nods slowly, sipping her water and thinking about that. "I wonder how it works," she asks softly. "Is it alive? Or is it…cybernetic, or what?" She blinks and smiles a little. "Sorry. I'm kind of a cyborg. Nanomachines fused with my cells, so this kind of thing is something I'm very interested in. I'm a brick. I basically break things."

RJ covers it back up, as if he isn't completely showing it off. "I really don't know. " He goes to say something then pauses. "I need to explain how it is that I came to be at the school. I am from an Earth of another dimension. My world was attacked and conquered by an alien race called the Farosh. The Symbiote Bracers are Faroshi technology. It is suppose to be thousands of years old. When it bonded with me, it attached itself to my nervous system. I know that if it is removed, it will kill me… and if I die, it will remove itself and can be bonded with another, if it accepts them." He shrugs, "I am sorry. I am not really smart enough to understand any of it."

Sierra returns from her dash with an apologetic look on her face. "Sorry about that. Maybe the prawns are off?" Were there any prawns? Who knows but she is blaming them. "Saoirse was talking about me?" She hasn't forgotten. "Was it good?" A pause. "Are you made of metal all the time?"

Sydney holds up her hands. "Hey hey, don't be down on yourself, man. I couldn't make another person into this…" she taps on her arm with knuckles, hardening the skin so it rings…" if my life depended on it. And I spent two years with the scientists who made me, and one of my jobs was writing the user's manual." She thinks about the rest of the story. "alternate universe…Faroshi technology…" It rolls trippingly off her tongue as though it's perfectly normal to be from an alternate universe. To someone who grew up on the original Star Trek, it's not entirely uncommon. At least in fiction… She nods. "Well… welcome to this Earth then. We have our problems, but on balance it's a pretty good place."

Syd nods. "Yeah, something about your powers being toasting marshmallows." She nods. "Yeah. This is my life now. Six-hundred pounds of steel in what amounts to a non-Newtonian fluid. If I don't tighten my skin muscles, you can push your fingers right through me, but if you swing a sledgehammer at me, it's like I'm solid steel."

RJ smirks and grins at Sierra's asking about Saoirse's mentioning of her. He doesn't say anything, but his eyes show his amusement none-the-less. He cocks his head slightly as he listens to Syd talking about her physical make-up. He does however nod, "This Earth is far superior to my own. My Earth is what you probably would call a dystopian society. "

"Seriously? All she mentioned was the toasting marshmallows?" Sierra sighs softly. "That doesn't really make me feel /that/ special. Six hundred pounds? Wow. I hope you let the other person be on top." A pause. "Did I say that out loud? Pretty cool power though. I'm possessed by an Aztec fire god who likes human sacrifice. You take the good with the bad."

Sydney blushes. Then blushes some more. Her skin goes straw-colored at the cheeks, reaching almost into the purples. "Um. Yeah… I did… actually think of that," she manages to get out. "Just… haven't yet, you know? Not since…" She gestures at her metal skin. "And…she did mention one other thing about you…it just seemed pretty personal to mention out loud here. She said it was one of your powers." She takes a sip of her water and wipes it off her lip carefully. "Aztek fire god. Human sacrifice. Like…do you have to do sacrifices? Or are you the sacrifice? or does this have a really negative impact on your…um…social life?"

Sydney looks over at RJ, perhaps as a little relief. Blunt talk about sex in public at a dance hosted by the school? It's a little surprising for Syd, to say the least. "Well, if it had been conquered, yeah, I could see that."

RJ reaches up and brushes the silk fine hair from his eyes. He looks over at Sierra and nods. "Yes, you were speaking out loud." He reaches and grabs a souple chery tomatoes and baby carrots. The bit about human sacrifices, he did not know. He listens to Syd and Sierra's conversation.

"No, I won't let him do human sacrifices" Sierra assures the pair with a wry smile. "But…sometimes…a little blood is needed to keep him quiet. Sometimes people volunteer it. Not that I'm a vampire or anything." A sigh. "It's hard to explain." Time to change subject. "RJ and I are going to go to a rave this summer. Maybe more than one. You want to come along, Sydney?"

Sydney looks from Sierra to RJ and back. That shocked look has come back, even if the blush has faded. "Um. I'm from this planet and all, but…I was out of circulation for a while…isn't a rave like…a big party where everyone does ecstasy and wears wild colors and dances until they basically can't stand up anymore? Or has that changed?"

RJ blinks with a certain level of innocence that almost makes him seem younger than he is. "What is ecstasy? But a big party where you dance until you cannot do it any longer, sounds like a fun time to me. It was one of the ways that I would escape the oppression of my mundane. " His eyes flitter back for forth between the two girls.

"You don't have to do ecstasy" Sierra assures them both. "It's about dancing. About bonding with like minded souls through the music. Nothing druggy about it." She looks back and forth between the other two. "Honestly. Nothing to do with drugs. Are you trapped in school or anything, Sydney? I mean, are you allowed to leave when you want to? We don't have classes for months."

Sydney nods. "I can leave the school, yeah. I'm doing summer remedial courses because I missed a year of Junior High…and that was in 1980, so I'm behind on some stuff, but I'm allowed to leave, sure. The catch is I'm pretty much broke after Prom expenses. These shoes were expensive. The other catch is I'm a ward of the state. If I so much as get a ticket for jaywalking, my legal situation gets messy fast. But…this is the first party I've been to in two years. So if I can make it to this rave, I'd love to go, thank you." She looks over at RJ. "Ecstasy is…umm… it's a stimulant, basically. Kind of… euphoric, makes it easier for people to share emotions…increases your skin senses…my friends back in the day said it was wonderful. I never got the chance to try it. I was just a pot head."

RJ listens to the two girls talk. "Ecstasy does not sound bad at all. " He doesn't get that it is also illegal or that it has potentially unpleasant side effects. Then he frowns. "I too will be having to take remedial courses. " He shakes his head. "It is kind of difficult to remember the differences between the two Earth histories or your concept of economics, or flora and fauna." He shrugs slightly, "Well, you get the point, I guess." About that time, someone brushes past the gathering and bumps into RJ. If it was possible, he pales slightly and shudders. He reaches up and pinches the bridge of his nose. "I think that I might have over exerted myself earlier. Please forgive me, but I think that I will go get a little bit of fresh air." He smiles, "I'll be back in a few." With that the teenager heads towards the door for a breather.

"Take care of yourself, RJ" Sierra smiles as he departs. Then a sip of her drink before studying Sydney intently. "So…you and Vinny, huh? Though Bryce looked kind of sad to see you. Wanna talk about it? You don't have to. I'm not the gossipy type. I just say shit and people can take it or leave it."

Sydney chuckles. "Yeah, I get that." She takes another sip of her water, and again wipes her lips carefully with a napkin. "Bryce…tripped over me while I was lying out on the lawn. I was oiling my skin right then, so the oil went everywhere and it all got pretty comic after that. I was wearing a bikini, so that made it awkward too. I should talk to him. I didn't mean to make him feel bad. I thought it was hilarious." Syd looks toward the entrance as Vinny wanders in and looks around for her. "Vinny's my date tonight. We're not going steady or anything like that, so if you want to ask him out… do it." She grins. Sydney adds, "I should go over with him, come to think of it.”

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