(2018-06-08) The Big City
The Big City
Summary: Opting out of Prom 2018, Daxton and Callisto head into Thunder Bay.
Date: 2018-06-08
Related: Quite a few hours before this log. Heavy reference to this log.
Scene Runner: NA

City Center, Thunder Bay
Fri Jun 08, 2018

A rush of support for the city in the wake of the alien attack lead to many companies, both US and Foreign, to build new headquarters here. These buildings are state of the art fo the late 20th century. The only area to rival the marvel of the Financial District, these glass giants light up the night sky with crowns of neon designed to draw the eye from all around. There is a newely developed green space extending off the harbor towards the new State House moved to this location with the rebuilding of the metropolitan area.


Thank goodness for a 'different' metabolism from the norm, because after super PE a few days prior, Callisto had quite the array of welts to heal up from. Within a day though the angry red marks faded and by the time Friday morning rolled around, her skin was back to normal. Which was important because she had an excursion to look forward to and she was NOT about to make her way to Thunder Bay covered in red marks. Callisto enjoys visits to new places and big cities, and in doing so she wants to dress nicely. Not just presentable but really nice; a throwback to her rich girl days. She may not have the money to splurge with anymore but she still has some of the ensembles from her pre-disowned days!

So Daxton was stuck with a rather chic dark fae girl, dressed to kill in a pair of tight black slacks and an iridescent silken camisole that sets off the notes in her long, loose hair (to hide the ears) c.c

The departure from Shady Cove to Thunder Bay, via train, was slated for right after classes. Being friends with a speedster, Callisto didn't have to worry about timing to catch said train… and the two were off on their way by 4pm sharp! The girl proved to be an animated, rather excited companion for that trek.. so refreshingly un-Callisto-like. But upon arriving to the station in the much larger city and seeing the sheer SIZE of the place… Callisto settled down some. Big cities don't startle her; big modern cities do. Where to begin?

Daxton's dressed nice. Well, nice for him. Nice jeans and a faded blue tee shirt with a button up over it unbuttoned. He has a feeling that when the sun goes down, Calli's one of those girls that gets cold. He lets her prattle on, giving a smirk every once in a while. But his attention is divided, between the elf and the city. He just makes sure they're okay, no robberies, no stick ups. No danger. "Well….we're gonna need to eat. We can catcha movie, or walk the park, or…" No, he's not going to suggest shopping, although it almost comes out of his mouth, "we can just google and see what's going on, if you want." Her trip, she picks.

"You were going to mention shopping, were you not?" Callisto asks once she breaks out of her reverie; is broken OUT of that reverie by Daxton's voice. Not for the first time she admires his chosen attire, so used to the ensembles he favors back in Shady Cove. Perfectly suitable for a friendly excursion to Thunder Bay…!

A moment, and she shakes her sleek head once, side-to-side. "You needn't worry. I've no interest in shopping." What!? … she continues: "I wish to try something different. After… after food," She rubs her chin, watching the people milling around on the sidewalks, the tall tall buildings looming overhead like sentinels. At least Callisto has a good handle on shielding her psychic mind from other peoples' minds: she may not be able to keep her kith and kin out easily, but here? Easy enough.

"Here, I've an idea." The girl flashes a quick smile to Dax, then flags down a random average joe with dark eyes. Said joe perks at being called over by her ilk. "You, gentleman. What is fun? I know naught of where to start." Yup.. she did that. The poor guy blushes fiercely, looking between the two.

She means well.

"//No." Yes. "We can do whatever. Your day, you pick." As long as there's food at some point. Daxton blinks and then mouths a 'sorry' at the guy behind Calli's back.

"Uhm… there's… an arcade.." The guy blathers, catching Daxton's eye over Callisto's shoulder.

"And…? What of an eatery?"

"Miss, there's tons.. like.. anything and everything. There's Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Indonesian, Italian, French—-"

Callisto pauses, watching the poor dude on the spot, peers back at Daxton.. back to the man. "What of a place with large, large portions?"

"There's all-you-can-eat Italian just down the road… and a burger joint… and Korean hot-pot…" THe guy struggles.

"For someone who is never full." Callisto states as if this is the most normal thing in the world. Eventually the banter directs the two toward a stretch of restaurants, signs flashing maddeningly to attract patrons. Callisto picks Italian afterall… the girl watches Daxton before entering a decent-looking establishment. "Shall this do?" It may be wise to feed him first~

Daxton rolls his eyes, "Alright. That's enough. Thanks man." He steps forward and takes Calli by the elbow, "Stop accosting the guy." Italian is fine with him, he'll even get the door for her. His mom would be so proud! "If we do the arcade, you have to try more games the just Mario, okay?"

Aw, look at those manners! Callisto waits patiently, not being the sort to demure or resist having things done for her. Not in a snobbish way, just… she's of an older mindset. From a different time. She will bow her head gracefully in appreciation, a very un-adolescent-like gesture. The old fogeys that are eating at the place, those who observe the behavior, both approve and boggle over it. "I was not accosting him," She says again after her 'asking for directions'; Callisto watches the boy's face, head tilting. "He seemed pleased to offer up ideas." Okay maybe a bit scared but it worked! Talk of an arcade amuses her, but then there is a thoughtful glimmer to her gaze as they are shown to seats. "He spoke of a trampoline park… have you heard of such before? It opened a few months ago…"

Daxton makes a face, clearly thinking she was. The waiter gets a thanks as he slides into his seat. "You want to go to a trampoline park?" He seems amused, but maybe intrigued. "Sure, Strawberry. If that's what you want. I said it was your choice." He grabs a menu to start looking through it. His leg bounces underneath the table.

The girl does not yet pick up her menu, simply watching Daxton as he goes about looking through the selection. She reaches up to touch the silver pendant briefly, only to nod once. "I wish to try new things. I cannot parkour, and is it not like parkour to leap and bound upon these… trampolines, no?" Asked smoothly, her Northern accent forever suitable to her voice, and how she asks questions. Perhaps Daxton is used to the way she watches him; hopefully he is. Just chalk it up to her eccentricities!

"I wish you you to enjoy yourself too, for you agreed to join me when there were other things you could have been doing, surely? T'is what I want, to try this… trampoline park….. I wonder if it is wise to do so on a full stomach…."


Callisto looks down into the menu, but does not consider selections just yet. "Thank you for coming out here. I am glad to get away from everything."

"Yeah, I guess it's kind like parkour." Like a poor man's parkour, but still. He smiles over the menu at her, "Cool. We'll go after we eat if you want." And then, "Well, we'll walk there. It'll be fine." He orders a soda when the waiter comes back, "and ….the never ending fettuccini. Add the grilled chicken." So much pasta will be ate.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Failure.

"Poor man-" .. poor Callisto. He's smiling. Sometimes that expression shows up so randomly, so unexpectedly, that it bowls Callisto over. Then she's startled by her response to it. Then she's rueful because she needs to chide herself not to pay so much attention and enjoy it so much because—-oh blast it all, it was so much easier when she was a bitch. But that was years ago.

Before she gawps at him for too long, Callisto looks down at the menu and clears her throat softly. "Well, I should like very much to try it," A pause as she requests Perrier water because that's just the way she rolls. She does not pick anything approaching 'never-ending': just a modest plate of spinach ravioli and a salad. The order is placed and Callisto considers. People chatter and yammer around them and instinctively, involuntarily… Callisto's mental 'tuner' seeks to 'test out' the restaurant some. Not to listen in on thoughts; she cannot do that or will not; it's just an instinctive need to be aware. Maybe she's just enjoying herself too much… she detects nothing.

This may not be a good thing, because another set of eyes watched the two for a time before slipping into a washroom. Callisto looks up again, now without a menu to distract herself. "Your Inferno is a sadist as a gym teacher, I must add. Did you hear what happened on Tuesday?"

Daxton immediacy drains his glass of coke, sliding it to the edge of the table for a refill. "No? What did he do?" Although thinking back, Dax smiles crooked again, "If it's anything like the drills he used to make us run, I'm surprised you're able to move today."

"I was all shades of red after that class." Says the willowy girl with a sniff, her eyes narrowing. "He made use of a new student whose abilities seem to lie with blowing things up. I shall have you know that they fashioned impromptu landmines which exploded as we ran through them. It hurt rather terribly." The girl admits as she takes a dainty sip of her own carbonated water. She peers over the glass at the speedster, "I was a bit of a sad case the next day, so mottled was I with marks… but I heal swiftly. I shall be on my guard the next time he orchestrates another run. I dread the thought of what he would do to drill you." Callisto says poignantly, her head tilting.

She has barely made a dent in her own drink, when Daxton is ready for more.

Daxton laughs, "Nice. Landmines, huh? Wee you allowed to use powers back?" His smile twitches as she complains, "Are you alight now?" A strong shoulder lifts, "Eh. It's part of our training. It isn't always him. He was our squad leader."

"T'was allowed, yes.. one of the students made his very body into a steel barrier, with which to protect another." Callisto explains, eyes rounded slightly. "But we were too busy being struck to focus easily, though one boy utilized a rune… in quite an intelligent way, I must say. I was ready to strangle the girl who was detonating the landmines. T'was for the best that I was slowed down." Said balefully.. though with a hint of humor. Callisto was angry but she will have not harmed Boomie in the end, for being a… class aide. c_c

"He was laughing, of that I am certain. One of the students likened him to a character in this one movie… I am trying to remember what it was…" She looks down, silvery lashes feathering downwards as her brow knits in concentration. Daxton would have to be uncomfortably close to see the one or two remaining shadows of welts, on her shoulders.

Daxton nods, "Inferno likes teamwork." That leg keeps bouncing, but Dax's attention is on Calli. "Why? She was just doing what Inferno told her to, right?" He too chuckles, "I beat he was. He did seem in an awfully good mood Tues night at supper…." Their salads are brought, which breaks Dax's attention off of the girl in front of him. Food.

She is still trying to place the character…. the food arrives and Callisto is so dedicated to thinking on it, to remembering… that—-oh! She perks, tilts her head, delivers imperiously: "Dodgeball." A sagely nod, she deftly takes up a fork and spears her first ravioli. "T'was the movie that the student recalled… the character was a man who threw wrenches. Said student, who looked akin to a cheetah, so beaten up was he, said that Inferno laughed just like that character. Then he spoke of a quote…"

She takes a bite, chews, swallows… then delivers in her perfect diction: "If you can dodge a wrench, you could dodge a ball." She looks incredulous. "I should prefer wrenches over exploding pennies!"

Daxton's already got a forkful of salad in his moth when she says the movie, "Dodgeball?" He blinks, but then as soon as wrenches are said he laughs, nodding, "Yeah…I can see that." Wendy is going to think that is hysterical. "Exploding pennies? That's awesome." Says the teen who didn't step on one!

"Awesome? It did not feel awesome." Callisto snorts… an elegant expression, regardless. She pauses to eat more of her salad, taking her time to enjoy every little bit of what is in front of her. She is one of those slow eaters, or slow 'enough'. "I am pleased that the end of the school year is nigh. For I suspect we've not long to live if he plans another gym class like that." Said again, in jest. Callisto has a flare for the dramatic though it is easy to see that she is joking. People continue to mill around and chatter; settling their bills; talking gto waitstaff. Glasses clink and a door swings open and closes.. leading into the kitchen? A washroom?

Callisto pauses mid-bite as a dull pain arises in the base of her skull, encompassing her head briefly.. long enough to blink twice. She flinches near-imperceptibly, shakes her head.. it's passed. Strange. Despite herself she gives the room a quick onceover.

Calli can eat slow, that just leaves more time for Dax to eat! "I doubt he'd cause any permanent damage to students. You should be safe." He starts to say something else, but she flinches and that causes him to look around. "What's wrong?"

"I am alright." Callisto supplies quickly, then frowns just barely. She reaches forth to set a hand gently upon his forearm, likely the one — if reachable — that isn't wielding a very busy fork. "T'was interference… I am prone to it. Occasionally a… difficult tangent of mental energy finds me. There could be a psychic or two dining here, mayhaps in a bad mood. Simple as that." Her brow furrows then, fingers squeezing lightly. "Waste no more thought, for it will happen here and there. Your enjoyment here is important to me." Said simply… she's damned well going to cover the bill too, like it or not.

Her pale blue-green gaze flits toward the room-at-large again, before moving back to the speedster. "That outfit, it looks good on you. I meant to say." An earnest compliment; whoever that was, prodding her mind.. she will not let them ruin this outing!

Daxton stills, except that bouncing leg. And then his eyes narrow and he starts glancing around. "Nothing ….directed at you though, right?" Not us, you. He can take care of bad directed at him. Or so he believes. The compliment has him looking back, "Yeah? Fel keeps telling me I should wear more blue." It does go with his eyes. The salad is finished, although he does keep looking around. They can fight about the bill when it comes.

"It was too swift to tell. Mayhaps… it could be a jealous admirer, wishing to take my place." Callisto offers with a half-smile, trying to ease the speedster some. "I would not put it past some, you see. I could have simply looked at somebody the wrong way. T'is simply hard to tell." She forks a few more pieces of ravioli into her gob, making sure to leave no pasta behind. It's not practical to take a doggie bag into the city. The initial compliment seems to have redirected Daxton's attention some, and Callisto nods once in agreement. "I agree. You are fortunate to have eyes of that color, true blue.. the colors bring it out. This only furthers the suspicion that someone in this room could be jealous." A soft chuckle, she dips back into the remains of her salad.

By the time both eat their fill, and the bill is produced, Callisto is just reaching out to claim the slip of paper when someone a table over complains of a headache. A waiter, too, can be seen pinching the bridge of his nose. IT doesn't seem to be lingering, and people audibly blame it on 'brain freeze' or maybe 'change of air pressure'.

Daxton makes a scoffing noise, and doesn't hide the baby blue eye roll. "I doubt that." And then he impressively eats all the pastas. Bowl after bowl. The waiter is impressed. Dax's leg doesn't stop bouncing though. Nerves or just excess energy? He speed grabs the check, and then his wallet is out. The frown tugs at his face again, "Is that from…whoever else is here?"

That leg bounce is clue enough: time to get out. Keep this evening light. Callisto blinks as the bill is hastily pulled from her clutches and she hasn't even the chance to dispute it. "But—" Well, no use arguing… she squints. "I shall cover something else. I am seeing all the signs of you needing to move, and I think t'would be best to wander some." Callisto offers a smile then, really truly trying to reassure him. It is then that people.. not many, just three at most, exhibit brief discomfort in their heads only to have it disappear without further harm. Strangely enough one of them is that man that Callisto flagged down earlier, who offered so many suggestions. He's rubbing a temple and after appearing to settle his bill, he leaves. The woman complaining of brainfreeze happily returns to her cocktail; the pained waiter is now at ease and returns to the kitchen.


"I think so.. but it's passing." Callisto says softly, now looking a bit worried. "I am not detecting anything else. I would tell you if I did." Slowly, her own knit brow softens.

Daxton slaps down enough cash to cover the bill and leave a good tip. He works in food, he gets it. "Then lets get out of her." He's not itching for a fight, but he will if needed. The Speedster stands up, finishing off his coke.

She's just digging into her own wallet to dredge up tip—-oh blast it! Callisto eyes Daxton, sliding said wallet into her purse. "Thank you. But I insist, I cover the admission to this… trampoline park. T'is an indoor one, as the man told me. Large, like a gym. I very much desire to see it." She insists; no headaches borne of some douchetool psychic who isn't happy with their meal will be ruining this! She watches Daxton drain the coke and giving him the gentlest of nudges, adds smirkingly: "Take care now, for what would it be like to bounce with a full bladder?"

Callisto, to her credit, remembers the directions to the new facility that is home to a wonderland of different surfaces, built exclusively for leaping and bounding! A couple of connector buses shall take them right there.

Daxton says, "Please. I piss super fast too." Oh, there's the lack of manners! He lets Calli lead, gaze scanning the are to make sure everything is clear. No Mother dearest. No obviously pointed eared siblings. No insane army people."

All clear! From the departure from the restaurant, to the bus ride… okay, the bus has it's token oddballs, but none of them possess pointy ears, heaps of hair and model-like looks. Not even a baleful black-eyed glare. It must have been a fluke, for isn't this city huge and home to Supers? Why couldn't a surly mentalist have felt as if someone pissed in their linguine and saw fit to troll the other patrons? Who knows. Callisto just might, but she does not want to lose this evening.

Speaking of piss, she's still a bit incredulous about that bit. Let's stay away from that mental image… dear god please. Upon reaching the facility, one can see that it is busy and literally hopping. Bright lights, edgey music, and a service desk where one must purchase cheap pairs of fitted, grippy socks and sign waivers stating that the joint can't be held accountable if one messes up their swan dive and breaks an arm, leg or neck. c.c

Callisto looks to the speedster, light in her eyes and looking excited. "How is this for anti-prom?"

Daxton grins, liking to nettle her whenever he can. H doesn't really know why it makes him happy, but it does. "It's better than a bucket of blood, that's for sure." Gah! He let's her pay for the tickets and socks. "Imagine doing this in prom outfits."

The fae girl is about to laugh when the clerk behind the counter responds to Daxton's latter words: "We've had a wedding reception happen here. It's a good thing they covered the damages… uh, I think they were rich."

Callisto blinks, only to break out into a rare head-tossed-back belly laugh. She passes through the turnstile gate now that they have paid, plops her faerie ass onto a chair to remove her footwear and begin pulling the obnoxiously colored trampoline socks up over her feet and partway up her calves. "Humans are funny, therefore far more interesting…" Said lightheartedly, ".. how my people forge unions, t'is nowhere near as amusing."

People can be heard having a blast in the massive space awaiting them. A locker, too, was assigned for storing belongings and Callisto waits to see if Daxton wishes to place anything inside before she closes it up and pins the key to her belt-hoop. The edgey music, some sort of rough-edged electronica, reverberates through the place. Callisto rolls her shoulders, "Ready to go?" Asked almost shyly.

The clerk gets a sympathetic, "Ugh. Rich people." Grabbing his ugly ass socks he plops down next to Calli, "Yeah? How do your people do it then?" He wiggles his eyebrows at her, totally meaning the double meaning. His shoes and regular socks go in, but he keeps his wallet and phone in his jean pockets. With a flowery wave, "After you."

"Do it..?" Callisto initially misses the double-meaning, "They decide the other shall do and remain that way for centuries. T'is not often a union made for love. Moreso for gain, power, furthering of—-" Oh, now she catches on. Callisto sniffs, but she does not blush too heavily. "Oh, now extract yourself from the gutter. My kind are prolific, if that is what you are snarking at. Or can easily work toward becoming such.. we.." Oh God, why is she even going in that direction?! His humor is rubbing off on her and she huffs, "You can fill in the blanks. T'is a hedonistic, greedy lifestyle that I was pleased to escape." Said with a smirk as she stretches lightly. It's basically her way of admitting to her, ah, 'people' as being carefree, self-serving horndogs. c.c

Onwards they go to a veritable wonderland of trampolines, many set into the floor with platforms set in between. There are various degrees of heights from which to leap and maneuver; even half-pipes with jumping surfaces built into the sides of the walls. A foam pit, a diving-board-like structure rising nearly to the ceiling over said pit… even tightropes upon which patrons can test their balance! (Google image search 'indoor trampoline park' and you'll pick up what Calli-player's muse is putting down.)

Daxton just laughs, "Strawberry, I live in the gutter." No, he doesn't. But they're having fun, right? The fact she keeps talking only makes him grim more. "Oh…so that's not your thing. Cool cool." He's terrible. And thinks it's hysterical. Standing up he'll let her lead again, this is her adventure. The room is cased, or more likely the people are all given a good look at…just in case. Inferno will kill him if he gets taken out at a trampoline park. Tempo will never hear the end of it.

There's bodies everywhere, leaping and bounding. There are some who move with quicksilver deftness and grace, twirling and flipping and careening through the air. Of course there will be showboats who think themselves to be the king shits of turd mountain… just wait until a speedster who can parkour gets going! Then there are thought to take tentative steps at first, jumping stationary.. baby steps. Yeah that'll be Callisto. She isn't afraid of physical workouts, just.. this takes getting used to.

"Their morals are not my thing. T'is up for debate however, as to whether or not I kept some of the other qualities." Callisto offers with a smirk, trying to be funny herself. Hey, she's not a prude! Prim and proper sometimes? Sure. But… she can be surprising.

Her wary bounces become earnest leaps, her white hair sluicing around in a sheet. Damnit she didn't bring a scrunchie! Her arms windmill briefly to keep balance, as Callisto implores to Daxton, "Alright. T'is now time for you to take some of these hotshots down a few pegs." A smile then. A mousey-looking girl of about sixteen or so bounces closeby, watching Callisto raptly.

Uh huh. Daxton just laughs. Indeed she can be surprising. There's no baby steps for Dax. Maybe he slows down time to get a better feeling for it but he jumps right into the middle of it all. He's at least not using super speed, he knows he could really hurt someone if he did. Her flailing gets more laughter, "It won't hurt if you fall. Just jump."And then he purposefully jumps hard, making everyone on said trampoline wobble.

If he only knew… mind you it would only amuse him more or — win win — fluster him! Hey, she is of a naturally lascivious race! But no, Callisto is one of the few in Malachite's brood who manifested a conscious, which usually means doom. But no, her eyes follow the boy as he unleashes himself onto the indoor terrain, though clearly he is holding back for safety's sake. This gives the girl a chance to simply watch without feeling odd about it, or inappropriate. Whatever Callisto may be feeling, damn it all, she will respect Daxton's parameters! So yeah.. he's unaware? She will bloody watch.. because his very ability to move and move well is fascinating to her.

Bid to move with a bit more gusto, Callisto ups the ante some. Now her leaps aren't as clipped; she's vaulting over some sections as-opposed to landing and moving gingerly. This is fun..!

The trampoline wobbles and though Callisto avoids the tumble, the mousey girl doesn't and she falls flat onto her back.

Daxton laughs, moving to offer a hand to the mousy girl, "Gotta get your sea legs!" So, he's being aggressive with his jumping (Not nearly as much as he could), but he's also aware and not being a complete dick about it.

The mousey girl is helped to her feet, and to look at her is to see a girl of average height, slightly fuller in figure, curly hair and a peachy complexion. But the look that she gives the speedster in not mousey; not at all. The glamour has it's issues, when the user is 'young' and not in mastery of it. There are… 'loose ends'. One would expect the girl's smile to be locked into braces, but the teeth that she bares in a grin are perfect, white; the eyes behind the glasses are piercing and intense in their coloration.. black irises. She holds Daxton's hand for a bit too long with her cold fingers, squeezes it. "Thank you." Says mouse, but the voice doesn't match the mask either. It's throaty, and she peers over the speedster's shoulder at the leaping and bounding Callisto.

"Isn't this place just fun….?" THe girl asks without an ounce of shyness. "A delightful place for a date?"

Okay, now she's too weird.

Weird indeed! Dax frowns slightly, pulling his hand back. Ugh, creepy people. You'd think he'd be used to them since he lives with AfterThought. "..Suuure. No problem." But then she goes and makes it ultra creepy, "I guess?" What teenager says delightful? "Have fun on your date." Sometimes he's dense. He'll turn back to Calli, who would totally use the word delightful. He'll catch on, give him a second.

Aren't human boys just cute? The mousey girl continues to bounce casually, her curls bobbing, impossibly-white teeth still bare in a grin that doesn't match the face. She immerses herself below the surface, casting her voice outwards to the willowy bouncing girl who turns to watch Daxton as he turns back to her. Mouse jumps in a twirl, spins, then squints at the faerie girl who does not look at her but will hear her. Oh, she'll hear!

«He is an interesting one, sister Daedhelwen~! So you elope to playgrounds to shirk duty? Silly silly bitch sister. Pah. Not worth it, say I.» Comes a mental invasion via psychic link, and Callisto — caught up in glee and with her shields down — 'hears' it and her expression drops. Even in the fray of happy people, she looks horrified.

Daxton's not a genius, but he can do the math. Weird speech patterns plus Calli's expression. This girl isn't human, and he needs to get his not human out of here. His hand takes Calli's in super speed, "Move. Now.." He doesn't kick on the super speed, but he's moving deftly and quickly to the edge, to get onto solid ground. If he does need to run, that will be safer for everyone.

«Nesialora!» Callisto can only manage to 'utter' mentally, her expression blank. She's safe on the dream plain, she never would have expected anyone to try to FIND her! This is the first instance in years.. years. Siblings, save for the ones who are amiable — and even then it's rare — rarely seek one another out. But this one—oh, no! It had to be this one!

The mousey girl is gone, or at least unseen in the crush of people having fun. Strange though, some who are jumping are exhibiting looks of pain as seen back in the restaurant. It's not random this time: it seems every few feet or so — leading to a section of the vast space where the washrooms are found — people are touching their foreheads or temples or flinching in the few seconds it takes for the stab of pain in their heads to pass. The mousey girl doesn't appear to be pursuing Daxton and Callisto; she knows that her presence was enough to get the desired results, for now.

Callisto is easily moved, holding fast to the speedster's hand. She's scanning the crowds like a wild woman. "She was using glamour. I-I know naught of where she went.. I cannot feel her!" Now she's looking to be on the edge of panic.

Daxton doesn't know what that means, using glamour, but he knows that Calli was scared. "Do you want me to go after her?" Such a dumb, dumb boy. He doesn't let go of her hand, "Are you ok? Did she hurt you?" He too sees the headache expressions on everyone.

Luckily the headaches have faded and most are just chalking it up to bouncing too hard. The afflicted are already back at it, unaware, laughing and jostling. Callisto, no longer hopping, now looks defeated. This somber look rouses into fierce expression as she gives his hand a squeeze, "No!" She exclaims, only to soften again, head shaking. "Do not pursue her.. please do not. T'is not worth it and I wish not for her to harm you. She will, happily. T'was the girl you helped up. How could I not detect her.." A whisper… simple: she was just not thinking of the notion of a cruel sibling tailing her. Farthest thing from her mind.

"I am fine, just… startled." A frown, "She was at the restaurant as well, for others were pained. She was nudging me mentally, even then." Her free hand lifts to knit into her hair in exasperation, "Blast it.. so foolish. How could I not realize it."

Daxton scoffs, because he's dumb, "She's not going to hurt me!" He knows how it was, "She didn't look right. She looked …off." He's moving them towards the locker with their things, "Let's get outta here."

The girl's tone is strange.. for Callisto anyway. Strained. Hovering on the fringes of a powerful emotion but kept in check almost desperately. "She will, she will—" She's almost rambling; something about this arrival has scared her badly. They reach the lockers and Callisto fumbles with the key ring on her denims… typically deft fingers struggle to pull open the ring to slide it off of the belt hoop. "She is horribly cruel. She loves our mother and has historically hunted those who defected. She is responsible for some of the most… difficult losses to bear." Ie. the siblings who tried to start over, to live productively and happily. Callisto is the latest in this trend.

The fae girl watches Daxton outright, "I do not wish for her to harm you. I do not. Forgive me, I am so very…" The girl pops open the padlock shakily. "I.. I meant not.. s-she—"

Daxton's scanning the area, but his hand reaches out to take Calli's, even as he's not looking at her. "I need you to take a moment. Take a deep breath. She's not going to hurt me. I'm right here with you. We're leaving and I sure as shit can run faster than anything she can try to throw at us, alright?" Dumb, but confident.

A scanning of the area reveals no strangeness.. the mousey girl is gone; no signs of pain or even anyone just looking off. Whomever this sibling is — known to Callisto by her fae name of Nesialora — … she has departed. Her influence remains in the fear that has manifested and Callisto and gripped her enough to make her anything but eloquent. He bids her to breathe and she instead focuses upon being touched and grounded, not alone. Friends take care of each other, wasn't that the mantra from her pukey night in the basement? Case in point here. She watches him, exhales once; breathes deeply again though not as shakily. "She caused the—" Nope, don't go there. Just breathe again. Flashes of what could be are replaced by the reality of the present, in Callisto's mind. She has help.

"Thank you." Is added finally, not quite as rattled. She gives his hand an earnest squeeze.

Daxton nods, still scanning the area. He's almost….professional. Like a guard. Or more likely, like a soldier. "Get the locker open. I'll call the Unit when we're out of here." The Unit? He finally gives her a glance, his expression softening when he sees how she's trying to keep herself calm, 'Don't worry, I got your back."

The locker is opened up, but this now requires her to use both hands and reluctantly Callisto must let go. Bah. The shift wasn't overlooked; the boy who was laughing and eating bowl upon bowl of fettuccini sure pulls it together when needed. Callisto begins pulling stuff out of the locker. "Fae glamour is exhausting. She will not take other forms often, nor for long…" It sounds like she has experience with the ability. "T'is not like true shapeshifting. N-no matter what face she wears, if you touch her she will feel like… her… so to touch her chest as a man, you will still feel, ah…" Blink?

Callisto elaborates, "She took the form of a man, I suspect. I have a feeling she was masking herself as the one w-who gave directions.." She rubs her brow, "As herself she looks… somewhat similar to me." There is pain in saying this.

Daxton's brow furrow, that's a weird way of describing it. Leaning forward, away from Calli he eyes someone out on the trampoline, but they're just some kids having fun. "Like a hologram over her real form. Got it." He's still in soldier mode. He may tease her later about the chest thing, but not now. "Alright, good to know." Looks like Calli, great. That's just…great.

"Not entirely.. not like a clone." Callisto supplies next, as if sensing the exasperation around that fact. "Just.. hair color.. skin… she looks cruel. J-just like mother." She looks down at her feet, fingers bunched around the strap of her purse. She looks up at this talk of a 'hologram' and she nods quickly, having never called it such before. "Precisely. It works in two ways.. t-to mask appearance for a time to become someone else, to deceive…. or to accentuate our own traits to.. look more like ourselves." She can't continue with it. Talk of the inherent abilities of her race just… she finds herself appalled by it. So sneaky and dishonest, these skills.

Callisto winces, though not in pain. Just frustration.

Daxton's hand going out for his shoes. Once they are in his hand he speed put them on, tying his laces well in prep for the run he thinks he's going to have to go on. ""Let's get out of here." He's vibrating slightly as he still scans the area.

The prospect of doing much else, such as a casual walk or more sightseeing… well, it's now too dangerous. Is Callisto troubled because that it has to come to an earlier end than expected? Or that there is an actual member of her kin actively looking for her.. only to find her? At least if things went sideways on the dream plain she could wake up and deal with it then. But this..

This is an entirely different way to feel on edge. She knows that the other fae girl — more like a creature — won't be as stupid as to approach the school. But now to be outside, simply wanting to be free…? In town? Beyond it?

People are having a blast, hollering and calling out and laughing. The music is pumping. Callisto will turn in the key and lock, have the socks disposed of.. and with a degree of something resembling fear.. step back out into the street.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

As soon as they're on the street, Daxton is swooping Callisto up into his arms and he's running. Towards home, but not exactly there . Not yet. Instead he takes her into town, near the old park. Weird? Maybe. But it's one of the spot the Unit uses when they need to meet not at the house. He's faster than the train would have been, heart beating steady in his chest as he runs, no cracks or uneven terrain trip him up. They arrive, wind blown, but safe near the swings. "Okay. She can't have followed me. You're safe."

She's trying, trying to compartmentalize this development. Callisto, who on a couple of occasions was transported by the Daxi-taxi (isn't that what Fel calls it?) … was always awed by such speed… well. Proof of her shattered mindset: she as quiet the whole speedy trek. One thing for certain though, she is grateful. To blink out of sight and regard by way of super speed, bypassing public transport and more chances for the malicious 'sister' to tail them… it DOES help.

The scenery blurs; the very nature of the air and light shifts from the chaos of a city to the sleepiness of a cove town and then… there's Maple Drive.

And it's raggedy old park, which suits Callisto just fine. She blinks into awareness, looks up at the boy as she realizes where they are at. She can be felt relaxing.. the tension is leaving her. "We've subterfuge on our side but we are not fast. I've faith that we are safe. I.. thank you. I-I need to get her dealt with.." Added in a whisper as she leans in to rest for a moment, until she is put down.

Not fast? Did she just…Dax frowns, taking the statement personal. She's set down carefully, not commenting. Instead he pulls out his phone and hits the number to call Inferno. "Hey. We're at the park. Looks like Callisto's family is in Thunder Bay….Yeah. Yeah. No. We're unharmed, but we need to look into upping security." He listens, nodding and then shaking his head, "No. We'll be back in a. bit. I'm trying to…yeah." Blue eyes look at the fey, but he just sighs, "We will. Alright, later." And he hangs up.

Frown…? Callisto is very attuned to body language. Did his expression shift when she mentioned not 'fast'…? Oh shit on toast he misunderstood! But now the boy is on the phone and she is quiet to allow for this, not interrupting. She is watching him levelly, seated now on a swing, but not moving. "I mean my kind, Daxton," She elaborates, her head tilting. "We… fae.. are not fast. Were it not for you, being fast.. I will have been doomed." There, hopefully that sets things to rights… she can't risk offending a boy whose gig is speed! She looks down at her knees then, kicks herself into motion albeit slightly.

"I am sorry for all of the trouble that I have brought to you. I meant for this evening to be a.. fun time. But I had no expectations of her.." She doesn't even have a codename to use for that scourge. "For that one to show up. The last two times she had arisen, someone was killed. She hunts in mother's stead. T'is her way, as she is so firmly entrenched up mother's…" She just can't say ass. Here's the proper substitute: "Fundament."

A soft sigh, "What are we to do now?"

Daxton slips his phone back into his pocket, his expression staying neutral at her explanation (Backpeddling?). "It's fine." Is it?

"It's okay. We all have baggage." Killer Fey assassins are a lot of baggage! A low sigh and he moves to sit opposite her on the swing next to her. This way they have eyes in all directions. "Now we wait, chill out a few. Take your time an think if there's anything else you an tell me that will help me keep you safe." The chain creaks as he sits, not used to adult man weight.

The girl just goes on watching Dax as he joins her, listening to the swings protesting the weight of two grown bodies as opposed to the children that they're meant for. Callisto faces forward again, watching the lonesome expanse of the old park. "I suspect it shall take her awhile to make the connection to Shady Cove… it depends on whether or not information on Coral Springs is readily available, or easy to find. She has time on her side, she.." A deep breath. If Callisto is getting nervous, her breathing is clue enough. She calms herself again.

"She will explore Thunder Bay; she will look into surrounding towns. She cannot know, surely, that I attend this school. Or she may very well return home to mother to convene. There is much enjoyment, in her mind and ways, to leave her quarry to simmer in fear for awhile." Callisto's features fall again and she looks down at the earth beneath her feet.

"My brother, an elder, struck out and took a human girl to earth. They had a family. Nesialora tracked him, and was involved in killing all of them. I wished never to see her again." Callisto whispers, deeply hurt. "She does not target dreams, as Mother does."

"Good. Let her think you're rattled." Even though she is. "Time is what we need." He stops the slow swinging his feet had started. "Good. I can punch not dreams." He's trying to get her to look at him, "Straw-Callisto. Look at me. The Unit has faced worse. We'll help you. I promise." He has the bluest eyes, it's hard to not get pinned by them.

Problem is, Callisto is rattled. Her steadfast, strong mind has been shaken up some.. no easy feat. She's thinking about that brother, who was good and kind. It's not Nesialora herself who scares Callisto; it is what her appearance means, whether it's in days' time or weeks or even months. Callisto is trying to remember, too, how she was found.. how…. could it have been her meditations, her calling out? Or was it…

There she goes again. Then Daxton is speaking to her and bidding her to come back and listen to her. Had he said Strawberry it would have been harder; her actual 'name' .. no jest involved.. pulls Callisto out of the funk and looking straight at him. Oh dear God so blue. Q_Q;

After everything she will look and damn her if she ain't doomed. Doomed!

She has an odd look to her expression, not quite fear now. "Friends take care of one another, yes?"

His own expression softens and he nods, "yeah. I promise." He made a similar promise to someone else, but she left him, so…that's alright…right? Feeling a little rattled suddenly himself he breaks his gaze and looks back out to their location. "We can stay here for a while, till the prom drama settles, if you want." His swing moves slowly as his leg starts bouncing.

Hence why Callisto is trying her utmost damndest to not pry. Like, REALLY pry. As in: just grab the guy by the shirt collar and outright SHOW him what dark fey are good at! *cough*

Remember her shame at 'aspects' of her race? There's one reason. But her exposure to the human world, to the ways of life of this beautifully diverse, intoxicatingly fascinating 'young' race.. that has shifted things. But in a difficult way, too: because Callisto has come to truly, truly enjoy mortals.

Case in point here. Damnit all.

"I promise, too. I am not all dark fae drama, I swear it. If there is anything I can do, ever.." Callisto looks down at her feet again just when the boy's leg begins to bounce. "Do let me know."

Spying the slow motion of Daxton's swing, she slides out of her own and positions herself behind him so she can push him.

Daxton snorts, "I've seen you play Mario, trust me. I know you're not all dark fey drama." He tenses slightly when she moves behind him. It's not her, really. He just has issues with not being in control. Fair, with his history. But he lets her push him. Looking over his shoulder at her, strong back muscles can be felt through his two shirts. Again those blue eyes study her.

Hey, she's just returning a favor! Maybe, too, it's a slight exercise in trust. It's never easy to have someone at your back, even if they are a friend, when you're so used to watching your back often. And then there is, yes, the control thing. Callisto bore witness to two of Daxton's nightmares now and she's not about to relay what she has seen; the entirety of it. Now that she's here with him, pushing him on a swing, she is hard-pressed to ruin that. Talk of Mario always … always.. warrants a laugh. Or cursing in Danish because sometimes Mario games are conniving assholes. If her hands splay briefly to take note of back muscles, she hastens to hide this fact.. Callisto pushes Daxton gingerly, taking care not to be in the way if he picks up speed. Otherwise it's a relaxed, familiar gesture.

"If only the world's problems could be solved with a game of Mario." A little smirk as the breeze tousles white hair, "But then, the games can be infuriating… mayhaps t'is not the next idea." She meets his blue eyes with her own, pale with that touch of green. "Or just put them into a physical education class with Inferno." Said with a glowing smile. She wants to entertain him, it's a need that she just can't help.

Daxton doesn't do anything to make the pushing go faster, that could be dangerous. "Maybe not solved, but sometimes you need to clear your had to be able to solve stuff." And Mario's good for that. A smile tugs at the corner of his lips, "You're really worked up over the Gym thing, huh?" Maybe he'll ask inferno to go easy on them for a week.

Damnit don't smile, don't—DOOMED

Did her hands linger there when he eases back, before flying away from her again in that steady swinging arc? Get it together Callisto. She considers then, palms open to press into his back and push him onwards again when he returns. How could somebody just up and leave him like that? Callisto knows naught of what became of 'broken neck girl' and why — because are there not always two stories — but… more and more, if the girl were to return someday, why does Callisto dread it? What business has she?! More and more — more alarmingly — she could simply see fit to clobber the other girl with a shoe—

What is happening to her? Dark fey do not grow jealous. They can be possessive, but never jealous.. there's a difference. The latter is a sniveling emotion; the former is powerful.

GAH. Worked up? Worked up over what? Callisto tunes in, and smiles softly, "No.. no… he seemed to really enjoy it." Then she laughs outright, "Do not ask him to take care. I know he will have not let anything terrible happen to us."

Daxton laughs, not ware of her inner turmoil, "He probably did. It's good when he's happy. He doesn't…get that." Being made out of lava can do that. Much less the other issues, which makes Dax's smile drop and he looks away. "No, He'd have saved you if it had gotten to bad."

The girl can sense affection there.. no, she's no Empath, but she watches Daxton enough to observe the nuances in his behavior. "Tell me about him, then." Callisto bids, her hands resting at his shoulders in the seconds she has to make the gesture, before she pushes him again. "He is important to you, no? For if his happiness is important too, I shall take a few more flaming pennies for the cause." She offers, wanting that smile to return. "He is a curiosity to me. It cannot be an easy thing to bear, to be comprised of molten material." Is admitted next as she gazes past Daxton's swinging form to the perfectly dark, empty streets of the abandoned neighborhood. What is it about this place that is so calming?

Hey, at least she's no longer thinking about hitting Rebecca with a shoe.

Daxton chews on his lip, moments before sharing a small something. I wouldn't have made it out if it weren't for him. For all of them. I know he …stuck his neck out for me a lot." Dax was the baby of the group, they all did. "No…it's not easy. It's killing him." Luckily the students haven't noticed yet. There s a beat and then he'll ask, "Do you wanna go get ice cream?" He's done talking about his dying friend. The swing stops next to her as he turns, "My treat?"

Blink? Dying? He's dying?

Callisto is no slouch. She reads between the lines and surmises that all that is hot and burning must eventually cool and harden. Is that not how lava works? Her hands lift to grip the chains when the speedster eases in and he stops, too, of his own volition. She will not.. will not ask of what this means. Stupid jerk Nesialora ruined Thunder Bay for them; she will now seal the deal by inquiring more on a hard subject. Her hands drop down from the chains and she will simply — unless Daxton shoves away — hug the boy from behind. "Of course." A pause, a consideration.

"We shall split the bill." In other words: he will get all. the ice cream. he wants.

Daxton wasn't expecting the hug, but he doesn't pull away. Instead on hand goes up to touch her forearm. "That doesn't really make it a treat, Strawberry…" But he'll not push it. Instead he gives her arm a soft squeeze before letting go and standing up. "Wanna walk there, or should I run us?'

The fey girl isn't expecting a great many things; hadn't expected the precarious slope ahead of her of developing a marked interest in the speedster in front of her. But there you have it. She must take care because he was hurt before and she, well.. she's still learning.

The touch to the forearm surprises Callisto and she can be felt leaning in some, appreciating not being deflected. She is a pleasing weight, she yet smells nice. But she will not push it. Easing back, she grips the chains briefly and steps back altogether. "Walk, for you've had to run hard already." A beat.

"I am not quite ready to hasten the evening, anyway." Added almost.. almost shyly.

Daxton takes that wrong too, "Oh Prom isn't that bad. I went with Fel my Junior year. I mean…it's obnoxious, sure. And you have to stay away from the Kaylee's…" He doesn't drop the bomb that he was Prom Prince. He'll start leading her in the direction of town and ice cream.

He may not drop the bomb, but Callisto is out there on the field with a metal detector. They set off at at easygoing pace and she can't help herself. "I suspect attending with Felicia was a fun thing. She does not strike me as a…. superfluous sort. One who is given to the frue-frue of such gatherings," Callisto makes a face, "I bet you cut a dashing figure in a suit. I should like to see, someday." Maybe the Unit has mixers?!

Yeah no. That's the only downside to not attending prom. Even if Daxton is not a student anymore.

They mark their trajectory to find ice cream, but not without Callisto adding: "Were you Prom King?"

Damnit Callisto.. but to her credit the guess is a complete fluke.

"Fel? No. I mean, she got dressed up and stuff, but it wasn't anything." He stops, thinking, "I….don't know if Fel has any pics or not." Surely someone took a pic, right? Hopefully not with that crown on. Immediately his nose wrinkles. "Prince. It was so rigged. I almost punched Derik in the face over it." What a jerk!

They're walking along a derelict street speaking of a previous prom while, at this moment… the latest one is underway. Callisto laughs outright, wanting to take his arm again but resisting. Instead she thrusts her thumbs into the barely-there pockets of her tight denims, looking at him and considering him. "I could ask." A sneaky smile… now that is more in the vein of being a dark faerie! But look at her eyes: no cruelty. There's the difference. When mousey-girl looked upon Dax with those black, black eyes — Malachite's eyes — they were anything but kind.

Talk of being a Prince loosens a laugh from the mentalist's throat, though she squints at him. Her arm, closest to him, twitches. "Whomever is… was.. Derek?"

Daxton's not sure what she means by that, so he just shoots her a confused look. "Yeah, I'm sure she'd show you?" He rolls his eyes, knowing the laughter was coming, "Derek was an Ares. Kinda a douche bag. He knew it made me uncomfortable, so he rigged the votes so I was chosen."

The girl listens, watching him as they stroll. The fear has left her and Callisto, well.. looks happy. "I would like to see." Said simply, as if this is the most natural thing in the world. The eyeroll quirks her lips up some as they turn a corner and there — just in the slight distance — the moreso lively expanse of Shady Cove awaits them. Maple Drive, dark and forgotten, is a huge contrast. Her hand twitches in her pocket, the thumb curving in… her hand just about lifts only to be plunged further into a pocket that can't quite pocket. Not in denims so tight. She glances sideward at Daxton's arm, biting her bottom lip lightly.

"What is a… douche bag? T'is a derogatory term used to describe an unsavory person, correct? It does not sound nice."

Fuck it. Callisto shall reach to hook her elbow into his. This can go good, or bad.

Well, pics are all Fel's thing. At least of Daxton on a tux. "It just means he was a jerk, just to be one." He's not going to explain feminine hygiene products to her. The elbow hooks has him look down at their arms, his brow furrows but he doesn't pull away. Instead he frowns, looking up and towards the town.

Oh man, imagine that: explaining to a curious dark faerie the nature of a cooc—-no no no no. Nope. Nope nope.

Let's not.

She hadn't missed the frown, and she is suddenly too/ aware of the gesture that she just instigated. Too late? Too late, Best ask. "Does this trouble you?" The girl asks gently, looking straight ahead with a flush to her features. "I wish not to discomfort you, but I wished to… I wished to do so." She looks to him again, nonetheless liking the feel of his arm. "I shall let go if bid to do so. I feel safe." And she likes him but will //not say it again.. or will she? Curse these mortal inclinations. "But not at the cost of your comfort."

Well, now he can't say no, she just said it made her feel safe! "It's…fine." He clears his throat, glancing around the street. "Do you wanna stop anywhere else, or just the ice cream?"

Safe. Yeah. That's it.

"Ice cream, t'is fine." Callisto offers, glancing sideward and somehow relieved that he didn't shrug her off. She contemplates carefully something that she wants so very badly to say. Has wanted to. Now is as good a time as any and nuts to the repercussions, for it needs to be said. After everything she needs to get it out there.

Her footsteps can be felt slowing, her other hand lifts to touch the elbow that she is connected to, bidding Daxton to stop. If he does, she watches him. "You do not give yourself much credit, do you?" Callisto asks, watching him with overbright eyes.

If Daxton looks at her, confused, she will continue: "Forgive me, for I mean not to imply.. but whomever that girl is, she was a fool to leave you. She knows naught of that which she has lost." So there. No shoes necessary.

Daxton stops, confused. He's ready to ask her what's wrong, but than she's sayin that. "I-" oh! The look he gives her, it's like she slapped him. His arm is pulled away, definitely not wanting to talk about Becca. He's confused enough. "I…let's just get the ice cream." The please is silent, but there.

Callisto is slowly learning the art of Dax-Fu… okay.. like, REALLY slowly.

One step forward, two steps back sorta thing… maybe the odd vaulting forward only to faceplant back. Super-duper slow progress. She watches him, her brow furrowed, desperate for him to see not due to her own hangup but simply striving for the fact. She will not seek the arm when it is pulled away… but she will not persist either. What happened there…?

"I mean it." One more insistence, but blessedly.. Callisto does not push. Part of her wants to but what good would that do? She looks upon him then, gaze soft. "I am sorry for whatever has happened to make you think otherwise." Said in a whisper, before she makes to approach the portion of road that becomes better kept, frequently travelled.

They are back in Shady Cove.

Daxton actually blurs as he vibrates a few times. It's…twitchy looking. "Nothing happened." He pants should be on fire, but he's not going to talk about it! His own hands are jammed into his jean pockets, which he's able to do because guy jeans don't suck.

"I have no choice but to take your word for it. Who am I to question that which has happened that only you know about?" Callisto asks softly. Such a strong response. What.. why did things go the way they did? THe vibrating is a sign to tread carefully.. but something in her just wants to go a bit further. Her gait slows then, "But I care, really do. For all you've done for me I wish.. to help.. somehow. I cannot help it!" The girl exclaims. There is a flash of energy then and there, as quick as a heartbeat.. harmless and concentrated solely upon Callisto's person. Much as Daxton vibrates the faerie girl glows, faintly. In her earnest emotion her shields are dropping and her hands move to thrust into her pocket—-damnit NO pockets. She ain't got no frickin' pockets because girl-jeans suck.

Callisto tries to step forward but had a little bit of difficulty, stopping again to look upon him plaintively.

Good. No more questions. His face twitches when she keeps pushing though, "If you care, stop." He tenses, head whipping around to look at her as she flashes. Lucky anyone that sees it knows there's supers around. "Just…drop it. I don't want to talk about this."

She watches him still, wondering why.. why! What happened to make such an attractive teenaged boy so… closed? Mind you by fae standards Callisto, herself, is and forever be a young adult of sorts.. but hopefully she will collect wisdom through the years. This is her first lesson. The flash from before? Not recurring; she restrained herself. Her hands knit together in front of her hips now and her head tilts. He allowed her to hug him, right? To touch his arm? He rescued her!

So why.. how..

How can she not battle with these impulses after a night like tonight? The prom at school continues; Nesialora is likely tirading through Thunder Bay looking for her. Life is short even when you're immortal. Callisto looks up again, finally.

"I care more than I ought to, I fear, for it discomforts you. But how can I not?" She asks, tracing his face with her gaze. She takes a deep, fortifying breath.

AHHHRG! "FINE. Care. You shouldn't but go ahead!" Why not! His whole body is tense. No one ever listens to his warnings! Bah! "Just…stop asking me to talk about these things!" Daxton is not happy as he starts stepping away towards the ice cream shop.

She shouldn't? Tough shit.. she will. Callisto looks around at their surroundings.. public but not entirely. They're on the fringes. It's now or never! She can either get it out and over with and risk it, or keep it bottled up and mull it over and feel unrequited. Callisto cannot handle another fifty years of 'what if'.

"We needn't talk, then." Said simply, and she will reach for his hand to hopefully catch it before he turns away entirely. Deep, deep breath. This will either go moderately okayish.. or terrible. It all depends whether or not he feels her hand seeking his, turns to glare…!

What is it with these dames?!?! His heart is beating faster, the speedster looks more winded than he did from running here. When she touches his hand, he's vibrating, hard. He jerks around, it's not so much a glare, but a confused hurt look. Why is she pushing him with this? Is this some weir dark fey thing leaking through, or is she just pushy with this type of thing. "Fucking Christ, Callisto. Stop. Just…..leave it alone for now."

Blink? Here's where Callisto differs from her kin. THey would not look, or even consider gauging Daxton's reaction to such a thing. It is the vibrations in his hand that clue her in to his state. Here is where those of her ilk would take; it's so easy to take. But there's a reason as to why Callisto is unlike them, and much more akin to the ones that were killed. No, she is running a risk even saying and doing this. She simply takes that hand, turns it over, and presses a kiss to his inner wrist. It's a powerfully affectionate gesture; antiquated and profound. The energy that sparked along her body flares again, just barely; it softens her look somewhat. The ends of her hair sway and rise ever-so-slightly even without the presence of a breeze. Her eyes open and she looks up at him over the heel of his thumb as she continues to hold that hand, gaze burning.

Uh oh.. her dark faerie side is coming through!

"T'is not a promise I make lightly. I shall do anything for you. I pray you know this.. and that involves respecting you." With an effort that is almost painful, she gently lowers Daxton's hand. "Simply trust me as I trust you." Said in a whisper.

Daxton tenses, this is not what he meant! He's trying to be understanding, she can't know what she's doing is wrong…right? He pulls his hand away, "Stop it! That's not…" He sighs, running said hand through his short hair, "If someone tells you to drop something, or to stop, don't kiss their hand. That's…pushy." He's not trying to upset her, but if the roles were reversed, he's be considered , rightfully, a creep. "Let's…just get the icecream, okay?" It's a quiet, the rest of the night. Dax doesn't talk, and gets her home soon after.

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