(2018-06-08) Promposal!
Summary: Two scenes in one: Constantine asks Grace to prom and, days later, manages to keep her calm when the time comes! Brave boy!
Date: 2018-06-08
Related: Ties in with all of the Prom 2018 logs.
Scene Runner: NA

Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Tue Jun 05, 2018 - (Time: Approx. 5pm, before supper.)

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedge maze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


It's funny how two men living nearly a continent away can just KNOW what is going on. Not to generalize but Vince and Gun Halleson — professional as they are — ARE that sort of gay couple: they love fashion, and excitement, and merrymaking. They are as fashionable as one might expect, just like the 'television shows', so just imagine how Grace felt when she was around them. Some of that good fashion sense rubbed off on the girl and it was before the 'incident' that Grace was known to dress nicely. So long story short, after reading between the lines in the copious emails shared with his niece… Uncle Vee 'caught on'.

There was a prom in the works for Coral Springs. Even if Grace originally hadn't intentions to go, Vee and Gun did their due diligence and wired the girl some money to put toward a dress, or just to have FUN with at the end of her first partial year at her new school.

So Tuesday, classes over, finds Grace taking some time to herself to ponderously watch the horizon. She is in her favorite place on the grounds: literally the grounds themselves. Outdoors.

She got the notification from her online banking a couple of days prior that money was sent and for SOME reason, it's overwhelming the girl some. To approach her is to see her seated there in the grass, apart from the pathway which wends its way toward the beach. Wearing fitted denims and a camisole, the girl looks practical and tidy.. no sweat from running here. Her bare feet are resting in the grass, toes wiggling as she watches them.. casting a sigh to the wind.

Being a teenager is confusing sometimes.

Shouldn't Grace be excited? Part of her is, but there is anxiety too. She leans back some, eyes closing for a moment as she nonetheless appreciates the warm sun on her back and hair

Constantine has been -saving up- once he heard prom season was in full swing. Plus he already knew he was gonna ask! Though…he knew she was shy, so he didn’t want to like…OVERWHELM the beast-shifter.

Not a bad first Semester at Coral Springs, that’s for certain. Classes done for the day, the blonde is already locating his girlfriend. Wearing a black jacket, a loose white-decal led shirt, black jeans. And shoes.

He walks right up to Grace and kisses her cheek. “Hey stranger.” And he’ll settle right next to her in the grass. “…you okay?”

He knows that look anywhere.

"I.." Blush. Why is she moping like this in the wake of such luck? Grace looks up at the kiss to her cheek, turning her head to look the boy in the eye for a heartbeat or two and offering up a proper kiss to the lips as he joins her in the grass. Constantine's presence calms her, as always; some of that rigidity in the girl's shoulders lessens.. but not entirely. "You're going to think I'm nuts.." The girl says in a small voice.
She leans forward, cheeks still red and eyes a murky color in her unease. "I'm a bit nervous about this prom stuff. L-like… the spirit week? Everyone is so into it but I don't know what to do or how to handle it… it feels like I don't know how to anymore." Grace admits, "After everything, that sent me here…" She looks at Con again, ruefully. "I feel so wah-wah.. I don't mean to. It's just since I've changed, gatherings scare me."
She turns to look at her toes in the lawn. "M-my uncles sent me money for a dress…"

Constantine gives Grace a big smile as she seems to stop moping when she gets kissed on the cheek, though he is soon kissed by his lovely girlfriend on the lips! He wraps an arm around her shoulders to hold her close, his eyes closing as he allows the kiss to linger for as long as she wants it to, his other hand caressing her cheek. When they both pull away? Constantine still has his arm around her. "Why would I think that?"
Knowing something was severely bothering her, he locks his eyes on her and just listens. It might be his best quality, aside from his general compassionate nature. He doesn't speak and he doesn't interrupt. He remembers that she told him what happened at the -last- party she was at, where she ended up probably killing a kid who, honestly, probably deserved it, given what he was gonna do. But…Constantine moves a strand of her hair behind one of her ears. "Grace, nothing bad will happen to you. Want to know why?" He allows a pause so she can ask.
"Because I'll be with you."
She knows Constantine's never let a harmful hand even THINK about touching her. "They did? Huh…they must've known what I was gonna do then. Dammit, I tried to be sneaky…" He chuckles, Though he does pull out some Lilac and Rose flowers from behind his back. "so….Prom?" he asks hopefully.

It's a rare trait in a boy Constantine's age to be so open and honest and capable of listening. Not to generalize but a great many boys their age have one thing on their mind more often than not, or at least one type of thought that overrules the others. Especially with a pretty-enough girl nestled in at their side and kissing them. But Constantine is Constantine and he never fails to settle Grace down. She's still looking down worriedly as he pushes her hair behind an ear, indeed remembering and recollecting the party that ended her previous life as she had known it. "I-I avoided parties since.. haven't even thought of them. And n-now we're about to have a big one and we still haven't found Ashton. I don't feel that its right to do something like this while he's still missing!"
Ah, her duty to make things right, or try to. No wonder the poor girl is having an awful go with accepting the prospect of having fun.
"So—" Then he brings out flowers. That, paired with Con's heartfelt words, cause Grace's worried expression to crumble into a sort of… sober, watchful, affected look. "I…" Blink, she accepts the flowers, breathing deeply of their scent. Scarlet eyes, almost the same color as the roses, watch the metalbender with a sense of awe. "I-I would love to…"

Constantine ain't like most boys apparently! He listens to her words as they remain nestled close to each other, like they were each the lifeline of the other. He hears that she wants to find Ashton, and Constantine tries to soothe her. "Grace…we've already tried. You and I don't have the skills for this. But our magic people do…and you -know- that they are constantly searching for him even now." He comforts her. "Don't worry, he hasn't been forgotten at all." But he knows that she's avoided parties. But when she accepts the flowers?
Constantine was so terrified that he got the wrong flowers or got petals that she hated. But as she sniffs the scent, his ocean blue eyes met her scarlet red ones. "I'm glad." He smiles, leaning in to kiss her again, one of his hands moving to her cheek. It's slow, loving…but he'll move at Grace's pace. If she wants to deepen it, then he'll allow it.
But he whispers in between kisses. "How can I soothe you, my love?"

The werewolf leans in closer, and if she could simply merge with Constantine's body she would do so. She sniffs the flowers again as she listens to Con's very reasonable words, "Y-you're right.. I just didn't want to seem like I was giving up or making light. I hope he's found soon, and safe, because he was really quite nice to me when I was so anxious." And as far as Grace is concerned, classmates are 'pack': she may not call the gathering as such, the word doesn't even OCCUR to her. It's just a feeling in her heart. THis feeling wars with love; goes hand-in-hand.. because Constantine just got to the heart of it all with choosing her favorite flower.
"You do amaze me at every turn… I maybe mentioned once m-my liking of these, I don't even remember.. but you did. And—" Oop, no talk.. kiss.
Grace is still a teenage girl, and she responds enthusiastically.. though she has to pull back to look at him. "Do you.. do you have a favorite flower? Here you are figuring out mine and I don't have a clue as to what yours could be.."

Constantine smiles so warmly to her, knowing full well how she felt about everyone in the school even if she didn't like them. It was a giant clan. a giant 'pack' if you will. Everyone looks out for everyone, no matter what. But the magnetokinetic smiles warmly as Grace appears to absolutely love the flowers! He knew she liked Lilac flowers! "I pay attention…" he winks before that kiss, and it lingers for a small time before they both pull away to look at each other.
"I do have a favorite flower. Magnolia." He smiles softly to her. "Though Lilac is a close second." he smiles warmly to her. "I listen to every word you say, Grace. They aren't wasted on me..I promise."
He'll rest his head on her own, happy to just snuggle with her. Honestly, they probably would just -merge- together if they could. Ah…young love. "Don't worry anymore Grace. We'll find him."

"Mom loved magnolias.. that was one thing about her that was really quite good, you know. She has a green thumb." Grace reflects, some of the acidity having left her tone in recent weeks when it comes to talking about her parents. Since Constantine's were lost to him, Grace in-turn.. let up on her own elusive folks a bit. Oh, it doesn't forgive them their emotional neglect.. but they DID take care of Grace in the only way they knew how. Better than nothing.

"S-she was and still is lousy at being a mom, but she is a great gardener. W-we had a magnolia tree on our grounds up until I left." Grace reflects, clearly not bothered by the memory.

Snuggled with Constantine and her bouquet, Grace considers. "I had better give my uncles an idea on what is going to happen to their gift.. here," She wiggles a bit, digs into her purse for her phone. Opening it up she holds the thing horizontally and takes on the classic posture for a selfie, holding her arm out and snuggling close again to get the two of them into the lense. "Say cheese. This is the best answer they could hope for."

Constantine has something in common with Grace's mother! Even if it’s as small as loving the same flower. But alas,Constantine knows the pain of being treated terribly by parents, ESPECIALLY after his powers awakened as cataclysmically as they did. He did notice that subtle shift in Grace's Attitude towards her parents. Maybe it just took the deaths of his parents for her to appreciate that she still has them.

“I wish I had a magnolia tree….maybe, maybe when we go to Santorini we can plant one?” A warm smile crossing his features. “If you like. Or we can plant Magnolia and Lilac flowers in a random field.” A small chuckle then.

Oh! She's Wiggling? Ah, a picture. Very well! Constantine smiles and takes out his metal ball, separating it into words as he makes them float behind the two with or without Grace’s knowledge. It spells out ‘Prom: she said yes!’ In small letters but clearly able to be seen. “Cheese!” He says comically enough with that smile of his.

He then turns his head after the picture is taken to kiss Grace’s cheek.

She takes the picture, blushes as she looks at it.. then giggles outright at Constantine's sweet-silly smile and the floating words. "Oh, they will love this." It's flashy, has floating shiny words, their beloved niece and her (in the uncles' words) utterly adorable boyfriend. Grace is considering as she opens up her messenger app, attaches the selfie, and sends it off to both Vince and Gun. Once it says 'sent' the girl sets her phone down and leans in, resting her arm around the small of Constantine's back.

"W-well, ah… this place WILL be home for a few years before long, huh?" She ponders.. "I-if we move to Santorini someday, it's to stay. I wouldn't want to orphan a tree. So maybe we can ask a teacher or the headmaster if we can plant something here… we don't know when we're moving to the new school though." Grace, ever-practical, muses.

The kiss to her cheek brings her back and Grace can be felt smiling a bit. "So-"

Her phone begins ringing… who cares about data being eaten, she'll be crucified if she does not answer this call.

Grace's eyes widen.. it's an incoming video call.

Constantine smiles as he looks over the picture, happily nuzzling with his girlfriend as she declares how much her uncles will love this picture! With a subtle motion of his hand, the words mold back together into the usual silver ball he always carries around. He hums as he feels her arm rest around his lower back with an approving smile.

“I’m glad they will. I still need to meet them in person, I think.” Though as Grace speaks about Santorini? He smiles big and wide to her. “…I want to go to Santorini with you, and never leave your side.” awwww. He might as well marry her on the spot, geez.

But then apparently they are being video chatted!

“Soooo….looks like we have a call coming. Let’s say hi.” He shoulder nudges Grace very softly as he rests his head on her own, ready to receive the call.

FADE SCENE… picking up 3 days later at Prom 2018…

Friday, June 8th, 2018
Location: Hotel venue!

<FS3> Grace rolls Presence: Failure.
<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Great Success.

Oh if only she were old enough, Grace would drink. Seriously. Because she. is. nervous.

… despite wearing a dress that fits perfectly in all of the right places, accentuating her compact form and doing justice to the bit of curvature that she has… Grace is nervous as hell as the shuttle limo drops off the next cluster of students at the hotel, where the prom is being hosted. (OOC: dress refresher -> http://thetamecrowcom.ipage.com/CS/Temp/lilblackdress.jpg )

She is wearing a cream-colored cotton cardigan with a ruffled collar, with delicate ink-drop earrings hanging from both ear lobes.. said earrings look old. Her hair has been teased into a hasty up-do by way of another student's efforts, and Grace looks rather fetching despite her nerves.

She looks at the venue, hugging her clutch purse to her chest like a stuffed animal. Her nostrils flare.. she can smell the teenage hormones from here.

Constantine was also in the limo! He was straightening out his suit to make sure everything was alright. He made sure his blonde hair was slicked at just the right way, and that his facial hair was doing the same. He takes a deep breath, waiting for the love of his life to arrive. and when she does?


He smiles to her as he wore that pitch black suit with the white undershirt, a black tie as well. a standard, but no less -sharp- tuxedo. He gulps a little as he sees Grace and he just looks star struck. "….are you sure you're not an angel?" He asks her happily, nervously extending his hand to her. "..Because you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life."


The girl turns to look upon her date, who was well-and-truly applauded via video call a couple of days prior before Grace had to rush out to find The Dress. It is a lovely, understated little number… just like it's wearer. But then there's Constantine with his angelic blondeness and equally sweet behavior and Grace's jaw drops somewhat. She drops her purse. Scrambles, picks it up, doesn't hug it this time but holds it nervously at her hip. "Y-you look amazing." She finds herself with a dry mouth. "L-like.. really…"

How can she match up? But then Con is complimenting her and here we have two smitten teens just trying to drink one another in and speak favorably of one another. Con is far more eloquent and Grace, well… she has a frog in her throat. He reaches for her and the very reddened girl reaches for his hand with her own small, unnaturally warm one.

".. really amazing." A croaked whisper, a very red face. Shifty, anxious eyes.

"T-there's a lot going on in there… I'm a bit scared…"

Constantine smiles big and warm before he blushes himself, though he does scramble for her purse when she drops it, but she already has it covered! He smiles softly to her as he offers her his hand. "Thank you…though really, I'm completely outmatched by you…" he is -BLUSHING- hard. though he offers her his hand so he can lead her to the party.

"Where did you find that dress? It seriously….seriously looks amazing on you." Poor Constantine! he was absolutely flatlined by Grace! she was beautiful. But he smiles to her. "Don't be afraid. I'll be with you." and he leans in to kiss her sweet lips to give her some courage!

They could stay out here, standing in earnest astonishment of one another… but there’s a prom to be had! Though Grace yet wishes she could just remain out here with the boy, under the stars; go somewhere, even in formal attire, have a coffee. Go sit on a bench and watch the world go by. Discuss more of their dreams.

But into the prom venue, Grace and Constantine go. It’s time to be brave.

As they walk, Grace blushes. “W-would you believe that this is second-hand?” EGADS. “I-I mean, there’s a place in town that sells wedding dresses. There’s a little part of the shop where you can find racks of prom dresses that were used gently and donated. So I had it alternated to f-fit my shape and.. Well,” She gestures to her form, and pauses to receive and return Con’s kiss. They pause there in the foyer of the hotel, having their fortifying moment.

Grace adjusts one of his shirt cuffs, looking at him tenderly. “What about you, with that suit? You look like some sort of… dapper angel.”

Well, it’s true!

Constantine was legitimately considering just….staring at her for the entirety of the night, but since he thinks that’d probably be really creepy and uncomfortable for Grace, Constantine seems happy to start leading her to the Prom venue. But never fear! They will likely go off by themselves to one of their spots or out to a bench to look at the stars make those promises to each other, discuss their dreams…

But for now, Constantine gives her a drop-jawed look when hears that her dress is second hand. Then the biggest smile on his face! “Well, I’m glad that you did…because you look astonishing.” he smiles to her, taking her hand in his before they kiss. It’s sweet and it’s brief, they were in a public place after all.

An extension of his hand and Grace is adjusting one of his shirt cuffs! Constantine was bad at wearing suits, despite how good they looked on him. He laughs at her specific nature of the compliment. “Dapper angel? That’s a first! Love it.” he smiles as they arrive at the entrance.

“Remember that clothing store we went to on our first date? Yeah, totally got a job there. Got a discount on the Tuxedo.” He laughs. That, and the clerk there still has a crush on him, so that helped too. Fortunately, Constantine was 100% team Grace.

“Ready?” he asks her as he walks through those doors with her. Showtime!

Honestly? Grace doesn't find the staring creepy because it's Constantine. Oddly enough if he were to gaze into her eyes all night.. like really STARE.. that'd cause some chafing. Not in the girl, but the wolf. To hold her gaze is to challenge her. But this is a night for magic and merrymaking and somehow even that tirading, insistent part of Grace has held off some. She is free to be looked upon and in-turn, unabashedly take in Constantine's gussied-up appearance.

The adjusting of his cuff was a knowing thing; does Grace have experience with suits, or at least people who had once worn them? She does in fact, but not in as affectionate a moment as this.
"T-thank you…" She kisses him back again once finished with his sleeves, looking into his eyes for however long she can before she must break the gaze to concede to her wolf. Her nervous moue transforms into a smile as she chuckles softly, "Dapper Angel. We're training to be heroes, right? We need codenames. Yours is, from hereon, Dapper Angel." Said fondly as she takes his hand and squeezes tight. Deep breath. She braces her senses—-

"Ready.." Grace whispers, nervousness in her tone but a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. Into the doors they traipse, joining their peers!

The establishment is decorated as sumptuously and enthusiastically as one would expect of a do that is spearheaded by Kaylee. It's already hectic with other teens and their dates, and Grace's hand can be felt CLINGING to Constantine's.

Even if he knew that Grace never found it creepy, since they were already on such an intimate level of knowledge and practice with each other, Constantine still didn’t want to make Grace uncomfortable in any way. Especially because he knows how nervous and anxious she is in this moment…perhaps something she’s always tried to avoid.

Of course, he also knows that Grace is staring at him quite a bit. But he accepts her kiss, happy to take that moment to show public affection for her. Once the kiss ends? He takes her hand in his and he just laughs at her ‘codename’ for him. “Dapper Angel? Fine, but you’re the only one that can call me that.” He winks at her. “What should I call you?”

“How about…Wolf Star or something? Like rockstar, but more badass.” he teases her very lightly, though he can feel her CLINGING to his hand as he looks around the entire area, a happy smile on his face. “Wow…this place looks awesome.”

A look is spared to Grace, and his free arm wraps around her waist.

“Should we dance or eat first?”

The metalbender shall continue to feel Grace clinging to him, as if her grasping hand becomes a conduit, feeding her nervous emotions into him where they can be quickly, easily squashed. But gradually, as they see more faces that are known to them, the relief outweighs the discomfort and slowly, Grace relaxes. Girls compliment one another's dresses; guys shoulder bump and laugh and scuff their feet and everyone simply drinks in the miasma of teenage revelry and hormones!

"Wolf Star and Dapper Angel… what a team." Grace nonetheless whispers with an amused glimmer in her scarlet eyes. "I-I would have sworn they were going to clear out the ballroom and cram us all in there. This however is something else.." The girl utters, looking around the large, sparkling room as the two are poised on a red carpet. Her waist is encircled and she edges in closer, comforted by Constantine's presence.

"I-I'm not the best dancer…" Said not for the first time; Constantine may recall this girl's claims of such from long before prom night. "I think dancing would be best.. it'd be awkward on a full belly." The girl admits sheepishly. That and she wants to put forth an elegant face and do Constantine proud, before she's elbows deep in the food table like the beast that she is!

Constantine didn’t seem to mind that Grace was clinging to him, his eyes remained completely on her. Though it was a comforting thing to see Grace looking more relaxed as people complimented suits and dresses, really showing the same comradery that they show at the school.

With a laughter, he smiles warmly to Grace, holding her close to him as he took her to the dance floor at her request.

Perfect timing!

It was a good song for slow dancing! His arms wrap around her waist. “Well…I never want to be on any other team but yours.” He smiles warmly. “Don’t worry.. I’ll show you how, it’s just an easy one-two.” He smiles, showing her how to dance. The song?

‘When Angels Smile’

It’s been a long, long time since Grace danced with another. When was it… sixth grade? Eighth? It was a baby prom and the dancing consisted of the arms-planked-on-hips-with-a-foot-of-distance-between maneuver that is commonplace with all awkward 13 and 14-somethings. But this, in a beautiful Hollywood-inspired spread, in an understated dress that fits just right with an utterly beautiful boy…?

This is different. It is with Constantine that Grace can maintain the most eye-contact in any circumstance, and it is in this moment that her scarlet eyes hold fast to his blue ones, almost fearfully. She remembers her mother’s frustration with her when she balked against the etiquette classes and situations that she, Elena Halleson, had desperately employed to make her daughter ‘fancy’.

With his arms around her waist, Grace sways with Constantine. She feels stiff but as the easygoing, lilting tune warbles along she can be felt relaxing. “I.. think I’m getting it. It’s been forever.”

And as the song passes and eases into a second one, before the fast stuff begins, Grace rests her dark-haired head upon the metalbender’s shoulder.

Constantine hasn’t exactly really danced in a while either. The last time he did was when he danced with a sweaty Grace in the gym when she was doing some boxing routines. However, he wasn’t shy of Grace….nor was he shy at how close they were. How intimate as his arms wrapped around her waist with the slow, lovely tune of the music only encouraging such things.

Honestly, even if the song was going fast, Constantine would still dance slow with Grace just to make her feel more comfortable. Her arms going around his neck and onto his shoulders, he smiles warmly to her as he stares fearlessly and absolutely lovingly into those scarlet red irises of her eyes.

It was as if every single time he looked upon her, he just fell in love with her all over again. As her head rested on his shoulder? He rested his head very softly on her own, as if to tell her silently that he would never go anywhere without her. He sways lightly with her as the song shifts to another just as easily, which is another slow song.

All the easier to move to.

“I love you, Grace Halleson.” Constantine whispers into her ear.

Somehow, that sweaty swaying practice round in the ballroom / gym was what Grace preferred. She felt more like herself then and as Constantine held her and accepted her, sweat and all… but then, this is now. They're turned out far nicer than they had been that day.. Grace needs to focus on that. Whether they're in a school gym or in some beautifully-decorated hotel venue for a prom, it's all the same feeling. That continuity.

The band of the blonde boy's arms around her waist feels reassuring and real and Grace nestles in closer, her arms lifting to wrap around the back of Constantine's neck to hold him equally tight. He smells glorious and the best part is that he will neither judge nor pull away of the brunette leans in to give the side of his face a sniff, at the hairline near his temple. Once she reassures herself of his smell, his wonderful wonderful smell, Grace will tuck her head back against the metalbender's shoulder.

"I love you too." Grace says easily.. it's getting easier and easier. For once, she isn't the reserved one who must be coaxed, and her sleek-haired head lifts for a second time from Constantine's shoulders so she can press her lips firmly to his.

With that perfect sway between the two, the ease of motion, the music that easily influenced their bones and muscles into such a slow dance. Feeling her arms wrap around his neck in response to his arm wrapping around her waist, Constantine nestles closer to Grace, as if finding not only safety, but love and security in her arms, just as she did for him.

He definitely never minded when Grace sniffed him. She occasionally did such things when he smelled beyond nice, and he never even shifted away or anything when he feels her breath on the side of his head. He knows her nose is sensitive, and now that she knows his smell by heart likely by now with this action, he knows it’s brought them even closer together.

Constantine truly was the luckiest guy in the world.

As Grace fully returns his feelings in mutual fervor and honesty, Constantine’s eyes widen just a little bit when she didn’t even hesitate. He holds Grace close, closer than anyone he’s truly held in his life, and when she lifts her head to him? His lips are claimed by her kiss!

This was their silent promise. That they love each other and are not ashamed.

The metalbender returns every aspect of that kiss, firmly kissing hers in return with that subtle passion as they sway together, with Constantine not looking like he even wants to move away from her, rather the exact opposite.

Yeah, he’s probably gonna marry her someday.

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