(2018-06-07) Throwback Thursday
Throwback Thursday
Summary: It's the most lax 'PE' class ever… if it can be called that. Students pal around in their Throwback Thursday attire.
Date: 2018-06-07
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Ballroom, Winbarry Estate
Thu Jun 07, 2018

This is a huge room, quite easily the size of the gym in the previous school. The honey coloredparquet floor is worn in spots and showing its years, but it is clean and where it isn't worn shines. Doublewide fireplaces face each other on opposing walls. The walls themselves are a rich mahogany paneling with wainscoting that matches the floor color. Cloudy windows flank the fireplace on the outer wall, and show a view of the front lawn and driveway, that is when they aren't covered with heavy velvet drapes. A large chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling and Victorian style sconces evenly spaced along the walls provide enough light for the room.


<FS3> Oliver rolls Shapechanging: Good Success.

Fee's throwback idea presented itself to her on a silver platter the other day: it was one of Ruthie's rejections. The badger woman had to have been the pickiest proprietor of a thrift store, EVER! She sells secondhand, but not junk; so long story short Fionnuala has chosen such a piece of 'junk' as her outfit! It doesn't disappoint.

It may disappoint anyone expecting graceful motion out of her though.. because this is not an outfit that is conducive for physical activity.

As the school year tapers to a close, it can perhaps be said that classes are becoming even more streamlined than they already have been with a reduced student body. Fionnuala is actually on a spare and she is taking part in the merrymaking that is to be had with spirit week. There are a few other students present in this vast room, re-purposed as a gym with bits and pieces of the necessary equipment… and judging by the laughter they're having a great time. People are feeling quite happy with prom on the horizon. Then.. there's Fionnuala. In a puffy bonefide 1990's jumpsuit which balloons out and swishes when she runs and leaps. It's a ghastly mixture of colors: Barbie purple, some sort of faded cerulean, off-white and a sort of yellow that could be the product of being too careless with play doh colors.

THe girl cartwheels awkwardly, her high black ponytail whipping around, massive costume sunglasses askew on her face. "I feel so free…!" Fee cries, clearly loving her terrible outfit. The other students loiter and chat, each outfitted appropriately for the theme. The overall feeling here is upbeat and easily stirred to excitement. Prom is highly anticipated, it seems.

The idea of 'Throwback Thursday' for a shapeshifter offers so many, many options! Ollie went through quite a few thoughts before deciding on one…he may change it later in the day, who knows! But Ollie is throwing -Way- back today. He's in his male,. human form (for now), but his dark hair is long enough to be pulled back with a neat, black ribbon into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck. His chosen outfit 'throws back' all the way to the late 18th Century, complete with a high-collared, tailed frock coat in a pale blue. There is a white linen shirt underneath with a floofy lace cravat, complete with a decorative pin in the center. Beneath the frock coat and over the shirt is a brocade waistcoat and a pair of cream-colored, slender-cut breeches which are tucked into knee-high, cuffed boots. It might not seem to be the most comfortable, but it sure is distinctive! All he really needs is a walking stick.

As there seems to be a gathering in the Ballroom for Spirit day and since Ollie really needs a break from studying, he makes his way in, glancing about to see who might notice him and who might not. Oh, the fun of being a shifter!

Everyone may be a bit of an exaggeration, has anyone seen Rain excited or giddy about anything? Lately at least, probably not. She is participating in today's theme as well. The black and white block print mini dress is circa 1960's and the white gogo boots match perfectly. Honestly it looks like something she would wear normally, so it isn't that big of a stretch for her. Big difference is her wavy blond hair is free of braids, only held back with a headband.

The dress isn't conducive to cartwheels or some of the more active things done in Gym class so she just sits to the side book open over her legs, but she isn't reading it this second "And you will feel freer in a a week." Not long before school is out…7 days or so!

Loukanos would be lying if he said that he wasn't a little excited about Throwback Thursday…it means he can wear clothes from home and not look too out of place in them. Pinned at his left shoulder and flowing down just above his knees, he wears an aviery blue exomis that is paired with a cream-colored chlamys that covers most of his frame. On his feet are brown sandals laced up to his calves. Right now, he isn't exactly participating in the physical activities. Instead, he's sprawled out at the sidelines, plucking on his golden lyre. Seems spirit day hasn't had much of an effect on him save his attire.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Body: Failure.

Any chance to exaggerate clothing, Fee is all over it. No wings today, because the airy jumpsuit is hard enough to move around in.

Fionnuala comes out of the first cartwheel reasonably intact, so feeling enthusiastic she tries another one! Yeah Fee is not physical: her feet flail above her head and she flops soundly upon the floor.. unhurt of course. The girl pushes herself up to sit, looks to Rain in the sidelines with a big smile, "I am so excited.. and look at you! I think you were meant to hang out in the sixties for awhile—" Speaking of rocking a look!

Not for the first time, Fee sneaks a peek at Loukanos. She watches him smilingly for a few seconds as well, both enjoying his working the lyre and how throwback looks can sometimes look so cool.. unlike her own attire. c.c

But then Oliver arrives, looking completely unlike himself. Fee's eyes flit to the newest arrival, and when some of the other random students guffaw and point goodnaturedly, Fionnuala claps a palm to her mouth. "You win! You win!" Exclaimed as she tosses back her head, breaking out into her trilling, contagious laughter.

Oliver catches the failed attempt at a cartwheel and winces, "You ok?" is asked even as he starts to move closer, looking around at all the other students as if he needs a second more to recognize them. Is this what it's like for most people who know him? Fascinating! Rain gets a little wave from a seemingly gloved hand but he grins widely at Fee's laughter. "Do you like it?" He even turns around as if to model for her. "I had so many other ideas and if anyone gave me any trouble I would have changed, but…" how often does one get to wear stuff like this? "I feel very elegant." Which can be a fun feeling.

"I would love to be able to say the same to you Fiona, but if this were any other day I would call the fashion police on you." Though with the way the Crow usually dresses it's a surprise a Rain hasn't done that multiple times over. If only the fashion police were a real thing.

The strumming of the lyre has Rain giving occasional glances at Louk, perhaps with some sympathy "It's okay to not be okay." Says the girl that is rarely okay herself "If there is anything I can do to help…" Ashton and Louk helped Besa, she can return the favor.

She was in the not noticing section, but when Fee goes over to Oliver Rain's attention is pulled to him "You look like a cast member from Hamilton." She tells him, suitably impressed by his outfit.

<FS3> Koga rolls Body+Parkour: Good Success.

"Once I know more…like where he is, I will let you know. Until then. it's best not to ruin the day by speaking of it," Sapphire eyes do not leave his lyre as he plays an almost enchanting tune, but after saying that, Loukanos falls silent again.

And in happens to walk one Koga. The young teen's apparently decided to take part a bit in the physical activities. Somewhat. He's been around a bit, and is apparently enjoying the simple flexibility that his current Throwback Thursday outfit happens to give him. Especially as he apparently happens to be an active Parkour enthusiast.

And said fashion is apparently a white trenchcoat with a set of loose bloomer style pants and a white with red pinstripe shirt on. Along with having bleached his hair white temporarily. Koga's definitely not shy about having a bit of fun since his own classes are close to finished for the week. Just a few more, then prom, and then he has to really decide if he is staying around the school or going back home.

But as for Koga doing a nice big of parkour-ism? A small wall run, followed by a slight hand stand and a side flip lands him near the small grouping as he gives a bit of a wave. Said trenchcoat's tails flap a bit before settling behind him as he walks the rest of the way over. "Hello, Rain, Fionnuala."

"Well, I was not going to throw away my shot…" Ollie grins and winks at Rain's reference. He got it! The grin fades at the reference to something going on with Loukanos and he glances over to the toga'd student. It takes him a moment to realize who he and Rain are talking about but he murmurs quietly to Fee, "The Ashton kid is still missing? Are we sure he didn't just…run away?" The kid running in and doing the parkour is noticed and he gets a blink of blue-green eyes.

"I'm OK. The fluffy outfit saved me." Fionnuala lifts her body upwards somewhat.. dropping back down to sit forcibly. The air in the jumpsuit expands, producing an astounding replication of a flatulence as the pillowy material ripples. "Nevermind the fashion police, I think I need the white wagon!" The girl shakes her head and stands, "You look elegant. This suits you too! Between and and Rain over there." Said as she leans up to press a kiss to Oliver's 18th-century cheek. Never one to alienate friends with copious PDA, the shifter takes his hand and shall make to wander over in Rain's direction. She sees Rain speaking to Louk and with great intensity, the gravity of another circumstance hits her.

"That goes double. I want to help too. You say the word when ready, okay?" Fionnuala requests gently. She cannot imagine what it must feel like to be wondering and searching, and she leans sideward to offer softly to Ollie: "He is. I don't think there's been many leads on where he ended up.. he seemed content to be here.. I can't understand why he would take off." She is about to continue, until…!

Last but not least, as Loukanos sinks back into song, Koga appears! Fionnuala turns to watch the boy's arrival, mentally tallying how many faceplants, bumps and bruises she would accrue to try any of those moves. Her free hand, not holding Ollie's, lifts to deliver a thumbs-up, "Way to go!!" She calls out, smiling a greeting as Koga joins them. "You look great."

Rain nods at Louk, she can understand not wanting to bring the mood down and will respect that. "Hey Koga." She greets her fellow Athenian pleasantly enough How's the training going?" She could just ask the trainer, but she wants to hear Koga's opinion.

"Hamilton did. Don't be Hamilton." Rain has probably seen show on Broadway with the original cast. That seems like something she would do with her family, not that she is heavily into musicals, that's just the circles they rotate in. "If you wore that on a daily basis Fiona, I would agree with you."

Looking to Rain, Koga gives a grin. "I think I am making progress. I admit we are having some trouble with the tai chi to make it more… effective. Once I showed him my seals, however, I think he mentioned jiujitsu or aikido to make it more effective." A rub of the back of his head is done, "I am having some trouble with coming out of the spins to thrust or sweep, though."

Koga looks to the other two, then sighs. "I… was there when Ashton was taken." Koga looks a good deal nervous. "And there are a few things that worry me about the encounter, but I would rather not ruin the mood as well." Looking at Fionnuala, an eyebrow is raised at the sounds her clothing is giving off.

"I see why that fashion went out of style now…" Koga laughs, "The only problem I have with this is making sure I don't trip over the coat."

Oliver grins at Rain, "I've listened to the musical…thanks for the reminder. I hope I'm never in that situation," but a bullet probably wouldn't kill him anyhow. He will happily take Fee's hand and go with her to wherever, easily flipping the tails of the frock coat to sit gracefully, "I mean, it's warm in all of this, but it's still kind of fun to wear. Although I don't know if I'll stay in it all day. I have a few other things I want to try. I tried the women's dress of this, but I couldn't fit through the doors." The smile fades as Koga mentions Ashton being 'taken'. "Who took him and why isn't anything being done about it now??"

The girl in the fugly jumpsuit is quiet to allow her friends to mingle and ask of one another their questions, watching Koga and Rain discussing training. Talk of techniques and swordplay and everything in between boggles the girl, and it shows. Hey, at least Fionnuala is honest! If asked to swing a sword she would likely carve off her own hand. c.c

The quip at her clothing yet earns another smile, "Yeah, this thing will be given a Viking funeral.. or I can save it for special occasions." A wink to Ollie.. oh God, who knows what that means. Hey, get out of the gutter now… Fee wouldn't be that cruel. She means outings..!

Ollie sits gracefully and Fee, still holding his hand, sits down beside him.. causing the air in her jumpsuit to once again 'fart' in protest. What a pair they make here. When she is about to remark upon the 'dress' version of Ollie's 'attire', the question regarding Ashton is answered instead: "I have no idea.. I wish I knew. I think it's going to take some mystics to divine where he is. Or something. IT's all very mysterious.." Fee says as her expression falls. "I sure miss him, and hope he's ok.. and hangs in there until we do find him."

Koga shrugs as he looks at Fionnuala. "I might try to find something to match the shirt to… the pants will probably be burned."

At Oliver's questioning, Koga's face turns very, very serious. So serious, that in a way… it might be frightening. Koga is definitely a bit on edge with the situation there. "We do not know for sure. I can tell you that whoever it is happens to either be insane, dangerous, very powerful, or all of them put together. I am giving you three this warning as a friend. Do not go into this with tempers flaring or without any caution."

Koga looks upwards at the ceiling. "They used a fear demon as a distraction. An unknown one that I have researched since then and found nothing on. No name, no description, nothing. They setup the summoning circle for it so that it could pass freely. That demon ignored my strongest barrier spell that was designed to stop demon abilities. I dare say it could have broken my barrier easily. And I was in my other form at that."

"Well I am partial to aikido, but jujitsu does have its merits." Aikido is the one that Rain is training in so of course she would be biased toward that one. "If you want some help let me know." as the conversation turns back to Ashton she listens carefully. Any knowledge here is going to be helpful, she hopes. "Just a few things?" she questions after hearing it all, even the demon stuff "That whole thing is worrisome." she nods at Koga "I know, I've dealt with demons before. Nothing is gained by loosing your cool…except your death." which no one wants.

"Getting shot in a duel? Not unless you time travel." thankfully no one duels like that anymore. It's much more brutal now, sad as that is. "Besa tried to scry his location last night. Not sure how it worked out, he is suffering a reaction headache from the effort though." he will have to be spoken to later. And then she is straight facing Fee "If you don't burn it I will."

Oliver looks at Fee and her parachute suit, "Well…you could wear it skydiving?" But he also turns back to Koga at the warning, his brows drawing down in a little bit of a frown. "Ok, so…I get that you're trying to protect people and all, but…might want to think of another way of saying it. Maybe not all of us have experience with every sort of potential baddie that exists, but a lot of us are a lot tougher than we look…or that people think we are. I do get what you're trying to do though and it's appreciated. Just…maybe think about how you say it, next time?"

He looks around at the others, "If it's really as bad as you say it is, then -none- of us should be rushing in. The School Staff needs to know and they need to either get others involved or organize us to help in the safest way possible. Otherwise…otherwise there could be a lot of repercussions." To say the least.

There's a glance to Rain at the mention of burning the suit, "I think it's plastic. Burning it will just create toxic fumes and melt it. It probably won't ever biodegrade, either."

The shifter girl is quiet as she listens to the three others with whom she keeps company, Loukanos' music continuing to provide a pretty string of background noise amidst the laughter of other sporadic students. Who are not involved in the difficult discussion at hand, as it so happens.

It's a topic that Fee is willing to sacrifice good cheer for, if it means knowing more. She's been worried about Ashton, and hating that she cannot help much at this stage. To Koga the girl nods once, "I may have bad taste in clothing but I have a good leash on my temper. I promise to not lose my cool." A reassuring smile, though the gears turn in her head at a steady beat. Her face falls at this talk of a demon, and she edges a bit closer to Rain as if in remembrance to that stint in Hell when they rescued Besa.. the last time! She is still holding Ollie's hand and gives it a squeeze, and then Rain goes and says something that amuses Fee, bringing her out of the doldrum.

"Fire or not.. this suit must never see the light of day again after today." Fee concedes… it is an ugly, ugly jump suit.. even by Fee standards.

Koga shrugs, looking at Oliver. "I say it best way I can, unfortunately. It does tend to get lost at times." Looking at the clothing, Koga shakes his head. He looks to Rain at the thought of a duel and rolls his eyes, "No thank you on the dueling. Rain is bad enough the one spar I had with her. I'm just glad powers were not involved. That might have hurt a lot worse."

Koga considers, then shakes his head. "I thought I told the school staff about it, but I guess they thought I was imagining things or something. You never know with them… oh!" He looks to Fionnuala. "What was with those three new students? I never did get the chance to ask you what happened between you and them?"

If it's PE class it doesn't show. No one is in the PE uniforms, or doing anything remotely PEish, instead it is a bunch of standing around and talking. Maybe because there are only seven more days of class and with prom and finals coming up the students are easily distracted. There is a frown face at Ollie when he kids goes off on Koga but she doesn't say anything. That's all them. "I can't picture Fiona skydiving." Probably because the girl can fly.

She glances a Fee, noticed the girl's discomfort and reaches to rub her back a bit in a nonverbal 'it's okay' kinda gesture. "I'm sure they know and are doing what they can. Just because they don't share what that is with us, doesn't mean they are ignoring it." Rain points out "The Headmaster has stepped in on a few things without telling us anything."

Oliver gives Rain a 'What?' sort of confused look before just falling quiet and listening. He gives Fee's hand a gentle squeeze as she seems to fall into a little sadness, but he stays quiet for the moment. He knows how important her friends are to her! "More new students? This time of year? That's got to be really hard," he offers in response to Koga's question. He's not going to discuss the other subject anymore since it seemed to be an issue.

The girl giggles at the skydiving bit and leans back into her bestie's reassuring backrub. "You sure? I was gonna ask if you wanted to try it with me sometime!" A grin to Rain.. clearly she is joking. But then again Rain surprises her at many turns. A wink, then Fee is aware of somebody else speaking to her.

"I meant to thank you for that, Koga, for helping when they were brought in." Fee continues, "I'm sorry if I seemed a bit brash at the time. Just, we were out at the mall one evening," A pause to nod to Rain, then she looks meaningfully to Oliver next as she is sure she didn't share much with him on this matter, either. Her pretty gaze flits between all three now, ultimately alighting back upon Koga. "We saw those three breaking into a car. So go figure they turn up here a few weeks after." Her eyes widen then, as she recollects…

"I suspect they're runaways or.. maybe orphans. They're placed here so I wonder if it's a.. foster thing?" She looks to Ollie next, then over at Rain. "I'm trying to be understanding.. but they're not very agreeable."

Seeing that RJ is not from this Earth, he has been having play catch-up just so that he can give the slightest of hopes that he might even remotely pass some of the upcoming finals. So, things like PE, get a bit of a pass. He had finished up his directed study and returned to his normal schedule, at least for the time being.

RJ is wearing some kind of military-looking uniform with dark grey pant, tucked into black boots. The boots seem like an odd combination of combat boots, steel-toed work boots, and highly polished and glossy jack boots. The overshirt is a matching dark grey, with a serial number where a name tag is normally found 'RJ-148963'. The shirt closure is slightly opened at the top, and a white undershirt of some sort can be seen peeking through at the collar. The fabric doesn't really seem like any common fabric. It moves like silk, without the shine, and nothing seems to stick to it or stain it. He almost looks like he is wearing a costume from some sci-fi show. He may not have a favorite time before the two thousand- teens, but his time before this Earth is certainly a throw-back time for him, so he is wearing the clothes that he was found in.

Of course, Koga is listening to what the problem with those three was. And he blinks a few times. "Hm… that is going to be a bit interesting. The only one I can relate to is Rill. The appearance problem and my own ability probably make it helpful. That, and I do not see a reason to be scared of him."

The asian teen frowns a bit. "Something about them seems to be… odd, however. I noticed they always stick together at times. I am a bit curious as to who did that to Rill, and would like to see them in prison if that was an involuntarily done procedure."

Koga shrugs a bit. "I do believe the runaway idea might be a bit of a thought. I do not know for certain, but I have seen them around a good deal here and there."

Oliver looks between the others in surprise, his 18th century clothing looking quite incongruous in the school 'gym' area. "Fee, why didn't you tell me?" is asked quietly of the girl before he says, to the others who have met them, "I want to meet these new students. I…think I might be able to understand their headspace." He could have easily gone the 'angry' route himself, but it's pretty much against his nature. "If I had friends or siblings when I was being shuttled through the System, I probably would have stuck with them, too. They might be the only other people that they feel they can trust. If they're placed here as a foster situation…" he shakes his head, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like I'm lecturing or anything. It's just what I went through."

She squeezes the boy's hand, and pulls it closer to her heart. Not quite in the 'danger' zone where the touch could be a bit personal but just above. "I'm sorry, Ollie. I was so embarrassed by my behavior… unless you meant the business with their breaking into a car. Otherwise, I just didn't want to seem… I dunno… peevish? But there you have it…" She perks at a realization as well, "Maybe you—yes! Sometimes all it takes is for someone to be there, who has been there. But this is just my assumption, see. They could be something, from somewhere altogether different." The girl muses, looking down at the boy's fingers in her hand.

She turns again to Koga, appreciating his insight. "The youngest one, or younger… Rita… she seems alright. I've been told that kindness could be a good tool, but.. I hate to think about what caused such behavior. Or resulted in that boy being augmented with such terrifying machinery…" Fionnuala looks down, though her eyes flit upwards swiftly at the arrival of RJ. She waves outright to him, "Hi RJ!"

A pause.. she squints. She clearly does not recognize what his attire represents so Fee, being Fee.. will ask. "What is that you're wearing?"

RJ walks over to the little gathering, noting how no one is actually participating in the standard PE activities. He bows his head, "Greetings, Fionnuala, Koga." He offers a bit of a smile to Ollie, whom he must have missed before now, but that isn't really all that surprising. "Has class been cancelled for some reason? Is not the purpose of this class to physically exert oneself?" He looks down, glancing at his outfit, then back to Fee, "Oh, I was told that I was suppose to dress in clothing befitting that of another time. This is my uniform from my Earth. So there for it is from a different time, at least in the temporal progression of my existence." He shakes his head, "If I am incorrect, which is entirely possible, this does fulfill the dress code obligations of the week. " His shoulders sag a touch. "I probably am in error. I do not understand the cultural references of this world."

That gives Koga a bit of a pause. Then he shrugs, "They seem to be adjusting fine so far. I will admit it is a bit… odd at times. I hope to see if they are able to do good with their powers. Rita and Rill are both ones that I can see becoming assets if their personalities are any indications. I am not sure on James?"

At the mention of RJ, Koga turns to look and raises an eyebrow. He recognizes RJ at least as he looks at the teen. Then at the explanation of the uniform, Koga shakes his head. "No, it is not inappropriate. I am still surprised you would wear it myself."

Considering, Koga hums a bit. "Actually, it is near the end of the semester. Ah… basically where there will be a vacation for a lot of students. I am still unsure if I will be staying or returning to my home country for a while. I do wish I could afford to bring people along and let them see the sites there."

Oliver smiles at Fee, "I'm not upset. There's nothing to apologize for. But I -would- like to meet them." Maybe sooner rather than later, before they try to cause trouble. He looks over at RJ, letting others answer first before he offers, "At this point, we're mostly letting off steam and energy. Classes are pretty much done except for finals, so…most teachers aren't going to try and organize things. They know better." The jumpsuit is glanced at for a moment before he looks back to Koga, "I'm guessing they'll be moving any students who are staying to the new school once it's ready. Sometimes it's nice having it quiet and having the place to yourself, but sometimes it's also pretty lonely."

To look at Fee is to see her outfitted in a horrendous bit of 1990s effluvia. Specifically: http://thetamecrowcom.ipage.com/CS/Temp/90sjumpsuit.jpg (THIS)

See, even the player doesn't want to rehash the plethora of colors which comprises this shapeless, fluffy, tired-looking thing that barely hugs the shifter's slight frame. No wings today, either… she does not wish to take away from the majesty of the outfit!

"I think you look snazzy," Fee smiles at RJ, not contesting Koga's opinion at all but instead, offering her own separately. "You look kinda like a movie star from the set of a sci-fi flick, where you're poised to give directions to space-going comrades!" Said in her sweet, loopy way. Oh, Fee. "It's Spirit Week, where everything goes! I mean, look at how we're all dressed… gym class is null and void today, I think. Maybe the teachers are taking pity on us with finals underway."

She listens to Koga' plight, "Oh, I would love to see Japan someday! But you know, if you're to remain here at the school… my family is local. I'll still be on the grounds here, back and forth. I'm sure quite a few of us will still be here to hang out." She offers, hopefully reassuringly, to Koga.

She turns to Ollie next, once again marveling at his manifested 'get-up' for the day. "I think you should come visit my place looking like that. My mom loves era dramas and she'd lose her mind." Said gigglingly.

RJ shrugs slightly to Koga's remark. "It is the only thing I have to remind me of my world. While most of it was unpleasant, it was not all bad. Besides, I figured this might be one of the few occasions that I would have that I could wear it without looking too out of place." He smirks, "Sort of… " he pauses, "How did that show put it the other night… a dead man's last meal?"

Humming a bit, Koga nods to what Fee says. "I will probably end up staying, to be honest. Another thing is they were mentioning some sort of trouble off in China that they wished to help with. If it requires both of them to go and see what is happening, then it is better if I stay here as well. Since I am not fully trained, and lacking horribly in experience at times, I would be a hinderance."

Considering how RJ mentioned being out of place, Koga hums before looking at the uniform, then looking to Fee and Oliver. "Was there not a similar style to his uniform?"

Oliver smirks some to Fee, "I can wear this whenever I want, now…" that he's put it together. Her colorful jumpsuit is looked at for a moment, "Maybe we can make a camping tent out of this?" but he then turns to RJ, "Except no one's dying. It's not really a Last Meal…it's just…giving people a break before they stress out." Back to Koga, "How do you mean? I mean, it looks like what Fee said…a sort of Hollywood Sci-Fi outfit. Which makes sense, in a way, I guess."

Camping tent? Fee tosses her head back to laugh, "Nevermind burning this thing!! That's what we can do—-oh…!" She perks, sunlight dancing in her eyes. A couple of the students in the ballroom-which-is-now-a-gym seem to be squabbling over something. Oliver, a senior, takes it upon himself to go mediate some. Fionnuala watches him go with a soft look, but she still holds fast to the tail of the thought that initially excited her.

"Maybe.. this summer… a lot of us who stay behind here.. maybe we can organize a camping trip!" Her hands press together in front of her chest, her smile wide.

RJ cocks his head, "Will you be remaining here as well Fionnuala?" His attention turns to Koga, "So staying here is optional for some?" He chews on his lower lip for a moment. "What is the purpose of camping? I assume that it is a matter of survival training? Outside of my settlements it is pretty much toxic wastelands with the ruins of come forgotten cities. There is none of the forests and wildlife that is here."

Koga blinks. "Huh… a camping trip? Hm."

He gives a nod, "I can see that being a good idea, actually. Have some fun out in the forests and the like." Then he turns to look at RJ. "… that is one crazy world you must come from. Camping is for fun. There are dangers, but a lot of them are self explaining. You do the camping so you can go fish, hunt, or generally just have a fun time out in the wilderness."

"I will be in town. Not on the estate grounds as often but my parents live in Shady Cove." She offers RJ a sweet, soft smile. "So between checking in at home and working, which I will be doing more of this summer, I will be here—"

Wait. Hold the phone, Stop that bus. Do whatever else it takes to perish the thought because RJ—Fionnuala's eyes soften. What Earth did he come from!?

She supplements Koga's thoughts with her own, though not without beaming an excited smile upon her Promethean counterpart. "It. Is. FUN. Oh, RJ!" If Fee had wings manifested they would flutter. "It is so much fun. Koga is right, you have to take care… but with a bunch of us there, we'll have all bases covered. Fishing is great… and we can make a bonfire and build tents," Or get confused by the directions and use tarps as blankets ( c.c ) .. "And roast marshmallows and sing beneath the stars!"

Oh Fee~

RJ cocks his head, "Learning to find your own food sources, build shelter from the element, sounds like survival training to me. I do not think that education has to necessarily be void of fun." He nods to Fee. "I had, obviously incorrectly, assumed that all the students were brought here for training."

Koga shakes his head. "Not everything has to be training, RJ. Is there not things that you enjoyed doing as well instead of just training?" The fact that it's being equated as camping equals survival training has Koga wondering a bit, and curious now.

The girl, too, is curious. She looks firstly to Koga and finally, back to RJ. Her shoulders twitch, it's as if she expects wings to be there and not hidden by the energies of her rather practical magic. Fionnuala eases back, hands resting politely in her lap. So help her God she will get RJ to sit in front of a camp fire, roasting a marshmallow… to use for a s'more. See if she doesn't. Fee just can't comprehend someone not knowing what camping entails.

She smiled at Koga, then she looks back to RJ with open, friendly anticipation. "Yeah! What are some of your favorite things?"

RJ takes a deep breath, "There was precious little time that allowed for anything but work and rest." He looks down a little. "When I could, I would dance, when I would have the opportunity. We would gather… " He pauses trying to think of the right words. "Something like what you would call a rave, I guess… but not as big… Generally if you were caught past curfew it would be a minimum ten lashes, but sometimes it was worth it."

The words 'rave' make Koga look to Fee. "Hm. Dancing around the campfire could be interesting. We would need some musicians to make it happen, however. Or a lot of batteries. I think the musicians might be preferred over a radio."

Looking to RJ, Koga smiles. "I do not know about others, but if we get the camping trip together then that might be an experience worth it for you. Here we have forests, beaches, and all kinds of places to go and have fun at."

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