(2018-06-07) Play it Loud
Summary: Syd and Sky talk at more length. We discover that Ms. Ultra, a figure in Syd's background, is related to Sky.
Date: 2018.06.07
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Breakfast Nook
For a breakfast nook this room is rather large. Large enough to fit a full sized table with chairs comfortably. What makes it a 'nook' is probably the fact that three walls are all glass, the fourth wall is the one that is part if the kitchen, all brick there. A french door leads to the back patio.


'Spirit Week' has actually been a nice sort of break for Sky in terms of breaking free of the conservative school uniform. For the most part, he's been able to wear his preferred style, excluding yesterday's pajamas, all week. Today is no different as he is 'throwing back' to the 90's Goth Style. It really wasn't hard to pull things from his closet, braid his hair into a stylized sort of mohawk, and put on black eyeliner. Et voila! He normally wouldn't go quite all out normally, but why not? It's yet another day away from the school uniform.

He's in the Breakfast Nook finishing off his breakfast and just glancing around and people-watching. Since classes have been streamlined to allow for study sessions before finals, he at least has a bit more time than usual.

Sydney wanders in to the breakfast nook with this…tablet…thing that masquerades as her schoolbooks, trying to remember how they told her to operate it. Sure, there's enough protein film in her to make the capacitive screen work, and she can keep her fingers from having sharp edges enough not to mangle the screen, to the school's credit, they tested all that when she came in. But it's weird. Like being in the Star Trek movie. Syd shakes her head, licks her finger, and touches the screen lightly. "Algebra. Algebra. Oh here it is." She clicks on the book and opens it. Holds the tablet at a different angle. Tries embiggening the font. Only then does she look up, having practically run into Schuyler. "Oh hey Sky." Her idea of "Throwback Thursday?" Herself, apparently. In uniform.
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Schuyler looks over at Sydney, perhaps waiting to see if she will walk through him or stop before seeing him at the nook there. «Hi…Sydney, right?» A hand is also lifted in greeting. «Are they really making you study and stuff even though we have a week or so left? Do you have to take finals, too?» That…must suck.

Sydney blinks at the mental voice. She was expecting it, sure, but it's still a little… disconcerting to hear voices that aren't yours when you're already in the care of a psychologist. Once she gets past that, she smiles tentatively and cautiously pulls up a chair, sitting on it even more cautiously. "Nah, not finals. We've finished up with my placement testing. Now I just have to get busy with all the remedial crap. I missed two years of junior high, and the late 70s and early 80s were kind of dumbed down a lot anyway. So for me to take high school classes come fall, I'm going to be nose deep all summer." She smiles a little more. "I'm actually kind of excited. This is the most normal my life's been in a long time." She looks Sky over. "Throwback doesn't mean historical throwback, I take it? Or is this like…old school Goth? I wouldn't know. The Goth thing is really after my time.

Now she just made some very intriguing statements. Grey eyes blink at the metallic girl and he asks, «When were you born? I was born in 2002…» and she's in High School, right? «The Goth movement…if you don't start it beginning in the Victorian age…really began in the 1970's as a branch of Punk…» which was another thought of his, but that would have required more preparation.

Sydney sets her tablet down and cocks her head, thinking. "I was born in 1967. I didn't realize the Goth movement came out of punk…I thought it was a late 1980s or early 1990s thing. That's where I've seen the most references to it, and by then I was already in the freezer." She looks Sky over. "It looks good on you, though. You look good." He does, too, at least to her. Syd's accutely aware of just how many good looking people go to this school, in ways that she's had to talk to her psychologist about more than once.

Schuyler blinks a moment before announcing, «You're technically older than my parents…» before he actually flushes a little at the compliment. He's not really used to them and this is the second girl now! «Thank you. And uh, yes it did. If you look at old images of people like Sid Vicious and all that early punk, it's really close to what branched out to Goth.» Because it's easier to talk history than about how good-looking people are!

Sydney nods. "Yeah, and it's really damn weird to be rocking out to the same music as your parents too. I had that happen with a couple of the cops I was working with." She pauses, remembering a moment. The memory is a strange one, the sensation odd, one of those times when perception shifts while you watch it. "I was sitting in traffic with this cop. He was… late 40s. Little younger than me, at least on paper. And I was like, "does this thing have any tunes?" He was like, "What kind do you like?" And I said "Just put on whatever you listen to." And he opens up with Queen. So we're jamming away to Queen's greatest hits, and I looked over at him, and for just a second it was like… he wasn't this old guy. He was a young guy who'd just… been out in the sun too long, gotten out of shape, and like that. It was like I could see the kid he was, still inside him. I mean literally see. And then it went back. He saw me looking and was like "Sweetie, I've been married for 30 years. I have grandkids."

«Working with cops?» Yet another intriguing statement. Sky leans back in his seat and looks at the girl for a long moment before offering, «I'm going to ask something I pretty much -never- ask anyone and certainly not here. Mostly because people are all too eager to tell me as if that somehow makes them special.» Maybe Sydney's even heard of the Masters Dynasty as they've been around for centuries…maybe even a millenium at this point. «What's your story?»

Sydney laughs softly. "Yeah, I've heard some doozies. My story's not anywhere near as interesting as like Loukanos', or Lazarus'. The short version is, I ran away from the trailer court in 1980 to get away from stuff. Basically as an alternative to suicide, so actually surviving long term wasn't that big a concern. After a few months, I got in a situation and wound up being sold to some guys working for the mob to create super-villians. I was basically a lab animal for them, because you really don't want to try a process on a human for the first time on a made man. I survived, and the made man who ran the thing got made into Iron Fist the same way, if you've heard of him. I found ways to stay more useful than testing to destruction, and got to be friends with Iron Fist, and ultimately he hid me away in a freezer in an Italian restaurant for safe keeping. Problem is, he died. 35 years later, the restaurant went bankrupt, and the marshals went through the freezer and found me among the frozen corpses. If you lower my body temperature below 40 degrees, my metabolism stops altogether and I solidify completely. Raise it back up… and my body just… picks up where it left off, basically. I woke up in the medical examiner's room and ate the examination table, and six months later… wound up here.

Schuyler listens, interested enough since he asked the question. «So you ran away when you were a teenager…got kidnapped and experimented upon…and then frozen. So you're sort of like Captain America.» He lets that sink in before nodding, «Huh. Interesting.» And now he knows. «So now you have to learn everything that we…kids my age…grew up with, for the most part. Why were you working with a cop before you came here?»

Sydney snorts and laughs softly. "Um. Kind of like Captain America, sort of. Except the guys working for the mob, some of them were ex-Nazis, so… kind of not like Captain America." She nods to Sky. "There've been some huge changes. Most of it's more like evolution than revolution. I mean, we had computers in my junior high school, and I was pretty good with them, but the modern ones are completely different, and we didn't have the Internet, and all that. I was working with a cop because I was found as part of multiple homicides being investigated. Where I got put was where this particular family sent corpses they didn't want found. And the cops wanted to know all about Hydris, the guys who made me, because they remember Iron Fist, and that El Muerto clown who I guess they made later. He's locked up in the power prison at Ft. Leavenworth, life without parole for what he did. But of the three of us, I was the very first. So yeah, they probably wanted to make sure I wasn't a supervillian myself. Plus there was the question of how old am I, whether I'm legally an adult, and if not, who has custody of me. The court ruled that since I hadn't hit my fifteenth birthday before I went in the freezer…by about a month… that I have to wait until my birthday comes around in November to turn 15, and we'll go from there. So I'll have been fourteen for almost two years subjectively. Which sucks. I can't even get a driver's permit."

«Even though you're technically, like…fifty-one.» Really interesting. «I've heard of the name 'Iron Fist'. He might have fought someone in my family…or with someone…but it's familiar.» Sky still considers the metallic girl, «Even at fifteen, even if you can be emancipated, you still won't be considered an 'adult'. But I guess…you could be fifty-one in your head but still fourteen in your body. At least you didn't get stuck like that.»

Sydney shakes her head. "I'm not 51 in my head. I'm almost fifteen. The 35 years that went by while I was in the freezer, I wasn't there for them." She cocks her head. "Ms. Ultra is in your family? Who's your family?"

«I would imagine it would be even harder if you weren't still a teenager in your mind.» It's hard enough to be a 'mature' teenager at times. Sky then glances at the little bit of food left on his tray and takes a bite before giving a shrug, «She's one of my dad's cousins. Older than him. I've met her a few times at family gatherings and stuff.»
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Sydney looks down at her tablet and flips through the math text's introduction a few pages, not really reading carefully. Mixed emotions, certainly. "Friends" might be understating what she felt for Karol Kolczyk, aka Iron Fist. She's kind of tangled on what she does feel, and it's still pretty fresh for her. Finally she says quietly, "She did what she had to do. To most of the world… he was a very, very bad man."

Schuyler continues to watch the girl as she fiddles with her tablet, catching the emotions that are in the forefront of her thoughts. «People are complicated,» he offers, a little empathically. «'Good' and 'Bad' can also be subjective. We aren't just a family of heroes. We have villains and people who sort of walk the line among us too. Does it mean we like them any less? They're family.»

Sydney looks at Sky, her eyes almost human-looking from this angle. She nods. "You get it, yeah. I mean… I was basically… owned. By him and the family. But he made me feel, sometimes, like I was…valuable. You know? Powerful too, sometimes. I did occasionally win our sparring matches. Not often… I mean he was 1800 pounds, and I'm about 600, and our strength curve per pound is pretty much a straight line. That was one of the reasons they chose me. I'm small, I hadn't been eating real well while I was in the city, so was a little less than 100 pounds when they got me. When I left home I was… almost a little chubby. And after two years of training with Iron Fist every day… I'm ripped." She shrugs impressively. So yeah. He gets that moment in my heart… but I know how he was." She cocks her head and looks at Sky. "It must be strange to come from a family of powers like that. What's your story?"

Schuyler shrugs, «It's not strange for me. It's just how it is. When we're thirteen, we start to figure out what our powers are going to be. Most of us survive that. Some just have their powers show up eventually, like Rain. Some try to make it happen. Some leave to find it, like me. Some are just born with it already going strong. But if it doesn't show up by the time we're 18 and graduate High School, then we're sort of disowned.» It's said very matter-of-factly. «Basically, we've been doing this since the Norman Conquest of England or something like that. And there's magic on my mom's side.»

Sydney frowns. "That's harsh. What happens to all the kids who get disowned? I mean, their kids could turn up as serious powers coming from a bloodline like that."

«Well, not too many leave like that. Most find powers…or give themselves powers. I mean, I guess if their kids had powers they could always come back into the family. I mean, it's really like…maybe one person out of every few generations that leaves like that…» although Sky doesn't really know the answer. He'll have to ask his dad at some point. «It's harsh, yeah. I think it's why most try to find their powers.»

Sydney nods. She reaches out, hesitates, then rubs Sky's shoulder. "Well, you found yours, that's certainly obvious. And to their credit, they don't also insist that you be…" be what? She stops, wrestling with the words. She doesn't want to make Sky feel embarassed because he's deaf, but she doesn't want to ignore it, and she does think it's cool that his family doesn't have a problem with that… "otherwise…limited…I guess. Sorry."

Schuyler looks at the hand on his shoulder a little askance before he offers, «After getting struck by lightning and nearly being killed from the subsequent fall, yes.» But he's fine now. Pale eyebrows then lift at her hesitant statement, «I'm not in any way limited. I can do anything anyone else can except link auditory soundwaves to my brain.»

Sydney nods, thinks, and nods again. "Good. Well said. And if you ever want to listen to trashy old metal, let me know. I figure you can listen through my ears, and I won't even go deaf from playing it too loud." Syd smiles weakly.

An eyebrow lifts at the offer, «I don't think I can listen through your ears at all. First of all, that would probably require me taking over your mind and I don't think you'd want me to do that.» If Sky even could! «Secondly, it's still an issue of the signals getting deciphered. I can do that with Rain…» but that might be about it. «Thirdly, if you play it loud enough, I can feel it.»

Sydney grins toothily. "Oh, you don't have to tell me to play it loud. You can take the girl out of the 80s, but you can't take the 80s out of the girl. Although… I do need to find a stereo…"

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