(2018-06-07) A Brief Connection and a Headache
A Brief Connection and a Headache
Summary: Besa finally crafts the rune that they've been looking for. It gets them answers. Some they didn't want.
Date: 2018-06-07
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Attic Floor Winbarry Estate

PJ day has been Besa's favorite so far. Not that he has any PJs that aren't hand me downs from Sky, but still. It's comfy. He's finding he really doesn't like the school's tie requirements. Sleepy pants and a slightly too big for him goth tee are what he's in, with cocoa sleeping at his side while he scribbles away in a note book. It looks like it's all runes. He's trying to figure //soemthign out. On the other side of him is the miniature Egyptian boat that Ashton gave him. On his left arm is the bracer. He keeps looking at it and then scribbling more into the book. Dinner's already done, there's no electonical lights on, just a few candles he has set up.

Loukanos is pretty excited for Throwback Thursday. His pajamas (well, not exactly, he's wearing a shirt which he generally does not while sleeping) could easily pass for normal summer attire. A pair of cream cotton shorts that fall to the middle of his thighs and a gentle pink t-shirt. At the very least, he can walk around barefoot and 'fit' with the theme. It's been some time since he's been back in the attic…he only ever comes here to perform rituals without prying eyes or to search for Besa! Today's mission is the latter. As he climbs into the attic, his bright gaze is immediately drawn to the bracer and the boat. A pang of worry and guilt and melancholy before he sighs, announcing his presence, and smiles. "You have returned to the school." Captain Obvious over here, but it's a start.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Dark eyes lift and blink once, twice, and then Besa smiles, "Loukanos….yes?" Just because he remembers someone's face, Besa wants to make sure he's got the right name too. "I have returned. I am whole." That seems to be what everyone is worried about with him. His heart, and then his memory. He's smaller than before, but so much. Re healthy looking.

"Just Loukanos, yes," Whatever last name he may have been born to is lost forever. "I had assumed so when they told me that you were back. Forgive me for not seeking you out earlier. I have been…preoccupied. Finals and…" His hand brushes against his shorts, and he shakes his head. So just finals? "How was your journey to the other side? Do you have any remember of it?" Ever the scholar, this one.

Besa is well aware of why Louk would be preoccupied. That he at least put in his note book! "It is alright. It is not your duty to seek me out." The question makes Besa pause, his brow furrowing, "What a strange thing to ask." At least, no one else has. "I do not remember much. Except that I was not alone this time… Some of Alraxmargoth'ha's children were there, waiting for me…." He shivers, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he looks down at his notebook. "But…I eluded them." He may have found one? That is hazy. "How are you fairing?"

"As a friend, it most certainly is," Loukanos affirms. "I would have come sooner…to be honest, I did not expect you to return to the school so quickly, especially in the state you awoke in." He tilts his head. "Is it?" To him, it seems an obvious question, but this is the same kid who asked to witness his friend's death for studying purposes. "Where exactly did you go? To the same dimension that Alraxmargoth'ha reigned in?" He rubs the back of his neck and finds somewhere to sit. "I'm fine. Just stressed."
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Failure.

Besa's eyes narrow slightly, the state he awoke in, "Were you there?" He mostly only remembers Fee's scary wings. And the howling. "No…it is a different place. Usually it is just…still. And quiet. This time it was not." There is a nod as he watches the godling, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Yes. Your behavior while wrapped caused Amisi enough distress that she sent for a volunteer group of students to aid her in figuring out what happened. While there, you 'woke up'. I left to retrieve water and a wet rag, but yes, I was there." Fascinating. He stores that piece of information in his head. "If you recall anything else, let me know." He looks Besa, falling silent for a moment. His voice comes out a whisper, afraid to crack. "I don't think so."

Besa asks back, "Why do you ask about this? No one else has." When he goes quiet, so does Isa, letting he work it out. A soft, worried expression and then he stands to step close to the taller boy, "I am attempting to craft a rune to locate the Ashton boy." Hey, at least he didn't refer to him as the half demon child again. "I will help him."

As Besa approaches him, Loukanos shifts his weight to one leg, cocking his head slightly. "Intrigued. Aren't you? If we know more about where you went, we know more about his siblings. We could stop them. And, of course, there's knowledge for knowledge's sake…" He studies Besa and frowns, as if coming to something too late. "This isn't a discussion you want to have, is it…right. Sorry. I just thought it would be useful to know and didn't consider how…tramutizing rehashing the memories could be." He glances to the side, to Cocoa, anywhere. "I wish you better luck than me. He's warded by something powerful. Even his grandparents are unable to locate him, though that's hardly surprising."

Besa stops in front of Louk, "I…suppose?" It's hard to completly agree, because it's upsetting. He doesn't always want to remember everyhting. "Some things are not good to know, Loukanos." He smiles nervously, glancing to the sleepy Cocoa before swallowing and looking back to Louk. "I will find him. My runes are powerful." If he can just find the right one.

There's a curious smile at that, though the godling still does not meet Besa's faze. Loukanos does not voice his disagreement with Besa's words, just nods. "I hope you're right. If that fails or if it takes too long, I will go after him myself. Physically. There must be some trace that can be followed back to where he was taken."

Besa smiles, it's warmer than before the ritual. He's got so much more life in him now, "Come. Sit. You will see. My magic is ancient and strong." A hand lifts to touch Louk on his forearm, "Come." He steps back to where the boat is and sits down, "I think I am almost ready. Tell me more of this Ashton. I will finish crafting the rune."

Loukanos won't say anything to dissuade Besa. He needs as many people as he can get trying to rescue Ashton. He did seem serious about seeking him out on his own, though. Sapphire eyes glance to Besa when he's touched, then at the book he was writing in. Following him to his seat on the floor, he considers. "Well, what do you need to know?" In his mind, Besa's asking for information to help the spell.

Is that what Besa's doing? Or is he just trying o distract Louk? Maybe both? "Tell me of his likes, his dislikes. Help me remember him." The teen picks up his note book. A glance to the boat and then the bracer before starts writing soemthgin in the book.

Loukanos draws his knees close to his body and wraps his hands around his ankles. "Well, he likes me," He chuckles wistfully. "Unless I was worried about him. Then he got all pouty." More seriously, he says, "Music is his passion. Do you still have the drums he gave you? That's another thing. He wanted you, or everyone really, to like him, even when you and Rain were mistrustful of him. I never understood that how he could remain so…friendly. There were times where even I was angry at you but not him. Like I said, I didn't get. Still don't." Pause. "Dislikes…I dunno…he didn't like his grandparents. His grandfather, at least. There were times where I thought he didn't like how close I was with you, either, but I may have been overanalysing that…" He leans over Besa's shoulder to peer at what he's writing.

Besa listens, nodding before stopping and staring at the note book. Something clicked. He looks up, "You were made at me?" But then he looks back down, his thin fingers tap the pencil before he turns to a blank page and start drawing a complex rune, "I….I remember doing this…before….for the other Besa…" There was another Besa?!? He finishes drawing, it's not his normal rune. This is outward, where most of his runes are inward. The paper is lifted up and he looks Louk in the eye before smiling and then ripping the paper in half. Like usual there is very long pause where nothing happens. It feels like maybe it didn't work. But then his dark eyes widen. The ancient teen stiffens and he falls backwards to lay spread eagle on the floor. Almost as if he's tied down by invisible ties.

<FS3> Loukanos rolls Divination: Great Success.

"A few times, yeah," Loukanos shrugs, not elaborating when Besa starts drawing a rune. Muttering quietly, "Are you sure that is wise, Besa? That does not look like your other runes." It's too late, though, the other has already ripped it in half. As nothing happens, he shakes his head and sighs, relief and disappoint spilling from the noise. "At the very least, nothing ba-" Spoke too soon. As Besa falls, Loukanos freezes, rises, and leans over him. "Besa…" He reaches over slowly to touch him, but something stops him and his eyes widen.

A soft groan comes out of Besa's mouth. "Louk? Louk, is that you?" While the voice is Besa's the accent and softness of the voice is clearly that of Ashton. He struggles to move but is tied by unseen restraints, keeping him from moving. In fact, a crease forms across his neck from the slightest attempt to lift his head. "What's going on?" There is a hue of fear in Besa's voice.

Loukanos struggles to find his voice for a moment. Then, with sudden purpose, he starts grasping at Besa's wrists and ankles seeing if the constraints can be messed with. All the while, he says, "Alright, Ashton. Listen. I need you to tell me where you are. Or anything that could help me locate you. I believe Besa has used a rune to bring your soul here, but I don't know how long it'll last…so…anything. Tell me anything."

Cocoa awakens from the falling and worry in the room, immediately moving to try to lay against Besa's body, feeling the fear rolling off of him.

Besa's head can't even turn to look in Loukanos's direction. "I don't know where I am… I was at the park.. there was something going on… Koga, Grace, and Bryce were with me… " Suddenly Besa's body strains once again to move. "Are they okay? We were at the amusement park… in the haunted house thing… " Despite being obviously tied down, Ashton's concern is more for the others that were with him before.

"They're fine," Loukanos says shortly. "What about the people that took you? Do you know anything about them? Even how their voices sound like," He may be grasping at straws here, but any piece of info helps. His fists clench. "And what are doing to you?"

Besa's body relaxes a bit. "I'm not sure how many there are… I've heard at least a dozen different voices, not all at once though… two of them are British… and like posh British at that… most of them are American… one of them sounds like military or something.. There are three that are hispanic.. " Besa sighs. "I'm not really sure what they are doing to me… this is the first time that my mind is clear… there is something about where I am that hurts.. .like every inch of my skin… I feel like I am burning up on the inside… that is when they aren't injecting me with something… some of it just makes me go to sleep… some of it hurts… I can feel it running through my veins…." Tears start to form in Besa's eyes. One of the guys… I think his name is Miguel… is constantly complaining about his allergies and being in the fucking woods…."

A tremor runs though Besa's body, Cocoa whines. The tiny teen's breath catches and his eyes widen as suddenly that feeling of vacant, no one is there. And then Besa's soul is body slammed back into it's original home. He cries out, pain and shock mixed together. He's no longer bound by the invisible restraints and hands fly up to his chest, gripping his heart through his shirt.

Poor Cocoa, she whines and presses her body against Besa's . She's a good dog.

After a few moments to catch his breath, Besa tells Loukanous in choppy words, 'He is…in a cabin…woods. Guards….I….I think it was Ar'giran….He knew I was there…" Seems old demons can learn new tricks…Or at least how to identify them.

Another soft whine, but this time it's from Besa as he holds his head, "I…I think I need to lay down…" Indeed, the ancient teen will sleep through the night and through several classes the next day. As he is helped down the stairs by Loukanos, he favors his right leg, as if something is aching.

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