(2018-06-05) Worst Beach Run Ever
Worst Beach Run Ever
Summary: It's a humdinger of a PE class~
Date: 2018-06-05
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Beach, Winbarry Estates
Tue Jun 05, 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


Like all classes currently, PE is a mixed grade class. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors all mingling together to form one of three PE classes. There just aren't enough students to segregate classes down to a single grade as of yet, not that the school did much of that anyways. Today's class is a two mile run followed by some other physical activity that is bound to be torture that is yet to be named. "Get moving!" Inferno bellows to the students "One mile up the beach and a mile back. If I see any walking there will be pushups to follow."

Dressed in Metis green gym clothes, James Lot, one of the new students starts jogging. He keeps his gate slow, so his cyborg friend, RILL,dressed in red Ares gym clothes can keep up. Rita, the other new student that joined the school with them, isn't seen yet. They both look annoyed as they job, eyeing the students around them.

Funny enough, Callisto enjoys jogging. It helps get her out of her head which, more often than not, proves to be a huge, exhaustive landscape in which to wander. So there she is, long hair knit into a rather intricate braid, running along in her Metis greens. She's not pushing herself hard nor is she slacking as long legs mince their stride, carrying her along swiftly. Pale eyes observe two of the three new arrivals that are present and surely, she has seen them before since enrollment. Initially it surprised her as she recognized the brother and sister from the cafe… but then Callisto came to accept it. Surely those kids had enough of people gawping at them… and the fae girl won't even get into her initial thoughts on the cyborg.

Noticing the absence of Rita, Callisto doesn't question it much. As RILL and James eye the other students, Callisto catches those glares and she simply looks right back at them as she prepares to pass.

Lazarus was dressed in the blue gym clothes of Ares. Jogging at a solid pace, he does notice the glares from James and Rill, tilting his head softly, he meets them both with a surprisingly -cold- look. Nevermind that. Despite his impressive physique, Lazarus just has a straight face. Jogging for however long Inferno tells him to. Well, at least he's good at following orders. He does actually like having to jog, helps clear the mind and relieve stress.

Today apparently was twin day at the school, but everyday is twin day for Rain so she didn't participate in this one, not to its full extent at least. There may have been someone dressed like her though. Such activities can't be done in PE, because even if they don't have to wear the usual uniform today, PE uniforms are still required which for her is Athena red and white. Jogging isn't her favorite form of exercise, but at least it isn't a team sport, so it has that going for it. She is jogging along side Besa, keeping to his shorter stride, since he is shorter now an all. If she notices the look that Jaws and RILL are giving people she doesn't dignify it by giving it recognition. The teen girl just continues jogging an expression of stoic indifference plastered to her face as she looks straight ahead.

James rolls his eyes, he's a handsome fellow with a strong jaw line. He looks to RILL, "You ready for Friday?" That….sounds ominous. He rolls his neck as he runs, gaze going to the point on the beach they need to get to to be bale to turn around.

It seems most here handle the glaring students in their own way.. mostly indifference. Callisto subscribes moreso to that camp, not really lending too much thought to RILL and James' discussion. If anything she is trying not to overhear anything, though their talk of 'Friday night' piques the mentalist's interest for a few seconds. Eh, for all she knows, they're perhaps interested in the prom… yeah.

Their talking to one another allows Callisto to move on just a little, keeping up her good pace. She comes into contact — at least in matching pace with and/or passing — with other students as they approach the turn-around, her clear cerulean blues focused on the task but her head of moonpale hair shall nod in greeting to whomever she encounters. Next comes Rain and Besa, and she gives the latter a thoughtful glance (and inward approval) to see him out and jogging. Lazarus isn't very well-known to the faerie girl, and she doesn't even try to match his near-militant pace.

She finds her attention drifting back to the two boys discussing 'Friday night', and once again her gaze flits in their direction.

Lazarus of course notices the ominous words that James apparently tells RILL. tilting his head, he decides to eventually just ignore it for now, since he's not exactly a fan of getting into people'es business. With that in mind, he passes a few people as he rounds that haybail, though he does notice Rain and Besa, moving at their pace now so he can speak with them. "Hi."

Besa may be out , but he's not enjoying gym. His legs are little and it's hard to take running serious when nothing is chasing him. "…Rain. Will….the tux be delivered, or…" The tux they picked out for him for Prom. Who knows what color it is! Surprise to everyone, or Rain too care of it. Or it's a surprise!

RILL tugs at his shirt a few times as he jogs along side James. The teen is a mix of metal machine and flesh and blood. In a few spots gears and servos can be seen turning as he moves. He seems to be as uncomfortable with the exposure of his mix-matched physiology as other people are of seeing it. "Yeah." he answers, his voice low and not at all natural, it is clearly synthesized. "The location is a good one."

Jogging along Rain keeps Besa between her and that huge body of water that is to the east of them. Of all places they had to have PE why did it have to be the beach? She continues to ignore the newer students, James and RILL. She is quite good at that sort of thing. "I'm having it delivered. It's just easier that way." she answers between controlled, even breaths. It wouldn't do to start panting and breathing heavy just from a little jogging. As Lazarus falls into their slower pace she cast a glance at him "Hey there."

James keeps his gaze moving, eyeing the students, particularly Callisto who's glancing at them. "We've got an audience, RILL." A not subtle be aware. A rather charming and dis traction smile is thrown at the dark elf. Who is definitely not in a Shakespeare play. "Your gears okay with this sand?" He's just a weird mix of not trustworthy and then worry about his companion. How strange.

Rita can be seen running up to Inferno back where they all started.

The mentalist jogs along, her footfalls light and graceful. She has been keeping the same pace for awhile and the first flush of fatigue has begun to dash itself across her cheekbones. She watches RILL's body language especially, noting his discomfort. Honestly though the sights and sounds of the cybernetic parts, knit into that which remains of his organic body, don't put Callisto off as much. She has seen things. It's the voice, if anything, that startles her.. though her poker face is strong. Her breath comes a little faster now, but she's still good to go at least until they turn around, and then she will drop into more of a loping gait. Not walking just…. to cater to endurance a little. ~_~

"Location?" She asks smoothly, her voice strained a little bit by her effort albeit not unpleasantly. She keeps pace with RILL and James now, exclusively.. glancing sideward at them. She's suspecting something but she will play dumb, "Have you dates already?" Asked as she meets James's gaze outright when he looks to her. Yes, his smile is fetching… but Callisto needs more than that to be swayed.

Lazarus smiles softly to Rain, nodding lightly. "Hey. How are you?" He seems to ask the same question of Besa. But alas, his superhuman hearing picks up apparently the 'location' that Rill suggests is perfect. Though he has no idea what that location actually -is-, mind you, it still appears to burn his curiousity some. He starts to already have feasible guesses for what it could be, in terms of the purpose of the location itself, but he chooses not to say anything.

He also notices that Rita seems to have run up to Inferno. that looks like a fun conversation. Regardless, his attention is mainly on Rain and Besa for now.

Besa is oblivious to any other convos but the ones directed at him. "Oh…ok, Good. Thank you." Laz gets a soft smile, "I am…still whole." No, he really isn't liking jogging.

The expression 'You can see the gears turning' takes on a whole new meaning when applied to RILL. And you can hear them too. The warning from James has the cyborg thinking a moment "But we are just talking about prom." inflection isn't easy with a synthesized voice, so the lie comes out smoothly in that way at least. "As long as its not thrown at me I should be fine."

"I'm alright. I could do with less running though." Rain answers Lazarus "Or if we have to do running I'd prefer around the back lawn instead of here." she has issues, and none of them are comic books…but then again that could be said of a majority of the students at CS so at least she is in similar company. "More whole than he was previously too." that's the theory at least "Are you doing okay?" she asks in return. The mention of prom from the cyborg has her finally glancing in that direction. They are the last people she expected to want to go to prom.

James smirks, ignoring Calli's first question, "Why, you asking? RILL looks fantastic in a tux." Who knows, he might!

Rita nods to something and then starts running like she's trying to catch up. But strangely she stops half way and then starts placing things on the ground. Small, unseen things and she does this all the way back to Inferno. And then stands and waits, smiling.

"I am certain he would." Remarks the dark faerie of the cyborg dressing to the nines. Her tone is neither sarcastic nor is it dripping with outright praise. Hey, she doesn't discriminate; those cool metallic parts could be set off nicely in a tux! Still, much as she felt a bit 'off' when talking to Rita in the Mug Shot, Callisto doesn't quite trust the conversation at hand here. The 'you asking' bit quirks the corners of her lips just barely as her breath puffs through her nostrils, "And.. I am fraid not. I shall not be attending." Said simply as her long braid bounces between her shoulderblades. Her mouth opens to remark further but then she spies Rita's antics, and this silences her.

Callisto has perfected the single brow quirk; she does this now in a cool, inquisitive way.

Lazarus offers Rain a small chuckle and Besa an understanding nod. "Don't worry. I doubt we'll be running all day long." he says specifically to Besa to try and encourage him, though he looks then to Rain. Nodding once. "I am alright, thank you for asking." a warm smile crosses his features before he turns his head to what Rita appears to have done, his eyes narrowing. "I suspect that this will become exciting soon." He says pretty simply.

His eyes shift to Callisto as she speaks to James and RILL, though he seems to be slightly curious as to what it is that they speak of. "Huh." is all he says before his attention is forward, ready to no doubt deal with traps or some other method of interesting feature that seems to be awaiting them.

As they come to the turning point, Besa makes sure to keep himself between Rain and the ocean. He's realized that much at least! He's breathing pretty heavy, running isn't his favorite.

Does RILL look good in a tux. He certainly isn't denying it and seems to find his friend's comment more amusing than offensive "You're loss." he says to Callisto. He has James's back "You could of had a lotta fun." and/or gotten into a lot of trouble, which could also be fun. As he turns the marker he spots the younger Lot doing something "What's your sister up too?" he asks of James.

"Well no, we have that math test next period. Enigma would be upset if Inferno made us miss it." Enigma a/k/a Stephen Jenkins being the math teacher. Rain rounds the marker as well, pointedly not looking out at the ocean as she does so. "Exciting? What do you mean?" and then she notices Rita's behaviour followed by Besa's breathing "Do we need to get your oxygen tank out again?" there is a bit of concern, he was in much better shape before…up until that last couple of months.

James suddenly grins, forgetting the verbal banter with Calli, "What she does best, RILL!" As they run towards said sister, James drops a step behind Rill and then jumps up and onto the larger teen's back. Which seems a …strange move. Until the ground starts to explode. It's not enough to do real damage, but it definitely stings. A lot. What ever Rita dropped on the ground is popping loudly. James laughs loudly yelling out to his sister, "That all you got, Boomie?"

Boomie grins back, maybe taking that as a challenge. The small somethings that were dropped on the sand are also still in her hand and she starts chucking them at everyone as they get closer. She's got a decent arm for her size!

Inferno laughs as the sand starts flying. This is his kind of training!


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<FS3> Callisto rolls Reaction: Failure.

Now having done an about-face in their running trajectory, Callisto can now see the younger of the two Lot siblings. She's so distracted by the sight that she doesn't even offer back her own quip to the 'your loss' bit. As far as Callisto is concerned, she will be gaining plenty on Friday, even without the glamour of prom. "I shall simply hope that others enjoy the night. Students have worked hard for it." Said firmly. Callisto may not be big on the prom bit, but she's not of a nature to disparage it just because it's not her bag.

She hopes that they don't try anything…

… hahahahaa!

Pop! Pop! Pop! Suddenly little explosions are razing the ground and stingy bits of earth and whatever other matter is involved is being flung here and there and pelting the lot of 'em! Callisto's lithe arms immediately lift to shield her face as she stumbles to a stop, getting sprayed. "Hvad er dette!? Hvad hvad!?" She hollars in Danish, a pretty way of asking 'what the hell'! OW!

Lazarus looks to Besa and Rain. "You will see in a moment." Though he also notices Besa's behavior, worried for the fellow as he returns his attention to what is before him. He dodges all the traps with flips, spins and simply watching where he's going. Though seeing Callisto in danger gives him a small spot of pity and compassion. So he veers WAY off course to help her out, trying to grab and help navigate her through the traps that were set. Never leave a comrade behind!

His eyes move forward, sighing. "Well…see? exciting." He looks towards Besa and Rain, who have possibly already passed him by now and he might be talking to himself. Joy.

Besa frowns, "No." He's just not been jogging in a long time! He doesn't need help! But then there's exploding, and he doesn't understand what is going on. Something is yelled in ancient Coptic and his demeanor completely shifts. A few steps are taken to try to get closer to Rain as he starts to reach for his thigh for some reason, but at that movement he steps and being a very small fellow and his weight was already off center, he flips in the air, landing on another exploding penny, which explodes and stings! Ouch! So much for protecting Rain! The ancient teen is pretty covered with sand when he sits up. Perfect hair still perfect…underneath all that sand.

"Hang on tight brah." RILL drawls out as he is suddenly giving James a piggyback ride. Gears whir as he seems to grow even larger, both up and out. Metal sliding along his exposed gears as well as his flesh to cover them. He begins to pick up speed plowing right through the sand explosions as they blast upwards. The pinging of what looks like pennies reverberating as they bounce of his metal skin.

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Failure.

Landmines. Well that is something that Rain has never had come up in any of ten years she has been training in her various combative sports. She was being trained for self-defense first and competition second, not a war zone. The reels from the first blast of sand that blows up under foot, only to have it send her into another one. "Ow!" she exclaims as she is hit by one of the thrown pennies "Besa!" she calls out as he is flipped into the air. For a moment she looses sight of him as thrown pennies land all around and blow up sending more sand into the air. Oh wait! There he is…she finds him, unfortunately its by tripping over his prone form "Gah!"

In a moment of clarity, Callisto lowers her arms to reveal eyes that blaze with rage. Twists to the PE training are fine, but something about the needling nature of this stinging pain rouses anger in the girl. Her lips pull back into a discomforted sneer, only to press into a tense line. An aura has begun to arise from her flesh; a white-blue glow that could be likened to fire in appearance only. It's a reactive self-defense technique, or at least the beginnings of it. It doesn't come to full fruition though; the pain is too distracting. The aura fades and the welts upon her fair skin can easily be seen. She gives Lazarus a fierce glance of gratitude only to turn her gaze back to 'Boomie'.

To Callisto's credit (anger gives her resolve) she begins to awkwardly jog anew, still in the direction of Boomie and Inferno, her nostrils flaring. She looks every bit the offended dark faerie, jogging with purpose and MALICE until—-oop, there's an exploding do-dad right there in the sand. Whee!!

Callisto hisses, clutches her shin, and drops into a kneel. She weathers pain silently, at least… and she is smart enough to not get up again.

Lazarus nods to Callisto, making sure she's alright and willing to probably carry her across the finish line if need be. Though he also sees Rain and Besa struggling. So he sighs, using a boost of strength to catch Rain before she hits the ground. "You okay?" then to Besa, offering a hand to help him out as well. Lazarus the helper. Though once everyone appears to be well and alright, he'll move at their pace to get to the finish line…which happens to be past Inferno.

So that's exactly what he's gonna do!

Besa's been in a real war zone. Once he's sitting there, with Rain falling over him, he quickly realizes that's not what is happening here. Laz manages to somehow catch Rain, so the ancient teen doesn't get squished. Instead of getting up, he starts to quickly trace something in the sand. "Stay with me, Rain." Seeing that there's three of them, instead of the strength and speed rune, he attempts something he did in battle with the Raptors. But with wind. As the runes are broken, he brings his arms up, and then in a rather anime pose, swipes both down. The gust of wind rushes over the ground, kicking up the sand and causing the rest of the landmines to go off. It's easy enough to dodge or take the few pennies that are tossed their way as they pass Inferno.

Well she isn't eating dirt, well that's a good thing. There is a moment where she actual has to think about it before she answers "Yeah, good." Rain nods as well "Thanks Lazarus." she kind of bristles at being rescued. She hates being thought of as being a damsel in distress. But she is appreciative none the less. Her attention goes to Besa, who seemed to fare worse than she did "You alright Besa?" but she sees what he is doing with the rune drawing and figures that is an answer right there "You have a plan…" whoosh goes the wind…seems that is the case. She isn't stupid, she grabs for hands, Besa's and Lazarus' if he is sticking with them, and makes a run for it toward Inferno and the finish line.

RILL the cyborg turned temp tank doesn't bother dodging either the landmines or the thrown pennies from Rita. He just keeps charging onward, James on his back who is cheering him on and whooping it up like this is all fun and games to him. The pair go right past Inferno where RILL comes to a slow stop. Once his mass starts moving it takes a few to slow down.

The dark faerie shall flat-out refuse to be carried (but thanks anyway~!)

Okay maybe if she were being hit by bigger boomies (snort), but in this case.. where nagging bits of pain are the bother.. damnit Callisto will get up and ruuuun! She is apart from the technique that Besa uses to benefit from it's complete protection, but in-turn that rune manages to detonate a great many of the damned things. Callisto pushes herself to stand, curses softly to herself in a language that is neither English nor Danish, and begins to stride again in the direction of Inferno. Pain can be seen in her body language but the white-haired girl is persistant. Shrapnel and sand from the detonated landmines rain down in a silty mess as Callisto stubbornly lopes past Inferno.

Inferno seems to have enjoyed this immensely, "Alright. Go shower and get ready for your next class." He may use Boomie for more classes, this was good.

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