(2018-06-04) The Talk (Dun dun DUNN!)
The Talk. (Dun dun DUNN!)
Summary: Syd runs into Vinny again, and it's revealed that she's got issues. Like National Geographic has issues. Quinn shows up mid-discussion and promptly blows her mind again. She'll get used to other powers with stranger stories even than hers, but it'll take time. She's new to this.
Date: 2018.06.04
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Library - Winbarry Estate
The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web suring and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.


Sydney is working on her homework, on this stupifyingly modern computer. The word processor has so many options compared to the Wordstar she knows that she barely knows where to begin, and she has a paper due to test her writing skills. At least she shouldn't need remedial help on those. Assuming she can get this word processor to do anything sensible. But the keyboards. Guh. Spongy, thin, lightweight crap compared to the solid mass of the TRS-80 model 3 that she learned on. That, and her typing has suffered in the years she hadn't done any. Which amount to about 2 or 37, depending on how you count them. She looks up as Vinnie comes in, finds the save button in case Windows crashes again, stands up, and slips the cardboard box part of her costume back on. You say, "Hey," she says and smiles at her prom date. OMG.

Vinny steps into the library, carrying a few books with him. Looking around, he sees Sydney, heading over in her direction as he smiles to her. "Hey…" he replies, before he looks at her costume, looking a bit curious about the attire. "How are you today?" he asks, offering her another smile, and stepping in to offer a brief hug too, if she lets him.

Sydney strikes the pose that goes with her costume while Vinny looks, then takes a breath and accepts the hug, squeezing gently and nuzzling his neck. She hugs until she's relaxed, trying to get it through to the dark, reflexive parts of her mind that being hugged by boys is ok. She's getting it. Lots of positive experiences, of late. "Frustrated. This computer's fighting me every step of the way, doing things I didn't tell it to, crashing, substituting stuff… how do you guys get anything done on these things?"

He's not the person most used to hugs and such either, but Vinny smiles at her again. "Ah, not used to modern computers, hmmm?" It's said with a smile, before he adds, "Don't worry, I can help you if you need to," he offers, before he looks to her costume again. "I should probably know this, but what's the costume?" he asks, offering her a smile. "It looks nice, though."

Sydney shakes her head. "Last time I used a computer was 1980. It was running WordStar and CP/M. I kind of understood it." She strikes the pose again. "Han Solo. In carbonite. He was shaped a little differently but… yanno. And yes, please, on the help. I'm still getting my head around the whole 'everything's a picture and I'm supposed to know what they mean." business. That's what words are for." She sighs. "We should… probably also talk about our upcoming date a little. I'm looking forward to it, but I talked to my psychologist and she said there were some things I should talk with you about so we're all on the same page."

Vinny nods a bit as he hears her words, "Ah, Han Solo… I should have guessed that one." He nods a little bit at the rest of it. "We'll make sure you're able to use the computer quite well in no time at all." At the mention of the date, he nods a bit, "Of course," he replies, nodding.

Sydney nods. "I hope so, yes." She takes a deep breath. "Okay. About the date. I'm…" she hesitates, looking for words. "I have issues on the whole topic of. You know. Sex. I don't… I like hugging… obviously. I like dancing, even very close dancing, that's fine. I just…" She stops and looks frustrated. "Basically two things, and they're related. I don't want to push you into anything you don't want to do. I'm stronger, physically, and I've been pushed plenty… and I don't ever want to do that to someone else. I know guys… today… are raised with a lot more respect for boundaries than they were when I was in junior high, so I don't figure that will be a problem from you. Geez, I'm not making any sense."

"It's okay," Vinny replies, before he nods at what she says. "You're making sense. And I promise, I would never do anything to hurt you. If that happened, even if it was not due to something I did knowingly, I wouldn't forgive myself…" There's a brief pause, and a grin, as he reaches out to pat her shoulder. "And given the fact you could probably easily break me in little pieces, I appreciate that you wouldn't want to hurt me either."

Sydney reaches over to pet Vinny's hand. "Okay. That's what I was trying to get at, yeah. And it's not so much don't do anything, and that I won't do anything so much as… talk to me. I'll be honest about whether I'm ok with something, I promise. And please do the same with me. Ok?.

Vinny nods, offering her another smile. "I promise," he replies, his gaze going to their hands for a few moments.

Sydney takes Vinny's hand and squeezes it softly, and exhales a long sign. "Thank you." She smiles weakly. "I figured you'd understand if I could just get the words out." She takes a breath. Smiles. "I have a dress. Got one at the thrift store. It's being tailored now. I just have to get shoes. I have a line on a place in town that makes shoes for powers, but I haven't gotten there yet. My foster parents said to go cheap on the dress since it's pretty much single use, but that I could go a couple hundred bucks on the shoes because I'll need formal shoes going forward."

"Formal shoes are a good thing to have," Vinny agrees, before he smiles, "I'm glad to hear things are going well with the dress as well." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "And thank you."

Sydney offers a hug, carefully, to not dislodge her costume.

Vinny hugs her in return, being careful not to ruin her costume as well. "You know, this is the first time I've ever looked forward to something like the prom," he says, after a few more moments of pause.

Sydney kisses Vinny's cheek gently. "I've never been to one before. So I'm looking forward to it. I'm a little terrified, to be honest. Before I went into the freezer I was pretty much a shut-in for two years, except for the scientists who made me how I am, and the guy I was the prototype for. I spent most of my time with him. He was my first date, if I had one." She blows out her cheeks slowly. "Should be interesting." She smiles again.

"It must have been so strange, being in a freezer like that. Or coming back out, I mean…" Vinny pauses, before he smiles, "It should be interesting, yes."

Sydney rests her chin on Vinny's shoulder. "Not at first. There were about five other barrels in the freezer with me. It… was used as a way to hide bodies and make sure they were never found. For the mob. So when they defrosted me at the morgue, they were pretty surprised at what they got out, I think. Especially when I ate the examination table. It was stainless steel, and I was hungry."

Vinny pauses as he hears that part about the examination table. "That sounds like something that would surprise people," he agrees, before he adds, "As well as someone being defrosted and alive at the morgue…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Where are you from? I mean, if you want to say, that is…"

You say, "I'm from Chicago. The mob was big there in the early 1980s. On its way out, as it turned out. They were starting to build their own super-villians. I was basically used as a lab animal to test the process for Iron Fist. I knew him pretty well. He was nice to me… but pretty much a stone cold killer. But yeah, to answer your question it wasn't that weird at first. I mean, the morgue looked pretty much how I expected it would from 80s tv. The first thing I noticed really was their phones.""

"Ah yes, phones have changed quite a bit," Vinny replies, before he smiles, "Chicago… I've never been there."

Sydney nods. "Yeah. In 1982, a phone almost always had a cord, for starters. And they weren't cameras. I didn't pay that much attention. Once I re-solidified myself, I was buck naked and half-frozen. They gave me a space blanket to wrap up in and bundled me off to the hospital. The ambulance looked like something out of Star Trek inside."

Vinny grins momentarily, "Ah yes. And you had only seen the original Star Trek series by then, I suspect?" He shrugs a little, before he adds, "The town here must be small when you're from such a large city. For me, it's rather large…"
GAME: Save complete.

You say, "Nah, I'd seen the movie too." She shrugs. "Well. I'm from a trailer court in Harbor Point, which is more like a suburb of Chicago than part of the city proper, but yeah. It's a little small. After being a shut-in for as long as I was, it's kind of comfortable. Quieter, a little slower paced. Where're you from?"

"A small town in Costa Rica," Vinny replies, before he adds, "Although my father is American. He was a professional surfer, and met mother when he was surfing. So he stayed there. Even when he found out about her secret."

Sydney raises an eyebrow. "Her secret?" She drops into Spanish, which has more of a Mexican accent, with a side order of Sesame Street. «What secret?» She's still hugging Vinny. When someone else comes in. She lets go, and snaps into the pose that goes with her costume.

Dressed in a pair of ill fitting blue jeans that he has to tighten to keep up, and a shirt that looks a bit large like he was borrowing someone just a bit bigger of build's clothing, Quinn was still trying to get used to this building. The sudden separating of the two doesn't seem to really bother him much. The computers are, as usual, given a strange sidelong look but not approached.

There's a pause as she lets go of the hug, and Vinny steps back a step or two. «Well, from that part of the family, most of the women are mermaids,» he replies in Spanish, before he looks over towards Quinn, offering him a smile. "Hey…" he offers.

Sydney chuckles at the glance at the computer. "Hi." Syd blushes a little, and tries to look casual "I'm Sydney. This is Vinny, in case you haven't met." She's speaking English now. Her accent suggests Illinois, probably the Chicago area.

"Hello. I have not met either of you… I believe the proper greeting is It is a Pleasure to meet you both." Quinn says speaking in English, although the accent is a queer thing that sounds most peculiar. The words feel a bit funny in his mouth, but he does give them both a shy little smile like he was worried he got it wrong… again.

"Hello. A pleasure to meet you as well," Vinny offers to Quinn, before he adds, "What's your name?"

Sydney listens. Given Quinn's shaky command of English, she doubts he'll get the reference of her favorite movie character (who could be reasonably created on a budget of a buck twenty-five), so she lets go of the pose.

Well it isn't so much his command that's shaky it is modern greetings and he hasn't been brave enough to watch a movie yet. Quinn looks at Vinny for a moment,"I didn't say? I am sorry. You can call me Quinn." He's very specific about how he says that. A lie from his mouth hurts his head a bit.

Vinny nods a little as he hears that. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Quinn," he offers. Glancing to Sydney, he offers her another smile, before he smiles to Quinn again. "Have you been here for long?"

You say, "Nice to meet you, Quinn." The steel girl smiles a mouth full of shiny steel teeth. "Where're you from, Quinn?" She keeps her language carefully direct. Idiom is a booger, a fact she knows from the long and laughter-filled process of learning Spanish from her friends. Whatever else Quinn can tell from her, she means it. Meeting him is nice. She's met so many nice people, she's practically giddy with it sometimes, and expects she'll have to meet the resident jerk sooner or later. The other shoe always drops. She smiles back at Vinny."

"I have not been here for terribly long. You do not need to worry about my English. I speak it with the fluency that my friend Ashton manages." Quinn says smiling weakly again as he slides his hands into the pockets of his jeans,"I am from what is now… Marseille, France. Yes. That's it. It is a similar to what it was called back then."

Vinny looks a bit surprised as he hears Quinn's words, "Back then?" Sounding a bit curious, before he adds, "If you want to answer, of course."

Sydney nods. "Welcome to the school." She smiles. "It's been a pretty friendly place to me so far." Another smile at Vinny. Yessss, that'd be flirtation of the least subtle sort. But again, she means it. Her ears prick up (so to speak) at the "back then" comment as well, and she takes a breath to ask exactly the same question Vinny does. He beats her to it, so she lets the breath out and listens once again.

"It is no secret that I know of, I have not been instructed to keep it such. When I was born it was before the time of the Roman Empire." Quinn says, and the way he says Roman Empire, there is a certain amount of distaste,"Ashton rescued me from the place I was, which was not really an existence so much as… like being in a dark place with no light and no sound and unable to move."

"Before the time of the Roman Empire? Interesting…" Vinny pauses a little, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "Sorry. I like history…" he offers, a bit quietly.

Sydney whistles. "Wow… ok, I'm only 35 years displaced in time. That beats me all cold." She nods vigorously, then happens to glance at the time. "Oh crap. I have another test in five minutes and I need to powder my nose before I get there. Sorry to run out." She quickly unmounts her flash key from the computer, having learned THAT the hard way, and scrambles sideways through the library door with her cardboard box costume. It gets a little scrunched, but it doesn't have to last much longer.

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