(2018-06-04) Bricks in the Wall
Bricks in the Wall
Summary: Syd meets Lazarus for sparring. It ends with a wardrobe malfunction (Woman of Steel, Clothes of Kleenex). They get along remarkably well. Special thanks to Kaylee. While she wasn't in the scene, she was instrumental in getting us hooked up with the documentation for FS3 that we needed to DO the scene. She was also spectating. :) (Takes place after "The Talk.")
Date: 2018.06.04
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The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.


Lazarus was still wearing his suit and uniform belonging to the Ares school because he had a free period…which happened to be his last. In short, he got off early, okay? Never mind that for now. Inferno (the school's gym teacher and resident badass) asked Lazarus to spar with Sydney so that they have an idea of where her strength level is, given that Lazarus is also a 'brick'. So…Lazarus thinks he overheard that Sydney likes to spend time by the beach, so off he went looking for her.

His hands in his pockets, his ocean blue eyes searching the premises while his Superhuman senses look for Sydney. He has the nose of a bloodhound and good enough ears that he could hear a butterfly's wings flapping a mile away.

Sydney is not hard to find. She's shiny and likes to hang around in the sun. Today she's standing just at the edge of the water, letting the sea run over her toes. She daren't go further in, as negatively buoyant as she is, but the sand is supporting her weight here. She doesn't have superhuman senses. Even if she did, she's got her dollar store ipod clone blasting old-school rock through an equally old-school Walkman style set of headphones. Sounds like… to those with superhuman hearing… just went from something or other by Led Zeppelin to AC-DC. Probably highway to Hell. The opening riff is unmistakable. She's blissfully unaware of Lazarus' approach. She was told to meet up with him, though. Which is why she's not in her spirit week costume anymore. Sparring. She looks out at the ocean and closes her eyes, rotating at the waist and swinging her arms out slowly. Stretching. Loosening up. It's completely unnecessary for her physically. Mentally? Helps a lot.

Lazarus walks up to Sydney and stops a safe distance away, his eyes scanning her as if attempting to analyze right off the bat her fighting style. But nevertheless, he coughs into his hand. "I take it you're Sydney?" He speaks pretty straight to the point, his eyes locked onto her as he awaits his answer. "Inferno says I get to spar with you. So I guess that's what we're going to do." He says with a straight face.

She was loosening up, so it's fair to say she was expecting him.

"Ready when you are."

Sydney looks over her shoulder, reaches down to stop her music player, and steps onto dry land. She dumps her music player onto her towel and kicks off her sandals as well. "I'm Sydney, yeah." Style-wise, from her practice moves, at least, She's got some boxing and a lot of street, mostly. She looks Lazarus over. He's good looking, she notes, but. This is fighting. She's all business when she gets like this, letting her aggression up out of its dungeon, close to the skin. "How tough are you? I'd rather not actually hurt you."

Lazarus nods lightly as she kicks off her sandals and confirms her identity. She's not too bad herself, as Lazarus studies her like he was trained to do…but lets be real, he was trained to do a -great many things-. Nevertheless, he enters a slightly defensive stance, one hand still in his pocket, an arm out like he's ready to -fight-.

"Tough. I wouldn't worry about it. Go all out. I can and will recover from pretty much anything you do to me." We're talking torn to pieces, rip him limb from limb…he'll recover within a few moments. Plus his durability… "Let's begin."
<FS3> Lazarus rolls Superhuman Strength: Success.
<OOC> Lazarus says, "You'll notice that his footing is -solid- in the ground and that his muscles seem to be lightly stretching his suit. Like he's bracing for a heavy impact."

Sydney nods. "Ok. Same to you then. Just don't throw me in the ocean. I can't swim." She closes the distance cautiously, raising her guard, leading left for the moment, circling 'round to Lazarus' right to get her back away from the ocean. And to make him break that pretty, solid stance. When she gets close enough, she'll take an exploratory jab with her left, just to see if he's paying attention.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Syd=physical Vs Lazarus=physical
< Syd: Great Success Lazarus: Good Success
< Net Result: Syd wins - Marginal Victory

Lazarus keeps his eyes on her, using his senses also to his advantage. Though he'll watch her, when she throws out that jab, he lifts his hand to catch it, though he makes very little effort to even try to stop the punch, getting jabbed right in the face. Though his eyes watch her as she barely nails him, He smiles. "Not a bad punch." Though he'll shift on his feet and attempt to strike her right in the sternum!
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lazarus=Physical Vs Sydney=Physical
< Lazarus: Success Sydney: Good Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Marginal Victory

Sydney gets an elbow rotated in and down between her sternum and the oncoming fist. Her arm rings a little bit like a shovel, and it's bashed back into her chest. Which will definitely sting her more than the equivalent shot would sting him. Undanted, she continues the rotation, stepping forward with her right leg, and unlimbering a left hook with as much pepper on it as she can muster.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sydney=physical Vs Lazarus=physical
< Sydney: Good Success Lazarus: Good Success
< Net Result: Lazarus wins - Marginal Victory

Lazarus smiles as she blocks the hit, then lifts a hand to catch the hook that she throws, stopping it completely with the momentum. There might even be a nice 'voosh' of wind after the actual hit connects to palm. Though after a moment, in the flat power game, Lazarus seems to be winning at first. "Better." He smiles, and he'll actually attempt a hard roundhouse kick towards her stomach!
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lazarus=Physical Vs Sydney=Physical
< Lazarus: Good Success Sydney: Good Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Marginal Victory

Sydney's arms are busy, but… body of steel, right? She tightens her six-pack (oh NOW you can see it…) and lets the impact bounce right off. Of course, she does get thrown backward a couple yards. She only weighs 600 pounds, and this guy can throw train cars. She flies in a low arc and lands on her back, slides a bit, and rolls to her feet. This hasn't done her shirt any good, however. It's definitely blown in both shoulder seams. The arms are no longer attached to the rest. As she stalks back toward Lazarus, she says, "Nice. Good hip flexibility to pull that in so close. I'm impressed." Aaaand then she continues that last step forward, rotates at the hips, and throws a straight kick at Laz's chin.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sydney=physical Vs Lazarus=physical
< Sydney: Amazing Success Lazarus: Success
< Net Result: Sydney wins - Crushing Victory

Lazarus watches as he power-kicks her across the beach, only to have her roll back to her feet. To imagine that was only a -barely- hit. Nevertheless, Lazarus puts his hands back in his pockets as he walks after Sydney, probably looking too calm for his own good. "Thanks." is all he says before he takes Sydney's metal foot right to his face! With a thunderous -BOOM- sand and ground both kick up from that impact, Lazarus bounces off the ground a few times before he lands hard into the ground. All is still for a moment, until Lazarus stands back up, rubbing his chin. "Ow. Okay…maybe I should take you a bit more seriously." and he stalks right back towards her, before with blinding speed he tries to whallop Sydney right in the chin with hopefully some horsepower behind it.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lazarus=Physical Vs Sydney=Physical
< Lazarus: Good Success Sydney: Success
< Net Result: Lazarus wins - Marginal Victory

Sydney sees that coming and manages to get most of her chin out of the way. Not so much her nose. Her head clangs significantly, the energy dissipating in twisting force that rotates her against her will at the shoulders and waist as well as the neck. If she were a normal person, that would probably have broken her neck, and probably torn her nose clean off even as glancing a blow as it was. But she's not. Her nose unfolds itself, resuming its shape as though being reinflated, and she uncoils from the twist with a right jab, aimed low. Not THAT low, sports fans. She's going for the solar plexus.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sydney=physical Vs Lazarus=physical
< Sydney: Good Success Lazarus: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Lazarus knows he got her. He knows he got her in a -perfect- fashion. Though he's not holding back -too- much as he knows that Sydney is robotic, and he knows that punch he just threw probably would have killed someone if it wasn't her. With that in mind, He enters a defensive stance and tightens his epic ABS and the fist smashes right against it! Though they might as well be made out of steel because he doesn't even -BUDGE-. His eyes looking right at her. "My turn." and he'll reel that fist back, and it turns into a monsterous demonization of a hand as his skin and muscles morph into a -massive fist-. He'll swing at her with tremendous force!
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lazarus=Physical Vs Sydney=Physical
< Lazarus: Good Success Sydney: Failure
< Net Result: Lazarus wins - Solid Victory

Sydney is flattened, blown backward off her feet, in a gout of sand. In between the clang of her whole body ringing, and the exclamation of "FUCK!" one might have heard the subtle tearing of cloth. Syd rolls over backward twice. On the second roll, her shirt doesn't come with her. She lands on her stomach, spits sand out of her mouth, and (thankfully) realizes what's happened before she gets up. "Um. I think I'm about done here." She blushes.

And after that hit, Lazarus's hand goes back to normal. "Oh. I think I went a little too overboard.." either way, he approaches Sydney as she surrenders the fight. "I have a pretty good idea of where you are. Not bad at all." a warm smile as he lowers his hand to her to help her up.

Sydney looks up at him a moment, then shrugs to herself takes his hand, and gets up. She shakes quite a lot of sand out of her shorts with the other hand. She's bare to the waist, and entirely anatomically correct. Even a little bit asymmetric. What kind of robot is she? "Thanks…" Once her shorts are empty she draws her arm across her chest to cover it. "No, that was about par for the course. I didn't win that often when I was training with Iron Fist. Once in a blue moon I'd get him down long enough to sit on his center of gravity and whale on him, but usually we kept on until I was too tired to get up. So… how do you keep your clothes from shredding with this kind of thing? I mean… I learned to fight naked, basically.

Sydney does, Laz is in a position to note, subtly relax her skin structure so it moves more naturally. And hangs more naturally, as the case may be.

Lazarus looks at Sydney though he turns his head as she covers her chest. He was blushing too, though he looks at her. "Well, you'll probably have a great deal of time to train, so who knows? Maybe next time you'll beat me…but I warn you, I've been trained since I was about four years old in intense combat." he smiles. "I mean…I generally just wear strong fabrics."

Sydney nods. "Yeah… and not being 600 pounds of metal flesh probably helps too. Clothes have been a problem ever since I went metal. They make women's clothes especially out of Kleenex, practically. Only gotta last one season before it's out of fashion, right?" She looks at Lazarus, and bumps his shoulder with the fist of her free hand. "You're a mighty decent guy for all that. I've only been fighting since right after my 13th birthday. And then only with the one guy. I was basically the test subject. Keeping me alive as a sparring partner was an afterthought."

Lazarus nods lightly. "Yeah…don't worry." He's very soft spoken and smooth-tongued, straight to the point though. He does offer a kind smile to Sydney though, perhaps the only genuine smile he's flashed in quite some time. "Appreciated, Sydney. you're pretty cool yourself. Though, I know how it feels like. the reason why I've been training since then is because I was stolen by the government of my country when I was that small. trained to be their best weapon. I escaped."

Sydney listens and frowns a little, then, unless Laz seems to object, slips her free arm around his waist and hugs him. "That's awful. I was at least… teenaged. I ran away, got in a fight with a guy who grabbed me…" she gestures meaningfully with the arm that's around her bust. Ultimately I got sold to the guys who were making Iron Fist. For like a hundred and fifty bucks. In 1980 dollars, but still." She walks with Laz. Hopefully toward her towel.

Lazarus allows the hug, wrapping a free hand around her shoulders to hug and pat back. He nods though. "I see. so you arn't from a recent age whatsoever. That makes sense." he smiles and shrugs lightly. "You have an old-fashioned way about you. It's good."

Sydney arrives at her towel and gives Laz a squeeze before letting go. "Thank you. It's only 35 years ago, but still." She lets her arm fall away from her and bends down to pick up the towel. There's really no help for it. She can't tie the towel around her one handed. She retrieves the towel, shakes the sand out of it, and ties it around herself just under her armpits. "What they did to you is a horrible thing to do to anyone, but especially a little kid who doesn't know any better." She reaches out to hug him, if he'll go for it, with both arms now that she's decently covered. "We can let our fighting selves run away with us if we're not careful. It's in our blood now. We're not what we were. So we have to recognize that there's a… a kid, really, inside both of us who's angry and vengeful and hurt, and loves to fight, and try to treat the kid right so it doesn't act out. Or at least… that's been my take on it, with six months of therapy so far. Walk you back to the estate?"

Lazarus nods softly to Sydney, only to be hugged again! She's a hugger! "Yeah.." he nods once, hugging her back. "If you want to walk with me, I see no reason to stop you." He then turns on his heel, walking with Sydney after a very powerful spar.

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