(2018-06-04) A Different Kind of Club
A Different Kind of Club
Summary: Somehow, extra credit may not be issued if one partakes in this… ah, 'club'.
Date: 2018-06-04
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Mon Jun 04, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.


Besa has no business being downstairs near the gaming equipment. Counter point, he doesn't know what gaming equipment is. He's coming out of the laundry room, the sleeves rolled but wet from the handwashing he was doing. Things are hanging. He knows he could use a rune, but he thought he'd let them drip dry a little bit first. He's been through a lot this past week, and has a lot to think on. Plus, prom! Rain said they would find or rent him a tux, so that's good, but now he's very worried about how dancing has changed. It shows as he's frowning moving towards a couch. Cocoa, as always, is following at his heels.

It turns out that gaming — typically on an ancient SNES that has been unearthed or an N64 — has become a sanity-saver for Callisto. So much so that she is completely rapt in her efforts as Besa emerges from the laundry room with all sorts of stuff on his mind. Oh Gods above, if only he could partake in this manner of enjoyment; of relaxation. Of complete, mind-numbing distraction that currently serves to squash the constant thoughts that accost Callisto's mind. Hearing the pup's foosteps of all things, Callisto looks up from her controller to the newly-arriving Besa and Cocoa. She is freshly showered, hair piled up high and fragrant with some manner of expensive shampoo (her final concession with the family funds before she was thoroughly disowned. She smells like some sort of exotic garden! But then, she's mad too because CPU Wario just whooped her faerie ass. Interesting too: she is curled up delicately in the place where a certain speedster had previously say, manspreading.

"Hello Besa." Chimes the Metis girl from her nest, the television paused at a character selection screen for some sort of racing game.

Besa glances tot eh screen, but he can't make any sense of it. "Hello Callisto." He sounds a little more with it, the English isn't so choppy. "I hope you are having a pleasant evening?" He'll find a seat somewhere out of the way, Cocoa immediately sitting on the floor against his leg. She worries. "I will not bother your…activity by being here?"

Well, there's no aggressive foisting of marshmallows. So already the situation is.. calmer. Callisto watches the boy with the perfect hair and his ever-loving Cocoa, looking like some sort of Queen even in casual clothing. She also won't let on that she maybe puked her guts up here after their last meeting. "All is well, all is calm." Well, that's a powerfully eloquent way to describe a night of playing foolish video games, but somehow it may mesh well with Besa. Her lips curl up at their corners as she notes the better grasping of the English language. "How fare you?" She asks gently, craning her neck to once again look upon the screen, the controller nestled into her lap atop folded legs. "This is known as a 'video game." Offered cryptically, with a squint toward the laundry room. "What are you up to, this evening?"

Besa smiles, warm ad gentle at her proclamation of all is well and calm. That's nice. He likes nice. "I am well. I still do not remember as much as I feel I should, but…." His shoulders lift in a. Shrug, seems some teen thing are the same no matter what age they're born in. He looks to the TV, "Yes…it is like what everyone plays on their phones, yes?" God help them all if she gets a Mario for her phone. "Laundry." Not very exciting, but needs to be done. "I am needing to figure out what to wear for the Prom Ball."

The faerie girl's eyes widen… dear God, she is learning of another technological marvel through Besa. "On their… phones? One can play this upon a cellphone?" She asks outright, looking astounded. "How… astounding, yes." Said under her breath as she glances to the television, having not yet picked a character. Besa is more important. Still… the prospect of playing this on a phone…. (Callisto doesn't have a phone) is a fascinating idea. Maybe she can explore this mystical, magical Thing in Thunder Bay while teens are awkwardly slowdancing here, on prom night. Speaking of…

Callisto perks again, "Oh, so you are attending? Have you an outfit to wear? An idea? Is somebody escorting you?" All asked innocently.

Besa shrugs again, "I would assume so?" He pulls one leg up, leaving the other for Cocoa to stay against, "Rain said she would rent me an outfit if there is not eon available for me to wear." He smiles, a little annoyed, but lets it go. Seems everyone kinda forgets that he's a boy, he should be escorting someone, not the other way round, "No. I am going by myself. I enjoy Balls. I am hoping dancing will help my memory."

The white-haired girl tilts her head thoughtfully, then straightens herself with a sniff. "There is no issue with taking yourself to a ball." She says gently, using the boy's own 'term' for the prom itself. Calling it a 'ball' seems to suit Callisto just fine. "Have you a preference as to what you choose to wear? T'is formal, no? So a suit? I pray you choose something other than stark black, for such a color is so very… overbearing." The girl pushes back her moonpale hair, watches Besa again. "I would help you get settled in this ball, but I shall not be there." Said outright, brow furrowing. "Though I do so enjoy dancing."

"Rain like to dress me up." Weird? Or sweet? "I am wearing some kind of tux, I believe? She said either the grey one, or…white?" He's not so certain about the white. Do people wear white now? Besa wants to fit in. He smiles and gives a soft chuckle, "I think I get an accent color too, yes?" His own head, perfect hair swaying, tilts, "Where will you be? I like dancing too."

Quiet as a mouse, Quinn has his hands in the pockets of his jeans. None of the clothing QUITE fits him, it's not too horrible but it definitely looks like it is designed for someone taller and a bit heavier. His golden blond hair was styled today so it hung a bit in the front of his face but the sides and back are still fairly short. His body was filled with nervous tension that was evident in his eyes as well. "What's going on?" He asks jumping at the sound of the tv playing MarioKart, and said tv is given a look.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Calli seems to focus on the screen so it's up to Besa to explain the thing he's never gotten to play. "Hello." Dark, almost bald eyes study Quinn as Besa tries to remember him, "I…think we have met before? I am Besa Ini-Herit." A warm smile along with, "I am waiting for my laundry to dry as Callisto plays a game on the television." And then, feeling the tension "Have you met Cocoa?" Looking down at his dog, Cocoa looks up to Besa. It's kinda sweet.

"We met before I learned English and had my hair cut." Quinn says in a soft voice, his voice heavily accented with his strange accent. "Last we saw was when Ashton released me from my prison."

The graceful girl looks back to her present company almost ruefully. Besa is just so quiet and agreeable that it was easy to lose herself for a few minutes. Now there's… two boys here! Quinn was so quiet! Of course the recognizes the younger (and not so young) boy from the spaghetti escapade in the kitchen a few weeks back. She clears her throat gently, "Forgive me, for I was transported into this… foolish thing." She indicates the flashing square of the television screen and the late-nineties video game glaring balefully at Callisto with her solid 6th-place loss. Pah.

Belatedly, to Besa, "People wear white now.. suits, dresses, and not just for ceremonial means. T'is commonplace to choose a white suit for a prom." Hopefully helpful, "I shall be departing for Thunder Bay with a friend." Said with a very light blush. "I fear that the energy of the ball shall overwhelm me some. I should like to get away."

To Quinn next, "How fare you, Quinn?"

Besa blinks, that's…more than he remembers. Prison? He wets his lips, giving Calli a quick glance before looking back, "…yes. Ashton." The teen is studied openly, Besa trying to recall something else. His own words are heavily accented for his home country, Egypt. "I am glad you seem to be…adjusting." But more prom talk, he looks back to Calli, prefect hair being all perfect. "Oh…that is good to know." But then, "Oh, well….I am sorry you are not able to attend. Perhaps the next ball you will feel up to it."

"I am… Ok. I have been hearing about this prom thing buy I haven't actually found out what it is." Quinn says softly, he was very quiet and he tried to blend in to the surroundings,"I have not met Cocoa." He says shaking his head a bit. "Ashton is the missing student… He had a different form of magic for awhile apparently, I was trapped in a sensory deprivation time bubble."

"T'is alright… I shall put more effort into it next year, for when I apparently 'graduate'." Callisto shrugs lithe shoulders, watching the two of them with the penetrating gaze. Mario is, for now, forgotten. She is quiet as Cocoa is introduced to Quinn, her gaze hooded beneath silvery lashes as her lips pull into a ghost of a smile. She is not the sort to supply too many words, and she simply waits and watches. THough her expression darkens slightly with worry at this talk of the 'missing' student. "We shall find him." Said softly under her breath, setting the controller down completely. A hand lifts to carefully push her hair back behind one tapered ear. She picks up the controller, resumes the race that she has not yet 'started'.

She's doing well.. so well that she COULD win her first race… in 1st! Til' a blue shell comes calling.

"For pokker! Hedning!" The girl hisses at the screen in Danish. You can bet that there's swearing in the mix.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Besa nods, having been in a similar, but not quite as intense situation, "I miss centuries at a time, sometimes. It is quite disorientating. If I can help, please let me know." Thin fingers motion down to the dog, 'You may pet her, if you wish. She is a good dog." As for Ashton, "Yes…his magic is hopefully staying different. WE must find him." Besa feels partially responsible for Ashton's situation, if only he had killed Alraxmargoth'ha centuries ago! He goes quiet, hoping that Callisto will explain Prom, but she doesn't so he offers as best as he can, "It is a ball held in celebration of the school year ending. It is…a night of dancing." But then his eyes widen and his head whips around to stare at Callisto, his expression seems to indicate that he knows what she said.

"I have learned the language of this modern era, and taught Ashton a little about the world I knew." Quinn says sort of hunching his shoulders and looking at the dog for a long moment before he tentatively reaches a hand towards the creature. He was nervous about dogs. Personally he'd never kept them and those that had, didn't really like him much. "Dancing? I have never really done much of that outside of a few holy days as they call them now. I do not think I would be permitted to dance as I did then."

Sorry, Callisto's dark fae side peeked out. She feels herself being watched and she slowly turns to watch Besa for a moment… did he understand her?! Oh blast it… she clears her throat pertly, "Do pardon me. This activity brings something out in me… occasionally a rage that I cannot explain. T'is not my way typically. But some of these…." She blinks at the screen, gestures to the CPU players. ".. these characters can be conniving." Said in a softer, lower voice. Throat clear. Blush.

"There shall be all manner of dancing. Fast and energetic. Slow and… close." Ahem. "T'is all meant for the sake of fun and celebration."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Cocoa seems to like everyone, as long as they're making Besa happy. Her tail thumps softly against the floor nd she turns to let Quinn Peet her. Besa smiles, not only at Cocoa, but he agrees, "Yes…they all wear too many clothes now. It is strangling." He can empathize. At Callisto's apology he smiles, "It is road rage, yes?" See? He can be funny! "I am going to the Ball. I like to dance."

"There are so many layers to clothing and such strange concepts of 'natural behavior'." Quinn says sounding flabbergasted,"I think it is a competitive nature. I have seen Warriors that would get angry when things messed up their distractions." He says trying to think of the right words. Sometimes trying to translate things into English was difficult because of the concepts weren't entirely the same.

The girl considers the conversation at hand… 'too many clothes'…? Somehow this is on a tangent that she can get behind, too. "T'is interesting.. for youth these days," Says old lady Callisto, "Wear so little and so much at the same time. I have bore witness to what some call 'prom dresses'.. I cannot quite comprehend some of the fashions." She says gently, looking down into her lap. The race is a write-off and she doesn't feel quite like playing anymore. One fluid motion takes her from the couch to the system to turn it off, leaving the television to gaze blankly at them. She eases back into that very same nook on the couch, burrows her dark faerie ass into the butt-groove (mmm cozy) and looks at the two boys and the happy dog.

Besa's remark earns a spat of laughter that is surprisingly warm, "T'is.. close. In a way I was driving…"

Besa just nods, leaning a little closer to Quinn, "They even have special clothing to swim." He laughs, shaking his head and leaning backwards, "It is very…much." The ancient teen gives a silent sigh, not realizes he was a little on edge because of the game being played. He just worries he's going to touch something….

"I have been told this… It is baffling. Why wear clothing when one swims?!" Quinn says sounding very confused,"I do not know of these prom dresses. Before my spell failed me, I did not often wear much clothing, if any." He says bluntly. His tribe lived in a relatively warm area and while they would wear ceremonial outfits, he was no warrior, nor a full druid.

Suddenly Callisto sits up straighter… is she blushing and coy at this talk of swimwear being too tight and cloying?! Heck no! She looks.. kinda passionate on the whole thing. "Swimsuits." Said frankly, one hand lifting, fingers splaying across her bare collarbones. "I should like to enjoy a natural swim again, in a natural ocean, but I fear the repercussions that are to be had in doing so on the grounds. Be it here, or at the beaches close to town. T'is a sad day when one cannot swim freely." FINALLY.. people who agree! Who understand!

Yeah.. detention for skinny dipping. Bad move.

Besa would rather be naked swimming as well. Maybe he and Quinn can be swimming buddies and just not worry about it. Or maybe all of them can! The Guardian smiles, "Then we should, this summer. I am sure we could find a place to swim as one should."

"I am not looking forward to winter…. I have never experienced 'snow'." Quinn says honestly. While he was trained by a woman who had hair like snow and could call upon a snow storm, he was never involved in that and lived too close to the Mediterranean. "I think it is perhaps because of the way people think of things. They want to pretend the body is nothing, and yet everything."

Oh dear God what is being brought to fruition here? A new club?! Naked Swimmers Club? Funny thing is, whomever Callisto would tread water with, it would be nothing new to her to see people in their.. ah, natural state of being. Her color is high; this is clearly an idea that agrees with her. "It must be far from here…" Said mostly to herself… considering. There are some here — staff especially — who would have a conniption at a pack of 'antiquated kids' having themselves a romp in the water in their birthday suits. Innocently.

Callisto considers something else.. dashes the thought, flushes. "The last time I was able to do such a thing was…. nearly fifty year ago. T'was very liberating."

She glances back to the television, the screen revealing some sort of blue screen.. an auxiliary setting for the video game system hookup.

Besa's nose wrinkles in sympathy, "I can cast warmth runes for you, if you wish." He does for himself! He'll add fuel to the fire, "We should ask Loukanos. We went camping once and there was a very nice lake I should think would be good for swimming."

"He and Ashton are a thing, aren't they? I am not sure though if Ashton would be up for it though. He likes clothing." Quinn says matter of factly,"These are his, he does not fit in them, and we have not gone… shopping… for clothing that fits me properly." He says nervously,"I think they wish to take me in a… car. Those are rather disturbing."

"I suspect Loukanos would be in favor of such a thing, for he is versed in those old, fine ways." Callisto says loftily, but considers. "I do believe he and Ashton are together, or tied closely. And when we find Ashton we shall look into organizing such a thing to celebrate his safe return." She's being highly optimistic here. She looks to Quinn, "But yes.. he.. does seem more reserved. Even just the bare minimum shall work, no? He needn't be completely down to his basics." See, she's coming up with a solution!

Talk of a car causes the willowy girl to tilt her head in her ever-pensive way, "They are frightful but a necessity in this day. Humans have made this world bigger, not quite so simple. Cars are required now, sadly, to make one's way in this world."

Besa says, "I…think so?" But that just makes Besa frown, "Why would Ashton not be alright with us swimming?" He was okay with Besa and Ashton camping without him? "Cars are loud, but they are faster than camels." Besa just can't touch anything inside them. And he nods, apparently ok with otter's coming too, as long as it's not bathing suits only!"

"I was more thinking that he would have issue being naked and swimming." Quinn says shrugging a little bit,"Cars are loud and move so fast that I wonder that they do not cause more death and destruction." He says almost whimpering a little bit,"But if I am needed to help Ashton, I will very willingly get into one of those things." He says, not bothering to hide his shudder.

Besa offers, "You will get used to them. Trust me." Besa's gotten used to far worse. He smiles, "I am still learning of everything that happened to this Ashton." This Ashton? Does Besa not remember him? "I am going to try to scrye him once I am certain. We will find him."

"I have been told I will get used to them and the magic boxes…. I haven't yet and the… cell phones. Dakota make me almost have a heart attack with one of those." Quinn says shaking his head a bit about the whole thing,"I fear I am having more trouble than I should with such things. I am trying though… I have braved rooms with them in it."

Besa offers again, "It will take time but you will." Or not, and his life will just suck forever. "I am not able to touch such things. I have been cursed." He smiles, "Braving rooms is a start."

Well his life will pretty much such forever in a lot of ways. "Could the curse be lifted? I do not have much experience with curses if we are honest. My mentor taught me a great many things but curses were not part of them." Quinn says softly as he stands up a little straighter,"It may have been because of have dangerous they are, a lot of curses can really backfire."

Besa looks down at Cocoa, reaching to pet her, "I do not know…it was laid on my after the initial sacrifice….I do not know if it is because of the sacrifice, or something that Alraxmargoth'ha did to me…" He shakes his head, "No…I do not think it was for my protection."

"I do not know who Alraxmargoth'ha is, or was, or will be…" Quinn says not entirely sure what tense the demon actually is at the moment. "It is more aptly a side effect of something. Sometimes magic will have unforeseen sideeffects, and if the spell was placed on you before this time… It is entirely possible for it not to be known."

Oh. Besa gives a sheepish smile, "It was the demon that I was sacrificed to. It is dead now." A small from creases his forehead, "I understand what you are saying. Curses are a magic spell. I cast runes magic." He knows what's up, yo!

"Yes. They are, but the intent and everything isn't the same I do not think… My training on them was very poor." Quinn says pressing his fingers to his forehead for a moment. "Plus it is difficult to express about what I was taught in English and I am trying very hard not to speak in my native tongue. It's too dangerous to me just using it and ignoring the other." The boy says with a weak little smile on his lips.

Besa assumes the other is English? A soft nod, "I have fund when presented with a. New language, it is bets to go slow. Do not feel you need to rush the words." Besa knows a lot of languages! "I sometimes slip into Coptic, I understand the desire of comfortability."

This makes Quinn consider for a long moment,"It's like sounds. A sound can be harmonic and will move things along or they can be discordant and drive things that way. This is how I was taught about curses versus a spell."

That is different than what Besa was taught, so again, more nodding. "I must make the rune and then break it." He smiles, "Music must be very important to you then, yes?" There's a moment and Besa will offer, "I play hand drums."

"Music is how I do my magic, and without it I cannot do it." Quinn says nodding his head,"I think magic is a very varied things. Two people can do the same thing in vary different ways."

"Yes. I think that is very much true." Besa sits up, stopping petting Cocao who looks u like she's not sure why she's not being petted anymore, "I learned from watching my priests. By the time they realized I was casting runes, it was too late to stop me from knowing." He smiles a little, maybe there was always a little bit of a rebellious streak in him after all. "So then they taught me, to try to limit it." That didn't work either. "Now I create my own."

"From the time I was born I could hear things in the world, and that set me on the path for the Druids. I witnessed buildings burn and crumble after flying things crashed into them." Quinn says seriously,"And then it got REALLY loud and they put me with my mentor who taught me how to not always hear all of it."

Ah, Besa nods. Quinn was born gifted, that makes sense. That's how a lot of priests were chosen, from what he can remember. But he doesn't follow, brow furrowing. "I do not understand." But then he does some of it, "She taught you to block things?"

"She taught me how to… filter out things. If I don't then I hear every sound of every living creature and thing of the earth." Quinn says seriously,"Imagine that. All the sounds of the world flooding into your mind and ear all the time."

"It sounds terrible. I am glad you do not have to experience that anymore." There's a moment before Besa smiles, "Can you hear me?" Quinn is prolly asked that a lot, so Besa doesn't ask what he sounds like, just if he can be heard. It's nice to be part of the world.

"It was very stressful." Quinn says smiling a bit,"Yes. I can always hear people. Your sound no longer misses a beat like it did." He says smiling a bit more. He has heard it a lot but it doesn't bother him.

Besa slowly reaches up to touch his chest, "I was missing a beat?" That makes sense, he guesses. Strange. "I am healed now." Underneath hi shirt a small green stone wrapped in silver can be seen briefly when he touches his chest. "It is nice to know my song is whole again."

"Yes. It was disturbing to hear." Quinn says seriously,"I think I should lay down though. I feel a bit tired and I do not want to fall down again." He apparently put off sleeping a bit since he was concerned.

"And I should finish my laundry. Good night, Quinn." Besa heads to the Laundry room, and Cocoa follows.

What of Callisto? Well.. needless to say, she has been silent for quite some time. Now that there's no television noise, no clambering of students beyond the walls and the onset of true night fall… there's a different kind of sound. Maybe it's the sounds of Besa and Quinn's voices in calm conversation; the sound of Cocoa's breath… maybe it's just a tiredness that she didn't admit. Their voices lulled the fae girl to sleep, and she is now nestled into the well-used couch. z__z

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