(2018-06-02) Marshmallows and Prom Dates, Oh My!
Marshmallows and Prom Dates, oh my.
Summary: Syd runs into Vinny. And then, Saoirse – Mystress of Chaos* - shows up. Somehow Vinny winds up asking Sid to Prom. And she says… well you have to read it, I guess.
Date: 2018.06.02
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Entry Way
Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.


Sydney opens the door and comes in. She's blurry with sweat, breathing hard, and carrying both the 200 pound dumbells she found in a closet, as though she's been out running with them. Which she has. Her hair is fine enough to hang limp with the moisture, and her knees are a little wobbly with exhaustion, but that is definitely a smile trying to creep onto her face. Brick gotta exercise, apparently. She pauses, looking at Vinny, catching her breath and trying to recall of she knows him. Eventually she gives up. "Hi. I'm Syd. I don't think we've met," she says between breaths.

Looking up from where he just came out of the library, Vinny looks up, offering a brief smile. Watching Sydney rather carefully for a few moments, he offers her a brief smile. "Hello, Syd. I don't think we've met, no. I'm Vinny," he offers, with a brief smile. "Have you been here for long?"

Sydney holds both dumbells in one hand and wipes her hair out of her face. "Working on my first week." She grins. Even her teeth are steel. "Nice to meet you. What about you, have you been here long?"

Vinny nods a little as he hears that question, "Been a few years no. My older sister came her first, then me," he replies. There's a brief pause, before he smiles, "Welcome to the school, then."

Sydney smiles again, wipes her hand on her cutoffs and offers it to shake. It's always mildly interesting to her whether people take her up on that, and how hesitantly some do. "Thanks. A few years, huh? I've heard this isn't the regular school, that something happened to the regular building and they're rebuilding it. Is that true?" Her breathing is already settling down. "In shape" would be obvious to the casual observer who can see her arms and legs, let alone the six-pack of her belly. "Also… I'm basically a brick. I break things, mainly. What do you do?"

Saoirse comes floating down the hallway, about 4 feet up in the air, she slowly just moves along. Oh, there's voices, which means people? Coming into the entryway she looks at the duo assembled. "Hello!" she offers cheerfully, giving a little wave.

Shaking the offered hand, Vinny offers a smile, before he nods, "That's quite true… Stuff happened, and we had to come here for a while…" There's a chuckle offered as he hears that question, and he grins. "Me? Oh, trying not to get broken," he comments, before he adds, "Well, I've got good reflexes and heightened senses, but that's basically it…" There's a pause as Saoirse arrives, and he offers her a smile and a nod. "Hello…"

Sydney 's hand is, for those who've shaken it, surprisingly warm and flexible, and she's very, very careful not to injure Vinny's hand, but still shake firmly enough. One of those things she's practiced. She nods. "Sounds like a good setup to me…"

When Saoirse arrives, Syd's distracted, of course. Floating woman. Syd stares a few moments, just getting used to the idea. Finally, "Um. Hi. Syd." She points to herself, then to Vin. "Vinny, in case you don't already know him. What… um… what's your name?" See, she's getting better. She only stared a few seconds.

Saoirse points to herself "Ah'm Saoirse!" She rises up into a sitting position in the air, tucking her knees into her chest just float-sitting. "I'm new to the school!" Looking puzzled a moment she asks "What're yae' all doing in the entryway?"
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"As long as it helps me avoiding getting hit, it's good. I can't take many hard hits." Looking to Saoirse again, he smiles, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Saoirse," he offers, before he shrugs a little at the question. "Well, I was leaving the library, she came in from… outside?"

Sydney nods to Sao. She has a two-hundred pound dumbell in her left hand, and another casually tucked under her arm. She offers her free hand to shake. "Nice to meet you. I was outside running, and we met when I came in, just now. Gonna say you're Irish or Scottish? Maybe Welsh? I'm not good enough with Celtic accents to tell them apart." She smiles. "So… I'm a brick, he's a sense and reflex guy… what do you do? Besides fly?" All the myriad powers. She shakes her head. "I'll get used to everyone being powered eventually. It's kind of like… I have…peers. A people. Before I got changed I just read about you guys in the paper." And comic books, but she knows they distort things a bit, so she doesn't mention them.

Saoirse nods "Mmmhmmn, I'm Irish." She untucks when the hand is offered, carefully, woozily getting to her feet unsteadily on the landing, and reaches out to daintily take the hand. "Well..I don't know. My power is kind of to be pretty normal. I've gotten much better at holding in my pee when I'm scared..um..I don't really fly as much as float. Um..um, I dont tend to get tummyaches. I uh..I can lift stuff sometimes. Oh! I think my biggest superpower is I get unlimited Ultra Puff marshmallows, I get a free lifetime supply! "

Vinny goes a bit silent as he listens now, looking between the two of them a bit quietly. He pauses a little as he hears Saoirse describe her powers, blinking a few times, but keeping silent for now.

Sydney shakes Sao's hand, one nano-cyborg to another. Syd's nanomachines are comparatively dumb, mostly following instructions encoded in the DNA of the stem cells they're fused to. They don't do anything sophisticated, like telling her they've touched another nanocyborg - in fact, they're blissfully unaware. Nanotech was in its infancy in 1980. But Sao might well be accutely aware of exactly how Syd works, and the fact that she is a cyborg, down to every last cell in her body, plus the dead layer of skin on the surface, hair, fingernails, teeth, and everything, and that any of the cells can do any cellular job. Syd's not broken down into organs inside unless necessary - lungs yes (respiration and voice), heart yes (cooling system, mainly). And so on. "Marshmallows?" She asks. It makes her smile. She looks at Vinny to catch his reaction. "That's… an interesting power."

Saoirse's nanomachines are fairly smarter, however the girl they make up is progressively dumber, having no idea how the technologies in play actually work. "My sister is Bionic Girl, she's a public hero and military asset, she's a spokesperson for Ultra Puff, and so they gave the family free marshmallows for life." Retracting her hand after the shake, she steadies herself by putting a hand to the wall. "I'm not really military grade or anything like my sister, I'm using civilian level stuff. So I am not quite sure what kind of hero I can be. But..there are certainly people that could use our help here. There's one that's afraid bad guys will chase him - and they might. There's a lesbian whom found the power to be a lesbian, confidence, pride, lesbianism, those are her powers. There's a guy who can fly around, and apparently..date and possibly have sex with multiple people. I'm not sure if thats a power, but it sounds like he's good at it? So no matter if we are partially not good at being heroes, there are certainly people that we are going to need our help! And when those people need our help, I will be there - with Marshmallows, which will help to destress them with thier chewy deliciousness in those stressful times."

Vinny nods a little as he listens, "Interesting, yes," he offers, before he pauses for a few moments. "I don't think I'll ever fully be a hero, myself," he replies, shrugging a little to himself.

Sydney blushes at the absolute coredump she just got from Sao, particularly the parts about sex. She nods slowly in agreement to the sentiment, at least, that there are people who will need our help. And…marshmallows. Syd had kind of forgotten about them, and now finds her mouth watering at the idea. Especially roasted. Yum. "Got it." She smiles at Sao, who seems a little…ditzy maybe, but genuine, sweet… and strange. Syd always appreciates those qualities. "Bionic Girl? Ok, I've heard of her. She was in the papers a few months back. And yeah… marshmallows for destressing… I can get behind that."

Syd looks at Vinny. "Why not? Not everyone has to fight the super villians. I mean… even regular people are heroic all the time. You don't have to, but… why not? If you have gifts, why not use them?"

Saoirse nods "Abigail is usually in the papers, or blogs, or television, she's pretty popular. She encouraged me to come here, and to go to the prom!" She smiles brightly "There's a girl here who can toast marshmallows in her hand, they taste super awesome that way! Though..you might want to pass on the awesome sauce. She said she had some, but marshmallows are just fine on their own." She nods along with Syd "They used to let me load some of the weaponry, but I kept dropping the cannons..and I kept labeling the bionic jet, the weapons, the uniforms..they said I couldn't help with that anymore. They also took the labeler away..and the two that I found that were spares or hidden."

There's a brief pause as he listens to the rest, glancing around the room a bit. Was that at the moment the prom was mentioned? Must be a complete coincidence, right? Vinny pauses a bit at Sydney's words, "I'm not…" he begins, before he pauses at the part about not everyone having to fight. "I just don't know what to do…" He shakes his head a bit again.

Sydney shifts the dumbells in her arm. Bionic jet. Weapons. Uniforms. Oookay. Another story she'd have trouble believing, except that she read about Bionic Girl, and some of those things were mentioned. She mentally breathes a sigh of relief that Sao doesn't have access to those things anymore. They might not necessarily kill Syd outright, but leveling the building would at least be a pain in the butt. "Um… yeah… so do you have a date for prom?" Syd wonders who flying-sex-boy is. Recalls that Alistair flies…

Syd sets the dumbells down and gently rubs Vinny's shoulder. Hey, she touched a guy of her own free will. She's getting more comfortable with that. "Well. That's part of why we're here, right? So we can figure that out? I don't have a lot of choice. Basically superhero or super villain, and I've seen how super villain ends. Plus, at least right now, fighting is all I'm really good at. Might be different when I graduate, but that's a long way off. I guess… we just have to be patient."

Saoirse nods her head "Well yes, I said I'd go with a boy, Alistair. I wanted to ask Kaylee because she is the expert at Prom, however I wasn't able to find her, so I eventually accepted Alitair's offer. He seems interested in romantic things, I don't really have that inclination with him. I am less so inclined since I found out that since he had asked me, he has flirted with, kissed, and slept with another girl. Well, I'm not sure if there was sleeping involved, but she had sex with Alistair. That makes me uncertain. What do you think? Should I go to prom with him, or go by myself? Since I don't have feelings for him it doesn't really bother me, but there seems to be a pattern with him and other girls, and getting involved in that pattern might be unfortunate."

There's a brief pause as his shoulder in rubbed, causing Vinny to offer a smile to Sydney. "Thank you…" he replies, before he goes silent again as he hears Saoirse's words. "Err…" he begins, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "I'm not the right person to ask for advice on… relationship stuff, or whatever this should be called, I think. I…" He trails off again, muttering something to himself, in Spanish.

Sydney folds her arms across her chest and nods slowly. Yeahhh… figures. Apparently she's not the only one to entertain those kinds of thoughts about him. She's not sure how she feels about it, either. "I'm the wrong person to ask for relationship advice, hon. I've… had like one, and it was complicated and probably massively unhealthy. Also it was 30 years ago, and times change." She thinks about it. "I wouldn't go with someone I didn't want to be held by on the dance floor, at least. It's not like you're marrying him or anything, but if that wouldn't be comfortable… call it off, I guess." Syd tries to bash down the whole "…then I can ask him…" that sneaks up in her mind. Quiet you.

Syd notes Vinny's lapsing into Spanish and murmurs back, also in Spanish, «What could possibly go wrong?»

Saoirse pouts "That seems to be everyone's response, no-one is good at all these kind of things at all. I decided to say yes because Abigail heard I got asked to Prom and said I absolutely had to go! These things are super confusing."

«Wait… You're over…» Not really realizing he's still speaking Spanish, Vinny trails off, as he blinks at Sydney a few times. "30 years ago? But…" he begins, trailing off again, before he sighs, "Still, one relationship is more than…" Trailing off again, he looks down to the ground for a few moments. "Nevermind…" He lets out another breath, before he looks to Saoirse. "This whole prom thing has always made me a bit… I don't know…"

Sydney nods. "Yeah… I want to go. I like dressing up and dancing, it turns out, the one time I did it. I don't know anyone, and whether my foster family will spring for a dress, I also don't know, but… I'm really hoping I can go.

Syd looks back at Vinny. "If you lower my body temperature below 40 degrees, my metabolism stops completely. Someone I trusted asked me to wait for him in a freezer. He died the next day. This was 1982. I didn't get thawed until the restaurant went out of business this year." She rubs Vinny's shoulder again. "Too much responsibility too fast? Like that?"
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Saoirse hmmns. "Well. In that case I have good news for you. Battlestar Galactica was cut fairly short, but did finish Battlestar 1982, but the series was redone as a very long series that got to tell more of a story! So you have that to look forward to!" She hmmns. "I'm kind of tall, and I have quite a bit more butt than most girls, so I dont think any of my dresses would fit you. However..I'm sure something can probably be worked out if you wanted to go? A normal dress with the right accessories might work out about as good?" She tilts her head "You know, you two could go together to Prom?"

"Ah…" Vinny replies at Sydney's words, pauses a little bit as he hears that part about the fridge. "I'm sorry to hear that he died…" he offers, before he pauses , "Responsibililty?" He pauses for a few moments, before he blinks a little at Saoirse's words. "I'm not good at dancing…" he mutters, after a few brief moments.

Sydney blinks. "Hey, I watched that. I got as far as "What happened to Starbuck… They redid it?" She blinks again at the whiplash subject change. She cocks her head to take a look at Sao's bottom, since the other woman mentioned it. "Nothing wrong with your bottom… but yeah… you're tall, I have almost no butt, and I'm a little bigger in front, too." Syd's not kidding about that, clearly. "Dress wouldn't be too hard, but if I want the one I saw at the thrift store, I have to act fast." She looks at Vinny. "Is dancing more than two people holding each other and moving to the music now? 'Cause that's pretty much all I know. And… yeah… he was… well a mob super-villain, so it's probably better this way." She doesn't sound especially convinced.

Saoirse claps her hands "Uh-huh, just a few years ago it concluded. You should watch it! As for the prom..it's not about showing off, or being flashy I think, it's about socializing, and prettying-up! There's dancing, but there's not as much about dancing I think. So why dont you two go together then? My sister said I need to go, because it's a right of passage for being a normal teenager. It's not to be missed. So you two need to go. I think I've made up my mind about it. There's no reason not to go, right? I'm going to wear a blue dress. Abigail got it for me." She claps her hands "Let's make this the bestest prom ever!"

Vinny nods a little, rather thoughtfully. "As long as it's not more than just moving to the music, I think I can do it…" he offers, quietly, before he pauses. "Mob super villain? I think you have some rather interesting stories you could tell…" Pausing again as he hears Saoirse's words, he opens his mouth as if to say something, before just closing his mouth and nodding a little. "Okay…" Looking to Sydney again, he adds, "If you want to, of course…"

Sydney ponders what Sao says. As a source of advice, she thinks to herself, Sao probably isn't the most reliable. Still… her thoughts on prom sound about right to Syd. Dressing up, socializing, dancing. It's not, as Syd herself just said, like getting married. She looks at Vinny, and blushes a little. "I'd love to. Thank you." Syd has a dazzling smile, not just because it catches stray sunlight. It doesn't get used often, but she has it. It lights up her whole face.

Saoirse squeals excitedly, clapping her hands a few times. "That's great! You know it's too bad we can't flip one of my dresses. The butt being let out, the top being let in, but they dont work that way. But you know what, we'll make it work!" Giving a thumbs up with each hand to each she smiles brightly "Okay! This Prom thing is going to be amazing!" Saoirse seems to be focusing on the positives as much as she can.
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