(2018-06-02) Are You a Merman?
Are You a Merman?
Summary: RJ and Saoirse meet on the beach.
Date: IC Date (2018-06-02)
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Beach - Winbarry Estates

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beaches on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

Even though it has been months since RJ arrived on this Earth, the weather has been too cold to go down to the beach, well, at least to go to the beach with any consideration of touching the water. Today is a beautifully bright, spring Saturday. The sun is out in its radiance. The heavy, blanketed clouds that constantly threatened snow have broken up and given way to those large delightful things that take the shape of dreamers' imagination.

Walking alone is a whipcord thin teenager with pale blond hair. RJ is wearing a pair of boardshorts that are a steady ombre from black through grey to white at bottom. A button up shirt of pale yellow is left unbuttoned. The ever present dark blue metal bracer is on his right wrist, with its golden-amber colored gemstone sparkling in the light. RJ seems a touch lost in his own head at the moment, as he just stands there looking out at nothing in particular, with his toes digging down into the moist sand beneath.

Saoirse is looking forward to beach time, wearing a black one-piece swimsuit and a simple cotton throw-over. Arms outstretched, she is flying above the water, giggling and laughing as her feet skim the waves, turning about in circles. She's left a basket and a blanket on the beach. And of course…a yellow plastic bucket and shovel for playing with sand. She comes to a sudden stop as she nears RJ, hovering over him and bending down, hair falling downward as she tries to stare at him face to face if she can manage it, just sort of hanging/floating there. "Hi!" She offers excitedly. "I'm Saoirse, and your a boy in the ocean! Ooooh, are you a merman?"

RJ blinks at the sudden arrival of Saoirse and the disruption of his thoughts. "What? Um.. My apologies. I am called RJ." He cocks his head, "I could be. I don't know. What is a 'mer-man'?" His accent is something unlike any American accent or any known accent actually. He looks at girl with wide, green eyes.

Saoirse accent is heavily slanted towards Irish. "Hmmn. I've never seen one, but I'm assuming that mermaids have mermen to make merbabies? It's an old legendary creature. But.. I'm not sure if they are real, but there are a lot of things here that aren't supposed to be real but are." She stays in place, bent over. "There's something wrong.. here, let me fix it." Reaching out to try to grab hold of RJ's cheeks with a soft pinch, and try to bring his lips up to form a smile. "We'll just give you a smile here and…"

RJ does flinch a little at just being touched by the strange girl. He scrunches his eyebrows together a little with perhaps an even more confused look. "Well, as I am not of this Earth, I do not think that I am one of your mermen. Neither am I old or legendary, in any way conceivable." He offers a weak smile at that, as he reaches up and brushes his ashen hair from his eyes. "No offense, intended, but you are quite forward, aren't you?"

Saoirse smiles "Oh! There, you did it on your own! Good job!" She releases and claps a little. She rights herself to float above the water, right-side up. "Am I? People keep seeming to say that about me." Tilting her head to the left side "I see. Well…welcome to Earth!" Throwing up her hands in the air "Hooray! Welcome aboard!" The hands dip down to settle on her wide hips. "You’re going to have to try some neat things. Like Marshmallows, and twinkies, and little chicken thingies on a stick roasted with different kinds of sauces. There are so many yummy things to eat!"

RJ smirks slightly, "I know how to smile. I was just thinking about things that do not really deserve them." He cocks his head slightly. "I have been here for a couple of … " he pauses, as if trying to remember the word, "months.. but I do not think that I have eaten any of those things. I do not know about the first two, as I do not know what those things are, but I do not think I would enjoy your chicken thingies on a stick… I have not adjusted yet to eating flesh. It was not readily available on my Earth." He pauses, "That is a little confusing. I am from Earth, just not this Earth." He glances back in the direction of the school. "Are you a new arrival to the school?"

Saoirse nods her head "Oh, an alternate reality earth, your one of those! While it's not particularly common, it does happen. We have all kinds of different things you wouldn't think would be normal. There's great fruits and veggies too though! Oh, you'll enjoy the yummy things we have! Fried mushrooms, zucchinis, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, mangoes, grapes, cherries, dried fruits, regular fruits, and avocadoes.. which.. I'm not sure if it's a veggie or a fruit, but it's AMAZING!" She tilts her head to the side once more. "What are you used to eating? Unless you like, powered by something and don’t eat?"

RJ grins widely, "Oh yes, I have tried lots of fruits and vegetables since I got here. And I was introduced to this miraculous food called chocolate. It is astounding. You really should try it if you have not." He shrugs, "Where I came from, someone from my station pretty much ate protein paste sometimes flavored protein paste… but protein paste, no matter what you flavor it with, still taste like protein paste, which is not nearly as delicious as the stuff I have eaten since my arrival." He pauses and suddenly looks at her. "Are you from the same settlement… place of origin as Ronan. You sound similar to him."

Saoirse shakes her head "No, probably not. I'm from this Earth. I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I grew up severely disabled and unable to move, talk, or take care of myself. So a lot of things are new to me. And I can relate to protein paste, because it was difficult to eat many things so there was a lot of diet based on pastes, like baby foods and such. Now I can eat like a pro!" She opens her mouth "I mean check out these teeth!" Pretending to chew for a few "Check out this chewing action!" She stops a moment to consider, her body floating up so that she's 'laying' in the air, about eye level with RJ, resting her head on her hands once her arms are crossed in front of her. "Well.. if your here, your here for a reason, a reason that makes you special. And you’re going to live a different, probably better life from now on."

RJ nods, "Ronan is from this Earth. That is the place, I think he said he was from - the Ireland one." He pauses, "Are the people from there known for their tempers? Where I come from the name would imply such. Land of Ire. But neither Ronan nor you seem to be particularly aggressive." He quirks an eyebrow at the lounging in mid-air, but it is touched with bemusement as he knows he would probably do the same thing if he could." He shakes his head, "Nothing really special about me." He lifts up his right hand and points at the wide bracer around his wrist. "This is why I am here… has nothing to do with me, other than the fact that it has attached itself to me. But yes, this Earth is a much better place than mine. It isn't conquered and enslaved by an alien race for one… and two, food other than a daily allotment of protein paste if you perform your duties adequately."

Saoirse mmmns. "Yes, we're both from Ireland. Redheaded Irish girls are particularly known for being firey I think, but I would think the Scottish would be more in the ire area.. but I wouldn't know so much, I didn't converse with many people at home." Peering at the bracelet she asks "Do you put the bracelet up and say something like by the power of grayskull, I have the power? Hmmn, I suppose not. Though it probably gives you some kind of powers?" She peers at the bracelet "You know, you could try adding some streamers or something to it, give you some bling? Make it look really neat? Or stickers maybe? I'm kind fo the same. There wasn't anything special about me, but I'm infused with super-duper technological stuff. It lets me be pretty normal now, but it's not like I'm smart, or coordinated, or popular, or an effective hero. My sister has superpowers though, military grade technology in her body, so she fights things like aliens, and invasions, and bad guys. I'm not allowed to do those things though."

Oh this girl just hurts RJ's poor little confused head. He just blinks at her for a second, before he shakes his head. "No, mostly it just makes it real difficult to hurt me…. and sometimes I can release stored up energy directed as an energy blast. I think it affects how well I recover from injuries when I sustain them. Though in truth, I really have no idea what this thing is actually doing to me. Sometimes it kind of influences how I move.. like if someone is attacking me.. I will react like through muscle memory, even if I have no reason to… I have only been stuck with it for a few months now. There are times I worry that it is changing me into something more akin to the Farosh." He pauses, "The alien race that conquered my Earth.. they are the ones that created the Symbiote Bracers." Bracers, plural, as in more than one. His other wrist is free from any alien jewelry. He leans a little looking closer at the girl, "So you are a fusion of biological and technology? Fascinating…" He pauses and straightens up. "Sorry.. that is just … " He pauses, once again searching for the words, then when he remembers and says it, he does so with a subconscious head nod. "Fucking awesome." The last two words bear an accent that indicates someone has been "helping" RJ with his use of the language of a typical American teenager.

Saoirse nods softly "Mmmhmmn, I know what that's like. I'm made up of human and biological technology called Nanomachines. Teeny Tiny machines that work on a biological level, my body will be completely taken over by them within a few years. At some point I will no longer be human, and I will be a piece of technology that emulates being human. I've gone from being unable to live on my own, to having the freedom of a normal person. I know a lot of the things your are going through. And what you describe does make you super-duper, so no, you wont have any kind of orginary life. It should be a pretty good one!" Quirking her brows upward "Be careful with that word you just used, it's not a very nice word."

RJ blinks, again with an almost childlike innocence. "What word?" He clearly has no idea what he said was wrong. "If I have offended or insulted, I do apologize. I do not know how I erred." He frowns, "You will no longer be human? Can this not be prevented?"

Saoirse shrugs her shoulders "It's the F word, the one beginning with F, then there's a U, a C, a K, and so forth." She flips onto her back, holding out her arms to her sides, hair falling down into the water just barely. "No, because now it supports my life functions. But if I could, I wouldn't be able to talk, or function the same, or even clean my own hiney or go to the bathroom. My body is dependent upon how it is now. My father created the little nanoguys, and put them in me. He's not allowed to make changes like that anymore though."

RJ cocks his head, "Grayson and Daxton said that is what you say when you wish to be emphatic, sort of like, saying something is very, very something… " He frowns slightly. "I am sorry to hear that… not that your body would stop functioning, but that you have no option. But will you cease to be human or will you just be a non-organic human? I mean will you still think and feel as you do now?"

Saoirse shakes her head "No one can answer that. No one knows. I didn't grow up with a brain or body that worked the same as others, so there is no telling. I think I will remain who I am, but till it happens.. it is something to be concerned about. It's scary." She wiggles her nose back and forth a moment. "Well.. it's expressive to an extreme, it's kind of undignified. That F word can mean many things, including sexually or rudely. So.. be very careful in its use."

RJ's shoulders slump a little bit. "Oh.. I was ignorant of the different connotations. I will have to ask Daxton about this." He chews on his lower lips slightly, as he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "Well, I suppose then until something happens then is no point worrying about what may or may not be, right?" He nods. "Most likely when the Farosh finally catch up with me, they will exterminate, so in the meantime I try not to let that thought weigh me down. I guess you are in a similar situation."

Saoirse nods her head, flipping back to 'lay' right side up once more. "Well.. I more decided to try to live as much life as I can. As freely as I can. As for them, well you now have pretty powerful friends, it's not too likely they will get you the same way they could before. All of us are here for some reason, we have powers, from the ability to toast marshmallows, the ability to be a lesbian, the ability to fly, lots of different people can do lots of different things - things that can help you!"

RJ grins, looking down at his flat chest. "Well, I do not think I will ever be able to become a lesbian, for two very large reasons. " He waggles his eyebrows slightly. But I do understand that there are those who are capable and would be willing to help me, if I need it, and that this is not something that I must face alone any longer. So what are these marshmallows that you keep mentioning?"

Saoirse nods "Okay, maybe being a lesbian isn't a superpower, but it should be! Ooooh, to have the courage and passion to make such a decision. To cry out I like girls, when you’re a girl, even if your parents don’t like it! So courageous! I've done some google searching on it, and apparently it's quite scary and takes a brave person. The other stuff, like superpunches, and fire control, and being able to not pee when faced with something terrifying, those super powered people will definitely help you out!" She smiles brilliantly "I'll have to give you a marshmallow, it's fluffy, and chewy, and sweet, it's just the best!"

RJ nods slightly with a gentle smile on his lips, "I personally do not understand this Earth's hangup on what you call sexual orientation. It is not an issue on my Earth… but then again, when you are sterilized at thirteen, it does not matter as much I guess." He nods, "But I agree that it is quite admirable when someone remains true to themselves when it is easier to not." He flinches slightly, as he closes his eyes, as he pinches the bridge of his nose. He shakes his head, looking a little shaken. "I apologize, Saoirse… but I think I need to return to the school. My head just suddenly started to hurting, and it is difficult to think clearly." He offers the girl a smile. "It was nice to meet you. Perhaps we might continue this conversation at another time, when I am feeling better." With that the teenager slowly makes his way up the hill towards the manor house.

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