(2018-06-01) Shopping For Prom
Shopping for Prom
Summary: A group of students head to Shady Cove to start getting ideas for Prom attire
Date: 2018-06-01
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Main Street Shady Cove

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

It's Friday! Friday! Friday! And thank goodness not many people constantly think of that song every time they go to talk about what day it is. Except for Kaylee, who also takes it upon herself to remind people of the horror that was Rebecca Black's birthday present from her parents. It takes a certain kind of sadist to giggle as other people cringe in horror at the song that can't be unheard.
But in other news! Prom is only 7 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means it is now absolutely and totally time to start looking at what outfits are going to be available once the theme is selected, so you can be ahead of the curve and get your perfect outfit before they're all gone. And, since this is completely new to some people, who better to help you pick out an outfit than the person in charge of the whole shebang? Not to mention, Kaylee is like, a 20th level Shopping Wizard, with encounter skills that shake the very fabric of reality. … or something. Anyway! She's volunteered to chaperone for any students who wanted to head in to town and do

How did this happen? What on earth is Sierra doing here? Kaylee may also be a Persuasion Wizard to have go the grumpy Latina to come prom shopping. She isn't even sure she's going to the prom! Sierra was turned away last year for being too young…even after getting a nice dress. She may hold a grudge. Sierra, dressed in Ares blue leggings and t-shirt so dark they may as well be black, is tapping away at her phone. She has a baseball cap pulled down as far as she can so that no one will recognise her. How can she maintain her grumpy cool if people see her prom shopping?

Bryce heard about the shopping trip and offered to go help because he wants to be helpful and it seems like a very Guardian thing to do. However, when he heard that he was supposed to be buying clothes he tried to get out of it. Clothes shopping isn't something he does or is good at. When Kaylee found out that he was not going to go, she firmly and happily suggested that he come with them to go shopping. He couldn't exactly say no to her. She is another guardian; she is kind; she is pretty; and most of all she is Kaylee. When Bryce sees Sierra, he waves at her. He hasn't had a chance to talk to her since he saw her dance. "Um, hi." Speaking to the group he says, "I'm not, um, good at this. Shopping. Never did it before."

Darcy had been more than happy to go prom shopping with the group, despite being very certain there wouldn't be much a) in her size and b) in her color scheme. But she'd been looking forward to meeting Kaylee, and having a chance to see more of the town that is now sortof her new home. So parasol in hand to keep away the evil sun, and huge black cateye sunglasses on to hide even further from said evil, she joined the group! "I've been wanting to offer my help, by the way," She mentions to Kaylee, "With prom and all. I don't have a whole lot of experience setting up events, but I'm tall, at least. Which is sometimes good."

Koga happens to have been well… dragged along. How? Who knows! But still, Koga is brought along. Not only is there for help since for being a bit short… but well, Koga's also one of the physically strongest untransformed so somehow he's probably the baggage carrier whether he likes it or not. Poor Koga. Still, he needed help as well. Not familiar with tuxedoes but more the traditional kimonos and similiar from back home, he at least acknowledged that one.

Still, it was a poor price to pay for getting that much needed help to make himself at least look decent. Poor Koga just doesn't know what he probably got himself into as he follows the group along. Of course, the unspoken thing? Koga's also probably some of the best 'security' there is for a bunch of teens.

Bouncy Kaylee is bouncing up and down as they stroll away from the shuttle that's brought them from Winbarry Estate. If they were moving faster, you would call it skipping, but as it's a group and therefor a little slower to matriculate along the sidewalk, it's more just bouncing. "Ohmygosh, Sierra, aren't you like, SO excited that you can go to prom this year? I was SOOOO upset that they didn't let people in, last year, because there wasn't even really that many people AT the prom. But, I mean, it's also like, totally tragic and sad that there's so few of us, now, too. … I guess maybe it's … only kind of exciting?" she says, pulling a face in the uncertainty.
Speaking of uncertainty, what's that Bryce said? No shopping experience? Kaylee grins and moves in front of the boy, bouncing as she walks backwards, just barely managing not to reach out to grab his hands so he could celebrate his first shopping excursion WITH her. No, she'll just celebrate on his behalf, instead. "Ohmygosh, for real!? Don't worry, Bryce! We will TOTALLY help you out. You'll wanna get measured and stuff, and we can have you try on some jackets to see what style suits you. Really, we should wait to pick out colors until we know what the theme is going to be. Do any of you have dates? If you have dates, you should totally coordinate colors and everything, so that will matter, too. But, we can at least look at styles today and see what else is available!"
Darcy's next to get Kaylee's attention and she grins. "Oh, don't worry! You're only a little shorter than I was last year, and I was able to find a dress! I'm sure we'll find something for you. Are you going with a date? Do you know if you'll want to wear heels or flats?" And, the silent Koga who is trailing behind the group doesn't escape her attention, either.
"Koga, keep up! I know you talked about maybe wanting to look at a kimono or something, but we can still get you measured and stuff, so don't look so glum! I promise, you won't be wasting your time! Plus, do you even KNOW how lucky you are? You're going to get to see three girls in a bunch of different, REALLY FANCY dresses! Like, ALLA other boys are gonna be SO jealous! You just gotta promise to only say really nice things, no matter what, 'kay?" And then Kaylee winks at him, which is made much easier on her part since she's definitely wearing her glasses and actually looking at people today. Which ALSO means that her spatial awareness didn't warn her about the pole that she's about to walk backwards RIGHT INTO! OH NUUUUU!

Sierra glances up from her phone to give Bryce an upnod of greeting. "Hey" is her warm and detailed vocal response. Then she realises there are others here too and she tries one of those things with her mouth - she thinks it is called a smile. "Is there a reason I cannot wear the same dress I wore last year?" she asks Kaylee with hope that it will be totally okay to wear the same thing over and over. She does that all the time with her other clothes. "I think I know where it is. Might be in the pile under my bed." A shrug at Bryce. "I do not know shopping very well either. I think you need money to do it." Sierra does her best to withstand the torrent of speech coming form Kaylee, unsure if she will ever get used to it even though she's known the girl for years. "No date" she replies through thinned lips and a little growl. "I am still not sure if I am going."

Bryce's eyes just widen as Kaylee starts talking to him. He didn't know someone could even talk that fast. Or that much. All at one time too. Did she breath? He blinks looking more like the deer caught in the headlights. "Wait. Um, suits? Measured? Colors? I don't know. I don't exactly have a lot of —- what?" Did she use the d-word? "D-d-d-dates? I, I know what the dates, well, are and which, er, dates the prom falls on, but if you mean - " He closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading from the dictionary. "-a social or romantic appointment or engagement." He blinks his eyes back open. "Um, no. I mean, I, I haven't asked. Didn't know if I should go and, well, don't know what to do even if I did so, well, a date wouldn't, um, seem, er." His stammering is getting worse as he is getting a bit flustered. Like the sun is a bit warm. "Besides … it would be a date if, if I asked someone on a .. date." All that eidetic memory sure is helping out now isn't it. Glancing to Sierra he says, "I, I think you should go, um, not that it is up to me. But you are, well, pretty and dance well. I heard that is what, er, prom is about."

Darcy grins broadly at Kaylee's reassurance. She laughs a little at the continual bouncing, looking more than impressed with the girl's ability to expend so much energy like that. "I mean, if you wash it you can maybe wear it again? And yeah, no date here either, but I might try to wear that Schuyler kid down. If I could get him in the right thing, I bet he'd like it and we'd look pretty great together. As for shoes… " She starts to answer, but instead laughs again, this time almost a snort more than a laugh, and looks to Bryce, "Oh, you are *way* too cute for this much anxiety about dates. Hell, whoever youy ask would probably just spend the whole time staring at those cheekbones."

Koga rolls his eyes, "That is possibly the only highlight for myself, Kaylee." He sees the pole coming, and decides to try in a subtle fashion to do something about it. Put up a minor shield to try to make Kaylee slide the other way. Unfortunately, Koga ends up tripping himself instead as he rolls his eyes. "So need to work on the subtle aspects…" He still hops a bit as he shakes his leg a bit from a bit of apparent numbness. Kicking a slight wall probably does that. Fortunately the only other effect? Just a bit of a breeze as said small… barrier gets kicked off into the sky by Koga hitting it by accident.

Catching up to the group, Koga shakes his head as he moves to see if Kaylee was saved from the pole. "In my case, a kimono would be more traditional from home. I imagine I packed one, but I would have to dig for it. I decided to come along and see if a… tuxedo, I believe it is called? Would work better in my case. I just hope I do not hit a growth spurt any time over the next week."

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Aww, only one person looking out for poor Kaylee's well-being, and he failed. "Oh, you can absolutely wear the same thing if you want to, Sierra! I'm sure you'll look like, totally amazing," Kaylee offers to Sierra, grinning. "In fact, I bet- OOOF!" There's a loud <KLONGGGGGG!> as Kaylee backs right up into the pole that was menacing behind her. She stumbles a little, but manages to catch herself easily, turning around the pole and ALMOST making it look graceful. Except for, you know, the whole breaking off in mid-sentence, loud noise, and the fact that her glasses slid halfway off her face.
Putting herself back into sorts, Kaylee's immediately glowing a very obvious pink, which she tampers down quickly so that it's only keenly obvious to those in her immediate area. "I guess I should watch where I'm going when I'm actually watching," she says, sounding quite sheepish. "I'm getting way too used to walking around without using my eyes!"
Tucking her hair back behind her ears and turning so she can watch where she's going, Kaylee tries to fall more at the end of the line with the group so she can still talk to everybody without having to turn her head each time she wants to talk to someone different. "Bryce? You'll be fine. And yes, if there is a girl you like, you should totally ask her. And Sierra, if you don't go, I will pout at you so hard you'll feel bad about it forever," she threatens, smiling.
Darcy's interest in Schuyler broadens Kaylee's grin even further and she nodnodnoddles in agreement. "Oh definitely! That would be SO awesome! Schuyler is such a sweetie, but he keeps his guard up so high! Just watch out for that twin of his!" There's another wink, and then a snicker at Koga's wishes. "Good luck with that, Koga." And then, Kaylee realizes an important detail she may have overlooked. "Ohmygosh, does everybody know each other? I was so excited to go shopping, I didn't even think to make sure everyone was introduced and stuff!"

Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Sierra repeats to herself after Kaylee walks into the pole. The Latina's lips drawn tight though she still has to hold her phone up over her mouth just in case she fails to hold back the titters. She recovers enough to speak without giggling…barely. "I thought it was bad to wear the same thing? I do not know if it will fit anymore anyway. It was a year ago. Some things have…grown." A smirk for the blushing Bryce. "You are sweet. I am probably too angry at someone to go. I would probably kick him in the…you know…cojones. If I can be bothered to be angry." She considers for a moment. "But I do like to dance. And I hate Kaylee pouting."

Bryce quickly puts his hands on his cheeks. "My, my cheekbones? Why? What is, um, wrong with them?" He doesn't know why someone would spend so much time looking at him especially at his cheekbones. Good thing he isn't holding a book or two like he normally is or he just would have hit himself in the face. He then looks to Koga and speaks to him in Japanese ~"Do you think a kimono would be better because of formality or a yukata due to the heat?"~
Then Kaylee almost backs into the pole. What was that? Bryce looks around trying to figure out what the clang and everything was.
"I, I don't think that I could ask, um, someone out on a date. There are a lot of nice, um, girls here at the school who are, um, pretty, but, um, I'm … well …" He never finishes the sentence.
Bryce tries to clear his throat so he doesn't stammer so much. "Um, but Sierra? If you like dancing but don't go because you are, well, mad at someone else, aren't you punishing yourself more than that person?" He closes his eyes and quotes: "Anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies." He then blinks his eyes open and looks worried. "Are, are you angry at me?"

Darcy turns, wincing as Kaylee and Koga each meet with their own little accidents. She reaches out briefly as though to offer help, but both seem to recover well enough without her assistance. Plus its now been pointed out that what few manners her mom taught her have flown out the window, again, when she finds herself surrounded by such pretty people. So instead, she laugs, glancing at Sierra and then Bryce. There are no words, just laughter. Yep, she's totes glad she transferred here.

Koga shrugs, "A short person can hope, right?" He says in response to Kaylee before smiling. "I think the only one I do not know is her." He motions at Sierra. Which is true. To Koga's knowledge, he has yet to meet one. He turns to Bryce at the Japanese and raises an eyebrow. Smoothly swapping languages, Koga gives a bit of a grin, ~"Yukata is casual, so a kimono would be better in this case."~
Switching back, Koga looks to the others, then to Sierra again. "I am Koga, by the way. Koga Yamamoto."

With only Koga and Sierra having been left as strangers to one another, Kaylee's mortification at forgetting introductions passes away quickly. "Koga, this is my friend Sierra. She's pretty great. I mean, I know I say that a lot, but I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true, so! She really is pretty great." And then she nods.
Bryce's reaction draws a snicker, at first, but then he's saying he couldn't ask anyone out? Well, Bryce might be afraid of girls, but Kaylee sure isn't. Especially Sierra, who she's pretty familiar with. So there isn't even a moment's hesitation before she asks, "Who is it? It's not Alistair, is it?" And then her eyes go wide and she claps her hands over her mouth when she realizes she said something she probably shouldn't have. Shifty-eyes are made and she quickly tries to change the subject. "Well, whoever it is, Bryce is right! You shouldn't let that stop you from coming and having like, THE most amazing time ever! In fact, you should definitely come JUST to show them how NOT angry you are! And Bryce IS totally a sweetie, too, and I bet he'd be a wonderful date to prom! I mean, he'll probably study like a zillion books and try to plan the most perfect, romantic thing ever!" Because who doesn't like a little foreshadowing? And, since Koga's still been left out, she turns to him. "Is there anyone that YOOOOU like at school?"

"Her is Sierra Jiminez" she replies to Koga. "Nice to meet you" she adds, remembering her 'try to be polite more' vow before giving a curious look at Bryce. "Why would I hate you? You seem a nice guy and Darcy has the hots for your cheekbones. Maybe you should go to Prom with her?" Kaylee may be worried about saying things she shouldn't but Sierra is quite happy to let it all out. "Yeah…Alistair. Serves me right for going out on a date with a boy. I thought everything went great but he invites Saoirse to the prom, not me." She shrugs it off…though she will still probably kick him in the cojones the next time she sees him. "Do you even like girls, Bryce? A lot of guys around here don't, and that's fine. You be who you want to be. Be loose and easy…within reason." A wink for the shy boy before a little pout. "Fine, I'll go along. Just to dance."

Bryce is getting totally overwhelmed. He was already overwhelmed with the entire idea of shopping, but not it has gone to cheekbones, dating suggestions, dating preferences, and cojones karate. He had almost put his hands down but keeps them up over his cheekbones. He feels a bit pleased when Kaylee says that he is right. Maybe he gave good advice. He tries to be helpful, but did she just suggest he go to prom with Sierra? His mouth drops open as he stares at her. "I, I, I …" Can't even make it to the verb. Then Sierra says he should go with Darcy. His face goes a bit pale just as the circlet around his head flashes a cyan color. His clothes fit a bit tighter. "I," he swallows hard, "Girls are, um, pretty and nice." That was as close as he could get to saying that he likes girls. "I don't know how to be, er, loose and easy."

Dancing? Koga does pause as that one finally gets through to him. He blinks a few times, then hums a bit. "You know… I just realized I have never danced before. A bit strange when your parents are basically priests in name, if not deed." He muses, raising his hands to put them behind his head as he walks. The teen's face seems to be considering that fact a bit.

Looking to Sierra again, Koga smiles. "My full name is Koga Yamamoto. A pleasure to meet you." He gives a small grin, then looks to Bryce. "You know Bryce, I have heard that some do find the honest types to be worth it as far as a date goes. You might try asking just to be safe." Koga shakes his head, "Not that I have much experience in the matter myself."

Darcy's gains control of her laughter to say, "Oh, yeah sorry, I'm Darcy. Or hey goth girl, or ya know, whatever." She does snort at Sierra's comments, "I mean, they *are* pretty impressive." She agrees with a grin. Then she shrugs, "But hey, I'll tell you this. If you did go with me it would be seriously no pressure. I'm not looking to hook up or anything, I just want to dance and look good. I mean yeah technically its a date, but I'm not looking for more than friends right now. No matter how hot their cheekbones are."

"Oh gosh," Kaylee says in response to Sierra's confirmation. She frowns and shakes her head and totally is going to have to have a talk with that boy. And it won't be a happy, fun talk, either. Or maybe she'll just let him get what's coming to him. As long as maybe she's there to see who it finally comes FROM …. What were they talking about, again? Oh, right! Bryce!
"Don't worry, Bryce. You don't HAVE to be loose or easy. Just be yourself! And even if it terrifies you, if there's a girl you like, you should let her know. Or, if there isn't, that's fine, too! You're just a freshman, you've got plenty of time for dating and stuff!" She then smiles and nods to Darcy. "Really, there shouldn't be any pressure, anyway! If you don't have your heart set on anyone, just go with friends! I mean, me and Violet went together last year, even though we were already broken up, so just as friends, and we had SUCH a blast!"
Koga's admission, though, causes Kaylee to stop in her tracks and STARE at the boy. "… you WHAAAAAAAAT?" she exclaims. Then, she shakes her head for several seconds. "Okay. We are SOOOOO taking you to Downtown Funk ASAP," she states to no one in particular. Not like Koga has much say in it, anyway, if Kaylee's already decided! … right?

"I meant loose and easy by being yourself, not opening your legs to anyone who passes by" Sierra sighs to the group. "English is my third language, okay? I sometimes get my meaning wrong." A pause. "Maybe more than sometimes." A wave of her hand towards Kaylee. "Do not worry about Alistair. I think he is a…horn dog? You go and talk to him and he will try to seduce you. Not that I am saying anything bad about anyone." She slips her phone away. "What are the themes we are shopping for again? Not just Prom but all of next week.
"Darcy is very nice, Bryce. Hmm…Nice Bryce. It rhymes" Sierra smirks. "So you two should go as friends and I will go alone. Who are you going with, Kaylee?" She nods to Koga. "Wise. Go with an honest person, not a two-faced…" A deep breath. "It's okay, I'm over it. I'll just stick with girls like I should have."

Bryce swallows hard as the uncomfortable converstation continues. He glances at Darcy and says, "You, you do look good." He then realizes what he said and tries to fix it, "I mean, um, I'm sure you'll look good at the prom." Yes, smooth Bryce. "But I've never, er, danced either. I don't even know if I could. Some days I've been having, um, trouble even, well, walking." His voice trails off at the end. Be honest? Be yourself? How do you do that when you don't even know always who you really are? He blushes a bit when Sierra talks about opening legs and horn dog. He swallows again and tries to take the subject somewhere safer for him. "I, I know some languages though English is my first. Also, I, uh, recently developed the ability to often understand a language though I don't even know it. What, what languages do you know?"

Darcy grins widely at Bryce, "Thanks! Ooh, I know Korean! Random, I know. My stepmom wanted to impress me." She shrugs, disregarding aparently the fact that the question wasn't even put to her in the first place. "It worked." A tiny laugh, then she turns to Kaylee and switches subjects, "So what kinda dress shop options do we have to work with here? Are we talking like, Dress Barn or like decent mall type situation?"

Koga rolls his eyes, "Not all of us guys are like that." He says towards Sierra. "I find it funny that we must all be single going on this trip." An eyebrow is raised. "You know, if we had one more, we could just try to setup dates with all of us for fun."

Of course, then comes the explosion of Mt. Kaylee at the dancing bit. Koga looks to Kaylee. Blinks a few times. "What in the world is 'Downtown Funk'?" Oh yeah, Koga must be slightly sheltered a bit. Maybe. Then again, he only has just moved to the estate to school… and his main home is in Japan. Waaaay off on the other side of the world practically.
Looking to Bryce, Koga shakes his head. "Smooth one, Bryce…" He mutters before looking to Kaylee and Sierra.

Darcy grins widely at Bryce, "Thanks! Ooh, I know Korean! Random, I know. My stepmom wanted to impress me." She shrugs, disregarding aparently the fact that the question wasn't even put to her in the first place. "It worked." A tiny laugh, then she turns to Kaylee and switches subjects, "So what kinda dress shop options do we have to work with here? Are we talking like, Dress Barn or like decent mall type situation?"

Kaylee offers a pouty face for Sierra and reaches to give the other girl a one-armed hug. "I wouldn't write ALL of them off, just because SOME of them are dumb. I mean, it's not like we don't have some girls that are equally terrible," she offers, helpfully! "And Downtown Funk is a club in downtown Shady Cove that has teen nights, where we can go to dance! It's pretty awesome!" And, finally, back to shopping, which immediately draws all of Kaylee's attentions and she grins and claps and bounces again. "Ohmygosh, there's like, several different places we could go! I mean, sure, we could just hit up the department store, but there's like, this antique kind of botique, and of course there's the designer shop! And really? I wouldn't worry too much about price tags just yet. I'm like, SO sure we can probably get some help from the school or something to pay for stuff. I mean, do you have any of the insurance money left, Sierra? Or I'd be SO totally happy to help you out, if we find something that's just the best thing ever. Which, I totally think we could!" Ah, yes. Shopping.

"It was not a lot of money" Sierra points out about the insurance. "I sent it back to my family. Why would the school give us money to dress up? They will tell us to wear our uniforms." She doesn't mind the one armed hug. "Of course there are girls that are just as bad but they are worth it" she smirks before nudging Kaylee with her shoulder. "You did not say who you were going to Prom with." A little smile as Bryce gets in knots talking to Darcy but she will answer the distraction question. "I speak Spanish…obvioiusly…and Aztec. My companion speaks Aztec but it comes out of my mouth and I know what he is saying. And it is what my spells are said in." She looks at those worried about dancing. "We can practice at Downtown Funk. The idea is to have fun and express yourself. We don't have to do a coordinated dance at the Prom or anything." A light bulb goes off and she turns slowly to look at Kaylee. "Or do we…"

Bryce definitely looks more comfortable as they start talking about languages. "I, I am fluent in Spanish as in Japanese but I don't even think I've heard Aztec." He then looks to Darcy. "I don't know Korean either. I wonder if there are any similarities to Japanese or not. What do you think, Koda?" Then immediately shifting back to Darcy, he asks, "Do you think, I mean, would you mind saying something in Korean? I am wondering if I can understand it or not. I really don't understand my new ability." He is feeling a bit brave at least when it comes to his powers. Perhaps it is the fact that Koda said he was smooth which he naively believed.

Darcy's eyes light up at the idea of antique possibilies. "Oh yeah. That sounds awesome. And if we go vintage I have some decent haggling skills?" She nods along with the talk of languages and powers, eyes widening a little at Sierra. Very impressive-sounding. To Bryce, she nods, grins, and says, "Sure." And then in Korean, "You could seriously cut glass with those cheekbones."

<FS3> Bryce rolls Omniglot: Failure.

Koga raises an eyebrow. "You want to take someone from another culture to a dance club?" Then someone mentions spells. Giving a small grin, Koga mentions, "English, Japanese, and Mandarin. I used to go on the occasional trip with my parents and grandfather to China a lot. The language comes in handy."
Koga's head whips to look at Sierra more closely. "Spells? Companion?" Koga questions, lowering his hands from behind his head to fold his arms over his chest. "Huh… I did not sense a thing. I guess I need to work on my awareness more."
Looking over to Kaylee, Koga raises an eyebrow. "All of you had insurance money? I just get an occasional bit from my parents. I will admit I might need to look for a job in a few years. Perhaps I can run an antique store like they do."

Languages? Well, Kaylee speaks English, obviously. And whatever you call it when she gets on a roll. … cheerleader would probably be accurate. Maybe. But that's nothing Kaylee would even bother considering, since to her, "All I speak is English. I dunno how you guys can fit whole other languages in your heads! That's like, SUPER cool," she says, grinning at her classmantes. To Sierra, she just shrugs and smiles. "Of course school would give you money! I bet they would! If you want, I'd be happy to try and find out. I won't even mention who I'm asking for, or anything. And like I said, I am also like, totally happy to help you out if we find something you really like," she says, smiling.
When Koga asks about the money, Kaylee grimaces and shrugs. "Those of us who were students at the school prior to the evacuation each got like a thusand bucks or so from insurance to try and replace some of the stuff that was lost. … and she's right, it really wasn't very much. Some people lost like, almost everything. The school DID help out by trying to get books and laptops for most of us, though," she explains. "That's another reason why this dance is so importanat and why I'm gonna make sure it's awesome. We've gotta make up for how poopy homecoming was!"

"Si…no one likes poopy" Sierra deadpans to the speed talker. "Thank you for your generoisty but you know I do not like taking things from others. Even gifts" she frowns to the tall blonde. A nod to Koga. "I share my body with the Aztec fire god. He teaches me spells that are his powers. Lots of fire" she smiles. "Almost got me burned at the stake in my neighborhood…though I do not think fire would hurt me. And you do not want me to speak Aztec, Bryce. It hurts to speak it" she smirks before sighing at Kaylee. "Let us go shopping. Let us go to Darcy's old second hand clothes shop."

Bryce listens as Darcy speaks in Korean. "Hey, I didn't understand that." He actually sounds the most excited as he has the entire trip. He then glances over at Sierra and nods when he says that he wouldn't want to speak Aztec. "Unfortunately, when it happens, I don't, um even realize that I'm speaking in another person's language. The first time it happened I thought, well, that people were teasing me."

Darcy looks like she might be about to make a comment on Sierra's 'body-sharing', but she thinks better of it. She coughs a little, swallowing her immature snicker. She shrugs at Bryce, and doesn't translate. Save him from a little of her torment, at least. "Yes!" She agrees, "Lets go to this antiquie shop and see how many awesome things we can haggle ourselves into!"

Koga shakes his head, "I am glad I was not there at the time, but I still look forward to the school reopening."
Raising an eyebrow at Sierra's explaination, he moves a bit to walk beside her. "That sounds a bit like my situation." He smiles. "I have some sort of ancestral… force? I do not want to quite call it spirit nor god nor anything else."

Considering, Koga hums. "Is it at least a mutual relationship there?" The asian teen's more comfortable at least talking about his abilities now than before, but is definitely a bit wary of Sierra. Possessions can be nasty!

"Okay! Shopping it is!" Kaylee agrees as they turn towards the shop. Then, she smirks a little and finally answers Sierra's question. "And, since you asked me a couple times and I forgot to answer, I'm just gonna go by myself. I'll already be there, anyway, after making sure everything is set up, so I'll just change at the hotel and stuff," she explains. "So … you wanna hit up the antiques place first?" she asks, then points and heads off in that direction, leading the group thither.

"I don't think I had much choice" Sierra replies to Kago as they walk behind the bouncing Kaylee. "It is a good example of obeying signs that say 'Get Out'. But it is mutual" she decides after a moment. "He calls himself a god so who am I to argue with him" she smirks. "Though I think this means there are a lot more gods than people think." Her lips purse as she thinks. "I do not know if I am ever possessed. I am always in charge…unless he wants blood. But that is only after I use his powers."

Darcy follows Kaylee, cheerful enough to practically have a bounce in her step. Nothing like Kaylee's, of course. "I'm with you on the gods thing, there have to be tons, I think. Sorry he's bloodthirsty though." She offers the girl a sympathetic smile, before removing her sunglasses and closing her parasol. It's shopping time.

Koga's eyes grow a bit sympathetic. "Oh… I can definitely relate. I knew I would receive them, but… I gained them far, far too young. So, first time… teenager, complex on heroes who fight evil… well." A shrug is given. "I am sure you can imagine the two days it took for my parents to find me and stop me."
The teen looks older in looks as he looks upwards, sighing. "That is part of the reason why I am here. I still need training that my parents have no means to continue, nor do we know anyone who is able to." Koga moves a hand a bit to wave off a little before moving to look at the antique shop. "So, would this place even have tuxedoes, or am I just enjoying the show or something?"

Smirking a little as Sierra and Koga keep talking, Kaylee just leads them into the store and shows them to the clothing section, for once (miracle of miracles) being fairly silent about the whole thing. She lets the new students bond with one another, as she takes her glasses off for a moment so she can try and scan the whole clothing section at once, to see if anything stands out for immediate attention.

"Yeah…it's a tough life" Sierra nods in empathy to Koga. "And we're stuck with it. I hope I can stay young and pretty for the rest of my life though. Once I've stopped growing" she laughs. And then they are in a store that doesn't do a lot for Sierra but she'll have a look around. "So this place does miniskirts?" Since the 1960s is definitely antique.

Once inside, Darcy tucks her parasol under an arm and grins, rubbing her hands together in anticipation. "Alright. Time to own this sucker." she looks around at the options that stand out to her first, and before diving in takes a moment to look at the others and asks, "Ok so, what styles and colors are we keeping an eye out for? Miniskirts? Cool, anything else?" She may only really be into one kind of fashion, but she's very into it. So much so that talk of powers has temporarily faded to the background for her.

Eyebrows raising, Koga starts to browse as well as he looks for a few things that might fit him. It is an antique store, after all. Seeing a few tuxedoes, he makes his way that way. A small smile is given towards Sierra. "I just hope I am not the last to carry my powers… at one time, we were pretty numerous but now? I know of only one other that is or was active in China."

Considering, he pulls one tuxedo off the rack and looks at the size. "Hm… I probably do need measurements before I begin to look at these, do I not?" He has obviously never, ever been shopping for something like a tuxedo before. Or shopping for formal clothes like this at all.

Questions about shopping?! Kaylee's attention is perked up rather immediately by Koga's question and she puts her glasses back on. "Oh, yup! Yeah, we definitely need to get that done! The lady that works here knows how to do it, I'm pretty sure, let me see if she's busy!" And with that, Kaylee heads off towards the counter to go and get the lady, and probably a measuring tape.

Thankfully, Sierra doesn't need anything measured. If she's going to the Prom to dance, then she wants as little constraint as possible. So…gym clothes or miniskirts. The teachers won't mind…though Kaylee might. "Last of your kind? I guess if I die, my guy just hops into another body." The Latina finds a wall to lean against as she watches the others do this shopping thing.

And do the shopping thing Darcy does, happily. It doesn't take her long to amass a decent armful of both black things for herself and everything resembling or that might go well with a miniskirt hat she could find. These are, with little ceremony, dumped into Sierra's arms (or held out at her if they aren't taken), "Here, try these on!"

Raising an eyebrow as Kaylee runs off, Koga shakes his head muttering something in Mandarin or Japanese. One of the two. Then he looks to the two left. "Well, traditionally the… Clothes as we call them went from family to family down bloodlines. There may be off shoots out there, but to date no one has inherited unless it was a direct bloodline. I imagine there may be others, but if there are…" He shrugs, "… we were a quite hidden group at one point. For good reason, too."
He considers, then hums. "What extra colors would go good for me? Since I am going alone so far… I guess I do not need to try to coordinate or such?"

Sierra takes the mound of clothes from Darcy, a confused look on her face. "I have to try all of them on? At once?" Her phone buzzes and she takes it out to check the message. She looks horrified. "Santa Maria" she hisses, "That crazy girl cleaned my room and labeled everything! Everything! She sent photos."

Returning with a little old lady in tow, Kaylee grins at Koga. "Alright, Koga! Time to get measured!" she announces, happily. Seeing Darcy offering Sierra a bunch of clothes makes Kaylee snicker and grin. "Well, I'm not really finding any dresses that I like, here, but I'm gonna go look at their jewelry and stuff and see if there's any accessories I can't live without! You guys lemme know when you wanna head to the next store, okay?" she offers. And then she wanders off to peruse the shinies and the precious.

Laughing, Darcy leans over to see if she can get a look at these label-crazy photos. "Yes." SHe deadpans, "Every single piece at once." Switching to a more amused tone, she then adds, "No, just try on the ones you like, you know, see if any of the stuff makes an outfit you like, or if you think it's something that'll work with something you already have. You know, have fun! I'm gonna find another dressing room." And with that she, too, wanders off, in pursuit of a place to find out what gothy fabulousness she can make out of the things she's found!

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