(2018-06-01) Body of a Greek God
Body of a Greek God
Summary: Syd and Loukanos meet. He's broody and not talkative much. Alistair shows up and is his friendly, affectionate self, and basically that's it.
Date: 2018.06.02
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Sydney is sitting on the beach, on a towel obviously borrowed from the school. She's apparently decided that, however blinding it must be for others, she likes having the sun on her skin. She's rubbing something in to it, but it doesn't look like sunscreen. Ultraviolet doesn't effect her steel skin. Vitamin D suppliments? Well yes, but no skin cancer or sunburns for her. She shines like a beacon in the sun, and as usual isn't aware that anyone is approaching.

Having decided to take a walk on the beach, Loukanos has since opted to sit on the wet shore and let the waves nip at his toes. While the freshman doesn't exactly shine in the sun, he looks radiant enough that he looks almost angelic at best or unreal at worst. Save a pair of grey shorts made of cotton, he wears nothing. Despite the fact that it's actually very nice out today, the boy seems melancholic, with his knees drawn slightly and his arms hanging over them. He lets out a little sigh and closes his eyes, drowning himself in the sound of the crashing waves.

Sydney eventually glances Louk's direction and frowns a little. She knows that pose, and what feels like from the inside. She gets up, dusts off her towel and slings it over her shoulder, then wanders over to the unhappy looking guy over there. When she's close enough that he can smell the coconut oil she was polishing her skin with, she says "Hi. You ok?"

Meanwhile, Loukanos smells of jasmine and other spring flowers. He glances up at the girl, squinting his eyes at the light that is reflected off her metallic skin. He stares, for perhaps too long…the school gets lots of new arrivals, even this late in the year, but he cannot recall seeing this student. "Hello," He plasters a smile on his face and shakes his head. "Just deep in thought is all. And enjoying the beach. It is beautiful, today, isn't it?" Right now, a golden-haired boy sits near the shore while a metallic girl stands above him.

Meanwhile, while Loukanos and Sydney spoke, Randomly..out of the blue, Alistair would come pulleting into the sands with a loud 'OOF!'. He lies there for a moment, before he stands back up and brushes himself off. "Ow…<insert string of scolding himself in Swahili here>" He turns his head to Sydney and Lou, and he smiles, approaching them. "Hello!"

Sydney gives a half-shrug. "Sorry if I'm blinding you." She moves a little more into Luke's shadow. "I'm Sydney. It's like my third day here. They have me taking the tests to see what remedial classes I'm going to need. Basically all of them, is my guess. I missed a bunch of school." She lets her blued steel hair tousle in a stiff gust of wind. It does, at least a little. "What's on your mind?"

aaaaand then Alistair literally falls out of the sky. She's about to take a breath and ask if he is ok, but he gets up and says hi, so she waves right handed, showing a braided bracelet Alistair might recall, and smiles at him. "Hey."

"I am called Loukanos. I have been in this school for the entirety of the year, and I still run into new things every day. It's an adjustment certainly, but I didn't go to school before here. What of you?' Sapphire eyes narrow as he regards the falling boy (ANOTHER new student). He frowns and will get to that later. Back to Sydney, "I…another student was recently captured by a group of magic practitioners. I…well, I miss him, and-" He pauses and chuckles, shaking his head again. "If I talk about it, I might cry." So he doesn't. Instead, he glances over at Alistair. "Hello. Are you okay?"

Alistair smiles softly to Sydney, offering her a brilliant smile once more when she shows him that she kept the bracelet! He'll hug her, if she allows it. "Hello Sydney! Good to see you. How are?" from the way he speaks, it's clear english is his second language as certain words arn't included bu the general idea is brought across pretty easily. His eyes shift to Loukanos. "Hello, I am completely fine. How are you?"

Sydney looks down at Luke, and presses her lips together. Even the tiny crinkles of lips are replicated in the steel, as though all the tiny muscles you'd expect really are in there. Which…they are. "If you need to, go ahead…sometimes it's the only thing you can do. Sometimes it even helps."

She gratefully accepts the hug from Alistair, and hugs back, lifting him (gently) off the ground for a moment. Because she can, mostly - and without any noticeable effort at all. "I'm good. Up a little late last night, but…you were there, so you know how it was." She blinks at how that sounds as she says it, and glances over at Luke. "We were talking on the porch until the wee hours."

Crying in public? Nope, Loukanos will have to pass. "He will be found. I just have to keep looking." Another friend has recently returned from the dead, and that's a whole thing, as well. As the subject matter is dropped, he looks between Alistair and Sydney with a raised brow. "Just talking?" An amused grin yanks on one corner of his lips.

Alistair is lifted just a bit off the ground and he laughs! He loves Sydney's hugs and he's only known her for a day! He smiles softly to her. "It's good to see you." Though he's still hefted off the ground and he doesn't seem to mind it. Hugs are nice. "I'm happy to hear it." Alistair is too innocent-minded to hear of anything else other than what was meant.

"Yes, we were just talking. what else would we be doing?" he smiles softly to Lou though he tilts his head. "Oh? is someone lost?"

Sydney reaches down to pat Luke's shoulder, right up until he asks that last question. She blushes, her cheeks going straw colored, heading toward bluing. "Yesss… just talking." Not to say that other ideas didn't cross her mind or anything, or that the scent of Alistair's skin from the bracelet doesn't sometimes catch her by surprise…even though it's mingling with her own almost beyond recognition now. Not to say those things. Because she wouldn't say.

She looks toward Luke, waiting for the answers to Alistair's questions. "Back from the dead? Is that even possible?" She sighs a little. Nobody in their right mind would bring the person she's thinking of back, and even if they wanted to, where would they look for his body? He reentered like a meteorite and if there was anything left, it's probably at the bottom of the Indian Ocean or something. She tries to put it out of her mind, but her expression has faded a few notches just the same. She just listens for now.

"I don't know…what teenagers do when they're alone," Loukanos eyes Alistair and just shrugs. "You need not tell me if you were." Anyway! Moving on. "A student by the name of Ashton was attacked and kidnapped by an unknown faction with unknown intentions." He sighs. Looks like they are talking about it. "Almost anything is possible with the right resources."

Alistair chuckles softly at Sydney as she seems to become extremely bashful and blush-worthy, His arms giving Sydney a final big hug and he lets her go! Either way, he tilts his head as the conversation turns…interesting. "Back fro mteh grave? Those…evil spirits that should not disturb." apparently he's also quite spiritual. "Dark magic rest there. Shaman speak of it many times." though he's happy someone is alive.

His eyes shift back to Lou then as he sees the fellow perhaps starting to get emotional. He remains silent, letting the man say what he needs to say.

Sydney whistles. "Shit. That's…" she shakes her head. "I dunno. I just break things. I feel like I'm totally out of my league." She looks at Luke. "You don't? Are you… not from around here?"

She does, eventually, let go of Alistair.

"It's a common feeling for new students," Loukanos says as Sydney starts to put herself down. "Don't let it overwhelm you, everyone in this school is equally valuable and 'special'." He shakes his head. "I was born in Greece…" His Medditeran skin tone can probably attest to that and his accent even if it sounds slightly 'old'. His hair is blonde, but that could be dyed or he's a special snowflake. "Raised in Olympus, though."

Alistair tilts his head softly to him. "…born in greece but raised on Olympus? As in…with the Gods?" He asked curiously. Well, if he ever had doubts, that was eventually cast aside. He remains silent though, having nothing to say.

Sydney ponders that. "Olympus. Hoo boy." She's starting to feel overwhelmed again, and it shows in her body language. "Back from the dead…from Olympus…ok, what is it you do?" she asks Luke. She'd be tempted not to believe him. It'd be easier not to but… well… a steel girl, weather controller and a Greek God? Godling? Who said high school would be boring?

"Well, I did not come back from the dead…but yes, I am from Olympus. I do many things. Honestly, a better question to ask would be what don't I do," There's an almost smug grin on his lips now, but it fades as he seriously answers Alistair. "Yes. Believe it or not, the gods don't actually live on the mountain but on another plane of existence. They may have once but not anymore." He looks back at Sydney. "It's alright if you do not believe me. Many have their doubts."

Alistair watches Sydney and Loukanos, tilting his head at the latter. "Oh man…things are just weird now..yes? So…how is that possible that you are here then if it's a dimensional thing?" He asks curiously. "Did Magic of Dark bring you here?" he pokes Luke just a bit, as if curious.

Sydney just… listens now. Magic? Yeahh…

"Hermes serves as a guide between worlds," Loukanos looks between the two of them. Okay, maybe he should stop telling strangers where he's from. "I should head back to the estate soon." He stands and claps his hands together to get off some of the sand.

Alistair looks at Loukanos. He knows enough about Greek mythology to know who Hermes is. Regardless, Alistair just looks confused.. "ah…" Then he claims he's heading out! "I see. It was very good to meet you." he smiles warmly. "Name Alistair, by the way." he says with a smile. His expression warm before he nods in agreement with Sydney. "Yes, welcome. Here…" he gives Loukanos a bracelet of African origin. Clearly Alistair made it himself. "Here. We are now friends." A warm smile. "Farewell and safe travels until meet again."

Sydney nods slowly "I see. I think." She scratches her head, which is not a pretty sound. Even she winces. "Well… welcome to this world, I guess. It's a little crazy sometimes, but… there are good people in it. Nice meeting you…" She watches Luke leave. She doesn't say it, barely thinks it, but… if he's a Greek god, well… he has the look.

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