(2018-05-31) Who Hates Short-Shorts? We Hate Short-Shorts!
Who Hates Short-Shorts? We Hate Short-Shorts!
Summary: Fionnuala, Rain and Schuyler visit a mall to look for some new outfits for Besa..
Date: 2018-05-31
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Evergreen Square, Shady Cove
Thu May 31, 2018

This walking around shopping area has been under construction for quite awhile now. Finally though it is done and open for business.

It's not really a square, more live a big oval with a large fountain in the middle. There is no car access, but the parking lots are on the back side of the buildings with sidewalks passing between sections of stores and restaurants. The sidewalk follows the oval around past the businesses.

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Thursday finds our intrepid heroes (okay that's a bit optimistic for this time of year and during finals) encroaching upon Evergreen Square. Classes are over for the day — how the days are passing so quickly now — and Fionnuala, in her infinite (kinda-sorta) wisdom… okay more like persistence… really pushed the idea of getting away from the estate for a couple of hours to shake off the doldrums. Between the residual feelings remaining after being present for Besa's return and the forebode of lessons coming to their end for the year… something had to be done. Something lighthearted, something completely and utterly…. well, adolescent.

The idea for shopping therapy was kicked around during lunch, because isn't that totally Rain's bag? Two birds with one stone: shop, replenish Besa's wardrobe. Because who DOESN'T need new clothing after being killed and wrapped and coming back to life to a soundtrack of demon roars and mummy dust?! Yeah when they get to the counter of a shop and a clerk asks if they can help, let's leave that bit out.

Thursday afternoon is a commonplace, lovely sunny day.. people are out and about in the mall itself in rather good spirits with money to spend. Fionnuala, elbow linked with Rain, traipses along and eyes the storefronts. "This place gets new stores everytime I poke my head in, I swear. Hey look! A hat store…! We should get him a new beanie!"

When the girls mentioned Shopping, Sky was sort of ambivalent about it, but he was more than happy to get out of the Estate. When they wound up at a Mall, he got a little more grumpy as now meant having to be more on-guard and shielding lest he get bombarded by mallgoer thoughts and emotions. Nevertheless, he wasn't going to deny the girls their fun, especially since he knows that Rain needs it. He's trailing along a little behind them, looking every bit the 'put-upon brother who was dragged to the mall', complete with a large iced coffee in hand.

Has Rain ever refused when there is shopping to do? Nope, not even once. And this time she actually had a legitimate reason instead of just because she can. She has been doing better since Besa's return. His memory loss was expected so she was able to prepare for it this time, that made things much easier for her.

Keeping close to the Crow via their linked arms she is almost smiling, but Sky knows this is just an act. "Selling only hats isn't a very good business model." Rain comments as she heads over to the store. "Maybe a trilby hat would be better. Hipster Besa is not the look I am going for."

Poor Sky.. he's taking this like a champ. Of course Fee will have done what she could to help make this expedition a bit more Sky-friendly, given how they're going into a place where peoples' minds are flashing almost neon with want and desire and the pursuit of material things. The shifter girl will have even offered to buy his iced coffee for him, if he will have allowed it. If not, no big! She's just evidently very happy to be here with the two of them, going forth with the objective to dress Besa. As she walks alongside Rain, Fee peeks over a wingless shoulder to smile brightly at Schuyler, "Is there anything you want to check out while we're here?" She doesn't think so, but it's a question asked in a purely sweet way.

To Rain, Fee turns next as she considers her friend's suggestion and easily pictures it. She is happy to see Rain doing a bit better, even if it's for appearances. Fee doesn't have the twin bond of course, but she has her own hunches on there being more going on here. She just tries to be there for the other girl, simply put. "Oh hey, yeah… that would look great on him. We can stop here on our way out. What are you thinking we should keep on the lookout for?"

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Success.

Schuyler wouldn't have allowed Fee to buy his coffee…but rather, he would have offered to buy her something. He probably even 'paid it forward' as well, just because. He happens to catch Fee as she turns back to address him and he shrugs. If there is, he'll let them know. Something must still be leaking through his (albeit poor) mental shields because he steps up so that he's on a level with the two girls and signs, 'Unless it's changed, Besa seemed to like the preppy stuff. I don't think you need to worry about him being a hipster. He won't say anything if something's given to him, but that's what he chose last time.'

"Why wait? We can go look at hats now." Besides Rain loves hats. She wishes she could wear them more often, but it's against school dress code so most of her hats are at home. She could always use new one. "I think he just goes for preppy because that is easier." Plus she was picking out most of his clothes. "I can get some more edgy things this time, see how likes it." She offers, sounding like she is wanting their opinions on that.

The shifter will have accepted the offer to buy even just a drink: a sort of orange smoothie that ended up going down the hatch pretty quickly. She was thirsty! Fionnuala loves liquid sunshine! Other than that, when the trio 'fueled up' before going into the shopping trenches, the girl hadn't asked for much. Schuyler moves closer to join the two and perhaps tap into their more familiar mental landscapes amidst the din of other shoppers Fionnuala's thoughts are as sunny and considerate as one might expect, though there's a little pulse of sadness too. This had been her first time seeing Besa resurrect and it still bothers her today that the sight of her winged self appeared to scare the boy.

Moving on~

As the trio move toward the hat shop, Fionnuala blinks thoughtfully, "Edgy, huh?" These terms obviously confound her. Fee's definition of fashion is 'new or used'.. she'll wear any color but brown. She pretends to scritch her chin in an expression of ponderous intent. "Does that mean, like… hey, bright colors? Something fun! I think that's a fine idea… I'm hoping this time around, as he gets his bearings, he gets to have more fun. Gets to be a teen. Preppy looks good on him, but it'd be interesting to see him something a bit… louder." Just not Fee-level loud!

'Besa will be happy with anything that's given to him and he won't necessarily let it be known if it's his -style- or not. Frankly, I bet he'd be most comfortable in linen and cotton since that's what they made clothes out of in Ancient Egypt. He might like some color but he didn't like calling attention to himself.' Maybe that's changed. It would be nice if he could figure out how to be himself, finally. 'I wonder what Whitley will do. I can't help but feel like he's just reveling in the fact that Besa still cared for him.' And he's not thrilled with that either.

Translation services provided by Rain, though she doesn't do word for word, but paraphrases well enough so that Fiona knows what Sky is saying to them. "Edgy as in a more rockish, punkish style…not bright colors. Just more leather in his wardrobe and maybe someone tartan." She does nod in agreement "I hope that too. After all this he needs a chance to grow up." The mention of Whitley has her ughing, she doesn't hate Whit, or even dislike him, just his attitude. Arrogance is for enemies, not friends.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Rockish style? Fionnuala makes to put down the fedora.. though she pauses and instead sets it atop her black-haired head. She has elected to keep her hair long and loose today, and it hangs down her back in a wavy sheath. She may not rock any one style enough to make people turn their heads and say 'WOW!' … but she is at least versatile where she doesn't look awful in any one thing either. Long story short, a fedora seems to suit the girl! Huh.

Not Besa though.

"Besa in leather! Wouldn't that look cool with that head of hair! Leather is grown up. Sometimes too grown up if you look at how people c—-" Good thing that thought just stopped. Talk has gone on to Whitley and the girl looks between her friends with wide, glowing eyes. "Oh, I hope things get figured out with that.. I don't want Besa's new lot on life spoiled by that uncertainty again. He deserves to be happy, they both do.. but if it can't be together than they have to move on!" Says the non-expert. Imagine that advice column: 'Ask Dr. Fee'.

'Maybe a leather jacket but he'll grow out of anything else,' Sky points out. If Besa is able to grow. He moves to a knit stocking cap with skulls on it and places it on his head over his still-long hair. Grey eyes glance at Fee as if he knew exactly what she was going to say next. Ew. 'Are you dressing Besa or Legion?' Sky asks of his sister simply, a smug little smirk pulling at his mouth.

There's another glance to Fee, 'I don't know that Whitley actually cares for him anymore. But Besa still cared for him. Whitley just likes the attention and that's not fair to Besa. I still think he and Theo would have done well.'

The fedora gets the Rain nod of approval. "Now you need an outfit to match." She tells the other girl as she looks around the hat store they have entered.. oh look…scarves. There is some sorting through them before a green floral one with decorative tassels on the corners is pulled out. She eyes Fee briefly as she starts to go on a tangent though seems relieved when it fizzles out. "Hopefully this time around moving on will be easier. It Whitley makes it hard I may have to have words with him." She wraps the scarf around her neck, green suits her complexion and gives her grey eyes a more greenish hue.

"He would outgrow a jacket too." But she won't let that stop her. A eww face is made at Sky and his beanie choice. She is signing most of her comments, though she can probably be mentally heard through the light shield her twin has up. The question about Legion confuses her, "I buy clothes for myself all the time." It's a telling response, maybe she is starting to accept that she is Legion and Legion is her. "I don't think Whitley ever really cared for Besa to begin with."

IT seems that Fee's mind is on a similar tangent as Rain picks up the scarf. The shifter is of a mind where any color can be made to look great on anyone but that is pure optimism. Always one to give credit where credit is due, that hue of green positively loves Rain. "That looks great," The girl switches tracks to deliver that honest opinion. Fee is still wearing the fedora and the price tag baps at the back of her head as if in reminder: don't forget to buy me or put me back! The fedora itself is black; she won't admit it, but black looks dramatic on Fionnuala. Paired with a strong color, of course!

The girl notices, too, Sky's sampling of the stocking cap. Her eyes light up at that, "I love it! It suits your hairstyle too." She won't mention that the skulls don't appeal to her, though; to each their own. Something about stocking caps and long hair.

Then, back to talk of Besa and Whitley's woes. "I don't know much about what they had. My Da always said when people were indecisive… shit or get off the pot." Blush, she presses fingertips to her lips.. Fee doesn't 'swear' often. "I-I mean, like.. don't drag people around, be up front. Don't lie. It seems they've been having this dance for awhile, Besa and Whitley."

Schuyler knows Rain hates the hat…but he doesn't really care. It's quite possible that he started with the whole Goth thing just because she -did- hate it. Siblings are fun. His twin gets a smug little smile as Fee compliments the hat but he takes it off and puts it back. It's too hot for one now. 'Whitley just liked being the subject of someone's attention. I agree that I don't think that he cared much for Besa. I don't think he cares for anyone but himself. I just hope Besa wises up and realizes that he can do so much better.' He looks at the girls trying scarves on before finding someplace to sit.

Of course it looks good on her, Rain would never put on anything that didn't. Removing the scarf she hangs it back up "Don't encourage him Fionnuala." She says with a sigh. Full name…she means it. "It's more that Whitley was playing games and Besa isn't experienced enough to see it." And Rain noticed to late. There is a nod at Sky as she translates "That's pretty much it. Only himself." She moves to look at trilby hats "Yellow is his or was his favorite color…but they don't have it. How about the plaid navy one?" She takes it to examine it and try it on. That's the great thing with grey eyes, they can look different hues depending on color worn, blue brings out the blue in them.

THe girl ultimately decides to replace the fedora, as she really doesn't wear hats often. The 'full name' treatment earns a sheepish little grin and she smoothes her tresses down carefully, after the hat tousled them. She sees fit to withdraw from two dangerous territories: furthering the sibling fashion war, and discussions of WhitleyxBesa. Instead, there's a lovely hat choice, and Fionnuala colors prettily. "Oh, lovely! I can just see it! Navy blue would look great with his complexion.. though I'd love to see him in white more." Ah, seems she kinda picked up on the cotton idea, too.

"I would love to see how he responds to the hat—-" Blink, pause. Her expression falls slightly as she remembers.

"Buuuut… I kinda have to steer clear for awhile, I think. Even a few days. Seeing me scared him." Ah, there's the fly in the ointment. She rolls her shoulders, indicates where the wings would be. "Seeing those scared him." She presses both thumbs together side-by-side and pantomimes flapping wings with her hands. "I don't want to cause any trouble."

'Hearing my voice in his head scared him,' Sky signs once he gets his sister's attention. 'He'll get used to it again or remember. We just have to be patient.' Experiential learning. 'I just hope he remembers faster than last time. He seemed to remember some signs, so maybe there's promise. Are we getting a hat or not?'

"His complexion lets him wear just about any color. Though he should steer clear or jewel tones, to cool of a color?" And Rain doesn't mean the slang, she means the color wheel, artsy definition of cool. She glances between Fiona and Sky giving a somewhat sympathetic look to them "He just needs to readjust. I think the notes he left himself will be a big help." She looks at the hat and the other color options "Maybe the white and black plaid. It will go with more." She returns the navy one and gets the more neutral color and his to check out.

"Warmer colors for sure." Fionnuala concedes, now that she opens up that color wheel in her head and really envisions things. "I guess I just love the look of darker skin against light colors.. white or even ivory." She debates, only to smile widely as Rain reconfigures the hat choice. She looks between the twins now, "I think I'm done here, myself." Comes her belated answer to Sky's question. Talk of Besa's 'notes' beings her gaze swiftly back to Rain. "Oh… and I have been working on a sort of scrapbook.. album thingy… since we got to Winbarry. I told him I would bring it out for him once he's ready for it." Ah, so a pictorial aide to re-teaching Besa! Fee finds comfort in the fact that everything is weird for now, even her pretty wings.

The girl hovers by a rack of hats, of many different styles. A couple here could look nice on Ollie.. but the neat thing is the boy can manifest his own styles!

Schuyler's eyes narrow some at his sister but this isn't a fight he's going to pick. Not here. Not now. 'I don't think it matters what you get him. He'll say 'thank you' and be very grateful and wear whatever it is. I don't even know if he cares that much.' But as Fee says she's all set, he unfurls himself from his seat and gets back to standing, ready to move on. 'A Scrapbook? I wish we thought of all of this last time! Good thinking!"

Well it matters to her and that will matter to him. So it's win-win as far as she is concerned. Rain pays for the hat with the mighty plastic that is Visa and takes the bag with Besa's new hat in it. "If you need pictures for your album let me know. I have plenty. I had a bunch developed last time for him, and they shouldn't go,to waste." She begins to head for the door, "Gap or American Eagle next

"I think he'll come to care eventually.. I hope! Because that means he's growing up and getting a better sense of self and what he wants and likes!" Oh Fionnuala. Of course you'd say that. Fionnuala grins in her sweet sunny way, waiting as Rain pays for the new headgear. She glances to Sky and his praise only widens that grin and pulls forth a hint of blush, "Thanks. I started it after the original school was… well, it was an awful time. Suddenly we were without all that we knew in a big old musty mansion. It's how I coped. So for the book to serve a bigger, better purpose? I'm all for it."

Hat de-tagged and bagged, Fee turns to Rain next… now looking excited! Her hands clasp together reverently, "That would be great! The book could use more fluffing… I've been writing captions since hearing tale of what was going to be going on with Besa. The more memories the better."

As they leave, there is one more decision at hand: "I like the Gap. There's sometimes some great deals!"

Schuyler makes a gagging sort of face before he signs, 'Kill me please.' He'll go towards the stores with the girls, but there are just some that he can't bring himself to set foot into. 'You said you didn't want to get him preppy things!' He'll just finish off his coffee and people-watch.

"When we get back to the mansion I will get them for you. If there are any The you want captions for I can help with that too." She has known Besa for a couple of years so there are many that Fiona wasn't around for. Rain doesn't like either of those stores either, but she isn't shopping for herself so will deal with it. "No, I said I would get him a few edgy things. And the spring and summer line at the Gap has a lot of cotton and linen items.. and you said that he would probably prefer those. So suck it up." Or he can just sit outside and wait for them, either way works for her.

"Sure, the hoodies are kinda commonplace.. but you can find some.. not so preppy-ish stuff in there!" Fee defends a store that she herself doesn't shop at all that often. "Besides, it's sort of.. all we got in town. Unless we want to pound the pavement and check the few boutique stores." Said with a giggle, showing that she is taking everything in stride. Before long they're making their way into that particular store… and it's rife with people-watching fodder! Like, seriously. Fee isn't really paying the colorful crowd much mind though.. she's drawn to a rack which bears cute summery blouses. Fee doesn't eye up white clothing all that often, but she is taken by a Poplin off-the-shoulder blouse of that very 'color'. "Ooooh.. pretty…"

Ahem. No, no.. clothing for BESA.

She gravitates toward a light Oxford shirt, short sleeve and button-up. "Oh my goodness, he could totally pull off this light light pink.. with his skin!"

… poor Sky….

Gah and double-gah! Sky will totally park himself at the nearest seating area to the store and wait for the girls then. If Rain needs his opinion on something, he'll look through her eyes at it. He doesn't want his reputation to be ruined by being seen in a store like those…what if Darcy suddenly came by?

Rain hands the bag with the hat in it to Sky. He can be the Sherpa for a few minutes while they go into the store. She heads straight for the guys section to look at the summer shirts, sorting through various styles until she finds a few in Besa's size. As Fiona joins her she leans over to ask the girl quietly "Who is Darcy?" As if she wasn't introduced to her a few days ago. Granted that was when they were on their way to investigate Besa, she was hardly paying attention to introductions. On to pants, which will be a bit more challenging.

Alongside Rain now, peering through the clothes and pausing at a piece here-and-there… Fionnuala keeps sifting. She stops again at what has to be one of the most 'hopeful' looking pair of short-shorts… is somebody trolling the shop? The shifter snorts at the shorts and pushes them aside, continuing into the arena of pants. She is happy to hold whatever Rain finds so the fashionista can do what she does best with free arms. Fee is briefly caught off-guard when Rain asks of this 'Darcy' girl, and the taller goth girl's likeness immediately comes to the Mystic's recollection. "Darcy—oh! Darcy!" She exclaims, citrine-yellow eyes rounded with mirth.

Slender hands pick up the leg of a pair of skinnyjeans to examine their cut, "She was with us when we went to the house, as you know but probably can't remember given everything. Really sweet and friendly, she's one of those people who can make goth look hot." A giggle then, "And she has the nicest color hair. Seriously. Redhead complexions look awesome in goth." All of this said without guile.. Fee deals compliments easily and truthfully.

She pauses, squints at Rain. "Why do you ask?" The twinbond doesn't occur to her yet.. prolly for the best.

«No skinny jeans. Ew,» Sky makes sure to send to Rain, perhaps looking through her eyes as she moves to look at the pants. «Maybe some cargo shorts?» He's got the bag with the hat, perfectly fine to be the 'sherpa' while he waits. Occasionally he scrolls though his phone but mostly just sighs impatiently as if he wasn't expecting this sort of thing to happen. He totally was, but it wouldn't be right if he wasn't dramatically 'Teen' about it all.

The short-shorts get an eww face from Rain. Unless she is working out or sleeping she doesn't wear anything resembling either shorts or pants. She is strictly a skirt and dresses girl. "Why on earth anyone would wear those…they barely cover your girly bits." she just doesn't get it. It's not that she is overly modest, she has a normal level of that, but that's just to much. She suddenly laughs at something "No skinny jeans." at least Sky and Rain can agree on that one. Skinny jeans are a fashion disaster if you ask her. She is dressing Besa not the members of My Chemical Romance.

Rain ohs as she is told who Darcy is "The one with the less than helpful empathic powers the other night." of course that is how she is going to be remembered, at least until Darcy does something else to make herself stand out. "Cargo shorts…good call Sky." she says out loud and mentally "He will need lots of pockets for his runes."

Suddenly Rain's words strike Fee as hilarious. Maybe it's the expression and the disdain for clothing that reveals 'girly bits' that does it. Fee tosses her head back and bawls laughter; it carries. It's not obnoxious but.. just, there. She indulges in a belly laugh for good ten seconds before breathing deep. She has already pushed the ghastly bit-revealing shorts and skinny jeans to the back of the rack. "Yeah, I'll pass too. Imagine the breeze." Said gigglingly, before she jumps back onto the present tangent.

In true Fee fashion, she works to temper Rain's reception of Darcy some. "Aw hey, she's still new. Psychic, right? Mentalist bit? They have bags of tricks that take awhile to figure out I bet… she's been with us, what… a week or two? I don't remember seeing her last month. Plus she really came into the rabbit hole with us." The black-haired girl shrugs, "I mean.. if I were a newbie and bam, I was there and hearing those sounds? I'd crap my pants." Said in a whisper. A soft smile to Rain and she pulls out a pair of tan cargo shorts. "These?"

Schuyler slumps in the seat that he chose, glaring a bit at the storefront, as if willing his sister and Fee to come out already! «You can pick up some jeans while you're there, but they may need to be hemmed or rolled up.» He then pushes himself to his feet, gives a stretch, and wanders off to do some window-shopping of his own. He'll catch back up with the girls eventually.

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