(2018-05-31) Socks Charmed Off
Socks Charmed Off
Summary: Syd meets Alistair. Oh my.
Date: 2018.06.01
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Her name is Sydney Turner. That's about the only normal thing about her. She is short (about 158cm - 5 foot 2). Apparently, her flesh is made of steel. She's polished to a bright gleam and reflects everything around her. Her hair is the color of blued steel, nearly black, but not quite. Her eyes reflect bright green in the light. If she were made of meat, from the shape of her face and body she'd be Caucasian, perhaps in her mid-teens. She has the poor posture of someone whose bust has grown (a lot) and is attracting way more attention than she wants.

Syd is wearing a pair of well-worn, second-hand Levis, a very battered and somewhat too-large AC/DC tour t-shirt that might even be authentic, a very cheap, hot pink calculator watch, and Cat combat-style steel toed boots (also second hand). A cheap canvas messenger bag serves as her purse. There might even be a change of clothes in it.


The young man before you is of mixed heritage, stands at about 6'2" tall, with emerald green eyes that brings rememberance of the actual jewel itself to mind. Dark brown hair comes down to about his upper back and some strands are braided, others are simply left loose. he has classic features, a fairly strong jaw, high cheekbones, sharp eyebrows. With these features, he's a rather excellent sight to look upon.

In terms of a physical presence? He could be better. He's quite athletic, but he's no body builder. It's clear he stays in excellent shape, or tries to. At least moderate exercise every day or every other day. He's certainly not slacking.

In terms of clothing, when he's not wearing the uniform of Athena (blazer included), he actually prefers to wear either his classic garb from when he was in the tribe. This includes a bead necklace, fur robes, bare feet, bracelets around his wrists, and the like. Here? He normally wears an asymetrically zipped double-breasted longcoat with a longsleeve shirt underneath, blue jeans, and boots. Bead necklace still around his neck.


(I was on the Back Patio talking to him, initially in the back lawn. I rust. He plays in the rain.)
Back Patio Winbarry Esates
Fri Jun 01, 2018 — Fri Jun 01 13:02:01 2018

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing
little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and
relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the
ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of
water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

Sydney - Steel Girl. Short. Blued steel hair. Green reflective eyes.
Exits: [BL] Back Lawn [BN] Breakfast Nook
[PL] Billiard Room


Friday. About 8:00pm. After classes.

Ah, the back lawn. The place where Alistair, the resident weather wizard, loves to go to just to rest…relax, look at that perfect sky…

Or cause a thunderstorm because he -loves- his powers.

The Atmokinetic is simply lying down in the grass, hands clasped behind his head as thunder and lightning rage on above him. Rain falls down in heavy droves, and it just seems like a bad day to be out…unless you're Alistair.

Good thing there's a porch in case someone wants to say hello.

Sydney does, in fact, stay on the porch. She just got done buffing the rust out from between her toes, after all, so she stays under the porch until her eyes adjust to the light. Enough to see someone lying out in the rain. "Hey! Are you ok?" Yeahh, she went running last time. She's learning fast that students here…do weird things.

Sydney's voice totally startled him!!

and because of that, the storm goes from pretty good to downright epic. Lightning and thunder is -BOOMING- around them and he sits up pretty quickly, before he takes a breath, and the Thunderstorm comes down to simply just heavy rain. His eyes shifting to Sydney. "Oh, hello!" He says with a strong african accent about his voice. He stands up, approaching Sydney. He's soaking wet from the water, though he seems to not be bothered at all by it. "How is? I am in good health."

Sydney watches Alistair curiously as he comes. As the storm eases down, she moves a little closer to the rail, stepping carefully, feeling for the joists in the porch so she doesn't find a rotten plank and go right on through. She nods. Yeah, figured. No rescue required. "I'm good, thanks. Dry is good. I rust." She looks skyward, then at Alistair. "Is this um…" she makes a circular gesture upward with one fingertip… "did you do this?"

Alistair smiles softly to Sydney as she leans against the railing, though at the gesture upwards? Alistair look,s then back to Sydney. "But of course. The very weather is like an extension of myself. I always find inner peace where the storm rides. I am Alistair Wolfhart." He extends a soaked hand to shake her own, warm smile on his face. "May I ask what your name is, friend?"

Sydney shakes Alistair's hand. "Sydney Turner." She smiles, a little carefully. Alone, strange man, all that. Correction. Strange cute man. Ohmy. Her teeth are metallic too. Her hand, despite gleaming as though carved from steel, is fairly soft, warm, and flexible. If you shake it long enough (at the risk of holding it) you might feel a pulse. Whatever else she is, she seems as human as possible under the circumstances. That pulse is jumping just a bit right now. Wet. T-shirt. "You um. Wanna come under here? I can um… get you a towel…

Alistair smiles softly to Sydney, shaking her hand. He didn't quite know what to think of Sydney, but she looked -AWESOME-. He shakes her hand long enough to feel that subtle pulse, though he seems confused on how that can be if she looks impossibly machine-like. "It's nice to meet you, Sydney. Let's be friends!" He actually pulls an african bracelet out of her pocket and puts it on her wrist if she likes. Yes, he makes these in his spare time. It's one of his hobbies, along with dancing and singing.

"If you like, though I rather enjoy the rain." he smiles as he steps onto the porch, a happy smile for her. "So, where are you from?" He asks her curiously.

Sydney blushes. Yes, you can see the metal change color in her cheeks, and it's starting to radiate down her neck, too. The metal kind of goes straw colored. She looks at the bracelet and very lightly touches it with a fingertip. "Thank you so much! Um. From. Chicago. Originally. Friends?" She stops talking before she says something gushy and just nods vigorously. Her socks. They've been charmed off. "This… doesn't mean we're engaged or anything, does it?"

Alistair does see Sydney blush. She was pretty cute for a robot too. Either way, he smiles big and wide! "Ooohhh I never been to Chicago. I hear it's lovely!" When she asks him if it means they are engaged, he tilts his head. "No, it is merely gift from me to you." he smiles, happy to have made another friend and a cute one at that.

Sydney draws it to her chest with that 'I'll treasure it always!' gesture, and plays with it delicately. She smiles, looking a little relieved. "So it's like a friendship bracelet. We used to do those back when I was in junior high." She smiles again. "Thank you. Um. If you see me not wearing it, it's not because we're not friends, it's just that… I'm really super hard on anything I wear that isn't as strong as my skin." She firms up an arm briefly. It's not a visible change, but when she knocks on it, it rings like a crowbar. "I'm…basically a brick, powerwise. I break things."
GAME: Save complete.

Alistair smiles happily as Sydney seems to draw it to her chest like that. He look sto be genuinely glad that he's friends with Sydney. Though when she asks him not to be upset when she's not wearing, he nods. "No worries! I like making bracelet. if pleases, I can make another one if break." Clearly english is his second language, but it gets the point across rather well all the same! "I break things too…though usually with gust of wind or bolt of sky."

Sydney looks up at the sky and nods. "That's a lot of power to throw around, yeah. I can throw cars at things. Walk in, take a beating, get up, dish one out, lather, rinse, repeat. I'm here because my foster parents and I decided that if I'm going to lose my temper… and sometimes I do… it'd be better to be somewhere they can handle that. They're afraid of me, I guess. I was scared this was going to be like juvenile hall or reform school or something but… everyone here has been just… awesomely nice." She smiles. "Especially you."

Alistair's warm smile is as bright as the sun, though as she speaks of her circumstances and why she's there, he nods lightly. "I am here for same. Adopted mother wish for me to learn control and mastery…even though I ready have." a small chuckle. When she compliments how nice he is, it's -HIS- turn to blush! "O-oh! Thank you." he leans forward as if to give her a small hug in gratitude, though it's a brief one if it's allowed. "You are also very nice and friendly. I thank you."

Sydney only flinches a little, but raises her arms to accept the hug. It only takes a moment for her to relax into it. Her muscles move like plate tectonics. One might also be aware that her bust feels very…bust like in this circumstance. She grins at the little blush. Her breath is also warm and she smells… well remarkably like a regular person. She's a little reluctant to let go, having actually hugged a guy of her own free will. "How long have you been here? What year are you?"

Alistair doesn't seem to mind that she doesn't let go immediately, actually looking quite happy to hug her as long as she wants! "This is first year for me. Am Freshman." a kind smile to his features as he holds her close. She feels so….real. It's almost scary. Almost. Nevertheless, he smiles to her. "Is this first year for you as well?"

You say, "Oh yeah? Me too. I turn fifteen in November." She looks away. "Plus or minus 35 years. I spent a long time in a freezer. When you freeze me, my metabolism just shuts down. I rust a bit, but as long as I can eat when I warm up, I'm fine."

Alistair smiles softly to her, and they seem to just be content hugging and talking to each other all night long, raging thunderstorm and all.

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