(2018-05-31) Not Quite Marshmallow Fluff
Not Quite Marshmallow Fluff
Summary: Dark fae and marshmallows (along with other highly sweetened, processed foods) don't mix.
Date: 2018-05-31
Related: An hour after this log.
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Thu May 31, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.


This is not the way Callisto wanted her day to end. She has rapidly come to know within the past couple of hours — since the marshmallow marauder — that she and highly-processed sweets are … not pals. After fleeing the attic, Callisto very nearly upchucked what had been a belly-full of marshmallow fluff. She didn't; so help her God Callisto was NOT going to be caught puking. The results? A faerie girl who is not feeling great.. and instead of being upstairs in the attic, she has crawled into the cozy, familiar hole of the basement and nestled herself onto the couch where many a Mario game has taken place. No Mario for her tonight…

It's about eight o'clock in the evening, a couple of hours before lights out. The nauseous girl is lying on her side, head resting upon the arm of the couch, hair hanging over it in a white sheaf. Her nightgown is as elegant and lovely as one would expect of her — a sort of champagne-pink — but Callisto. Looks. Sick. Something is not agreeing with her.

… there is a small trash bucket closeby. Another bad sign.

Again, the speedster has already wracked up more hours than his employer is happy with so he's home early with a pie and milkshake and ready to numb his brain with some video games. Does the stairs he comes, taking the steps tow at a time, not trying to be quite. But he stops when he sees Callisto laying there, like some very strange renaissance painting. "Woah….you okay?" Such a gentleman. As usual, he smells like pizza, and it's not just from the pie he's carrying.

Damnit.. she should have languished upstairs where nobody could see her looking like shit. Mind you, Callisto's 'looking like shit' still looks kinda good! She's pale as opposed to fair; her eyes are shifty as it flits over to observe Daxton's arrival. Shit shit shit this is precisely what she dreaded! And she dreads that she FEELS nervous about being seen like this and she dreads her stomach turning over due to this stab of anxiety and that in itself would be the launch codes for—-

don't puke don't puke don't puke.

She watches Daxton, face flushing. "I have eaten something… strange." More like forcefed. She clears her throat and her stomach… it…. makes an odd, orca-like wail. That's the best way to describe it. Suddenly she looks aghast.

"Whyfor must people eat such things? As marshmallows…?" … what?

Strange? "Was it bad?" As in spoiled? Food poisoning? Dax at least does her the curtesy of setting the pizza and shake on a table away from her before walking up. Very casually he leans forward to place his hand on her forehead, checking to make sure it's what she ate and not a flu/fever thing. "What did-" oh. He frowns, "You're sick from a marshmallow?" Is that even possible? "Are you allergic to something in them?' What are they even made out of? Horses, right?

"I—" Cripes he's close now and touching her forehead. No heat, no sign of anything bad in that sense. Callisto nonetheless blushes, watching him briefly before glancing to the black television screen. She was just lying here in silence, dying, and then Daxton appeared. She looks up at him mutinously as he asks of her what she ate and thusly responds to the strange answer. "There was a girl who stuffed the marshmallows into my mouth." Said frankly, "A few times. I have never before eaten such things… they were huge."

A pitiful sigh, "Large, ghastly, squishy things. I ate them to save another student whom she was accosting in the same fashion."

It's ridiculous but true.

Daxton's jaw works itself as he tries to not smirk at Calli having a hard time with something huge in her mouth. He thinks he's a gentleman for not laughing out loud at it. He's still only 17. "Oh…well. You took one for the team then. Good on you." His empathy isn't quite as sincere as his worry was. "Next time spit them out at the person. Don't let people shove things into you mouth." He straightens, "It gonna bother you if I eat? Or should I go upstairs?"

Blink… she squints at him, the barest barest scrim of sweat shining along her neck and on her forehead. She's not overheating persay, but nonetheless a touch clammy from when her guts roil and protest. MErcifully the reaction could culminate in vomiting, as opposed to doing so… uh.. out the other end. Callisto would go into hiding for good if that were the case. Is he.. trying not to laugh? Callisto is perceptive, even while DYING… she saw the tiny twitch of his lips. "You are amused by something." Said in a deadpan way that is almost funny. Her belly groans again but she's watching him. "What is funny? You were about to say something, weren't you?" Asked abruptly.. she pushes herself upright a bit to go on watching the boy.

Slowly she shakes her head, "Oh.. no, you may stay. If I yet feel in a bad way, I shall take my leave. I do believe I will be alright. My people, we seem to have an adverse reaction to heavily sweetened things… this does not happen with good desserts."

Callisto frowns in thought, her stomach snarls and groans again. "I shall not let this happen ag—-"

She belches.

… mortified.

Daxton can't help a small smirk, but he shakes his head, "No. Do you need water or something?" Yes, he's very amused, but is trying to not upset her more. He turns back to his pizza and shake then, although trying to be nice he sits at the table, a little away from her. No need upset her stomach more. "That sucks." It does! "Guess no marshmallow milkshakes for you then." More for Dax! Poor Strawberry! He'll flip open the box and has a slice almost completely inhaled when she burps. He does laugh at that, "Feel better?"

She can't respond, she just can't. Callisto claps her palms to her mouth and sinks back into the corner crook of the couch… it's as if she has never burped before. "I.. excuse me. This doesn't happen often-" Okay calm, calm. Look at her, she's almost as red as a strawberry. Daxton seats himself a little ways away and Callisto clears her throat, tries to pretend that didn't happen. She's like a cat that does something stupid or sloppy and pretends for all it's worth that it didn't occur. That someone or somebody ELSE did it. She hugs her stomach, not liking this. Callisto is not pleased.

"T'was hard to resist her.. I have never before seen the likes of this girl. T'is not a bad sort but she was very…." Not innocent, but at the same time…

"For—*burp*.. f-forward."

He asks if she's feeling better and Callisto says in a small voice, "Almost. I yet feel strange." .. it's as if her body refuses to digest such matter.

Daxton lets her pretend, if it'll calm her down. He speed eats, thinking that the food around her isn't helping. And if she upchucks, he'd rather be finished than still have food out. "It's not hard to resist. Just tell her no. and if she still tries, smack her." He sips on his shake, and asks again, "You want some room temperature water? That might help." Look, he's being helpful!

The girl lifts her head again, gawks at him. "Smack—? I cannot smack her! She was… she did not know any better." Callisto declares weakly, though part of her wishes she could have resisted more. "I do believe she is learning boundaries… truly… as in, she… her life was cloistered prior to discovering her abilities. There are societal norms that she has yet to understand if she is to…." Blink.. wince.

A deep breath, she nods once. "Water would be helpful, but finish eating first." The fae girl urges, resting a hand flat upon her stomach. Her cheekbones flush, but not due to embarrassment. Callisto seems to focus heavily upon the television again, her lips pressing together.

"Hn…" Her eyes flutter closed, "I shall never eat another marshmallow again. And—"

Suddenly she's scrambling for the bucket!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton just give her a rise eyebrow. He's not going to argue, but that sounds stupid. "She'd learn if you smacked her." As soon as Calli starts scrambling the bucket is in her hands and Dax is raising up to go get her a glass of water and a wet wash cloth. He asks about as long as it takes her to vomit to return. He's got a feeling she's going to e embarrassed enough, without him lingering over her.

Well, good thing about Callisto is she even pukes elegantly.

… yeah, hell naw. She's tossing it all but at least she's not obnoxious about it. It takes her all of thirty seconds for her body to swiftly and efficiently void her stomach of the marshmallow garbage. Not as if anyone is going to look but that's precisely what it is: barely digested marshmallow matter. Her lashes flutter closed as she takes a deep breath through her mouth, immediately feeling the relief of removing that from her body. It's also a lesson: something about highly sweetened, processed things… well, apparently dark faeries hate that shit.

Callisto enjoys the relief for all of a few seconds before the embarrassment indeed sinks in. She… puked… in front of (okay he was gone to get water but STILL) … Daxton. Hastily she puts the bucket aside, hiding it alongside the couch (she'll take it, honest) … and she is sitting upright and horrified by the time he returns.

Daxton comes back with the glass of water and the wash cloths and hands both to her, "Rinse out your mouth and spit it into the bucket. I'll dump it for you." Nurse Daxton to the rescue! He'd look adorable in he outfit too, damn it! "Slow breaths."

Nurse Daxton…

Sure he'd look adorable, but then he'd probably smack irate patients! Just think of the bedside manner! Callisto takes a deep breath, already looking healthy but wanting very badly to just.. fold herself into a little ball and hide under the couch. How, why is she so given to such nerves?! A couple of years ago she was so… so very zero-effs-given! But now, oh now…!

She takes a small sip of the water, swallows it. Another; rinses, spits into the bucket. She is about to put the bucket back into the shadows to dispose of — herself — when.. oh God. She watches him, eyes impossibly wide. "I a-am grateful but I should not like you to see what I spit up. You just ate. T'is not your duty."

Daxton actually rolls his eyes, "You realize I'm been to space, right? Saved Olli's alien princess and shit? I've seen some pretty out there stuff, you're thrown up marshmallow isn't going to scar me, promise." He makes a gimme motion to the bucket, "Besides, it'll get gross smelling in here if you don't dump it right away." Duty? Another eye roll, "Friends take care of each other. Next time I have the flu, I'll call you." No, he won't, speedsters throwing up is terrifying.

Blink. She stares outright at him as her color begins to return — beyond the embarrassed flush — while her body recovers. Proof that it was not at all a viral sickness: the moment the offending matter is out, she's literally back to normal. She's already sniffing the air lightly, catching those last hints of pizza smell on the air… though she instead drinks the rest of her water. "I.. okay, I understand. T'is embarrassing to void one's stomach in the company of others, especially-" She cuts that one off abruptly. Clears her throat. "I shall not fret, then.. just do not look down at it. Regardless of the things you have seen." Callisto clears her throat, draws another deep breath.

Friends take care of each other. What a statement. Daxton is rolling his eyes and Callisto is tentatively smiling. "I shall remember next time, then.. though I suspect you've a stomach like a steel trap. You mustn't get sick very often." She looks at the bucket, wishing it would just… show itself out. She still doesn't like her upchuck being carried away by Daxton. *c.c*

Daxton waits till he's not facing her to roll his eyes again, but grabs the bucket and dumps it into the nearest restroom before ringing it out and returning. The bucket comes with, just n case she's not done. "Alright…feeling better now?" She looks better. "You look better."

Oh she's done. If she were not done, she'd be leaving the basement because she sure as shit ain't gonna puke around Daxton again. She has enough problems trying to work thing out, understand, resist and reason with… she will not add being a puke fountain to the pile. In the time Daxton is gone to dump her bucket o' gnarly marshmallow barf, Callisto has moved from the couch to get 'ready'.

She will repay him for his kindness, see if she doesn't. Oh, she will start tonight! She knows all the right buttons to push~

Daxton returns, asking if she is feeling better, even saying she looks better.. and she looks languidly back to him, a glimmer in her eye.

.. no no get out of the gutter. Controller buttons. She ambled over to fire up Mario Kart and though Callisto looks a little tired, she's no longer wan. She looks at him challengingly, "I know how to win this time."

Daxton's head tilts, seeing the challenge from the moments before surely dying from marshmallow poisoning. He smirks, "If you're feeling up to getting creamed, sure. He grabs his milkshake, which looks pink when he sucks it up the straw. He plops down on the couch, man spreading slightly. "So, you look up cheat codes or something?"

Why do boys sit like that so often? Callisto, a 'young' fae, has seen it enough in her time alive… is it just more comfortable? A territory thing? Both? Daxton manspreads and the mentalist makes even more of a point to sit demurely, one leg folded over the other beneath the sheath of her gown. "I have practiced." Said simply.. when the hell did Callisto practice between school, trying not to have her mind fried by her bitch mother, meditating / trying to contact others for her cause….? When the sams hell did she squeeze in spamming races on Mario Kart? Does it mean that much to her?

Well yeah, and for whatever reason this elegant creature just really. likes. Mario. Go figure.

"I need no such thing as cheat codes." Callisto says haughtily. Oh, she's feeling better already. Glad that she hadn't left the basement afterall.

For Dax it's a combo of comfort and proving he's strong. Silly, but that's what it is. He sigh, but there's an amused tone to it, "Let's go then, stop yammering." He shifts, trying to get more comfortable on the couch. Running all day always makes his back tight.

If it wouldn't send Callisto into a conniption, had she known, she will have offered to walk on his back. Oh, she has the potential to be very intuitive with touch to, say, aide in coaxing out knots… but that's too personal. There's always that dangerous albeit very rough and satisfying method of having someone lay facedown and having another apply pressure with their feet. Callisto toggles her character choice but glances sideward at the speedster as he tries to get comfortable. "Are you alright? You seem sore." She observes, completely in her normal manner… as if she didn't just have a horrible reaction to marshmallows and puke her guts up. A glance to the screen to confirm Luigi as her warrior to send into ruthless battle, but her eyes are back on Daxton.

Daxton shrugs, "Rough day running. I tripped on the crack on Main, near 4th." He chooses Wario, cause it's funny. "I figured I'd play some video games, then hit the hay early." He's such an exciting person.

But he is an exciting person. Callisto would honestly say so. Because he's seen things and done them. She watches him for a few seconds longer than necessary, tilts her head slightly, only to reluctantly look back to the screen. A wince at his choice, "What an unfortunate looking creature. I have bore witness to trolls that looked most similar." Is she serious? Oh she's serious. But then she flushes and looks back at him, "When you say trip, while moving as quickly as you do… does that mean a stumble, or do you vault forth and collide with things? For I suspect speedsters haven't the best brakes in that particular situation." Callisto says quietly, her accented voice taking on an air of genuine worry.

She blinks, looking back to the screen at Luigi and Wario. She makes the connection, even if Wario is Mario's sinister doppelganger! Callisto squints, "This Wario.. he almost looks inbred."

Oh Callisto.

Daxton may not follow her line of thought, "Trolls are the worst basement dwellers." What? He means internet trolls. His face twitches and he'll just offer, "It's why we got me the armored jacket." He'd be road rash other wise. He laughs then at the comparison, "I think he's just a bad guy version. No soap opera back story."

"I should hope that no basement in this town would ever be home to a troll!" Callisto exclaims, eyes wide, locking onto Daxton's face again. Okay clearly they are differing in their opinions on trolls. She stares outright at him, "Are there trolls in this town? Have you bore witness to one? They mustn't be allowed to linger, for they can be awfully destructive. I implore that they be destroyed on sight. For they are brainless, ruthless, vile monsters."

Her nostrils flare; yup, she's mistaken. There is a flash of challenge in her face; she shares few insights with Malachite but the dislike of such beasts is mutual.

She stares at him.. he seems so relaxed. Callisto tilts her head again, leaving poor Luigi to idle. "… we…. I suspect my definition of a troll differs from yours…"

"Every time I go online I do." She gets a smirk, even as he starts the race. "You are feeling better, look at you. Getting all riled up!"

"Online…" Slow blink. Blushes. Okay she was way off. Way way way off. "I was thinking of the real monster, I know naught of that which you describe." Callisto narrows her eyes, turning to glare at the race. Damnit she's losing time, she's not making good on her bluster! But there's some merit in hanging back, being the poor bastard in 8th. Her chance will come.. sure as the sun will rise! Item box after item box… then she finds it. Callisto will wait until the speedster manages 1st… then release the blue shell!

Because even if she can't get 1st place, she'll still become a Mario troll all-the-same.

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