(2018-05-31) Cute Guys and Tall Women
Cute Guys and Tall Women
Summary: Syd meets more of her schoolmates. Is mightily impressed with magic. Seriously, until Kaylee got there I was the tallest one in the scene. At 5’2.
Date: 2018.05.31
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Her name is Sydney Turner. That's about the only normal thing about her. She is short (about 158cm - 5 foot 2). Apparently, her flesh is made of steel. She's polished to a bright gleam and reflects everything around her. Her hair is the color of blued steel, nearly black, but not quite. Her eyes reflect bright green in the light. If she were made of meat, from the shape of her face and body she'd be Caucasian, perhaps in her mid-teens. She has the poor posture of someone whose bust has grown (a lot) and is attracting way more attention than she wants.

Syd is wearing a pair of well-worn, second-hand Levis, a very battered and somewhat too-large AC/DC tour t-shirt that might even be authentic, a very cheap, hot pink calculator watch, and Cat combat-style steel toed boots (also second hand). A cheap canvas messenger bag serves as her purse. There might even be a change of clothes in it.


This young male is appears even younger than he really is. He stands at a fraction of an inch over five feet tall. He is also very thin for his age. His brown hair is cut short and is styled with a slight curl on the top of his head. His light green eyes carry an odd mixture of intense intelligence and youthful naivety. He tends to look at the world as though he is seeing most of it for the first time. His thin lips form into a heart-shape. The only jewelry that he seems to be wearing is a small circlet of silver which extends past his hairline onto his forehead by one inch on each side. His hair covers most of the remaining circlet though occasional glimpses of it are visible. While the circlet is beautiful, there is a clear technological aspect to it. Faint blue cyan light forms thin lines across its surface. Occasionally, the exposed ends on his forehead flash with a cyan blue light.

He is currently wearing a white button-up shirt which is buttoned to the top button. A green tie hangs down just a bit too long which is most likely due to his short height. The double windsor knot is a bit loose and not symmetrical. A pair of dark blue pants are kept up with a dark black belt with a pair of light brown suede shoes completely the ensemble.


Most noticeable about this Asian man is that his auburn hair is a wavy, wild mess. The hair is mostly ear length at the most, but seems to be swept into individual strands and bangs around his mostly average face. His eyes have a bit of a look as if he has seen a few things here and there. They look out at the world with a bit of a calmness that seems to intensely focus on something not easily seen. The rest of his face is pretty ordinary otherwise, casually ordinary in a way that most wouldn't pay attention to if it wasn't for the hair and eyes.

He stands roughly at around five feet tall with a slender body that doesn't really speak of any athletic past times from what his clothes show. He wears a loose, tan coat over a majority of his torso with a white shirt underneath it. Around his neck is a necklace of some sort on a cord. His legs are covered by a loose set of black jeans with slightly frayed edges where they hang over a pair of lightly tanned, if slightly worn looking boots with a heel to them.

As far as additional accessories, he has some sort of ring on his hand that has a skull-like face on it with red colored eyes. The face's mouth is bone like, but the rest is almost like it has a helmet on it's head. The ring is on his left hand's index finger.


Soft blonde hair cascades down from this young girls head, curling slightly as it falls past her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, vibrant and deep, and very frequently almost seem to glow more than might seem natural. They rest below thin eyebrows that are just a shade darker than her hair. Her skin is pale and also almost glows with youth and health. She has a small, rounded nose that is set delicately above full, pink lips, the corners of which almost always seem to be hinting at a smile or smirk, as if life were somehow always sharing an inside joke with her.
The girl is tall, just over six feet in height. Her frame is athletic, though she tends to not dress or stand in ways to show off. If one were that interested, though, they could probably tell that she has a modest bust but a backside that is more impressive. Her fashion isn't remarkable, typically consisting of hoodies or long-sleeve tees worn with faded blue jeans. Her shoes are likewise unremarkable, a pair of well-worn Sketchers that have definitely seen their miles.
On Kaylee's left wrist is a band, about two inches wide, made out of black leather. It has silver ornamentation on it, two chains that hang slightly loose, connected at either side of the bracelet. There is also a heart made out of silver with wings. The center of the heart has a jewel in it, an amethyst, shining bright purple.


Beach Winbarry Estates
Thu May 31, 2018 — Thu May 31 17:39:40 2018

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

Bryce - A short young teen with a silver circlet in his brown hair.
Sydney - Steel Girl. Short. Blued steel hair. Green reflective eyes.
Exits: [BL] Back Lawn


Sydney is sitting, just sitting, in the sand. Until she came here, she'd never even seen the ocean. Hell, she hadn't even seen Lake Michigan this close, even when she was in the city. So despite the fact that the steel girl can't swim…at all… the sea fascinates her, from this safe distance. So she's sitting on the… well ok, dock of the bay, beach of the lawn, same idea. No beach towel or anything. Like the sand fleas are going to touch her.


The sounds of someone who has either been running for a very long time or someone who is very out of shape starts to ride across the edge of the waves. A thin teen wearing the school uniform is running across the waves, and by the look of him, he seems to be the out-of-shape runner. Bryce is struggling even to just keep moving at this point and after a few more steps just collapses into the sand. As he is falling, the circlet he is wearing flashes a cyan color. His uniform seems to fill out slightly, and when he hits the ground he makes a louder -Thud- than would be expected given his small frame.

Koga had come down to the beach to practice. It was a pleasant day, but if anything showed… he was way, way out of practice. So here he was coming down to the beach in a more traditional Asian getup. A simple pair of sandals, what looks like a form of hakama pants, and a loose haori top with a sash around his waist. Other than the white haori on top, the rest is in a light blue color. Of course, Koga stops as he sees others, then frowns as he looks towards Bryce and makes his way over towards the other teen. "Bryce?"

Sydney rolls up from her seat in a single, smooth motion, like someone accustomed to getting up off the mat, over and over again. She notes the circlet flash, the expanding uniform, and Koga as he comes in. She jogs toward Bryce. He doesn't seem to be in life-threatening danger but… maybe a heart attack… she picks up the pace. "Are you ok?"

Bryce lifts his head to try and talk, but he has a mouth full of dirt right now. He tries to spit out the dirt but stops himself when he sees a girl there. That isn't nice to spit in front of a girl. "I, uh, I'm .. fine?" He manages to mumble. He then lifts his hand up and gives a rather weak and sad excuse for a thumbs up. Finally clearing his mouth some more he says, "I'm, um, I'm sorry for -pant- disrupting, er, disturbing you both."

Koga shakes his head, offering Bryce a hand up. "Are you sure? You seem to be in a sorry state. What were you trying to do?" The Asian teen looks a bit curious, and a bit concerned as well. No one should be face down in sand, after all! He looks to Sydney. "Oh, sorry. I do not think we have met? Do you go to the school as well?"

Sydney reaches down, offering to help Bryce up. "I'm Sydney. I just got here yesterday." One might notice she leaves very deep footprints in the sand, and keeps a wary eye on the ocean, lest the tide come in and take her. "My um. Foster family and I decided that I should probably come here. I'm kind of strong." If Bryce takes her hand, she'll haul him to his feet unceremoniously. "Are you guys students here? Well I mean…" she gestures toward Bryce. "You're in uniform, so obviously you are…" she looks at Koga. "And you said "as well." Nevermind. Dumb question.

Bryce tries to push himself up a bit but only gets to his hands and knees. He looks to Koga and says, "My, my body is kinda of, well, weak. I thought that if, if I worked out and tried to exercise that it would … help." His voice trails off at the end as though he should know better. He shifts his eyes up to Sydney and introduces himself. "My name is, uh, Bryce. You, you are shiny." His eyes open wide as he quickly says, "Oh, I'm, I'm sorry. I shouldn't say something like that." He does reach his hand out tentatively to her, and despite weighing a bit more than he should, he quickly is brought to his feet. "Whoa."

Koga shrugs a bit, then shakes his head. "Not if you continue as you are. You can not simply push your body past the limits constantly or in one go no matter what anyone says. It is easier to simply ease yourself into it. A little push at a time." Koga says towards Bryce, then looks to Sydney. "Another new student? I swear we seem to be gaining them by bus loads."

Sydney grins. "I am shiny. Why would that be rude?" She lets go of Bryce and offers her hand to Koga. "Syd. What's your name?" She looks from one of the guys to the other. "And yeah, bunches of us, apparently. Word got out, I guess. All the cool powered kids want to be here. I mean… sun, beach, nice house… only a little haunted…" She chuckles and sticks her tongue out lightly. "Kidding."

"It, it just seems like something that someone shouldn't say when they, uh, first meet." Bryce says. He looks at his hand when Syndey lets go. She is strong. Glancing over to Koga, he says, "I, I just felt that I needed to try something. I didn't even run that far which is the, well, sad part." He takes a breath to try and still his pulse. The circlet flashes again and his uniform fits him normally again. "My powers tend to make my body, er, weak. I was hoping to work against it." Speaking to Syndey, he says, "Wel-welcome to the school. Are you finding your way, er, around?"

The eyebrows raise on Koga before he looks to Sydney. "You met the attic ghost in less than a week? Wow. I will have to go threaten it with exorcism again. It was only supposed to come out on the weekends." He shakes hands with Sydney. "I am Koga Yamamoto." Looking to Bryce, he sighs. "Sometimes there are problems with our powers that we can not work against, Bryce. If your powers make your body weak, then it is an issue with them and not how weak your body is."

Sydney nods and shakes Koga's hand. As Bryce would already know, her hand is firm, but warm, almost entirely unlike the hand of a bronze statue, however much they might seem similar. It has give. It has muscle tone. Syd ponders what Bryce said. "So like if I were Black… I guess it would be rude to say that to me. But it doesn't seem rude to me to notice that I'm shiny. I wonder if it's like… there are however-many um… people of… color in this country, you're stating the obvious, where because there are two of us that I know of and one of us is doing 20 to life in the powered prison at Ft. Leavenworth, it's not rude?" Syd shrugs. "Sounds like a question for Social Studies class. Anyway, no offence taken." It's then that Koga's comment about the ghost sinks in. She pales a little, the shine in her cheeks growing colder, more metallic. "Is there seriously a ghost? I was kidding…"

Bryce looks to Koga and thinks for a moment. "I, I think I understand, but, but my powers are trying to k-" He stops himself short as he is trying to not come out and say that quite so much as it bothers some people. Thinking himself more smooth than he is, he tries to change the ending to: "Er, keep me from really help." Even though it doesn't fully make sense, he feels he made a good cover up. Then, blinkings at Syndey a bit at her explanation, Bryce says, "But, um, well, technically all, well, most other people are just different shades of the same brown color." He closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading. "Melanin a dark brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight." Then blinking his eyes open, he says in a more normal tone, "So, even if I were to speak of a coloring of dark brown it is still just a different shading; however, yours is, well, totally different. Even the obvious can be rude if said, um, wrong."

Koga laughs. "There is not one." The Asian teen smiles. "Magic and the supernatural are real, however." He steps a couple steps away from the two. Enough to give him room. Then he begins to move his hands, leaving a visible deep blue glow in the air. "I came out here to practice. Mostly because it seems as if I am always interrupted, and I tend to like when I can practice my forms."

As Koga begins to move, the blue glow leaves lines through the air. Writing in a language that is definitely not English, Japanese, or anything else. The form is a slow movement, but distinctly one that just screams of being one of those fancy internal martial arts styles that is meant for more… calming influences.

In a short time, Koga has moved his hands in flowing movements around, up, and spinning an intricate design around himself that suddenly comes alive as the lines blur into a blue glow that spins around, moving the sand before taking a shape. A large, Asian style dragon forms in the air that follows Koga's movements with his hands.

Sydney blinks and stares. "That. That… That's magic? Holy crap. I've never even seen actual magic before." She looks at Bryce, then back at the dragon, as though wondering if Bryce can see it too. "Wow. I just break things.

Bryce reaches down to brush some of the beach sand off of his clothes when he sees the blue lights start to form. He watches in amazement and says, "Amazing display. Is, is it physical, energy? corporeal or non-corporeal?" Since everyone is saying their powers, he says, "I, I can make things, but nothing cool like that. Oh, and I remember, well, almost everything I see."

Bryce reaches down to brush some of the beach sand off of his clothes when he sees the blue lights start to form. He watches in amazement and says, "Amazing display. Is, is it physical, energy? corporeal or non-corporeal?" Since everyone is saying their powers, he says, "I, I can make things, but nothing cool like that. Oh, and I remember, well, almost everything I see."

Koga smiles a bit, moving the dragon around. It even has small legs on it, horns on it's head. And it's twice his size as the magic finishes forming around him. Koga himself seems calm, looking up at the dragon as it twists about him. "Magic can be any of those, as I have been told many times before. How you use it, how it is best defined is by the sorceror who controls it. The dragon itself is more spirit than real, but it does have a bit of a bite to it if I wish it to."

Koga has made one hell of a mystic construct for show and tell. He is dressed far differently than normal, looking more like he might be out of one of those samurai movies practically. The way he is so calm is also perhaps a bit unlike him.

Looking to Bryce, Koga gives a small smile. "You would be surprised what one can do if you simply try, Bryce. This, in a way… is my version of letting go."

Speaking of seeing, Kaylee can't anymore. Well, not really. At least, not very well. Especially when she's not wearing her glasses, like right now. Thankfully, she has this awesome spatial awareness power that lets her walk around and not bump into things. … except glass. She can't see glass. Which makes sliding doors her arch nemesis. As she makes her way down to the beach, a toolbox and drawing pad in one arm, she's rubbing her cheek vigorously and looks to be smarting something fierce. One can only guess why.
Happening upon other students on the beach, Kaylee smiles and is prepared to wave until she notices … SOMETHING. What it is, she isn't sure at all, because it's moving enough that it's throwing off her power, what with the flapping wings and magic and stuff. Boggled, she stops rubbing her face so she can dig in her pocket and produce her glasses (which would have probably benefited her a few seconds ago), fumbling to try and slide them on one-handed. As she approaches, her brow furrowing while her eyes adjust, she calls out, "Hey guys! What's up?" So at least they can't accuse her of eavesdropping or snooping or anything!

Sydney finds herself understanding how people's eyes glaze when they ask her exactly how her powers work. She knows…at least on a rudimentary level, but it involves technical jargon…lots of technical jargon. Some of it in German. She tries to stay in the discussion. "Um guys? The only magic I know is from Advanced D&D." A pause. "Um. Dungeons and Dragons. It's a game. Was a game. No relation to reality." She pauses. "Now… eidetic memory, that would be awesome to have."

Syd listens to Koga and contemplates what he said. Which was almost certainly not "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them. Stretch out with your feelings," but it had that same mystical…quality. The steel girl shakes her head after a moment. She waves at the newcomer. "Hi. Sydney…" she points at herself, "Bryce, and Koga." She points at each of them in turn. "What's your name?"

Sydney finds herself looking up at Kaylee as she gets closer. Syd's only a little taller than the guys.

"Stretch out with your feelings - Ben, Star Wars a New Hope, page 61." Bryce comments briefly. Then trying to explain, he says, "I, I read the script. I did watch a movie once. Wasn't that one though." He nods his head to Koga and says, "Sometimes, sometimes I'm amazed at what everyone else can do and, well, and feel like I'm way out of my league here." He waves a bit as Kaylee approaches. "Hi, uh, Kaylee." Dirt showers off of his arm as he waves. "I, I have to head inside and get this uh, sand off before it cakes." He pauses for a bit. "I don't really think you can make cake out of sand though. The silcon would be … never mind." His brain goes too fast and sometimes takes his mouth along for the ride.

"Distractions, yes. However, sometimes they can give a motive or a place to go to." Koga moves his hands before relaxing his stance. The dragon lays itself out as Koga brings his hands palm down near his chin, then moves them downwards. The teen's movements have that large dragon just laying itself out neatly, curled slightly to the side as it seems to be resting. Of course, it doesn't help that if Koga waves his hand or anything, that dragon will be moving about in some way. Such as when Koga moves his hands behind his back and the thing flicks it's tail, sending sand flying away from the group.
Long distance to Kaylee: Sydney hugs. "Likewise. I've been updating my character sheet… new character pic, stuff like that, but yeah. Definitely. :)

Kaylee offers Sydney a smile, and then blinks several times now that her eyes are working and she can see the girl. But, she quickly recovers and her nose crinkles with her smile. "Well you are VERY neat, Sydney!" she comments, and then offers a little but frenetic wave at Koga and Bryce. "My name's Kaylee, the boys already know me. I'm the unofficial Official Tour guide. I'm also one of the students that have been at school the longest, so! It's really super nice to meet you and I'm sorry we haven't met before!"
Also, now that she can see, Kaylee examines the dragon a little closer. "Well that's pretty neato, Koga! You should soooo let me paint it, sometime. I couldn't really make out what it was until I actually LOOKED at it. … but … then again, I guess I've never seen a dragon in real life before, so I didn't have a frame of reference." And, as Bryce heads back up to the school, Kaylee gives him another wave. "Have a good night, Bryce!"

Sydney laughs as she and Bryce wind up on exactly the same wavelength The scene in the Millennium Falcon, en route to Alderaan, Luke vs the remote, getting zapped in the butt. She shakes her head as Bryce mentions reading the script instead of seeing it. "You gotta see the film, man. I saw it when it came out. And 12 more times after that, in the theater. She blinks as Bryce mentions sand and cakes and he's gone before she gets another word out. She watches him go. "Bye…" Much quieter, under her breath, she adds, "cutie."

Then the dragon starts flicking sand. "Holy crap. Wow… That's amazing." Syd finds herself wondering how successful she's likely to be as a hero compared to powers like these. Still, she reflects, she did stand up to Iron Fist, over and over again. And he, in turn, stood up against everyone but Ultra Girl. This is what's going through her mind to produce the very slightly sad expression. It doesn't last.

She nods at Kaylee. "Thanks." She gives the tall woman a warmer smile. "Gang, I need to get out of this wet sand before I rust, so I'm going to head in. G'night." Sydney adds, "Nice meeting you all."

Sydney trudges up the beach, and yes, one might notice that her feet are a little rusty, especially around the toenails. Shoulda worn shoes.

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