(2018-05-31) Calli-Shield
Summary: Callisto talks to a newly-resurrected Besa …. and then Saoirse happens!
Date: 2018-05-31
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Attic Floor, Winbarry Estate
Thu May 31, 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?


Besa's been excused from exams for now (Which is good because he'd just outright refuse to take them and that would be a whole mess), hell take them over the summer. So now he's sitting in the attic, a quiet place with this dog that apparently loves him. He's sitting, unknowingly in his normal place, with Cocoa's head in his lap. The healthy looking teen is petting her as he pages through a note book written in Coptic. If this wasn't in his own handwriting, he'd not believe most of the things on the page. He's not been particularly social since returning, people either stare at him, or when they do talk, it just makes him feel uncomfortable. So hiding away seems a good idea. No one will find him here, in the attic!

<FS3> Callisto rolls Yoga: Success.

One way to get out of exams: die and be reborn with no memories of life pre-death. It works. Lord knows it's the only way to pull such a thing off in this tightly-run ship. Callisto herself has been faring well, being a bit of a brain herself. Well, at least where memorization is concerned. Put her in front of a tech manual and she'll be dead in the water. But overall? IT's not the finals that scare her, it's the hooblah surrounding the end of the year that bugs her most! This Spirit Week business. They'll have to jam red-hot slivers of steel beneath her fingernails to get her to dress up like a… a… favorite movie character. That kinda thing.

At least Callisto found her escape route from the pinnacle of the hype: prom. That has been on her mind a lot lately, too much. This is a good and a bad thing and the best place to sink her busy mind is up here in this attic, contorting into rather unorthodox positions. She's just pulling herself out of the 'devotional warrior' pose (legs for days!) when… she realizes she isn't alone. Callisto isn't set up right beside Besa in this large upper echelon, but she can perhaps hear the beating of Cocoa's tail upon the floor, or the turning of pages. Curious, the girl pushes herself to stand and pads off to see who is here—-

Besa shall find himself being observed, with no shortage of astonishment, by a leggy girl with long moonpale hair. Poor Besa. At least Calli isn't gawking. She blinks hard, and says softly, "You've returned."

Besa must be out of it to not notice he's not alone. He looks up from the book, younger than he was when he was last seen by Callisto. But there's something about his dark eyes, he's not young. He's never been young. The words seem to take a moment o register what they mean, language comes quickly back to him, but he's been presented with a lot. "Yes. I have." His accent is a little thicker as well, the words clearly thought about before said. A Lon moment and then has just asked, instead of trying to guess, "Who are you?" He doesn't remember a girl with moonlight hair in the notebook.

The girl knows that Besa had to die, that a ritual had to be completed. She knows naught of the 'after'; what was to become of the boy once returned to the world. Callisto watches Besa in a way that borderlines inappropriate, so long and probing is her gaze… but at the right moment she looks to the rafters and smoothes back her hair, allowing it to hang in a sheet past her waist. She blinks once, looking back to him immediately when he speaks. Callisto savors dialect and she notices things, how people speak. She remembers how Besa sounded so this catches her. "You sound immortal." Said in a way that is both observational and straight-up factual. The accent may be a 'little' thicker but again, Callisto catches it.

She kneels then, her own voice touched with the sound of the North. "I am Callisto. We knew of one another before your tribulations. You were of a great help to me then, so I am certainly pleased to see you here. Looking well." Her hand lifts to her heart, much in the way Besa used to touch his when it pained. The gorgon amulet seems to watch Besa and Cocoa as well.

"Is there a way that I can be of assistance to you?"

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa wonders briefly if he's doing something inappropriate. Do people sit differently now? But then the girl looks away and he catches a glimpse of those pointed ears. His eyes widen though at her observation, and then his brow furrows once he figures out, "It is…a. curse." While her names doesn't seem to stark any memory, the necklace does. The short teen leans forward to inspect the jewelry. "I…did not…" That's not by his hand, was it? Cocoa shifts, giving Best room, but doesn't stop pressing herself into him. It's like she's afraid he'll disappear again on her if she's not in constant contact with him. "I am well…." And then he'll add almost like he just remembered manners, "Thank you."

"It can be." Callisto agrees, assuming she is on the same tangent of thought: immortality. She does not hasten to speak of it's 'good' points but instead, concedes to it being a curse. "But we do as we must, do we not? T'is easier to have barely a century assigned to you, and then one can rest." She remarks of being mortal in this day and age. She pushes a hank of that hair behind one pointed ear, watching Besa with her pale gaze. He's leaning closer now and Callisto blinks; realizes what he is looking at. She touches the necklace, holds the medusa-style head out for Besa's perusal. "This is not of your hand. But you were close to the one who created this, I suspect. You convened with him to think on ways to help me with my own plight. His name is Loukanos." The girl offers, not even wasting time being startled over the totality of Besa's memories being wiped in death.

Cocoa's movements are not lost on her. Callisto's expression softens as the loyal dog shifts, "Cocoa loves you, she has missed you. Keep her close for she was one of your most unconditional friends." Okay, Callisto doesn't know the entirety of that side of things either… but the pup's reaction is proof enough.

She watches him as she seats herself before him, legs curved in lotus-style. "Your heart, it no longer pains?" She has a pleasant, calm voice.

Besa's expression changes, a tired, sad one flickers, but he then forces a smile, "Yes. It can be tiring." He studies the amulet, but then looks up at Louk's name, "The Goddling, yes?" He's trying to get everyone straight in his head. "We are good friends?" Does he mean Louk, or Callisto? His smile becomes more real, "Yes….she is good." Thin, but not as thin as before, fingers run through the dog's dark fur. "No. It is complete." He raises his own hand to touch his chest and then taps it a few times, "I am not broken."

The lissome fae girl has a great many things stacked against her thanks to her parentage, but honesty is one of those glimmering, rare traits that she has held fast to. Since acquiring the amulet and safeguarding her mind, Callisto smiles more. Hers is not a sappy, syrupy expression but rather… a sort of timeless patience. "The Godling," A nod, she lifts one knee and rests an elbow against it so that her chin may rest in that palm, her eyes studying Besa's face. He looks different and yet, he doesn't. He looks younger "You and he were good friends, at least by my observation. He was heavily involved, I believe, in getting you well… or ready to face that which you have already experienced." She explains to the best of her ability.

Her eyes drop down to the desperately loving dog, and tentatively her other free hand reaches out to touch Cocoa if she will allow it. Callisto looks up from beneath impossibly long, silvery lashes to watch Besa tap his chest. The corners of her smile twitch, "I am most glad. You were not well, as I remember. T'was terribly sad to see. And now you are well and faced with mountains of knowledge to catch up on, no?" Asked with sympathy, another very un-dark-faerie-like trait. "Think, now, of the great many wonderful things you can experience, now that you are whole again."

Besa looks down at Cocoa, it's so strange to him that he's talking to people not priests, much less they know of him and help. Cocoa would probably let demon Ashton pet her at this point, if it meant getting to stay by Besa. "Yes, it is much. And everything is not how I remember. Water tastes odd. The language is…" He sigh, shaking his head. "I wish to go run and climb and do things, but everyone is very….delicate with me." That's not the right word, but he's still figuring out English (again). "I have my notes, but I feel I need to see these people to know them…to….help." Yes, he's already wanting to help with something.

"You have returned to life at what shall be a beautiful time of year. Warmth, fewer of these… classes…" Callisto tilts her head some, eyes not leaving him. "Sunlight. I shall have you know that I've not yet enjoyed a swim in this ocean yet. Do you enjoy swimming? For you've the strength now." She looks brighter at the thought of an outdoor swim. Or maybe it's because Cocoa doesn't shy away from her, and the girl relishes touching the dog's fur. Though, something Besa said has caught her attention. "Water tastes.. odd? Oh! Yes, t'is pumped full of chemicals to 'purify' it. I see how that can be off-putting." Callisto's patrician features soften with sympathy.

Then there's this talk of being 'treated' delicately. Callisto leans forward then; her scent is that of a subtle perfume and cleanliness. She does not sweat easily. "Everyone… you mean staff? Fellow students? Those who oversaw you.. priests, were they? There are those who are protective and wish not to see you exerting yourself?"

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa can't help it, his nose wrinkles, he already doesn't like being in school, and he's not actually had classes yet!" Yes….I like swimming. I…" His eyes unfocus and then come back rather quickly, "I have swam in this ocean before. It is cold." A small shiver as he thinks about the water, how terrible for everyone!

He still smells of dirt. "It seems everyone is afraid I will dry up and blow away." Oh, if he only knew.

Poor Besa.. his very recent resurrection resulted in people choking on mummy dust. People inhaled you, Besa. They inhaled you. :|

Okay maybe not. Callisto wasn't there so she can't know; all she knows is that she feels very concerned. Besa had given her hope when she was faltering; it's important to return the favor. She inhales gently, licking her lips and biting down upon the bottom lip gently — a nervous gesture — as the boy's dark eyes grow unfocused. Is he ok? But then Besa is back and Callisto finally exhales, "Cold? Hah, I can manage cold. I shall take salt water over chlorine anyday." She admits.

Muscles still a bit quivery from the series of deep stretches that she took part in earlier, Callisto rolls her shoulders and stretches her neck. As she pops a vertebrae, Besa's lattermost words catch her attention. "Then prove them wrong, Besa. People may think themselves your keepers, but you belong only to yourself. Once you feel brave and ready, I think t'is wise to experience these things. Gods know, you had to go through so much to acquire the ability." Another one of those rare smiles.

Besa nods, agreeing. SO many chemicals. So much sugar! The pop has him looking back to her concerned, "Are you well?" Does she look injured at all? He's clearly scaring her now, looking for injury. "I….will. English must be….more for me first." And then maybe he'll run away for a month to figure this all out. What could go wrong?

Blink? Callisto laughs softly, "I am stretching. I was partaking in yoga in another portion of the attic, and meditating.. and for the life of me I hadn't heard you when you came up to this spot with your dog. I've much on my mind with finals and… things… so I unwind when I can. Forgive me if I intruded upon you." She explains, returning to her more relaxed position and watching him. Some manner of a troubled emotion dashes across her face before being squashed quickly. "Everything shall come to you, with time. English was not my first language either, you see. They say it is the hardest.. or one of the hardest… to learn."

She touches the amulet, clears her throat. "I pray that they are not expecting you to take part in these final exams. Please tell me that they are not. There is so much ado about the whole thing.. the other students are going mad over this prom business."

Things? Best doesn't ask. "No…it is not my space." Again his nose wrinkles, "It is…coarse." Cocoa is pe more, "No…I am to….summer class." He tilts his head, that perfect hair flopping to th side, "Prom?"

Things. Best not ask. Then again, Callisto may not be given to describing her personal life. "Many students come here.." She offers, perhaps to give the boy some sort of forewarning. "This estate is huge, yet small all-the-same. With so many people here there are few places to hide. The beach is enjoyable." Always good to have a plan B in which to be recluse! Callisto eases back so she may lay supine, folding her arms so that she may rest both palms against the back of her head. She stretches her neck, peering up at Besa over her chest,
"Summer class. Ah, to catch up." She reads between the lines, then her expression falters a touch as she basically condemns herself to speak of this prom business.

"T'is a dance. You shall see signs all over the estate alluding to it. T'is when you dress nicely… and you attend a dance with a… a date." A slight flush to her cheekbones. "People are becoming maddened about it. Leading up to it is this… t'is called 'Spirit Week', I believe." Mortal teenagers are weird. But then she's the one saying all of this while contorting and stretching.

"Yes, I saw the beach yesterday. And a Koga? And Darcy." There's a head shake, "I am look at." Dark eyes watch her briefly, he's not dead anymore and she's a pretty girl laying out in front of him. Quickly though he looks back to Cocoa. "It is a ball then?" He saw all th flyers, but didn't really understand them.

Yeah Callisto is both aware of her effect upon people and at the same time, typically lets it slide. As far as she was concerned, Besa seemed safe and hence: she's gonna stretch. Not full-blown yoga poses, but more or less the cooldown. She considers the names, "Koga, I know of. He is good." Said as she rolls over and pushes herself up to sit again.. the knots on her back no longer complaining. "Darcy is new, within the past week or so… I know nothing of her, I'm afraid. Her hair resembles flames, however," As she always remarks of red-heads.. the haircolor fascinates Callisto. Red is not a color that occurs in her family. She notes Besa's quick glance back to his loyal pup and she wonders if she offended him. Maybe she shouldn't be stretching so much!

"T'is a… a ball of sorts, yes. Not quite so pomp and circumstance but teenagers put much into the whole affair. Said to be fun." Hey, she may not be keen but Callisto won't crap on the prospect of it. "You needn't a date, not always, to go. It's all about having…. fun, I believe."

Besa smirks, a look he didn't normally give before, 'Yes, fire." He humms, interested in the concept, but it may be too much for his brain. "I liked balls….dancing." Cocoa is pet more, "I…." His eyes do that think again, unfocusing, "I wore a grey tuxedo…." Best has Cocoa, his service lab in his lap as he sits on the ground talking with Calli. He's in jeans and a button down gauzy shirt. And perfect hair. Not even rising from the dead has put a kink in the pretty mop onto of his head.

Settled before Besa and Cocoa is a willowy girl, fair with a platinum-white shock of hair and pointed elf-like ears. She wears the typical ensemble of a yogi (not the hungry bear): tight black racer-back tanktop and matching black pants. She has a fluting, calm voice and appears to be talking rather intently to the Egyptian boy. "A grey tuxedo? I bet you looked fetching." She offers, head tilting. "Mayhaps you can consider going this year, if it is not too overwhelming.. t'would be fun. I shall not be attending, so I implore others to enjoy themselves in my stead." Callisto remarks in her old, un-adolescent-like manner of speech, words touched with an accent of sorts. "It shall not harm you any."

Saoirse comes floating up the stairway. The blonde's head appears first, suddenly as she looks around. There's no 'fuzz' about. No-one to stop her evil plan. She hears students, and peeks up a little more, then floats further up and into the room, both hands loaded with full unopen bags of large-size Ultra Puff marshmallows. "The stories are true, they dun' bother to do any cleanin' here…" Coming to a stop between the two other students, she looks like she's been caught doing something naughty. Like..a naughty cat, or a 4th grader. Narrowing her eyes just a little, slipping down to her feet unsteadily, teetering a bit. "I'm up tae' no good..are you two up tae' no good too?" Her accent is heavily Irish, some vowels rolling, and while thick her verbage is more presentable than most straight from the isle.

Besa's not sure what fetching means, but he nods, remembering more, "There was a …bowl…" he then frowns, why is that important? He shakes his head, trying to clear it. "I like balls, perhaps I will look in on this….Prom." His Egyptian accent is thick. There's a weird feeling that a ball could bring him harm, but he's not remembering why he feels this way. He might say more, but there's a floating student. He blinks very dark eyes at her, slightly confused. No good? He doesn't answer, instead looking at Callisto to decipher that. Cocao doesn't move from Besa's side. In fact she presses into him more.

Accents fascinate Callisto. Egyptian, Irish, Scottish.. ancient or new. She's just there being all 'ermahgerd I can't Prom' when Saoirse arrives bearing her fluffy bounty. Callisto, seated upright again lotus-style, cranes her neck to look upon the blonde girl as she mounts the stairs and joins the attic club. Now marshmallows…. NO idea what those are about. Callisto tilts her head in a gesture that is both endearing and quizzical. The other girl asks of the two a peculiar question and the mentalist finds herself briefly perplexed. "No, not quite. If I were, people would know." Says Callisto in her tepid attempt to make a joke. She is not good at making funnies. ._.

Still, she meant well, and one corner of her mouth quirks up in an amused half-smile. "Now what, pray, are you up to?" She eyes the marshmallows.

She feels Besa's befuddled gaze, and turns to look upon him. It takes Callisto a few minutes to grasp the nugget of the boy's confusion and she supplies carefully: "She wonders if we are up to mischief."

Saoirse moves to one of the boxes that lie in the attic randomly. She peers inside of it, rustling around for a few moments before hiding a marshmallow bag inside, covering it over with.. whatever random crap happens to be in the box. She unsteadily walks to the next box, doing the same. Floating up she hides a bag in the ceiling. "I'm hiding marshmallows, you never know when you might need some." Floating slowly back down she moves closer, pulling a bag of marshmallows that's already opened from her pocket, pulling out one, and tries to pop it into Callisto's mouth. "Are you two going to the Prom? Ah' wanted to ask Kaylee, but couldn't find her. She seems tae' be the subject matter expert of it. Alistair asked me, I figured ah' was going tae' go anyway. I'm nae' really interested in him romantically really. But it seems he likely may have slept with someone, either before or after he asked me. I wonder if that's supposed to bother me?" Another Marshmallow, and she tries to put it into Besa's mouth, with the other hand. "One of my powers is that I get unlimited marshmallows."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa just blinks at the new girl, clearly confused. He has no idea what she's hiding, it it cotton? Why would she need cotton balls hidden? Mischief? He'll frown, non existent hackles rise as this person that he doesn't know tries to shove a cotton ball into his mouth, "Please no." And that's not cotton, but …what is it? Her tidal wave of words is very confusing. The name Kaylee is familiar though, "She…gets mad at me."

Poor Callisto.. now a great many things are happening. She's watching this fascinating girl floating around, hiding her stash, and she knows naught of which question to pose first! What is a marshmallow? Are they edible? What—

Okay, so Callisto is no prude. She's 'been there', albeit nearly 50 years ago (ouch) … so she's not flushing and fluttering at this notion of some boy she's never met 'sleeping' with people. Okay.. first thing's first: yes or no. Callisto watches Saoirse, unable to take her eyes off of her for the girl's behavior is just so… well, interesting. "I shall not be attending. I've neither a date nor the…" Interest? Okay, that's mostly it. "It seems a bit overwhelming. I shall look forward to the stories other tell of their, ah… time." That should do. Then—

Saoirse tries to feed Besa marshmallows! Callisto, having declined the first one, must now concede to another upon spying the boy's discomfort. "A-ah.. excuse me. I was a bit startled. Yes, then, I shall try one. But do pass to it me." She requests, holding a hand out to Saoirse. Like Besa, the direct approach chafed her a bit.. though she does look curious. "What.. is your name, anyway?" She asks of the girl.

.. the girl turns to Besa, next.. asking: "Whyfor is she mad at you?"

Saoirse doesn't stop trying to put the Marshmallow into Besa's mouth, completely undeterred. She'll just keep trying. Is he obviously uncomfortable with it? Yes. Does she seem to care? No. If she's victorious with Besa, she'll move on to try to hand-feed another marshmallow to Callisto.

"Oh, it will be absolutely confusing, and scary, and you should so totally go!" She peers down at the dog, considering if Marshmallows are bad for dogs. Hmmn. Could make it sick. But it's delicious. Still - sick dog. Not anyone's fun time. Better let that one go. "Ah' heard Kaylee is very pretty, and very friendly and optimistic. That sounds refreshing! Ah' wonder if she likes Orange Juice. Ah' like Orange Juice.. but only if it's nae' too bitter."

Besa jerks backwards, clearly not liking this new girl shoving things in his face, "I said stop." Cocoa's head comes up, Besa's movement alerting her to his discomfort. She looks between the three people, trying to determine what is wrong. His hand goes to pick up a spiral notebook laying next to him. Callisto gets a confused look as he keeps pushing Saoirse's hand away.

The fae girl is just negotiating her first marshmallow when another is stuffed into her face. She squints at it, not sure if she likes the texture and/or the burning sugar. Carefully she picks it up with deft fingers and nibbles the thing.. no, Callisto does not shove massive marshmallows into her gob. By the time she finishes it, Saoirse is trying to feed more to Besa. The boy's discomfort is clear to the fae girl and rather than make the situation awkward, Callisto throws herself underneath the marshmallow bus. "Mm.. mmm.. delightful." No no no.. she will not be a fan of this in excess. But Saoirse is very persistent in trying to feed Besa and the fae girl leans forth, eyes trained upon the blonde. "He is full from a previous meal, but I so enjoy these… these…. things." A slightly pained smile. "Let me have his share, at least until I am sated."

Or pukes.

She reaches forth, seeking Saoirse's marauding marshmallow hand to direct to to herself, though her eyes do not leave Besa. "I know naught of where Kaylee is. T'is close to evening, no? Maybe downstairs in the basem—*gnarf*" .. yup, that's a marshmallow.

Saoirse pouts when Besa refuses "But there's always room for Marshmallows!" Then it's in Callisto's mouth before she realizes it. Wiggling her fingers a bit she stares at them. "Well.. that's a first." She considers her wiggly fingers "They're even better when you toast them. Sierra can toast them with her fingies. I can't do that. But they were really good! I wish I had a useful superpower like that, able to toast marshmallows. That would be so much neater than being able to float, and lift heavy things. It would be useful! Hmmn. Then I could be like a george foreman grill. I would be amazing for sporting events." She flips upside down, sitting while floating in the air, hair just kind of floating all about for a moment, before settling on her shoulders, as if she wasn't upside down at all. "So why are you both up in this creepy attic? I came up here to hide things. You two don't look like your hiding things. I thought Attics were for hiding things and mischief?"

That…does not look delightful, but Besa is not going to throw himself under the bus Callisto just threw herself in front of. Sorry, Calli, he doesn't remember you that well! The ancient teen keeps scooting backwards, away from Saoirse. She's saying too much for him to focus on anything in particular. "I …reading. I was ….reading."

It's not often that Callisto looks completely taken aback. Kaylee bowled her over that one evening; this is another level! At least the force-feeding of marshmallows upon Besa has stopped… Callisto can already feel the speedy consumption of the squishy things roiling noxiously in her guts. No, she won't be sick… but if she eats maybe three more of these nasty things, these two just might be privy to the unicorn-rare vision of Callisto puking her guts up. Her luck she'll try to hide in the basement and end up horking in front of Daxton. Oh god then she'll be mortified. She'll be done.

So, Callisto focuses upon Saoirse's speech, her head slowly tilting in the other direction. Sierra? Right there in the ranks with Alistair. Unknown. Now Saoirse is floating upside down and Callisto rubs her stomach.

"Ah, we were conversing. This is perhaps the most peaceful place in the whole mansion." A rueful smile, mildly pained. "Your hiding spaces shall be kept a secret." She swears; she dreads what the consequences would be.

She eyes Besa.. she's ready to scoot away with him. "So.. a-ah, whomever.. is this Alistair? Does he like marshmallows?" Okay, she begins scooting after Besa.

Saoirse flips slowly back around to standing, nearly tipping over as she gets to her feet. "Oh..ooooh…there..there, good." She clenches her fists and smiles "Yaaay, didn't fall again!" She leans against the wall. "I'm not used to being able to stand much less walk. My life was spent in a wheelchair unable to speak or look after myself. So walking isn't very comfortable, I'm not very used to talking to people either. That's why I'm here. To kind of learn how to socialize. How am I doing?" She peers over at Besa, and points towards him "I think I'm failing with him." Then points over at Callisto "And you..meeeeh, I dont think I'm doing so well either. Though I think I might be getting the hang of this?" She tilts her head as she stares at Callisto "Alistair is a boy. I don't actually know anything about him other than he can fly. I kind of more float, really." She looks between the two, they seem to be backing away from her. Looking confused, she asks "You two look kind of scared, am I a villain?"

Besa is fine with a Calli-shield. He will offer to Saoirse, "You are…forward." But then he wets his lips and says, hopefully to help, "You do not seem like a demon." What?

Things, now, make sense. Without her even anticipating it, Callisto's gaze — becoming slightly wary and hardened — softens immediately. She knows little of mortal afflictions but does know that to be wheelchair-bound is to be… well, it's not often good. Not fun. Saoirse basically explains the entirety of what just came to pass, and why, and Callisto can't help it. Her wary smile eases into an honest, softer one. "I… might I offer just a bit of constructive criticism?" She implores of Saoirse, now having perfect avenue with which to segue into this touchy topic. She looks sideward to Besa to see how he is doing. Besa offers his own two cents and Callisto's eyes round themselves, before she turns back to the Irish girl.

"Forward, yes. Mayhaps if people are not accustomed to marshmallows, ask if they would like to try one. Do not push." She hopes she, too, is helpful. "Some would be given to acting far more… unhappily… than we did. But they were good!"

She may have just shot herself in the foot.

Saoirse nods softly. "That is solid advice about the Marshmallows, but unfortunately I'm probably not going to follow it until there is a blowup and I'm more or less forced to reflect upon my actions and learn a life-lesson." She smiles softly "I am very forward. It's how I am. Perhaps because I was severely disabled and my body simply didn't work the same way as others, or maybe because of the situation I'm in now. I'm not really sure, but I'm unable to lie, and am not very good with any sort of dishonesty or hiding." She tucks the marshmallow bag away after closing it, shoving it into her hoodie's pocket. "My sister is famous, and a spokesperson for Ultra Puff marshmallows, so we get them for free. She's a bigtime superhero. I..don't think I'll ever be able to be a superhero like her. How about you two, do you want to be superheroes?"

Besa only relaxes when the bag is put away. Dark eyes look between the two girls, "I am…I protect.." Does that make him a super hero? He sighs softly, turning to per Cocoa who's still standing, but then the dog leans against him.

Oh, Callisto gets the sibling complex.. mind you, there are no superheroes in her family. She watches Saoirse for a time, unfolding her long body and stretching languidly. "I.. understand. But just remember. I should hate for you to come to blows with anyone over marshmallows. But we all learn in our own ways." A pause, she rakes a hand through moonpale hair a bit contemplatively, "Pray, be careful though. There is merit to being unable to lie and to be forthright with people. Just…. sometimes being pushy can rub people the wrong way." The faerie explains patiently.

"I should like to think myself to have the makings of a hero.. but I know little, at this time, as to what I shall truly be." A sad little smile then as she rolls her shoulders. You can't tell by looking at her, but Callisto's guts are cramping… too much sugar. "I am terribly thirsty and must get some water and dinner. T'is a pleasure to meet you, miss," A bowing of her sleek-haired head to Saoirse, then to Besa. "Welcome back. We shall talk again soon, ok?" Asked, before she makes her way toward the stairs. Then practically runs when she can't be seen or heard. Marshmallows and Callisto don't mix.

Saoirse listens, and watches, and she catches the heated footsteps as Callisto runs, looking to Besa "I think she really had to poop." Resting her hands on the wall behind her, she smiles softly. "My sister is th' picture of a heroine. Courageous, putting her life on the line. Strength, precision, perfection. She's Bionic Girl. I..f all over mae' own feet. I compulsively label things, like the weapons. I.. she was reformed with military technology. I was reformed with technology that wasn't meant to be used for military application. Ah' can't help but think, that something that should make one extraordinary, just makes me extra ordinary. So you keep protecting, because you can't do a worse job at something like that than I do!"

Besa just shrugs, unsure why Callisto runs off. A hand is raised though, she seemed nice. He has no idea who Bionic Girl is. " You are…techno-logical?" There's a nervousness to him now. "Do not…touch me…I am cursed…." English is hard! "It…may hurt you…"

Saoirse nods her head. "I am. I am somewhere between human and not human." She looks confused "Well, okay. Um..is there anything that would help with your curse? Like, a cream, or some tea, or something like that?"

Tea? For a curse? "..no…No help….No phones. No cars." His eyes stay downward on Cocoa, he seems tired.

Saoirse nods "Well…okay." She offers a smile "Well..I'll just leave you to your reading then..and your little doggie guy there." She kicks off the wall to float up into the air. Floating upside down "Don't tell anyone about the marshmallows okay?" Floating towards the stairs, she disappears into the stairway!

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